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The Cadillac V16

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Hood Goddess and grille emblem
of the 1933 V-16 models



For many years I have been a keen admirer of the bespoke sixteen-cylinder Cadillac models built from 1930 through 1940. Only 4076 cars powered by the mighty sixteen-cylinder engine were built in that eleven-year period, that is an average of just 370 cars a year.  In fact, however, three quarters of them were built during the first year of production].

Fortunately for we admirers of beautiful classic automobiles, many of them have survived. Listed in these sections is the information about these survivors that I have gleaned over the last 40 years. If any users of The (New) Cadillac Database© have additional or more recent information on any of these cars, I will gladly include it in this section. Due credit will be given to the person(s) providing complementary facts about these cars.

Information about surviving sixteens of the second generation comes to me from different sources and it is quite possible that some of these entries may duplicate each other.  With your help, we may gradually eliminate the duplicates and end up with an up-to-date listing.

The only way to be sure that a specific car has survived is to get its engine and body tag numbers, OK?

V-16 owner-enthusiast Rick LeForge kindly provided me with the bulk of his original research  material from his personal archives; some of it dates back as far as the early fifties! Among that historic material are a host of "fingerprints" of body tags from surviving cars or parts of cars as proof-positive of their existence.  These "fingerprints" were taken by Rick by pressing a white card onto the car's body tag and then rubbing over the surface with a soft lead pencil (a useful technique that preceded the current use of pocket-sized digital cameras!). An example of a "fingerprint" card is shown below.

I have informed Rick that as soon as I have processed the data and incorporated it in the Cadillac Database, I will commit the originals to the Museum and Research Center of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club, Inc., for safe-keeping.

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Regular Production Models


Body Number Engine Number Latest available information
[V8 coupe]
[V16 sedan]
[V16 sedan]

Only three of these were built.  In the catalog of Kruse auction results for the  May 2000 venue in Auburn, IN, was listed the car below (lot #131).  It was described thus: "V-16, tan exterior - rumble seat, dual side mounts, frame off restoration." The final bid was $150,000; the car was not sold [photos below]. Kruse omitted to mention that this is a "hybrid" V-16 [V16 chassis/engine, paired with V8 roadster body. We must assume that the current body ID tag on the car was made up to conform with the new chassis/engine. Late extra (Nov. 2005): the car was offered for sale on Ebay with this description: This car is absolutely artwork on wheels!  This is a classic 1932 Hand-Built Cadillac V16 Rumbleseat Roadster By Fisher.  This unique prize of an automobile will surely be the centerpiece of even the most particular investor’s collection.   The absolutely flawless rust-free frame-off restoration took several years to complete by a meticulous Concourse d'Elégance Judge as a labor of love.   This exquisite automobile was originally constructed from a 1932 V16 sedan, body number 38 (Chassis Number 32-16-159), and a 1932 V8 Roadster body number 32-8-155 (Chassis Number 32-8-155).  Copies of the original build sheets will accompany this magnificent automobile.  Outside of the three known to exist, this one of a kind vehicle will give any one of those a run for its money!  The car was advertised also, around the same time (?) on a Internet site called "Sell it Now"; the asking price was $299,000:  http://www.sellitnowmotors.com/classifieds/index.php?a=2&b=5152.   Later (Nov. 2006): the car was offered for sale by Hyman in St. Louis, MO, for $225,000.  Thanks to V-16 enthusiast, David Armbruster, for this update. Very Latest (Feb., 2008):  a scam artist had this car for sale on Ebay with a Buy-It-Now price of $9,600 !!!  The auction appears to have run its course, despite many contacts with Ebay to have it stopped. The "effective" selling price was some $97.000! Somebody is in for a surprise !


v632rdsb.jpg (8066 bytes)     v632cva.jpg (12225 bytes)

v632cvd.jpg (9130 bytes)     v632cvg.jpg (6617 bytes)

v632cv1.jpg (19654 bytes)     v632cv2.jpg (19283 bytes)

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v632cve.jpg (7499 bytes)     v632cvc.jpg (5350 bytes)     v632cv4.jpg (18246 bytes)

    v632cv5.jpg (23167 bytes)     v632cvf.jpg (8656 bytes)     v632cp.JPG (16121 bytes)
Most of these photos are from Ebay and from Hyman Classic Cars


155? ?


A black roadster was offered for sale in a Kruse auction [year? venue?] as lot #960.

155 ? ? This photo was removed on Feb 19, 2013 at the owner's request




159 38 1400118 The chassis and power plant of this standard Fisher 5-pass. sedan (one of 56 built) was paired with a Fisher body from a V8 roadster to "create" the splendid   "V-16" roadster shown above. So this sedan presumably became a parts car. I wonder if it was the car owned in 1952-53 by automotive writer Michael Lamm, mentioned in the Self Starter for Aug. 2007, pp.25-27?
168? ? 1400011 Convertible. Coupe: Gordon & Darlene Cochran, Pacific NW Region, CLC 7/91. p.4
168 4 1400163 According to Rick LeForge, this car has survived and was owned at one time owned by "Cadillac Jim" Pearson of Kansas City, MO; Rick provided a "fingerprint" of the car's body tag in 2009, that he had taken many years ago. He described the car then as "sound" and "unrestored". Quite possibly it is one of the convertible coupes below for which I have neither the VIN nor the body number (perhaps the Benach car, below, which does not have the sidemounts, like Elmer's car).  Additional info (Dec., 2010), from Chris Cummings:  Chris wrote, I recently acquired a copy of the February 1966 issue of The Self Starter, which contains a two-page article by Elmer Franzen of Minneapolis, illustrated with four photographs [I have a copy also, Chris, but missed that article!]. The article tells Mr. Franzen's five-year tale of negotiating the purchase of this 1932 V-16 from a fellow who had it stored in a far corner of a shed housing a sawmill. This convertible coupe was built with the rear-mounted spare tire, and the wire wheel spokes are stainless steel. The car was very complete and solid when Mr. Franzen acquired it, and he planned to undertake its restoration as soon as he completed the project he was then working on (which he doesn't identify).

v632-Franzen.jpg (29612 bytes)     v632-Franzen2.jpg (41660 bytes)

v632-Franzen3.jpg (28303 bytes)     v632-Franzen4.jpg (24895 bytes)
[ scans of poor Xerox copies from Self Starter, Feb., 1966 ]


168? ? ? Convertible. Coupe: Ronald Benach, Lake Forest, IL [CLC 1/96, p.12]

     v632cvcpX.jpg (10658 bytes)
The car on the right was  photographed at Pebble Beach in 2002 (?);
who can tell me if the B&W photo is of the same car?


