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Big boys' toys never fail to attract the attention of wives and girlfriends.

And how better to keep their attention on you and your toys, guys, than by showering upon them gifts of all kinds (especially the EXPENSIVE kind)  that will remind them (the ladies) about  them (the big toys).

The man who best grasped that situation probably was the loving and caring husband of  Mrs. Elizabeth (Liz) Moore of Birmingham, Alabama.  Not only did he buy her a full-sized, 1929 Cadillac roadster, in August of 1974, but he brought the gift even closer to her heart with this fabulous white and yellow gold pendant that is studded with diamonds1.


29pndant.jpg (5519 bytes)
Diamond-studded, white and  yellow gold
pendant depicting a 1929 Cadillac roadster
[ Photo:  © 1974, AACA ]



Measuring approximately two inches long by three-quarters of an inch wide, its wheel hubs, headlights, fender lights, side mounted wheels and tiny tail lights all are studded with diamonds

This "jewel of a car", the only one in the world [at least at the time it was made - but it may have inspired others to do the same], was minutely crafted by jeweler, Jack Agnew. It took three months to complete, has rolling wheels, engraving and even a microscopic hood ornament that actually screws into the radiator top.
1  [source: AACA Antique Automobile magazine, Nov.-Dec., 1976, p.46]


On this page you will find other "jewelry" items, not necessarily as fancy or expensive as the one shown above, but nonetheless of interest to the collector of Cadillac and LaSalle automobilia and memorabilia.

If any users of The (new) Cadillac Database© have any, similar decorative items they want to see included on this page, please send me a digital image (if possible no greater in size than 100-150KB).


Coins, Medals, Tokens


This medal commemorates the Cadillac company's being awarded the Dewar Trophy, in 1908, for having demonstrated convincingly the total interchangeability (without any fitting or adjustments of any kind) of all the component parts of the 1907 Cadillac Model K runabout. Tests were carried out at the Brooklands race track in England. In 1912, Cadillac won the trophy a second time for successfully demonstrating the electric self-starter and electric lighting in 1911, and applying these advances to all its 1912 models. Since the reverse of the medal mentions Cadillac's having won the award twice, the piece obviously was minted after 1912.  My guess is that it was issued by Cadillac to commemorate an event as important as Detroit's 250th anniversary (see below).

Dewarmed.jpg (10630 bytes)
The origin of this bronze (?) medallion, or why it was struck, are not presently known to me.  If any Database user can provide some clues, I certainly would appreciate it.  The medal celebrates Cadillac's winning the Dewar Trophy, in 1908 and again 1912, that was awarded annually by Britain's Royal Automobile Association (RAC) for the greatest advance made in the automobile industry in the course of the preceding year.

In 1951, to commemorate the 250th anniversary of its founding in 1701, the City of Detroit struck a number of  bronze medallions like the one below. The obverse shows Cadillac, the man, landing by canoe at the site of  what was to become Detroit,  on July 24, 1701; the inscription reads: Antoine de Lamothe Cadillac Founder of Detroit - 250th Anniversary 1951.  On the reverse is a modern-day Detroit skyline; the inscription on that side reads: Detroit's 250th Birthday Festival - Past Present Future.

I was given one of these commemorative medals in 1991 when I was invited to attend the opening of  the Robert Keyaerts Cadillac Museum at Langeais, in Touraine, France.

In addition to the foregoing medallion, the city of Detroit issued also a special commemorative 3c stamp as well as a number of  decorative first day covers for philatelists. It seems that other Detroit businesses struck similar medals and  medallions to mark the special occasion.  A couple are shown below. All of them show Cadillac landing at the site that is now downtown Detroit.

Late Extra [6/2005]:   This eMail arrived  from Database visitor, Bob Perrne, from Pennsylvania.   He wrote: I am the grandson of the sculpture and artist Rene Paul Chambellan and I want to confirm that the medal you said is signed by what you ”believe to be” Rene Paul Chambellan is indeed one of his works. Along with his well known architectural and figurative sculptures he is also well known as an accomplished medalist. I am presently organizing the enormous volume of work by my grandfather and researching various works for which he was responsible for an forthcoming book and web site and that is how I stumbled upon your web site. Good luck, Bob Perrone

250th1.jpg (4093 bytes)    250th2.jpg (3235 bytes)
Bob Perrone supplied these images; this medal was struck in 1951
to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the founding of Detroit, in 1701

The sculptor-engraver
's name is René Paul Chambellan [see above]


ARTLNDNG.JPG (7192 bytes)
This piece from 1910 reads July 1910 - B.P.O.E.   34  and celebrates the 46th Annual Grand Lodge Reunion
in Detroit; it is hallmarked by the Chas M. Robbins Co. of Attleboro, MA.  Like the previous medal shown above,

it features the explorer, Cadillac, landing in a canoe at what is now the site of metropolitan Detroit
[ missing is probably a top pin or tie bar ]



