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1957 - 1960

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Best of the Brougham Breed (1959-60)

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[43 cars, i.e. 43.4%]*

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With the help of collector-enthusiast, Stephen Chandler, in the UK, this page may incorporate a number of changes over the next few weeks.  Stephen has been researching the 1959 Brougham for a couple of decades and has come up with some information that differs from what you currently see here.  He wrote in May 2005: I do have a little information that may shed more light on matters. Some of this is borne out of personal, direct knowledge as I am the current and former owner of a number of 59 Eldorados including Broughams.  I am very interested, academically, in 57, 58 and 60, but have only ever owned 59s. I certainly could name a few more survivors – but sadly this was as of the 70’s and 80’s – so I fear they may now be lost or at least untraceable. I’d love to compare notes with you on this.  I have been convinced, ever since Cy Strickler’s admirable “Roster” originally came out [1975-1978], that there are significant discrepancies between it and a certain number of the cars that actually left the factory.  By this I do not mean that years later, colours were changed after the factory, interiors re-trimmed etc at the whim of subsequent owners. This is regular (if often regrettable) practice - some of this of course must have occurred as it does with every type of car.  What I mean is that more than one car (I own / have owned) AS ORIGINAL do not bear the same specification as shown on Cy’s list.   You refer to some of the logic around this in your Database [e.g. car #26, below].  Either Cy had transcribed the list wrongly (unlikely, knowing the meticulousness of Cy’s work) or Cadillac had it wrong.  I believe the latter to be more likely true, and I have the evidence for it.

Car #1 was first shown at the Chicago Auto Show, four months after sales of the regular '59 models had begun, It was used later by Cadillac Division’s engine department. It is not a known survivor.

59ebNYShow.jpg (11851 bytes)
The new 1959 Eldorado Brougham on display at the Chicago Motor Show


Car #2 is in the collection of a friend in Ohio [2005]; former owner was a Mr. Dixon. It is NOT for sale.

Car #3 was owned in the late seventies by Charles Daout of Chesapeake, VA. At that time Charles owned also 1960 Broughams #1 and 95. Our eye-in-the-sky Brougham enthusiast Jerry Jansson of Sweden reported, in January, 2002,  that this may be just a parts car today; indeed, he came across an ad for a pair of '59 Brougham tail-lights for sale.  The vendor said this vehicle has deteriorated too much to restore.

59brg3.jpg (11470 bytes)
Car #3 certainly looks good in this photo ...or it's another car altogether!


Car #10 was seen around 1994-95 in the basement of the Auburn Museum [Indianapolis?]  According to Ed Pentesco, whom I had the good fortune to meet in Santa Clara, CA, in June, 1999 [see cars # 30 and 46, below], it was in rough shape but possibly restorable.

Car #11 is believed to be in Sweden. This car  currently (2004) is reported to be in Sweden  where it is being restored for  a  mysterious  "Mr B" by Emeren Autocraft in Vikarbyn.

59EB11b.jpg (6087 bytes)    59EB11a.jpg (9539 bytes)
[ Photos: © and courtesy Jerry Jansson ]


Car #12 [PREVIOUSLY SHOWN IN ERROR AS #66] was reported in Norway, by its new owner, Rune Lie, in Levanger; he says he has rebuilt the car; it was completed in May, 2000. He imported it from San Francisco where he acquired it in Nov. 98.  It is a "one-owner car", formerly the property of a Mr. Louis Geoffrison. It has 83K miles and "shines like a bride" that he loves very much. On his first car show in May 2000, the Brougham took first place. In August, 2002, I got this correction from enthusiast Jerry Jansson: I just got back from the very nice and well organized Classic Car Week in Rattvik Sweden. Met Mr. Rune Lie from Norway and took some pictures of his car EB59#012 ( previously. known as #66!!!), When his friend helped him a long time ago to inform you about the car, they mistook the engine number for the serial no! Will send pictures in a separate mail. When two of the Swedish car publications, Nostalgia and Power, heard about our cars being at the same place they wanted make a Kodak-moment out of the occasion. We phoned Mr. Leif Ingesbo EB58#703 and he joined us on a very wet Thursday afternoon.

eb59_12a.jpg (12972 bytes)    eb59_12b.jpg (12060 bytes)
[ Photos: courtesy Jerry Jannson, Sweden ]


Car #13 While rummaging through some old files, I found that 1959 Brougham #13 had been offered for sale by FEN Enterprises [Frank Nicodemus], NY, for $5000.   The fax number was listed as (914) 462-8450.  Who has this car today?  Could be still be Frank? He offered a '59 Brougham for sale to a select dozen potential buyers in November, 2006.

Car #16 was offered for sale in May 1991 by Mike Rizzuto of Mastermind, CA.  The asking price at that time was $14,500 ...for a car described as "not running" and "needing restoration".  It was for sale again nine years later, in 2000, then in 2002, for about half that price [$7,500]; again it was described as 98% complete but needing a full restoration. The car appeared again on e-Bay in April 2002, with a reserve price and a starting bid of $2,500. This car currently (2004) is reported to be in Sweden  where it is being restored for  a  mysterious  "Mr B" by Emeren Autocraft in Vikarbyn.

eb59_16a.jpg (9442 bytes)    eb59_16b.jpg (8083 bytes)

59EB16b.jpg (5019 bytes)    59EB16a.jpg (9517 bytes)
[ Photos (above row): © and courtesy Jerry Jansson ]


Car #17 was owned in the late seventies by David Walch of Escanaba, MI.

Car #20  with the original engine # 000512 is owned by Dr. Rick Zeiger. It was originally a California delivery, with black exterior, gray broadcloth and black Karakul nylon carpeting.   Rick purchased the car from George Samson of San Leandro in about 1993. At that time, the car was turquoise, but aside from the color change, it was a very original car. He was told that this car was a dealer color change and was sold new in the San Francisco Bay area.  Rick sold the car in 1996 to Tom Wolfe, in Ohio; part of the deal included Rick's supervising the re-painting of the car to its original black color. Tom also had the interior re-upholstered in leather.  Rick bought it back from Tom in 1999.  

  eb59_20b.JPG (12207 bytes)    eb59_20d.JPG (7697 bytes) 
Photos:  courtesy Dr. Zeiger and the Cadillac-LaSalle Club

Car #23 was brought to my attention by its current owner who kindly supplied a number of photos.  BTW, the car looks to be in excellent condition. The car is described thus in the ad "For Sale" on the CLC forum:  Car number 23, argent silver paint. This car has been with one California family until 1989, when it was placed in a private collection. All service records back to 1959 authenticate the mileage of 72,000 to be accurate. The condition of the car is outstanding. Original paint with some area's spotted in on the top of the car. I suspect due to some fading, no rust or accident history. Car has air suspension and A/C, cruise works. The interior is very nice. Chrome bumpers and brightwork are also very nice. The lows: car will need air suspension work, but I can take of that if need be [air pump] $19,500.00 If you are interested, let me know or pass this info along. Late extra [January, 2005]:   the car has been acquired by long-time Brougham aficionado, Jean-Claude Franchitti (58EB#479, 60EB#58 and 60EB#68).

59EB23D.JPG (9488 bytes)    59EB23C.JPG (5848 bytes)

59EB23A.JPG (6233 bytes)    59EB23B.JPG (8841 bytes)    59EB23F.JPG (6609 bytes)


Car #24 is in the collection of a friend in Ohio; former owner was a Mr. Stearns. It is NOT for sale.

59EB-Wald3.jpg (28801 bytes)    59EB-Wald2.jpg (16278 bytes)

59EB-Wald0.jpg (22642 bytes)    59EB-Wald1.jpg (30531 bytes)


Car #25 was owned in the late seventies by George Allgood of GA. George had a number of Broughams including many parts cars (1957-58: 134, 174, 234, 249, 278, 330, 487, 494, 573 and 646. For 1959 he had this car and for 1960 car #38, plus one other). It was owned also by  Mr. Hickock. Currently it is in the collection of a friend in Ohio. This car is for sale.

Car #26 was sold at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, AZ, in 1997 [not 1996 as mentioned earlier], for $20,000; it was in original, unrestored condition and had been ordered new by the Brinkerhoff Drilling Co., of Denver, CO.  Some time in its life this car apparently was repainted from the original color [black] to silver gray metallic.  A previous owner of the car (Carl E. Woodruff, III) who contacted me in November, 1998, after seeing his former car listed in this section, said he had seen no evidence of the car ever being black; so either it was a very professional paint job, or the paint indication on the body tag [#110] is wrong.  I would lean towards the former solution. Mr. Woodruff III told me he had bought the car at a Kruse auction in Volo, IL in October 1995 (the former owner was one Claude Koszuta of Mundelein, IL). Mr. Woodruff sold the Brougham in 1997 to one Michael J. Kamen of Los Angeles, CA. About the paint color, he said "I have been in the car business for some 20 years; you have to be a real detective to detect such flaws. I wonder if its original records are incorrect?" He added that the original warranty card issued to the mining company was in the glove box when he bought the car. Late Extra [6/2009]: This just in from a new owner: Just bought #26 [1959?] for $33k; the car is grey with grey interior;   it's a #3 car. Need info and manuals. please e-mail me if you have any restoration info or stuff to buy. Thanks, Wolf.

