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Photography by Cadillac (GM)

ar32setd.jpg (8567 bytes)     ar32setc.jpg (8714 bytes)

ar32seta.jpg (8688 bytes)     ar32setb.jpg (8454 bytes)
This is a collection of four fine art photos of famous Cadillacs; each one is 8 x 10" and is a
part of a promotional portfolio issued by the firm in the seventies (brown in color, with the Cadillac emblem)
The cars illustrated are 1913 touring car (top LH), 1930 Madame X V-16 style 4108C (top RH), 
1931 V-12 special phaeton (lower LH) and 1932 V-8 convertible coupe (lower RH)

GM's Le Sabre dream car prototype ... mother of all Cadillac Dream Cars




Photography by Alison Dyer

Soap_Cad.jpg (5486 bytes)     Soap_Ca2.jpg (6156 bytes)
I just HAD to include this body art which includes an authentic Cadillac
crest tatooed on the chest of pop punk musician, Travis Barker,
who plays the dad, in the TV reality show, Meet the Barkers
[ Photo and enlargement:  Alison Dyer ]




Photography by Bill Fries

Dagmar.jpg (6417 bytes)     Art56grl.jpg (8257 bytes)
[ front impact guard and Cadillac script on Bill's 1956 Derham-bodied
1956 Cadillac Series 60 Special ]




Photography by Anthony Hazelaar

AR60TITO.JPG (8691 bytes)
1930-31 V-16 body sill; reflected in Mashall Tito's
custom 1960 Fleetwood 75 convertible sedan
[ Tito was Premier of the former Yugoslavia,  before and during WW2 ]




Cadillac Photography Art by Bob Heffley

My adventure with cars goes back to the fifties also. My first car was a 40 Chev that I bot with my paper route monet for $70 when I was 15. I recall that my final project for high school art class was a side view of a 55 Caddy grill.You can use, for your Caddy site, any of the Caddy pics you find of mine on my sites or I can send you some.You can use this intro if you wish:  Cadillac Art by Bob HeffleyBob's love of Caddys and other cars began when he was in engineering college at General Motors Institute in Flint, Michigan. Since then he has enjoyed owning more than 50 cars during his lifetime including classic Caddys, Packards, Chevys and Corvettes. Bob's hobby is combining his love of cars with his passion for photography. See more at www.Printroom.com/Pro/BHeffley and www.AmericanClassicPhotos.com

v630awp.jpg (17415 bytes)
1930-31 Cadillac V-16 all-weather phaeton
(I believe the owner is Aaron Weiss)

ar33v6Heffley.jpg (16810 bytes)     v633cvcp.jpg (15017 bytes)   
1933 Cadillac V-16 convertible coupe
(I believe the owner is John Groendyke of the CCCA)

ar33limo.jpg (22594 bytes)
1933 Cadillac V-16 limousine

49Heffley.jpg (18237 bytes)
1949 custom Series 61 fastback coupe
[the text at lower right reads in error "1959 Cadillac"]

56Heff1.jpg (20725 bytes)     56heff2.jpg (26695 bytes)
1956 Eldorado Biarritz (detail on right)

Bob's special techniques appear to convert photos to paintings




Photography by "Caddy Daddy"

Arkeyae.jpg (4515 bytes)
1949 hood ornament, a precious gift photo
from  a special Cadillac friend




Photography by ...




Photography by "LP Photography"

1958 Series 62 tail-fin




Photography by Ulrich Müller & Myriam, aka "Caddy Candy"



Ulrich Müller wrote: "You should mention Myriam, alias "Caddy Candy", a girl friend of mine, as the model. She also is a photographer herself and had the idea. The 1959 Eldorado Biarritz belongs to the Cadillac Museum [in Hachenburg] since 1986 and has twice crossed the Atlantic, back and forth. It is an honor for all of us to have this picture displayed in the Cadillac Database Art Section. Thank you.