168? ? ? Convertible. Coupe: Stephen F. Brauer, St. Louis, MO [photos below]

V632CVCP.JPG (11954 bytes)     V632CVC2.JPG (11882 bytes)     v632rds.jpg (7862 bytes)

v632cvcp1.jpg (17100 bytes)     v632cvcp2.jpg (19088 bytes)     v632cp_dash.jpg (28063 bytes)


168 #15 1400265 This convertible coupe is/was owned by one of my collector friends in Switzerland, Jean-Pierre Schindelholz.  Only fourteen of these were made. Body #2 was put on a V12 chassis, hence the apparent numbering  error.  [NEW, Apr. 2014] I had mislaid until now the VIN and body numbers provided by the owner in  1993. I have now added these.  [NEW, Dec. 2014] Does anyone know the current whereabouts of this car? It was for sale, in Switzerland, circa June 1993; that's more than 20 years ago. During that time I unfortunately lost contact with the (former) owner. I doubt if more than 2-3 of these are extant.

It is possible that the car in the B&W photo (left) is the same one as in the color photo;
wire wheels (no disc covers over them) and full,  metal spare wheel covers

Color photo: © and courtesy J.-P. Schindelholz, owner ]


178 #1 1400007 2p. coupe, Car Classics [Jim Brucker, in the seventies, former Movieland Cars of the Stars] - photos, below. I believe it was later acquired by  Steven Nannini of NM.


I believe all three photos show one and the same car
(the lower photo is
© to Steven Salmieri)


178 ? 1400114 [NEW, Jan. 2009] 2p. coupe, owned by Charles Howard, of London, who kindly supplied the photo, below.  Late extra [4/2009]: the car was offered for sale by a company in Germany. The vendor is Autohaus C.F. Mirbach Chiemgau GmbH, in Bernau am Chiemsee. Their representative, Andreas Weissenseel, told me they car had come from England but had been earlier in a collection in the USA.

  v632cpe0144.JPG (10367 bytes)
[ This photo: © 2007 and courtesy Ch. Howard ]

v632cpA.jpg (13085 bytes)     v632cpB.jpg (18749 bytes)     v632cpH.jpg (10209 bytes)     v632cpi.jpg (10186 bytes)

v632cpD.jpg (7621 bytes)     v632cpG.jpg (8112 bytes)     v632cpE.jpg (11589 bytes)     v632cpF.jpg (11229 bytes)
[ All photos in above two rows: © 2008 and courtesy Mirbach ]





Coupe for 2 passengers.  Reported as a possible survivor by Rick LeForge who provided me in 2009 with a ""fingerprint"" of the body tag that he had taken many years ago as proof positive of the car's existence.
178? ? ? This V-16 coupe was reported by Rick LeForge to have been owned in the fifties by Gunnar L. Henriouille of Sacramento, CA. Rick had no other details about the car or its condition at the time. It is possibly one of the restored cars, above.



Sedan for 5 passengers. It was reported by Rick LeForge to be a basket case; it was (then) owned by one "JK" and stored by Elmer Franzen.  Rick provided me in 2009 with a "fingerprint" of the body tag that he had taken many years earlier as proof positive of the existence of the car's remains.  Late extra [4/2012]: Ever watchful V-16 owner/historian, Chris Cummings, investigated this car and got some supplementary information about it from Char Lautzenheiser, Director of the Canton Classic Car Museum in Ohio;  Ms.  Lautzenheiser read to Chris, over the phone, a barely legible copy of the car's build sheet (too poor be scannned or copied). The car was shipped originally to Milwaukee, the color was Classic Blue and it was fitted with Royal tires. The job number (also "fingerprinted" by Rick)  is 32-16-209. Ms Lautzenheiser was not sure whether the Museum actually still had the car; she still has some notes about it.



(NEW, 11/2014) Sedan for 5 passengers. Information supplied kindly by Chris Cummings, who got it from Ms. Char. Lautzenheiser of the Canton Classic Car Museum of Ohio. According to the car's (barely legible) build sheet copy, it was maroon with black fenders and was shipped originally to Boston, MA. Ms. Lautzenheiser is not sure the museum still has the car.  Late extra (Nov. 2014): Chris Cummings sent me two entries regarding this car: (1) From Hemmings: Cadillac 1932 Fleetwood sedan, V16, 149 w/b, ground-up restoration on a 29K orig mile car w/orig interior; 1 of 29 built in 1932, beautiful running, driving for tour or show; very rare, less than 40 1932 Cadillac 16s body styles survive, asking $195,000. Gary, 330-456-8304, OH. Price: $195,000; (2) Chris added: This car was sold at Bonhams's "Preserving the Automobile" auction October 6, 2014 at the Simeone Automotive Museum in Philadelphia for $181,500 including premium. It was described as property from the Canton Classic Car Museum.

Photo:  from Hemmings Motor News on Internet



[Photos: from auction catalog]



209 ? ? Sedan for 5 passengers

V6327p.jpg (10945 bytes)
Possibly the car listed above (note the blue color)


#14 ? [NEW : 12/2016] According to somewhat inconsistent accounts given by previous owners, this car's story is as follows: It was purchased new by a Denver, Colorado, brewery owner and driven sparingly. In 1948 (or in the mid-1950s), a group of servicemen in the Mid-West were using the Cadillac to return to their base, when it broke down. Unable to wait around for repairs, they traded it in at a used car lot for another vehicle. A doctor purchased the car from the used car dealer and towed it to a family farm using an Austin Healy as the tow vehicle. There it was stored until after the doctor passed away. Because of the damage being done to the interior by a rambunctious (and developmentally challenged) child the doctor's widow had the car moved to a house in Great Bend, Kansas, where it could be garaged. According to CLC member Greg Gottschalk, in the mid-1980s, he and some college friends travelled to Great Bend, for a car show. Driving around town, they saw through the open door of a garage, an unrestored 1932 Cadillac V-16 sedan. They stopped and spoke with the doctor's widow, who said the car had been her late husband's, and that she would be willing to trade it for a new Cadillac. It was complete, it showed very little wear, and the odometer showed a relatively low mileage. Greg took the pictures shown and wrote down the body number (14) and the style number. Although a couple of the college students were interested, none had that kind of money available, so they took her phone number and left (years later one of the young men called and tried to contact the lady, but she had moved and the car was gone). Eventually, the Lincoln-Mercury dealer from whom the widow would buy her daily driving cars gave her a new Mercury in exchange for the V-16 Cadillac. The next owner traded an airplane to the Lincoln-Mercury dealer for the Cadillac, and transported it to southwestern Canada. The car was offered for sale in the October 2011 issue of Hemmings Motor News. The owner gave his name only as "Bill" and stated that the car "is #15 from the assembly line" with 37,000 miles. He said the wealthy Colorado original purchaser sold it to the doctor in 1942 in Oklahoma City, that it was discovered in 1989 at the doctor's widow's place, that the current owner bought it 10 years ago and that he was selling due to his age. "Bill" said also: "orig paint and interior usable as is but needs attention." "Bill" also advertised the car in Norway. The photographs were taken by Greg Gottschalk. In addition, "Bill" stated that it is a running and driving car now.


