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Unless otherwise specified all photos and illustrations are from Yann Saunders'
collection of Cadillac photos, advertisements and product catalogs,
reproduced courtesy of the Cadillac Motor Car Division and the Cadillac-LaSalle Club


The models for these two combined years were designated the "Type 61". The basic line-up consisted of ten cars.   Three were open styles and seven were of the increasingly popular closed kind.   Two new cars were added to the line-up from the previous year: a coupe for 2 passengers - with a seating layout similar to that in the roadster - and a coupe for 5 passengers.  Two cars (the 4-passenger phaeton and 5-passenger sedan) had a couple of smart styling features which make them easy to identify as 1922-23 models; they had two "toe-plates" (scuff plates) mounted below the doors, to avoid scuffing the body sill on entering or alighting the car, and six vertical rubbing  strakes on the rear body, to prevent a removable trunk or other baggage from damaging the paint work.  A semi-custom model - the Cadillac "Landau" - was added to the range at the end of 1923; this car is sometimes referred to erroneously as a 1924 model.  All cars were mounted on the 132 inch chassis.  The standard finish was black. Three other colors were optionally available. 

The 1922 brochure tells us that "The lines of the new car are increasingly attractive while retaining the characteristics which have made a long succession of types distinctively Cadillac".  The hood was larger owing to a higher radiator; it had softly rounded "shoulders".  The center of gravity was lowered though the use of smaller diameter wheels.  Cars for five passengers or less had new seats; they were mounted on the 132-inch wheel base chassis.

Some additional descriptions of these cars  may be found in The (New) Cadillac Database© section giving full specifications and descriptions of the Cadillac Type 61 cars of 1922 and 1923.

The following illustrations are drawn from the factory product brochures on the new Cadillac "Type 61" for 1922 and 1923.  The same models were carried through to the end of 1923, basically unchanged. Cars are arranged in ascending order of purchase price. These ranged from $2885 for the sporty little roadster, up to almost $6000 for the upscale imperial limousine.  Unlike the "Type 59" models of the previous two years, the prices of the 1922-23 models decreased by almost $1000 as new designs emerged. 


P23illus.jpg (6406 bytes)
Inner cover illustration
of the 1923 product catalog



The model line-up for 1922-23
[from the 1922 and 1923 product catalogs]


P22rds.jpg (6211 bytes)
The roadster for 2 passengers ($3,100)

typ61Rds1B.jpg (6696 bytes)    typ61Rds1A.jpg (6488 bytes)



22phae1.JPG (6792 bytes)    22phae3.jpg (8241 bytes)
The phaeton for 4 passengers ($3,150 or $2,885 dep. on source)

Cad22trer.jpg (40950 bytes)
Photo from a period publication [Motor - ZTV coll.]

typ61Pha1B.jpg (6498 bytes)    typ61Pha2A.jpg (7012 bytes)

22trgNZ.JPG (9829 bytes)
This fine-looking and solid-running survivor lives in New Zealand;
the car belongs to Bill and Ningsih Datlen who kindly took Gita and me

for an exciting spin around their home town of Ashburton, in March 2005;
sadly, Bill was killed, later, in an air crash; our thoughts go out to Ningsih and family



22trg.JPG (6274 bytes)    23cutway.jpg (7160 bytes)
Left: The touring car for 7 passengers ($3,150)
Right: cutaway view of the 1923 version of the touring car

typ61trgB.jpg (7280 bytes)    typ61trgA.jpg (7627 bytes)

22tgcv.JPG (9155 bytes)    
Left: a touring car (minus scuff  plates) in use in the twenties

23Phaeton.jpg (6340 bytes)    23v63tg.jpg (8571 bytes)    22trgr.jpg (7948 bytes)     21_22cadTrg.jpg (9808 bytes)

Five survivors



22vic2.JPG (6719 bytes)     20vic.jpg (6187 bytes)    22cpe5Bod.jpg (4999 bytes)
The Victoria coupe for 4 passengers ($3,875)
(Fisher designs #4420, 4430 and 5090)
[ from the 1923 product catalog ]

typ61Vic1B.jpg (6785 bytes)    typ61Vic1A.jpg (8014 bytes)

P23vic4i.jpg (6161 bytes)    22vicin.JPG (6247 bytes)
Interior of the Victoria coupe [ note folding, front passenger seat ]
[ these views are from two different catalogs ]

