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Unless otherwise specified all photos and illustrations are from Yann Saunders'
collection of Cadillac photos, advertisements and product catalogs, reproduced
courtesy of the Cadillac Motor Car Division and the Cadillac-LaSalle Club Inc.


Cadillac Model A

[see 1903 photos]


Cadillac Model B


P04be.jpg (5062 bytes)    P04bf.jpg (5938 bytes)
Production of the sturdy little Cadillac runabout  and tonneau models continued in 1904.   These were newly
designated Model A to differentiate them from the 1904 cars (above)  designated Model B, which got a smart,

new, dummy  hood, providing ample storage for tools and maintenance supplies as well as a package or two; optional
gearing was available (10-34, 10-38 or 10-45); the 1904 product brochure tells us that this nippy little runabout
may be geared up until it is capable  of speeds enough to satisfy the most reckless driver!

04MODB2.JPG (8408 bytes)
Original photo from the early part
of the twentieth century


Unlike the Model A, the new Model B runabout was not convertible to a 4-passenger touring car with the addition
of a removable tonneau; the Model B touring car was a completely new catalog offering; the latter (as well as
the Surrey, below, both were convertible to 2-seater capacity by the removal of the rear body and the addition
of a rear deck, supplied at a cost of only $10; tools, tire pump and repair kit were the standard options;
the costly, brass gas lamps (seen here) had to be ordered from the manufacturer, Gray and Davis

04RNBT1.jpg (7366 bytes)    04RNBT0.jpg (4732 bytes)    04MODB2.JPG (6741 bytes)
Surviving Model B runabout (left) and touring car (center and right)

     04SrvTon.jpg (49890 bytes)
The party in the LH (period) photo are showing off their "new" Cadillac Model B; the gent in the fancy costume (far left) appears to be dressed up as "Sieur Cadillac" himself;
The couple in th RH photo are showing off  this lovely survivor that belongs (2010)  to Les & Roberta Holden of NC; it could even be o
ne of the 2 cars at  the left?

03SRV.jpg (11891 bytes)       03Cad13.jpg (9513 bytes)
Possibly the same car, 50 years later (left) and 100 years later (center and right);
the car at far right is Cadillac #13 of a total production of 2498 units in 2003

04MODB3.jpg (6970 bytes)    04pccolr.jpg (7819 bytes)
Two more survivors on color postcards

04ModelB3.jpg (15835 bytes)
A survivor at Pebble Beach, 2002
[ Possibly the car belonging to Peter Wysocki of Haworth, NJ ]

04RunBout.jpg (25086 bytes)
This lovely survivor is in Australia
[ Photo:  courtesy "LaCad", magazine of the Australian CLC ]



0305Runbt.jpg (5993 bytes)
This 1903-04 runabout has been updated
with the dummy hood from a 1905 Cadillac



03cadpho.jpg (9522 bytes)    cad03ph2.jpg (6476 bytes)    cad03pho.jpg (7459 bytes)
Here are a couple of  rare, period photos showing family and business outings in a 1903-04 runabout with detachable tonneau;
in the photos (center and right), I'm  guessing the guy in the striped sweater is the driver, the one on his left is possibly a mechnaic
and the two gentlemen in the rear tonneau probably are the (wealthy) owner and a buisiness acquaintance

04ModD.jpg (44089 bytes)    04glidden.jpg (10243 bytes)
[Left] A survivor photographed in the '50s
[Right] Possibly the same car, belonging to C.G. Moyer
who participated in the 1954 Glidden Tour
[ Photo from the tour ]

Trivia :  In February, 2005, the Centenary Dunlop Reliability Trial, held in Australia was won by a 1904 Cadillac runabout. The trial covered 500 miles in 4½ days and followed as closely as possible the original route that had been set 100 years earlier [info:  Mark Hewitt, Sydney]




Still going strong...

04BRGTON.jpg (8811 bytes)
The veteran car run from London to Brighton
is organized every year, in England, for
automobiles from 1904 and older; this
Cadillac Model B, with full cape top
was one of the entrants in the seventies

04MODB.JPG (10167 bytes)
This survivor was photographed on the
occasion of the CLC Grand National, in 2003




P04ba.jpg (6218 bytes)    P04bb.jpg (7315 bytes)
This smart, new design for 1904 was designated the Model B Surrey
t was described as another form of the touring car for those who prefer
to get in and out at the side, instead of the rear




P04adlvr.jpg (4747 bytes)    P04bdlvr.jpg (5618 bytes)
Were these the venerable ancestors of today's Cadillac Escalade wagon? 
On the left, the so-called Model A Delivery  with detachable top,  costing $850;
on the right, the so-called Model B Delivery with fixed top, costing $900;
the latter was, according to the 1904 product brochure, the ideal vehicle
for the merchant who is tired of using three men and as many horses
for the work that can be done better by one man and a Cadillac." 

04cadtrk.jpg (3849 bytes)
Here's a pickup wagon from 1904

03DLVY.JPG (7282 bytes)
Surviving Model A delivery van

04B2wagn.jpg (12618 bytes)
Surviving Model B delivery van owned by
Tom MacDonald of Saginaw, MI



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