Car #30 is one of a series of 1959-1960 Brougham models owned by Canadian enthusiast Ed Pentesco with whom I had the opportunity of chatting at length in March 1999 [his number was given to me by another Canadian Eldorado admirer, Stephen Nadon]. I met Ed in Santa Clara, CA, some three months later.  Ed bought this car near Carson City, Nevada.  It has undergone a ground-up restoration. Late extra [9/2000]:  Ed reports that he sold this car to an enthusiast in Illinois. Late Late Extra: the car was again for sale on e-Bay, in June 2002. The winning bid was   $24,301.11. Even Later:  It was offered for sale as lot #466 by the Kruse Group at their Spring venue, in Auburn, IN, in 2001 where it was reported sold for  $30,500.  Even Later Still Extra: according to collector-enthusiast Ron Susser, who wrote in January 2005, the car was sold again, in 2003, this time for "only" $29,000.

eb5930b.jpg (14926 bytes)    eb5930c.jpg (8267 bytes)


Car #34 has been located in Sweden by our favorite Brougham detective there, Jerry Jannson. At this time [9/2003] the current owner, Tomas, is restoring the car completely and has the body down to bare metal, revealing in the process the fine craftsmanship of PF's panel beaters who adjusted all the body panels perfectly with lead filler. Tomas provided Jerry with these [odd???] indications from the car's body tag and plastic door post tag: Engine #5770-138934, Body #34, Color #110 [black], Trim #0001 [special order - see build-sheet for description]. The VIN given by Tomas actually corresponds to 1957 Eldorado Brougham #322, which was painted Nairobi Pearl (code #149), had light gray leather combined with white leather (code #158) and mouton carpeting (code #2).  In the BOA roster compiled in the mid-seventies by owner-enthusiast Cy Strickler, from Georgia, and that serves as the basis for this chapter of The (new) Cadillac Database©, the color code given for 1959 Eldorado Brougham #34 is #118 [Deauville Gray] and the trim given is #1101 [gray stripe broadcloth with gray leather, with black Karakul nylon carpeting]. The only car on the roster that matches the codes given by Tomas (body color code #110 with SO trim code #0001) is car #95. The plot thickens, as "Herlock Sholmes" might say. Latest [5/2009]: these two Hemmings ads from 1971 were provided kindly by CLC member, Bill Refakis.  Bill came across them while compiling his roster of surviving 1959 Eldorado Biarritz models. Both ads relate to 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham, Body #34.  1. [From Hemmings, 2/1971] 1959 CADILLAC Eldorado Brougham, low mileage red leather; black outside; loaded inc. factory air; this car is on springs, new shocks; radial tires; reg sinsp [???], ready to drive anywhere, make offer. PH: 915-755-3096, El Paso Tex, 3409 Garnet 79904, Dennis Blackstock.  2. [From Hemmings, 7/1971] FOR SALE; 1959 black Eldorado Brougham, body made in Italy, only 99 made, body No. 34, original interior, red leather, black carpets, 33,000 miles, air suspension good, needs painting, $2,000. Dennis Blackstock, 3409 Garnet, El Paso, Texas 79904. PH: 915-755-3096 [note that all the underlined text in both ads is my own emphasis]. We are not much further forward in piercing the mystery of this car; the vendor asserts that the car has read leather trim ...but was this added later? Factory records show the original trim to have been gray striped broadcloth and gray leather. In his first ad, the vender asserts that the car is on springs but in the later one he says air suspension good. What we really need, Tomas, are photos of the body tag and the interior of the car when you bought it. These will show if the seat pattern corresponds to a factory original design. When you stripped the car, were there any traces of gray paint beneath the black exterior? ,

Car #35 used green leather for the seats [code #127] - changed to gray during a subsequent restoration - and had also a green carpet instead of gray (the trunk also is lined with bright green material); the body tag shows special order trim [#0002]; the balance of the trim is gray leather [code #122].  This car also has Cadillac "Sabre" wheels from 1957-58 in lieu of the turbine vane wheel covers common to all Eldorado models in 1959 and 1960. In an old file I found a note to the effect that this car was for sale (in the seventies?) for $45K; the phone number listed then was (508) 756-7889; it was subsequently offered for sale in Hemmings, in April, 1998.  I spoke to the owner, in March 1999, who said it had reportedly come from the estate of General Dwight D. "Ike" Eisenhower.  The person who sold the car still retains some papers belonging to it.  It was subsequently advertised for sale on e-Bay by the Kruse auction group in July-August, 2001 [they listed the VIN # as AV7957832 (???) instead of 59P005373]; the bidding never went over $7,600. Late Extra  (from the new owner, Paul J. Burt, September 2001): "I purchased Car #35 from a Massachusetts dealer by the name of Bob Ward. The car is rather amazing. I'd like to communicate with you what I have observed about it so that you may update your database. Also, am trying to determine if the car did belong to Ike Eisenhower. Wouldn't Cadillac know this? [sorry, Paul, Cadillac does not have this kind of info] Bob Ward tells me that the previous owner's son can obtain the documentation, but is giving everyone the runaround. I bought the car assuming it is NOT a famous car. It's all original, does have light green leather  interior and dark blue exterior (what do they call this?) and is in very good condition [three different shades of blue were offered in 1959, Paul, but this car was originally painted black (code #110)]. Runs great and shows 45K on the odometer." Later [11/2007]:  (info from enthusiast Ron Wilson, in Australia): Mr. Burt has offered his car for sale on the Hemmings web site [in late August, 2007?]; it is described thus:  1959 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham by Pininfarina, #35 of 99, dark blue over green, leather, low orig. miles, not a show car but a good driver & very rare, Eldo motor, custom bodywork from Italy, currently features Eldo [sabre] wheels, not hubcaps, air suspension in place & functioning, The Burt Collection, $27,500, negotiable. 847-894-5700, IL. $27,500. Latest [6/2009]:  The car was offered on Ebay with a starting bid of $27,500; the highest bid was $32,100 ... which did NOT meet the vendor's reserve.

  eb59_35.jpg (10388 bytes)    eb5935d.jpg (6041 bytes)

 eb5935h.jpg (5486 bytes)    eb5935a.jpg (5747 bytes)    eb5935f.jpg (5233 bytes)
Far right:  this Brougham has non-original, Alcoa Sabre-spoke wheels
[Photos:  courtesy of Paul J. Burt, owner]

59eb35ae.jpg (14459 bytes)

59eb35ac.jpg (11597 bytes)    59eb35ab.jpg (11073 bytes)    59eb35ad.jpg (11590 bytes)
[ Images in the above 2 rows: Burt Collection web site ]


Car #41 was owned in the late seventies by Jim Hansen of Alta Loma, CA. At that time, Jim owned also 1958 Brougham #490. LATE EXTRA (February, 2003): Brougham enthusiast Dirk Van Dorst of Belgium reported that this one is now located in Melbourne, Australia. Tim Stevens, a Brougham enthusiast from Melbourne - but living in Belgium - is familiar with this car (as well as with 1957 Brougham #185, 1958 Brougham #551, and 1960 Broughams #32, #70, #73 and #99, all owned by the same person). Tim says this car is in "reasonably restorable condition" (check it out in the photos, below, that Tim kindly supplied).

59eb41d.JPG (6825 bytes)    59eb41b.JPG (7714 bytes)    59eb41c.JPG (3365 bytes)
Left: forlorn princess lies in an open shed in a Melbourne suburb; she awaits a brave and wealthy prince
Center: there are obviously some good parts here (like the grille and  bumpers), but it needs a LOT of work
Right: No tail lights; good luck trying to find a good, second-hand pair !

     59eb41e.JPG (5895 bytes)    59eb41f.JPG (4322 bytes)    59eb41.JPG (4711 bytes)
Left: Chalked on the rear window, "1959 - RARE"! Yes, indeed! Finding a replacement front window won't be easy
Center: Rear roof and quarter panel; look in the rear compartment, bits of a 1959-60 Eldorado wheel cover are visible

Right: Tim took this photo to show how the LH lower fender (which is actually a part of the front clip, is detached from the cowl;
the body is reported to be straight but needs to be totally stripped, primed and painted: $5,000 for starters!

        59eb41a.JPG (5220 bytes)     59eb41h.JPG (5621 bytes)
Center: As in many Cadillacs of this vintage, the horn ring is broken and missing: $500 for a new one!
Right: This is the rear parcel shelf;  a new 1959-60 Eldorado wheel cover may be seen: $2000 for a full set!


Car #42 was purchased new by the President of the Lone Star Brewing Co. in San Antonio, TX. It was offered for sale by auction on the Internet in October 2002, after having been in dry storage since 1987. The paint was described as "tired and cracking" and the interior as "not bad". The car is (was) located in Easton, PA. It did not sell; bidding ended at $11,500. Late Extra (January, 2003): Belgian Brougham "sleuth" Dirk Van Dorst has got information from Melbourne, Australia, that this car was purchased recently for $17,000 by a 1959 Cadillac collector in Germany (original asking price was apparently $17,500). For the sake of clarity, let me add that although the information about this car came from Tim Stevens, in Australia, the car is actually located in Germany, owned there by Torsten Loth.

59eb42a.jpg (21806 bytes)    59eb42c.jpg (10953 bytes)

59eb42d.jpg (7328 bytes)    59eb42e.jpg (6233 bytes)
[ Photos:  Internet, 10/2002 ]

59eb42.jpg (31419 bytes)    59eb42AA.jpg (21806 bytes)
[ Photo:  Grand Euro ]

59EB42tag.JPG (14981 bytes)
All 1959-90 Eldorado Broughams have dual ID plates like these; the one on the right
is from the Cadillac Division of GM Corporation that designed and built the component parts of the car;

the one on the left is the Pinin Farina identification plate showing that the car was assembled in Turin, Italy
[ Photo: © 2008 and courtesy of Dirk Van Dorst ]


Car #43 was last reported [2000] in the United Kingdom; in 1993 it was owned by Cliff Graubard, then by Don Turkletop, in 1996; the odometer reading was around 37,000 miles in 1993; this car is reported to be in excellent condition.  The photo at the right was taken in Belgium in the Spring of 1998 by Rik Gruwez, administrator of the Cadillac Mailing List (CML)  I saw this one advertised for sale for the first time in "Cars and Parts" in the early seventies.  The vendor was one Otto W. Zylstra of Bellevue, in Washington state (the ad had caught my attention because, at the time, I was living in Bellevue, Switzerland).  According to the ad, the car had just got a new transmission, new tires and new upholstery.  The price?  $2,000. Yes ...eat your hearts out! Late Extra [5/2002]: from Jerry Jansson, Sweden: the car may have recently changed hands again. It is mentioned on the Web site of the Cadillac-LaSalle; Club of Great Britain:   http://www.cocgb.dircon.co.uk/memcars3.htm

eb59_43.jpg (7879 bytes)    Br5943_1.jpg (9855 bytes)

59eb43.jpg (12906 bytes)
A prize winner in England, her new home

59EB43Tag.JPG (14840 bytes)
[ ID plates,  photo: © 2008 and courtesy Dirk Van Dorst ]

59eb42_43.JPG (12242 bytes)    59eb42-43a.JPG (5630 bytes)    59eb42-43b.JPG (12150 bytes)
A rare site anywhere:  twin surviving 1959 Eldorado Broughams together, in one spot, at one time;
these are #42 and 43, photographed at the 2008 European Grand National Cadillac meet in Speyer, Germany in 2008
[ Photo: © 2008 and courtesy Dirk Van Dorst ]

60EB42c.jpg (8802 bytes)    59EB42_43d.jpg (8954 bytes)    59EB4243.JPG (11191 bytes)
Here's that RARE PAIR again, at the same meet
In front (both photos): #42, belonging to Torsten Loth, Germany)
Behind it (both photos): #43 belonging top Graham Saggers (UK)
RH Photo: Graham's car is on the left, Torsten's on the right
[ Photos © 2008 and courtesy CML members, Mike Josephic and Dirk Van Dorst ]


Car #44 is in the collection of a friend in Ohio; former owner was a Mr. Ollier (Pierre ? - the GM stylist). It is for sale.

