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Now that the bulk of Cadillacs up to 1975 have been covered, wholly or in part, it is time to move into the last two decades of Cadillac's first 100 years of making quality automobiles.

The compiler of  The (new) Cadillac Database© regrets the time it has taken to upload the photo pages for what he considers to be the "modern" Cadillacs.  Even though many of them now are 30-35 years old, still, in his eyes, they do not belong to what he perceives as Cadillac's "Golden Age", extending only through the first seventy years of production.

At last he has found time to scan his own copy of the prestige catalog and some factory photos for this model year.  Please enjoy the images and don't hesitate to point out any errors or omissions.

The easiest way to ID most 1975 models is by looking, again, at the front grille. This year, on the DeVille, Calais and Fleetwood cars (except for the Eldorado and Seville models) there were were ten rows of eighteen, slightly rectangular openings above the front bumper. The Cadillac name, in script, graces the top RH side of the grille shroud (facing the car).   


Easy ID


There were relatively small, rectangular "egg-crate" grille openings this year, compared to the large,
almost square ones in the 1974 design; this year there were ten rows of eighteen openings above the
front bumper and an additional six rows of four openings flanking the license plate frame, below the
bumper. The Cadillac name, in script, graced the top RH side of the grille shroud (when facing the car). 

75GrlID.jpg (19915 bytes)    75rrID.jpg (13026 bytes)
Left:  flanked by paired rectangular headlamps, this year's rectangular grille
comprised one-hundred eighty main, rectangular openings (egg-crate style)
Right: rear clip of DeVille and Fleetwood models [except the Eldorado]remained basically
unchanged from 1974, hence it's hard to tell a '74 from a '75 and '76 model, viewed from the rear

74rrClip.jpg (18795 bytes)    76Dvrr.jpg (8135 bytes)
1974                                                                   1976

Rear clip on 1974 DeVille and Calais models (left); rear clip on 1976 DeVille and Calais models (right)
the Fleetwood hood and trunk  again carried a wreath and crest, whereas the DeVille and Calais cars 
sported only the traditional "V" and crest; the Eldorados and Seville had a full-color, stand-up wreath and crest;
there was limited durability for those urethane fillers, located in the "crumple zone",  behind the vertical bumper ends!

Annual Auto Show, Chicago venue


The  DeVilles  and Calais models have the traditional Cadillac "V" and crest on the hood and trunk. The Fleetwood Eldorado and the new Seville model got a full-color, stand-up wreath and crest

Additional information and photos of the 1975 models and the related sales literature may be found  in The (New) Cadillac Database© sections entitled "Descriptions and Specifications of Cadillac Cars 1966 - 1975",  "Cadillac and La Salle Sales Literature 1975-1979" as well as in the appropriate "Dream cars" section.  Further recommended reading includes:

Standard Catalog of Cadillac, 1903-2000 edited by James T. Lenzke, © 2000, published by Krause Publications, Inc., 700 E. State Street, Iola, WI 54990 [ISBN #0-87341-925-1, Library of Congress #91-61301].  An updated version covering Cadillacs through 2005 was edited by John Gunnell that year.

Images below are from factory merchandising brochures for that year.  The various models are shown in the same order they appear in the white-covered prestige brochure for 1975, as well as the two individual catalogs for the Seville and another for the Eldorado.

According to the 1975 product brochure, the 1975 Cadillac is as efficient as it is elegant and ... (as) rugged as it is rewarding.   Buyers had a choice among ten different models: the luxurious Fleetwood Brougham sedan, the ever popular Coupe de Ville, the family oriented Sedan de Ville, two entry level Cadillacs in the form of the Calais coupe and Calais sedan, a racy Eldorado coupe, a wind-in-your-hair Eldorado convertible, a Fleetwood sedan on stretched chassis with jump seats, a more formal Fleetwood limousine on the same chassis, with a partition, division glass and jump seats and, lastly, the brand new, European-sized Seville sedan.