Obviously, at this point in its life, this car needed some major TLC;
who remembers it? Where is it today?

? ? Trivia:  I learned from the classifieds in the Self-Starter for May, 1966, that such a car was offered for sale by a Mr. Philip Wichard for ... $3,200! Those were the days! My friend Chris Cummings, a V16 owner and enthusiast added that  in April, 1967, the same Mr. Wichard was offering a 1932 7 passenger imperial sedan [the same car?] in “excellent mechanical condition, good paint, needs some interior work, division window, $2,900.”  I wonder where that car is today.
? ? (NEW, 2/2010) This one, in original condition,  turned up at one of the major auctions in 2009.  We shall no doubt be seeing it again.

v632Lim1b.jpg (24046 bytes)





This car was advertised for sale on e-Bay, in November 2000.  (NEW, 2/2010) I believe this one is among the holdings of an auto museum in Canton, OH. Late extra [4/2012]: My friend Chris Cummings also investigated this car and got some supplementary information about it from Char Lautzenheiser, Director of the Canton Classic Car Museum in Ohio. The build sheet for the museum’s car has the indication: “Tag Montreal Show” as it was ordered specially  for the auto show that year.

v632svb.JPG (13272 bytes)     v632sva.JPG (5300 bytes)
I believe these two photos show the car prior to its restoration

v632Sdnunk2a.jpg (16685 bytes)
This one show the restored car


? ? Limousine for 7 passengers.  One of these is currently (2000) located in the Robert Keyaerts Cadillac Museum at Langeais, near Tours, in France.  I believe the late Mr. Keyaerts acquired it at an auction sale in Las Vegas in the eighties. It was on display at the annual  Louis Vuitton Classic show in Paris' Parc de Bagatelle, on 9-10 September, 2000

3216keya.jpg (14813 bytes)     v632keya.jpg (10289 bytes)     v632key4.jpg (16925 bytes)

v632key.JPG (7722 bytes)     v632keya.jpg (13306 bytes)
Left:  the 1932 7-pass. Limousine [photo: © 1991, Yann Saunders]
Right: partial view of the museum with the '32-V16 in the background,

a '33 sixteen in the center  and a 31-V12 in the foreground





This imperial sedan was purchased originally by President Herbert Hoover, when he left the White House. It is an original, unrestored car and sold for $87,750 (including fees and taxes) at Bonham's Quail Lodge auction on August 17, 2007 [thanks again, Chris Cummings, for this entry - I shall be glad to get a couple of pictures if you have any]. This car was a part of the estate of the late  Richard C,. Paine, Jr. and was included as an exhibit in the Owl's Head Transport Museum in Rockland, ME. This from the Bonham's auction catalog description: Finished in dark blue with black fenders and a cream coachline matching the wire wheels, the chauffeur’s compartment is upholstered in black leather while the owners’ drawing room in the rear has rich beige cloth upholstery and appointments. The cream wire wheels have wide whitewall tires and there are dual side-mounted spare wheels and tires enclosed in steel covers topped with rearview mirrors. A pair of large Trippe auxiliary driving lights are mounted on the front bumper and create a complementary vee-shaped layout with the dual chrome horns and headlights in chrome shells above and outboard of them. The interior is beautifully equipped with a rollup divider window, jump seat, a hat net on the headliner, rollup window shades on the quarter windows and the rear window, a smoker’s kit on the right side and a lady’s vanity on the left. The lady’s vanity is complete with its original gold compact which still contains the puff for applying face powder. There is a separate floor heater for the comfort of the rear compartment occupants.  Late Extra [2/2009]:  This from Nancy DeWitt, Project Director for the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum in Alaska:  ... we have acquired five lovely Cadillacs for our new Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum in Fairbanks, Alaska. I was just perusing the 1932 V16 survivors' page and it looks like you have photos of our 452-B Imperial Limousine (this was advertised as a sedan in the Bonham's catalog, but I have been told it is actually a limo--I'd love your opinion on this). We don't have the car here so I will have to get back to you with correct numbers. What I can tell you is that the "VIN" on the paperwork I have is 1400184. Once I track down the numbers, I'll send you updated information on this car as well.  Thanks for the update, Nancy; in my opinion if the car is a limousine, the body tag will show the style number as  32-16-213.

1400184 is restored, and it is the car from the Paine Collection that was auctioned in September 2008 at Bonhams’s Owls Head Transportation Museum auction. It is now owned by the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum in Alaska.

Trivia:  One of the cars used in the Hoover administration  appears very briefly in a newsreel segment that was visible on line in May 2011. It may or may not have been a V-16. It may or may not have been one of the two "sixteens" shown here (Thanks to Chris Cummings for spotting it¨):



v6_32F.JPG (7184 bytes)

v6_32A.JPG (4494 bytes)     v6_32B.JPG (4935 bytes)     v6_32C.JPG (6462 bytes)     v6_32Tag.JPG (14354 bytes)

   v6_32G.JPG (3644 bytes)     v6_32H.JPG (4084 bytes)     v6_32I.JPG (4523 bytes)     v6_32D.JPG (3933 bytes)
[ Above photos:  Bonham's sales catalog ]

v632Bonh1.jpg (26117 bytes)     v632bonh2.jpg (26745 bytes)
The styling elegance of this Fisher-built limousine is undeniable;
IMHO 1932 is to pre-WW2 Cadillac styling as 1960 is to post-WW2 styling - timeless and superb!
[ These 2 photos: © 2009 and courtesy Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum ]

(it may not be permanently viewable)

