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(un résumé en français se trouve en bas de page)


Many collectors and admirers of Cadillac and La Salle automobiles are fascinated, like me, by anything closely related to their favorite automobiles. Apart from obvious Cadillac collectibles such as sales and merchandising literature, hood mascots, crests and emblems that came on cars of those two grand marques, many well-heeled collectors are attracted also to anything with the Cadillac insignia on it, or that has a direct (and sometimes indirect) bearing on the history of the car or the company that built it.

In this section of the Database will be found badges and stickers from Cadillac clubs and enthusiast organizations around the world.   If you have any item(s) you believe should be added here, please send me a small digital image (say, 4 x 5 inches) in JPEG format, and I will include it.

Now for some stickers and badges from Cadillac clubs and enthusiast organizations around the world.  Currently, I have only a few of them and I'm counting on my readership to supply more for this page.


CLCbadge2a.jpg (5102 bytes)    CLCbadge1a.jpg (10451 bytes)    CLCbadge3a.jpg (6277 bytes)
Not sure of the year of this Cadillac and La Salle Club badge
or the license plate header shown at the right

CLCbadge2.JPG (8483 bytes)
Original grill badge of the Cadillac La Salle  Club, Inc. 
[ current 1959-1965]

Clbbagl.jpg (16269 bytes)
Above: three different cloisonné badges of the Cadillac La Salle  Club, Inc. 
[ current 1965 through the present ]

This large CLC emblem is from the collection of Matt Larson;
it may have been used as a decorative prop during a club outing

embl_cci.jpg (5896 bytes)    embl_ccs.jpg (5855 bytes)    ccs_swis.JPG (6007 bytes)
Left: the badge of the California-based Cadillac Club International
Center and right:  badge and sticker of the Cadillac Club of Switzerland
(which I  designed,  using the wreath and crest from a 1921 Cadillac ad)

EMBCLCAU.JPG (5429 bytes)
Badge  of the Cadillac LaSalle Club
of Australia

clcBelgS.jpg (53335 bytes)
Logo of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club of Belgium

dkclub.jpg (6393 bytes)
Cadillac Club of Denmark, founded 2002
[ funny how many images with a red background get corrupted like this! ]

Sweclub.jpg (4286 bytes)
Swedish Cadillac Club emblem




cci_ptch.jpg (4162 bytes)    em58club.jpg (5397 bytes)
Stickers and jacket patches from various Cadillac collector's clubs
Left, the Cadillac Club International

Center, the 1958 Cadillac Owners' Association

clbbdge.jpg (5493 bytes)    grlbdge.jpg (5150 bytes)    accfbdge.jpg (6227 bytes) 
Left and center:  unknown origin, possibly a European club badge
Right: Jacket patch and sticker of the Cadillac chapter of the
American Car Club de France of which I was once in charge



Club Awards


Illustrated below is the most prestigious of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club awards:
 it is the Henry Leland Award of the Cadillac Motor Car Company

From 1990-1999, the award consisted of this 1:18 scale, 80-piece, gold-plated replica of the 1907 Model K runabout
that won for Cadillac the Dewar Cup for 1908; Norman Jones of Tulsa, ÙK, was the first recipient; there were six others

When the stock of "gold" models was depleted, a new award was instituted for 2002-up: it is this cup, which is reminsicent of the original RAC Dewar cup that
was won twice by Cadillac;
the replica was designed by CLC member, Rich Esposito; Matt Larson of Detroit was the first recipient of  8 winners to date (2012) 





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(résumé en français)

Les amateurs des voitures Cadillac et La Salle aiment aussi à collectionner tout ce qui se rapporte à la marque.   Parmi les objets les plus usuels, tels que la documentation, les publicités, les emblèmes et autres figurines de proue, de nombreux collectionneurs sont attirés également par tout ce qui peut porter le blason de la firme.

Dans ces pages on trouvera entre autres des médaillons et autocollants émis par les clubs de passionnés à travers le monde.



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