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1932 - 1942
[ continued ]



1:87 scale



Thw3516.JPG (5933 bytes)    Thw35tcs.JPG (6442 bytes)    T35hwgld.jpg (6825 bytes)
Mattel (USA) has marketed various 1:87 scale versions
of the 1935 Cadillac V-16 town car, style #5825

T35hwmu2.jpg (7231 bytes)    T35hwmu1.jpg (8659 bytes)
Here is another, recent (2001) version of the preceding Mattel toy

t35cust.jpg (5963 bytes)
One more version of this popular Mattel toy

T35v6a.jpg (4618 bytes)    t35v6b.jpg (4734 bytes)
The classic look, although the original had a black leather roof covering
[ Photos: © 2007 and courtesy Steve Masson ]



Circa 1:50 scale



Tto35las.jpg (3601 bytes)
Tootsietoy (USA) made this diecast model
of the 1935 La Salle sedan;
the poor photo is from a video still



Circa 1:18 scale



t35bnda.jpg (5227 bytes)    t35bnd2.jpg (5504 bytes)
This early Japanese tin toy y SSS is intended to depict the 1935 Cadillac town sedan




T33v6Weng.jpg (31126 bytes)    T35v6Weng.jpg (24050 bytes)
This is an amateur-built model of Fleetwood styyle #5776 2-passenger coupe
on V-16 chassis; it was built by V-16 owner-enthusiast, Terry Wenger, on the

basis of Supermite's 1934 V-16 Aerodynamic coupe [Fleetwood style #5799]
[ Photos:  Self Starter, June 2006 ]






Circa 1:43 scale



EMC [Eastern Models Collection], UKRAINE

t37harta1.JPG (16035 bytes)     t37harta2.JPG (22705 bytes)     t37harta3.JPG (21592 bytes)     t37harta4.JPG (16240 bytes)
Finishing the individual components before paint and assembly: a labor of love

T_Hart10.JPG (9955 bytes)     T_Hart03.JPG (16211 bytes)     T_Hart13.JPG (9377 bytes)     T_Hart15.JPG (7419 bytes)

T_Hart07.JPG (12830 bytes)     T_Hart11.JPG (18443 bytes)     T_Hart04.JPG (13055 bytes)

T_Hart17.JPG (8906 bytes)     T_Hart01.JPG (23705 bytes)     T_Hart16.JPG (6758 bytes)
This superb scale-model of a unique Cadillac roadster with body by Willy Hartmann of Lausanne, Switzerland,
was completed in late 2009 by EMC, in the Ukraine, based on photos and drawings from my personal archives;
this is EXACTLY how the car looked when it left the Hartmann workshops in 1937; restored in 1970, 1985 and 1999

it has undergone some "extreme" modifications that, in my opinion, detract from the coach-builder's unique 1937 creation!
[ This replica sold out within a week of coming on the market ]


THartBlu1.jpg (20922 bytes)     tHartBlue2.jpg (12019 bytes)     THartBlue4.jpg (12236 bytes)
EMC  offered  two more, equally authentic versions of the Hartmann roadster; this one shows the car after the first
repaint by the owner in spring, 1949; the body stripe was changed from orange to pale blue, it was registered anew on

April 21 that year, under the number VD19044; I wonder if EMC will issue the two other known  versions; the first one from
1965, after restoration by J.-J. Belet, in Lausanne, and the second  from 1982-83,  after restoration by André LeCoq, in Paris.

THartRed1.jpg (21433 bytes)

tHartRed2.jpg (14899 bytes)     THartRed3.jpg (14265 bytes)     THartRed4.jpg (14266 bytes)
Here we see the final (?) version of the modified Hartmann design, by the last-but-one owner, the late Tom Barrett III; the actual car
was acquired in this "resale red", for a reported $1.4 million,  by Ken Behring and Don Williams and  of the Blackhawk Auto Museum in Danville, CA
[ This replica too is sold out ]

The latest version in fire-engine red

Three exclusive models from the same manufacturer in the Ukraine: 1937 V16 roadster by Hartmann,
Switzerland, 1961 Cadillac "Jacqueline" by Pinin Farina, Italy and 1903 Cadillac's own Model A runabout



Check out this page for the full story of the full-sized car




t37LasUS.jpg (17866 bytes)
1939 LaSalle convertible coupe

T37Las_Ols19.jpg (7521 bytes)
The 1937 LaSalle paced that year’s Indianapolis 500 making it the second year in the marque’s short history to be so honoured.
Mini Marque ’43 issued this flawless handbuilt white metal open




TSodomkaOls11.jpg (7029 bytes)
1937 LaSalle convertible coupe with custom body by Sodomka, reputedly built for King George VI of England. Miva Models (Czechoslovakia)
issued this unusual white metal handmade version and then disappeared from the modeling scene. No.1.
[ Photo courtesy 
GM in Miniature, Veloce Publishing. Author, Randall Olson ]


(a cheaper version of the the EMC models from Ukraine)



I believe these photos show the same model, advertised for sale on a German web site ("Modelly") in 2014
what is missing from this version, inter alia, is the chrome strip along the door edge of the EMC model



estimated 1:43 scale

T37rroad.jpg (3129 bytes)
This toy was featured in Model Railroader, April 2004
It is said to depict a 1937 Cadillac sedan; the toy is part of the
collection of the L&S Division of the Baltimore & Ohio railroad

