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The (new) Cadillac Database© has turned into such a vast undertaking that the compiler is currently unable to meet the request of many of its users who would like to see more pictures of contemporary or "modern" Cadillac models.

As almost 95% of his time is taken up with maintenance of the Database, with additional research and with the completion or creation of new, interesting files relating to pre-WW2 and early post-WW2 models, some considerable time may elapse before he can satisfy the growing demand for information and pictures of the Cadillac models from 1970 to the present.

[10/2005]  At last I found time to scan my own sales catalogs for the year and so I am including (below)  for your immediate enjoyment, some small, low resolution images.   Also shown are reductions of some factory photos graciously provided to me through the years by the Cadillac Division's Public Relations Department.

Total production of 1986 models was 281,296 units; I don't have he figures for each model.  In ascending order of sales volume, there were, inter alia,   1,000 limousines, 19,098 Sevilles, 21,342 Eldorados, 24,534 Cimarrons,  36,350 two-door De Villes and 49,115 Fleetwood Broughams.  The cars are shown here in reverse order,  the rarest coming last.

I see no immediate styling cues that could help identify this year's all new, diminutive model offerings. The Cimarron was different from the Seville, which in turn was different from the Eldorado and from the De Ville and Fleetwood offerings -- why make it easy when you can make it complicated? Mark you,  if you chance upon a "small" Cadillac, it was probably built this year or later. 

After viewing the photos below, if anyone can educe a general styling theme common to all the 1986 models (apart from their diminished size), please let me know.

Front grilles have a slight, convex "bulge"; they all retain the popular egg-crate theme so dear to Cadillac. Rear tail-light housings continued with the tall, vertical look ...except for the Cimarron and Seville!  Look also for identifying script or lettering on most models (Cimarron, De Ville, Seville, Fleetwood, Eldorado). 

Additional information and photos of the 1986 models and the related sales literature may be found  in The (New) Cadillac Database© sections entitled "Descriptions and Specifications of Cadillac Cars  1986 and up",  "Cadillac and La Salle Sales Literature 1985-1989" as well as in the appropriate "Dream cars" section.  Further recommended reading includes:

"Standard Catalog of Cadillac, 1903-2000" edited by James T. Lentzke, © 2000, published by Krause Publications, Inc., 700 E. State Street, Iola, WI 54990 [ISBN #0-87341-925-1, Library of Congress #91-61301].


The new Fleetwoods
[49,115 units]


The Coupe and Sedan

86FlwCp.jpg (13803 bytes)
The Fleetwood coupe, in Platinum, with formal Cabriolet roof

86FltDel.jpg (21998 bytes)    86elgi2.jpg (7629 bytes)      86elgi1.jpg (7826 bytes)
The Fleetwood "Sedan d'Elegance", an unfortunate amalgamation inspired by the French words "De Ville" and
"Concours d'Elegance"; why didn't they just leave it as Elegante, like the de luxe Seville model?
Right are shown the optional pillow style seats with leather seating areas

86FlDash.jpg (21023 bytes)
Instrument panel on above Fleetwood models


The Brougham

86FlBgID.jpg (24137 bytes)    86FlIDrr.jpg (16201 bytes)
Front and rear ID features

86FlBg.jpg (21010 bytes)    86FlBgi.jpg (10713 bytes)
Brougham sedan in Autumn Maple Firemist
with matching Dark Claret Heather cloth trim

86Flt2.jpg (24951 bytes)    86DlDeli2.jpg (6733 bytes)    86FlDeli1.jpg (7094 bytes)
The sumptuous Brougham d'Elegance sedan [ despite abuse of the
French language! ] with pillow-style seating in plush black leather

86Fltw.jpg (25281 bytes)
Here it is again ...in Desert Frost Firemist !

86BgDelDash.jpg (30811 bytes)    86BgSun.jpg (14575 bytes)
Fleetwood instrument board (left)  and optional "Astroroof", right




The new De Villes
[36,350 coupes]


The Coupe and Sedan

86IDfrt2.jpg (18517 bytes)    86IDrr2.jpg (21646 bytes)    86IDrr.jpg (13798 bytes)
Front and rear ID clues on the De Ville series

86CdV.jpg (22573 bytes)    86CdVi.jpg (8651 bytes)
The Coupe de Ville in garnet with garnet leather trim, shown here with the formal Cabriolet roof option

 86CdVfrml.jpg (18924 bytes)
Here is another view of the padded, imitation leather   Cabriolet roof

86sdv2.jpg (26475 bytes)    86sdv.jpg (10097 bytes)
The Sedan de Ville ...popular mid-size family Cadillac

