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Throughout the The (New) Cadillac Database© you will run into seemingly mysterious abbreviations in bold type (usually in the last one or two lines of an entry).  These merely indicate
the source from which the information was extracted.  Abbreviations are used primarily in the "Advertisements" sections of the Database

Most of the information in the Database is drawn from books, magazines and club publications.  Sometimes the initials of a person are used; this indicates that the information came from that person or his/her collection and is believed to be reliable.

Here is an explanation of the various abbreviations you will encounter (a few of them still need to be completed).  If you happen to come across any that are not listed here, please drop me an e-mail for an explanation.  At the same time, I will make the necessary addition(s) or correction(s):

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A = The Automobile (USA) IND = Independent (USA)
AA = Année Automobile (Switzerland) (JAP) = Japan
AAI = The Automobile & Automotive Industries (USA) JMR = Jean-Michel Roux (Swiss collector friend)
AAI2 = Automotive and Aviation Industries (USA) KEY or Key = Keyaerts Cadillac Museum (France)
AB = Autobody (USA) KP = Krause Publications (USA)
ABOY = American Boy (USA) L = Life Magazine (USA)
AC = L'Auto Carrosserie (France) LaC = La Carrosserie (France)
A&D = Art and Decoration (USA) LD = Literary Digest (USA)
AE = Auto Executive (Switzerland) LOOK = (in full) (USA)
AF = Ant Farm book Automerica (USA) LHJ = Ladies' Home Journal (USA)
AFD = Amrican Funeral Director (USA) LVA = La Vie de l'Auto (France)
AHR = Automotive History Review (Magazine of the Society of Automotive Historians, USA) M = Motor (USA)
AI = Automotive Industries (USA) MA = Motor Age (USA)
AI(D) = Auto Illustrierte (Germany) MC = Motorcade (USA)
AM = American Motorist (USA) McC = Walter M.P. McCall 80 Years of Cadillac and La Salle
AMN = Antique Motor News (USA) McCL = McClure's (USA)
AMR = Auto-Moto-Rétro [France] McP = Thomas A. McPherson's American Funeral Cars & Ambulances since 1900
ANA = ... (USA) MC = The Milestone Car (USA)
AQ = Automobile Quarterly (USA) M(D) = Motor (Germany)
AR = Automobile Revue (Switzerland) MET = Metropolitan (USA)
ASIA = (in full) (USA) MH = Maurice Hendry book "Cadillac - The Complete History" [1st edition, 1973]
AT = Automobile Topics (USA) MI = Mechanix Illustrated (USA)
ATJ = Automobile Trade Journal (USA) MK = Motor Klassik (Germany)
ATM = Atlantic Monthly (USA) MKT = Markt (Germany)
AU = Autocar (UK) ML = Motor Life (USA)
AW = Autoweek (USA) MLF = Motoring Life (USA)]
(B) = Belgium MM = Modern Motor (USA)
BA = Branham's Auto Ref. (USA) MS = Motor Sport (USA)
BH&G = Better Homes & Gardens (USA) MT = Motor Trend (USA)
BoF = Book of Fleetwood (Cadillac publication) MW = The Motor World (USA)
C = The Crest (Cadillac in-house magazine) MWT = Mentor World Traveler (USA)
C&D = Car & Driver (USA) N = Nitro (France)
C&F = Chrome & Flames (France) NAHC = National Automobile History Collection, Detroit Public Library (USA)
C&P = Cars and Parts (USA) NB = Nation's Business (USA)
C&S = Casket & Sunnyside (USA) NG = National Geographic (USA)
CA = Collectible Automobile (USA) NN = Nils Nordberg's book Karossmakarens Berättelse (Sweden)
CATJ = Cycle & Automobile Trade Journal (USA) [NP] = Newspaper (ads, in general)
CC = Classic Car (Classic Car Club of America, USA) (N) = Norway
C/C = Car Collector or Car Classics (USA) NIT = Nitro Magazine (France)
CC&CC = Car Collector and Car Classics (USA) NW = Newsweek (USA)
CCI = Cadillac Connoisseur, journal of the Cadillac Club International, USA) NY = New Yorker (USA)
CCIX = (Souvenir issue of above magazine) OC = Richard Burns Carson's Olympian Cars