This clipping is from Los Angeles' LA Times for Jan. 22, 2015





[NEW, 2/2010] Like the previous car, this one too is purported to have been purchased originally by President Herbert Hoover. Is it possible he bought TWO almost identical V-16s in 1932, both dark blue with cream-colored spoked wheels?  This survivor was brought to my attention by Cadillac enthusiast, Russ Taylor. He wrote:  My friend Russell S. Dempster who just passed away owned this in 1951. I have the DMV transfer slip showing the chassis number 1,400,200. It had been abandoned at a service station in Vallejo at that time and my friend's brother was attending the maritime academy there and he actually spotted the car. My friend got to Vallejo and got the car running and drove it down to San Luis Obispo since he was attending Cal Poly on the GI Bill at that time. The car ended up in San Diego where it was sold and ended up in storage. It had an interesting repair done while the car was in San Luis Obispo, by Teague machine shop. Russ added a link to the "Conceptcarz" web site where the car is described thus:  The original of this owner [the original owner of this car?] was Herbert Hoover, the ex-president of the United States. During the final months of his presidency, Hoover purchased this V16 Imperial Limousine. It features a Fleetwood body of Style 5175. Hoover kept the car for many years, using it often, before selling it to his friend, Gordon Garland. Garland served in the California State Assembly from 1937 to 1942. It remained in Garland's care for several years and [was] used often during the first part of his ownership. It was later put out of service and used very sparingly. The car is currently in unrestored, yet well preserved condition. The odometer reads a mere 2,000 miles since new [this does not seem to tie in with the claims that Hoover - and later Garland - used the car "often"]. The interior is in great condition, and the chauffeur's compartment is well-preserved leather. There were a total of 49 examples of the Imperial Limousine sold by Cadillac in 1932 [correct]. In 2007 it was brought to Carmel, California where it was offered for sale at Bonhams auction, "An Important Sale of Collectors' Motorcars and Automobilia". The lot was sold for $75,000 plus premium and tax. The previous (very similar) car also was sold at auction by Bonhams at their Quail Lodge venue on August 17, 2007.  The reported sale price, including fees, was $87,750.  Could these be one and the same car?   V-16 owner-expert, Chris Cummings wrote: There are two separate 1932 blue limousines with cream wheels. 1400200 is President Hoover’s car. It is unrestored (at least it was the last time it was publicly visible at the Bonhams’ Quail Lodge Auction in 2007). The present owner is unknown. I asked Bonhams to forward an inquiry to the new owner, but have received no response to date. Your friend Russ appears to have part of the history of President Hoover’s car for the period after Gordon Garland (California legislator to whom President Hoover sold the car in the 1940s) owned it. This is great. I would love to know any additional particulars Russ might have.

1400200a.jpg (21217 bytes)     1400200c.jpg (14664 bytes)     1400200B.jpg (14915 bytes)
The "American Eagle" hood ornament seems to bear witness to the car's "presidential" origins





Town coupe (colors: maroon, gray and white). This car was offered for sale by Kruse [lot #696].



Town coupe for five passengers [possibly same car, older photo]


v632p222.JPG (11584 bytes)     v632tncp.jpg (8554 bytes)


5181 #21 1400298 This is Fleetwood style #5181, one of the most beautiful cars ever built, in my opinion. Of the 24 town coupes built this year, this beautiful survivor belongs to Dr. Kevin Coorey, CLC member in good standing from New South Wales, Australia. He writes: This car incidentally, has been right hand drive since first ordered for the Australian market in 1932. Neither he nor I are sure if there are any other survivors; two others are listed above but are unconfirmed; in addition they might be one and the same car. This car has a body by  Fleetwood [photos below]. I was honored to see this car when Gita and I visited Dr. Coorey in Sydney, in March 2005.  I took some more pictures there; unfortunately, they did not turn out well owing to the poor lighting conditions in the underground parking lot where Kevin keeps the car in safe storage.

Dr. Coorey and his superb car; no
te RHD arrangement (not a conversion done in Australia but a
factory conversion done in 1932); I believe the non-original; white knob with red dot, on a lever attached to

the steering column (visible just right of the rim) controls the directional signals



#3 1400185 Fleetwood Limousine Brougham (town car), style #5191; one of the seven cars built was owned in 2001 by Dick Shappy of  Rhode Island. The car was offered for sale by Barrett-Jackson during their annual venue in Scottsdale in January, 2003 [see photos, below].  Car may have been owned in the past by CCCA member, Leo Gephart (photo in Bulletin #6, 8/2003). Late Extra [6/2009]:  I was contacted by the current owner, Robert Blakeman of Valley Stream,  NY.  We spoke on the telephone and he reported that the car had caused him (and was still causing him) a few headaches. However, as it is probably the sole survivor among the 7 units made that year, IMHO it is certainly worth, the time, effort (and expense!) of returning it to its former glory.

32-5191.JPG (30921 bytes)
This snapshot was taken at the time the car was owned by Leo Gephart

v632tc.jpg (64554 bytes)     v632grl.jpg (66089 bytes)
This car?

326tcds.jpg (7817 bytes)     326tcds2.jpg (8448 bytes)     32V6DICK.JPG (6364 bytes)

V632TC5.JPG (9251 bytes)     V632TC4.JPG (6015 bytes)   
[ Photos:  courtesy Dick Shappy ]


252? ? 1400041 [NEW, 12/2008]  This 5-pass Town Sedan [one of only two built] was offered for sale at the Gooding Co. auction venue in Scottsdale, in January 2009; it is from the estate of Ron Van Kregten.  It was brought to my attention by collector and enthusiast Jon Riley of Chicago.  Here's what the sales catalog said about the car: It is finished in a fitting color scheme of black with a grey cloth interior and is equipped with accessories such as the classic Goddess radiator mascot, wire wheels, side-mounted spares, trunk rack and dual Trippe safety speedlights. The interior is complete with handsome instruments dominating the dashboard. In the rear this car is luxuriously appointed with ashtrays, opera lights, armrests and grab handles. The engine bay appears very authentic and complete, offering a glimpse of the immense V-16 in proud display. This handsome Cadillac V-16 will make a fine restoration candidate and will continue to impress those enamored with its impressive engineering and classic styling. It should be noted that this car, like all the other cars from the VanKregten Estate, has been in static storage for a number of years and mechanical work will need to be done to assure its roadworthiness. The car changed hands at the auction for $77,000. Latest [May, 2009]:   The car was listed for sale by Mark Smith of Smith Automotive Investments. It was described as  a recent estate find, having sat in good storage without use since 1977 [that's 32 years!]. This is a solid and very complete example of this very scarce model. Requires, at minimum, a thorough mechanical servicing along with new tires. This is one of only a few such examples that has not been sacrificed as a donor chassis for a roadster or convertible coupe body transplant.

v632Lim2.jpg (7031 bytes)     v632Lim1.jpg (6441 bytes)     v632Lim3.jpg (6510 bytes)
[ Not sure, now, if this car is the same as the one in the next three rows ]

v632_252ab.jpg (24102 bytes)     v632_252aa.jpg (28260 bytes)     v632_252ad.jpg (23215 bytes)

v632_252ac.jpg (21489 bytes)     v632_252af.jpg (24676 bytes)

v632_252ae.jpg (24523 bytes)     v632_252ag.jpg (19058 bytes)     v632_252inst.jpg (20356 bytes)     v632_252ai.jpg (21631 bytes)
[ Images: Smith Automotive Investments on-line catalog ]


256? ? ? 5-pass Phaeton [Jack Nethercutt]
256? ? 1400044 This one was owned in 2002 by   collector and friend Jack Tallman of Decatur, IL. It is CLC Senior car #241.
256? ? 1400189 This is CLC Senior car #386. In 2002 it was owned by Roger Willbanks of Denver, CO.
273 ? ? 5-pass all-weather Phaeton; this car is (or was formerly) owned by M.M. Lloyd of Pottstown, PA and was advertised for sale in CLC, 8/92, p.15.One of thirteen built.


