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Blank Keys and Cut Keys

Walter Youshock, a friend and Cadillac buff,  saw a posting on the CLC Forum in March 2008, relating to crested Cadillac key blanks and cut keys. He told me that he had collected a few of his own over the years and sent me some photos (you will see them among the selection below). All of his keys were groove 15; they all fit Rochester locks up to 1965 or '66.  Walter has decided to donate the keys one day to the CLC Museum and Research Center. 

aus59bia.JPG (2978 bytes)    KEYFOBB.JPG (6759 bytes)   
(Left) This one came with a 1959 Eldorado Biarritz that currently (2002) resides in Australia
[ photo: courtesy of the owner ]
(Right) New, in presentation  box, this one sold on e-Bay, in November 2003, for BIG bucks !

59Key.jpg (4318 bytes)    59Key2.jpg (6559 bytes)
This uncut key (like the cut key above, left) was sold on Ebay in 2008;
the seller, collector Doug Scarrow, later sent me many more pics of
Cadillac-crested keys and key blanks like it [see below]

59acc_Gift2.JPG (3014 bytes)    59acc_Gifts.JPG (11932 bytes)
Cadillac blank "gold" keys in presentation gift box [top left of larger image]
These items are from a Cadillac Merchandising Gift Catalog from 1959
[ images provided kindly by Bob Millian, CLC resident expert on '59-60 Cadillacs ]

YouKey1.JPG (6905 bytes)    YouKey1b.JPG (5180 bytes)    YouKey1c.JPG (5695 bytes)    YouKey1a.JPG (13120 bytes)
This boxed pair in a blue velour presentation box is Walter Youshock's favorite. He found them on the old Green Field at Hershey, in 1996, for $35.00; they are
crested on both sides and the vendor told Walter he had just bought them from a Cadillac dealership in South Bend, IN, that was going out of business. 
The blue velvet box is the original that they came in.  Later that day, Walter stopped by a Cadillac parts dealer who offered him $1,200 for them.  No, he didn't sell!

YouKey4.JPG (4839 bytes)    YouKey3.JPG (4231 bytes) 
This one marked "Cadillac", on the reverse, was an Ebay
purchase by Walter; he has never seen another one like it;

I am guessing that this crest design dates from 1954-55 

YouKey2.JPG (5110 bytes)    YoyKey5.jpg (3842 bytes)    1060.jpg (15610 bytes) 
Walter searched for the Curtis key (left) for 8 years; it is the one featured in the 1956 Christmas ad (far right) and detailed
(center); he finally found 2 of them on Ebay, from the same seller,  for $25 or $30 each.  His uncle had a hardware store in New Jersey
and these were in his key stock!  Walter had one of them cut, for use with use with his '57 Cadillac; he also found a matching key fob. 

1a64Key2.jpg (2784 bytes) 1b64Key1.jpg (3333 bytes)
These "key" images were provided by Bob Millian; I'm not sure of the year;
The "dipped V" Cadillac crest first appeared on 1964 Cadillacs;

the heads are the same design as a key fob shown below
[ it is apparently the same model as #11, below ]

2keyscar01.JPG (3286 bytes)

3keyscar02.JPG (2687 bytes)   4keyscar04.JPG (3034 bytes)   5keyscar06.JPG (3190 bytes)   6keyscar07.JPG (2551 bytes)   7keyscar14.jpg (2773 bytes)  8aus59bia.JPG (2978 bytes)  9keyscar08.JPG (2375 bytes) 9akeyscarr18.jpg (2565 bytes)
Keys #9 (uncut)  and 9a (cut)  are single-sided; on tbe reverse of #9a is the name Hillcrest  Motor Co. ,  Cadillac dealer in Beverly Hills

10Keyscarr16a.jpg (2924 bytes) 11keyscar09.JPG (2665 bytes) 12keyscar10.JPG (2524 bytes) 13keyscar11.JPG (2800 bytes) 14keyscar13.JPG (2676 bytes) 15keyscarr19d.jpg (2450 bytes) 16keyscarr19c.jpg (2694 bytes) 17keyscarr19.jpg (2535 bytes)
Key #7 was  supplied with a 1959 Eldorado Seville and is the same model that was delivered with a 1959 Eldorado Biarritz that went to Australia;
Keys #7 and 8 look the same; Doug Scarrow says #7 is the second key of this type, with Canadian origin, that was supplied with a '59 or '60 Eldorado

keyscar15b.JPG (4018 bytes)    keyscar15a.JPG (4998 bytes)
These two different Cadillac-crested keys were offered
in this presentation box; let's call them #14 (like #9?) and #18;

the box carries the name "Jewelcrest"
[ Doug Scarrow collection ]

The impressive collection of Cadillac "crested" keys illustrated in the preceding 4 rows was sent to me kindly by Doug Scarrow,
following up on a topic that was discussed on the Forum of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club, Inc. in March, 2008; Doug wrote:
I admire
Bob Millian's contributions and am amused that his opinion is the "end of story."  I have been collecting Cadillac keys since 1964;

