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15PCFACT.JPG (11982 bytes)
The caption reads: Plant of the Cadillac Motor Car Company, Detroit
Largest Producers of High Grade Motor Cars in the World

plntbody.jpg (14934 bytes)

plntfoun.jpg (15173 bytes)

plntmain.jpg (14162 bytes)

plntware.jpg (10779 bytes)
The Cadillac Motor Car Co., Detroit, circa 1911




09cadhot.jpg (8755 bytes)
The Cadillac Hotel in Detroit (1909),
named after the founder of Detroit, Antoine de Lamothe Cadillac

...but it had nothing to do with the Cadillac automobile

Doorknob.jpg (4296 bytes)    hotel09.jpg (3926 bytes)

Mshotl04.jpg (6542 bytes)
Door knobs,  room key fobs, tableware
all featured the renowned Cadillac crest 




DECAL05.JPG (7699 bytes)    DECAL10.JPG (6457 bytes)
Decals depicting 1906 Cadillac (left) and 1910 model (right)

AR1906B.JPG (9609 bytes)

crd53eld.JPG (7091 bytes)    crd54sdn.JPG (6596 bytes)
There may have been more Cadillac models in this card series

    Tradcrd1.jpg (14289 bytes)Tradcrd2.jpg (9729 bytes)
Above two rows: Card set of artist's Cadillacs including 1948 Sixty Special sedan, 1949 Series 62
convertible, 1954 La Espada, 1956 Eldorado Brougham town car and 1956 Series 62 convertible


55carpln.jpg (8832 bytes)    55carpl2.jpg (5686 bytes)
This PC advertises the 'plane and the Cadillac (1950? 1952?)

56XmasCrd.jpg (10611 bytes)
See the '56 tail fins at lower left of this cute Xmas card?

64deal~1.jpg (6230 bytes)
A Cadillac dealership cars from 1964




1957 Cadillac Series 75 - Australian tea-growers advertising card




ar58pinup.jpg (49902 bytes)
Pin-Up Cadillac (1958 model ... the car!)




Comic PCs
[ all plugging the 1959 Cadillac ]

59broth.JPG (4859 bytes)    59crdrr.JPG (5720 bytes)

  5960st~1.jpg (5677 bytes)    59toon4.JPG (8720 bytes)

59pc01.jpg (9582 bytes)

59pool2.JPG (8748 bytes)    59pool1.JPG (4130 bytes)




1959 Cadillacs Galore

59surf2.JPG (5687 bytes)

59lips.jpg (4962 bytes)    59pc2.jpg (8316 bytes)

59hose.JPG (8172 bytes)    59oilwel.jpg (4837 bytes)

59hrdrck.jpg (5845 bytes)    59pclimo.jpg (6338 bytes)

59catsuit.JPG (8087 bytes)    59cowbs.JPG (5523 bytes)

59fla.JPG (5133 bytes)    59vegas.JPG (5527 bytes)    59pcfin.JPG (3743 bytes)

59pc06.jpg (7670 bytes)    59pcaz.JPG (5747 bytes)     59surf1.JPG (7305 bytes)

 59medbrn.jpg (9359 bytes)
Media Burn by Ant Farm, San Francisco, July 4, 1975.
A 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz crashes through a wall

of burning TV sets, all in the name of "art"
[ Photo:  © John Frederick Turner (Yann Saunders collection) ]

59gdth2.JPG (7604 bytes)    59gmnier.jpg (9327 bytes)
Why this PC depicting Geneva's Grand Theātre? Well, if you look carefully
in the lower RH corner, you'll see a 1959 Series 62 convertible [blown-up, right]. 
It belonged to a Geneva doctor [more details about it in the 1959 Dream Cars section]

59erotik.jpg (5447 bytes)
[ Source:  Unknown (possibly Internet) ]

  59poof2.JPG (7639 bytes)    59poof1.JPG (7225 bytes)
The attire of the person on the rear deck (left) and the card's message suggest that it was
intended for members of San Francisco's gay community.  It reads I love you so f***ing much, it hurts!
(pardon my French!)  It was published in 1982 by Exposed Cards.  I assume that the person featured
in the other  card (right) is a cross-dresser [man's hands and legs] and that the card, again,
was intended for the gay community.  There is no message or indication of the publisher

PC59Fla.jpg (18679 bytes)
Florida's "Sun Tower" hotel with lots of 50s Cadillacs out front
[ Jean-Michel Roux collection ]




60card.jpg (3361 bytes)
Greeting card featuring 1960 grille
From "Athena International"
[ J.-M. Roux collection ]




Ar68PinUp.jpg (43375 bytes)
Pin-Up Cadillac (1968 model ... the car!)




76pc.jpg (10133 bytes)
Advertising PC for 1976 Eldorado




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[ Background image:  drawing of a'59 Cadillac convertible, a gift from J.-M. Roux ]