The B&W image on the left could be the same car as seen in full color on the right


273 #6 1400208 Special phaeton.  A similar car was again on sale in Scottsdale, one year later, in January, 2005;  it was again listed as lot #692.  No details currently available.  Picture (top row, below) from the Barrett-Jackson auction site, Jan. 2005.  Late Extra [Fall, 2008]: This one was sold by Kruse International for $280,000 during their 2008 Fall auction venue at Auburn, IN.  No numbers were given at that time. It features the same, metal, spare wheel covers as above. The catalog description reads :  Complete nut and bolt restoration to the highest standards. An extremely rare Cadillac powered by a silky smooth V-16 giant. One of only three known to exist out of the original 13 built. This is the epitome of a custom bodied 16 cylinder American classic. Later [Dec., 2008]the car was newly offered for sale at the Gooding Co. auction venue in Scottsdale, in January 2009. The catalog description reads as follows: Of the multitude of body styles offered for the 1932 Cadillac V-16, it is believed that only 13 chassis were ever ordered with this imposing All-Weather Phaeton body designed by Fisher. Today, only three examples of these rare open Cadillacs are known to survive, making the car offered here a rare opportunity. This lovely V-16 is presented in a deep burgundy with black fenders and door vents over a complementing dark leather interior. As it was truly intended to be an All-Weather Phaeton, it is equipped with a very purposeful tan top that gives the car a delightful, period-correct appearance. Adding to the car’s character are a number of appropriate options and accessories, including dual enclosed side-mounted spares with mirrors, body-color wire wheels wearing wide whitewall tires, remote spotlights and Trippe headlamps. The interior is quite impressive and the intricate roll-up divider between the front and rear compartments adds to the stately presence that this V-16 exudes. The overall condition of the car is quite presentable, benefiting from an older concours-quality restoration that has aged very nicely. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this car is the beautiful presentation of the mighty V-16 engine. The engine bay is an absolute marvel to look upon and it is apparent that during the restoration there was precise attention to detail paid throughout. This exceptional Cadillac V-16 is one of the ultimate classics and its rare, luxurious coachwork will make it a welcome entry to concours and driving events alike. The car changed hands for $231,000, a figure somewhat shy of the estimate and about $50K less than the preceding sale reported by Kruse, in the Fall of 2008. Latest [June, 2009]: V16 "sleuth", Chris Cummings, noted that the car was offered again for sale, this time by Robert Pass of  Passport Transport, Ltd. It is described as :  One of only 13 built in 1932, this Dual Windshield Phaeton is now one of 3 existing today. Restored from the frame to the top, it is truly a magnificent Classic. All of the mechanicals, including the engine, transmission, rear end, front end, brakes, radiator, stainless steel exhaust, re-porcelained exhaust manifold etc. are like new. All of the instruments were totally restored as well. This imposing Classic would be a great addition to any collection. Priced at $295,000. 

v632awp2.jpg (12275 bytes)     v632phaS.jpg (13616 bytes)     v632awp1.jpg (9947 bytes)

v632awpA.jpg (11100 bytes)     v632awpB.jpg (14603 bytes)     v632awpC.jpg (12694 bytes)
[ These pics:  Robert Pass web page ]

v632AWP5.jpg (33694 bytes)

[ Photos: © and courtesy Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Museum ]

     v632awpD.jpg (8487 bytes)     v632awpG.jpg (12732 bytes)     v632awpE.jpg (9436 bytes)     v632CvSd1.JPG (8203 bytes)
[ Pics (left and center):  Robert Pass web page ]

v632awpF.jpg (11869 bytes)     v632CvSdTag.JPG (9319 bytes)
[ Pic (LH):  Robert Pass web page ]

Photos: CLC Potomax Region Magazine


273 ? ? Possibly the same car as above, before restoration [photos below]

v632p27b.JPG (11755 bytes)     V632awp2.jpg (9220 bytes)

v632_aw2.jpg (8698 bytes)
Possibly this car? The photo is by Steve Stewart and may have been taken at the CLC Grand National, 2008;
It was pictured, without identification, in the October 2008 issue of the Self Starter
[ not clearly visible in this small image is the maroon pinstriping around the fender edges ]


273? ? ? This AWP was reported by Rick LeForge to have been owned in the fifties by Gunnar L. Henriouille of Sacramento, CA. Rick had no other details about the car or its condition at the time.
279 1 or 2? 1400070 Dual-cowl phaeton, formerly of Robert Chamberlin, Jr., in Maryland, now belonging to Anders Läck of Sweden; this car was advertised for sale as a 1931 model in SS, May 1982; it was a national first-prize winner.  It is the second of the only two cars built of this superb body style [photos, below]. I would appreciate getting from Dick Shappy (below) and Anders Läck the body number of their car, so that I might eliminate any duplicate information herein. Late Extra (Feb. 2023): I learned  by chance, in 2012, that the car's current owner is Anders Läck of Sweden (we had an Email contact about some Swedish magazines I needed). Anders owns also a beautiful  1939 convertible sedan (V8 motor) with coachwork by Sweden's premier coach-builder, Nils Nordberg. Anders brought both cars to Detroit, in 2002, for the 100th Anniversary of the Cadillac automobile, staged by the CLC.

Anders Läck kindly provided in 2012 these documents from the time his car was owned by Robert Chamberlain

32DCPHA3.jpg (11368 bytes)     32DCPHA4.jpg (7406 bytes)
I assume these two pics also show the former Chamberlain car
[ Photos: courtesy Dave Brinkerhoff ]

    v632pha1.jpg (6004 bytes)     v632phaSw2.jpg (13580 bytes)

v632pha2.jpg (7997 bytes)     V632pha7.jpg (12313 bytes)

32DCPHA2.JPG (5929 bytes)     v632phaSwe.jpg (16116 bytes)
Anders brought his car from Sweden to the
100th Anniversary CLC Grand National meet in Detroit
[ Photo, left: © 2002, J. Scott Harris ]

[ Photos in these two rows: © 2002, Anders Läck, owner ]