Fleetwood Brougham


75FltBrg.jpg (18630 bytes)    75FlBgi.jpg (10599 bytes)
Described as one of the world's great sedans, the luxurious Fleetwood Brougham this year was
trimmed with shirred Monticello velours pictured here in rosewood to match the car's rosewood
firemist exterior color; five other hues were available or buyers could choose another new
knit fabric called Moselle, available in black, jasper or saddle



Cadillac Limousines


75FltLim.jpg (24741 bytes)    75FlLimi.jpg (7364 bytes)
Space and stature always symbolized Cadillac's Fleetwood limousine models, the only American-made car to be designed and built as such;
the sedan version could accommodate up to nine persons including the driver, three of which occupied the large, fold-up auxiliary seats with
comfortable seat backs; appointments were always luxurious, as seen in  the interior view, right, trimmed in black Moselle knit cloth with
matching black leather bolsters (soon leather would be out, except for the actual seating areas);  other options were Potomac cloth in a
shade called graystone, or Medici crushed velours in dark blue;   traditionally, the seating in the driver's compartment was black
leather; an electrically-operated  glass partition separated driver and passengers in the formal version

Two splendid survivors on Internet





Vertical "egg-crate" grille openings this year, were fewer in number than the very narrow ones featured in 1974;
this year there were five rows of twenty-four openings above the front bumper and an additional (visible)
four rows of six identical openings flanking the license plate frame, below the bumper. The
Cadillac name, in script, graced the top RH side of the grille shroud (when facing the car).

  75ElGrl.jpg (16375 bytes)      74ElGrl1.jpg (26756 bytes)
1975                                                                            1974

Left:  flanked by paired rectangular headlamps, this year's Eldorado grille
comprised one-hundred twenty main rectangular openings (in the "egg-crate" style)

 75ElTail.jpg (10860 bytes)
I hunted my archives high and low for a color shot of
the rear of the 1975 Eldorado; no luck!  This is the best
I can do for now; do send me a color shot if you have one


The coupe

75ElCp.jpg (18353 bytes)    75ElCpi.jpg (9857 bytes)
New for 1975 was the optional Astroroof as well as electronic fuel injection (EFI); the custom Cabriolet
roof  (seen here in black vinyl)  was optional at extra cost; there was a wide array of interior upholstery
selections, including the Mosaic check cloth in black and white (shown at right); six shades

of Monticello velours also were available as was the Metamora plaid, in orange, jasper or saddle;
twelve different soft leather hues also were proposed

75ElCabr.jpg (12027 bytes)
Close-up of Cabriolet roof option

75ElCp4.jpg (19136 bytes)    75ElCp2.jpg (22778 bytes)

75ElCprr.jpg (16011 bytes)
Again, I can't find a color shot of the '75 Eldorado, seen from the rear


The convertible

75ElCv.jpg (15435 bytes)    75ElCvi.jpg (10179 bytes)

75EL1Sed1.jpg (21955 bytes)
New leather colors were available in 1975 for the interior of the Eldorado convertible (light blue, dark crimson,
rosewood, dark brown, dark blue, medium jasper,  light sandalwood, black, white and medium orange
(as shown here); those shades tied in with 21 exterior colors (14 new ones, including some exciting
"Firemist" metallic hues); the hard boot over the convertible tonneau was optional at extra cost




Sedan De Ville


75Sdv.jpg (16740 bytes)    75SdVi.jpg (10097 bytes)

75Sdv3.jpg (23819 bytes)
Dubbed the most popular luxury sedan in America, this year's DeVille is easily distinguishable by its slanting quarter windows
in the roof sail panel; assorted vinyl roof converings at extra cost added a sporty, convertible  flair; this car is painted Inverary
green metallic and has a matching green metallic padded vinyl roof covering; seat and door designs changed this year with
new, hinged door-pull handles with series identifying trim plate inserts [hard to see on these small, digital images - if someone can
supply a close up, it would be appreciated]; trim options included Maharajah, a an ornate design seen here in medium jasper
with matching leather bolsters and available also in  dark blue or medium saddle; also offered was Manhattan velours in gold, crimson
or rosewood,  Metamora plaid in orange, jasper and saddle, or Mardi-Gras velours in black; leather trim was available in 10 different hues