[Doug also buys and sells them on Ebay] I was a member of the Cadillac Eldorado Club based out of Philadelphia, PA throughout the 70's and
was a contributor to the club magazine
The Laurel Wreath; I only wish to add my experience to the evolving story of Cadillac Artifacts;


Key Fobs

oldbrass.jpg (4038 bytes)
Old script but not necessarily
the oldest fob on this page

ar05fob.jpg (3658 bytes)
This one, from 1905, is the oldest

3316FOB.JPG (9482 bytes)    v633fob.jpg (3629 bytes)
This one from the sixties (?) vaunts the
V-16 convertible sedan [all-weather phaeton]

of which a bare eight units were built

FOBFWD1.JPG (5377 bytes)    FOBFWD2.JPG (6460 bytes)
Not sure of the year of this "Fleetwood" key fob

50FOB.JPG (3470 bytes)    FOB40S.JPG (3623 bytes)

scarknife.JPG (3961 bytes)
This two-bladed, flat pocket-knife is
from the Doug Scarrow collection

Cadkey2.jpg (5026 bytes)    CADKEY3.JPG (3158 bytes)
Believed to date back to the fifties, this cute "pen-knife"
fob bears a square Cadillac crest in the 1948-49 style

Cadkey1.jpg (8179 bytes)
This one depicts the Cadillac El Camino show car
that was on display at the 1954 GM Motorama

KEYRIN~1.jpg (7113 bytes)    FOB50S.JPG (4623 bytes)
These are believed to be from the mid to late fifties

keyscar00.JPG (4582 bytes)
This one is from "Coulter Cadillac" [location?]
[ Doug Scarrow collection ]

keyscar12.JPG (3421 bytes)    keyscar20.jpg (4201 bytes)    keyscar05.JPG (3122 bytes)    Keyscarr16b.jpg (3220 bytes)    Keyscarr16a.jpg (2924 bytes)
Two different Cadillac-crested key fobs of the fifties; the one on the left came in the plastic presentation box to its right;
The next one appears to be the same shape as the keys illustrated in Bob Millian's 1959 gift accessories catalog [B&W image, above];
it hs the same wide and  narrow head (Doug Scarrow has THREE of these in his collection, including the worn, cut key at far right

scarfobs3aa.jpg (2591 bytes)    scarfobs3ab.jpg (3063 bytes)    scarfobs3ac.jpg (2952 bytes)   scarfobs3ad.jpg (2999 bytes)    scarfobs3ae.jpg (1853 bytes)    scarfobs3am.jpg (2272 bytes)

scarfobs3af.jpg (3172 bytes)    scarfobs3ag.jpg (2291 bytes)    scarfobs3ah.jpg (2110 bytes)    Key_fob5.jpg (2306 bytes)    Key_fob3.jpg (3065 bytes)            

 Key_fob9g.jpg (3400 bytes)    Key_fob4.jpg (2533 bytes)    Key_fob9.jpg (3094 bytes)    scarfobs3aj.jpg (1909 bytes)    scarfobs3al.jpg (2168 bytes)    scarfobs3an.jpg (2757 bytes)    Key_fob9a.jpg (2666 bytes)    Key_fob9b.jpg (3029 bytes)

Key_fob8.jpg (2980 bytes)    Key_fob9c.jpg (2157 bytes)    Key_fob9d.jpg (1803 bytes)    Key_fob9e.jpg (2124 bytes)    Key_fob9f.jpg (3047 bytes)    Key_fob6.jpg (2529 bytes)    Key_fob7.jpg (2997 bytes)
[ Key fobs (above 3 rows):  Doug Scarrow collection ]

ar30fob.JPG (4031 bytes)
This watch/key fob depicts
a Cadillac roadster of 1930 vintage

hotel09.jpg (3926 bytes)
Room tag cum key fob from the old
Book Cadillac Hotel in downtown Detroit


Mini-Cadillac Key Fobs

53fob.jpg (9852 bytes)
1953 Eldorado key fob

57BrgFob.jpg (13989 bytes)    57BrgFob2a.jpg (12765 bytes)    57brgFob2b.jpg (13206 bytes)
Two 1957-58 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham key fobs

    ms59key.jpg (3484 bytes)    59FOB.JPG (5891 bytes)

ar59chrm.jpg (6050 bytes)
This one was for sale on e-Bay in 2002
it depicts a 1959 top down Cadillac
but I assume it to be from the nineties

59fob4.jpg (6897 bytes)    59BiaFob.jpg (9966 bytes)
Two 1959 Eldorado Biarritz key fobs

59GHST.JPG (5649 bytes)    59HRSFOB.JPG (6501 bytes)
Ghostbusters ambulance key fob (left); gilded '59 hearse fob (right)
[ not how the decorative landau bars have been installed on the hearse quarter panels ! ]

70redFob.jpg (14358 bytes)


Key_fob1.jpg (5109 bytes)    KEY_FOB2.JPG (5854 bytes)
You may hang this one from a belt loop on your pants
In my opinion it dates from the sixties or seventies