279 1 or 2 1400189

The second Fisher sport phaeton, car, #2 (?) was owned for a time by my friend, Dick Shappy of Rhode Island, USA. The car is reported to have been sold at auction by the Barrett Jackson group, in Scottsdale, AZ, in Jan. 2001, for a reported $176,000. Today it is probably worth a half-million dollars or more). This is the car featured in Roy Schneider's excellent book, Sixteen Cylinder Motor Cars; it was first sold to Francis Lieber, a commercial airline pilot who got it for $2000 under list price, after it had sat for many months in the Philadelphia Cadillac Car Co. dealership. Mr. Lieber said about the car, in the early 70s "it was a beautiful, impressive machine - too fast, I raced it at Daytona in '33 - clocked in at 116MPH. Not many cars could handle that kind of speed at that time." It was originally painted black, with silver-leaf pin striping. Mr. Lieber sold it in 1934 to the late Joseph Dexter, an oil broker; in 1937 a livery company bought it from Main Line Cadillac in Philadelphia and used it in funeral processions; later demoted to a simple flower car, it was ultimately sold to a company employee. In 1942, Gene Matlack, a young student, acquired it for $42 in ration stamps; he restored it and sold it for $175 to Dr. Baird Badenhausen, professor of psychology at the University where Matlack studied; Badenhausen later sold it to Fred Wetherill who, in turn, sold it to cover his wedding expenses; after that there were a few more owners. One was Nunzioto Micucio who got it from a dealer in Wilmington, DE. In 1948 Jack Matthews of Longwoods, MD, rescued it after it had been abandoned for months to the weather; his son Jack Jr., wanted to make a tow-truck out of it but instead accepted $275 for it from Paul Brake, a lumber salesman and speculator; Brake drove it in a parade in Cambridge, MD, where it was bought for $325 by the late Walter Tilghman, an elderly car collector. Tilghman kept it until his death in 1958; his widow sold it, together with two old Rolls Royces, for $2000 to Judge John North in Easton, MD; North sold it, together with an older Isotta Fraschini, for $2500 to Mrs. Mary Hecht, a car collector and dealer of Alligerville, NY. By now the price was rising sharply; before moving to Florida, Mrs. Hecht sold it to George Stuart for $17,500; Mr. Stuart completed a first restoration at a cost of $77,000!   In 1972, he sold the car to Otis Chandler [price not disclosed]. In the Self Starter (magazine of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club, Inc.) for April 1991, p.3, the owner is listed as Fred Weber. I believe Dick acquired it from Fred. The car is believed to be owned since 2008 by Jonny Crowell of San Ramon, California (confirmation needed).  


v632279a.JPG (10909 bytes)     v632279b.JPG (11277 bytes)

32DCPHA.JPG (9188 bytes)

v632shap.jpg (9745 bytes)
This photo was taken on the lawn of Dick's beautiful home on
Rhode Island, just across from the Kennedy home at Hyannisport

v632spp3.jpg (11983 bytes)     V632dcsv.jpg (9199 bytes)
I took this one in Warwick, RI, on the occasion of
the CLC Grand National, 2000 [ © 2000, Yann Saunders]

V632SV.JPG (9210 bytes)
Gard to tell of this is a sports phaeton; I am wondering if it could be the former Dick Shappy car;
it was on show at the 2001 CLC Grand National in Denver, CO, listed to Roger Willbanks; 
it does not have the metal spare tire covers that were mounted on  Dick's car


280 ? 1400044 Special phaeton, owner Stephen Bauer [CLC 1/96, p.14]. One of only three built.  I'm not sure if the color photos I added in 2011 are of this car.  The VIN number was supplied kindly by Chris Cummings, "V16 sleuth extraordinaire"; Chris told me also that the car was consigned to the RM auction by my old buddy from Decatur, Jack Tallman. I look forward to getting a closer look when I visit Amelia Island in the Spring. Here is a condensed catalog description of the car from RM: Series 452-B. 165 bhp, 452 cu. in. overhead valve V-16 engine with three-speed manual transmission, solid front axle and live rear axle with semi-elliptic leaf springs, and four-wheel vacuum-assisted mechanical drum brakes. Wheelbase: 140" ... The example offered here is based on a group of parts assembled by Bill Hach in the Chicago area. He was able to locate an original V-16 engine and frame, which originally carried a formal sedan body, along with a variety of other parts. In addition, he sourced a deteriorated Fisher Sport Phaeton body, probably from an original V-12 car. Using these parts, plus many others from a variety of sources, Mr. Tallman gradually accumulated a complete project car. The chassis and mechanicals were rebuilt, and the body was essentially built new, although as much as possible of the original V-12 Phaeton sheet metal and parts were used. Painted in two-tone metallic blue, it has a blue canvas top with side curtains and metal-covered side-mount spares with mounted Cadillac logo mirrors. The car is equipped with Super Safe headlamps and blue-dot taillamps. The twin long-trumpet horns present an imposing stature. The interior is upholstered in light blue leather with matching piping. The AC speedometer goes to 120 mph, and the odometer shows 385 miles. The dashboard has a Jaeger eight-day clock. This instrumentation is replicated in the rear compartment for the passengers, flanked by twin compartments in the rear cowl. Although now an older restoration, the car looks remarkably fresh, the color scheme giving it a youthful appearance. The interior is excellent, although the brightwork shows some age and could benefit from re-plating certain pieces. The seats are unworn and the carpets are as new. The engine compartment is clean and well detailed, although several of the finishes are incorrect. Overall, the engine exhibits just enough soil and staining to prove its regular use. An AACA National First prize winner, we are told it runs and drives well and should offer its next owner a beautiful and rewarding ownership experience. Late Extra (March, 2011):   Thanks to V-16 roadster aficionado, Brent Merrill from Canada (and to my daughter Kelly who has a contact with RM Auctions in London), Gita and I were honored to attend the March auction at which Jack's '32 was sold for $176,000..  Brent himself was able to acquire the Tallman's (red) 1930 V16 roadster that had been in the family since 1961! We even bumped into CLC former president, Ron Van Gelderen (long tome ne see, Ron). A good time was had by all.


v632p280.JPG (13367 bytes)

v632_pha.jpg (8282 bytes)
This car, after a recent restoration?
This one was offered for sale by RM Auctions in Nov., 2010



Sold! ($106,000)
[ Lower three photos:  RM Auction Site]


280 ? ? Who can provide engine and body numbers for this one, which I believe (from the elegant Salon surroundings) is located in the collection of Jack Nethercutt, at San Sylmar.

v632sppha2Sylmar.jpg (16189 bytes)     v632spphaSylmar1.jpg (18720 bytes)


280 ? ? (same question again)   This one turned up at the Pebble Beach concours d'Elégance in 2009

v632Phaunk1.jpg (24255 bytes)     v632Phaunk2.jpg (12859 bytes)     v632Phaunk4.jpg (15238 bytes)     v632Phaunk3.jpg (23310 bytes)

v632Phaunk6.jpg (16768 bytes)     v632Phaunk5.jpg (11930 bytes)


5130S ? ? 5p. sedan, offered for sale in Self Starter 2/95, p.20, John Phillips, Portland, OR ($75,000)

5130s1.jpg (7593 bytes)





