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1956 - 1966

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Eldorado Biarritz, Seville and Brougham Town Car

The rear end treatment of the Eldorado models was again vastly different from the standard line, repeating the theme used in 1955.

As in 1955 the name Eldorado appeared in gold script in the center of the trunk lip above a wide-angled gold V. The model names Biarritz or Seville appeared also in gold script on the upper front fenders, just ahead of the front door, below a gold-finished Cadillac crest.

The traditional, elongated Cadillac Goddess hood mascot was not used on the Eldorado models. Instead, it was replaced with two small, decorative fins mounted in the center of the hood, at the front. The ribbed, chrome door saddles used in 1955 appeared again in 1956.


The Seville

This year, Cadillac started offering a closed Eldorado model, the Seville hardtop coupe, in addition to the convertible, which got the distinguishing name Biarritz.

The front grille was available in optional gold finish. The coupe model differed from standard Cadillac coupe models by its vinyl roof covering.

The Seville coupe was Cadillac's production version of a special mood car shown at last year's Motorama, called the Celebrity. The latter car was described as a modified Coupe de Ville and had the distinctive Vicodec roof covering. The press release issued at the 1955 Motorama had this to say about it:

Completing the display of production 'show cars' will be the 'Celebrity', a dramatically styled Coupe de Ville combining a long-grain [red] leather covered roof with a brilliant red lower body. Matching the exterior color treatment, the interior trim design utilized Red Silver threaded V-Pattern cloth seat inserts and Red leather bolsters trimmed with chrome buttons and Silver finish welts.

Two color views of this graceful, air-conditioned, one-of-a-kind car can be admired in a Cadillac advertising catalog published in line with the 1955 Motorama entitled A trip to the Motorama [on pp. 4-5 and p.10].  Like the later production Eldorado Seville, the Motorama car had the Eldorado sabre-spoke wheels.

The name Celebrity was used later (1982) for a Chevrolet model.

56elsev.jpg (7102 bytes)
A new hard-top Eldorado Seville for 1956
[ Photo: © 1956, GM/Cadillac ]


1956 fashion advertisement featuring the new Eldorado Seville

56SVLAD.JPG (12638 bytes)
Artist's view of the new Seville from a period advertisement

56ELD3.JPG (8194 bytes)    56SVLRR.JPG (8584 bytes)
Note the optional "gold" alloy wheels in the factory promotional photo (left)

56els.JPG (8690 bytes)

56elsa.JPG (8977 bytes)

56elsb.JPG (12958 bytes)

56elsi.JPG (6386 bytes)    56elsi2.JPG (5067 bytes)    56elsib.JPG (7565 bytes)
Eldorado Seville interiors came either in full leather or in a combination of Florentine pattern metallic nylon with
leather bolsters and trim;  available shades of leather were black, blue, green or red with white leather bolsters
and trim; Florentine pattern metallic nylons were available in shades of black, blue, green and red with white
leather bolsters and trim. Vicodec roof coverings came in white, black, light blue, beige and light green

This was a "pre-owned" car, back in the 60s; I wonder if it is still around today
[ Photo:  Internet, 2014 ]

The "real thing" compared to the above catalog illustration

This lovely survivor in blue resides (2013) in Germany

56elscrp.JPG (4542 bytes)
(Left) Early factory photos and one prestige catalog illustration show the Seville coupe
with only the Eldorado script; others show the car with the script Eldorado Seville;
it is believed that all the production cars had the full Eldorado Seville script.


The Biarritz

56BIAAD.JPG (10049 bytes)    EL56DG.jpg (24606 bytes)
Two artist's views of the new Biarritz (the one at the left is from a period advertisement)

The convertible Eldorado is now named Biarritz
[ Photo: © 1956, GM/Cadillac ]

    El56clr1.jpg (12241 bytes)
Different setting - same car ... in color
[ Photo: © 1956, GM/Cadillac ]

A 1956 Eldorado Biarritz being unloaded (?) for a motor show or perhaps a dealer's showroom
[ the filigree ".com" domain name across the rear bumper unfortunately is illegible ]

56elb.JPG (10261 bytes)

56elba.JPG (8343 bytes)    56elbb.JPG (8252 bytes)
Standard on Eldorado models for 1956 were the cast, polished aluminum sabre-spoke wheels (available
at extra cost on all other models); they were optionally available on the Eldorado models in gold finish at no
extra cost with a matching gold-finished grille (above, right), These were available at extra cost on the
other models in the range (although I've never seen a 1956 Fleetwood 75 with gold grill and cast wheels!)

