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Insignia in Cadillac merchandising literature

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(le résumé en français se trouve en bas de page)


On this colorful page you will find a collection of Cadillac crests drawn from the company's merchandising  literature (e.g. sales catalogs, ads and the like).

Should you have others not shown here, please send me digital images thereof and I will be happy to include them (please keep images down to a maximum of 100kB; thanks).


1 em16lit.jpg (5470 bytes)   2 emww1crs.JPG (4798 bytes)    3 embl21.JPG (6289 bytes)
1.  Crest from cover of  1916 product booklet
2.  Very martial emblem from a Cadillac product catalog of 1918-19
3.  The simple crest in a circle is from the 1921 Accessories catalog

  4 crs22.JPG (9255 bytes)
4.  The ornate crest and design above is from a 1922 product folder

5 Crst24s.jpg (5857 bytes)   6 20scrst.JPG (5773 bytes)    7 cr27xmas.JPG (3164 bytes)
5.  This one is from a 1924 catalog
6.  This one was brought to my attention by the Cadillac-LaSalle Club of  New Zealand;
the banner reads Standard of the World; I would date it in the mid-twenties
7.  This is from a 1927 Xmas invitation from a Cadillac dealership

8 Thecr_c.JPG (2855 bytes)     9 Thecr_a.JPG (6759 bytes)         

10 Thecr_f.JPG (5614 bytes)     11 Thecr_g.JPG (6205 bytes)

12 Thecr_h.JPG (5667 bytes)     13 Thecr_i.JPG (4990 bytes)

14 Thecr_b.JPG (7094 bytes)     15 Thecr_d.JPG (6195 bytes)
Crests 8 to 15 are from issues of  The Crest,
an in-house publication, from the late twenties and early thirties

16 em28bw.JPG (7738 bytes)
Ornate design from a 1928 merchandising item

16axli30v08.jpg (39092 bytes)   16b xli30v12.jpg (8730 bytes)     16cxli30v16.jpg (10108 bytes)
These emblems designate Cadillac multi-cylinder engine types on product advertisements of 1931




17 crs30lit.JPG (8721 bytes)
This crest is from the rare and beautiful
1930 Fleetwood portfolio-catalog

17a32litemb.JPG (8278 bytes)
"Silver" emblem from 1932 prestige catalog cover

18 crs33pf1.JPG (7495 bytes)   19 crs33pf2.JPG (12880 bytes)   20 crs33pf3.JPG (7937 bytes)
These three crests (18 - 20) are from the equally rare 1933 Fleetwood portfolio-brochure

21 Crst35.jpg (6373 bytes)
21.  This decorative shield was used in 1935 ads and literature



The text (below) appeared on a 1935 Cadillac ad that depicted only the well-known coat of arms:  The first Cadillac motor car was built to standards which produced the slogan, "Craftsmanship a Creed, Accuracy a Law".  From that day to this, "Quality" has been the watchword of the entire Cadillac organization.

In 1915, for example, Cadillac made this statement: "In announcing its purpose years ago, this company said that Cadillac would create a new standard of automobile values ... Today the Cadillac is in very fact the standard of the world."

In 1925 Cadillac restated its purpose thus: "Not for any consideration would Cadillac lower by a hair's breadth the standards which have established the confidence of its public."

Now, in 1935, Cadillac reaffirms its pledge.  Cadillac will continue to build motor cars to quality ideals. The Cadillac   crest will continue to stand as a symbol of quality design, quality materials and quality craftsmanship in all cars that bear the distinguished Cadillac name.


Em35.jpg (3577 bytes)    EM37LI12.JPG (3877 bytes)
Left: this crest was used on a Cadillac ad of 1935
Right: this one is from the cover of the 1937 V-12 product catalog



For more than thirty years this, the Cadillac Crest, has stood for the finest in quality-built motor cars.  To the Cadillac clientele it is a guarantee of inbuilt fineness ... to the Cadillac organization, an inspiration to maintain that standard of excellence which, throughout the years, has come to be Standard of the World.


