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There are a few interesting old clocks, pocket watches and wrist watches to be found out there but most of the stuff here is ultra-modern gadgetry aimed at the car buffs.

Did you say ugly ?



Oldclck.jpg (5799 bytes)    35clock.jpg (4104 bytes)
A couple of real Cadillac car clocks:
teens (left), 1936 (right)

07clock.jpg (10595 bytes)
This 1907 timepiece is marked "Cadillac" too




Clocks made from old wheel covers

Clock2.jpg (4822 bytes)
This one is from a 1970 Cadillac




Modern, Decorative Wall Clocks

39clok.jpg (9848 bytes)    39clock.jpg (5308 bytes)    47clock.jpg (4999 bytes)    55clock.jpg (4733 bytes)    55CLOK.JPG (4406 bytes)
Cadillac models are depicted on these "kitchy" clock faces
[ the '55 Cadillac on the clock face at far right is from a period ad ]

56CLCK.JPG (5321 bytes)    56CLCK3.JPG (4492 bytes)    56clok2.jpg (4640 bytes)    56clok3.jpg (3097 bytes)  
1956 clock on left is purported to illustrate the Coupe de Ville
but in fact shows an image of a Series 62 sedan

56CLOCK.JPG (4663 bytes)    56CLOCK2.JPG (4864 bytes)
More 1956 Cadillac wall clocks

    57CLOCK.JPG (5135 bytes)    AR57CLOK.JPG (5598 bytes)
1957 Cadillac wall clocks; motif on right is period ad

58clock2.jpg (6656 bytes)    58clok3.jpg (4552 bytes)    58clok4.jpg (5059 bytes)
1958 Cadillac wall clocks; background, left,  is period ad (clock is at top, right)

Clck58.jpg (5093 bytes)    58CLCK.JPG (4917 bytes)
Left: wall clock with 1958 Eldorado Seville motif
Rigfht: The "art" on this 1958 clock is from
the only known ad for the Eldorado Brougham
which appeared in Fortune, for March 1958  

59CLCK.JPG (4487 bytes)    59clock.jpg (5363 bytes)
1959 Cadillac wall clocks
[ I'm sure there are many others like these ]

59CLOCK.JPG (4231 bytes)    59CLOK2.JPG (5836 bytes)
Circular and square versions
[ the motif on the RH clock is from a magazine ad ]

ar61clck.jpg (5355 bytes)
Pink 1961 coupe clock

msclock.jpg (5901 bytes)    Clock.jpg (4836 bytes)
These Cadillac Service clocks will decorate your work shop

ls_clok.JPG (5359 bytes)
This clock face depicts the
1927 La Salle roadster from

the Cadillac Historical Collection




Desk Clocks

Ar32clc2.jpg (6402 bytes)

Ar32clck.jpg (9507 bytes)
Above two rows:  1932 V-16 phaeton "clock"
[ the clock replaces the LH sidemounted spare wheel ]

ar48clck.jpg (4003 bytes)
The motif is the 1948 Sedanet

59CLCK2.JPG (5105 bytes)
1959 Series 62 convertible on table clock base




Pocket Watches

Watch3.jpg (3589 bytes)    Watch4.jpg (4298 bytes)    WATCH5.JPG (7133 bytes)

Watch6.jpg (7335 bytes)    WATCH7.JPG (4755 bytes)
In my opinion these Hamilton
pocket watches are from the fifties




Wrist Watches

WATCHA.JPG (6207 bytes)    watch.jpg (2812 bytes)    watchb.jpg (4674 bytes)    30SWATCH.JPG (5640 bytes)
Antique styles, marked "Chateau Cadillac" or just plain "Cadillac"

mswatch2.jpg (2812 bytes)
Fifties style

    ar49watc.JPG (4572 bytes)     ar58watc.jpg (3983 bytes)     59WATCH.JPG (3561 bytes)     AR54WATC.JPG (4686 bytes)

watchc.jpg (3716 bytes)          ar57wcwa.JPG (48041 bytes)
These watches are popular, contemporary pieces; there are numerous versions of it,
featuring different Cadillac models or accessories (like the 1930 Goddess, left.

In the same series comes this item with a simple "LaS" (La Salle) insignia (center);
at right a watch face that depicts the highly-prized 1957 Cadillac wheel cover



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© 1996, Yann Saunders and the Cadillac-LaSalle Club, Inc.
[ Background image:  drawing of a'59 Cadillac convertible, a gift from J.-M. Roux ]