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Cadillac Couches
probably the most popular of all the Cadillac "furniture" items
[ many are shown courtesy of Doc Sabatino ]

55coucha.JPG (4800 bytes)    55couchb.jpg (9568 bytes)   

 55couchc.jpg (4589 bytes)    55couchd.jpg (6639 bytes)
1955-56, from start to "please sit down"

AR56SEA2.JPG (7118 bytes)    AR56SEAT.JPG (8554 bytes)
This one is different in that the BACK of the seat is the focal point

58couch2.jpg (15623 bytes)

A rather plain 1959 Cadillac arm chair
New York Times, July 28, 1963 Cad 59 armchair

The 1959 Cadillac couch is a popular home furnishing for the car nut.  One of our friends in Switzerland has one  [see "Shark 59" story]. 
I witnessed its "delivery" to his penthouse apartment in Geneva;  they had to get a crane to hoist it onto the terrace and four
strong men to carry it through the French windows into the lounge

59seat1.jpg (5370 bytes)     59seat3.jpg (4976 bytes)     59seat2.jpg (6837 bytes)   

       59SOFA.jpg (16567 bytes)     59seat1.jpg (11518 bytes)    

59couch9.jpg (20635 bytes)

59stbobm.jpg (6527 bytes)
This couch was made for R&B artist, Fats Domino, by CLC member, Bob Millian

    60fatsd.jpg (5182 bytes)    60fatsd2.jpg (2683 bytes)
Left: Fats autographed this photo of him seated on the custom-made couch
Plaque (right) hides behind arm rest of Fats' couch (left)

FatsCouch2.jpg (56629 bytes)
Sadly, Fats' custom "Pink Cadillac Convertible" couch was all but destroyed
during the "Katrina" flooding in New Orleans, in 2005
[ Photo:  Linda Nix ]

59elvst.jpg (7557 bytes)     cadcouc.jpg (8399 bytes)
(Left) Miniature ceramic couch with Elvis, reading
(Right) Painting (?) of 59 Cadillac couch

59seat.jpg (8822 bytes)    59fkseat.jpg (5185 bytes)
In the painting (left) you can see a 1959 Cadillac couch  (at lower right)
The "1959" couch at the left is a Fiberglas fake

COUCHA1.JPG (5672 bytes)    COUCHC1.JPG (6753 bytes)

COUCHD1.JPG (4681 bytes)

COUCHB1.JPG (7115 bytes)    59FKSEA2.JPG (7642 bytes)    59seat3.jpg (13567 bytes)
Above three rows: These are more "fake" car seats molded in Fiberglas or similar



The making of a 1959 Cadillac couch

    59coucha.jpg (8746 bytes)    59couchb.jpg (7336 bytes)

59couchc.jpg (6342 bytes)    59couchd.jpg (7226 bytes)

59couche.jpg (7982 bytes)    59couc5.jpg (9859 bytes)   

59couc2.jpg (7126 bytes)    59couc3.jpg (8610 bytes)    59couchS.jpg (4926 bytes)

59coubef.jpg (4869 bytes)    59couaft.jpg (5410 bytes)
Here are another two "Before" and "After" shots
in the creation of a 1959 Cadillac couch

59couc4.jpg (9925 bytes)    59model.jpg (8390 bytes)    59couch.jpg (11950 bytes)
Center picture: ©1999 Suzi Randal

Nifty, "1959 Cadillac" wall-mounted stand for wide-screen TV

60COUCH4.JPG (5705 bytes)    60COUCH5.JPG (5310 bytes)

   60couch.jpg (5592 bytes)    60couch2.jpg (5540 bytes)    60couch3.jpg (5036 bytes)

60bobm4.jpg (7629 bytes)    60bobm1.jpg (7340 bytes)
Left: Couch-builder, Bob Millian, seated with lucky buyer
Right: Bob's workshop; on wall (left), custom music center
built into 1960 Cadillac front clip (see details below)




Other bulky furniture items

50gadget.jpg (4906 bytes)    53hanger.JPG (6964 bytes)
Not sure about the item at the left (sculpture ?)
Right is the front of a '53 Cadillac ...to hang on the wall!

ar55desk1.jpg (23392 bytes)    ar55desk2.jpg (15294 bytes)

56DESK.JPG (6088 bytes)
1956 desk by Jerry and Delores Patterson, CA
[ note: older style sombrero hub caps ]