Milk Tokens - Casino Chips - Pogs

emb30jel.jpg (9651 bytes)
These plastic JELLO coins were issued in Canada in 1960-61 and added as inserts to promote
their products. The discs came in eight different colors of plastic that are 1-7/8" in diameter;
this yellow disc depicting the 1931 Cadillac roadster is #106 from the 200-coin set

07token.jpg (9190 bytes)    34jello.jpg (6419 bytes)    48jello.jpg (6860 bytes)    58jello.jpg (6673 bytes)    60jello.jpg (6761 bytes)
Missing in the preceding series is the coin that depicts a red  1941 Cadillac sedan.  Others too ?

all_jelo.jpg (10629 bytes)
Here is a rare, complete set of 200
jello coins in a custom holder

27pogg.jpg (3896 bytes)
Where else to put this small artifact ?
It's a car badge for a rally organized in 1927
by New York dealer, Uppercu Cadillac

0408limo1.jpg (4349 bytes)0408limo2.jpg (4245 bytes)
From Spain (but the text is in Portuguese) this token is
marked "Cadillac 1904" but depicts a limousine of 1908

05coina.jpg (7459 bytes)
The car on the reverse of the token (RH image)
depicts the 1905 Cadillac, 4-cyl., Model D tourer

Em05coin.jpg (8683 bytes)
Another token in faux gold depicting the same car
[ believed to be from the Franklin Mint, circa 1969

72token.JPG (16199 bytes)

V_medal.jpg (5567 bytes)
On the reverse of this pendant
is the 1905 Cadillac Model D
[ as in previous row ]

17coina.jpg (9641 bytes)
The car on the reverse of this token (RH image)
depicts the new, 1918 Cadillac, Type 59 Landaulet

[ I believe these were stamped by the Franklin Mint in the sixties ]

arsvrlan.jpg (7016 bytes)
A similar token in faux gold

50miltkn.jpg (15530 bytes)
Gold-colored milk (?) token from 1955, celebrating GM's
first 50 million cars and particularly the renowned Cadillac

429of500.jpg (3802 bytes)
This souvenir pin is one of 500 specially designed and made for the grand opening
of the Robert Keyaerts Cadillac Museum in Langeais, France, in May 1991;

they were distributed to VIP's, members of the press and other guests
by Magali and Geneviève, daughters of the Museum's late founder


[ bangles, charms, cuff links, pendants, rings ]



bangle.jpg (5204 bytes)    bangle2.JPG (3936 bytes)
This tortoise-shell (?) bangle was for sale on the Internet, circa 2000;
I did bid on it for Gita, but another loving husband outbid me!


Cufflinks and Tie-Tacks

Cufflink.jpg (4219 bytes)
Cadillac "V and crest" motif
on a pair of cufflinks from the mid-

tieclasp.jpg (6903 bytes)
A tie-tack, possibly of fifties vintage

ScarClip01.jpg (2651 bytes)    ScarClip01b.jpg (2354 bytes)
This tie clip appears to be from the 50s or 60s
[ it is from Doug Scarrow's fabulous collection of keys and key fobs ]

Fshrcuf2.JPG (5507 bytes)
Fisher Coach cufflink and tie-pin set

cci_tack.jpg (30637 bytes)
As I recall, I got this tie-tack in the seventies, when I joined
the Cadillac Club International (CCI), in California


Pendants and Charms

05sptkn2.jpg (6173 bytes)    05sptkn3.JPG (3502 bytes)    05sptkn.JPG (5919 bytes)
This rare pendant/medal on an ornate chain link "ribbon" (center) was presented to a faithful employee who had served the Cadillac Motor Car Company for 10 years.  The engraving reads:
Token to Lewis Perry in appreciation of 10 years of faithful service
Cadillac Motor Car Co EPG 18
(?) ]1895-19051

29pndant.jpg (5519 bytes)
[ see the introductory paragraph to this page ]

07charm1.jpg (4302 bytes)    07charm2.jpg (4523 bytes)
1907 Model K runabout, made for a charm bracelet

fob2.jpg (5218 bytes)
This intricately etched pendant
featuring the Cadillac crest appears
to be also studded with stones of some kind

Pendant.jpg (6218 bytes)
This "Wreath and Crest" pendant
probably is of more recent vintage than
the preceding one (my guess: the seventies)

JEWLCHRM.JPG (5805 bytes)
This one is even more modern
(probably 21st century)

50SCHRIS.JPG (7711 bytes)
St.Christopher, the traveler's companion, dash board emblem

ARJEW53E.JPG (5468 bytes)
Gold 1953 Eldorado pin

ar55chrm.jpg (29558 bytes)
Unidentified gold charm (pendant)
in the shape of a 1955-56 Cadillac

T56prpn.jpg (6641 bytes)
Elvis Presley pink 1955 Cadillac Sixty Special

ar_charm.jpg (5176 bytes)
This tiny charm depicting a 1958 Cadillac [four headlights]
measures only 3/8" x 7/8"; it was offered for sale on e-Bay in 2002

Artcharm.jpg (4820 bytes)
And here is another
featuring a 1959-60 Cadillac

ar_jew59.jpg (31513 bytes)
This one is representative of the 1959-60 models



ARJEWL38.JPG (7670 bytes)
This signet ring was presented to a Mr. A.E. Lawrence for outstanding performance as a Cadillac salesman in 1938. A diamond was added each year until World War II began
[ ring was offered for sale on Internet in September, 2003 ]

insgring.jpg (7441 bytes)
Signet ring with  wreath and colored
Cadillac crest. Was this a dealer-incentive gift ?