22 V6crsta.jpg (4542 bytes)   23 16crst2.jpg (3681 bytes)   

24 16crst3.jpg (6356 bytes)  25 V6crste.jpg (8186 bytes)

26 16crst1.jpg (4055 bytes)    27 V6crstf.jpg (9963 bytes)
Emblems 22 to 27are from magazine advertisements for the second-generation Sixteens of 1938-40.

27aEMB40LI.JPG (4956 bytes)
This one is from a 1940 literature item

28 Crstgold.jpg (3774 bytes)   29 43crs2.jpg (4695 bytes)
28.  The gold embossed crest is from the catalog of  Fleetwood models for 1939
29. This crest was used in Cadillac merchandising during WW2




30 4041adcs.jpg (4673 bytes)   
This one was used in 1941

31 42crst1.jpg (4180 bytes)   32  crs41a.jpg (4867 bytes)   33 42crst.jpg (4360 bytes)

34 crs41g.jpg (4466 bytes)   35 crs41d.jpg (4911 bytes)   36 43crst2.jpg (6132 bytes) 
Crests 31 to 33:  All these are from magazine advertisements for the 1941 Cadillac




37 crs41c.jpg (4810 bytes)   38 Crstwa18.jpg (4766 bytes)   39 Crstwa19.jpg (4738 bytes)
Crests 37-39 are from magazine ads for the 1942 models




40 Crstwa16.jpg (4648 bytes)   41 Crstwa17.jpg (5947 bytes)   42 46crst.jpg (3619 bytes)

43 Crstwa10.jpg (5458 bytes)   44 Crstwa12.jpg (6046 bytes)   45 Crstwa13.jpg (6002 bytes)

46 Crstwa11.jpg (6187 bytes)   47 Crstwar2.jpg (5028 bytes)   48 Crstwar1.jpg (4932 bytes)

49 Crstwar4.jpg (6400 bytes)   50 Crstwar6.jpg (5991 bytes)   51 Crstwar7.jpg (5108 bytes)

52 Crstwar9.jpg (5188 bytes)   53 Crstwa20.jpg (4173 bytes)   54 Crstwar8.jpg (5073 bytes)

55 Crstwa14.jpg (5910 bytes)  56 Crstwar5.jpg (5221 bytes)   57 Crstwar3.jpg (5472 bytes)
  Crests 40-57 all are from WW2 ads depicting Cadillac war procuction
of tank motors and transmissions, as well as aeroplane engine parts


58 WW2_CRST.JPG (4777 bytes)   59 43logo.jpg (5297 bytes)
58.  A simple, sober wartime ad
59.  Crest from 1943 transitional ad

60 Crftcred.jpg (8431 bytes)
60. Cadillac craftsman with crest and motto,
Craftsmanship a Creed, Accuracy a Law,
was seen on company advertising in the twenties;

this one is excerpted from a 1943 product catalog




Post-WW2 Crests
from merchandising literature


em46li.jpg (3753 bytes)    Crst46.jpg (4850 bytes)

Em51ad.jpg (2450 bytes)

crst53b.JPG (6123 bytes)

crst54v.JPG (5435 bytes)

em57vcrs.jpg (4848 bytes)

77psters.JPG (11301 bytes)
A series of  large placards like these [circa 24x36") was made in 1977
to commemorate Cadillac's 75th anniversary; the three above are from the collection
of Lewis Jenkins in North Carolina.  For many years, my Cadillac toy show
room exhibited a similar one that read Cadillac - on display in our showrooms

crstlarg.JPG (5857 bytes)
Large crest cut-outs like this one (circa 24x36")
were used to decorate dealer showrooms in the late seventies
This one is from the Lewis Jenkins collection, N. Carolina

crst79.JPG (8596 bytes)

em83lit.jpg (5146 bytes)   crst84.jpg (6365 bytes)
Emblem from 1983 literature item (left) and 1984 (right)

crs83gft.jpg (9170 bytes)


em96catr.JPG (3060 bytes)
From the 1996 Catera catalog
...a red duck that zigs into the Cadillac crest

emli2001.jpg (3648 bytes)
Crest from the 2001 product catalog



many more to come...



FRFLAG.JPG (773 bytes)
(résumé en français)

Cette page est consacrée aux différents emblèmes Cadillac qui figurent soit sur les voitures de la marque soit dans la documentation et les publicités d'époque y relatives.



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