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Unless otherwise specified all photos and illustrations are from Yann Saunders'
collection of Cadillac photos, advertisements and product catalogs,
reproduced courtesy of the Cadillac Motor Car Division and the Cadillac-LaSalle Club


The 1938 models were introduced in October 1937.  Gone were the V-12 models but a new generation of V-16 was launched.  Those models are covered in detail in these sections of the Database: V-16 production from 1938-1940 and V-16 survivors of the 1938-40 production run

I have classified the 1938 cars into the following groups (in ascending order of value):  the series Sixty, Sixty Special, Sixty-Five, Seventy-Five (all V-8) and Ninety (V-16).  Within each series, the cars are listed in order of their rarity, the most numerous coming first on the list.

Illustrations herein are from my private collection, except for those from the prestige Fleetwood catalog, loaned to me kindly by Z. Taylor Vinson of Alexandria, VA.  Some more factory photos as well as surviving cars may be added later, space permitting. 

Each car is identified by (a) the "Series" code, namely the first two digits, and (b) the "Style" code, that is the last two digits and - in some cases - a letter suffix.  Some additional descriptions of these double-digit body styling codes  may be found in The (New) Cadillac Database© section entitled "Styling".

The sales and merchandising catalogs published by the Cadillac company in 1938 were to set a new trend in magnificence that lasted until 1941; the 1942 prestige catalog was already diminishing in size and splendor.

Once again, factory artists were called on to make the new models look even sleeker than they really were. This method of advertising continued on up to 1970, when "artistic license" got so far out of control that a new law was passed requiring manufacturers to show actual photos of their cars in their advertising brochures.

The variety of models available makes it relatively difficult to pin-point an easy ID feature.  The initial pictures below will give a general idea of the differences between one Series and another.

38FACTRY.JPG (7505 bytes)
The sprawling Cadillac factory premises
on Clark Street, Detroit, in 1938



3860FRCP.JPG (3864 bytes)    386576f2.jpg (5508 bytes)    38grlaa.jpg (12350 bytes)
The two  different front clips for the 1938 Cadillac models;
this row: Series 60 and 60 Special; below: Series 65 and 75

38FCLP.JPG (6822 bytes)     386065gr.jpg (7438 bytes)
A survivor (Series 65 or 75)



Additional information on the 1938 models and the related sales literature may be found  in The (New) Cadillac Database© sections entitled "Descriptions and Specifications of Cadillac Cars 1938 - 1945" and  "Cadillac and La Salle Sales Literature 1935 - 1939".  Further recommended reading includes:

(a) "Standard Catalog of Cadillac, 1903-2000" edited by James T. Lenzke, © 2000, published by Krause Publications, Inc., 700 E. State Street, Iola, WI 54990 [ISBN #0-87341-925-9, Library of Congress #91-61301].


The Series 60
(V-8, 124" wheel base)


3860cp.jpg (6919 bytes)    3860cpin.jpg (5933 bytes)
Style #6127, coupe
[ 438 built ]




3860cvcp.jpg (6606 bytes)    3860cvdg.jpg (4691 bytes)
Style #6167, convertible coupe
[ 145 built ]




38cvsdS.jpg (4008 bytes)    3860cvsd.jpg (7816 bytes)    3860csin.jpg (6646 bytes)
Style #6149, convertible sedan
[ 60 built ]




A further 101 chassis (124" wheel base) were built and supplied to domestic coach builders, most of them specialized in vehicles
for the ambulance and funeral vehicles

Click here to view some of these vehicles



The Series 60 Special
(V-8, 124" wheel base)


38-60s.jpg (15727 bytes)

3860sb.jpg (11892 bytes)   3860sc.jpg (10591 bytes)

3860sd.jpg (10322 bytes)    3860sa.jpg (9336 bytes)

3860sin.jpg (4521 bytes)
Style 6019S, sedan
( a new design by stylist, Bill Mitchell )
[  3695 units built ]

3860SDOU.JPG (10020 bytes)    38dhoust.jpg (9390 bytes)
This fine survivor belongs to enthusiast Doug Houston of Detroit, MI.  The pictures were taken at the
GM Tech Center, on the "viewing road", a small boulevard in the corner grounds used for such photography

Here is another superbly restored example
[ Photo:  "Ebay" ]

This survivor is located in a museum
[ Photo:  Internet, 2013 ]




A further 8 chassis (127" wheel base) were built and supplied to domestic coach builders

Click here to view some of the bodies
mounted on these chassis



The Series 65
(V-8, 132" wheel base)


386519sd.jpg (9202 bytes)
Style #6519, sedan
[ 1178 units built ]

3865in.jpg (4640 bytes)

Style #6519, sedan1
[ 1307 built, of  which 12 were knocked down and crated for export]

3875d.jpg (6955 bytes)
This poor photo of a survivor [in a "wild" color] is from a Kruse auction catalog of the eighties;
I had it formerly ID'd as a "7533"; thanks to enthusiast Allan B. Lewis for the correction