Would he be the owner ... or the builder?
[ Photo: Internet, 2014 ]

56ElWht2a.jpg (8210 bytes)     56elWht2b.jpg (8258 bytes)




A restored 1956 Eldorado Biarritz in Australia; it is made to look like the Elvis Presley car.  Color: grape!
[ Photos, above 3 rows:  © 2012, Lou Commisso, CLC, 1956 Eldorado Biarritz Roster ]



A fine survivor in red ... with no Conti kit!

This illustration is from a period advertising piece;
it features the car in the new (for 1956) Pacific Coral hue


whl56el2.JPG (6570 bytes)     Whl5658.jpg (7141 bytes)
Left: cast wheel in polished aluminum;  right: gold finish [center cap removed]

56elbi.JPG (8752 bytes)
Eldorado Seville interiors came either in full leather or in a combination of Florentine pattern metallic nylon with
leather bolsters and trim;  available shades of leather were black, blue, green or red with white leather bolsters
and trim; Florentine pattern metallic nylons were available in shades of black, blue, green and red with white

       crs56el.JPG (3874 bytes)    56elscrp.JPG (4542 bytes)
Exclusive to the Eldorado models were a new "winged" hood mascot (left)
and Eldorado script nameplate on the front fenders (center)

This mildly customized job was displayed at the Buffalo auto Show in NY




-  Located in a barn, a stone's throw from Geneva's Cointrin airport, in Switzerland, in the late seventies, was a metallic blue, style 56-6267SSX Eldorado Biarritz convertible [FW No. 1941, trim 12, paint 24, accessories PH]. This car wore the red-lettered temporary French tags # 3136TT1Q and was reputed to have been once the property of the late Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran.

-  In my collection also is a photo of the prototype Eldorado Biarritz convertible for 1956, taken in March 1955 [full RH side view, taken in front of the Fisher Body plant].


The pre-production  Brougham
The Brougham Town Car Motorama special

56PROC.JPG (7481 bytes)

56tcfrnt.JPG (10687 bytes)    56tcside.JPG (8085 bytes)

Although these were not production cars in 1956, I decided to include them here because they were conducive to the bespoke Eldorado Brougham models of 1957-58.


Roster of 1956 Eldorado models now available:   CLC member, Lou Comisso, writes: I found a way to share the 1956 Eldorado roster I have been working on with the world. It's in the beginning stages with just over 100 cars but there is enough there now to share it. Hopefully more cars and details about existing cars will be contributed from enthusiasts once the word is spread. So please feel free to forward this link on to others in the hobby.





Eldorado Biarritz, Seville and Brougham


The Biarritz

This year and in 1958 the Eldorado models had entirely different rear-end styling compared to the standard line. Their bulbous rear-end resembled chipmunk cheeks. Short, curved fins were set inboard of the fenders. The name Eldorado appeared in small, block letters above the traditional Cadillac gold V on the rear deck and the names Biarritz or Seville appeared in script on the upper leading edges of the front fenders. The two Eldorado models were further identified by the dual fins mounted on the front fender peaks. Again, front grilles and cast alloy "sabre spoke" wheels were available in chromium or gold finish.

Priced at $6648 [7286 ???], 1800 convertibles and 2100 coupes were built.

The photos of the Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz convertible released in conjunction with the Motor Show this year read as follows:

ELDORADO BIARRITZ [now one word] - Styling remindful of the "dream cars" appears on this 1957 Eldorado Biarritz Convertible. Not only are the fins set inboard on the smoothly contoured body but the bumper is built in and wraps around to the rear wheel openings. Biarritz owners have a choice of two engines; the high performance 300 horsepower Cadillac engine or a modified version which develops 325 horsepower.