Car #45 was brought to my attention by aficionado James Wood who  saw it advertised for sale in a specialty auto magazine [www.traderonline.com]; the asking price is $8,500. It is described as a rose-colored car.  The paint code James has provided [#144] corresponds to Sandalwood (a tan-beige hue); this is the correct paint code for this car, as listed by the factory. As to the trim code [#152] there is no such code for 1959; records indicate that EB #45 had trim code #115 [beige plain broadcloth combined with beige leather] to match the exterior color.  James says the current owner has had the car garaged for twelve years.  According to the visible wear and tear, obviously it sat exposed for some time, he says. The car seems complete; the wiring and engine compartment look good; the paint is flaky all over and the vinyl top (???) is shredding; the upholstery is dirty; there is a dent in one door but the body seems sound; the rear side bumper, tail light housing is crooked. The owner has a pink slip in the name of Richard Smothers, although this car purportedly belonged to Sophia Loren. The CA black license plate # is NAZ831.  The owner has also another 1959 EB but no information [no body number] currently is available. Anyone interested in buying EB #45 may call this number: (650) 363-8520. Late Extra:  this just came in from the current owner of the car: I have a 1959 Eldorado Brougham #45;   it is for sale and in California.  It needs complete restoration but the car is complete. The car was first owned by Sophia Loren and then she sold it to Richard Smothers of the Smothers Brothers. The car is actually still in his name (never been switched over); I have the pink slip with his name on it. The car is red with a white leather top. I have heard that not too many cars came with this combination. It also has leather/cloth seats which I have never seen in a Brougham. It has been stored for 25 years in inside storage. It has not been started in that many years. $8,500 OBO e-Mail Bonzi442@aol.com for more info or just call 650 363-8520. Thanks Chris. Late-Late Extra [3/2002] Chris has advised me that the car has found a new home. Let's hope the new owner will make contact soon. I'd like to add here a  picture of the car in addition to the interior.

BRSOPHIA.JPG (6072 bytes)    eb5945b.jpg (5140 bytes)
As you can see, the seat design of this 1959 Brougham is not original
[Photo: courtesy Chris Bonzani, former owner]


Car #46 was owned at one time by a Mr. Gault, as well as by a friend of mine in Ohio. It was later owned and restored by Ed Pentesco of Ontario, Canada, who had acquired it from Don Chaffin, a used car dealer in Kentucky.  Ed completed the restoration in October 1999. He sold  the car in September 2000 to an enthusiast in California. According to one prior owner, this car was offered for sale at a Kruse auction, in Scottsdale, AZ, in January, 2001 (lot #391; it was reported to have been sold for $6500 in "good condition". Late extra [June, 2008]:  the car has surfaced again.  It is in safe hands, although it has not been tended too for a few years. Here are the latest pics.  Latest [4/2009]:  the car has changed hands one more time. The vendor told me it was going overseas, to a customer of his who expressed the wish to remain anonymous.

59EBxx3.jpg (5453 bytes)    59ebxx1.jpg (7951 bytes)

59EBxx2.jpg (5576 bytes)    59EBxx4.jpg (5421 bytes)

59eb46c.JPG (9285 bytes)

59eb46a.JPG (10426 bytes)    59eb46b.JPG (10672 bytes)
[ Photos (preceding two rows): © 2009, and courtesy Charlie Kuhn ]


Car #47 Was owned at one time by a Mr.Paulson, as well as by a friend of mine in Ohio. It is now [Nov., 2004] in Australia. This one was not previously included in the roster of survivors.   I got this piece of news from Aussie enthusiast, Greg Short who said (in August 2004):   Michael (the owner) wasn't sure whether it was number 46 or 47.  The Database says that #46 was restored to "driver" status a few years ago, after moving from Kentucky to Canada and back to California.  I don't think that this one is number 46 as I'm sure it's a fairly original car that needs a total resto. Michael says that it is from Arizona.  Anyway, it should arrive in 5-6 weeks and I will certainly check it out when it gets here and verify its body number. Late Extra [November, 2004]: Greg got back in touch to confirm that the car is #47.  Imported by a Melbourne dealer, it was sold on the day it arrived down under.  Greg said: Yes, it is 1959 No. 47 and was apparently driven into a garage somewhere in the States in 1986 [my friend in Ohio ?] and parked, until now. Apparently, it is a complete, unmolested car that requires cosmetic restoration. I don't have any other information at the moment, but will keep in contact as one of the '60 Broughams from this collection has also been sold and will soon be going to a new home.  Late late extra [10/2005]: the car was offered up for sale at auction, on EBay. The starting bid was set at AU$20K. Bidding ended at AU$20.1K; it did not meet the reserve!

59eb47.jpg (15078 bytes)


Car #50 was owned in the late seventies by Gary Thompson of Amherstburg, Ontario in Canada.  At that time, Gary owned also 1957 Brougham #421.

Car #51 had 76,000 miles on the odometer in 1976; it was reported as needing only minor body work and paint.  Well, I learned from Ed Pentesco [see cars #30 and #46, above] that he bought the "remains" of this one also from Don Chaffin in Kentucky;  it is so deteriorated as to preclude its ever being restored.  This car was actually offered to me by its former owner, David Hanson, in the Canal Zone, back in the early seventies.  Ed mentioned that the car carried three tags when he bought it (two from the Canal Zone - dated 1972 and 1978 - and another from Florida, I believe).   The underside of the car is completely rotted out.  Well, I'm happy I didn't buy it in that (basket case) condition! Late Extra: in June 2002 I got this additional info from Ted Grill in Florida, a long-time friend and collector of 1959 Cadillacs [all models included]: I was just checking out your site and it's great. I was looking through your '59 Brougham section. You have 2 photos of a black one under #51 that says you got those photos from Dave Hanson in the seventies. That car belonged to me from 1982-98. I bought the car out of NJ from Matt Ballister. Those photos were taken in front of my store in 1983 [sorry I got my facts wrong, Ted!] That car was sold to Ron Paules in York, Pa. I have a nicer black one that I bought from Bob [Waldock?] three years ago. Not a big deal but just thought that I'd tell you. I'm not 100% sure but it was either car # 51 or 53. I could look up some records and find it if you'd like.When I get time I'll look through your site some more [it seems possible, therefore, that the two color photos, below show car #53 - let me know if you find out for sure, Ted]. Latest [12/2005]:  enthusiast Ed Pentesco who resides in Canada confirmed that this car was parted out and scrapped in October, 2003.  One down, 98 to go!

Br5951a.jpg (6799 bytes)    Eb59_51.jpg (12838 bytes)

Br5951b.jpg (12034 bytes)    Br5951c.jpg (8748 bytes)
I got these photos from David Hanson in the early seventies; at that time the car still looked good!

59eb51b.jpg (11355 bytes)    59EB51a.jpg (10401 bytes)
Could this really be the same car, 30 years later ???
[ Photos:  © 2003, and courtesy of Ed Pentesco ]


Car #53 was seen at Hershey, October 1999, by Ed Pentesco, admirer and owner of many 1959-60 Broughams. The car is the same color as Ed's 1959 car #30. The owner of this one is Ron's Classic Cars and Parts, York, PA. The asking price at the corral was $29,900. Ed did not rate the car's condition. I think these photos are of 59EB#53 (if not, please let me know). Does that placard in front of the car ring a bell, anybody ? Update:  from Jean-Claude Franchitti [1/2004] (58EB#479, 59EB#23, 60EB#58 and 60EB#68): the car belongs to BOA members Robert and Judith Falcone of Baldwinsville, NY.   Thanks J-C. Late Extra [May, 2004]: the car was offered for sale on Hemmings' Internet site. The ad reads: 1959 CADILLAC Eldorado Brougham: Rarest and most expensive Cadillac ever built! Only 99 were hand-built by Pininfarina [sic] in Turin, Italy. Complete professional restoration in 2000. Won 2nd Place in Primary Class at 2002 Cadillac Grand Nationals. Stored in climate controlled building, driven on sunny days, magnificent! $49,000. Bob Falcone, 315-638-3353, NY. The car was offered again for sale in the February 2005 issue of the Self Starter; the price was down to $39,000. Latest [November, 2009]: I have it from enthusiast Shannon Sigler from San Diego, CA, that the car is being offered for sale by Hyman, Ltd., St. Louis.  Price is back up to $57,500.

eb59flcn.jpg (16860 bytes)
[ Photo: Cover of BOA Newsletter, Vol. 13, #1 ]

  br59unk4.JPG (8125 bytes)    br59unk5.JPG (10284 bytes)

br59unk3.JPG (10469 bytes)    br59unk2.jpg (8194 bytes)


Car #56 [NEW, 7/2008] was reported as a survivor by an enthusiast in California. He said: I have some info on '59 Brougham #56 not currently listed in the directory. It was a  1-owner  Southern CA car with about 70k miles when it was purchased in the 80's. White [original] with light blue cloth interior [original] and mouton carpets [original]. The car was sold to a gentleman in Texas back in about 1998. It was in need of a complete restoration at that time.