22vicFac.jpg (13141 bytes)   
Factory publicity shot of the Victoria coupe



P22cpe2.jpg (5189 bytes)     22_61Cpe2p.jpg (6577 bytes)    22cpeBody.jpg (4529 bytes)   
The new coupe for 2 passengers  ($3,875)
(Fisher designs #4470 and 5080)


P22cpe5.jpg (6112 bytes)     22_61pe4p.jpg (6897 bytes)
The new coupe for 5 passengers ($3,925)
(Fisher designs #4440 and 5050)


P23cp5i.jpg (5234 bytes)     22cpe5in.JPG (6406 bytes)
Interior of the 5 pass. coupe with its
folding occasional seat

    22sdn.JPG (7402 bytes)    22sed.jpg (7275 bytes)
The sedan for 5 passengers ($4,100)
(Fisher designs #4430, and 5040)

22sdn5in.JPG (6871 bytes)
Interior view of the sedan for 5 passengers



P23sdn5.jpg (5035 bytes)
The same car as above, from the 1923 catalog


P23sdn5i.jpg (6278 bytes)     22_23Body.jpg (4950 bytes)
Interior layout of the 5-pass. sedan (1923)

P22subu.jpg (6485 bytes)    P23sub7i.jpg (5452 bytes)    22_23Body2.jpg (5578 bytes)
The Suburban for 7 passengers (1922) ($4,250)
(Fisher designs #4400, 4410 and 5030)
[ center image is interior of 5-pass. sedan ]

typ61Sub1B.jpg (6694 bytes)    typ61Sub1A.jpg (7742 bytes)

P23sub7.jpg (5940 bytes)    22_23body3.jpg (5278 bytes)
The Suburban for 7 passengers (1923) - almost no change

23sbrbn.jpg (12833 bytes)    23sub7.jpg (9631 bytes)
Two surviving Suburban models



P22limo7.jpg (6764 bytes)    22LimInt.jpg (15918 bytes)
The limousine for 7 passengers ($4,550)
(Fisher designs #4450 and 5060)


P23lim7.jpg (5659 bytes)
The same car (from the 1923 product catalog)



22limoS.jpg (7181 bytes)    22limo2S.jpg (8269 bytes)
This survivor resides in Germany (2007) and belongs to Thomas Borchers


This is another fine survivor
[ Photos: © 2012 - and courtesy Hyman Classic Cars ]



P22imlim.jpg (6701 bytes)     22_61Imp.jpg (7193 bytes)
The imperial limousine for 7 passengers ($4.600)
(Fisher designs #4460 and 5070)


P23imp7.jpg (6028 bytes)
The same car (from the 1923 product catalog)

P23lndau.jpg (6734 bytes)
The new "Landau" model (1923 catalog)
This stylish sedan was added to the line near the close of the

1923 production.  It may be regarded as the first semi-custom Cadillac. 
Highlighting the padded, leather-covered rear quarters, reminiscent
of traditional landau styling, were the decorative landau bows
(Fisher design #5160)




Upholstery was of the finest mohair velour.  Top and headlining colors harmonized with the seats and seat-back material; the same material was used also on the robe rail.



All enclosed models had a  windshield wiper and a rear view mirror as standard equipment. Split windshield allowed upper or lower ventilation.   A new walnut steering wheel was included as was a new instrument panel. The dash equipment on enclosed cars included a combined clock and speedometer, with trip reset, combination ammeter, oil and fuel gauge, cowl vent (controlled from below the dash), combination switch for lights and ignition switch, dash lamp, auxiliary air pump, headlight tilt button, auxiliary air valve button on dash, cigar lighter with extension cord. 


23_dash.JPG (6999 bytes)
Top: new walnut-rimmed steering wheel and smart new instrument
panel; headlamps now are adjustable from the instrument board
Below (left) counterweighted crankshaft; (right) 1922-23 V8 engine

23cshft.jpg (2531 bytes)    23engn.jpg (7241 bytes)
These illustrations are from the 1922 product catalog

[image missing ]

Front end of 1922-23 V-8 motor

22chas.JPG (8495 bytes)
1922-23 chassis



Some Survivors


23sed1.jpg (7577 bytes)

  23sed2.jpg (5701 bytes)    23sed3.jpg (4215 bytes)
This fine 1923 sedan was offered for sale on eBay in 2004

24_25trg2.jpg (5989 bytes)    24_25trgC.jpg (5663 bytes)    24trgB.jpg (5941 bytes)

24_25trg4Tent.jpg (6425 bytes)



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