[ click here for full range and prices ]

IMPORTANT NOTE: these true-to-scale model cars are built and assembled with the utmost patience and care;
production numbers are VERY limited (from 12 to a maximum of 250 units of each) it is quite possible that some
models illustrated may no longer be available and cannot be re-issued; in making up these RARE models, many
photo-etched, chrome-plated or black-plated parts are used, as are also the finest decals; carpets also are depicted


[ missing ]

#LAS002 Convertible coupe, model #5067 (white with tan interior)

#LAS002B Convertible coupe, model #5067 (black with tan interior)



Circa 1:18 scale



t37lasb.jpg (7097 bytes)     t37lasa.jpg (8566 bytes)
Limited edition, metal-cast La Salle coupe (manufacturer unknown)
[ Photo: © 2002, Yann Saunders - Ira Bernstein collection, AZ ]

T37cvsd.jpg (9029 bytes)
Unique carved wood model of the 1937 convertible sedan,
from a private collection in Mobile, AL
[ Photo: © 2005, Yann Saunders ]

37cvsd1.jpg (8170 bytes)     37cvsd2.jpg (7787 bytes)
This is the actual car (in the same collection) on which is based the preceding scale-model



Circa 1:8 scale



    wood37c.JPG (9781 bytes)     hman_toy.JPG (4942 bytes)     wood37b.JPG (9402 bytes)

    37hartaa.JPG (35556 bytes)     t37Hart8thC.JPG (24098 bytes)
1937 Cadillac V16  with unique, streamlined roadster body by Hartmann of Lausanne, Switzerland
This is one of only three scale replicas hand carved from an exotic African wood by craftsmen in Yamassoukro,
Ivory Coast;  photos of the original car from the author's private collection served as a guide for the skilled artisans;
of the two remaining units, one is in the collection of Reto Hartmann, in Switzerland [no relation to the Swiss
coach builder] and the other in the private collection of my friend, Philippe Ruel, who lived in the Ivory Coast;
the small photo on the right shows the sculpture in my own collection, below a poster-sized photo of the car taken when it
toured Germany, between May and October 1982, with the Auto-show der Superlative and Veedol Starparade




1:43 scale


Brooklin Models is one of the world's leading manufacturers of 1:43 scale, collectible white metal model
automobiles and trucks. Dollar for dollar, Brooklin is the best value in white-metal models.

Designer Bill Mitchell’s gorgeous 1938 Sixty Special is a Milestone design. Many examples of the car still exist despite low initial production of 3,695 units. Brooklin Models issued a similar number of white metal replicas in an attractive grey-green hue. Here, is the sedan BRK-86 and Brooklin Factory special 1938 Sixty Special Phaeton, top down, BRK-FS-5. Brooklin created 750 of these handbuilt white metal models in 2005. They were priced at $10 more than a standard Brooklin. The scale model pictured below was custom built by John Roberts who re-sprayed the exterior in a darker “Royal Blue” than the original dark blue and the interior in tan. John also added chrome detailing to the windows, fenders and interior
[ Photos: courtesy
GM in Miniature, Veloce Publishing, by author, Randall Olson ]

T38bk86.jpg (6214 bytes)     t3860sBRK.jpg (14114 bytes)
The Brooklin Models company in Britain is recognized
for its finely detailed 1:43 scale replica toys;
this one (#86 in the catalog) depicts the style-setting
1938 Cadillac Series 60 Special

An "improved" version of the Brooklin model

tbk3860s.jpg (5265 bytes)     tbk3860b.jpg (5030 bytes)

t38bkcv.jpg (9627 bytes)     t38bkcv2.jpg (8689 bytes)
This imaginary 1938 Series Sixty Special convertible is based on the preceding model

t38BRKcvsd.jpg (18093 bytes)     t38BRKcvsd2.jpg (17015 bytes)
Different lighting conditions and backgrounds suggest two different colors; in  fact they are the same

T40_Ols00.jpg (10652 bytes)
[ Photo: courtesy GM in Miniature, Veloce Publishing, by author, Randall Olson ]





This White House security car was one of 2 built on the V-16 chassis that year;
both have survived, although converted to V8 power plants in the fifties


In these three rows, BAM models has created a very plausible 1942/1947 Cadillac town car
[ Photos: © 2014 and courtesy of Bruce Arnold ]




t38TC.jpg (11886 bytes)     t38v1632ndSign.jpg (12168 bytes)
V-16 town car [Fleetwood style #9053]




Rextoys, Switzerland, is responsible for these diecast 1:43 scale models of the
1938-1940 Cadillac V-16, Series 90 cars;  they depict the various body styles built
by Fleetwood  in that three-year period ...including even some unlikely ones!