[ no images ]


Car #57 was acquired in the mid-eighties by François Laurent, a friend of mine in Paris, France; he was so keen to get one that he sold the other four Cadillacs in his collection to raise the money; but he got into financial difficulty and subsequently sold the car to the Robert Keyaerts Cadillac Museum at Langeais, in Touraine, France.  Three photos below were supplied kindly by Steve Ansquer, son of Jean-Claude, a long-time Cadillac acquaintance of mine [top pic, 2nd row at far right and 3rd row also at far right]; these (and others) show François' former car on some Paris streets, circa 1989 ...a rarer sight than the Eiffel tower, believe me!  BTW, this car was brought to my attention also, in July 2008, by the same enthusiast who told me about car #56, above. However, he heard it was white with a full, red leather interior.  Obviously there is confusion here with another Brougham.

59eb57b.jpg (10515 bytes)

  Br59fra3.jpg (12432 bytes)   Br59pari.jpg (8684 bytes)    59eb57ac.jpg (7658 bytes)    

    Br59keya.jpg (7395 bytes)    Br59key2.jpg (10132 bytes)     59eb57a.jpg (8801 bytes)

60ebKeya.jpg (11975 bytes)    Keya2007.jpg (8740 bytes)
The car is featured in this "movie set" inside the Keyaerts Museum in Touraine, France (right)


Car #60 was owned in the late seventies by James Crosby, of Englewood, CO.  At that time, William owned also 1958 Brougham #657.

Car #64 used red leather for the seats and the instrument panel cover, combined with gray mouton carpeting; since it is the only ’59 built with a red leather interior, I assume that this is the same car I saw advertised for sale in El Paso, Texas, in 1971. At that time it had 34,000 miles on the clock; it was described as being "black outside", although factory records show it to have been originally painted white.

Car #66 [ERRONEOUS ENTRY - SEE CAR #12, ABOVE !!!] was reported in Norway, by its new owner, Rune Lie, in Levanger; he says he has rebuilt the car; it was completed in May 2000. He imported it from San Francisco where he acquired it in Nov. 98 [this car was advertised for sale for $17,500 in the CLC Self Starter in June, 1996].  It is a "one-owner car", formerly the property of a Mr. Louis Geoffrison. It has 83K miles and "shines like a bride" that he loves very much. On his first car show in May 2000, the Brougham took first place.

59eb66.jpg (3637 bytes)
[ Small photo: courtesy Jerry Jannson, Sweden ]


Car #67 was reported sold at auction by the Cadillac dealer in Des Moines, Idaho, some time back for around $20K. This information was supplied to me in March, 1999, by Ed Pentesco [cars #30 and #46].  In February 2000 I learned that the car was still located in Iowa;  it was again for sale (on the Internet) for $24,000.  The vendor had this to say, inter alia:  In remarkable condition with only 63,000 original miles, this excellent original survivor was originally sold to the owner of Hubacher Cadillac in Sacramento, California. In the mid-1970s, ownership was transferred to Betts Cadillac of Des Moines, Iowa.  Since 1959 this historically important vehicle has had only three owners, two of which were Cadillac dealers/collectors. The third and current owner acquired the car in August 1998. The car has black exterior and black interior, is said to be 100 percent original and in outstanding condition (including all the glass, chrome and trim).  According to the factory build-sheet, this car originally had the blue cloth and blue leather interior trim, with mouton fur carpeting [trim code #1132]; now, however, it is all black leather; so obviously the interior was re-upholstered somewhere along the line.

Br6067b.jpg (11456 bytes)    br59_67.JPG (10088 bytes)
Photos:  courtesy David Dubie, Scottsdale, AZ and the CLC Self Starter

Dave Dubie, Director Emeritus of the Cadillac-LaSalle Club, Sonoran Desert Region in Scottsdale, AZ, informed me that he had acquired the car in 1999.  He added this info in March 2000:  body #067, VIN59P041236, trim-#1132 (black mouton sheepskin carpet), paint #110 (ebony), mileage: 63109, "A" Box - certified.  Documents show the car to have been owned by two Cadillac dealers for the last 25+ years; it has been lovingly cared for. This is a very low mileage, original example.  On the build sheet dated January 12, 1959 we learn that the car was delivered initially to the San Francisco zone dealer; it was registered to Hubacher Cadillac/Sacramento from 1971 to 1983, then to Betts Cadillac, Des Moines, IO, from 1984 to 1998.  This Brougham currently [2000] has a fraction over 63000 miles.  One particular feature of this car, that I have not seen on any other Eldorado Brougham [see car #45, above, Dave], is its so-called black "tuxedo top" (a vinyl top such as seen on the Eldorado Seville models of 1956 through 1960).  I have no idea if this was factory installed or put on later in the car's life. 

Late [tragic] news: the car was almost totally destroyed when it blew off a trailer while being hauled by Dave to a show; as he told me later, very philosophically, "it could have been much worse; luckily my son and I got out of the wreck unscathed" [two down, 97 to go!].  Dave told me in April, 2007, that the "wreck"was located in new York.  It is not known if its current owner will attempt a restoration or just keep the car for parts.

Car #69 was for sale in Germany in the Fall of 1999 [tips from Jo Thewissen, Voerendaal, Holland and Gerald Loidl, Austria].  Jo informed me about an ad in the December 1998 issue of Markt, the German classic car magazine, where the Cadillac Museum in Hachenburg in Germany was offering a '59 Eldorado Brougham for sale; the car is owned by Mr. Müller, of  Müller & Hensel [I believe I saw that car offered for sale already a couple of years ago]. The advertised price is DM 39.000, which I reckon is around $19,000.  The car is located at the museum.  According to Gerald Loidl, a friend from Austria who has seen the car, it needs a LOT of work. The body is straight and rust free but it needs new paint; all the chrome has to be done and the interior needs some attention. The air suspension leaks and some of the power items are o/s (e.g. rear windows). Late Extra (February, 2003): Brougham detective Jerry Jansson of Sweden reports that a Swedish car dealer is interested in this car; he is going to inspect in Germany. If it changes hands, we will let you know. By the way, Jerry says if  the dealer gets the car, he wants to "trade it even" for Jerry's 1959 Eldorado Seville, since he (the dealer) owned it back in the 80s. He wants to give it to his son as a birthday present. At that age, I got a bicycle from my Dad !  Late Late Extra [June, 2004]: apparently the Swedish deal did not go through;  a year later, the car was offered for sale on eBay [item #2481560667]; it was described as one of 31 survivors (read "42 survivors"). Latest (12/2005):  the car has changed hands; it currently belongs to enthusiast Peter Haertel, in Germany [1958 EB #535], who will now restore it.

Br5969.jpg (10648 bytes)
[ Photo: Internet, 2000 ]


Car #74 was owned in the late seventies by Edmond d'Ottavio of New York, NY, and subsequently by a friend of mine in Ohio.  This was one of two '59 EBs offered for sale on e-Bay [the other is car #91, below].  Both need complete restoration. Each still has the vast majority of Brougham-only parts (badges, clocks, interior metal trim, special bumpers, hood ornaments, side trim, and most importantly the windshield and rear glass. One still had the Tri-Power unit, the other has a single 4-bbl carb. Both cars are still on air. There is a fair amount of surface rust [what is "fair" about rust ???] including rust holes in quarter panels, fender skirts, bottoms of doors etc. All doors open which, according to the vendor, is a good sign on '59 Broughams. Interiors - are complete but need total restoration. Dashes, seats etc all need recovering.  The owner, who lives outside London, England, is believed to have TWO MORE 1959 Eldorado Broughams under restoration [body numbers not known]. In his descriptive ad for the car, on e-Bay, the vendor asserts: I guarantee you will never see another of these again on eBay - or anywhere else because this is the only remaining triple-white 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham in existence. I can say that with complete confidence, as I believe only TWO of this color combination were ever built [ he is right!] and I have both! A tiny production run of just 99 of this legendary vehicle were made. The body assembly was done in Turin, Italy by Pininfarina making these even more desirable. Most have been destroyed over the past 43 years, and as I am offering a restoration package of TWO of these cars, this is probably about 10% of all those remaining in the world!! [Actually, at this writing, 10% would be 4.2 cars!] I am assuming these cars will go to a serious collector, so I don't need to describe them too much as you know what you are buying, but just as a brief indicator these cars cost ALMOST TWICE the price of the next most expensive Cadillac of 1959, the equally-desirable 59 Eldorado Biarritz. Also they were more expensive than the contemporary Rolls-Royce which was unheard of at the time. For this reason, Eldorado Broughams were exclusively owned by the extremely wealthy - movie stars and tycoons. Many have a fascinating history. They came with every conceivable option - too much to list but including full leather interior [cloth was also an available option], Autronic Eye headlamp dipper, cruise control, air conditioning, six-way power seats, all power windows (including front AND REAR vents!) [the latter were standard on my 1964 "Fleetwood Sixty Special"!], air suspension, special triple-Rochester carbs known as Tri-power giving over 300 BHP. Late Extra, February 2003: Brougham sleuth, Jerry Jansson from Sweden reports that both these cars have been acquired this month, for $6,500, by Mr. Kjell Kraakmo (owner also of 1957 Brougham #80). They will go to Trondheim, in Norway. He will keep the better of the two. The other will go to Kurt Bergseth (owner also of 1958 Brougham #438). Kurt recently (2003) acquired on e-Bay (for $900!) an Evans vanity compact for the 1957-58 Eldorado Brougham; it was described as "mint" even though the essential "V" was missing (I wonder if it could have been a reproduction item ?!?!). He is also the high bidder on another such compact on e-Bay that had a "Buy it Now" price tag of $2500 !!! Late Late Extra, April, 2004: enthusiast Kjell Kraakmo of Norway informs me that this car has now been sold by Kurt and has gone to Sweden.  Brougham fanatic, Jerry Jansson, confirms that this one too is currently (2004) awaiting restoration at Autocraft in Vikarbyn.