57biafac2.jpg (8354 bytes)

The Biarritz on display at the Chicago Automobile Show

57elbx.JPG (8384 bytes)    57BIACLR.JPG (8495 bytes)
These two rows:  The 1957 Eldorado Biarritz
[artist's views from 1957 merchandising brochures ]

EL57BIA.JPG (11068 bytes)   

EL57BIA2.JPG (8574 bytes)    EL57BIRR.JPG (9018 bytes)
Above two rows: survivors at the 2003 CLC Grand National
[ Photos: © 2003, J. Scott Harris ]

EL57FTCP.JPG (5354 bytes)    EL57BIIN.JPG (7808 bytes)
Left: Front clip
Right: beautiful red leather trim

EL57ID3.JPG (7078 bytes)    EL57ID.JPG (5301 bytes)
1957 Cadillac ID feature (front fender corner trim), left
1957 Eldorado Biarritz ID script on front fender (right)

57BiaWht2a.jpg (12747 bytes)

A beautiful survivor now in Norway ... after visiting the Grand Canyon

Just as nice in metallic green
This car achieved $649,000 (!!!) at auction in 2013; it is car #1 for the year;
it was featured in a Hemmings blog in the summer of 2014

This beautiful example hangs on one of Americas numerous "Hard Rock" cafes


Here's a link to a 1957 Biarritz video clip that was notified to me by auto enthusiast, Derrick Perrin in 2010
[ I can give NO GUARANTEE that such  links (other than my own "Database" links) will alawys work]


The Seville

57ElSvl2a.jpg (10968 bytes)

El57scl1.jpg (13579 bytes)    57SVLFA2.JPG (9322 bytes)   
Lower row: The 1957 Eldorado Seville [ Photos: © 1957, GM/Cadillac ]

57eldpho.jpg (9140 bytes)    57SVLFA3.JPG (6817 bytes)
Here are two unusual views

57SVL.JPG (9533 bytes)

57SVLSRV.JPG (8628 bytes)    57SVLSR2.JPG (10468 bytes)

57SVLSR3.JPG (5982 bytes)    57SVLDR.JPG (6556 bytes)

Above four rows: Eldorado Seville survivors

dr57svl1.JPG (12523 bytes)    dr57svl2.jpg (10296 bytes)

57SvlSdn3.jpg (22346 bytes)
(Above 2 rows) This is a very rare 4-door Eldorado Seville sedan, style 6239SX,
of which only four units were built, purely as a styling experiment - NICE !


The Brougham


1957 also saw the first production Eldorado Brougham come off the line. You can read all about it in the Database section devoted to that model.

Br57show.jpg (9318 bytes)
The 1957 Eldorado Brougham
[ Photo: © 1957, GM/Cadillac ]



-  1957 saw a number of custom Eldorado designs. The first one in my collection is a 1956 prototype of the 1957 Eldorado, with the 1956 grille texture.

-  GM Canada built an Eldorado Biarritz "bubble top" for the 1957 Royal Tour by Britain's Queen Elizabeth II; photos are to be found in ELD, pp.3-31 and McC p.322.

-  I have another [poor] photo of a special custom 1957 Eldorado convertible sans fins and with a completely modified grille; that car is hardly recognizable any more as a Cadillac [cutting from classifieds].

-  In Kingston, PA [near Wilkes-Barre] I admired and photographed, in 1982, a strange-looking 1957 [???] Eldorado Biarritz convertible that had the rear end of the 1955-56 Eldorado models. The car was red with a white top and white leather [???] interior. I saw it at the Reilly collectible car outlet.

-  That same year, in June, in Tulsa, OK, I took photos of a custom, dechromed Eldorado Biarritz convertible sans fins; this was at "Mac" McCord used car dealership.




Eldorado Biarritz, Seville and Brougham

The 1958 Eldorados had the same bulbous rear as the 1957 models but were distinguished by their different rear bumpers and trim. In 1958 a narrow, gold V and the name Eldorado appeared in small, block letters at the lower left of the trunk lid. Front fenders now featured a single low fin. Additionally there were ten vertical louvers on the rear fenders just ahead of the skirtless rear wheel openings and five similar louvers on either side of the rear license plate holder. Again, front grilles and cast alloy "saber spoke" wheels were available in chromium or gold finish. Priced at $7410, this was a low production year with only 815 convertibles and 855 coupes being built.