Trxcata1.jpg (4044 bytes)     Trxcata2.jpg (2837 bytes)

These toys were market first in 1987 by Count Antonio Giansanti Coluzzi, well known CEO of Fulgurex miniature trains. The are currently built by Vitesse in Portugal and are based on factory line drawings, measurements and original photos that I supplied to the Count from my collection.  The available models include:  the town car, the sedan (including three military versions, the 2-door coupe, the 2-door convertible (including the Cicciolina1 version), the 4-door convertible sedan (again including the Cicciolina version), a President Roosevelt edition [inspired by the 1938 White House security car but in this case mounted on a regular chassis instead of a stretched one]

ciccio2.JPG (7277 bytes)
[ Photo: AFP ]

1 La Cicciolina is a former Italian porn star who subsequently got into the political arena  and was frequently seen (with one or both breasts provocatively bared), in the Palazzo Quirinale (the Italian Parliament - where I  had the honor to work   briefly, in 1971, as a translator/précis-writer for the Inter-Parliamentary Union - IPU); la "Ciccio" was seen also at the launching of these Rextoys replicas ...again with a breast or two bared!

Trx38po3.jpg (5714 bytes)     t38rxtc2.jpg (8183 bytes)

t38rextc.jpg (6717 bytes)

Trx38pop.JPG (8259 bytes)     Trx38po2.JPG (6983 bytes):
The "Vatican" version of the latter car (Rextoys  #1, 1987);  one of these cars was indeed donated to a Cardinal of the Roman college by the daughters of the first owner, Countess Rosario de Larrechea De Schiffner. The Cardinal kept the car in the Vatican garage and it is rumored that Pope Pius XII may have been its passenger on a few ceremonial occasions 

rextc.jpg (8125 bytes)
Rextoys #2 (1), 1987, Style #9053 town car for 7 passengers

tv632TC.jpg (14532 bytes)

t38tc32ndA.jpg (14473 bytes)     t38tc32ndB.jpg (14436 bytes)
Rextoys #2 (2), 1988, had a removable chauffeur's canopy


[ missing image ]

Rextoys #3 (A), 1987, limousine, with divider, tan leather roof;

Tsomajou.jpg (6920 bytes)
Rextoys #3 (B), 1987, as previous toy but with promotional decal
for Somajou, a toy retailer in France (limited to 150 units)
[ Photo:  Argus de la Miniature - © 1988, E. Flament ]


[ missing image ]

Rextoys #3 (C), 1987, as previous toy, dark gray leather roof, 
a promotional version for the press (180 units, each with its own title document)


T38rxarm.jpg (5293 bytes)     t38rxnvy.jpg (7427 bytes)
Two unlikely sixteens in military drab
(left) Rextoys #4 (1) in army olive
(right) Rextoys #4 (2) in  navy blue-gray (right)


[ missing image ]

Rextoys #4 (3) with U.S. Airforce decals

rxcpef.JPG (5091 bytes)      rxcper.JPG (4766 bytes)

Trx38cp.jpg (6276 bytes)     t38rxcp.jpg (8752 bytes)
Above two rows: Rextoys #5, style #9057B coupe for 5 passengers

Trx38cvc.JPG (4692 bytes)     Trx38cv2.JPG (4569 bytes)
Style #9067 convertible coupe, Rextoys #6 (1)

Trx38cic.JPG (5336 bytes)     Trx38ci2.JPG (4916 bytes)     T38rxci2.jpg (2167 bytes)
The (bare-breasted) Cicciolina version of the convertible coupe, Rextoys #6 (2)
The box came with the (alleged) lipstick imprint of the Cicciolina's lips

Trx38ts1.jpg (3808 bytes)
Above and below, style #9033F or 9059, formal sedans

T38rxfml.jpg (6123 bytes)     Trx38d.jpg (5922 bytes)
Formal sedan for five or seven passengers,   style #9033F [7] or #9059 [5]

t38rxfm2.jpg (6309 bytes)     t38rexb.jpg (4733 bytes)
Two more version of the preceding toy

[ missing image ]

Rextoys #7, 1988, as above  but featuring La Cicciolina

Trx38a.jpg (7530 bytes)     T38rxcvs.jpg (8867 bytes)
Style #9029 convertible sedan for 5 passengers, Rextoys #12(A)


[ missing image ]

A limited run with La Cicciolina aboard was made in 1988 for the Japanese market, Rextoys #12(B)

Trx38prd.JPG (5703 bytes)     Trx38pr2.JPG (5828 bytes)
Rextoys #12 (R) is supposed to depict Fleetwood job #9006, one of two White House security cars;
however, for that purpose it should have been considerably lengthened between the two side doors


(Claude Thibivilliers)

thipres1.jpg (10373 bytes)     T38-PresElegance.jpg (7360 bytes)
For the sake of comparison, here is the equivalent White House security car, also in 1:43 scale,
from master of precision in miniature, Claude Thibivilliers of  Elegance models
[ to view more Elegance replicas, click here ]




T38TINTI.JPG (12863 bytes)     t38tntn.jpg (3366 bytes)

tTintin38a.jpg (15474 bytes)     tTintin38b.jpg (14762 bytes)
Renowned Belgian illustrator/cartooinst, Georges Rémi, aka "Hergé" (or the initials "RG" in French) is best known for his
comic strip books depicting the adventures of a young Belgian reporter and his dog "Snowy" ("Milou" in French)
- you may read about his books here; "Hergé" was known for correctly depicting cars of all makes, in this instance
the Cadillac "Series 75"convertible sedan used by the "forever young" reporter during his adventures in Tibet

t38v6hrs1A.jpg (5181 bytes)     t38v6hrs1B.jpg (5173 bytes)

t38v6hrs1C.jpg (4669 bytes)     t38v6hrs1D.jpg (5263 bytes)
Unlikely carved panel hearse on Cadillac V-16 chassis;
possibly a conversion based on the "Rextoys" series