Even the swivel seats on this 1984 desk conversion were used for effect ... if not practicality

cadicecr.jpg (8067 bytes)
1958 bar counter

59_bed.jpg (9511 bytes)    59stove.jpg (8913 bytes)
Don't discard your '59 when you are through driving it!  It could make a comfortable
"Cadillac-King"-sized bed (left) or an ingenious, log-burning stove for the lounge (right)

Cad_bed.jpg (11949 bytes)
Here's another '59 Cadillac bed that
sold on eBay in April-May, 2006
[ photo:  Internet ]

59fridge.jpg (3662 bytes)    54FRIMAG.JPG (6628 bytes)
1959 Refrigerator (left); decorative fridge magnet (right)



The making of a custom music center

60musica.jpg (4429 bytes)    60musicb.jpg (4842 bytes)    60musicd.jpg (7450 bytes)

60musice.jpg (9264 bytes)    60musicf.jpg (7030 bytes)

60musicg.jpg (6377 bytes)    60musich.jpg (8992 bytes)    60musici.jpg (6332 bytes)

60musicj.jpg (7011 bytes)    60musicc.jpg (6366 bytes)
This stereo system was built into the front clip off a 1960 Cadillac by
CLC member, Bob Millian; half-inch plywood was used to box the inside,
to hold the components and albums; Bob says this was easier to make than a couch

62bartop.JPG (11150 bytes)    WALLHANG.JPG (5731 bytes)
(left) 1962 lower front bumper bar-top
(right) full-size Fiberglas wall element (1959 Series 62 convertible)

BIGMIRR.JPG (7564 bytes)
This wall mirror is a full size rear clip of
the 1959 Series 62 convertible, crafted in




Smaller home furnishing items

mslghtswi.jpg (6175 bytes)    AR58LGHT.JPG (5089 bytes)
(Left) light switch cover plate decorated with a 1932 Cadillac phaeton
(Right) low voltage, 3-spot, ceiling  light made from 1959 wheel cover
by my son Philip

    MS04LAMP.JPG (3053 bytes)    59LAMP.JPG (3615 bytes)
Two lamps, 1906 and 1959

59PHON2.JPG (7329 bytes)    59PHONE.JPG (5923 bytes)
A "1959 Cadillac" telephone

03plntr.jpg (4861 bytes)
A planter shaped like a 1903 tonneau model

arpillow.jpg (8726 bytes)    59pillow.JPG (5097 bytes)
Decorative pillows; on the left is a tapestry pillow depicting the custom 1932 V16 town car
owned for many years by the late C.W. Hampton in England; it measures approx. 17x17";
on the right,  always the 1959 Cadillac

Ar59blnk.jpg (6369 bytes)
Here's a '59 Cadillac  beach blanket,
picked off the Internet [text is superimposed]

    bk_endsa.jpg (6782 bytes)
Decorative bookends sporting the well-known Cadillac wreath and crest

arplnter.jpg (5289 bytes)
1931 Cadillac Sport Roadster "planter"   INarco of Japan.
Item is about 10½" long and carries #E-2677 on the base

13ceram.jpg (4394 bytes)
Ceramic Double Springs Series #D326 decanter
showing on the base: Designed by B. Hasenslab

[ Photo: e-Bay auction site ]

t13lghtr.jpg (5329 bytes)    t12lghtr.jpg (6190 bytes)
Mini table-lighters alleged to depict
a Cadillac model of 1913
[ Photo:  e-Bay auction site ]

61lghtr.jpg (7965 bytes)

Tun61cig.jpg (6180 bytes)    t61lghtr.jpg (7854 bytes)
This 1961 Cadillac coupe has a removable roof and reveals a cigarette storage box;
there is also a removable flint-and-wick lighter encased in the rear deck
(in case you had not noticed, in the photo on the left, above, the roof is on back to front!)

t63ciga.jpg (7563 bytes)    63lghtr.jpg (11379 bytes)
Here's another table-lighter / cigarette box made in the former Federal Republic of Germany

Tun63rad.JPG (7467 bytes)
And here's a portable radio in the shape of the 1963 Series 62 convertible;
it is made by Federal, Hong Kong, and is 10" long

55eldlgh.jpg (4019 bytes)
1956 Cadillac Eldorado Seville, table lighter
[ scale and origin unknown ]



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