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Now that the bulk of Cadillacs up to 1975 have been covered, wholly or in part, it is time to move into the last two decades of Cadillac's first 100 years of making quality automobiles.

The compiler of  The (new) Cadillac Database© regrets the time it has taken to upload the photo pages for what he considers to be the "modern" Cadillacs.  Even though many of them now are 35 years old, still, in his eyes, they do not belong to what he perceives as Cadillac's "Golden Age", extending only through the first seventy years of production.

At last he has found time to scan his own copy of the prestige catalog and some factory photos for this model year.  Please enjoy the images and don't hesitate to point out any errors or omissions.

So far as I have been able to determine, the easiest way to ID most 1979 models is by looking, again, at the front grille. It takes time to count them but, this year, there are five rows of thirty square "egg-crate" openings; an additional two rows of eight openings flank the license plate frame, below the central bumper division . The Cadillac name, in script, graces
the top RH side of the grille shroud (as you face the car).  However, to complicate matters, this grille design is used only on the  De Ville and (some) Fleetwood models; the Eldorado and Seville both have their own front clip identity.  The  De Villes  feature a simple,  free-standing crest, while the Fleetwoods and the new Seville have the well-known, stand-up wreath and crest

Additional information and photos of the 1979 models and the related sales literature may be found  in The (New) Cadillac Database© sections entitled "Descriptions and Specifications of Cadillac Cars 1976 - 1997",  "Cadillac and La Salle Sales Literature 1975-1979" as well as in the appropriate "Dream cars" section.  Further recommended reading includes:

Standard Catalog of Cadillac, 1903-2000 edited by James T. Lenzke, © 2000, published by Krause Publications, Inc., 700 E. State Street, Iola, WI 54990 [ISBN #0-87341-925-1, Library of Congress #91-61301].  An updated version covering Cadillacs through 2005 was edited by John Gunnell that year.

Images below are from the factory merchandising brochures for that year.  The various models are shown in the same order they appear in the brochure.

According to the product brochure, the 1979 Cadillac stands as a symbol for excellence. Among the year's innovations were   Electronic-fuel-injected engines (standard on the Seville and Eldorado and optionally available on the Fleetwood and De Ville cars.   This year the Seville came with a 5.7 liter fuel-injected diesel V8.


Easy (?) ID


There was not a standard front clip for all 1979 models; this is the one for
the Fleetwood and DeVille models;  the Eldorado and Seville had their own.

79grille.JPG (3971 bytes)    79cdvgrl.jpg (8153 bytes)

79grlID.jpg (27809 bytes)    79grlID2.jpg (22530 bytes)
Flanked by two vertical, rectangular, amber turn signal lamps and paired rectangular
headlamps, this year's rectangular grill comprised five rows of thirty square openings
(egg-crate style); an additional two rows of eight openings flanked the license plate
frame, below the central bumper division . The Cadillac name, in script, graced
the top RH side of the grille shroud (as you face the car)

DeVille models featured a free-standing crest, while the
Fleetwoods had the well-known, stand-up wreath and crest

Annual Auto Show, Chicago venue



Fleetwood Brougham


79FltBr2.jpg (24931 bytes)    79FlBrgi.jpg (15150 bytes)
Basically unchanged in its general outline from last year, the car shown here is painted Slate Firemist with a matching vinyl roof covering
Interior trim (right) is the standard Dante knit cloth material;  eleven shades of leather also were available (for the seating areas only)

    79FltBrg.jpg (24101 bytes)    79BgElgi.jpg (17419 bytes)
Here is another view of the same car; a more refined version called the Brougham d'Elegance [not this car]  had accent
striping and a d'Elegance nameplate below the opera lamp on the sail panel;


79brghm.jpg (25494 bytes)    79Brgi2.jpg (18160 bytes)
Left: a factory promotional color photo showing the regular Fleetwood Brougham for 1979
Right: one of three shades of leather used in the seating areas of the luxurious Brougham d'Elegance

A superb survivor found on Internet   



Coupe de Ville


79CdVfrt.jpg (21788 bytes)    79CdVi.jpg (21619 bytes)
Seven two-tone paint and exterior finishes were available
each with a matching Cabriolet roof in so-called Elk Grain vinyl

79CdVr2.jpg (16765 bytes)    79DvlElgi.jpg (22813 bytes)
The Cabriolet roof treatment seen here was available only on the Coupe de Ville; a chrome crossover roof molding was paired
with a selection of 17 colors of Elk Grain vinyl; a French seam surrounded the rear window and the  sail panel carried the Cadillac
crest and a Coupe de Ville script nameplate; leather seating areas came in a choice of 11 colors  or 6 colors of Durand knit cloth

79cdvrr.jpg (15819 bytes)     79cdv00a.jpg (7537 bytes)
Many survivors...