The Biarritz

    58BiaTopUp.JPG (23632 bytes)    El58bcl1.jpg (9066 bytes)    57ELBIAR.JPG (9470 bytes)
The 1958 Eldorado Biarritz
[ artist's view from 1958 product catalog ]

zaaron58.jpg (29812 bytes)
This superb survivor belongs to enthusiast, Aaron Weiss
[  Photo: © and courtesy of the owner ]

58ElGoldS.jpg (35024 bytes)
This survivor has the "gold package" (grille and sabre-spoke wheels)

58eldD.jpg (20154 bytes)    58eldC.jpg (14663 bytes)

58BiaGrna.jpg (6940 bytes)    58biagrnb.jpg (11295 bytes)

58BIARR.JPG (9210 bytes)

This perfect survivor was sold at a Gooding car auction in Scottsdate, AZ, in Jan. 2013

A survivor in mid-winter (unsure if both pics show the SAME car)
[ Photos: Internet ]



Shown at the 1958 Salons was a special Eldorado Biarritz, automatic convertible. Like the 1951 Le Sabre, the top and all windows closed automatically if a rain drop fell on a special sensor on the rear deck. Five or six production units are said to have been built [McC says five]; I have seen none, [other than factory photos] although one of these was reported offered for sale by Kruse in August 1996. I have also a factory photo [double-exposure photo (light-line photography)] showing the operation of the top. Photo McC p.328

58BARJAK.JPG (10074 bytes)
A barely visible 1958 Eldorado Biarritz crosses
the block at a Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, AZ
[ Photo: © 1999, Yann Saunders ]


The Seville

El58scl1.jpg (10245 bytes)
Left:  The 1958 Eldorado Seville [Photo: © 1997, Yann Saunders]


The Brougham

Brlit581.jpg (8022 bytes)
The 1958 Eldorado Brougham
[ artist's view from 1958 product catalog ]




Eldorado Biarritz, Seville and Brougham

This year, as in 1954, the Eldorado models retained the same sheet metal as the cars of the standard line. Decorative trim differs from the regular line; a broad stainless steel molding runs from the "A" pillar back to the tail-light housing, down then forward to the front wheel opening. The rear grille has three rows of "bullets", repeating front grille motif. There is a decorative V across the center of the circular tail-light housings. The name Eldorado appears in block letters on the lower front fenders behind the wheel openings, and across the aft section of the stainless steel trunk lid molding. The Eldorados have same "turbine vane" wheel covers as the Series 60 Special model. The names Biarritz or Seville appear on an oval name badge on the upper door panel just behind vent wings. Prices: $7401 [for both the convertible and the HT coupe]. 1320 convertibles and 975 coupes were built.


The Biarritz

59ElBiDrg.JPG (12017 bytes)
[ Line drawing by Bob Eng - Self Starter annual, 1998 ]

59BIAFAC.JPG (7775 bytes)

El59bcl1.jpg (4642 bytes)     59BIABLU.JPG (4269 bytes)    59EBBUCK.JPG (8953 bytes)
The 1959 Eldorado Biarritz [ left and center: artist's views from 1959 product catalogs ]

59biaex3.jpg (11688 bytes)

59biaex1.jpg (12745 bytes)    59biaex2.jpg (10270 bytes)
A fine survivor in the most popular color (Persian Sand)

zaaron59.jpg (25380 bytes)   
Here's another beautiful survivor in an unusual, non-metallic color;
it belongs to enthusiast Aaron Weiss who kindly supplied the photo

59biaSrvA.jpg (7709 bytes)    59BiaSrvB.jpg (9048 bytes)

These two were spotted on the Internet

Q_Eldo.jpg (6987 bytes)
This survivor belongs to Quentin Hall,
former editor of "La Cad" the magazine of the Australian CLC

    59zan2.jpg (11581 bytes)

59zan3.jpg (8059 bytes)    59zan 1.jpg (6719 bytes)    59zan4.jpg (6284 bytes)
This fully-optioned, rare beauty in triple Persian Sand belongs
to Paul Zanetti, a well-known Australian cartoonist
[ Photos: © 2006 and courtesy of Mark Bean and Unique Cars Magazine ]

This one is on display at the GM-Cadillac Museum in Detroit

This one too is on display at the GM-Cadillac Museum in Detroit

A fine survivor in an unusual color

59el_beye.jpg (12064 bytes)
Here's an unusual bird's eye view of a bucket-seat Eldorado Biarritz

And here's an unusual destination for a '59 Biarritz:  Damascus, Syria !



-  Fleetwood built a special Series 62 convertible with Eldorado Biarritz interior and bucket seats. I have a factory photo showing it in the background of a Cadillac Cyclone photo. Was this a special order for a Cadillac or GM executive (???).

-  There was another custom Eldorado convertible [possibly by George Barris] with modified fins, Eldorado/60S rear grille and continental kit [have poor photo in Dream Cars section for 1959].

