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19cadfrocks.jpg (18755 bytes)
A period ad for "Cadillac Frocks"
[the coat of arms is the same as used on the cars]



     Model.jpg (6017 bytes)               
(Left) model poses with '52 Cadillac for unidentified fashion house; (Center) another model poses with furs and '54 (?) Cadillac; (Right), this model p0ses for Jacques Fath's new "A" line fashions in 1953




HANDBAG.JPG (4114 bytes)
Handbag by Christian Dior, called the Cadillac trailer,
styled to match your Cadillac, with silver clasp, red reflector
and license plate (other side of the bag), miniature steering
wheel,  strap, buckles, perforated leather [styled on 1966 Eldorado];
it cost about $1500 and was offered by a
Dior outlet in Genmeva, Switzerland, the nineties
[ Photo : Marie Pierre Lattion ]

AR47BAG.JPG (6779 bytes)
Here is a similar item, supposed
to be inspired by the 1947 Cadillac

[ source unknown ]

Stylish 1959 Cadillac high heels




T-SHRT.JPG (6340 bytes)     ar02shrt.jpg (6072 bytes)     arcloth1.jpg (5685 bytes)
Hundreds of T-shirts with various Cadillac motifs have flooded the hobby scene in the last 20 years




Beltbuk1.jpg (5147 bytes)     04BUCKL.JPG (14883 bytes)     Msbukle.jpg (7201 bytes)     Beltbukl.jpg (5280 bytes)
Belt buckles too are very popular; the one on the left is from the Superior professional car company;

next is a buckle marked "1904" but with a 1906 "tulip" Model K; beside it is  depicted  a 1932 Cadillac V12 sedan;
at the right, a buckle inspired by the Johnny Cash hit song, One Piece at a Time




Patch2.jpg (7884 bytes)

Apatch3.jpg (7056 bytes)     Patch3.jpg (5953 bytes)     PATCH3A.JPG (4685 bytes)

Patch0.jpg (4321 bytes)     Apatch1.jpg (4455 bytes)     Apatch4.jpg (7799 bytes)     Apatch2.jpg (4448 bytes)     APATCH6.jpg (4677 bytes)

Apatch5.jpg (7022 bytes)
Jacket patches for the Cadillac enthusiast come in all shapes, sizes and designs

cci_ptch.jpg (4162 bytes)
Jacket patch of  California's
Cadillac Club International




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