SdV.jpg (20734 bytes)     86sdvi.jpg (5720 bytes)    86sdvi2.jpg (6013 bytes)
The same model in Academy Gray, with gray leather seating areas
[ gone are the glorious days of Cadillacs full leather seating and trim ! ]

86DVtc1.jpg (32685 bytes)    86TgCpDt.jpg (6178 bytes)
Left: The De Ville touring coupe, in Sable black
Right:  unique, removable louvers on this model

86DVtsd.jpg (21047 bytes)    86DVtrgi.jpg (16353 bytes)
The De Ville touring sedan, in Platinum
Leather seating areas were standard in both the sedan and coupe

86dash.jpg (27133 bytes)
Instrument panel carries  De Ville badge in script at far right

        86DViopt.jpg (9588 bytes)    
Optional cloth upholstery and trim




The new Cimarron
[ 24,534 units ]


86CimIDfr.jpg (17220 bytes)
Cimarron ID features:  square-opening egg-grate grille,
dual, oblong,  horizontal headlights, long oblong, amber parking lights

86cim2.jpg (20915 bytes)     86cimi2.jpg (6508 bytes)    86cimi.jpg (5752 bytes)
Genuine leather was an available trim option (right)

86cim3.jpg (14271 bytes)    86Cim1.jpg (24309 bytes)
Models illustrated are shown with the optional, grooved accent molding and alloy wheels

    86cimdt7.jpg (4421 bytes)
Buyers got credit for choosing the
cheaper cloth and leather trim option

86cimdt2.jpg (20282 bytes)    86cimdt6.jpg (6338 bytes)    86cimdt4.jpg (16364 bytes)
Left:  Analog instrument cluster
Center:  three-speed automatic transmission lever
Right: Tilt [but not telescope] steering wheel

 86cimdt8.jpg (16121 bytes)    86cimdtl.jpg (6114 bytes)    86cimdt3.jpg (6619 bytes)     86cimdt5.jpg (7258 bytes)
Other features/options of the diminutive Cimarron included (from L to R) "Vista Vent" opening roof,
leather seating areas and 6-way driver's seat and power trunk lid release



The new Eldorados
[21,342 units]


86ElFrt.jpg (15858 bytes)    86elIDrr.jpg (12289 bytes)
Front and rear clips

86ElSide.JPG (15718 bytes)    86Eli2.jpg (6646 bytes)    86Eli1.jpg (6317 bytes)
The regular Eldorado

86ElSid2.jpg (18511 bytes)    86elbia.jpg (8268 bytes)
The trimmed up Eldorado Biarritz with dark blue leather and "genuine American walnut"  accents (below)
[ ID includes 2-tone paint, padded Cabriolet roof [a term borrowed from Fleetwood nomenclature of the 20s and 30s],
opera lamps, wire wheel discs and the model name, Biarritz, in script on the front fender,  quarter panel and rear trunk lid ]

86Eli3.jpg (8402 bytes)

86Eli4.jpg (17564 bytes)    86ElSDet.jpg (14747 bytes)    86ElSun.jpg (14956 bytes)
Left:  leather and cloth upholstery option
Center: Power lumbar support on Biarritz model
Right: Power "Astroroof"



The new Seville
[19,098 units]


86SvlID.jpg (13248 bytes)    86SvlIDFr.jpg (16656 bytes)
Grille has slight convex curve and rises to a point in the center

86svlID2.jpg (20043 bytes)    86SvlIDrr.jpg (19361 bytes)
These two rows :  front and rear styling cues of the 1986 Seville

86Svl3.jpg (23078 bytes)     86Svli3.jpg (9008 bytes)
The regular Seville in an attractive color combination (Quartz Firemist)

86Svl2.JPG (22094 bytes)    86Svli2.jpg (6379 bytes)    86Svli1.jpg (5290 bytes)
Seville Elegante trimmed in leather with American walnut wood accents

86svl.jpg (19822 bytes)    86svelg.jpg (11721 bytes)
The Seville Elegante ...downsized elegance

86SvlDash.jpg (22415 bytes)    86Svli4.jpg (8085 bytes)    86SvlSun.jpg (6669 bytes)
Left:  Instrument panel, with tilt/telescope steering wheel
Center:  Cloth and leather upholstery option

Right: Power "Astroroof" option




The new Limousine
[1,000 units]


86_75.jpg (25642 bytes)    86_75rr.jpg (26236 bytes)

86_75i4.jpg (19840 bytes)    86_75i1.jpg (7307 bytes)
Left:  auxiliary seats will accommodate two adults comfortably,
but the days of the 9-passenger, Series 75, are gone

86_75i2.jpg (16361 bytes)    86_75i3.jpg (23794 bytes)
Left:  the former power operated glass division has given way to a cheaper, sliding glass panel
Right: controls for A/C and door locks are incorporated in RH, rear armrest



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