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Now that the bulk of Cadillacs up to 1975 have been covered, wholly or in part, it is time to move into the last two decades of Cadillac's first 100 years of making quality automobiles.

The compiler of  The (new) Cadillac Database© regrets the time it has taken to upload the photo pages for what he considers to be the "modern" Cadillacs.  Even though many of them now are 30-35 years old, still, in his eyes, they do not belong to what he perceives as Cadillac's "Golden Age", extending only through the first seventy years of production.

At last he has found time to scan his own copy of the prestige catalog and some factory photos for this model year.  Please enjoy the images and don't hesitate to point out any errors or omissions.

The easiest way to ID most 1976 models is by looking, again, at the front grille. This year, there are four rows of fourteen, square "egg-crate" openings, each of which was divided into four smaller openings; an additional two rows of four such openings flank the license plate frame, below the bumper. The Cadillac name, in script, graces the top RH side of the grille shroud (as you face the car).  This grille design is used only on the  De Ville and (some) Fleetwood models; the Eldorado and Seville both have separate front clip identities. 


Easy ID


Square "egg-crate" grille openings this year, compared to slightly rectangular ones in 1975; this year
there were four rows of fourteen openings, each one divided into four smaller ones, above the front bumper,
and an additional two rows of four openings flanking the license plate frame, below the bumper. The
Cadillac name, in script, graced the top RH side of the grille shroud (when facing the car). 

76FrtGrl.jpg (11894 bytes)    76FrtGrl2.jpg (24125 bytes)
Left:  flanked by paired rectangular headlamps, this year's rectangular grille
comprised fifty-six main square openings (egg-crate style), each divided into four


76RRclip.jpg (23296 bytes)    76Dvrr.jpg (21795 bytes)
1976 rear clip on DeVille and Fleetwood models remained very much as in 1975;
the Fleetwood trunk (left) again carried a wreath and crest, whereas the DeVille
cars sported the traditional "V" and crest; there was limited durability for those
plastic fillers, located in the "crumple zone",  behind the vertical bumper ends!



The  Sedan De Ville  and Calais models have the traditional Cadillac "V" and crest featured on the hood and trunk.  The Coupe de Ville and the special DeVille d 'Elegance have a new, see-through, mono-tone, stand-up crest.  The top-of-the-line Fleetwoods (Eldorados, Brougham, limousines and again the Seville),  have a full-color, free-standing wreath and crest

Additional information and photos of the 1976 models and the related sales literature may be found  in The (New) Cadillac Database© sections entitled "Descriptions and Specifications of Cadillac Cars 1976 - 1997",  "Cadillac and La Salle Sales Literature 1975-1979" as well as in the appropriate "Dream cars" section.  Further recommended reading includes:

Standard Catalog of Cadillac, 1903-2000 edited by James T. Lenzke, © 2000, published by Krause Publications, Inc., 700 E. State Street, Iola, WI 54990 [ISBN #0-87341-925-1, Library of Congress #91-61301].  An updated version covering Cadillacs through 2005 was edited by John Gunnell that year.

Images below are from factory merchandising brochures for that year.  The various models are shown in the same order they appear in the white-covered prestige brochure for the Fleetwood Brougham, Coupe de Ville, Sedan de Ville and Cadillac limousines, as well as the two individual ones for the Seville and the one for the Eldorado.

According to the 1976 product brochure,  Whatever you want in a luxury car, Cadillac has it.  Buyers had a choice among ten different models: the luxurious Fleetwood Brougham sedan, the ever popular Coupe de Ville, the family oriented Sedan de Ville, two entry level Cadillacs in the form of the Calais coupe and Calais sedan, a racy Eldorado coupe, a wind-in-your-hair Eldorado convertible (claimed by Cadillac to be their "last" convertible), a Fleetwood sedan on stretched chassis with jump seats, a more formal Fleetwood limousine on the same chassis, with a partition, division glass and jump seats and, lastly, the one-year-old, European-sized Seville sedan.