T38-24thhrs.jpg (120988 bytes)     T38-24thhrs2.jpg (109973 bytes)
I have a feeling this unidentified (and unlikely) hearse on the V-16 chassis
is based also on the Rextoys series of V-16 models





[ missing ]

#LAS001 Flxible ambulance

#LAS003 S&S Damascus carved-panel hearse by Hess & Eisenhardt



Circa 1:32 scale



t38avon.jpg (10017 bytes)
The Avon perfume company marketed one
of its products in this bottle in the shape
of a 1938 Cadillac Series 75 town car




t38hrs.jpg (5332 bytes)

t38Hrs18th.jpg (5907 bytes)     t38HrsA.jpg (6674 bytes)
Here's an unlikely carved-side hearse
on the 1938 V-16 chassis

T38hrs1.jpg (6526 bytes)     T38hrs2.jpg (6006 bytes)

T38hrs3.jpg (4946 bytes)     T38hrs4.jpg (4306 bytes)     T38hrs5.jpg (5351 bytes)
This gray one was for sale on Ebay in Dec., 2007
The interior detailing and engine compartment are quite striking!

t38hrsD.jpg (20092 bytes)     t38hrsB.jpg (21007 bytes)

t38hrsA.jpg (16396 bytes)     t38hrsC.jpg (15046 bytes)     38HEARSE.jpg (10382 bytes)     t38hrsE.jpg (19087 bytes)
Here's another one in black


This is a very unique model of a Cadillac Hearse from 1938. I've seen a few for sale on Ebay but no manufacturer is shown. The carved panels are reproduced in plastic on this model. The rest of the body is nice quality (metal) diecast. It has opening front doors and rear door, and an opening hood with detailed engine. It even comes with a miniature, opening casket and beautiful detailed interior.



Circa 1:25 scale



t38tkma.jpg (6507 bytes)    t38tkmb.jpg (5649 bytes)
Nice detail on this limited edition Series 60 Special sedan
from Tom K. Mills, Oklahoma City, OK



Circa 1:24 scale


[ no image ]

The initial prototype model for the preceding Rextoys series was made in
1:24 scale; I believe it is still in the collection of Count Giansanti-Coluzzi,
CEO of Rextoys, in Lausanne, Switzerland




    38drh4.jpg (7828 bytes)     Dr38BrunnA.jpg (10321 bytes)     dr38BrunnB.jpg (9685 bytes)
Color photos of the surviving and restored car

T38brunni.jpg (14068 bytes)     T38brunnJ.jpg (10737 bytes)

T38brunnK.jpg (13044 bytes)     T38BrunnL.jpg (12329 bytes)
Above two rows: initial etching and rough-cut of future replica

t38brunna.jpg (18106 bytes)

t38brunnb.jpg (15174 bytes)     t38brunnc.jpg (17355 bytes)

t38brunnd.jpg (20530 bytes)
Above three rows: After a lot of filing and sanding, the beautiful curves of the body emerge

t38brunne.jpg (19533 bytes)     T38brunng.jpg (21930 bytes)

T38brunnf.jpg (27945 bytes)     t40Brunn.jpg (7456 bytes)

t39BrunnVal1.jpg (8196 bytes)     t38BrunnVal2.jpg (7168 bytes)
Above three rows:  gradually the final product takes shape



     T38PresV16b.jpg (19367 bytes)

t38PresV16.jpg (18596 bytes)     T38PresV16c.jpg (19073 bytes)

   T38presc.jpg (9776 bytes)     T38presg.jpg (6541 bytes)     T38presid.jpg (6938 bytes)
Only two of these White House security cars were built (Fleetwood Job #9006); dubbed the Queen Mary and
Queen Elizabeth, these "liners" remained  in service up-to the mid-fifties; during the war the sixteen-
cylinder engines were replaced with V-8s for reasons of economy (for more on these huge cars,
check out the Database page on surviving V-16 models of 1938-1940);

T38presh.jpg (7185 bytes)     T38presi.jpg (5196 bytes)     T38prese.jpg (6057 bytes)     T38presb.jpg (6380 bytes)

    T38presid2S.jpg (22173 bytes)     T38PRESD.JPG (6959 bytes)
While the detailing of this model is excellent, considering its relatively modest price tag, in my opinion
it was unforgivable of the manufacturer, Yat-Ming, to fit the car with the WRONG V-16 engine;
it has the older "452"engine where the cylinder banks are set off at a 45º angle; in reality
that engine could not fit under the lower hood of the 1938 Cadillac!