59eb74a.jpg (6873 bytes)    59eb74b.jpg (7583 bytes)    59eb74c.jpg (6261 bytes)
I can't wait to see pictures of this one after the restoration is completed; it takes
a dose of courage, expertise and doubtless a FAT wallet to take on a job like this

59EB74d.jpg (10429 bytes)

59EB74e.jpg (12889 bytes)    59EB74f.jpg (12734 bytes)
[ Photos (above two rows) : © and courtesy Jerry Jansson ]


Car #75 currently [summer 2000] is located in central NY state;  it was for sale but appears to have found a buyer.  I had advised potential buyers to beware as this car was reported stolen in 1995.  The sheriff's department was said to be still  investigating the case in Nov. 1998)1. Late Extra [6/2000] An anonymous Database user left this comment in the Guest Book: "... a check with New York State Department of Motor Vehicles shows the car to be clean i.e. not being disputed as stolen, as Mr. De Palmer [De Palma?] sold it finally to a person he offered it to, who eventually sold it to me. Upon seeing your comments on said vehicle we went to the N.Y.S.D.M.V. and had it checked, as I said earlier their records showed it to be clean and no record of any problems, i.e stolen or disputed ownership.   Late Extra [7/2000] Despite my phone conversations in 1995 with a person claiming to be an insurance appraiser investigating the alleged theft of this car and, later, in  1998-99, with the FBI and the New York State Police, the new owner informs me that his car has been confirmed to be 100% clean by both the New York State Police, the NY Department of Motor Vehicles and the insurance companies who issued policies on this car in the last almost ten years. CONCLUSION: it appears that someone has been pulling someone else's leg!  

[ Photos: Courtesy new CLC member, "Frank", 6/2009 ]


Car #77 was owned at one time by a Mr. Mitchell, as well as by a friend of mine in Ohio, this car's whereabouts were unknown since the mid-70s. Late extra [Feb., 2010]: owner-enthusiast, Ron Schweitzer of Chicago, came across this one for sale on eBay. It appears to be still in relatively good condition (as may be seen in the photos, below, and in the eBay vendor's description.  Later [November, 2010]: the car waas advertised for sale on Craig's list for $4,500!  Probably a mistake (missing one "0"?). Late Extra (January 2011): enthusiast Rickard Peterson of Sweden just eMailed to say that the car was "alive and well", in Sweden, where he took some photos of it.  I have asked Rickard to provide any additional details about the car's new ownership.

59eb77e.JPG (22531 bytes)    59eb77f.jpg (23238 bytes)    59eb77c.JPG (16264 bytes)     59eb77a.jpg (16926 bytes)

59eb77i.jpg (10200 bytes)    59eb77k.JPG (11102 bytes)    59eb77j.JPG (15407 bytes)

  59eb77b.JPG (9133 bytes)       59eb77h.jpg (8462 bytes)      59eb77d.JPG (9388 bytes)    59eb77g.jpg (11208 bytes)
[ Photos:  eBay, 2/2010 ]


Car #81 was known to be a survivor, back in the early 70s but its precise whereabouts were not known at the time. Late Extra (6/2011): the car reappeared on Ebay in June 2011 and was apparently sold for $32,000.  More info and photos to follow.

Car #83 was at one time in the collection of a friend in Ohio; the former owner was a Mr. McLaughlin. Current whereabouts or condition not known

Car #85 has no paint code listed; trimmed in white leather with black nylon carpet, the exterior could have been any color.

Car #87 was owned by Dave Towell Cadillac, of Akron, Ohio, in 1978. Another former owner was a Mr. Blaine. Currently it is in the collection of a friend in Ohio. It is NOT for sale.

Car #91 was owned at one time by a Mr. Boe, as well as by a friend of mine in Ohio. This is one of two offered for sale on e-Bay [the other is car #74, above].  Both need complete restoration. Each still has the vast majority of Brougham-only parts (badges, clocks, interior metal trim, special bumpers, hood ornaments, side trim, and most importantly the windshield and rear glass. One still had the Tri-Power unit, the other has a single 4-bbl carb. Both cars are still on air. There is a fair amount of surface rust [what is "fair" about rust ???] including rust holes in quarter panels, fender skirts, bottoms of doors etc. All doors open which, according to the vendor, is a good sign on '59 Broughams. Interiors are complete but need total restoration. Dashes, seats etc all need recovering. The owner, who lives near London, in England, is believed to own TWO MORE 1959 Broughams that he is currently restoring. For the latest information on this one, check the entry for car #74, above.

Eb59_091.jpg (6542 bytes)
[ Photo:  Internet,  8/2002 ]

Car #92 was owned in the late seventies by John Miller of Natick, NY. At that time he owned also 1957-58 Broughams #105, 199 and 305, as well as 1960 Broughams #22, 75 and 97. It was owned also by a Mr. Ollier (Pierre ? - GM stylist) and acquired subsequently by a friend of mine in Ohio. This one is for sale.

Car #95 is in the collection of a friend in Ohio; the former owner was a Mr. King. This car combined trim codes #119 and #125, both of which are 1959-60 trim combinations (?);  the first is covert plain broadcloth with covert leather; the second is sandalwood leather. BTW, the car is NOT for sale.

Car #96 was formerly owned by a Mr. Pessalano and subsequently by a friend of mine in Ohio.  It was listed for sale in the CLC Self Starter issue for April, 2002; it had a reported 30K miles on the odometer and the asking price was $35K. I believe it was sold. The interior trim was custom ordered in black and white leather; the instrument panel cover, armrests and seat inserts were trimmed in black leather [I had this one listed in error as a parts car until 4/2002].

eb59wal4.jpg (8143 bytes)    59eb96h.jpg (8835 bytes)

    59eb96f.jpg (7908 bytes)    59eb96g.jpg (9224 bytes)
At the owner's request, I had not previously shown these photos
[ Photos: © 1994, Yann Saunders ]


Car #98 is a parts car owned by Ed Pentesco of Ontario, Canada.  According to my friend Jean-Michel Roux] this, and the next one, were once owned by Jean-Claude Ansquer, a Frenchman and part-time dealer in Cadillacs of the late fifties; J-C moved to California in the late seventies.  I exchanged letters with him many years ago, when he still lived in France and was dreaming already of moving to the USA [three down and 96 to go!] .

Car #99 was once owned by '59 Cadillac enthusiast Jean-Claude Ansquer [see also #98, above].  I have included it here as a survivor although it "evolved" into a parts car, like #98, as may be seen in the photos, below. It was a part of the Brougham inventory of Ed Pentesco, who bought it from Don Chaffin.   Ed confirmed in 2005 that the car was totally parted out and scrapped in September, 2003  [four down and 95 to go!] .

59eb99aa.jpg (6672 bytes)    59eb99ab.jpg (8148 bytes)    59eb99ac.jpg (5627 bytes)
[ These photos: © 1987, Jean-Claude and Steve Ansquer ]

59EB99b.jpg (12993 bytes)    59eb99a.jpg (10785 bytes)
What a shame! And it cost so MUCH, in 1959 !
[ These photos:  © 2003, and courtesy of Ed Pentesco ]

Dramatically and classically beautiful, the Eldorado Brougham presents an entirely new concept of motor car excellence. Its exclusive design and construction offer the highest expression of luxurious Fleetwood custom coachcrafting. The poise and bearing of the Eldorado Brougham ... its elegance and refinement are certain to place it among man’s most prideful of all material possessions. Here indeed, is a motor car with distinction, grace and dignity that reflects ... far more powerfully than words ... the stature of those for whom it was created [1959 Cadillac Data Book]

Other "unidentified" cars

# .....  was advertised for sale in the CLC's Self Starter magazine in April, 1984. The owner, Dave Walch Farms, Inc. of Gladstone, MI, was offering a collection of FIFTY Cadillacs from 1936 through 1973, including this 1959 and another Eldorado Brougham from 1957; the latter two cars were described as "beautiful". But before getting too excited about these two cars, check out the "Fact or Fiction" story by CLC member, Bruce Berghof, in the Self Starter for October, 2003 !

# ..... and #..... and #..... and #..... and ..... [etc.] Seventeen out of the ninety-nine rare 1959 Eldorado Brougham models are (were, in 1994) in the possession of a single collector in Ohio who has asked to remain anonymous. Three of them [at least] are in excellent condition; the remainder are in various stages of repair or are being saved for parts. The body numbers have not been released at this time. This collector, whom I met for the first time in 1978 when he was just a teenager with a big dream, has been collecting 1959 Cadillacs with a passion, for a quarter century.  When I last visited him, in 1994, he had acquired already one each of all the 1959 Eldorado model in all the catalog colors.  My friend Jerry Jansson wrote from Sweden, in August 2002 and sent this ad [probably posted by this Ohio collector]: FOR SALE CADILLACS: 1959 ELDORADO Broughams, I have 10 of the 99 built for sale, parts cars, on up. 419-627-2434, OH.

eb59wal5.jpg (11979 bytes)    eb59wal1.jpg (10336 bytes)

eb59wal2.jpg (11368 bytes)    eb59wal3.jpg (10971 bytes)
Two lovely survivors are shown here (top row, left) as are also three
potentially restorable ones (top row, right and lower row)
[ Photos: © 1994, Yann Saunders ]


# ..... One 1959 Brougham was offered for sale by Mike Rizzuto, in late 1999, for $7500. It was said to need a complete restoration.

# .....One 1959 Brougham was offered for sale  in 1986 by Bill Pozzi, then President of the Brougham Owners' Club (BOC); this one was blue and included the original owner's manual.

