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Unless otherwise specified all photos and illustrations are from Yann Saunders'
collection of Cadillac photos, advertisements and product catalogs,
reproduced courtesy of the Cadillac Motor Car Division and the Cadillac-LaSalle Club



08fact.jpg (10698 bytes)    08fact2.jpg (11559 bytes)
The caption to these two artist's views of  Cadillac's operations in Detroit, in the 1908 catalog for Model S
and T, reads: "The plant which produces more high grade automobiles than any other factory in the world"



Mechanical Details


08engn.jpg (6885 bytes)     08trnsm.jpg (7873 bytes)

08spkplg.jpg (4240 bytes)
Top row (L-R):  the 10 HP single-cylinder "Little Hercules" engine; it could propel a Cadillac runabout up
just about any grade on which the wheels of the car would grip.  Next, an exploded view of  the planetary
transmission.  Lower photo: the Cadillac spark plug (one of these - in the original wooden presentation
case - was offered at auction, on E-Bay, in 1999.  I put in a bid but not surprisingly was quickly outbid




P08limcl.jpg (8189 bytes)
Artist's impression of the luxurious Model 30 limousine




The majority of 1908 models are easy to identify (compared to earlier cars) on account of the front and rear fenders being joined by running boards (exceptions: the Model T coupe and the Model M delivery van). 

There was an improvement in night-time lighting; the new headlights (which remained a costly option in 1908) featured a large, tubular, brass casing with a 5-holed ventilating cap on the top side and a convex cap at the rear.   Oddly, the Model M delivery van, Model H touring car and limousine, and the Model G roadster are featured in the 1908 product catalogs with the old style lamps.

The illustrations are drawn from the lovely product catalog for the single-cylinder Models S and T that features an ornate copper-tinted shield with white "CADILLAC" name and crest.  Models are not shown in the same order in which they appear in the catalog.

Catalog illustrations not shown here include (1) the copper water jacket and cooling system, (2) the carburetor or fuel mixer, (3) a view of the planetary transmission housing, (4) the gasoline tank, (5) the force feed lubricator, (6) the safety starting device and (7) the steering mechanism.


Single-Cylinder Models


08fraxl.jpg (5610 bytes)     08chas.JPG (7303 bytes)
(Left): rocker joint on front suspension in 1908 may have been Cadillac's first
step towards an independent front suspension
.   (Right):   incomplete cars
(i.e. chassis, engine, wheels, dash and hood) were available and cost $800,



Model M


08delv.jpg (6130 bytes)
The Model M Delivery wagon was carried through from the 1907 line; it sold  for $950. 
It retained the wheel base of  76  inches which gave it  great maneuverability 
The standard colors for this car in 1908 were Brewster green for the body  panels and the
frame side bars and  red for the wheels and axles, with black and gold striping.    



Model S


08srnbt.JPG (7717 bytes)     08topa.jpg (6785 bytes)
The popular Model S runabout cost $850.  Included in the price this year were three oil lamps
and a bulb horn.  This car rode on an 82-inch wheel base and 30 x 3 inch tires (30 x 3½ inch
tires were available and cost $50 extra).  The standard color for the Model S was black (for the
lower body panels and the frame side bars); seat panels, wheels, axles and springs were dark
blue with  lighter blue striping.  On the right, above, the car is shown with the optional rubber
jeans cape top costing$60.  A leather top with cloth headlining was available for $80 extra;
both tops came with rubber jeans side curtains and front apron.  For $15 extra, in lieu of the
apron a buyer could have a storm front made also of rubber jeans; it had a transparent screen.




08svicb.jpg (6613 bytes)     08srumb.jpg (9162 bytes)
The Model S runabout was available also with the "Victoria" or so-called "tulip" body [note seat
side panel shape] and a single rumble seat (left).   It cost $875. The standard color for the Model S
"Victoria" was Brewster green for the body panels and the frame side bars; red was used for the
wheels and axles, with black and gold striping.  The  standard Model S body was available with a
double rumble seat (right); the latter had a folding lazy-back; the entire rumble seat was removable
at will.  In this configuration, the standard colors were the same as for the "Victoria" body
Both these stylish bodies came at no extra charge over the regular Model S car.

08_Srumbl.jpg (12441 bytes)
This old car, photographed in a museum in the 50s carries a sign that reads
"1904 Cadillac"; in fact it's a 1908 Model S with rumble seat (or "dickie")

08ModTrds.jpg (15128 bytes)
This survivor was sold at auction in Turlock, CA,   in August 2006 for $50,000
[ Photo:  Pebble Beach, 2002 ]

08ModSa.JPG (13684 bytes)
This sturdy, reliable survivor is owned
by John Hewitt of Sydney, Australia

085rbtS3.JPG (5180 bytes)    08rbtS5.JPG (5180 bytes)    08rbtS7.JPG (6234 bytes)

058rbtS6.JPG (4966 bytes)    08rbtS4.JPG (4783 bytes)

08ModS9.JPG (12484 bytes)
This is car Ser #3391, engine #25096;
it was offered for sale at aucion by RM Auctions in 2008
[ Photos:  © 2008, RM Auctions ]




08svic.jpg (6867 bytes)     08topb.jpg (5987 bytes)
This is how the Model S "Victoria" looked without the extra seating  At the right, the car
is shown with the optional "Victoria" top, covered with genuine English, hand-buffed,
long-grain leather lined with broadcloth [what luxury!] The top alone cost $175 and came
with a rubber jeans storm apron.  Again, for $15 extra, buyers could have a rubber jeans
storm front with transparent screen. The "Victoria" runabout was available with the
top designed for the regular Model S, but the factory recommended the special, "Victoria"
top whose lines were described in the catalog as "more harmonious".   "Victoria" tops
were not shipped separately;  they had to be fitted at the factory.  Cadillac made its own tops,
the quality of which was in keeping with the quality of the cars themselves. Bows were
No. 1 ash with double steel tube bow sockets and substantially reinforced rear sockets.



