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I was initially spared the time and trouble of preparing and posting digital images of the 1970 models, thanks to the excellent work done by a Cadillac admirer in the Netherlands (Holland). Unfortunately, his pages appear to be "lost".

Eleven models were available this year. Their rich, newly appointed interiors are described as a new measure of taste and elegance. The new Eldorado is powered by a 500 cid engine (8.2 liters).

Total production was 238,745 cars of this model year; volume sales were  better than those of the previous year by a margin of some 16,500 units.

In the words of the copy writers of the time, there is no more magnificent way to experience the spirit of the seventies than to view the world from behind the wheel of a 1970 Cadillac

Some would say that spirit is still alive today!


Easy I.D.
[except Eldorado]

70DET0.JPG (5087 bytes)    70grille.jpg (9292 bytes)
Front: Cadillac crest with vertical wings on upper fender edge (image, left)

70rear.jpg (5851 bytes)    70DET1.JPG (3871 bytes)
Rear:  vertical, oblong side marker light on end of fender (image, right)




Calais Series

The Coupe

70cal.jpg (17673 bytes)
At the entry level was the Calais coupe; 4,724 units were built; they listed for $5,813

70cali.jpg (7838 bytes)
Sierra grain vinyl interior; plain but comfortable


The Hardtop Sedan

70calsd.jpg (11617 bytes)    70calsdi.jpg (8641 bytes)
Car shown here in Byzantine Gold with interior in medium gold Dorian cloth and Sierra grain vinyl
This basic sedan found 5,187 buyers each willing to pay just $5,813 to ride in a new Cadillac




De Ville Series


The Coupe

    70cdv4.jpg (17213 bytes)     70cdvi.jpg (6349 bytes)
Cheapest of the De Ville models, the coupe sold for $5,884; there were 76,043 buyers

 70cdv.JPG (12407 bytes)
Nine colors of leather were available, this being Antique Medium Beige:
seven cloth and leather combinations also were available

Lovely surviving Coupe de Ville


The Convertible

70dvcv.jpg (20043 bytes)    70dvcvi.jpg (7661 bytes)
Left: the De Ville convertible finished in Nottingham Green Firemist (a metallic hue),
with white Sierra grain leather upholstery; nine other leather and carpet combinations also were offered;
oriental tamo wood is applied to the instrument board and to the door and rear quarter panels

70CNVSV2.JPG (18463 bytes)

70CNVSRV.JPG (14459 bytes)    70CNVSV3.JPG (10252 bytes)
Above two rows: a fine survivor; this is one of   15,172 units built, each costing $6,068   


Another splendid convertible

I believe this nice survivor was owned by my friend, Bill Buckingham


The Hardtop Sedan

70sdv.jpg (17962 bytes)    70sdvi.jpg (4734 bytes)
Left: the De Ville hardtop sedan (note absence of "B" pillars) in Bayberry with dark Bayberry vinyl roof covering; upholstery is a combination of  gold Dynasty cloth and leather; two other such Dynasty combinations were available as were also four Dubonnet cloth and leather combinations;  there were in addition eight full leather interior offerings; this was the most prolific of the 1970 models, 83,274 units having been built, each one selling for $6,118

The Sedan

70sdv2.jpg (15150 bytes)
The regular De Ville  sedan (with "B" pillars), finished  in Corinthian blue with a white vinyl roof covering; upholstery (below) is a combination of  Medium blue Dubonnet cloth and leather, one of four such combinations available; three Dynasty combinations also were available as were six full leather interiors; the regular De Ville sedan was a poor seller with only 7,230 units finding buyers for $6,118 each (dollar for dollar, I too would have preferred the hardtop sedan over the regular one)

70sdv2i.jpg (5649 bytes)    70SDV2I2.JPG (5344 bytes)
Right: folding armrest (a regular feature of Cadillac front bench seats)




Fleetwood Series


The Eldorado Coupe

 70eldcp.jpg (19020 bytes)
This attractive front-wheel-drive coupe powered by an 8.2 liter engine
found 23,842 buyers who each paid $6,903 for their car

70elcpi.jpg (7045 bytes)    70ELDET0.JPG (5346 bytes)    70ELDET1.JPG (3997 bytes)
Left: upholstery shown here is Antique Dark Brown leather, one of eight leather selections; there were also seven cloth and leather combination offerings; center, Eldorado script and engine badge on front grille; right: rear fender side marker light

70eldZim.jpg (27022 bytes)
This survivor belongs to a collector in Pennsylvania; it was purchsed new, in 1970,
by Albert Lindquest, an operatic tenor and vocal teacher who coached with Caruso


The Sixty Special Sedan

7060sp.jpg (14569 bytes)    7060SPIN.JPG (6041 bytes)
The luxurious Sixty Special sedan was largely outsold by the even more luxurious Brougham (below; this one is finished in Spartacus Blue Firemist and is upholstered (right) in rich, Dark Blue leather; six other full leather interiors were offered as were also four Dumbarton [the town in Scotland where I finished my college education!] cloth and leather combinations and four Divan all-cloth selections. This Cadillac model is quite rare (about as rare, in fact, as the much sought after Eldorado convertible models of 1959 and 1960), only 1,738 units having found buyers for $6,953 each


The Brougham

  70flbg.jpg (15221 bytes)
The magnificent Fleetwood Brougham for 1970 is shown here in Lucerne Aqua Firemist with a black padded vinyl roof covering;
it is upholstered (below, left) in sumptuous Medium Turquoise Dumbarton cloth and leather selections, of which there were four;
four Divan all-cloth combinations also were available as were seven all-leather interiors;  19,913 units were sold at a cost of $7,284 each each

70flbgi.jpg (7917 bytes)    70FLBGI3.JPG (6562 bytes)    70FLBGI1.JPG (5118 bytes)    70FLBGI2.JPG (3637 bytes)
Interior amenities include fold-down footrests (second from left), oriental tamo wood inserts on
instrument board and door panels, and individual quarter panel reading lights (far right)

Splendid survivor (2013)


The Seventy-Five Sedan and Limousine
[ the sedan has no division glass between the front and rear compartments ]

7075g.jpg (19616 bytes)
The Seventy-Five sedan, finished in Condor Blue with Black padded vinyl roof covering; 875 of these spacious sedans were built and sold for a
whopping $11,039 each; the equally sumptuous limousine, with division glass, cost $11,178; 1,240 of them were built and sold

7075INT.JPG (5180 bytes)    7075DET1.JPG (3094 bytes)    7075DET2.JPG (4246 bytes)
Rear passenger compartment, auxiliary seating, rear controls for radio,
climate control, reading lights, division glass and rear door windows

7075.jpg (14206 bytes)    7075srv.jpg (14753 bytes)

70F75a.jpg (10204 bytes)

70F75b.jpg (4903 bytes)    70F75c.jpg (6795 bytes)
Above three rows, some survivors; this car has a rare cloth-covered front seat
Photos (above two rows): © and courtesy Jim and Rad (R. Tree)



[ Interior and Exterior ]

170CORNER.JPG (2947 bytes)  2
70DRSAFE.JPG (4813 bytes)  370TILT.JPG (2807 bytes)  4wc70.jpg (4785 bytes)

570dash.jpg (8124 bytes)  670CDVDET.JPG (7944 bytes)
1. Cornering lights, 2. Door courtesy and warning lights, 3. Tilt/telescope steering wheel,
4. Wheel disc, 5.  Instrument panel, 6. Control switches for front seat, windows, vents, door locks

70sunr1.jpg (6151 bytes)

70sunr2.jpg (10404 bytes)    70sunr3.jpg (7848 bytes)
Optional sunroof



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