# ..... One 1959 Brougham on sale at Hershey, PA, in 2002. Despite the way it looks in the photo, the condition was very poor according to Cadillac enthusiast Dirk Van Dorst of Belgium. It was gussied up to look good but Dirk says it would have been better left untouched.

brg59unk.JPG (9418 bytes)


# ..... One 1959 Brougham photographed at the 2003 CLC Grand National. License tag reads "CRUISES 8". It is possibly one of the cars listed in this section - who can provide the body number?

59BRGRR.JPG (7517 bytes)

# ..... One 1959 Brougham with black California tags, "BPP192"; this one is probably already listed. Does anyone recognize it?

59EBUnk.JPG (27216 bytes)

1  The insurance appraiser who called me in 1997 said that Car #75 was reported stolen from a private property in Rome, New York, in 1995.  Unfortunately I mislaid the name of that insurance appraiser as well as the company he claimed to represent.  The car was sold in the early sixties by a Mr. Fred Ross to a Mr. Kopcheck, who stored it for many years in a barn ...from which it is alleged to have"disappeared" in 1995.  I had all but forgotten about the car when I received BOA's Fall '98 Newsletter, Vol. 10, #3 and noticed a 1959 Eldorado Brougham for sale in central NY state, not too far, in fact,  from where the alleged theft had occurred.  Curiosity had me call the listed number.   I spoke to the owner and I was only half-surprised to learn that his '59 Brougham was indeed car #75.  I did not mention to him that I had heard this car had been reported stolen. Through the FBI,  I was able to get in touch with the NY State Police and I have spoken a number of times with the investigator in charge. He was to call me back but never did.  I guess his investigation turned up nothing suspicious.


eb59_20e.JPG (4267 bytes)     eb59_20a.JPG (12577 bytes)

[54 cars, i.e. 53.5%]

001, 002, 004, 005, 008, 016 [or 064], 017, 018, 021, 022, 023, 024, 025, 026, 028, 029, 032, 034, 035, 038, 041, 042, 043, 044, 046, 047, 048, 049, 051, 052, 054, 055, 058, 060, 061, 063, 066, 067, 068, 069, 070, 072, 073, 075, 077, 079, 080, 081, 083, 085, 086, 087, 088, 089, 091, 092, 093, 094, 095, 096, 097, 099, 100.

Car #1 was the New York auto show car; it was last seen in Virginia, in 1978. It was owned at that time by Charles Daout of Chesapeake.  Charles owned also 1959 Brougham #3 and 1960 Brougham #95.

Car #2 has survived; there was an entry in Feb., 2001, in the former Cadillac Database Guest Book [which I was compelled to scrap when it became too easy a target for pernicious purveyors of porn!].  The   writer said he knew that car and had worked on it years earlier; he wrote:  #2 1960 Eldorado Brougham  I believe has been owned by an individual in Ann Arbor, MI. It has been in his possession for many years. He purchased it from an owner in California. White with black leather interior [the original interior was blue]. Late extra [June, 2003]: according to my friend Jerry Jansson, of Sweden, who keeps an even more watchful eye than me over all Eldorado Brougham movements, this car is currently available for sale. It is described as "very solid" but "needing paint". The asking price is $14,000 and the vendor, Bob Jones, may be reached by phone at #734-769-5812 (yes, the car is in Michigan).  Later [December, 2003]: from enthusiast and Brougham owner, Damon Lenszner in the UK (57EB #130): ELDORADO: 1960 Brougham, solid 44,000 miles, #2 of 101, rare white car needing paint, cosmetics, $18,900; many 1938-1988 Cadillac parts, call for list. PH/FAX: 330-544-0242, OH.  So the car appears to have gone from Michigan to Ohio ...and increased in value, on the way, by $5,000 ! Even later [June, 2004]:  I saw this one advertised in Hemmings with an Ohio phone number. Later still [August 2005]: the car was advertised for sale on eBay; it was bid up to $12,600 but did not meet the reserve. The vendor described it thus: This car was one of 100 [actually 101] designed in Italy by Pinin Farina [it was actually designed by Fleetwood and only "assembled" by PF]. This Eldorado Brougham , body number 2, was originally sold in Phoenix, Arizona. The sticker price was $13,075.00, the original selling dealer sold the car for $12,000.00.   The car had been in Arizona and the southern California are until 1980. Since then, the car was kept in storage in Michigan undergoing restoration. A NOS windshield was installed in 1981, this was purchased from an  obsolete LOF parts warehouse in Boston, Massachusetts.    The engine compartment and the front suspension have been rebuilt and/or painted and detailed, carbs rebuilt- however the float is hung up on the center carb; for this reason the car cannot be driven. In 1990 the original air suspension was replaced with conventional coil springs. At that time the car sat outside at the service facility and the paint crazed and flaked off in some areas. The car was quickly repainted.   All the body moldings and Brougham emblems are solid brass and held on with threaded fasteners, no clips. The windshield and rear window moldings are brass, hard shouldered in the corners and chrome plated. The weight of the car is 5,650 pounds.   It has excellent and correct triple w/w general tires. The chrome is straight and beautiful. The car is rust free, and one of only 100 [101] produced with Pinin Farina body. It has 45,000 miles, runs [vendor previously says: the car cannot be driven"] , excellent chrome, new windshield, fully optioned, correct tri-power, correct tires, needs restoration. The car is currently in North Jackson, Ohio. Later yet [May, 2006] Jerry Jansson, my Swedish "Brougham detective", reports that the car was sold on eBay on May 26, 2006 for $13,375.   Cheap at the price !  Latest yet [March, 2009]:  The new owner contacted me and reports as follows: ... I was in Sweden last year hoping to run into Jerry [Jansson].  I did buy the car in May '06 for $13,375.  Basically everything about the car on the Data Base was and is true.  It took me 3 months to finally find a shipper (Fed Ex) to bring the car from Bob Jones in Ohio in an enclosed Van at a reasonable price.  Most carriers were open air and couldn't guarantee they would protect the windshield from rocks.  The gas gauge was at 1/2 tank when it arrived (but it was actually bone dry so it took us forever to start the darned thing). The car ran, with gas, but the whole carb set up and vacuums were shot ... it smoked like crazy I guess it was original miles but the engine was never rebuilt ... or started much for that matter ... Now she purrs like a 390 should.  I pulled all the glass and bumpers etc., stripped her down and repainted her twice so far,  once Alpine White (the shop did not believe me that Chamonix White is a different color)  so she's beautiful.  All the chrome trim pieces and rain rails were redone.  I found a new rear glass( mine had a grinder scrape on it) and I had an new rear rubber molding too.  I'm still trying to locate, or make, or find a new molding for the front glass (which we've been very careful not to break the 2 times it's been out of the car for the 2 paint jobs). The dash has been completely redone by "Just Dashes".  I have the original BLUE trunk material to install yet,, as well as the interior to finish..back to the original blue stripped broad cloth and leather combo.  I need to also redo the headliner and Mouton carpet.  I'm still waiting on Oregon [SMS?] to get me the cloth and other stuff to finish the car.  Oh, I also polished the aluminum grille ... looks great!  If I can get the windshield rubber before 6/15/09, I'll drive it to the Grand Nationals in Vegas for everyone to see.  By the way the rear glass came from car #69 that's at the bottom of the data base listed as maybe #10,28,45 no it's definitely 69 [thanks, Tony; I've amended the entry].  Also, the black interior in my car came from car number 17 that was cut in half and made into a 2 door then scraped.  I have several parts of that car with the #17 stamped on them.  Tony Pociunas, Los Angeles, CA.

60EB002A.JPG (8662 bytes)    60EB002b.jpg (8890 bytes)

60EB002c.jpg (4318 bytes)    60EB002d.jpg (5707 bytes)
Note the "I" (for Italy) sticker on the rear bumper [top, left]
[ Photo (top, left):  courtesy Jerry Jansson, Sweden;  others:  Internet, 8/2005 ]


Car #3 [not sure it has survived; the information previously posted here apparently concerned car #5 - see below].

Car #4 was acquired in 1983-84 by Jan Van Buskirk of Long Beach, CA.  It was subsequently bought by Ed Pentesco of Ontario, Canada; Ed also has some 1959 Broughams (see above).  The car is still the original sandalwood color with matching leather interior.  It is partly restored and Ed hoped to have it completed in time for Cadillac's 100th anniversary celebrations in August, 2002. At latest news [October 2001], he says he may not meet that deadline. Latest [12/2005]:  Ed informed me that he still owns the car but has no plans for it at this time.

Car #5 was initially listed as car #3 owing to a mistake by its owner.  The former entry for car #3 has now been moved to this new, correct position.  Initially reported to be a parts car, that information appears to have been erroneous. Here is the message I got from the (irate) owner in October, 2003: Hi, You have listed '60 Eldorado Brougham Body #3 "as a Parts Car" and gone. Like hell it is!! It is in way better condition than a lot of the junkers you list as restorable [actually, Gary, I am NOT the person who determines if a car is restorable or not; I leave that up to the person(s) who contact(s) me and provide(s) me with information about their car or anybody else's car]. I bought the car after a under-the-hood fire caused by a leaking carburetor [I had that very same problem with my own '60 Eldo Biarritz !]. Windshield and wiring all have been replaced etc. Many components under the hood have been repaired, rebuilt, replaced. Work is still needed on the left fender and hood. It was a running driving live car right before fire. The dash and dash top are very nice. No damage at all from fire under hood. The word "fire" seems to evoke that the car was destroyed. That is far from the truth. The car sits on Air Ride, and is good. The engine is stuck from sitting [my fault]; however, it is very rebuildable. The Tri Carbs have been rebuilt. Air cleaner is perfect. It was not on when the fire occurred. The interior is white leather, in fair condition. Front seat does need recovered, have leather for it. ALL of the impossible to find Brougham parts on this car are in nice condition. This car is 100% complete and RESTORABLE. I no longer have inside storage for it, and have decided to sell it. I am planning to put car on EBay for auction soon. If you would like, I would be happy to send you pictures of #3 [I believe Gary meant #5 - I said, "yes, please", in this column, but got none]. I think your opinion of it being "worthless junk" will change [Gary, that is not MY opinion; I merely report what I am TOLD; I don't have the time nor the means to personally inspect every surviving Eldorado Brougham out there; I have to rely on my outside sources]. The car is listed in the CLC Directory. I was also a member of the Brougham Owners' Club. How come I was never contacted or questioned about the condition of this car? [I guess because, until now, I did not KNOW who the owner was, nor did I have any address or phone number for a contact!]. How could it be considered as lost? [To each his own opinion; I guess the person who passed on to me the erroneous information - and I don't keep a record of all mail/phone communications - must have had his own particular view of what constitutes a "restorable" car and what does not - could it have been Frank Perch ? (see below)]. Respectfully. Gary Anderson CLC #984. That said, this car was delivered initially to California. The tag info reads: style 60-6929, body 5, trim 1201, paint 120 [this update from Jeff Hansen, 3.20.1999]. Frank Perch, a friend and Captain of the Land Yacht Marina said [some time back, and this may be what set the cat among the pigeons!]: What's sad is that the [Anderson] EB, like others of the too many cars Gary bought over the years, deteriorated greatly in storage. I remember when he bought it in the late 1980's. It was a drivable and somewhat decent looking car. He never got around to working on it. It somehow sustained an engine compartment fire while in storage. I last saw it when Gary was selling off stuff and closing up his shop building in 1999. It was a pretty sad sight. Latest [12/2006]:  The car has changed hands and the new owner wants to remain anonymous; I shall respect his wish.  Perhaps he might supply, nevertheless, for the Database, the pics I never got from Gary.