-  I picked up in a French specialized auto weekly, a photo of 1959 Eldorado Biarritz in the former Yugoslavia, fitted with a diesel engine, LVA, 15.10.1987, p.4


The Seville

El59scl1.jpg (15228 bytes)
Left:  The 1959 Eldorado Seville
[ Photo: © 1983, Yann Saunders ]

59svlsrv3.jpg (6268 bytes)    59svlsrv.jpg (11218 bytes)
A beautiful survivor in "Hampton Green"

Two more: one in "Persian Sand" the other in "Champagne Gold"

This unidentified survivor is white has what appears at first glance to be a gray painted top: however, my friend Gilles Dreux of Paris (owner of the lovely, black Seville below)
suggested in April 2014 that this could well be the ill-reputed Maurice Gagnon "murder car" that was much talked about when it came up for sale during the annual
Barrett-Jackson auction in January 2007; that car had the regular  Vicodec (vinyl) roof covering in what appears to be "slate green" (Code #7); who can confirm this is the
former Gagnon car? I've had it  listed since 1983 as a survivor in my roster of 1959 Eldorado models, owned by a John Pfanstiehl of Long Island; who owns it today?


This restored car resides in France, where it was first imported in 1959





-  It was omce alleged that Fisher had been ciommissioned to build a special Eldorado Seville landau for Egypt's former King Farouk, at a reported cost of $100,000. An article in the German-language, Auto Illustrierte (10/90) says Farouk ordered the car by phone from Fisher Body, from Rome, where Farouk was exiled at the time. The car featured cut down "half-fins", continental kit (metal cover) gold-anodized (???) sabre-spoke wheels, gold accents including landau irons. In effect, the car is a conversion made in 1963-64 from a used 1959 Eldorado Seville by the late Gorden "Frog" Glover of  Maryland.  The car is currently (1995) fire-engine red with white leather interior; it was in Chicago’s Historical Museum from the late seventies to the late eighties (with Leland's Osceola). It was restored (poorly) in 1987 and sold  for an estimated $130'000 to E. Fuchs (???) of Montreux, Switzerland, at a Kruse auction in June 1990. Ernst and Claude Fuchs (father and son), restaurant owners in Montreux, owned the car up to 1993-94. The father is an artist, the son sold Gruno boats imported from Holland. Both men suffered major financial problems in 1993/94 and the Eldorado was sold to a man in Bienne, Switzerland,  for circa SFr 30,000 (info from Roger Zimmermann - 21.2.1995). Roger reported that the car was a poorly restored original. It had lots of Italian made electric relays (purpose unknown). The rear roof is from an early 60's Chevrolet and features a faux convertible crease.  There is flimsy cover over the front seat, tied down with a couple of press studs. The interior appears to be original. There are no ELDORADO signs anywhere on car; the front V and crest are missing. The original color was probably green. The car's full history is now known; you can read it in the "Dream Cars" section for 1959.

-  I have photos also of a special custom-built Cadillac Eldorado Seville "El Camino" pick-up wagon. Its owner (in the early eighties) was Joe Padilla of Denver, CO.


The Brougham

Br5943_1.jpg (9855 bytes)
The 1959 Eldorado Brougham
[ Photo: © 1998, Rik Gruwez ]




Eldorado Biarritz, Seville and Brougham

El60bift.jpg (7425 bytes)
1960 Eldorado front clip
[ except Brougham ]


Trim again differs from the regular line. Two narrow stainless steel moldings run from the "A" pillar back to the tail-light housing; the lower molding drops down then forward to the front wheel opening; there is a broad, stainless steel rocker panel molding. The rear grille is decorated with small "bullets", repeating front grille motif. The name Eldorado appears in small block letters on the upper front fenders ahead of the wheel openings, and in larger block letters across the aft section of the trunk lid molding. The Eldorados sport same turbine vane wheel covers as the Series 60 Special model [they have three concentric black rings - the 1959 cover was plain]. There is no Biarritz or Seville name badge on these cars. Prices: $7401 [for both the convertible and the HT coupe]. 1285 convertibles and 1075 coupes were built. My Seville had bucket seats, as did my Biarritz [except that the latter were replaced by a bench seat before I ever got the car]. I saw in a Kruse auction catalog [Auburn, 1997] that only 120 of the convertibles had bucket seats; I have no idea how many of the Sevilles were thus equipped.


