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Tableware, Glassware and Misc. Fittings
from the former Book Cadillac Hotel, Detroit
[ barring the crest, it had no relationship to the Cadillac Motor Car Division of GM ]

09CADHOT.JPG (8506 bytes)    BOOK_HTL.JPG (6317 bytes)
Left: The Hotel Cadillac, Detroit, MI;
right: the Book Cadillac Hotel in downtown Detroit

Doorknob.jpg (4296 bytes)    hotel09.jpg (3926 bytes)
Door knobs and room key fobs all
featured the renowned Cadillac crest 

   24CadPlate.jpg (5326 bytes)    24Cadplat2.jpg (9969 bytes)
Various rim designs were used
all of them featured the Cadillac crest

Mshotl04.jpg (6542 bytes)    Mshotl05.jpg (40429 bytes)

Hotldish.jpg (3905 bytes)    24Cadplat3.jpg (7513 bytes)

hotel01.JPG (4781 bytes)    hotel02.jpg (5156 bytes)

hotel02b.JPG (6425 bytes)    hotel04.jpg (4047 bytes)

24CadJug.jpg (7411 bytes)    24CadJug2.jpg (8031 bytes)    hotel05.jpg (6162 bytes)
Above six rows: plates, serving dishes
tureens, sauce boats and ash trays

The lower set of Frauenfelter china was made
in Detroit, in 1924, by Albert LPick &  Company

hotel08.jpg (6413 bytes)    HOTEL08A.JPG (5268 bytes)
Ornate, crested menu binder (detail at right)

hotel06.jpg (4396 bytes)    HOTEL06A.JPG (4580 bytes)    HOTEL06B.JPG (3050 bytes)    
Crested book match holder / ashtray, crested silver spoon and knives

hotel10.jpg (4601 bytes)    HOTEL10A.JPG (3733 bytes)    HOTEL10B.JPG (3836 bytes)
"Book" matches from the "Book" hotel

    hotel07.jpg (4000 bytes)
All bathrooms had a recipient like this
for discarding used razor blades - neat !

Spoon.jpg (4650 bytes)    Teapot.jpg (4769 bytes)    Tpotcrst.jpg (5321 bytes)    Mshotl03.jpg (2174 bytes)
The hotel silverware was embossed with either the effigy of Antoine de Lamothe-Cadillac
(e.g. spoon handle, left) or with his family crest (e.g. tea pot and candelabrum (center and right)

12SlvrSugr.jpg (9279 bytes)
This 1912  silver sugar boat is marked "Cadillac Hotel"




Other Misc. Tableware, Glassware, etc.
[ not from the hotel ]



Cad_menu.jpg (4353 bytes)
...but first a bar menu from"The Cadillac Bar
in Nuevo Laredo, Tamps., Mexico


Cookie Plates / Jars

04dish.jpg (3805 bytes)    Plate.jpg (5250 bytes)
These cookie dishes feature a Cadillac
Model A (left) and a 1930 phaeton (right)


Serving Trays

03tray11.jpg (3472 bytes)    04tray.jpg (3817 bytes)
A couple of serving trays decorated with early Cadillac models


Trivets, etc.

03trivet.jpg (3646 bytes)
Decorated trivet
(1903 Cadillac)



04_tray.jpg (16717 bytes)
A day at the beach ...when the 1904 Cadillac Model B broke down!
[ probably a piece from the late sixties or early seventies ]



ASHTRAYB.JPG (7743 bytes)    MS04CGBX.JPG (4587 bytes)
Decorative ashtrays depicting turn of the century Cadillac models

 Msasht.jpg (7073 bytes)    MSASHTA.JPG (4101 bytes)
Ashtray gift set (left) one of which features a Cadillac Model A (right)

Plate1.jpg (3238 bytes)    Ashtray2.jpg (5778 bytes)    Ashtray1.jpg (2996 bytes)
Three more decorated ashtrays; item at right has mid sixties "V" and crest



Tasi03rb.jpg (5528 bytes)
Amaretto liqueur flask by ASI, from the mid-seventies; chinaware model
depicting a 1903-04 Model A runabout with tonneau and picnic hamper


Cups, Saucers, Mugs

ms04cup.jpg (4036 bytes)    areggcup.jpg (2863 bytes)
Cup and saucer set decorated with a 1903 Cadillac Model A (left)
...and an egg cup to match the cup and saucer (right)

32mug.jpg (4288 bytes)    32mug2.jpg (2785 bytes)
Two-handled mug featuring 1932 Town Car

arcofcup.jpg (3730 bytes)
Cute "1959 Cadillac" coffee mug



03GLASS.JPG (2818 bytes)    07GLAS.JPG (4827 bytes)   
Lemonade and beer glasses

GLASS2.JPG (4535 bytes)    GLASSES.JPG (4535 bytes)
Cadillac Club glass with crest (left)
Set of wine glasses with etched Cadillac models (right)

59GLASS.JPG (6240 bytes)  
"Glasses" made from '59 tail-light lenses, by Peter Wilding Frey
Champagne anyone?

[ Photo by Mel Melcon ]



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