Fleetwood Brougham


 76FltBrfg.jpg (9898 bytes)
Press kit photo

76FltBg1.jpg (21426 bytes)    76FltBFrt.jpg (22668 bytes)     76BrgLHsd.jpg (30843 bytes)

76FltBrg.jpg (29761 bytes)    76FltBgi.jpg (18691 bytes)

The Brougham wheel base was 3" longer then on DeVille models; although tail-lamps were reportedly new, still they
looked very much like those seen on the 1974 and 1975 Cadillacs; special touches included carpeted footrests and individual reading lights;
interiors were trimmed in Minoa ribbed velours with leather bolsters, shown here in light ivory-gold but available also in light gray
and dark blue;  Mansion cloth was another smooth-finish material available in black, dark blue-green, light gray, dark blue and
light buckskin; a popular trim option also was Sierra grain leather for the seat inserts, available in 11 different shades


A couple of  fine survivors (left) and the plush Interior of the bespoke d'Elegance version

Another beautiful survivor





76ElGrl.jpg (21774 bytes)    76ElGrl2.jpg (24225 bytes)
In 1976, the Eldorado grille had nine rows of twenty slightly rectangular openings; an additional five rows of  two of these openings
flank the license plate frame, below the central bumper division; the Eldorado name appears in script at far right of the
front hood panel (facing the car); vertical "winged crest" emblems are applied to the vertical, brushed chrome fender extensions 

1976ElCp1.jpg (24292 bytes)

    76ElCpRR.jpg (24838 bytes)    76ElCpi.jpg (15330 bytes)
The front-wheel drive Eldorado models remained popular for their traction and maneuverability; inside and out were
signs of sportiness and luxury;
the Mansion knit material for the Brougham was offered also on the Eldorado coupe;
in dark blue, light ivory-gold, light buckskin and black (shown at right); a Merlin plaid could be had also in either dark
blue-green or dark firethorn; Sierra grain leather for seating areas also was available in 11 different shades

76ElCpx.jpg (18430 bytes)    76ElLHsd.jpg (33474 bytes)

76ElCv2.jpg (29549 bytes)    76ElCvi.jpg (16384 bytes)
The product brochure for this year's models states that the convertible Eldorado is the Last of the Breed; it would not be repeated in 1977;
soft, supple Sierra grain leather in the seating areas was the standard trim offered (shown at right, in white); white with black, white with dark blue,
white with dark blue-green, antique light gray, black, antique light blue, antique dark blue-green, antique light buckskin and antique dark firethorn also
were available; convertible tops were available in black, ivory, white, buckskin, dark blue, firethorn and dark blue-green; tying in were 21 regular
Cadillac exterior colors (13 of them new for 1976) - with accent striping available in eight colors; the top hard boot (seen below)  was optional

76ElCv.jpg (23907 bytes)    76ElCvLH.jpg (19020 bytes)
Fleetwood's wreath and crest appear in the center of the trunk lid base and the Eldorado
script on the RH side; another Eldorado script nameplate graces the rear fenders

    76ElDash.jpg (13860 bytes)
The Eldorado had its own instrument panel, seen here

76bicent.jpg (6884 bytes)    76lastconv.jpg (7358 bytes)
This is one of 200 of the alleged "last" Cadillac convertibles to be built
...that is, until another one was added to the standard line for 1984-85

76last200.jpg (5307 bytes)    76last200b.jpg (4679 bytes)
The so-called "bicentennial" edition had white leather upholstery
trimmed with burgundy-red piping, as seen here



Cadillac Seville


The Seville front grille is narrower than that of the Eldorado; it comprises four horizontal and
fourteen vertical openings,  plus three more openings on either side of the license plate
frame; the Cadillac name appears in script at the top,  far RH side of the hood panel

76SvlID2.jpg (20067 bytes)   76SvlrrRH.jpg (7306 bytes)
Tail-light lenses wrap around corners of car they are etched with a white, winged crest

76SvlSize.jpg (19083 bytes)
To give an idea of the proportions of the Seville luxury sedan, the artist has drawn around it, in blue,
the outline of a full-sized Cadillac model of the same year; more than a foot shorter at both ends!