The Biarritz

Gita and I were fortunate to own and enjoy one of each 1960 Eldorado Seville and  Biarritz]. We imported our Biarritz from Portland, OR. Baby blue when we bought her, we had her re-painted the original Siena Rose [code #98B]; she had white leather upholstery and [in her past] the rare bucket seat option (the vendor omitted to point out that the buckets had been sold - he delivered the car to me with a replacement bench seat ...and no Fiberglas top boot).

60ELBI.JPG (8054 bytes)    60ElBfac.jpg (11241 bytes)

60BIAFAC.JPG (46575 bytes)    60elbi01.jpg (41826 bytes)
Left: Factory promotional shot of the new Biarritz
Right and below: Our car was painted the same color [Siena Rose, #98B]

60biachb.jpg (9621 bytes)    60BIAY.JPG (4931 bytes)    60BIAZ.JPG (9289 bytes)
From baby blue (left and center) the Pink Lady was stripped to bare metal (right) ...

60BIAX.JPG (6676 bytes)    Fw60ban2.jpg (12838 bytes)    60elbi02.jpg (26932 bytes)
... and re-painted her original color
[ All photos:  © 1983 and 1985, Yann Saunders ]

60BiaSrv1.jpg (12098 bytes)   60BiaSrv2.jpg (6519 bytes)
Another survivor in "Persian Sand"

60EldBia.JPG (66422 bytes)    60biarr.jpg (6852 bytes)

60BiaE.jpg (7084 bytes)    60biaA.jpg (5368 bytes)    60BiaF.jpg (6187 bytes)

60biaD.jpg (4536 bytes)    60biaB.jpg (4624 bytes)    60biaC.jpg (5825 bytes)
This one is the same color as our former Eldorado Seville;
it lives in Sweden and is the property of aficionado, Christer Hansson
[ Photo (top row, left): © 2005, Christer Hansson ]

60biastsm2.jpg (11515 bytes)    60biastsm4.jpg (64907 bytes)

60EBSteveSmith1.jpg (8402 bytes)    60biastsm3.jpg (8358 bytes)    60biastsm9.jpg (5159 bytes)

60biastsm5.jpg (6768 bytes)    60biastsm6.jpg (5442 bytes)    60biastsm0a.jpg (4731 bytes)    60biastsm7.jpg (8976 bytes)
This lovely survivor belongs to Steve Smith; he is offering it for sale at auction, through RM Auctions, in Feb., 2008

This beauty (a survivor) hails from Texas (2012); personally, I would prefer it with the standard Eldorado wheel covers

Another nice survivor in black, with a "snow white" top

Another beauty in white with red trim

Equally beautiful in red


The Seville
I have no control over You Tube video clips on the Internet,
so this one may not always be available for viewing here
[ it tells the story of ill-fated Maurice Gagnon's low-mileage "murder car"]

Our Seville HT coupe was a beautiful original, low mileage car which I acquired from the second owner in the early seventies. Imported to Switzerland in 1963 by the first owner, Ms Elsie de Reuter, it was painted Heather Poly [metallic lilac pink], code #99B [the "B" indicates the rare bucket seat option], and had matching lilac pink interior trim, upholstery, dash and even carpets (code #58). It had also the original [and problematic] air suspension; but I loved that car; it was our wedding car (below). I was sorry to let her go, but Gita told me I couldn't have children AND still keep the Cadillac! As you will see, below, our car was painted the same color as the factory promotional Seville. Coincidence?  Perhaps, but so was our 1960 Biarritz !

As a matter of interest, in 1997 we had contact in 1997 with  Larry Hibbert of  L&R Tool & Machine Co., Sterling Heights, MI.  Larry had a "Seville" like ours that I would have liked to buy ...why I bought a '42 Fleetwood limouisne instead, I'll never understand !

MY60FAC.JPG (10803 bytes)    60ELSVA.JPG (7973 bytes)
Factory promotional shot and artist's view of the year's lovely Eldorado Seville

60SVLX.JPG (6946 bytes)    60SVLW.JPG (7706 bytes)    60SVLY.JPG (5650 bytes)
Left and center:  Gita arrives at the village church in Trélex, Switzerland
with dad Frederick and two small train bearers [ both now married with children ! ]

Right: the newlyweds head for the reception in grand style; Tony, the best man, is at the wheel

60sv35.jpg (5500 bytes)    60sv40.jpg (27590 bytes)
On honeymoon in Brittany, we visited a place called Quedillac !

