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The (new) Cadillac Database© has turned into such a vast undertaking that the compiler is currently unable to meet the request of many of its users who would like to see more pictures of contemporary or "modern" Cadillac models.

As almost 95% of his time is taken up with maintenance of the Database, with additional research and with the completion or creation of new, interesting files relating to pre-WW2 and early post-WW2 models, some considerable time may elapse before he can satisfy the growing demand for information and pictures of the Cadillac models from 1970 to the present.

Consequently, the photo pages relating to these late models initially will contain only a limited number of images and very little text.

Enjoy them, nontheless!


89alnt.jpg (9706 bytes)
The sporty "Allantè" ...into its 3rd year of production [thanks to Scott Mumford
for correcting my earlier reference to the "6th" year of production]

89eldo.jpg (7534 bytes)
The Eldorado Biarritz

89fltw2.jpg (10720 bytes)
The sumptuous Fleetwood 4-door sedan ...luxury at its best

89sdv2.jpg (10812 bytes)
The Sedan de Ville ...popular mid-size family Cadillac

89svlsts.jpg (9317 bytes)
The Seville "Elegante" ...downsized elegance


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