1  It was not before October 1905 that the Leland & Faulconer Manufacturing Co. [the company that  built the first Cadillac engines] and the Cadillac Automobile Company [founded in 1902] were consolidated as The Cadillac Motor Car Company. In addition, the original Cadillac crest on the reverse of the "medal" was registered as the Cadillac trademark only on Aug. 8, 1906.  The inscription around the circumference of the latter reads Cadillac Motor Car Company - Detroit, Mich. USA;   below the crest are the word La Mothe Cadillac. The presentation, therefore, must have been made no earlier than 1906



Pins and Awards
[ many being company-issued ]


I am no expert on Cadillac-LaSalle lapel pins; this selection was offered for sale at different times on e-Bay [Internet auction site], in 2000-2002; if any experts out there can identify them, I will add/modify the appropriate captions.

EM_PIN.JPG (5164 bytes)
Probably a modern pin
depicting the earliest Cadillac crest

pin_teen.JPG (4068 bytes)    crsunk.jpg (2726 bytes)    laplpin.jpg (3546 bytes)    40spin.jpg (3823 bytes)
The pin at far left may be from the early teens;
the other three could be pre- or post-WW2

emb_pins.JPG (7484 bytes)
Cadillac employee pins (?)
The one on the left reads: Executive - Cadillac Motor Car Div. GMC
The one on the right reads: Gen'l Foreman - Cadillac Motor Car Div. GMC
In the center is what looks like an Engineering Department pin

08pin2.jpg (8456 bytes)    lap_pin.jpg (3748 bytes)    lap_pin.jpg (8869 bytes)
Left: Cadillac salesman's lapel pin (?) [late teens or early twenties]
Right: lapel pin from the early fifties

31embawa.jpg (5652 bytes)
Unknown item:  probably in-house "pre-award"
for meritorious service; it measures about 3x2" and is
inscribed Candidate for the Order of Cadillac Merit Men
January through May 1931

V8_pin.jpg (2998 bytes)    V12_pin.jpg (3196 bytes)     v6pin.jpg (3207 bytes)
I believe these decorative lapel pins were issued   in the seventies
I don't believe the V-16 pin is in the same series

[ the latter is about an inch tall by 5/8" wide ]

pin_unk.JPG (3544 bytes)
This pin was offered for sale on e-Bay
in April, 2003 as a thirties item but my
guess is that it is from the late forties

Fsh20awd.jpg (4836 bytes)    Fsh25awd.jpg (4014 bytes)
These trinkets are Fisher
20 and 25-year service pins

empin47.jpg (4186 bytes)    48PIN.JPG (4997 bytes)    49pin.jpg (3651 bytes)    PIN51.JPG (5077 bytes)
The 1947 Certified Craftsman pin, on the left, is almost identical (but for the date)
to the 1948 edition in the center, only the image quality is much poorer

52lappin.jpg (8194 bytes)    PIN53A.JPG (5687 bytes)    54pincft.jpg (4312 bytes)
The 1953 pin, center, was supplied kindly by CLC member, Quentin Hall, in Australia
I wonder if the 1954 pin (right) is authentic; it differs considerably
from the others, although it carries the same message

55lappin.jpg (11736 bytes)    pin56.jpg (5682 bytes)     58pin2.jpg (12043 bytes)
Pins from 1955, 1956 and 1958

50SPIN.jpg (18483 bytes)
[ Unknown - possibly early fifties ]

pincrst.jpg (3456 bytes)
I believe this small pin too
is from the eighties
[ it is circa ½' in dia. ]


ther Miscellaneous "jewellery" item, pins, etc.

V_medal.jpg (5567 bytes)
Although the inscription reads "Cadillac" and it features
also the wreath an crest mid-fifties?)  I don't believe this is
an authentic Cadillac item issued by the firm

Emblmixd.jpg (3489 bytes)

pinmicky.JPG (4428 bytes)
Mickey and Minnie Mouse pin

59pin.jpg (4282 bytes)
This lapel pin depicting the 1959 Eldorado Biarritz
is believed to have been issued in the eighties

PIN59.JPG (4657 bytes)
This is one of a series of lapel pins
issued by the Hard Rock Cafe chain



"Valuable" Trinkets
[ other, miscellaneous ]

These are part of a 39-piece collection
of silver ingots embossed with famous cars

Scr_ingt.jpg (7326 bytes)

03ingota.jpg (21143 bytes)

03ingot.jpg (8106 bytes)
These are silver, so I included them  with the "jewelry" items;
these are small silver ingots all stamped with
a 1903 Cadillac runabout with tonneau


[ image missing ]

1912 Cadillac coupe




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