Model T


08ttrg.JPG (8456 bytes)     08topc.jpg (6817 bytes)
The Model T touring car is similar in appearance to the 1907 Model M straight-line model,
without a horizontal molding cutting the rear door in half.  Like the majority of 1908
single-cylinder cars, this one rode on an 82-inch wheel base and 30 x 3½ inch tires.   Base price
was a round $1000 and included three oil lamps as well as a bulb horn. The standard color for
the Model T was Brewster green with red striping (body panels and frame side bars);
red with gold and black striping was used for the remainder of the running gear




08tvic.jpg (7975 bytes)     08topd.jpg (5976 bytes)
Here is the curvaceous 1908 Cadillac Model T with the "Victoria"  or "tulip" body;  the
base price of this model was a round $1000.  It resembles closely the 1907 Model M
Victoria but now sports running boards and flat fenders in the rear, with a slight
upward sweep.  The standard color for the Model T Victoria was also Brewster green with
red striping (body panels and frame side bars); red with gold and black striping was used
for the remainder of the running gear.  Optionally the car could be painted "Purple Lake"
(a deep, rich, red wine color); again, red with gold and black striping was used for the
remainder of the running gear.  The catalog vaunted the fact that "The Model T with
Victoria body, fitted with Victoria top as shown, makes a car of strikingly rich and
handsome appearance"
; however, other than the regular storm apron, there was no
mention of any weather protection for driver and front seat passenger.

08ModTVic2.jpg (21484 bytes)    08ModTVic.jpg (17792 bytes)
A survivor at Pebble Beach, 2002




08tope.JPG (5535 bytes)
Illustrated above is my own impression
of what the Model T Victoria might have looked like
as a French "double cabriolet" of that period,
with a double Victoria top.  Handsome car, no?




08tcpe2.jpg (4964 bytes)     08tcpes.jpg (3470 bytes)
Enclosed cars were gaining in popularity.  This 1908 Cadillac Model T coupe cost $1350.
The standard colors for this model were black (for the lower body panels and the frame side bars)
and dark blue for the upper  body panels; wheels, axles and springs were dark blue
with  lighter blue striping.  The coupe  body was readily demountable from the chassis
and could be converted to a runabout for summer use (a Model S runabout body,
complete with upholstery and spring seat cushions, cost $95).  Factory photo
(right) shows lamps mounted higher than in the catalog image



Model T Survivors


08t1.jpg (8450 bytes)     08t2.jpg (7418 bytes)
The all-original 1908 Model T touring car on the left is (was?) owned by
Dr. Paul Woods of Waynesboro, VA.  I photographed a similar model
(right)  at the National Automobile Museum in Brussels, Belgium, in 1987



Four-Cylinder Models

In the regular product catalog for the single-cylinder models is mentioned that fact that special, illustrated catalogs are available also, on request, (1) for that year's Model G cars and (2) for the Model H cars.  I do not have either of these two catalogs; the illustrations below are drawn from the catalog of single-cylinder models in which pages 30-31 were devoted to a summary description of the four-cylinder cars.


The Model G

08gtrg.jpg (7285 bytes)  
Model G touring car ($2000)

08grdst.jpg (7304 bytes)     09grds2.jpg (7051 bytes)
The model G roadster (shown at right with optional cape top) cost also $2000
On this model the rumble seat is detachable

08glimo.JPG (6387 bytes)
The luxurious Model G limousine ($3000)


Model G cars have the name "Cadillac" embossed on the radiator shell.  The standard color for the touring car was dark blue body and frame rails with a fine, primrose stripe, cream and yellow wheels and axles with dark blue stripes; Brewster green with red running gear could be had on option; the motor developed 20HP and this car rode on a 100-inch wheel base, like the 1907 car. The Roadster came with a single "Dickey" or rumble seat; again lights and top were optional; the standard color was French gray with fine red striping and red leather upholstery [the late Phil Dumka lists also the same roadster with double "Dickey" for $2025].  The superbly luxurious Limousine had an electric dome light and  a speaking tube;  the standard colors were  dark blue and black with dark blue running gear and light blue striping; this huge car rode on a 102" wheel base chassis



The Model H


08htrg.jpg (6875 bytes)     08hlimo.jpg (6293 bytes)
Compared to the Model G, the model H touring car has a longer hood; the tool box is located centrally on the running board; the rear door is more square-edged at the lower, rear corner; this model cost $2500; the standard color was Brewster green, including the running gear; red running gear with dark green striping was optional.  The superb Model H, Limousine (right) cost $3600!  It was powered by a 30 HP motor and could do  50mph.  Compared with the Model G, the side of the driver's seat is not
curved at the rear, the passenger compartment door inner molding follows the "boot toe"
at the leading edge, the side windows are longer, there is a large toolbox at the front of the
RH running board and the headlights are trumpet-shaped

[ The late Phil Dumka lists also a Model H Roadster for $2400 (I've never seen a picture of it) ]




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[ Background image: the rocker joint on front suspension; the first step towards independent front suspension? ]