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Unknown Artists
[ please inform me if you know any of them ]

ar12trg.JPG (10463 bytes)
1912 touring car

arV6rd.jpg (6318 bytes)
1930-31 V-16 roadster (who is the artist?)

1931 Roadster - possibly from Floyd Clymer booklet of cars

v6ArtPsteiner.JPG (7355 bytes)
1931 roadster by "P. Steiner"
[ Yann photographed it at Tate Auto Museum, TX - 2005 ]

Illegible signature ... but the drawing is #1 of 100

ar_v16_uk.jpg (13146 bytes)
Special Cadillac V16 Town car
[collection of the late C.W. Hampton, U.K.]

Ar32allw.jpg (7250 bytes)

1932 all-weather phaeton

Ar33bw.jpg (5576 bytes)
1933 V8-V12 roadster

arFlt75.jpg (9020 bytes)
Above:  1942 Fleetwood 75, from the year's Data Book
[ from the 1942  dealer's data book ]

ar48kgre.jpg (8255 bytes)
1948 Cadillac fastback Sedanet

Ar49sdnt.jpg (8343 bytes)   
Left: Charcoal sketch of 1949 Cadillac Sedanet fastback

Ar51lit.jpg (5908 bytes)
1951 coupe, from the 1951 owner's manual

ar54brok.JPG (8388 bytes) 
The broken Cadillac (1954)

Artbr55.jpg (7885 bytes)
Left: Artist's view of the prototype Eldorado Brougham of 1955

ar56cad.jpg (7140 bytes)
1956 grille, a charcoal drawing

1957 models in a charcoal medium

58tail.jpg (8348 bytes)
Rear clip of a '58 model from a period ad

5975line.jpg (10836 bytes)
1959 Fleetwood 75 used to advertise a rental company, in France

aragtop.jpg (5195 bytes)
Cadillac Ragtops from 1930 to 1959

art59b.jpg (7288 bytes)

AR59GRL.JPG (4989 bytes)    AR59GRL2.JPG (4870 bytes)
B&W illustrations from factory publications

60EBOM3.JPG (5667 bytes)
1960 Eldorado Brougham (from the owner's manual)

Dutch69CdV.jpg (34146 bytes)
1969 rear view

ar80sdv.jpg (9121 bytes)    ar80svl.jpg (8528 bytes)

ar80eldo.jpg (9053 bytes)    ar82cmrn.jpg (7214 bytes)
Four impressions of eighties Cadillacs, all by the same artist
Top: 1980 Sedan de Ville (left) and Seville (right)
Below: 1980 Eldorado (left) and 1982 Cimarron (right)




Cadillac Art by Lennart Borg

ar53lnrt.JPG (5543 bytes)
Lennart painted this scrape board sketch of the
1953 Sixty Special in 1966




Cadillac Art by Frank Bruno

Ar40brno.jpg (7895 bytes)    ar40brn2.jpg (3387 bytes)
Custom Cadillac, late forties




Cadillac Art by Andy Chrisanov

dg16land.jpg (9335 bytes)    dg38v6tc.jpg (7931 bytes)

dg47limo.jpg (8100 bytes)    dg80sevl.jpg (8263 bytes)
Pen and ink sketches by Andy Chrisanov
Moscow's Auto Review newspaper
[ Courtesy of the artist ]




Cadillac Art by Duke Edwards

ar41duke.jpg (5599 bytes)
1941 Cadillac




Cadillac Art by Bob Eng

Bob is a long-standing member of the Cadillac-LaSalle Club, Inc.
His very accurate and precise line drawings of Cadillac models of all years often
have graced the pages of the Self Starter as well as other hobby magazines

Eng00Drm.JPG (12836 bytes)
Bob's own "dream car"
' 38 grille, '47 fender sides, 60 Special "B" pillar and custom windhsield from 30s GM stylists

Eng53Mans.JPG (13485 bytes)     Eng53Orl.JPG (13595 bytes)
1953 Le Mans (left) and Orleans (right)

Eng54ElCam.JPG (15038 bytes)     Eng54Espa.JPG (13862 bytes)
1954 El Camino (left) and La Espada (right)

Eng54PkAve.JPG (12825 bytes)     Eng55Brg.JPG (13740 bytes)
1955 Park Avenue sedan (left) and Eldorado Brougham prototype (right)

Eng55Las2Sdn.JPG (14050 bytes)     Eng55Las2rds.JPG (13626 bytes)
1955 La Salle II sedan (left) and roadster (right)

Eng56BrgTC.JPG (15621 bytes)
1956 Eldorado Brougham Town Car

 Eng59Cycl.JPG (10564 bytes)
1959 Cyclone




Cadillac Art by Mano Forsman

60toon.jpg (5490 bytes)
Mano painted this cartoon commercial in 1971; it's a pen and ink
sketch for a Swedish lightingmanufacturer's product catalog




Cadillac Art by the late Stephen Nadon

Stephen was a fan of the Cadillac V-16 and Eldorado models in general, and the Eldorado Brougham
in particular. He supplied the Database regularly with his B&W pen and ink sketches; he certainly
deserves a place in the "Cadillac Art" gallery.  Stephen lived in London, Ontario, Canada

Derham-bodied 1940 V-16
(the original belongs to the Merle Nporman - Jack Nethercutt - collection of San Sylmar, CA)