Coupe de Ville


75CdV.jpg (14775 bytes)    75CdVi.jpg (9473 bytes)    75Cdv3.jpg (19688 bytes)
The most popular luxury car of them all, according to the sales brochure, the new Coupe de Ville had a lower
front end and small,  privacy-styled quarter windows and a unique, see-through, stand-up crest (far right); the car at left
is painted cerise firemist with a white vinyl padded top; the trim on this car (center) is the new, softer leather in crimson;
buyers could order also the same cloth trim options available for the Sedan de Ville;
Cadillac proposed fourteen new exterior colors for this year's models






The Sedan

75CalSd.jpg (19062 bytes)    75Cali.jpg (10415 bytes)
Calais bodies are strikingly similar to the Sedan de Ville and Coupe de Ville; only the Calais nameplate
on the rear fenders and the  less expensive interior trim [with vinyl areas instead of leather] allow the casual
observer to distinguish between the entry-level Cadillacs and the more luxurious DeVilles and Fleetwoods


The Coupe

75CalCp.jpg (12125 bytes)    75Cali.jpg (10415 bytes)
Th Calais sedan [top] is shown in Commodore blue; the coupe [above] is painted Jennifer blue; the same Morgan plaid interior
trim is used for both examples, including on the door panels for a pleasing, balanced effect; it is shown here in dark blue; 
also available were crimson and black, all with matching vinyl covered bolsters; Morocco matelassé was proposed too,
but in only a single color - saddle; to give that all-leather look, a full-vinyl interior could be had in dark brown or black




Special Editions


Fleetwood Brougham d'Elegance1

75FltBg2.jpg (27562 bytes)
The Brougham d'Elegance was immediately identifiable by its full-color, stand-up wreath and crest as well as the
Brougham d'Elegance script nameplate on the sail panel of the padded Elk grain vinyl roof; four de luxe trim options
(including the upper door panels) were proposed; first was full Sierra leather in nine shades, then plush Medici velours in dark blue,
rosewood, black and gold; driver and passenger individual reading lamps were standard as were special turbine-vane wheel discs


Fleetwood Talisman

75FlTalii.jpg (9743 bytes)
First offered last year, then up to and including 1976, the Fleetwood Talisman was a more sumptuous version of the already luxurious
Fleetwood Brougham; it had individual front seats with an illuminated locking console between them; the passenger seat had a reclining back rest;
in 1974, rear seat passenger too had individual seats, but in 1975 it was back to a full width seat to accommodate three [passengers; upholstery
was soft Medici crushed velours, available in gold, rosewood black and dark blue (shown above);  outside were a padded Elk grain vinyl roof
covering, special wheel discs and a full-color, stand-up wreath and crest (like the Eldorado and Seville models)


For illustrative purposes, here is a 1974 survivor, from France

Dr74tlis.jpg (15743 bytes)

Dr74tli3.jpg (7623 bytes)    Dr74tlin.jpg (8897 bytes)
1,238 units were thus outfitted in 1975 at a cost of $1,788 more than a regular Brougham


De Ville d'Elegance1

75DElgi.jpg (10052 bytes)    75DVcrst.jpg (9314 bytes)
This special edition Sedan de Ville and Coupe de Ville combined interior and exterior luxury; the sedan version got the Coupe de Ville
see-through crest while the coupe got a d'Elegance script name plate on the sail panels; both cars had pin-striping the full length of the body,
level with the belt; upholstery was two-toned Manhattan crushed velours in dark blue, rosewood, crimson and saddle (shown);
bolsters and insert were trimmed in matching leather ...the fashion would not last, unfortunately, as it grew to be cost-prohibitive


Special Editions of De Ville

75CdVCabr.jpg (11845 bytes)
The oddly named Coupe de Ville Cabriolet (in "real" French it would read, cabriolet
coupé de ville
) got a vinyl-covered rear roof with a crossover chrome molding