[Maxwell Sapp - Madame X] AQ article; also SS 9/74, pp.4-5; story told by Hugh Gage of Wingham, Ontario, Canada. The car was built for R.S. McLaughlin, President of GM-Canada. The factory build sheet gives the body style as "370-B" instead of "452-B". It was delivered with black hubs and stainless-steel spokes. Fenders were painted Jones Dabney black; upper color was not listed [there was a note to "see Mr. H.E. Maurer" about it - possibly it was maroon, which was the color on the car when acquired by the 8th owner, below]. The shipping address was "Gen. Motors of Canada Ltd." There was a price reduction for blackwall tires and a supplement for the 2-tone paint finish. Gear ratio installed was 4.64 to 1. This incredible auto was acquired - years later - by a Mr. C.F. Kerry Gaudier ...for $40 (!!); it had been last registered in 1951 when Gage bought it in 1956; it had been in a garage near Hamilton, Ontario; Gage restored it to good running order; it had around 107000 miles when he bought it; he drove it up to 1964 when it had 119000 miles on the odometer [possibly even 219,000]. In May 2000 I was contacted by John S. MacKiernan of  Plymouth, MA, a former owner of this car. John said: "When I had the car it was wearing maroon paint on the body and black on the fenders (old paint, possibly original). The striping on the body was silver inlay, not paint; and the original upholstery, while obviously not new, was still in a decent condition. There were fitted into the rear compartment both a clock and a speedometer. The engine and drive train were in superb condition, and it was a magnificent runner. I bought it off a small used car lot, South of Boston in the Autumn of 1965 for $550.00. Those were the days!"  [John included a copy of the transfer of title, showing the purchase amount]. The first two photos, below were kindly supplied by Mr. MacKiernan. Note the factory original wooden artillery wheels and the Hollywood spinner hub caps.  In 1974 the car was acquired by Mr. Sapp and restored to mint condition (third photo, below, by the late Gene Babow). Triviaa 1932 Madame X  limousine described as style 4200LX was advertised for sale in IL, in the Self-Starter, October 1967, p.15;  I got confirmation in December 2001, from B. Keating, that this is THE car. That number, however, is not the body style number but a Fleetwood ID number for "special order" cars.  The 1930 V-Sixteen identified as Fleetwood job number 4200 (the so-called French Brougham), is not believed to have survived. There was a snippet in Classic Car, some time in the eighties, about this car changing hands again. Thanks to extremely thorough research by enthusiast, Barry Keating, the history of this special order car is almost complete. The list of owners includes: (1)1932: R. S. McLaughlin, Oshawa,  Ontario, Canada, (2) 1943: Bracebridge, Ontario, (3) 1946: Hugh Gage, Wingham, Ontario, (4)1951: Central Garage [Ontario, Canada?], (5) 1956: Stoney Creek, Ontario, (6)1956-1964, C. F. Kerry Gaulder, Burlington, Ontario [assumed he moved with car, in 1962, to N. Wilmington MA., (7) 1965: Huggard - Hewing Auto Sales, Stoughton, MA., (8)1965: John S. Mac Kiernan, Plymouth MA., (9) 1966: George W. Holman, Belchertown, MA., [George said he sold it to the next owner, in Indiana; he added that, at that time, the car had neither the GOLD-plated hardware nor the petit-point seat embroidery], (10) 196(?): William Spurling, Indianapolis IN., (11) 196(?): John Fisher, Huntington, IN., (12) 1967: Robert C. Kull, Mattoon IL., (13) 197(?): Bernard Miller, Los Angeles, CA., (14) 197(?): Wayne Bemis, Los Angeles, CA, (15) circa 1971-74, Maxwell Sapp, Los Angeles, CA., (16) Jerry J. Moore, Texas, (17) Jerome "Jerry" Sauls, New Hope, PA, (18) Dr. Murphy, PA., (19) 1998: Otis Chandler, Oxnard, CA., (20) 2001: Alan O. Melchior, Holiday, UT [see photos, below], (21) 2005: Chris MacAllister, Indianapolis, IN. [list update in May, 2005 by  B. Keating, who wrote : Update on the life of 4200LX. Chris MacCallister just purchased it. I can't remember if there have been updates on the rest of the info so you had better check the writeup on the site and see if they agree. It seems I uncovered some additional owners; hard to believe there would be additional ones, considering all those the car has had already!  Latest [2/2008]: Here's what Chris, the new owner, said about the car: I thought I would update you on the status of my 1932 Cadillac V16 Madame X.  This is the ex-Maxwell Sapp car.  Since acquiring the car from Alan Melchior, I have had Brian Joseph rebuild the engine and put the car in good running and driving condition.  It is in very much the same condition otherwise. Chris also sent the last photo, below.

v6325132.jpg (10296 bytes)     v6325133.jpg (9812 bytes)
Above two photos:  courtesy of  John S. MacKiernan
Photo below:  courtesy of the late Gene Babow

V632sap2.jpg (7993 bytes)     V632sapp.jpg (9909 bytes)

V632sap3.jpg (8158 bytes)     V632sap4.JPG (4383 bytes)

sapp01.JPG (5561 bytes)
"Special Order" body tag of the McLaughlin car

v632p31s.JPG (19157 bytes)     v632Sap2.jpg (28680 bytes)

v6sapp1.jpg (24400 bytes)     v6sapp2.jpg (15219 bytes)

sapp04.jpg (10251 bytes)     v632Canada.jpg (23498 bytes)     32sapp.jpg (10555 bytes)
[ Photo (far right): © 2007 and courtesy Chris MacAllister ]

sapp00.jpg (7335 bytes)     sapp02.JPG (6239 bytes)     v632can2.jpg (18706 bytes)     sapp03.JPG (4401 bytes)
Petit point upholstery inserts are non-original ...but add class to the car!

v6sapp4.jpg (13262 bytes)     v6sapp5.jpg (11461 bytes)     v6sapp3.jpg (12255 bytes)

v632-5131Cana1.jpg (75112 bytes)

v632-5131Cana3.jpg (94242 bytes)     v632-5131Cana2.jpg (101292 bytes)


v632sappf.jpg (13047 bytes)     v632sappb.jpg (16816 bytes)     v632sappc.jpg (13485 bytes)     v632sappd.jpg (18274 bytes)
Ever the star at various concours d'Elégance, the rare Madame X sedan built for R.S. McLaughlin,
President of GM-Canada, showed up at Pebble Beach again, in 2009