Car #8 (or purported to be so) was offered for sale at auction on eBay - the Internet Web site - in December 2004. From the photos and description of it, the car appears to be in extremely poor condition.   That is why I am holding it in the "parts car" category unless and until a potential buyer takes on the arduous task of trying to restore it.

60eb008c.jpg (8135 bytes)    60eb008b.jpg (5771 bytes)


Car #16 (or #64)  Five of the 1960 Broughams were painted maroon (plum) -  #16, 32, 64, 67 and 85.  Of these five, three are accounted for (#32 is in Australia, #67 in Florida and #85 in S. Carolina). A fourth plum-colored car [which has got to be either #16 or #64] apparently was sold by VIP Classics of San Diego, CA, in 1999-2000 for around $20K [see info from Jason Frey for #67, below].  If anyone has seen this car in the last 5 years, and can get me the body number, please let me know.

Car #17 [CHANGE, 09/2005] This one has been downgraded to parts car at the suggestion of David King ('58 EB's 615 and 494 ). I have it from the owner of 60EB#2 that this car was cut in half and made into a 2 door, then scrapped.  He has several parts of that car, with the #17 stamped on them. 

Car #18 [added 10.10.2010] This one was brought to my attention by its current owner, Larry D. Bailor of Dalmatia, PA.  Larry said: "The car was originally sold by Schreffler Cadillac in Sunbury, PA to a Mr. Ross of Lewisburg, PA. He apparently used it as a daily driver. It was purchased from the same dealer by my father Harry W. Bailor in 1964 and was used as a daily driver by him until 1968 when ownership was transferred to me. It was used as a daily driver by me until 1974 when it was retired. It has 125,000 miles on it and is in very poor condition due to being driven in Pennsylvania winters with snow and road salt and 36 years of storage in a dirt floor garage. When my father purchased the car, the leather seats had been coated with some type of liquid vinyl which then cracked. As a result, vinyl seatcovers were installed. The air suspension system was converted to springs while my father owned the car. An alternator was installed to replace the generator at some point in his ownership. The Mouton carpeting was showing signs of wear and was replaced by a white plush carpeting. Otherwise it is complete, but VERY rusty. There is body damage to the passenger side due to an incident with a utility pole and to the driver's side rear door which was hit by another vehicle. Glass is good except for a four inch vertical crack at the bottom of the driver's side rear door window. I had hoped to restore it as a retirement project, but now realize that it is beyond what I would ever have the ability or means to undertake. I would consider offers from someone who would want to undertake such a MAJOR restoration or who would be able to make use of it for parts to keep another Brougham on the road." Late Extra (Jan. 2011): The car has found a new owner.

Car #21 [ previously shown as #11 in error] I consider this one to be a parts car although it has been offered for sale on e-Bay as being restorable. If someone does buy it and restores it, please let me know! The interior and exterior color, as described (beige/beige) does not conform to the engine number; this car should be white/white; the engine may have been swapped with another car or (probably more likely) the originally white/white car has turned to beige/beige with age!  This notification was kindly supplied by Jean-Claude Franchitti of NY (58EB#479, 59EB#23, 60EB#58 and 60EB#68). Two down, 99 to go! Late Extra (Dec., 2002): This from Cadillac enthusiast and CLC member, William Link: Car #21, has 59,713 miles, paint code # 112, had all white leather with a med. blue carpet and dash upper (Trim # 1201). Car # 21 and I are 'bonding'...it is rough!!! but, not unrestorable (did I just say that!). #21 has been sitting for many years 1969 AZ plates (LXD-148) are still on it...the DELCO battery is still a tar top! The air suspension system is untampered (and flat!). Late Late Extra (May, 2003): the car was again offered for sale at auction on e-Bay with a starting bid of $2,000. This is NOT a restoration project for the faint hearted!

60ebunk2.jpg (11121 bytes)    60ebunk1.jpg (10765 bytes)
[ Photos:  Internet ]


Car #22 was owned in the late seventies by John Miller of Natick, NY. At that time he owned also 1957-58 Broughams #105, 199 and 305, as well as 1960 Broughams #75 and 97. John had car #22 offered for sale  for $500 in the late seventies; he said it ran excellent, was on air-ride and needed some body work.  Late Extra (Feb. 2002): This from EB owner/admirer Jean-Claude Franchitti (58EB#479, 59EB#23, 60EB#58 and 60EB#68)I recently spoke to Bob Morriston about 60EB #22; he has it for sale in Hemmings, and is looking for $11K for it. His number is (561) 562-7707.

60eb22.jpg (10915 bytes)
This photo from an ad published in the seventies could be car #22


Car #23 was offered for sale on the Internet (e-Bay), in April 2002, as one of thirteen cars of various makes, including six Cadillacs, from the estate of a deceased collector.  The high bidder and lucky new owner lives in Kansas City, MO. This car had been on my roster of survivors since the mid-seventies but I had never been able to contact the owner. The vendor describes the car as needing a full restoration: The Pininfarina, is sitting on its haunches, it is rough on the body, the interior is musty, looked in the engine bay and it is remarkably complete, the interior as well; there is some rust at the bottom of the doors this car needs a complete restoration.

EB60LOTA.jpg (12676 bytes)     Eb60lotb.jpg (6673 bytes)


Car #24 was found in February, 2006 by Brougham "private-eye", Jerry Jansson from Sweden; he wrote: I have discovered EB60#24! I am in contact with the owner, Nick. He sent me an eMail saying: I am from Pittsburgh, PA and bought the car here. Someone who owned a company that was apparently pretty well-off owned the car before me. He kept it at the airport in a hanger and only drove it when he was in town and flew in on his private jet. I bought it off a used car lot. It has cruise, air, and all the options and is complete except for the Pinin Farina badges. It actually runs. Nick added on Feb. 17, 2006: I actually sold the car and it is already being restored.  The last time I checked, the right side was roughed in.  I think it may get painted red as the new owner had already a '59 Brougham that was red.

60EB24a.jpg (12464 bytes)    60EB24b.jpg (11186 bytes)    60EB24c.jpg (11299 bytes)

60EB24d.jpg (11824 bytes)    60EB24e.jpg (16678 bytes)

60EB24f.jpg (12741 bytes)
This is a (fuzzy) image of the PF assembly tag; also present on these
cars - but not photographed here -  is the Cadillac ID tag [as on car #25, below]
[ Photos: courtesy Jerry Jansson, Sweden ]


Car #25 is currently in Sweden;  it is undergoing restoration for  a mysterious "Mr B" by Emeren Autocraft in Vikarbyn.

60eb25b.jpg (6094 bytes)    60EB25a.jpg (10359 bytes)
[ Photos: © and courtesy Jerry Jansson ]


Car #26 was offered for sale in Tampa, FL, in November 1968, for $1,250. Late Extra [2009]:   The car has re-appeared and was acquired by Wolfgang Kupka [of Germany?] for $33K.   He is looking for information manuals and anything to help with the restoration.   Good luck finding parts for a '60 Brougham, Wolfgang.

Car #28  was delivered initially to Missouri.  Currently [9/2000] it is in Sweden, where it is owned by Anita Misjujev of Valbo, Sweden. The foregoing info was supplied kindly by Jerry Jansson, a Brougham aficionado from Sweden. Thanks Jerry! In July 2002, Jerry said the car was now owned by Henrik Midendal who also has 1958 Brougham..