Also offered was a "Frenglish" Coupe de Ville d'Elegance with Cabriolet roof;
in fact, it was the Coupe de Ville d'Elegance ...with a Cabriolet roof added;
one would think that most buyers would get both options at once




Details and convenience options
(not all of them are illustrated)


75Lghts.jpg (9853 bytes)    75CrnLgt.jpg (6773 bytes)    75DrLgt.jpg (8272 bytes)
Wrap-around cornering lamps and helpful, illuminated door locks  

 75Read.jpg (8003 bytes)    75PwrSwi.jpg (11149 bytes)
Driver reading lamp (left) and power switches for
electrical conveniences like windows and door locks

75SunRf.jpg (21050 bytes)    75SunR2.jpg (9768 bytes)    75SunR3.jpg (9619 bytes)
"Glass dome" Astroroof (left and center); conventional sun-roof (right)

75Dash.jpg (21413 bytes)    75AirBag.jpg (10317 bytes)
Left: the Brougham instrument panel carried a crest and a Brougham name plate
Right: [NEW] front air bags ...not offered in the Eldorado convertible nor in the limousine

75Vanty.jpg (8875 bytes)        75CabriCrst.jpg (8643 bytes)    75Trnk.jpg (11142 bytes)
Vanity assistance for Madame (left)
[NEW] see-through, stand-up wreath and crest on some models (center)
Spacious Sedan de Ville trunk [and others too] (right)

75FueIInj.jpg (7000 bytes)
...was available on all 1975 Cadillacs



Cadillac Seville
[ new for 1975 ]


75SvlSlv7.jpg (21398 bytes)

The Seville front grille is narrower than that of the Eldorado; it has four horizontal and
fourteen vertical openings,  plus three more openings on either side of the license plate
frame; the Cadillac name appears in script at the top,  far RH side of the hood panel

75SvlSlvGr2.jpg (18788 bytes)    75SvlSlvID.jpg (13028 bytes)    75SvlGrl2.jpg (19454 bytes)

75SvlSlv0.jpg (9665 bytes)    75SvlGrl.jpg (10995 bytes)    75SvllSlv8.jpg (11748 bytes)

75SvlSlv9.jpg (11749 bytes)    75SvlRHrr.jpg (7659 bytes)    75SvlSlvLHrr.jpg (11439 bytes)    75SvlSlvr2.jpg (15824 bytes)
Plain, squared-off rear end design with wrap-around tail-lights, featuring engraved, white "winged crest"

The Seville was rated at 21 miles per gallon, at highway speeds, and 15 mpg in town;
this model was 25" shorter than most full-sized American luxury cars of that period


75SvlOutlin.jpg (28715 bytes)
Almost one foot shorter, front and rear, than full-sized Cadillac models

75SvlSlv3.jpg (20605 bytes)

    75SvlSlv1.jpg (13832 bytes)    75SvlSlv2.jpg (19798 bytes)

75Svli2.jpg (8088 bytes)    75SvilFri.jpg (13775 bytes)
Leather trim: the upholstery of choice

75SvlPwr.jpg (8898 bytes)    75SvlRadio.jpg (9230 bytes)
Power switch panel on driver's door armrest (left)
Radio and faux-wood fascia panel on instrument board

75SvlSlvDa.jpg (26716 bytes)    75SvlSteer.jpg (9797 bytes)
Instrument panel and steering wheel

75SvlTr2.jpg (13350 bytes)    75SvlTrk.jpg (9739 bytes)
Lots of room for luggage despite reduced vehicle size


Miscellaneous other Seville photos from
1975 factory merchandising literature

75SvlSlvRH3.jpg (32033 bytes)    75SvlSlvRH2.jpg (27732 bytes)

75SvlSlvRH.jpg (22586 bytes)    75SvlSlvSD.jpg (17664 bytes)
Night and day

75SvlSlvLH2.jpg (31037 bytes)    75SvlSlvrr.jpg (19689 bytes)

75SvlSlcLH.jpg (21429 bytes)    75SvlSail.jpg (7317 bytes)    75Svlrri.jpg (8637 bytes)





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