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Unless otherwise specified all photos and illustrations are from Yann Saunders'
collection of Cadillac photos, advertisements and product catalogs,
reproduced courtesy of the Cadillac Motor Car Division and the Cadillac-LaSalle Club


The powerful, new 1949 models with their light-weight, overhead-valve engine were covered in much detail in the June, 1999 issue of the "Self-Starter", the magazine of the Cadillac-LaSalle Club, Inc., so I will start the post-war Cadillac photo displays with the 1950 models, Distinguished beyond all others according to the alluring banner in that year's prestige sales catalog.

In my opinion, the sales and merchandising catalogs published by the Cadillac company in the early post-war years did not meet the high standards to which the company had got potential buyers accustomed.  Despite new buyer optimism following the hard-earned peace in Europe and the Pacific, prestige color brochures advertising the new Cadillac models were few until 1954;  exceptions were 1946 and 1950.

The artist's drawings below are from the extremely rare, prestige color catalog of new Cadillac models for 1950.  In addition to this catalog, there were also a standard, two-tone catalog in pale green and beige, as well as a large fold-out in full color.  The publication date on the prestige catalog is February, 1950.  This was unusually late, as buyers had become used to seeing the new Cadillac models advertised already two or three months before the new year set in.

A definite change of styling will be witnessed in these new models, compared with those of 1946 through 1949.  Gone, for one, was the sporty fastback;   it gave way to a new so-called notch-back model. The "75" sedan and limousine models were completely restyled to match the rest of the line.

The new, 1950 models were classified in the catalog into the following groups (in ascending order of value):  the series "Sixty-One", "Sixty-Two", "Sixty Special" and "Seventy-Five".  That is the order I have chosen to follow in this photo presentation.

Once again the easiest way to distinguish between the different Cadillac models of the early post-WW2 period  is to look at the grille extensions below the headlights.  In 1950 they were "plain" (below), in 1951 an egg-crate design was adopted and in 1952 a gold, winged-emblem was added in this position.

Generally, the panels below the headlights, to left and right of the grille, became the favorite area for featuring the most obvious, annual styling change to early post-WW2 Cadillac models; this was espcially true of the years 1947 through 1953.  

For forty years, from 1930 through 1970, the complete front ensemble (grille, bumpers, lights) was an easy giveaway. From 1971 on, changes became more subtle as U.S. auto manufacturers seemed to vie for who could make the  least noticeable annual styling changes (personal opinion!).


P50gril.jpg (12461 bytes)



Additional information on the 1950 models and the related sales literature may be found  in The (New) Cadillac Database© sections entitled "Descriptions and Specifications of Cadillac Cars 1946 - 1950" and  "Cadillac and La Salle Sales Literature 1950 - 1954".  Further recommended reading includes:

(a)   "Automobile Heritage's Illustrated Guide to 1950 Thru 1959 Cadillac" by Roy Schneider, © 1978,  published by Automobile Heritage Publishing Co., Post Office Box 7, Temple City, CA 91780 [ISBN #0-917104-02-1] and

(b) "Standard Catalog of Cadillac, 1903-2000" edited by James T. Lentzke, © 2000, published by Krause Publications, Inc., 700 E. State Street, Iola, WI 54990 [ISBN #0-87341-925-1, Library of Congress #91-61301].

Some photos of surviving cars may be added here, as space permits. 


The Series 61


P5061cp.jpg (8381 bytes)
Series Sixty-One coupe, style 6137
11839 units were built


P5061cpi.jpg (5004 bytes)
Rear passenger compartment,
plain and functional

50cpsrv.jpg (10208 bytes)
A survivor




p5061sdi.jpg (5367 bytes)
Rear seat of the sedan,
note biscuit & button design on door panel


p5061sd.jpg (7358 bytes)
The Series Sixty-One sedan, style 6169
14619 units were built

50sdn.jpg (9326 bytes)
Factory press photo of this model



The Series 62


p5062cp.jpg (8714 bytes)    50_61Htop.jpg (14262 bytes)
The Series Sixty-Two coupe, style 6237
6434 of them were built


p5062cpi.jpg (5568 bytes)
Driving position of the convertible;
finish was a bit more luxurious



p5062sdi.jpg (5028 bytes)
Rear seat of the "62" sedan
note quarter window


p5062sd.jpg (8677 bytes)
The Series Sixty-Two sedan, style 6219
41890 were built [this is the most prolific of the '50 models]

50sdn2.jpg (8500 bytes)

5062PHO1.JPG (9778 bytes)    5062PHO2.JPG (4177 bytes)
Above two rows: Factory press photos of this model; the "C" pillar is different from
the Series 61 and this model has stainless lower body (sill) trim

50_62sdn.jpg (25714 bytes)
Illustration from period ad
[ Z. Taylor Vinson collection ]

50srv1.jpg (10019 bytes)    
These photos of a fine survivor were supplied
kindly by its owner, Jim O'Day of Santa Fe, NM

This survivor resides in India




p5062cv.jpg (7885 bytes)
The Series Sixty-Two Convertible Coupe, style 6267
6986 units were built


P5062ci.jpg (9326 bytes)
Rear seat of the convertible;
here, sumptuous red leather throughout

50cvt.jpg (9399 bytes)
Factory press photo of the 1950 Series 62 convertible

50cvsnds.jpg (10273 bytes)
Advertising photo for the former, very popular Sands hotel in Las Vegas

50cvsrv.jpg (7848 bytes)
A survivor

Christmas at the Biltmore, in a 1950 Cadillac




50cdvi.JPG (6077 bytes)
Rear seat of the Coupe de Ville;
Matching cloth and leather


50cdv.JPG (10365 bytes)   
The Series Sixty-Two Coupe de Ville, style 6237DX
4507 units were built

50_62cpe.jpg (22539 bytes)
Illustration from period ad
[ Z. Taylor Vinson collection ]


1  Thanks to Gilles Dreux of Paris, France, for pointing out (in July 2000) that I had simply
forgotten to include this model from the 1950 range.  Gilles should know;  he has one!


The Fleetwood Series Sixty Special


p5060s.jpg (8336 bytes)
The Sixty Special sedan, style 6069
13755 were built


p5060si.jpg (6923 bytes)
Rear seat of the Sixty Special sedan, Cadillac luxury at its best

50_60Saa.jpg (22954 bytes)    50-60Sart2.JPG (26076 bytes)    50-60Sart.jpg (30113 bytes)
Artists' views from period literature; center image has a "spotty look" from a scanning flaw!
[ LH and center  pics:  Z. Taylor Vinson collection ]



5060sdr.jpg (6257 bytes)
Interior of surviving Series 60 Special



The Fleetwood Series Seventy-Five


p5075.jpg (7861 bytes)

 5075fac2.JPG (10238 bytes)
Completely restyled for 1950, the roomy 7-passenger sedan and limousine
models now matched again the general lines of the other 1950 models

5075.jpg (8742 bytes)     5075a.jpg (7150 bytes)

Above two rows: a survivor in need of TLC (found on the Internet)




P5075i1.jpg (6507 bytes)
Spacious and comfortable rear passenger compartment


p5075i2.jpg (7404 bytes)
The driver's compartment, elegantly trimmed in black leather

p5075i3.jpg (6498 bytes)
The partition, with electric division
and broad, folding auxiliary seats


Details & Misc


P50inst.jpg (9677 bytes)
The design of the instrument panel
remained basically unchanged from 1949


p50rear.jpg (6944 bytes)
Rear clip features two reversing
lights and squarish trunk look


I hear the "Army" is treating you well!



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