60SVLU.JPG (8810 bytes)    60sv46c.jpg (5380 bytes)
Left:  Jamie at the wheel; he may have come from too much kissing and cuddling on the back seat...
[ Photos: © 1972 and 1975, Yann Saunders ]

el60svin.JPG (6298 bytes)
This interior view, with front bench seat,
is from a mailer catalog of that year

60svlHemm.jpg (9409 bytes)    60BiaBlkRR.jpg (10973 bytes)
I wonder if the car on the lefts could be the Larry Hibbert's car; it was
offered for sale in Hemmings Motor News, Dec. 2007 ...for $100,000

el60svl2.jpg (7354 bytes)
[ Photo courtesy ConceptCarZ.Com ]

Three very nice survivors




-  George Barris built a custom conversion on the 1960 Eldorado Seville coupe ["half-top"].

dr60bris.JPG (14650 bytes)


The Brougham

Br60rsd.jpg (9188 bytes)
1960 Eldorado Brougham
[ Photo found on the Web, 1999 ]





There are few noticeable differences between the standard convertible and the Eldorado. The two-door Seville model was no longer available. On the only Eldorado model for 1961, a narrow molding runs from the leading edge of the front fender all the way to the rear of the car [just above door handle level].

The name Eldorado appears in small block letters in the center of the trunk lid molding; the name Biarritz [retained from previous years although no distinction with any other Eldorado model was needed] appears in script on the upper front fenders, ahead of the wheel openings.

The car differed from the regular Series 62 convertible in having more luxurious interior trim. Price: $6477 [1450 units built].

61BiaRR.jpg (9156 bytes)
The 1961 Eldorado Biarritz
[ Photo: © 1961, GM/Cadillac ]

61Biar1S.jpg (15145 bytes)    61biar2S.jpg (17180 bytes)
A survivor sporting a non-original but protective trim spear along the central body crease

61BiaSrvA.jpg (8523 bytes)   
Another survivor (sorry for the poor image quality)

Here's another with the top down


-  Prototype XP727 was a Concept Eldorado CA 12/91, p.9.; ELD, p.76-79





Again, there are few noticeable differences between the standard Series 62 convertible and the Eldorado. There is a small Cadillac crest just below the windshield post and a narrow molding runs back to the tail-light housing and down to the extremity of the lower skeg fin.

The name Eldorado appears also in small block letters in the center of the trunk lid molding. The Eldorado has more luxurious interior trim than the standard convertible. Price: $6610 [1450 units, exactly the same number as last year].

El62clr1.jpg (9126 bytes)
The 1962 Eldorado Biarritz - artist's view from 1962 product catalog

At the 1962 Chicago auto show was featured a mildly customized Eldorado model with a modified
rear ensenmble from a 1961 Cadillac;
 you can see it above the head of the Jag driver, and close up on the right

A fine survivor





The main difference with the standard line is the plain, unbroken expanse of sheet metal from front to rear [like the Fleetwood 60 Special]. Trim differences include full length rocker panel, wreath and crest on the aft portion of the rear fender; ELDORADO  in small block letters at the right of the trunk lid molding and on the lower front fender, just behind front wheel openings.

As usual interior trim is more luxurious than in the standard convertible. Price: $6608 [1828 units built].

63ELD.JPG (8944 bytes)    63ELD3.JPG (7318 bytes)

63ELDO.JPG (8928 bytes)
Illustrations from factory archives,  ©1963, GM/Cadillac

63biaFrt.jpg (8654 bytes)    63BiaRR.jpg (9459 bytes)

El63clr1.jpg (10956 bytes)
The 1963 Eldorado Biarritz (a survivor)
[ Photo: © 1997, Yann Saunders ]

This is a cusom job shown in Chicago, in 1963; it features the skirtless
rear fenders that would become a stock feature on the 1964 Eldorado model




-  This year Cadillac built a special Cadillac Eldorado Colt convertible coupe.

-  There were possibly also three Eldorado coupes built on the Series 62-63 chassis (perhaps the chassis listed in MH book). One CLC member, Elliot Fried, apparently bought one (photo, CLC, 5/90, p.13)

-  Also built in 1963 was the Stallion, a prototype of the future Eldorado for 1967. (CA, 12/91, p.24).





With its new 429 cubic inch motor and Turbo-Hydra-Matic transmission, this year's Eldorado was a lively performer. Again, the main difference with the standard line is the plain, unbroken expanse of sheet metal from front to rear [like the Fleetwood 60 Special]. Trim differences are similar to those found on the 1963 Eldorado model. The big difference: no fender skirts on this year's model. Price: $6630 [1870 units].