Circa 1:18 Scale



T3816TC.JPG (5907 bytes)
Issued in 2003, this Signature Series from Thailand depicts one of eleven Cadillac V-16 town car models of 1938
with a body by Fleetwood (style #9053); the original car was  purchased through GM's former facilities in Alexandria,
Egypt,  by the late Austro-Italian Countess Rosario de Larrechea de Schiffner, a resident of Paris' Ritz Hotel; at her death,
in 1948, her daughters donated the car in 1948 to a Cardinal of the Roman College; it remained for some years in the
garage of the Vatican  where it became known subsequently (and in error)  as "the Pope's V-16"; Signature have
reproduced the car in its present condition, down to the clear-lensed, round parking lights that were added to the base
of the front fenders following a partial restoration in Switzerland

 T16TCA.JPG (7424 bytes)     T16TCB.JPG (7416 bytes)
The same body style (same year) was purchased in 1938 by a lumber baron from Iowa; it was acquired
in the sixties by my friend Katie Robbins of Dearborn, MI, who has had it ever since

    T38V6TCA.JPG (5496 bytes)     T38V6TCC.JPG (5130 bytes)     t38-TCPatch.JPG (21396 bytes)
The detail to be found on  the scale-model is quite astounding despite its  modest price tag;
it includes even repairs ( patches) performed to the rear quarter panel areas of the leather roof
on this specific car, which I know very well

T38V6TCB.JPG (7246 bytes)     T38V6TCF.JPG (8635 bytes)
Contrary to the 1:24 scale model of the Cadillac V-16 White House security car
(see above) issued around the same time as this one, in the Fall of 2003,
this toy has the correct, short stroke V-16, with 8-cylinder engine banks angled at 135º

t38tc_white.jpg (10928 bytes)
Same maker, different color?




t38WengV6.jpg (30355 bytes)
This is a very nice, amateur-built model of Fleetwood style #9039 town sedan on the
1938 Cadillac V-16 chassis; it is a conversion from Anson's Fleetwood style #9053 [above]

by  V-16 enthusiast,  Terry Wenger, who happens to own a full-sized version of the car!
[ Photos:  Self Starter, June 2006 ]






t37lsgrl.jpg (7384 bytes)     T37LSGR2.JPG (7391 bytes)
This interesting display was sent to me by Cadillac enthusiast, Jeff Maltby; it shows some scale-model Cadillacs and toys exhibited on top of a 1937 La Salle radiator grille and headlamp assembly; there are two Rextoys in military garb (balanced on the headlight pods), three Avon bottles in the shape of a the 1938 Town car [see preceding 1:32 scale miniature] and a gray, 1948 Tootsietoy 60 Special sedan; I don't recognize the toy on the left of the Avon bottles.  Jeff ?
[ Photos: courtesy Jeff Maltby ]




Unknown origin and scale
[possibly Jean Rheault, possibly 1:13 scale, possibly made 2001]

t38hrssd.jpg (7414 bytes)

 t38hrse.jpg (4789 bytes)     t38hrsft.jpg (4751 bytes)     t38hrsrr.jpg (4131 bytes)
Manufacturer unknown; I believe these pics came off the Internet;
this replica depicts a 1938 Cadillac with a custom funeral limousine body

I get so much stuff from so many different sources that I sometimes forget their origin;
this beautiful, miniature, 1:13 scale 1938 La Salle hearse may have been built
in April 2001 by Jean Rheault.  Who knows it ?



[  1938 - 1941 ]

1:25 scale


(Tom K. Mills)

Tmis40s.jpg (8576 bytes)
Here are some 1:25 scale replicas from my former collection: they are resin
kits from the seventies, requiring better than average building
and painting skills; these were assembled and painted by my friend,
Baron Helmut Von Anzengrüber;  they are (from left to right):
the 1941 Series 62 convertible coupe, 1939 Series 60 Special
and the 1938 Series 60 Special





Circa 1:43scale



t39IxoAltaya.jpg (26110 bytes)
A favorite of mine: "Series 75" sedans and limousines;
this one depicts the 1939 line

t39altaya.jpg (37525 bytes)
Base label reads "V18", probably meant to be "V16" but in fact a "V8" model

t39IXO1.jpg (12398 bytes)     t39IXO4.jpg (13969 bytes)     t39IXO5.jpg (12244 bytes)

t39IXO6.jpg (9292 bytes)     t39IXO3.jpg (11788 bytes)     t39IXO2.jpg (8466 bytes)
This is a lovely ( 2008?) replica of the large, Fleetwood Series 75 sedan and limousine body styles



t39LaSBRK.jpg (11601 bytes)     t39LaSBRK2.jpg (16377 bytes)
Left: 1939 La Salle 5-pass. coupe and right: 1939 La Salle 2-pass. coupe

T39LaS_Ols14.jpg (6489 bytes)

1939 LaSalle 5 window coupe, GM’s lowest priced LaSalle at $1200. Brooklin made this white metal model in maroon [BRK-122]
Photo courtesy 
GM in Miniature, Veloce Publishing. Author, Randall Olson.