76Svl1.jpg (24842 bytes)    76Svlrr.jpg (26843 bytes)
The Seville was rated at 21 miles per gallon, at highway speeds, and 15 mpg in town;

this model was 25" shorter than most full-sized American luxury cars of that period


Some of the many colors available

76SvlLHrr.jpg (23837 bytes)    76Svli5.jpg (13924 bytes)   

76SvlLH2.jpg (17080 bytes)

76SvlRH.jpg (15134 bytes)    76SvlLH2.jpg (17080 bytes)

76Svl2.jpg (30194 bytes)    76Svli.jpg (21950 bytes)

76SvlSide.jpg (37568 bytes)    76Svli7.jpg (11925 bytes)

76SvllBrn.jpg (25808 bytes)

76SvlLHsd.jpg (31660 bytes)    76SvlLgt2.jpg (6968 bytes)
Right:  individual reading lights for rear seat passengers


Silver gray was very popular

76SvlFrt.jpg (12303 bytes)    76Svli4.jpg (10081 bytes)    76Svli3.jpg (10378 bytes) 

76SvlLgt.jpg (23276 bytes)    76SvlRead.jpg (7081 bytes)    76SvlTilt.jpg (6598 bytes)    76SvlTrk2.jpg (12956 bytes)


...as was Gold

76SvlLH.jpg (26470 bytes)

76SvlYel2.jpg (33017 bytes)    76SvlYel4.jpg (32524 bytes)

76SvlDash.jpg (32370 bytes)    76SvlTrk.jpg (28788 bytes)
Seville instrument panel (left) and large capacity trunk (right)

76SvlRuf.jpg (14828 bytes)    76SvlSwi.jpg (19540 bytes)
Seville had  padded formal-looking roof covering; a full-metal, painted roof was a cost-free option
Right:  controls for power convenience items on driver's door arm-rest (windows, seat, door-lock, rear-view mirror)



Sedan de Ville


76Sdv1.jpg (30814 bytes)

76Sdv2.jpg (33870 bytes)

76Sdv.jpg (27078 bytes)    76SdVi.jpg (18528 bytes)
Leather for the seating areas was a frequent choice with the more affluent buyers; shown is antique light buckskin,
one of 11 combinations; Magnan, a less-costly ribbed knit material came in black, dark blue, light ivory gold, light buckskin,
dark blue-green and dark firethorn; also available was Manhattan velours in either blue or light buckskin



Coupe de Ville


76Cdv1.jpg (19383 bytes)    76Cdv2.jpg (25371 bytes)    crst72.JPG (3954 bytes)
Easy ID on this year's Coupe de Ville was the new, see-through, stand-up crest (far right)  

76Cdv3.jpg (25259 bytes)    76CdVi.jpg (23474 bytes)
The Coupe de Ville continued to be a sales leader; attractive trim combinations included Merlin dark blue-green plaid (here), available also in
dark firethorn; six shades of Magnan ribbed fabrics also were offered, as were also two shades of Manhattan velours (blue and light buckskin)

Superb survivor!


Superb low-mileage survivors belonging to CLC members

I had one of these; it was a real mess but it cost only 200 Swiss francs ($75 at the time)


76CdVEve.jpg (20430 bytes)



Calais Sedan and Coupe


76CalSdrr.jpg (11110 bytes)    76CalSdi2.jpg (8536 bytes)
Standard trim for both the sedan and coupe was Morgan plaid, shown at right in blue-green and gray-black;
other color combinations included red and gray-black, blue and gray-black, gray-black and red;
optionally available was expanded vinyl in either antique light buckskin or black

76CalCpFr.jpg (9396 bytes)    76CalCprr.jpg (12082 bytes)
1976 would be the last year for the least expensive cars in the range, the Calais coupe and sedan models;
outwardly similar in appearance to the DeVille coupe and sedan, only the rear fender nameplate gave it away;



Cadillac Limousines


76FltLim.jpg (28917 bytes)

76FltLm2.jpg (31201 bytes)    76FltLmi.jpg (20463 bytes)
Among the refinements in Cadillac's limousines were two separate climate control systems (one for the passengers,
another for the driver); the trim you see here, in the passenger compartment, is dark blue Medici crushed velours,
available also in black with light gray Magnan knit seating areas; the 1976 models still retained a powered glass division


