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Plates, Plaques, Mirrors and Tin Signs

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Decorative Front License Plates

CADPLATE.JPG (4406 bytes)

plat4.jpg (8008 bytes)    plat5.jpg (7506 bytes)

48plate.jpg (10425 bytes)

59lictag.jpg (9217 bytes)


Dealership Promotional Plates
[ sold my collection - help needed to complete this section ]

icarey.jpg (6933 bytes)    ertley.jpg (6668 bytes)

PLAQ52DV.JPG (10108 bytes)    PLAQ52CV.JPG (8977 bytes)

PLAQ5275.JPG (8676 bytes)
Dealer showroom plates for the 1952,
Golden Anniversary Cadillac models




Misc. Wood Plaques
and Cadillacs in Bas-Relief

05plaq.jpg (5188 bytes)

05plaq2.JPG (7922 bytes)    07frame.jpg (6058 bytes)

32plaq.JPG (5213 bytes)    32plaq2.JPG (12642 bytes)

63SIGN.JPG (7527 bytes)
This HUGE wall plaque (circa 15x5') served as one of
the backdrops for the Cadillac stand at the 1963 auto shows

Cad_sig2.jpg (11200 bytes)




Cadillac "Mirror Art"
[etchings on bar-room mirrors]

83GFTMIR.JPG (10566 bytes)    Mirror.jpg (7864 bytes)   
Both of these feature the early Cadillac script but
are believed to be from the seventies (left) and eighties (right)

mir75th.jpg (6363 bytes)
Though featuring the Model A of 1903
this mirror celebrates the firm's 75th anniversary

02mirro.jpg (6860 bytes)    ar1908b.JPG (5792 bytes)    ar1908c.JPG (5599 bytes)
Found on e-Bay in 2001, the mirror at left features a 1903 tonneau and reflects the vendor's home
(Center and right) the first enclosed Cadillac - 1906

Art11.jpg (10348 bytes)    mirr11.jpg (8333 bytes)
These decorative bar-room mirrors depict Cadillacs of 1910 (left) and 1911 (right)

mirr11b.JPG (6194 bytes)    AR11MIRR.JPG (7524 bytes)
Two more mirrors depicting Cadillacs of  1911

ar1915a.JPG (5008 bytes)    ar1915b.JPG (3883 bytes)
1914 Cadillac limousine (with detail, right)

MIRR15.JPG (3939 bytes)
1915 touring car

coachmir.jpg (6248 bytes)
From the same vendor as the 1903 tonneau, above,
this Fisher Coach mirror also reflects his home

mirr27.jpg (8173 bytes)
This one features a 1927 marketing theme
but is believed to be from the early seventies

art30v8.jpg (7789 bytes)    mirr3016.jpg (5837 bytes)
1930 Cadillac V-8 limousine (left) and 1931 Cadillac V-16 roadster (right)

Mirror2.jpg (5950 bytes)
Not sure of the year
[ possibly 1961-62 ]

STNDGLAS.JPG (9772 bytes)
Didn't know where to put this modern stained glass window panel
featuring a 1927 Cadillac phaeton, so this page will have to do




Tinplate Signs
[ help needed for this section too ]


PateSign15.JPG (15013 bytes)     Pate01.JPG (8779 bytes)
I photographed the sign and the caption at the Pate Museum in Fort Worth, in 2006

MSTNPLT.JPG (3848 bytes)    service.JPG (6158 bytes)    TIN_PLTS.JPG (7128 bytes)
Small reproductions the Cadillac Service sign are widely available,
however, a full-sized original is rare and VERY COSTLY!

arsvce.jpg (6766 bytes)
Full-size, original porcelain "Service" sign;
car in background gives an idea of actual diameter



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