Photography by Harry Kjensli

Year-end holiday greetings from Norway




Photography by Michael Rafferty

art32v6.JPG (5175 bytes)
Night lights reflecting in the tail
section of a 1932 Cadillac




Photography by Suzi Randal

59model.jpg (8390 bytes)
Couch with model in pink pants
© 1999, Suzi Randal




Photography by Frank Robert


MIST_HRS.JPG (4707 bytes)
'58 Cadillac hearse in New York city, circa 1962
silver print, size 12½x8"




Photography by Joans Teiler

( 41 night)

'41 Cadillac, rear view, on lighted street




Photography by Yann Saunders

SWISMEET.jpg (15916 bytes)
"Cadillacs in Switzerland - 1985": foreground, 1927 limousine owned by
Cement and Olga Plard, France; background (L to R), 1978 custom
Le Cabriolet convertible by Hess & Eisenhardt, 1948 Series 62 sedan,
1947 Series 62 convertible and 1952 Series 60 Special

AR1634.JPG (5579 bytes)     AR16GRL.JPG (5347 bytes)
1934 V-16 aerodynamic coupe

AR61GRL.JPG (6833 bytes)
1961 Cadillac front cli




Unidentified photography

The car is a 1930 V8 convertible coupe
The artist's name is illegible

4302ArtPhot.jpg (37452 bytes)
V16 roadster, style 4302
[ from an old postcard ]

1932 LaSalle front grille

hmann37.JPG (2888 bytes)
The 1937 Cadillac roadster by Hartmann, Switzerland

    ar38hood.JPG (7663 bytes)
1938 Cadillac Goddess
...raindrops keep falling on my head

1950 Cadillac "grin"
[ Photo:  "Flickr" ]

42fashion.jpg (18373 bytes)
The background to this arty fashion photo
is the rare 1942 Series 62 convertible

53jfath.JPG (6814 bytes)     ARPHO53.JPG (4237 bytes)
1953 Cadillac in fashion modeling session for Jacques Fath (left)
Classy transport for pooping poodles (right)


(above 2 rows) 1953 Coupe de Ville

ar54gate.jpg (5759 bytes)
1954 Cadillac by the Golden Gate

1954 Cadillac Eldorado

AR54GRL.JPG (5348 bytes)     AR54MODL.JPG (7695 bytes)
1954 Eldorado ... modeling session

A 1954 sedan (?) being decorated for Christmas

1955 Front clip

AR55MODL.JPG (5891 bytes)     Art56.jpg (8185 bytes) 
Left: 1955 Eldorado tail-fin [photo from that year's press kit]
Right: 1956 convertible, posing as a American icon

sw_meet.jpg (8554 bytes)
(Head)light my path...
[ Swiss Cadillac meet, circa 1987 ]

55ELDART.JPG (5215 bytes)
Photo:  Internet, 2/2004 [retouched by me]

ar56b.jpg (4022 bytes)     ar56a.jpg (3541 bytes)

Three rows: 1956 !

Interesting montage of 1956 Coupe de Ville
with some legendary rock stars as the back drop

A chilly time in Norway for this 1956 Cadillac


1957 tail-fins

ar57eld.JPG (7989 bytes)
Mildly customized 1957 Eldorado Seville

5758EBrr.jpg (3731 bytes)

ar58sexy.jpg (9724 bytes)
[Unknown artist]


ar59fin2.jpg (6733 bytes)     MSMEETF2.jpg (5882 bytes)    
Fifty-nine fins are fun
[Photo, far right:  courtesy Jean-Michel Roux, Hong Kong]

Ice-cold Cadillac: brrrrr...!


Artistic views of the fins on a 1960 Eldorado Biarritz

A fantasy of fifties fins

1961 Series 60 Special fins

A fantasy of fins (from L-R: 1964, 1963, 1962)

1964 Grille and tail


1957 and 1967, side by side
[ Photo:  "Flickr" ]

1967 Fleetwood Eldorado coupe

67s, front and rear

68sexyart.jpg (7996 bytes)
[Unknown artist]

Front grille - 1968

1968 Fleetwood Brougham ... regal!

The impression of speed sets off this 1969 DeVille convertible from the rest

1975 Coupe de Ville front grille

Look at what a wide-angle lens can do to a 1978 Eldorado Biarritz Custom



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© 1996, Yann Saunders and the Cadillac-LaSalle Club, Inc.
[ Background image:  drawing of a'59 Cadillac convertible, a gift from J.-M. Roux ]