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I was spared the time and trouble of preparing and posting digital images of the 1958 models and those of 1960 through 1975, thanks to the excellent work done in this field by a Cadillac admirer in the Netherlands (Holland).  Regrettably, those pages appear to be "lost".

Finally,  I found time to scan my own copy of the prestige catalog for this model year. I will add some factory photos graciously provided to me through the years by the Cadillac Division's Public Relations Department.

ID tip : Looking at the front ensemble, the notable clue is the Cadillac "winged crest" located between the high- and low-beam headlights. When viewed from the rear, the Cadillac models of 1971 through 1973 all look very much the same.  A closer look, however will reveal a narrow chrome strip down the center of the tail-light lenses on the 1971 models that is NOT present in 1972 or 1973.  As for 1973, there is a black rubber strip, with a narrow chrome bead in the center that runs across the lower part of the rear bumper.  Subtle differences all the same.

Total production was 188,537 cars of this model year; volume sales were drastically down compared to the previous year, with a drop of some 50,000 units.

This year's prestige sales brochure lists the models in the following order :  Fleetwood Sixty-Special Brougham, Fleetwood Seventy-Five, Fleetwood Eldorado Coupe, Fleetwood Eldorado Convertible, Coupe de Ville, Sedan de Ville, Calais Coupe and Sedan.  When I get around to scanning the year's brochure, I'll show them in that order too.

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ENGINE: Eight-cylinder, 90 degrees V-type. Gross HP 345 @ 4400 RPM. Bore 4.30, stroke 4.06, displacement 472 cu. in. Gross torque 500 ft.-lbs. @ 2800 RPM. Engine mounted in rubber at three points. Compression ratio 8.5 to 1. (SAE net HP 220 @ 4000 RPM. SAE net torque 380 @ 2400 RPM.) NEW: ELDORADO: V-8 ENGINE: Eight-cylinder, 90 degrees V-type. Gross HP 365 @ 4400 RPM. Bore 4.30, stroke 4.304, displacement 8.2 litters. Gross torque 535 ft.-lbs. @ 2800 RPM. Compression ratio 8.5 to 1. (SAE net HP 235 @ 3800 RPM. SAE net torque 410 @ 2400 RPM.) FUEL: For 1971, all Cadillac engines have been designed to operate efficiently on the new no-lead or low-lead gasolines. In addition to the lower exhaust emissions attainable with this engine/fuel combination, there are benefits in longer life for your spark plugs, exhaust system and other engine components. If these no-lead, low-lead gasolines are not available, any leaded regular grade gasoline with a Research Octane Number of 91 or higher may be used. FUEL TANK CAPACITY: Approximately 27 usable gallons. Tank designed to avoid possibility of vapor or liquid fuel escaping into atmosphere. PISTONS: Newly designed aluminum alloy, slipper-type. CAMSHAFT: Designed with greater overlap between intake and exhaust valve timing as an aid to reducing nitrous oxides in exhaust. CARBURETOR: Quadrajet four-barrel downdraft with equalized manifold, mechanical fuel pump, dry-type air filter and improved automatic choke. Contains new purging system for utilization of stored fuel vapors and to minimize emissions to atmosphere. LUBRICATION: Full-pressure. Full-flow oil filter. ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: 12-volt, 15-plate battery. Side terminals on Eldorados. 42-amp. generator. 80-amp. on all Seventy-Fives. 63-amp. on all other air conditioned cars. Generator has integral regulator on Eldorado and Seventy- Fives. TURBO HYDRA-MATIC: Fully automatic, torque-converter type with fixed stator. Converter multiplies engine torque for increased driving thrust to drive wheels during acceleration in any gear (low, intermediate or high). REAR AXLE: Ratio 2.93 to 1 (3.07 to 1 on Eldorado), 3.15 to 1 axle ratio is standard on Seventy-Five models. Available (except Eldorado) is the Controlled Differential, which directs power to the rear wheel having better traction. FRONT SUSPENSION: Integral steering knuckle for greater dependability and longer life. Independent, helical-coil-type springs. Rubber-mounted strut rods and rubber bushings absorb impacts and isolate road noise. (Torsion bar suspension on Eldorado.) REAR SUSPENSION: Four-link drive. Rear springs are helical-coil-type included on Eldorado in 1971. New larger rubber bushings for quieter, softer ride. BRAKES: Cadillac power brakes with self-adjusting feature; composite finned rear drums; disc front. Split hydraulic master cylinder provides for independent operation of front and rear brakes. New larger power booster and larger front brake cylinders for increased capacity. PARKING BRAKE: True auxiliary brake ... will not lock in position with engine running and car in gear ... can be operated as a foot emergency brake while car is in motion. Automatically releases when transmission is placed in drive or reverse with engine running. STEERING: Cadillac variable-ratio power steering with faster response and higher capacity pump is standard equipment (fixed-ratio on Seventy-Five models). Overall steering ratio of 16.6 to 1 (except 19.5 to 1 on Seventy-Five models and 16.3 to 1 on Eldorado). 38.5 degrees turning angle provides fast response and short turning diameter. FRAME: Perimeter frame with boxed side rails. New front members afford added protection with increased energy absorption. TIRES: Low-pressure, size L78 x 15, bias-belted, fiberglass, tubeless, on all models. Black sidewalls, standard; white sidewalls available. CORNERING LIGHTS: On the side of front fenders, activated by directional signal lever when headlamp switch is on. They project a beam of light from the side of the car, thus illuminating roadside and road signs for added convenience at night. TREAD: Front 63.6", rear, 63.3" (Eldorado, 63.66" front, 63.59" rear). WHEELBASE: 130" (Fleetwood Sixty Special Brougham, 133", Fleetwood Seventy-Five 151.5", Eldorado 126.3"). OVERALL LENGTH: 225.8" (Fleetwood Sixty Special Brougham 228.8", Fleetwood Seventy-Five, 247.3", Eldorado, 221.6"). ADDITIONAL BODY COLORS not shown on cars illustrated include: Cotillion White, Grenoble Silver, Sable Black, Zodiac Blue, Brittany Blue, Cypress Green, Sylvan Green, Desert Beige, Clove, Cambridge Red, Almond Firemist, and Primrose Firemist. NOTE: Richly textured vinyl is provided in certain areas of leather-trimmed Fleetwood and DeVille models.



The annual Automobile Show, Chicago venue


Fleetwood Sixty-Special Brougham


71Brg.jpg (10278 bytes)



Fleetwood Seventy-Five


71-75.jpg (9149 bytes)

This survivor illustrates just how imposing were those regular (non-stretched) Cadillac sedans and limousines



Fleetwood Eldorado Coupe


71Elcp.jpg (8897 bytes)



Fleetwood Eldorado Convertible


71ElCv.jpg (6914 bytes)

71elsrv1.jpg (30585 bytes)    71elsrv2.jpg (27728 bytes)
This beautiful, surviving Fleetwood Series Eldorado convertible belongs to CLC member, Rich Sullivan
[ Photos:  © 2007, Rich Sullivan ]



Coupe de Ville


71Cdv.jpg (6964 bytes)

Illustration from a period advertisement

A survivor from the New Millennium



Sedan de Ville


71HTSdv.jpg (7691 bytes)
The year's Hardtop Sedan de Ville



Calais Coupe


71CalCp.jpg (6540 bytes)



Calais Sedan


71CalHtSd.jpg (6566 bytes)




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