Photographed outside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame in the mid-seventies (top two pics) and at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elégance, Aug. 2002 (2nd row), this appears to be unique "Madame X" style 5140B. It resides (2007) at the Indianapolis  Motor Speedway Hall of Fame. Gita and I  were fortunate to get a close look at the car, in September 2006, during our "Fall Tour of the USA" (30 states and 11,000 miles in 7 weeks). Unfortunately, I was not allowed to get a peek at the body tag, under the hood. I am told that the car's original owner, a lady, was a wholesale outlet store owner in Indianapolis. Her son still lives there and occasionally comes round to admire his mother's car. Late Extra (Feb. 2014): Chris Cummings informs me that the car is being offered for sale at auction during the Gooding Company's annual venue in Amelia Island, in March 2014. I guess the Museum has decided to thin out its collection. Chris noticed in passing that the car has a Cadillac radio installed; the "guts" of it are under the hood and the dial unit is below the dash, to the left of the steering column. Chris noticed also that there is a heater, too, in this car; it has a very fancy installation for its plumbing in the engine compartment. This magnificent car sold for  $264,000 (beating the estimated value by $24,000. The Gooding Co. assert in their catalog that 4 units were built; my records show that only a SINGLE unit of THIS body style left the factory.

v6325140.JPG (12109 bytes)     32mmx_b.JPG (6617 bytes)

32mmx_a.JPG (7634 bytes)     32mmx_c.JPG (8305 bytes)     v632Indianapolis.jpg (13113 bytes)
Pebble Beach, 2002

v632IndES.jpg (27141 bytes)     v632IndDS.jpg (22480 bytes)     v632IndHS.jpg (26312 bytes)

v632IndKS.jpg (22673 bytes)     v632IndLS.jpg (21560 bytes)     v632IndMS.jpg (26768 bytes)    v632IndNS.jpg (29481 bytes)

 v632IndiS.jpg (22269 bytes)     v632IndjS.jpg (22213 bytes)     v632IndVS.jpg (11658 bytes)     v632IndWS.jpg (12830 bytes)

v632IndAS.jpg (17950 bytes)     v632IndBS.jpg (18552 bytes)     v632IndCS.jpg (19911 bytes)     v632IndCX.JPG (10448 bytes) 
Two lightweight occasional seats are  affixed to the bulkhead; in three of these views you can see
the rear instruments (clock and speedo) mounted in the division partition
[ Photos (above 4 rows): © 2006, Yann Saunders ]

The car was sold by the Gooding Co., at their 2014 spring venue in Amelia Island


5185 ? ? This stylish 5p. Victoria convertible is (was?) a survivor; it was photographed (I guess) in the late 60s or early 70s. This is a lovely Fleetwood-bodied automobile that I find particularly suited to the 1932 V-16 chassis. The photo is from Roy Schneider's definitive history,  Sixteen Cylinder Motor Cars, published in 1976. Does anyone know if it is still around (in 2014)?


[unk.] ? 1400059 Only the engine remains; according to Rick LeForge it was owned at one time by Elmer Franzen.



5-pass. Limousine, totally restored; reportedly built for the President of Bethlehem Steel Company in PA. Car was offered for sale by Kruse [lot #694]. I may have a photo.
[unk.] ? ? A 1932 V16 sedan was advertised for sale in the Self-Starter, October 1967, p.15 [see "5131", above]
[unk.] ? ? In the same issue was a second 1932 V16 sedan, advertised for sale in Princess Anne, MD, by John Chamberlin, Jr. There was no indication of either model or price.
[unk.] ? ? Enthusiast, Len Sholes, mentions a 1932 V16 sedan that used to belong to a doctor who's mentally challenged son used the back seat as a playhouse. He has never had the car running.  Once Len is finished with a current Packard restoration project, he will attempt to get that V-16 started and will send us all the details.
[unk.] ? 1400152 This one is currently a spare engine in the R. Shappy collection, R.I.
[unk.] ? 1400174 This one too is currently a spare engine in the R. Shappy collection, R.I.
[unk.] ? 1400059 Only the engine remains; according to Rick LeForge it was owned at one time by Elmer Franzen.
[unk.] ? ? Unknown. I found the photo among my collection of V16 pics. Was it ever restored? It may be a 1932 car dolled up to look like a 1933 model.



Surviving Sixteens
of the first generation
by foreign coach builders


209 ? 1400077 For many years, this car was owned by the late C.W. Hampton in the United Kingdom.  He imported the base car from New Jersey in 1963; it was, he said, a "rather ugly" 4-door, 5-seater model that was "in terrible condition". The restoration and conversion took 4½ years; it involved cutting about 12 inches off the body at the rear, enclosing the original rear quarter windows, adding a partition and division glass and creating a sedanca (town car) top. Black leather was used for the front seat and Marchal headlights were added to finish the job [I am assuming that this unique model was converted from the regular Fleetwood 5-pass town car, style #32-16-209 (I would need to see the body tag to be more affirmative)]. Mr. Hampton passed away in 1995.

 v6hmptn1.jpg (10213 bytes)     V6hmptn0.jpg (7989 bytes)

   v6hampex.jpg (24466 bytes)

v632-hampton.jpg (160469 bytes)



[unk.] ? ? Reportedly owned by the last (puppet) emperor of Manchuria (Prov. of China), Pu Yi, this custom job said to be mounted on the 1932 V-16 chassis.  However, the general lines of the car resemble more a Ford or a Lincoln. The replica comes with a fuzzy image of the original car (below, top pic). Does anyone one have actual photos of the car (especially the engine compartment and instrument board which - on the model - are quite reminiscent of that year's Cadillac V-16.

v633PiLi.jpg (7709 bytes)

T32CHIN2.JPG (7798 bytes)     T32CHIN1.JPG (7325 bytes)     T32CHIN3.JPG (7698 bytes)

v633PiLiMtr.jpg (4532 bytes)     v633PiLiInt.jpg (4105 bytes)
Described as The State Limousine of Puyi the last emperor of China, this model by Sunstar features a miniature Cadillac V-16 engine, but
with visible plug wires (only 4 of them on each side), whereas on the sixteens they were concealed in the valley between the 2 banks of  8 cylinders. 
Nothing else about the car resembles a Cadillac other than the general limousine body shape, the miniature motor and the instrument board. The skirted
front and rear fenders are more reminiscent of those used on the 1933 Cadillacs. The front grille looks like it came off a Ford or Lincoln and the front
bumpers off a Duesenberg. I certainly would like to hear from anyone who has seen or heard of the original car from which this 1:18 scale
replica is derived. We must assume that the toy manufacturer had access to either the car itself or to some documentation and photos of it;
Another source asserts that the car was ordered from GM, in 1932, by the Manchurian Government; the car was used for the
ceremonies during which Pu Yi became puppet emperor of Manchuria. The hood mascot is the "Dragon Seal" of the emperor






FRFLAG.JPG (773 bytes)
(résumé en français)

On trouper ci-dessus des renseignements précis ainsi que, parfois, des photos se rapportant aux Cadillac à moteur seize cylindres de l'année 1932 qui auraient survécu.

Pour admirer l'ensemble de la production des V-16 de l'année 1932,  cliquer ici.



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