1 Thanks to enthusiast Phil Taylor for correcting  the caption from "6119" to "6519" (my mistake!)



386519sd.jpg (9202 bytes)
Style #6519F, Imperial sedan (limousine)
[ 110 units built ]

(same basic body as above but with limousine partition and
division glass between front and rear compartments)




Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands owned this rare survivor


The car carries THREE different ID tags: (left) Cadillac factory tag, (center) GM Continental ID tag affixed
in Antwerp, Holland and (right) dealer ID tag from  (K. Landeweer), the main Cadillac dealer in Amsterdam, Holland

Surviving Style #6549, convertible sedan
[ 110 units built ]




A further three chassis (132" wheel base) were built and supplied to domestic coach builders



The Series 75
(V-8, 141¼" wheel base)


3875imp5.jpg (7739 bytes)

3865imp7.jpg (9853 bytes)    3865im7i.jpg (4728 bytes)
Style #7533, imperial sedan (limousine) for 7 passengers
[563 units built ]




3875imp5.jpg (7739 bytes)    38sd5in.jpg (5074 bytes)
Style #7519, sedan for 5 passengers
[ 475 units built ]




3875imp5.jpg (7739 bytes)    38sd7in.jpg (4825 bytes)
Style #7523, sedan for 7 passengers
[ 380 units built ]




3865csd.jpg (9006 bytes)    3865csdi.jpg (6011 bytes)

3865csin.jpg (7028 bytes)    38CVSDI.JPG (5874 bytes)   
Style #7529, convertible sedan for 5 passengers
[ 58 units built ]


>>>>> Good Question <<<<<

Who are these people? Where was the snapshot taken?

Beautiful survivor at Glenwood Concours




3875tsd5.jpg (7471 bytes)    38td5in.jpg (4770 bytes)
Style #7539, town sedan for 5 passengers
[ 56 units built ]




3865cpe.jpg (9415 bytes)    3865cpin.jpg (5586 bytes)
Style #7557, coupe for 2 passengers
[ 52 units built ]




3875cp5.jpg (7208 bytes)    38cp5in.jpg (4994 bytes)
Style #7557B, coupe for 5 passengers
[ 42 units built ]




3875fml7.jpg (7356 bytes)    38fm7in.jpg (4867 bytes)

3865fmls.jpg (9634 bytes)    3865fmsi.jpg (4763 bytes)
Style #7533F, formal sedan for 7 passengers
[ 40 units built ]




38LIMO.JPG (10145 bytes)

3875imp5.jpg (7714 bytes)    38im5in.jpg (4853 bytes)
Style #7519F, imperial (formal) sedan (limousine) for 7 passengers
[ 34 units built ]




3865imp7.jpg (9853 bytes)

38BUSSD.JPG (4594 bytes)    38BUSSD2.JPG (4879 bytes)
Style #7523L, business sedan for 7 passengers
(exterior of  sedan and limousine same as regualr "75" sedan, above)
[ 25 units built ]




3865imp7.jpg (9853 bytes)

38BUSLIM.JPG (3390 bytes)    38BUSLI2.JPG (4831 bytes)
Style #7533L, business imperial (limousine) for 7 passengers
(the exterior aspect of the sedan and the limousine is the same)
[ 25 units built ]




3875cvc.jpg (7269 bytes)    38cvcpin.jpg (4672 bytes)
Style #7567, convertible coupe for 2-4 passengers
( production information for this model does not appear to be available)
[ guestimate of units built: 20]


1 This model may have  been accidentally omitted from Maurice Hendry's Cadillac History  although it does appear in James Schild's book Fleetwood as well as Krause's Standard Catalog of Cadillac, 1903-2000; [neither gives a production total]; former CLC President, Ron Van Gelderen, had one of these lovely convertibles, so it was definitely built



3875tc.jpg (7197 bytes)    38tcin.jpg (4723 bytes)

3875tca.jpg (12106 bytes)    38jmpst.jpg (3974 bytes)
Style #7553, town car
[ 17 units built ]




A further twenty-four chassis (141¼" wheel base) were built and supplied to domestic and
foreign coach builders 

Click here to view some of the custom
bodies built on these chassis




A further eleven chassis (161" wheel base) were built and supplied to domestic coach builders, most of them   specialized in vehicles for
the ambulance and funeral vehicles

Click here to view some of these vehicles



The Series 90
(V-16, 141¼" wheel base)





386575fr.jpg (4250 bytes)    38trnk.jpg (6360 bytes)

38frtst.jpg (4019 bytes)    38int7p.jpg (4593 bytes)

38chass.jpg (7210 bytes)
Chassis came in 124", 127", 134", 141¼", 156"
and 159" ( La Salle commercial )



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© 1996, Yann Saunders and the Cadillac-LaSalle Club, Inc.
[Background image:  the two different 1938 Cadillac front clips]