Custom 1954 Eldorado coupe for the CEO of Reynolds Aluminum

1955 Series 60 Special sedan

1955 Series 60 Special, interior detail

1955 Eldorado

1956 Sedan de Ville
[ from a factory photo ]

1956 custom Series 75 limousine by Derham

1956 Eldorado Biarritz

1956 Eldorado Seville [left]  and Biarritz [right]

1956 custom wagon by Hess & Eisenhr5adt

Custom 1958 Eldorado Biarritz "rain car" by/for Harley Earl, with added '59 tail-light pods and lights

This Eldorado Brougham belongs to Australian CLC member, Ralph Plarre

Bird's eye-view of the 1956 Eldorado Brougham (pre-production prototype) on show at the Paris salon that year

1956 Eldorado Brougham "Town Car" (originally an engineless showcar, later converted to full power)
[ from factory photos ]



Above four rows: the 1957-58 production  Eldorado Brougham, from various angles

1960 Eldorado Seville (just like my former car)




Cadillac Art by Tris Nerima

57BrgTrisNerima1.jpg (3441 bytes)    57BrgTrisNerima2.jpg (5743 bytes)
1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham




Cadillac Art by Christopher Parent

AR49INK.JPG (5960 bytes)
This is an 11x17” print of a pen and ink drawing of a beautiful 1949 Cadillac Series 62 by Northwest artist Christopher Parent. It is an example of  pointillism, using the stippling technique (a series of very tiny lines and dots of ink) which is very time consuming but the resulting detail is amazing




Cadillac Art by Dan Reed

Dan is a member of the Valley Forge Region Cadillac-LaSalle
Club, Inc. (CLC)  and also an automotive illustrator.  Please check out
his web site for more Cadillac (and other) art in both color and B&W

ar32cp.jpg (4831 bytes)    ar_reed2.jpg (4972 bytes)
(left) 1932 Cadillac convertible coupe
(right) 1947 Series 62 sedan

ar56rr.jpg (4390 bytes)    ar57pen.jpg (4692 bytes)    ar60cp.jpg (4346 bytes)
(L to R) 1956, 1957, 1960




Cadillac Art by Ricco Richter

Ar56frt.jpg (11372 bytes)    Ar56rr2.jpg (9135 bytes)
1956 Coupe, front and rear views

ar60RiccoRichter.jpg (10915 bytes)    ar67cv.jpg (21281 bytes)    Ar67Eld1.jpg (26717 bytes)
1960 sedan, 1967 de Ville convertible, 1968 Eldorado coupe

ArCLR.jpg (6204 bytes)
2009 Cadillac CLR
[ pen and ink drawing ]




Cadillac Art by Yann Saunders

Ar37hman.jpg (9866 bytes)
1937 Cadillac roadster by Hartmann, Switzerland
[ pen and ink drawing ]




Cadillac Cartoon Art by Gilbert Shelton
[Les Dossiers du Canard, France ]

ar59shel.jpg (13276 bytes)




Cadillac Art by Stephanie Thomas

49STEPH.JPG (5107 bytes)
Stephanie is  a self taught artist. Only recently (2003) did she begin to sell her drawings to help put her son through school. The 1949 Cadillac is only her second drawing of a car. She plans to draw more classic cars




Cadillac Art by Andy Warhol

ArtWarhol63aa.jpg (18653 bytes)    ArtWarhol63b.jpg (37550 bytes)
" Twelve Cars"




Cadillac Art by Bill Wood

AR50INK.JPG (4243 bytes)
1950 Cadillac front clip
11x17", on off-white paper
[ part of a set of 29 similar ink prints ]




Cadillac Art by Paul Zanetti

Paul was born in 1961. He started cartooning at age nine, drawing the teachers in school ...and getting kicked out of class. He knew then that cartooning was his future. At age 18 he was appointed editorial cartoonist for the Sydney Daily Telegraph. He was Australia's youngest editorial cartoonist.  Today he is independently syndicating cartoons throughout Australia and overseas.

When he saw his first Cadillac (a '59 Eldorado Biarritz!) it was love at first sight and has been a lifetime love affair. Paul hs owned a number of collectible Cadillacs since the late 1980s.

His hobbies include Michelle, the children, architecture, restoring Cadillacs, locating and restoring mid-20th century modern furniture, collecting and landscaping cacti and succulents.

ar_Paul2.jpg (31764 bytes)
1959 Eldorado Barritz
Flying saucer  has landed on the forecourt of a Cadillac
dealership; trumpet-nosed extraterrestrial being
is saying to the vendor:  I need a new model

[unfortunately, space restrictions prevent showing the cartoon in full size;
reduced size and lower resolution do not allow for capture all the artist's pen strokes]

Paul is a well-known Australian cartoonist. And, yes,
he does drive a 1959 Eldorado Biarritz.  Gita and I are
honored to have been guests of Paul and his lovely wife, Michelle,
during our extended Australian tour in March-April, 2005




Unidentified Cadillac Cartoons

58toon.jpg (10915 bytes)
Left: this cartoon depicts a 1958/59 Cadillac hearse;
the macabre caption reads: SMOKING or NO SMOKING

ARTOON59.JPG (11168 bytes)
1701 - French explorer Antoine de Cadillac, founder
of Detroit, lands on the shores of Lake Michigan

This one illustrates the "extreme length" of the Cadillac

From the satirical publication, Mad Magazine, in the 60s: this artist's
impression of a "compact Cadillac coupe with "59-60 Special" sedan overtones 

AR60SDV.JPG (12771 bytes)
Free-hand sketch done in a Paris restaurant by
a member of the former Cadillac Club of France



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