 T39Las_Ols16.jpg (6259 bytes)
1939 LaSalle by Brooklin Models; the 2dr sedan was outsold 15 to 1 by the 4dr model’s 15,000 buyers;
a nice model with a carefully hand-scored grille, the builder only issued this replica in light green [BRK-98]
[ Photo courtesy 
GM in Miniature, Veloce Publishing,  author, Randall Olson ]

 T39Las_Ols17.jpg (7490 bytes)
Only one of these 1939 LaSalle 4dr sedan replicas was made by John Roberts from a Brooklin Models 2dr sedan.
[ Photo courtesy 
GM in Miniature, Veloce Publishing, author, Randall Olson ]

 T39Las_Ols18.jpg (7261 bytes)
A one of a kind 1939 LaSalle 4dr convertible sedan made from a Brooklin model by John Roberts
[ Photo courtesy 
GM in Miniature, Veloce Publishing, author, Randall Olson ]




Tun39ls1.jpg (3751 bytes)     Tun39las.jpg (5361 bytes)     Tun39ls2.jpg (3682 bytes)
In the center, a tinplate auto transporter carrying two tinplate 1939 La Salle models in approx. 1:41 scale
these toys are in the collection of my friend Armand Montandon, in Geneva, Switzerland; again,

the poor image quality comes from my trying to photograph the TV screen while playing a video cassette




Circa 1:32 scale



        thublaa.jpg (8251 bytes)     thublab.jpg (8577 bytes)
La Salle sedan; this is in the same vein as the 1941 Cadillac sedans
(below) except that the La Salle has a more pronounced trunk in the rear
[ Photo: © 2002, Yann Saunders - Bob Blake collection, AZ ]



Circa 1:24 scale



  t39carv2.jpg (6997 bytes)     t39carvd.jpg (5012 bytes)
Carved side hearse
[ images: www.diecastgarage.com ]




T39hrs3S.jpg (21297 bytes)     T39hrs6S.jpg (20799 bytes)

T39hrs4S.jpg (21558 bytes)     T39hrs5S.jpg (23936 bytes)
Carved-side funeral coach (1)


T39hrsS.jpg (24334 bytes)     t39hrs2S.jpg (23185 bytes)
Carved-side funeral coach (2)


OttoV4.jpg (6448 bytes)     OttoV5.jpg (5252 bytes)

OttoV7.jpg (6359 bytes)     OttoV8.jpg (4541 bytes)
Fleetwood 75 convertible sedan





1:64 scale



t40Flt1.JPG (8128 bytes)     t40Fltw2.JPG (8294 bytes)     t40Fltw3.JPG (7351 bytes)

t40JadaX.jpg (4847 bytes)     t40old64th.JPG (11197 bytes)





Tbk4016.JPG (6981 bytes)     t40bklin.jpg (8568 bytes)

Tbk40can.jpg (8038 bytes)     tv640.jpg (3524 bytes)
Brooklin Models (UK) are reputed for making fine diecast models in 1:43 scale;
(top left) #14a (1983), 1940 Cadillac V-16 convertible coupe without sidemounts;

(top right and lower photo) #14b (1983), the same car, with sidemounts, for the Canadian market
The Canadian version is the CTCS 1983 edition [400 built]




Two "improved" versions of Brooklin's 1940 Cadillac V-16 convertible coupe

T40bkamb.jpg (7517 bytes)
I believe this (unlikely) model of a Cadillac ambulance on the 1940
Cadillac V-16 chassis was made also by Brooklin Models (UK)




t40Dept56b.jpg (3169 bytes)
This is a copy of the Brooklin model





[ missing photos ]

Mini Auto Emporium (MAE) 1:43 scale 1940 Series 62 sedan, 2-tone paint job

Mini Auto Emporium (MAE) 1:43 scale 1940 Series 62 convertible coupe 




T40DER.JPG (10267 bytes)     T40DER2.JPG (12456 bytes)
Custom Series 62 convertible by Maurice Schwartz; a very nice replica of a surviving car
Each model carries its own card and certificate of authenticity

t40BrunMtrMus.jpg (11377 bytes)     t40BrunB.jpg (13306 bytes)     T40BrunC.jpg (12681 bytes)

40bohm10.jpg (9485 bytes)
The 1:43 scale miniature correctly depicts the full-sized car in this photo

t40MtrMus.jpg (9028 bytes)




t40las3inch1.jpg (3857 bytes)     t40Las3inch2.jpg (3868 bytes)
#230, La Salle sedan (3" long)
This one came up for sale on Ebay in June, 2008



t40lasb.jpg (7608 bytes)     t40lasa.jpg (7633 bytes)
Limited edition, diecast  La Salle sedan (manufacturer unknown)
[ Photo: © 2002, Yann Saunders - Bob Blake collection, AZ ]

t40sign.jpg (11349 bytes)

t40-30sSig2.jpg (162531 bytes)     t40-30sSig3.jpg (158485 bytes)

t40-30sSig1.jpg (169110 bytes)
Issued in 2008, this depicts the 1940 Series 60 Special




t40_LaSOls03.jpg (7422 bytes)
1940 LaSalle S52 convertible by Victory Models; carefully crafted in resin, this handbuilt model
in Oxblood Maroon came with a top and convertible boot so that it may be displayed open or closed [#VM-10]
[ Photo courtesy 
GM in Miniature, Veloce Publishing, author, Randall Olson ]



Circa 1:25 scale



t40tkma.jpg (5012 bytes)     t40tkmb.jpg (4926 bytes)
Once again, a nicely detailed, limited edition Series 60 Special sedan
from Tom K. Mills, Oklahoma City, OK



T40Bohm1S.jpg (24228 bytes)     T40Bohm2S.jpg (19525 bytes)

