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The "Thirty" was powered by the 4-cylinder motor introduced in 1905.  By industry standards of the time, it was rated at 28.9 HP; in fact, dynamometer testing at the factory showed it to develop 33 HP.  In accordance with Cadillac's conservatism, however, it was accorded a nominal rating of 30 HP, hence the model designation "Thirty".

The Cadillac "Thirty" was a thoroughly standardized car, meaning that every individual part was exactly like every other part of its kind.   All parts were absolutely interchangeable and many were accurate to one thousandth of an inch, i.e. about half the thickness of a human hair.  The company was prepared to furnish any buyer with an exact duplicate of any part of any car it ever built.

All body frames were made of ash; the doors of the touring car and demi-tonneau were made of  aluminized sheet steel.  Wheels were of the artillery type of second growth hickory with steel hubs; they had easily detachable rims. Fenders were steel and finished in several coats of black enamel.

A standard cost of $1400 FOB Detroit [$1550 FOB Los Angeles] applied to all models.  No limousine was included in the lineup for 1909.

Some additional descriptions of the 1909 cars  may be found in The (New) Cadillac Database© section giving full specifications and descriptions of the Cadillacs of  1905-1912.



The newest Cadillac models on display at the Chicago Automobile Show

p09old.jpg (9758 bytes)
Ladies participating, later, in an endurance
trial aboard a 1909 Cadillac touring car





The 1909 Model Range


09trg_ok.JPG (8599 bytes)
The touring car


09gtrg.jpg (6984 bytes)
The same model with protective top

p09demit.jpg (8764 bytes)
The demi-tonneau


p09top1.jpg (10093 bytes)
The demi-tonneau with top

p09rdst.jpg (9028 bytes)
The roadster


p09top3.jpg (8749 bytes)
The same model with cape top



Other Details of Construction


p09chas.JPG (7092 bytes)
The 1909 Cadillac chassis


09mtr2.jpg (7059 bytes)
The power plant, RH sideAccesspries




09speedo1.jpg (3622 bytes)    09speedo2.jpg (5041 bytes)     09speedo3.jpg (3750 bytes)
This early speedometer was made for the Cadillac Motor Co



Some Survivors


p09rds.jpg (9111 bytes)  p09rds2.jpg (8596 bytes)
Two splendid roadsters

09trg.jpg (8153 bytes)   p09trg1.jpg (10013 bytes)   p09trg3.JPG (8671 bytes)
Three equally beautiful touring cars (although the one in the center is an odd color)

P09trg.jpg (9400 bytes)

09trg1.jpg (18859 bytes)
Ed De Vries of Grand Rapids, MI, owns (owned?) this lovely survivor;
it is near original, with only the wiring and upholstery restored
[ Source:  Antique Automobile, AACA magazine ]



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