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Unless otherwise specified all photos and illustrations are from Yann Saunders'
collection of Cadillac photos, advertisements and product catalogs,
reproduced courtesy of the Cadillac Motor Car Division and the Cadillac-LaSalle Club



52gldanv.JPG (5498 bytes)

52annvrsr.JPG (10444 bytes)
The Golden Anniversary convertible;
there were also:

an Eldorado show car and
a Townsman custom 60S

A bevy of beautiful babes serve to set off the new, 1952
Cadillac models at that year's Automobile Show in Chicago



Cadillac entered its 50th year of production, the fiftieth anniversary year, in 1952.  To mark the occasion, the cars got the first "gold package" in Cadillac history, an option that was to become highly popular with many auto buyers in the eighties.  The traditional Cadillac "V" and crest went from chrome to "gold" (by anodization) -  a fashion that ended (temporarily, for the next approx. 30 years) with the 1958 models.

The 1952 models were face-lifted versions of those of the previous two years.  The bulbous look remained. The trunk of the Series 62 sedan was shaped differently from that of the basic models; it got similar lines to the Series 75 cars, and a resulting more spacious luggage compartment.

In the words of the copy writers of the time, the new Cadillac models "not only introduce wholly new standards of automotive goodness,  but they represent a full half-century of continued progress in the building of fine motor cars".


52adtext.jpg (16345 bytes)
Text of a 1952 advertisement



The product line was described and illustrated in one double-sided color folder. Again, artist's renderings were used in preference to color photography. The four basic series were represented in the following order:  the Sixty Special, the Sixty-Two and the Seventy-Five series. That is the sequence in which I have presented the illustrations below. No publication date is shown on that product folder.

Cadillacs of 1952 are easy to spot on account of the gold-hued "wing" ornaments beneath the headlights; these "wings" first appeared on the 1941 Cadillac models, where they stood vertically rather than horizontally, as in 1952.


5260sb.JPG (8725 bytes)    52rrclp2.jpg (5354 bytes)

5260sc.jpg (8711 bytes)
This photo is from GM's annual Activity Report for 1952



Innovations for 1952 included a new, 190HP engine with a new, four-throated carburetor and dual exhaust manifolding, a new Hydra-Matic transmission (optional on the Series 75) featuring dual-range "Drive" positions, and new, optional hydraulically-operated power steering.


52eng2.jpg (7083 bytes)    52gears.jpg (8327 bytes)    52steer.jpg (6230 bytes)



Additional information on the 1952 models and the related sales literature may be found  in The (New) Cadillac Database© sections entitled "Descriptions and Specifications of Cadillac Cars 1951 - 1955",  "Cadillac and La Salle Sales Literature 1950 - 1954" and "Dream cars of 1952-1953".  Further recommended reading includes:

(a)   "Automobile Heritage's Illustrated Guide to 1950 Through 1959 Cadillac" by Roy Schneider, © 1978,  published by Automobile Heritage Publishing Co., Post Office Box 7, Temple City, CA 91780 [ISBN #0-917104-02-1] and

(b)  The "Standard Catalog of Cadillac, 1903-2000" edited by James T. Lenzke, © 2000, published by Krause Publications, Inc., 700 E. State Street, Iola, WI 54990 [ISBN #0-87341-925-1, Library of Congress #91-61301].


The Series Sixty Special


50-60Ssma.JPG (23505 bytes)

52-60sPhoS.jpg (19214 bytes)

5260sa.JPG (9540 bytes)    5260si.jpg (7443 bytes)
The distinguishing mark of the Sixty Special models was a varying number of chevrons (hash marks)
placed vertically or obliquely on the roof quarter panel or on the rear fender, as on this year's model, for example

5260sfac.JPG (13161 bytes)    52_60S1.jpg (28375 bytes)
Left: rare factory photo, in color, of the 1952 60S
Right: Illustration from period ad [Z. Taylor Vinson collection]

A survivor found on Internet



The Series Sixty-Two

The Sedan

5262sdn.JPG (9045 bytes)

5262sdni.jpg (7146 bytes)    52rrclp.JPG (7104 bytes)
The distinguishing feature of the Series 62 sedan were the squarish trunk lines (right)

Lovely survivor in 2  shades of turquoise
[ Photos:  Internet, 2014 ]



The Coupe

52CpePhoS.jpg (16599 bytes)

5262cpe.JPG (8039 bytes)    5262cpei.JPG (7255 bytes)



The Coupe de Ville

52CdVPhoS.jpg (17793 bytes)

5262cdv.JPG (8385 bytes)    5262cdvi.JPG (6321 bytes)



The convertible

52-62CnvPhoS.jpg (17999 bytes)    52CadCvCpS.jpg (14789 bytes)

5262cv.JPG (7889 bytes)    5262cvi.JPG (7370 bytes)

52cvsv.jpg (8880 bytes)
This fine survivor belongs to David Sheffey,
President (in 2001) of  the East Tennessee Region of the AACA

Another fine survivor ... in "prize-winning" red

I found this (unsigned) cropped painting in 2012, in the archives of the CLC, in Warren, MI,
the year before these archives were transferred to the new club location in Kalamazoo, MI.



The Series Seventy-Five


5275.jpg (9482 bytes)    52_75sdn.jpg (9981 bytes)

5275int.JPG (7668 bytes)    5275int2.jpg (6526 bytes)
Traditionally, the Seventy-Five cars were upholstered in gray or taupe
with black leather being used in the driver's compartment of the limousine





52cvsrv.JPG (11984 bytes)    52cvsrv2.JPG (10271 bytes)
This surviving 62 convertible was photographed at an international Cadillac meet,
in Switzerland, about fifteen years ago; note the non original but mandatory,
amber turn signal lights below the headlights, in lieu of the "wing" emblems.

The interior of another survivor is shown below

5262cvi2.JPG (6871 bytes)





  52exhuas.JPG (5333 bytes)
Dual exhaust through the rear bumper ends

52RainTestS.jpg (26011 bytes)
Efficient operation of windhsield wipers and quality of blades is tested with this rig,
consisting of two 55-gall. drums filled with water and fender-mounted hoses activated by a pump

52frclp.JPG (6877 bytes)    52sunscr.JPG (4590 bytes)    52trnk.JPG (7403 bytes)
Left:  the horizontal "wings" below the headlights
Center:  mobile sun visors were useful feature
Right:  Unusually spacious trunk compartment

52PwrSteerD.jpg (13570 bytes)    52DashS.jpg (18008 bytes)    52Dash.jpg (11806 bytes)    52PwrSteerC.jpg (10488 bytes)
Power steering was a hot selling point for the 1952 Cadillacs; in the driving seat (LH photo)
is Rita Brown of Cadillac's Public Relations Department;  she found that "parking and maneuvering out of
a backyard garage are accomplished with the greatest of ease"; in the RH photo, elf shows Shirley Cherry,
of Saginaw Steering Gear Division, that wheels are turned effortlessly, even while car is at a standstill
[ Documents:  Z. Taylor Vinson collection ]

52dash.JPG (9719 bytes)    52wind.jpg (8745 bytes)
Left:  uncluttered instrument panel and steering position
Right: hydraulically operated window lifts were standard
on the 75s, the 60S, the Coupe de Ville and the convertible

engn52.JPG (7497 bytes)
New, 190HP engine



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