El64clr1.jpg (7575 bytes)
The 1964 Fleetwood Eldorado - artist's view from 1964 product catalog

A survivor in the above factory color, featuring older, "Sabre Spoke" wheels

Another nice survivor in "gold"

64ElBlk.jpg (9857 bytes)

Marian.jpg (14207 bytes)
A lovely survivor
[ Photo:  © and courtesy Richard Stanley, owner ]

The "ELDORADO" letters on the trunk lid (right) are not original (they are more likely off a 1966 Eldorado model)

Three more lovely survivors (2012)


Richard Stanley is the owner of this MINT 1964 Eldorado survivor named Marian.   He writes: The '64 is an original car (even the top) with 50K miles (doesn't show). I inherited it from the original owner who bought it new from Hillcrest Motors in Beverly Hills. She hardly drove it the last 25 years of her life. Not to brag, but I have never seen a better one--restored or otherwise.

Beautiful car, Richard!


64EldPeterBatagios2.jpg (18780 bytes)    64EldPeterBatagios.jpg (15154 bytes)

64PBatagios3.JPG (19792 bytes)
Here is yet another untouched, all original 1964 Eldorado
[ Photos: © 2009 and courtesy of the lucky owner, Peter Batagios ]






Gone this year were Cadillac's traditional tail-fins on all models save the Series 75 sedan and limousine, which retained for one more year - in an effort to reduce re-tooling costs - the obsolescent tail-fins and the outmoded and much older [1959] "dog-leg", wrap-around windshield.

The Eldorado, like the Fleetwood Sixty Special was again bereft of side trim, setting these two models aside from the standard line, as in 1963 and 1964, while making those huge, smooth door areas much more vulnerable to parking lot damage. Fender skirts came back this year on the Eldorado model. Price: $6604 [2125 units]. A press release for the 1965 Eldorado models, dated September 15, 1964, reads thus:

Cadillac's rear view in the Eldorado Convertible is characterized by familiar vertical bumper ends that house tail, stop, directional and back-up lights. The 1965 models feature crisp lines along the sides, tailored by three distinct planes that emphasize length with a clean, unbroken expanse of metal.

65ELDO.JPG (13339 bytes)    EL65CLR1.JPG (11123 bytes)
The 1965 Fleetwood Eldorado
[ Photos: © 1965, GM/Cadillac ]

A nice survivor from Germany






The end was near for the traditional rear-wheel drive Eldorado which went out this year with a bow. Sales of 2250 were topped only by the 1955 model. The ‘66 Eldorado was very similar in appearance to the 1965 model; again a wreath and crest were affixed to the rear fender and small Eldorado block letters were in the usual position just behind the front wheel openings. The final rear-wheel drive Eldorado was priced at $6631.

Yes, the Eldorado convertible had done its time. America needed something new. And once again Cadillac took the industry by surprise in 1967 with the new front-wheel drive Eldorado coupe, born out of a tradition of comfort, elegance and luxury. It was so enthusiastically received that sales in the first year exceeded 17,000 units, that is four times more than the combined sales of the previous Eldorado coupe models, built from 1956 through 1960, and about half the combined production of Eldorados, including the Brougham, in the fourteen years from 1953 to 1966.

66ElSid.jpg (11924 bytes)

66ElBlu.jpg (9678 bytes)    66ElBlurr.jpg (11295 bytes)

El66clr1.jpg (13623 bytes)
Two surviving 1966 Fleetwood Eldorado models photographed
in Zurich, Switzerland
[ Photo: © 1990, Yann Saunders ]

66elphil.jpg (8079 bytes)    66elphi2.jpg (11775 bytes)
Above 2 photos: This survivor, photographed at the exclusive Bonmont Golf Club in Cheserex,
Switzerland, was bought from a preacher in the USA and imported by my friend Phil Petrucci;
Phil's wife, Marie-Claire, and my own Gita drove it home from the port of entry (Antwerp, Belgium)

This "copy-cat" survivor is (was) in Texas circa 2014; the wires are optional

EL66RR.JPG (7151 bytes)    EL66RRID.JPG (5044 bytes)    66ellogo.jpg (7570 bytes)
Close-up of rear clip
[ Photos at left and center:  © 2000, J. Scott Harris ]

Two survivors found on Internet in 2014



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Eldorado 1966: cost $7277 ???


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