T40Bohm4S.jpg (22845 bytes)     T40Bohm5S.jpg (23408 bytes)
Custom convertivle coupe by Maurice Schwartz, on Series 62 chassis



Circa 1:18 scale



t40jadaX2.jpg (6182 bytes)     t40Godfa18th.jpg (10528 bytes)

t40GodF.jpg (4980 bytes)     t40GodF2.jpg (5474 bytes)     t40Godf3.jpg (6020 bytes)     40GodFath.jpg (11231 bytes)
Once again, a nicely detailed, limited edition Series 60 Special sedan
[ inspired by the movie, The Godfather ]





Circa 1:43 Scale



Bruce has been a life-long collector of classic cars. He became interested in collecting model cars in 1988, when he first discovered 1/43 scale. His knowledge of both automotive history and the model car industry earned him the position of feature writer for Model Auto Review, the most prestigious international collectors' magazine.

In 1998, he began manufacturing models of his own design and pattern to see if he could create The Perfect Model Car. His first model, a 1953 Cadillac Eldorado, was introduced and promptly chosen Most Collectible Model of the Year by the authoritative Mobilia Magazine.

In 1999, Cadillac Motor Division commissioned a special edition for their world-wide Cadillac Collection "2000" promotion.

These are the fisrt releases in Bruce's new 1/43 scale range called the Model Museum Collection. In response to requests for something more exclusive, these will be very special model subjects. The models will have extraordinary detailing with authentic interior materials used where possible. Because these models will be handbuilt production numbers will be very low. Therefore, the price will be considerably higher than typical BAM models.

Model Museum #1 is the 1953 Cadillac Orleans Motorama dream car [see this page].

Model Museum #2 will be called the Harley Earl. The low slung town car never left the drawing board but it has the same sectioned body and flow through fenders as the 1942 parade phaeton designed by Earl. Updated to 1947 details, this version also features a lowered half-closed roof.  The master pattern, completed in 2006, is shown below.

TDerhTC.jpg (10619 bytes)
Barring the open front, town car configuration, this model is very sililar to a
custom Fleetwood sedan commissined by the late Duke of Windsor; you may view it here



t41_60S.jpg (9580 bytes)




t41_Ols02.jpg (7198 bytes)
1941 Cadillac Sixty Special. Replica by Victory Models from 2001-02. In Gunmetal Grey and Berkley Grey. VM-3.
Photo courtesy 
GM in Miniature, Veloce Publishing. Author, Randall Olson

 t41_Ols04.jpg (6102 bytes)
A superbly proportioned and well detailed 1:43rd scale replica of the 1941 S61 club coupe.
Issued by Victory Models in 2002. VM-8.
Photo courtesy 
GM in Miniature, Veloce Publishing. Author, Randall Olson.

 t41_Ols06.jpg (6407 bytes)
1941 S62 convertible coupe in Oceano Blue with simulated oxblood leather interior. Produced by Victory Models in 2002,
this gorgeous limited edition resin and white metal replica retailed for $175. VM-1A.
Photo courtesy 
GM in Miniature, Veloce Publishing. Author, Randall Olson.

 t41_Ols07.jpg (6626 bytes)
1941 was the last year that Cadillac offered both a 2dr and 4dr convertible. The 4dr convertible sedan or “phaeton” sold
only 400 units which was a far cry from the 3,100 2dr convertible Series 62 models that Cadillac made.
Victory Models VM-1A with detachable top up and VM-4.
Photo courtesy 
GM in Miniature, Veloce Publishing. Author, Randall Olson.

 T41_ols08.jpg (6753 bytes)
J. Interior of Victory Models' 1941 S62 VM-4.
Photo courtesy 
GM in Miniature, Veloce Publishing. Author, Randall Olson.

t41wesb.jpg (9108 bytes)     t41wesa.jpg (7863 bytes)
Thanks to Database visitor, Ray Paszkiewicz, Jr.,   this diecast 4-door convertible sedan
has now been correctly identified [it was previously shown in error as a Western Models replica];
Ray should know, he MAKES the Victory models; this one is #VM-4 and is the first color used
for this body style (that color is no longer available - the second and current color is Sequoia Cream;
Victory has made 4 different 1941 Cadillac body styles, as well as #VM-10, a 1940 LaSalle convertible coupe
[ Photo: © 2002, Yann Saunders - Bob Blake collection, AZ ]

 T41_ols09.jpg (10942 bytes)
A quartet of 1940 LaSalle and 1941 Cadillac models by Victory Models.
Photo courtesy 
GM in Miniature, Veloce Publishing; Author, Randall Olson.