KeyFob.jpg (12408 bytes)    ar4849Fob.jpg (10818 bytes)

59FOB2.JPG (2614 bytes)    Mskeyfob.jpg (4630 bytes)    keyfobsvl.jpg (3694 bytes)
The style of crest and script
on these three Seville fobs suggest the same origin
and era as the carbine clip fob above them

59fob.jpg (7268 bytes)
A combination of Cadillac art and key fob

FOB90S.JPG (4062 bytes)    arfob92.jpg (3113 bytes)
Two modern style key fobs with Cadillac crest

fobvacuu.jpg (4392 bytes)
This curious fob advertises
a "Cadillac" brand vacuum cleaner


Custom Key Fobs by the "Key Chain Guy"
[many are available on Ebay]

63keyfob.jpg (6485 bytes)
[1963 Hearse Key Fob]

fob75.jpg (7298 bytes)   
[1973 Eldo Conv Key Fob]






I have done my best to arrange these in chronological order, based on the period in which they might have been produced. I'm sure their are collectors of lighters out there who are better acquainted than me with this "other" hobby and who might want to help me get them all in the proper order.


Cigarette and Cigar Lighters
[ table models ]

03lghter.jpg (5252 bytes)
Here is a nicely detailed table model closely resembling
the early Model A (1903-04) and possibly based on
the popular 1:32 scale toy car kit issued by Revell
(and others) in the early to mid-fifties

t13lghtr.jpg (5329 bytes)
Mini table-lighter alleged to depict
a Cadillac model of 1913
[ Photo:  e-Bay auction site ]

t12lghtr.jpg (6190 bytes)    Lighter.jpg (6261 bytes)

LIGHTR2.JPG (11925 bytes)
These Japanese-built table lighters are purported to be in the image of
the 1913 Cadillac but obviously;y the one on the right (top also) is from 1903-04

Lightr1.jpg (5978 bytes)
This one is not identified; it looks like it too
might depict a Cadillac of the mid teens

tmrusho.JPG (9199 bytes)

Marusho, Japan, made this cute pocket cigarette lighter in the shape
of a 1950 Cadillac Series 62 convertible
[ Photo: Argus de la Miniature, #111, p.8 ]

55eldlgh.jpg (4019 bytes)
1956 Cadillac Eldorado Seville, table lighter
[ scale and origin unknown ]

61lghtr.jpg (7965 bytes)

Tun61cig.jpg (6180 bytes)    t61lghtr.jpg (7854 bytes)
This table lighter quite accurately portrays the 1961 Cadillac coupe; the roof is removable and reveals
a cigarette storage box; there is also a removable flint-and-wick lighter encased in the rear deck
(in case you had not noticed, in the photo on the left, above, the roof is on back to front!)

t63ciga.jpg (7563 bytes)    T63lghtr.jpg (8010 bytes)

63lghtr.jpg (11379 bytes)
Here is another lighter/cigarette-box combination, this one depicts a 1963 Cadillac
4-door sedan; again, the roof and lighter both are removable ["gold" and "silver" versions]

t64lgt60.jpg (10912 bytes)
Here is a cute cigarette box / lighter in the shape of the 1964
Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special sedan (the roof is missing)

T65saku1.jpg (11241 bytes)
The K.K. Sakura Company of Japan, made this heavy, 5½" long toy replica of the 1965
Fleetwood  Series 60 Special sedan; the company made also two table lighters
based on  this toy model [I have a photo somewhere, just need to find it]; the regular sedan
lighter carries the Prince label and the license tag reads "66", instead of "65"


Cigarette and Cigar Lighters
[ pocket models ]

Lightr3.jpg (2798 bytes)    Light3.jpg (4430 bytes)
Ladies' Cadillac lighters

mslghtrb.jpg (4486 bytes)    55ZIPP2.JPG (2637 bytes)55ZIPPO.JPG (2887 bytes)    mslghtrc.jpg (5699 bytes)
Gents' Zippo lighters


Match Boxes and Book Matches

06MATCHS.JPG (6068 bytes)

HOTEL10A.JPG (3733 bytes)    hotel10.jpg (4601 bytes)    HOTEL10B.JPG (3836 bytes)
Book matches from the former Book Cadillac Hotel, Detroit

msmtches.jpg (5538 bytes)




Pocket Knives

Knife3.jpg (3453 bytes)    KNIFE3A.JPG (3035 bytes)
I believe this one dates back to the early thirties
it comes with a black, leather sheath

Knife2.jpg (4152 bytes)    KNIFE2A.JPG (4611 bytes)
This one possibly dates back to the fifties; the elongated
Cadillac crest is typical of cars of the period 1956-1958

Knife.jpg (3654 bytes)

Knife1.JPG (4857 bytes)
These two appear to be of more modern design
although they carry an older, square crest

59Knife.JPG (11160 bytes)
From the Franklin Mint, never at a loss to tap
into the collectibles market in any shape or form



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