76F752a.jpg (17841 bytes)    7675.JPG (22165 bytes)
Frequently used by funeral homes, these two images show it in this kind of operation

76F75trqd.jpg (12986 bytes)    76F750.jpg (10586 bytes)
Here is a survivor with the regular interior trim

Another great survivor on Internet

76F75trqb.jpg (10936 bytes)    76F75trqc.jpg (9514 bytes)
This interior (from a survivor)  has been custom trimmed



Special Editions


Fleetwood Talisman

76Talisi.jpg (18622 bytes)    76BgDelgi.jpg (18973 bytes)
First offered in 1974, then again in 1975, the Fleetwood Talisman was a more sumptuous version of the already luxurious
Fleetwood Brougham; it had individual front seats (above, left) trimmed in black or blue Medici crushed velours; there
was an illuminated locking console was located between the front seats; outside was a padded Elk grain vinyl, special turbine
vaned wheel discs and a Talisman nameplate on the roof sail panel; it increased the base price of the Brougham by $1,813 in 1976!

Dr74tlis.jpg (15743 bytes)

Dr74tli3.jpg (7623 bytes)    Dr74tlin.jpg (8897 bytes)
The survivor shown in the preceding two rows is a 1974 model;
it resides in France; 1200 units were thus outfitted in 1976


Fleetwood Brougham d'Elegance1

BgDelgi.jpg (8320 bytes)
Added luxury included contoured pillow-style seats [50/50 dual-comfort in front] trimmed in Mansion knit
material available in light gray, black, dark blue, dark blue-green and light buckskin; in addition were
seat-back storage pockets of the same plush material, extra deep pile carpeting; on the outside were , turbine-vaned
wheel discs, opera lamps , an Elk grain vinyl roof covering and brushed chrome door moldings


De Ville d'Elegance1

76DvDElgi.jpg (20175 bytes)    crst72.JPG (3954 bytes)
Like the Brougham  d'Elegance, the DeVille equivalent featured contoured pillow-style seats
[50/50 dual-comfort n front] trimmed in Magnan, a ribbed knit material available in black, dark blue,
dark blue-green and light buckskin and extra deep-pile carpeting; on the outside were the new, see-through,
stand-up crest, opera lamps, accent striping the full length of the car and formal-style, slim  opera lamps


Cabriolet roof

76Cabrio.jpg (20604 bytes)
This Cabriolet-style roof covering in Elk grain vinyl, with
a cross-over chrome molding was offered on the regular

Coupe de Ville as well as the custom DeVille d'Elegance

This unfortunate misuse of the French language is irritating to any ear attuned to that language. Elegance is a noun; it has the same meaning  in French and
    English; the French  d'  (short for de) means "of", so DeVille of Elegance and Brougham of Elegance. More correct would have been DeVille  Elegante
    [Elegant DeVille] or Brougham Elegante [Elegant Brougham], as in the correctly named Seville Elegante!


Details and convenience options


76drLgt.jpg (14518 bytes)    76ElDash.jpg (32177 bytes)    76MonLgt.jpg (13711 bytes)
Left: Illuminated door locks for night entry
Center: the instrument board on Fleetwood and De Ville models
Right: cornering lamps, Fleetwood stand-up wreath and crest

76Reclin.jpg (19632 bytes)    76PwrSwi.jpg (23770 bytes)    76Vanty.jpg (4290 bytes)
Left: Power reclining front passenger seat;
Right: switches for power door locks and windows on driver's door panel

76PwrRuf.jpg (26806 bytes)    77SunRuf.jpg (19055 bytes)    78Astro.jpg (18110 bytes)
1976                                                                       1977                                                1978

Left: electrically-powered sliding roof panel gave supplementary fresh air ventilation; interestingly,  the same, blonde model wearing a different
outfit was photographed in the same pose, at the same location (right) but in a different car also for the 1977 and 1978 product brochures

76SdVtrk.jpg (7385 bytes)   
Right: trunk space is never at a premium
when you drive a full-size Cadillac




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