Michael is not a model builder or vendor;  he is a master creator-builder of miniature street scenes involving mainly scale-model cars
from his own extensive collection; this one depicts some "abandoned cars" under a dark railroad (?) bridge in an industrial (?)  suburb



Circa 1:32 scale



Thu41txi.JPG (7577 bytes)     thub41tx.jpg (5690 bytes)

ttaxihub.jpg (5236 bytes)     ttaxi2.jpg (4898 bytes)
One rough and one better Hubley taxi versions of the Series 62 sedan

Thu41sda.jpg (7536 bytes)     Thu41sdb.jpg (8556 bytes)
This 1941 Series 62 sedan in approx. 1:32 scale was a popular Hubley (USA) metal
model before and just after WW2;  it was available also in a taxi version (above)

Tmis40s2.jpg (10848 bytes)
These miniature 1941 Cadillacs all are based on the popular Hubley diecast
model of the Series 62 sedan, in 1:32 scale.  From left to right we see the custom
Duchess limousine (built for the Duke of Windsor and Ms. Wallis Simpson),
a town car conversion by Derham on the Sixty-Special chassis, an imaginary (?)
taxi, the regular Series 62 convertible coupe and the regular Series 62 sedan

    t41hubf.jpg (6078 bytes)     t41hubr.jpg (6074 bytes)
Detailed Hubley toy from author's former collection

thubley1.JPG (14116 bytes)     thubley3.jpg (20356 bytes)     thubley2.JPG (15223 bytes)
Here's a fleet of 1:32 scale Cadillac taxis from Hubley


[image missing ]

It is reported that a "1941" La Salle also exists in this series
[ it is probably a 1940 model, last year of La Salle production,
unless it's the red one, above, for 1939 ]



Circa 1:25 scale



t41tkmb.jpg (7056 bytes)
It seems I lost the negative of the front view of this
limited edition, very pretty Series 62 convertible
by Tom K. Mills, Oklahoma City, OK



1:24 scale



T41dmsid.jpg (9445 bytes)     T41dmint.jpg (7301 bytes)

T41dmfr.jpg (8804 bytes)     T41dmrr.jpg (8540 bytes)
Stupendous 1:24 scale model of the 1941 Cadillac Sixty Special,
opening doors and hood, detailed engine compartment, trunk, wide white-walls

t41dmint.jpg (9489 bytes)     t41damin.jpg (7542 bytes)

t41dami2.jpg (5919 bytes)     t41dami3.jpg (6818 bytes)





Here's a two-tone version of the popular Series 60 Special for 1941 (6 rows)



    t4160SbS.jpg (20422 bytes)

T4160S1S.jpg (20238 bytes)     t4160ScS.jpg (19447 bytes)

T41woody1S.jpg (26588 bytes)     T41woody2S.jpg (23486 bytes)

T41woody3S.jpg (25486 bytes)     T41woody4S.jpg (24612 bytes)     T41woody5S.jpg (24941 bytes)
Custom station wagon by Coachcraft of Hollywood for movie star, Will Starrett



Circa 1:16 scale


[scale is estimated]

My son, Philippe, saw this 3D plaster model of a well-known, Dali-inspired painting
in a "souvenir" shop in Barcelona, Spain, in March 2012; unfortunately, the
shop was closed and so he was unable to acquire the "toy" for his collection



1941 Cadillac "clothed" models inspired by the great Salvador Dali;
the basic models are Fleetwood Style #7523 (black) and Fisher style  #6719 (dark blue)



Twy41wag.JPG (6536 bytes)
Large tin litho toy;  it has two opening doors; it exists
also with a roof rack; this lovely toy depicts a real Cadillac station wagon
that was built by Coachcraft of Hollywood for screen star William Starrett;
I acquired mine as a gift from a friend and toy historian, Lillian Gottschalk

t41wyan2.jpg (7632 bytes)     t41wyan4.jpg (9683 bytes)
The toy was available also in blue

t41WYdel.jpg (14318 bytes)

t41delv.jpg (4304 bytes)     t41delv2.jpg (4334 bytes)

t41delv3.jpg (4017 bytes)     t41delv4.jpg (3013 bytes)
This much rarer version of the same basic toy
was sold on EBay in August, 2005, for more than $400





Circa 1:41 scale



Trl42sed.jpg (5278 bytes)     t47rlsto.jpg (3963 bytes)
Toy is intended to depict the 1942 or 1946 
Cadillac sedan with pontoon fenders


[ missing photos ]

I detailed the one in my collection
[ Photos in Argus de la Miniature #109, p.6 ]



Circa 1:8 scale



t42mine.jpg (14308 bytes)
Through Philippe Ruel (Ivory Coast) work in progress on a 1:8 scale "sculpture",
made of exotic African woods,  of my Black Pryncess,
a 1942 Fleetwood Series 75, style #7519-F limousine for 5-pass.

wood42b.jpg (7060 bytes)
In the foreground, 1:43 scale toy gives the proper measure of the wood replica

wood42a.jpg (5533 bytes)     wood42c.jpg (5517 bytes)
Zippo lighter also gives an idea of size !

The finished model is in my son's collection, in France

This is one of only two similar replicas hand carved from exotic African woods by local craftsmen
in Yamassoukro, Ivory Coast;  photos of the author's car served as a guide for the skilled artisans;
one unit is in the collection of my son, Philip, in France, and the other in the private collection of my
friend, Philippe Ruel, through whom I was able to obtain these replicas when he lived in the Ivory Coast

[check this page for other African Cadillac "sculptures"]



Unknown scale


t42unk.jpg (9085 bytes)
Possibly an early post-WW2 Japanese tinplate toy
depicting a 1942 Cadillac convertible (the actual car did
not have the vertical hash marks on the front fenders -
these were seen only on the Series 60 Special sedan)

Circa 1:18 scale (?) model of Cadillac-powered M5 tank from 1943



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