79cdvx4.jpg (9524 bytes)          79cdvx5.jpg (6305 bytes)

More fine survivors



Sedan de Ville


79sdv.jpg (32133 bytes)
Factory promotional color photo showing the regular Sedan de Ville

79SdV2.jpg (25337 bytes)    79SdVrr.jpg (21505 bytes)
EDIT  Shown right is the standard knit material with the velours inserts

79SdVi.jpg (18876 bytes)    79DvlElgi.jpg (22813 bytes)
The regular Sedan de Ville came with the Durand knit material (seen here in Dark Cedar); the d'Elegance version
of the DeVille models came with pillow-style seating in lush Venetian velours, as well as a selection of 11 shades  of leather for
the seating areas; there was also a DeVille d'Elegance script on the roof sail panel; opera lamps were optional on the DeVille sedan



Cadillac Limousines


79LimFrt.jpg (21025 bytes)

79FltLim.jpg (26740 bytes)    79FltLimi.jpg (17391 bytes)
Luxury and privacy exemplify the Fleetwood Limousine and Formal Limousine; the regular limousine could accommodate eight
people; the formal version had a sliding glass partition and seating for seven; black leather trim was used in the front
compartment of the formal limousine;  Dante cloth trim in the rear was available in dark blue (here), slate gray and black 


A shining example of a survivor



Special Editions


The special roof treatment gave these special editions the look of a convertible coupe or convertible sedan; they
were identified further by reduced quarter windows, brushed chrome moldings and the Phaeton script on the sail panels

79PhaCpe.jpg (21407 bytes)    79cdv0B.jpg (7541 bytes)
This is the Custom Phaeton Coupe

79PhaSdn.jpg (30354 bytes)
And here is the Custom Phaeton Sedan

79PhaRof.jpg (18877 bytes)
Phaeton Coupe roof detail





79ElBiGrl.jpg (24514 bytes)    79Eldrr.jpg (17753 bytes)
Eldorado's egg-crate grille this year comprised ten horizontal zones (the lowest one being partly hidden by the
bumper impact guards and license plate) and fourteen vertical ones; a wreath and crest graced the front hood

79Eldo.jpg (26307 bytes)    79Eldi.jpg (18193 bytes)
This is the classic coupe; leather seating areas were available in 11 shades (shown is dark carmine);
the car featured at the left sports the optional Eldorado wire wheel covers

79El2TN.jpg (37848 bytes)
This two-tone version and a Cabriolet style also were available:
this one has the regular-issue chrome wheel covers with dark red centers

79SvDies.jpg (19918 bytes)   79ElDies.jpg (3365 bytes)        
A fuel-injected, 5.7 liter diesel engine, available for the Seville, was optionally available on the Eldorado models too;
it was planned as an optional power source for mid-year Fleetwood Broughams and de Villes; it was prone to problems


The Eldorado Biarritz

79eldbia.jpg (24625 bytes)    79Tail.jpg (4146 bytes)
Left: factory promotional color photo showing the ultimate 1979 Cadillac: the  Eldorado Biarritz coupe;
cast aluminum wheels were standard on the Biarritz model, as were also opera lamps on the sail panels;
Right: vertical tail-lights resembled those of 1969 but were slightly taller and carried a Cadillac crest at their base

 79ElBi.jpg (18011 bytes)    79ElBiRof.jpg (21446 bytes)
The Biarritz version had cast aluminum wheels and a brushed stainless steel roof a la 1957-58 Eldorado Brougham;
it featured also a wide crossover chrome molding, opera lamps and the Biarritz script on the cabriolet styled sail panels

79ElBiai.jpg (20484 bytes)    79ElBiIN.jpg (8045 bytes)
Interiors featured tufted pillow style seating in eleven shades of leather
(seating areas only); the  new Dante knit material was also available


    79ElAstro.jpg (24975 bytes)    79ElTrk.jpg (12257 bytes)
Optional Eldorado electric sun roof and a more usable trunk space this year

79DashEl.jpg (39063 bytes)
The Eldorados had their own instrument board



Cadillac Seville


79SvlGrl.jpg (29371 bytes)    79SvlFrt.jpg (17604 bytes)
The Seville front grille remained unchanged from 1978 with its four
horizontal and thirty-four vertical zones, plus two horizontal
and eight vertical ones on either side of the license plate frame

79Svlrr.jpg (22569 bytes)    79Svl2.jpg (25719 bytes)

 79SvlSide.jpg (23203 bytes)    79Svli.jpg (17324 bytes)    79Svl2i.jpg (20680 bytes)
Center: Sierra grain leather for the seating areas was available in eleven   shades, of which this antique light blue
Right: a mix of Dante and Roma fabrics were standard and came in six colors; seen here is the Burnished Gold

79SvElg.jpg (25693 bytes)    79SvElgi.jpg (4741 bytes)
The more refined, two-tone Seville Elegante, seen here (and below) in Slate Firemist and Sable Black was
accented with pin-striping and a full length side molding; sail panels carried the Cadillac crest and an Elegante nameplate

79SvDies.jpg (19918 bytes)
The standard Seville power plant was the regular
electronic-fuel-injected diesel V8



Details and convenience options


    79Dash.jpg (33992 bytes)
Standard instrument board on Fleetwood and De Ville models

79TiltTel.jpg (26640 bytes)    79Astro.jpg (21707 bytes)
Left: the long-standing Tilt & Telescope steering wheel was still in service; it was standard on the Fleetwood limousines
Right: electrically-powered Astroroof provided cool, mid-season, fresh air ventilation

79SailPnl.jpg (26504 bytes)    79DrLgt.jpg (5921 bytes)    79Trk.jpg (31959 bytes)
Right: opera lamps were standard on the Fleetwood Brougham and optional on other models
Center: illuminated key lock avoided fumbling in the dark and was an added safety feature
Right: plenty of trunk space, especially in the Fleetwoods and De Villes

   79Reclin.jpg (9660 bytes)    79PwrSwi.jpg (26149 bytes)    79Vanty.jpg (19402 bytes)
Left:  power reclining front passenger seat;
Center: switches for power windows and seat, on driver arm rest
Right: lighted vanity mirror for Madame




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