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Cadillac Sculptures

brz_bust.JPG (41330 bytes)
Bronze bust of the French explorer
Antoine de Lamothe-Cadillac,
founder of Detroit

AR27FRAM.JPG (7259 bytes)
Bas-relief of 1927 Cadillac formal limousine

This 1931-32 Cadillac phaeton is honed out of wood

ST41DALI.JPG (8483 bytes)    DALI41CV.JPG (9031 bytes)    Daliscul2.jpg (16149 bytes)    DALISCUL.JPG (7016 bytes)
Salvador Dali's Rainy Cadillac statue

DALISCU4.JPG (9877 bytes)    DALSCUL2.JPG (9653 bytes)    DALSCUL3.JPG (8562 bytes)    xDaliBlr.JPG (4963 bytes)
This statue/sculpture entitled Rainy Cadillac is on exhibition at the Dali Museum in Figueras, a popular resort on Spain's Mediterranean
Costa Blanca
. The artist drove the 1941 Cadillac convertible sedan regularly from his home in nearby Cadaqués to Figueras'
Hotel-Restaurant Durán
(Gita and I used to stop there too, en route to our finca - small country house - in Denia, near Alicante); the
Cadillac "statue" has the top up and the windows closed; inside, it is "raining" on the driver and his two passengers;
the gal in the image  at far right is my lovely sister-in-law, Mary-Blair, on a visit to Figueras with her hubby, Warren;
[ check out also the "paintings" page for two oil paintings of 1941 Cadillacs by Dali and the "toys" page for a Dali-inspired plaster model]

Teresa Thompson spent an entire summer covering her 1949 Cadillac with 38,249 pennies! All the pennies really added up  in  the end and add an extra
200 pounds   to the car’s original weight; in addition, those 38,249 pennies = $382.49 ... which is certainly less expensive than paying for a new paint job!
BTW, the sign propped up on the hood reads: PLEASE (do) TOUCH THE CAR; I guess Teresa wants you to make sure you're not dreaming!

arbala04.jpg (7305 bytes)

arbala00.jpg (10813 bytes)    arbala02.jpg (4393 bytes)

arbala03.jpg (5880 bytes)    arbala06.jpg (5671 bytes)

 t53marbl.jpg (7716 bytes)
Above 4 rows: solid marble 1953 Cadillac in 1:1 scale,
by Gilbert Baladi, France

FLOAT.JPG (9878 bytes)
1953 Cadillac parade float

deadcad.jpg (7261 bytes)
"Bent" '56 sedan sculpture
[ whose front yard is this ?... ]

59garage.jpg (9926 bytes)
1959 Cadillac "sculpture" above the garage
of the former Saunders home in Switzerland

Someone sent me the RH picture many years ago; I understand it depicts a "sculpture"
on display on an American University campus. Later I got a cutting from the LA Times
describing the work of Englewood artist, Dustin Shuler; it is called Death of an Era

fintasiaA.jpg (5599 bytes)fintasiaB.jpg (5537 bytes)FintasiaC.jpg (3965 bytes)fintasiaD.jpg (4460 bytes)fintasiaE.jpg (4393 bytes)

fintasiaF.jpg (6625 bytes)fintasiaG.jpg (3351 bytes)fintasiaH.jpg (3439 bytes)fintasiaI.jpg (6986 bytes)fintasiaJ.jpg (3210 bytes)

fintasiaK.jpg (4194 bytes)FintasiaO.jpg (5590 bytes)FintasiaP.jpg (7524 bytes)FintasiaQ.jpg (6574 bytes)FintasiaM.jpg (5513 bytes)

fintasiaL.jpg (6544 bytes)fintasiaN.jpg (7224 bytes)

fintasiaS.jpg (4725 bytes)fintasiaT.jpg (6097 bytes)FintasiaR.jpg (5548 bytes)


ONEONECP.JPG (7167 bytes)
This unique, Fiberglas model was seen for sale on e-Bay
in December 2002; it weighs circa 300lbs

Not sure what this is; it could be a PhotoShopped toy (model not recognized) or simply a painting

Ooops ... did the car first hit the tree, that fell. or did the tree first fall on the car?

Perhaps the owner used it this way, following the accident?

I've always wanted my own Cadillac Ranch ... !

Sad "Seventy-Five"
[ Photo: Internet, 2013 ]

Dumpster finds

AR60TWIG.JPG (16534 bytes)
1960 flat-top sedan made of intertwined wicker

67Buried.jpg (32737 bytes)    67Buried2.jpg (26590 bytes)
1967 Cadillac planted in the Texas turf - start of another "ant Farm"?
[ Photos: © 2006 and courtesy Yann Saunders ]

venturabd.jpg (7453 bytes)
Shop front (?) on Ventura Boulevard in California



Wood Carvings from the Ivory Coast
[ Circa 1:8 scale ]

    wood37a.JPG (11668 bytes)
1937 Cadillac V16  with unique, streamlined roadster body by Hartmann of Lausanne, Switzerland
This is one of only three scale replicas hand carved from an exotic African wood by craftsmen in Yamassoukro,
Ivory Coast;  photos of the original car from the author's private collection served as a guide for the skilled artisans;

t42mine.jpg (14308 bytes)

wood42b.jpg (12703 bytes)
Above two rows: "during" and "after" shots of my Black Pryncess, a 1942 Fleetwood Series 75, style #7519-F
limousine for 5-pass (in the foreground, 1:43 scale toy gives the proper measure of the wood sculpture)

t52woo7.jpg (7956 bytes)    t52woo8.jpg (5476 bytes)    t52woo6.jpg (5082 bytes)
1952 Cadillac sedan, sculpted from solid billets of iroko and ebony woods by local artisans in
West Africa's Ivory Coast [ these "African sculptures" of Cadillacs and other models have a special page ]