CCON = Cadillac Connoisseur, magazine of the Cadillac Club International, USA OCW = Old Cars Weekly (USA)
CE = Car Exchange (USA) OD = Olivier Delafon (French collector friend)
CEN = Century (USA) (P) = Portugal
CH = Clearing House (USA) PD = Phil Dumka (US collector friend - passed on)
CG = Consumer Guide (USA) PEO = People magazine (USA)
CGM = Country Gentleman (USA) PF = Pinin Farina (Italy)
(CH) = Switzerland PI = Le Patriote Illustre (Belgium)
CJ = Caroline Jauffrey (French journalist friend) PLB = Playboy (USA)
CL = Country Life (pre-WW2 magazine, USA)
= Car Life (post-WW2 magazine, USA)
PM = Popular Mechanics (USA)
CMA = ... (USA) PP = Pittsburgh Press (USA)
COL = Collier's (USA) PPB = ... (USA)
CLC = The Cadillac-LaSalle Club "Self-Starter" magazine (USA) PS = Popular Science (USA)
CLCA = The CLC annual "Self-Starter" special (USA) RT = Road Test (USA)
CO = Current Opinion (USA) R&T = Road and Track (USA)
CON = Connoisseur (USA) RV = Retroviseur (France)
COS = Cosmopolitan (USA) (S) = Sweden
CS11 = Car Styling Quarterly N° 11 (Japan) SA = Scientific American (USA)
CS12 = Car Styling Quarterly N° 12 (Japan) SA2 = Speed Age (USA)
(D) = Germany SAB = F. Sabatés book Les Plus belles années Cadillac (France)
DMN - Detroit Motor News (USA) SAE = Society of Automotive Engineers (USA)
ELD = Book Cadillac Eldorado by Howell and Swanson SCC = Standard Catalog of Cadillac, 1903-1990 (Krause - USA)
EM = Everybody's Magazine (USA) Sch16 = Roy Schneider's Sixteen Cylinder Motor Cars
ESQ = Esquire (USA magazine) Sch40 = Roy Schneider's Cadillacs of the Forties]
EUR = Eurocustom (France) Sch59 = Roy Schneider's Cadillac 1950-1959
FOR = Fortune (USA) SCI - Sports Cars Illustrated (USA)
(F) = France SCR - Scribner's (USA)
Fana = Fanatique de l'Automobile (France) SEP = Saturday Evening Post (USA)
FBS = ... (USA) SI Superauto Illustrated (USA)
FC = Family Circle (USA) SIA = Special Interest Automobiles (USA)
FH = Firehouse (USA) SL = Southern Living (USA)
FP = Financial Post (Canadian magazine) SM = Science & Mechanics (USA)
FR = François Roux (French Collector friend) SNP = Sun News Pictorial (Australia)
FRB = ... (USA) SNST = Sunset magazine (USA)
FWD = [Book] "Fleetwood", by James J. Schild (USA) SP = The Sportsman (USA)
(GB) = Great Britain SSA = The CLC annual "Self Starter" special (USA)
GH = George Hildebrand's Golden Age of the Luxury Car T = Time (USA)
GHK = Good Housekeeping (USA) T&C = Town and Country (USA)
H = Maurice Hendry's Complete 75-year History [USA] TS = The Spur (USA)
H&G = House and Garden [USA] USN = ... (USA)
HA = Horseless Age (USA) V8M = V8 Magazine (France)
HB = House Beautiful (USA) VF = Vanity Fair (USA)
HIC = Hearst's International Cosmopolitan (USA) VO = Vogue (USA)
HOL = Holiday (USA) W = Wheels (USA)
HM = ... (USA) WWA = World's Work Advertiser (USA)
HU = Hop Up (USA) WCC = World Car Catalog (USA) 
HW = Harry Wohlgroth (Swiss collector friend) WCC = World Car Catalog (USA) 
HWK = Harper's Weekly (USA) ZTV = Taylor Vinson (US collector friend) 
ILL = L'Illustration (France)




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(résumé en français)

Cette page contient la liste des abbréviations et symboles utilisés dans les divers fichiers de la (New) Cadillac Database©. L'ensemble des données proviennent de livres, revues et publications de clubs dont les noms paraîssent dans les textes sous une forme condensée. Parfois aussi on rencontrera les initiales de la personne qui a fourni l'information, donc jugée fiable.

Si vous deviez rencontrer dans ces pages une abbréviation qui ne figure pas dans la liste ci-dessus, veuillez me la signaler en m'adressant un courrier électronique:

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