T60wood.jpg (5337 bytes)
African artisan at work on
a sculpture of  a 1960 flat-top sedan




Hard Rock Cafes
and the like...

54kingpa.jpg (13705 bytes)
This '54 coupe graces the rooftop
of a diner in Kingston, PA

hardrock.jpg (12598 bytes)

59dezr.JPG (5003 bytes)    59dezr2.JPG (10296 bytes)    59ssidht.jpg (9167 bytes)
This hotel in Miami Beach features a snack-bar with fancy booths like this one

59HrdRck.jpg (18406 bytes)
This "slant cut" rear ensemble from a '59 Cadillac
soon will grace the wall of a "Hard Rock Cafe"

HrdRck60.jpg (26656 bytes)


"The Cadillac Lounge"
[ Photo: © 2008, and courtesy Tim Pawl, CLC ]

69sculp.jpg (10028 bytes)    69scul2.jpg (6101 bytes)
Full sized side off a 1969 De Ville coupe
[ Photos :  Internet, 2004 ]


Unidentified "sculpture" of 1975 front end, reminiscent of Hard Rock Cafe signs


Click here for more photos like these
from enthusiast Allan Levinson of Australia




The Largest Cadillac
"Sculpture" in the World
[ where else but in Texas ]

RANCH_B.JPG (9030 bytes)    pcrnch3.jpg (8238 bytes)

pcranch.jpg (8141 bytes)    pcrnch4.jpg (6790 bytes)
The largest known Cadillac "sculpture" in the world
was commissioned by Texan millionaire, Stanley Marsh III
from  "The Ant Farm", a group of Californian artists


On a slightly smaller scale but equally as impressive
" Carhenge "

    Cad-Henge.jpg (17545 bytes)    cadheng2.JPG (7371 bytes)
Monoliths erected to the glory of consumerism? The idea was to replicate Stonehenge, in Engalnd, using thirty-eight
derelict cars in lieu of stone monoliths; the "monument" is the work of auto buff  Jim Reinders and was erected
as a memorial to his late father who used to live on the site; it was completed in 1987




Nature's Way of Finishing
the Sculptures of Modern Man



MS35WRK.jpg (19518 bytes)    Las39amb.jpg (27502 bytes)
Sadly neglected '35 Cadillac (left) and '39 LaSalle ambulance (right)

AR40WRK.JPG (11363 bytes)







50swrecks.jpg (39564 bytes)

54wrek.jpg (7517 bytes)    54sad.jpg (20995 bytes)



54wreck.jpg (25803 bytes)    54wreck2.jpg (21264 bytes)

55wreck.jpg (23947 bytes)    55wreck2.jpg (30542 bytes)

55sculam.jpg (9537 bytes)

ar55wrck.jpg (7968 bytes)     ar56wrk.jpg (10994 bytes)




55wreck3.jpg (17692 bytes)    56wreck.jpg (17304 bytes)

What was once a superb 1956 Cadillac like mine
is gradually swallowed up by the undergrowth;
... sic transit gloria mundi



57WRCK.JPG (9704 bytes)    ar57burned.jpg (17787 bytes)







5860sRust.jpg (17573 bytes)

Nature's "sculptures" that take time and may change shape



60SevRust.jpg (21217 bytes)
So few were built; it's so sad to see one finish like this!
[ 1960 Eldorado Seville - like Gita's and my wedding car ]

60wrck.jpg (8656 bytes)   60wrk2.jpg (10375 bytes)    60wrk3.jpg (17727 bytes)

If you look carefully, you will see the remains of what was once a lovely 1960 Cadillac

Someone's "dream car" ... in 1961!





67elwrek.jpg (15569 bytes)
Sad ending for a '67-68 Eldorado


add wreck photos by Bob Crimmins, CML


[to add photo of  '59 fins by Robert Black,CML]



Some "Accidental" Sculptures

So sad ... such a beautiful, restored car

accid2.jpg (8875 bytes)

1955-56 Coupe or Coupe de Ville?

59wrck.jpg (9259 bytes)    59wrck2.jpg (10219 bytes) 
I took these photos of a 1959 Cadillac 6-window Sedan de Ville in France, in July 1961.
Sadly, six people lost their lives in this wreck when the car skidded out of control on
France's treacherous 3-lane "N7" road near Valence, wrapping itself around a tree
[ Photos: © 1961, Yann Saunders ] 

60wrck.jpg (15541 bytes)
I hate to think of the fate of the
occupants of these cars



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