Car #29 I said this was a parts car, having seen it advertised as such  in Hemmings Motor News, in January 1999. The owner, Chris Bernardi, contacted me in July, 1999, to say that his car is 99% complete and that he drives it to cruise nights about once a month; it has a cracked windshield.  The car is the original dark gray with a blue cloth interior [although trim #1111 normally is gray plain broadcloth and leather]; the car has 45,000 original miles.  Chris has also car # 97 (below); both cars may be for sale [contact: nardi1@hotmail.com]. Chris left this message in my Guest Book, on March 28, 2000:  I own 1960 Eldorado Broughams #29 and #97 and like the page says they are for sale. I am asking $35,000 for the two of them together. They are in Massachusetts. Anyone interested just send me an email. Thanks. The TWO cars were advertised on e-Bay in September, 2002. Bidding did not go over $8,200 and Chris' reserve was not met. #29 was seen again on e-Bay in November, 2003; bidding went to $7,800. Again, Chris' reserve price was not met. Latest extra (5/2005); the cars have found a new home; they will be going to Sweden !

br60-3.JPG (11657 bytes)
1960 Broughams #29 and 97

60eb29c.jpg (8778 bytes)    60eb29a.jpg (6684 bytes)    60eb29b.jpg (8015 bytes)
These more recent pics of #29 are from e-Bay, courtesy of the owner


Car #32 was listed for sale for $6.5K, in the (new) BOA Newsletter, Vol. 3, #4 (winter 1991) by Gene Asbury, in California. He described the car as unrestored and in need of total restoration. There was some rust and some parts were missing. Gene had a second 1960 Brougham for sale (VIN 60P012575) for $7.5K OBO. This one too had faded paint, a vinyl interior and some parts missing. He was willing to discuss a package deal for both cars. Late extra (1/2003) Cadillac enthusiast Dirk Van Dorst of Belgium informed me that the car was in Melbourne, Australia. Shortly after I got this information from Belgium, I got in contact with Tim Stevens, an Australian Cadillac enthusiast who lives in Belgium; he has been familiar with this car (as well as with 1957 Brougham #185, 1958 Brougham #551, 1959 Brougham #41, and 1960 Broughams #70, #73 and #99, all owned by the same person). Tim says this is the "saddest" of these seven Broughams in the same ownership. A more detailed description is available to anyone who might be interested in the car. Latest (3/2006):  This from Australian enthusiast Allan Levinson, the "hearse whisperer": ...the same car dealer [in Melbourne] has advertised 1960 EB #32 "for a complete restoration" for $18,950.  Thanks Allan ...and thanks for all the fine pics of your hearses, complete with "bodies".

     60EB32d.JPG (5976 bytes)    60EB32e.JPG (9051 bytes)
These images, kindly supplied by Tim Stevens of Australia (and Belgium), show the condition of the car when it arrived
in Melbourne, around 1994; originally painted "Plum" (code #152), what is left of the paint appears to be lime green

60EB32B.JPG (9597 bytes)    60EB32A.JPG (6552 bytes)    60EB32c.JPG (5503 bytes)
The green has turned to khaki over the last almost 10 years; the paint is peeling and
cracking terribly; missing on the RH door is the passenger side, adjustable mirror

yelbrg1.JPG (10125 bytes)    yelbrg2.JPG (11053 bytes)
These two photos courtesy Peter Ratcliff, Melbourne


Car #34 [new addition, 6/2000]  This Brougham was acquired in 1966 by Dr. Rick Zeiger [also 1959 car #20]. It was originally a California delivery with black exterior, black leather and silver mouton carpeting. Rick bought the car from Sam Kaplan of Los Angeles. Subsequently, he bought back his former '59 Brougham (car #20); at that time he sold this 1960 model to Rick Thomas of Rowland Heights, CA.

eb59_20c.JPG (10401 bytes)


Car #35  was owned in the late seventies by Cy Strickler III, of GA.  Cy is the man we have to thank for collecting all the initial data on surviving Broughams; 80% of the data in this section of the Cadillac Database came from Cy, through the Brougham Owners' Association (BOA) of which he was the founder and first president.

Car #38 was twice offered for sale by Mike Rizzuto of Mastermind, first in May 1991, for $22,500, then again three years later, in August 1994. At that time, the asking price was down to only $4,250! This Brougham has a special paint code [#4812] which I have not found on any of the regular palettes of that era. Mike Rizzuto described it in his ad as lavender metallic with white leather trim.   The photos (below) suggest it may have been damaged by fire, which would explain the 80% price reduction in three years. This car was owned in the late seventies by George Allgood of GA.  George had a number of Broughams including many parts cars. For 1957-58 he had cars #134, 174, 234, 249, 278, 330, 487, 494, 573 and 646.  For 1959 he had car #25 and for 1960, this one, plus one other). Late extra  (from Jason Frey, the current owner - A.D.  2000):  The body  is indeed #38, as shown on the cowl. The car came out of long term storage a short while ago. Furthermore, I can tell you with utmost certainty [now] that the plum color Brougham listed on your site [photo below] is not #38. I too, saw that car listed for sale last year by a dealer in Florida; the asking price was around $22,000 - $25,000. That car and the one I purchased are two different 1960 Broughams. I will have the Brougham home this week, and will attempt to gather some history from the past owner(s), which will help us piece some facts together. In a second message Jason correctly identified his car's rare color scheme [code #4812] as a two-tone job consisting of Persian Sand [code #48] for the lower body and Olympic White [code #12] for the roof and quarter panels [had I seen the code written as "48-12", I could have worked it out all by myself!] This must have been a beautiful and stunning combination! It reminds me of the color of my own, former 1960 Eldorado Seville which was painted metallic lilac [code #99] with a white Vicodec roof covering. I hope Jason will return this car soon it to its former glory. Late late extra [Sept. 2004]: I had the pleasure of meeting the car's owner on the occasion of the bi-annual Charlotte auto fair. He still hopes to restore the car but has had other priorities meantime.

br60xxx2.jpg (14185 bytes)
    Jason was adamant to let me show his car in its present condition but, hey, Jason, a restoration has
to begin somewhere;  we can't wait to see your car finished, so that we can show an "after" shot too

br60xxx1.jpg (9586 bytes)    br60xxx3.jpg (14190 bytes)
Above two photos:  Internet, 7/2000

My60.jpg (9497 bytes)
My former Heather Poly [code #99] 1960 Eldorado Seville
all decked out for the wedding of a friend in Asti, Italy, 1974


Car #41 was painted Dupont gold [#88794569].  The color currently is green [March, 1999].

Car #42 [NEW, 3/2009] was up for sale in Hemmings Motor News; the vendor described it thus: 1960 Eldorado Brougham, #42 of 100 [actually 101] Italian bodied Farinas, mechanically restored, only needs rear air suspension completed, excellent running, rebuilt carburetor, brakes, in primer, needs minor bodywork on rear quarters for paint, excellent blue leather and all glass, 2 owner history, asking $29,500. 412-853-6322, 412-759-4455, 412-323-1313, PA. $29,500. The original production records show the car to have been delivered to California; it was white with blue-striped cloth and leather upholstery; it had also the mouton carpeting.

Car #44 This car is thought to have been crushed [see also car #85, below].  It was painted Mayfair Green (code #134); three were painted thus, in 1960.  The car was delivered new to North Carolina ...to the Vanderbilts, maybe!?!?  Late Extra [May, 2008]:  according to my buddy "Q", in Australia, the "remains" of the car are in the possession of a Las Vegas collector. "Q" describes it as a "rusted out mess".

Car #46 was offered for sale in May 1991 by Mike Rizzuto of Mastermind, CA. The asking price at that time was $12,500. I have seen another ad of Mike's where the same car is listed as a 98% complete original car from Newport Beach, runs and drives on air ride, black exterior, Gray leather, needs complete restoration, for $6,500.  Currently [2001] it belongs to Ed Pentesco in Canada.  It is black with the original blue leather interior.  Ed has it on sale, after restoration, for $21,500.

Car #47 is  a parts car, owned (2001) by Else Morgensen: < wassard@woldnet.att.net>

Car #48 was offered for sale in the last quarter, 1998, for $22,500; it was described as a nice original car with an odometer reading of 62,000 miles.  Seen recently on the Internet (January, 2000) I called the number and learned that the car had just been sold to a museum by the owner, a Mr. Barclay.   This is the only 1960 Brougham finished in the regular Eldorado color code #97, Champagne Gold.  The interior is all black leather.  In 1978 I took a photo of a Champagne-colored 1960 Brougham in the La Rue Thomas collection (Los Angeles); I guess this must be that car.  I believe the Thomas collection was auctioned off in the late nineties.  This car was offered at auction by the Kruse organization at their annual venue in Auburn, IN, in September, 1999.  It was bid up to $11,500 but was not sold;   I am guessing the owner had a higher reserve.  It was described as recently rebuilt, one of only 40 known to exist (53 survivors are listed here!) and as the largest post war Cadillac built on a standard chassis (it was more likely the smallest!)  The Kruse auctioneers are not very knowledgeable about cars in general and about Cadillacs in particular; their catalog descriptions frequently contain erroneous information. Brougham enthusiast, Chris Hawkins, has some more photos of this car that he has graciously offered to share with Cadillac Database © users. The car is featured also on the cover page of the BOA Newsletter, Vol. 10, #2 (summer 1998).

BR60_48b.jpg (8006 bytes)    Eb60_48a.jpg (11316 bytes)

Eb60_48b.jpg (8015 bytes)    Eb60_48c.jpg (8987 bytes)    Eb60_48d.jpg (8978 bytes)
The color Champagne Gold lies between the photo at top, left (too coppery) and the one at lower right; the others all appear too yellow
[ Photos: (top, left) © 1978, Yann Saunders; (others) © 1999, Chris Hawkins ]

60eb48.JPG (9373 bytes)
Possibly the same car, this one is part of the Indianapolis Motor Museum
[ Photo:  Internet, 2002 ]


Car #49 definitely is a survivor and this was confirmed to me in January, 2004 by enthusiast and Brougham owner Jean-Claude Franchitti (58EB#479, 59EB#23, 60EB#58 and 60EB#68). He wrote: I remember seeing #49 in California two years ago. It was stored in a barn in poor condition. It had been hit in the front but the damage was not extensive. The owner started taking it apart for repair. He also claimed he had the original manual for it, but I did not actually see it. The asking price was $10K. I will research the details of that trip and see if I can find the exact location. It is definitely a survivor. I subsequently purchased #58 from Ray Navarette and did not pursue #49. Late Extra [6/2005]: this car has been acquired by Martin Kresse, a German collector. Latest [4/2010]: Apparently the car is for sale again.   It is still located in California.  This just came in from Brougham enthusiast, Brian Faull: I just saw the 1960 # 49 car last week. It is still in California and is for sale for $16,000. It had been hit in the front right as reported, the windshield is also broken. I will send you pictures and contact info for the owner, so if anyone is interested in purchasing it they can get in touch with him. Thanks, Brian.

Car #51 has been included in the roster of survivors since the early seventies, however its whereabouts were uncertain until September, 2004.  It was for many years the property of Fred Kanter (Kanter Auto Products).  He wrote to me: I sold it today to my friend Terry Cook, Appleton Productions, Long Valley, NJ. He took it from here just 10 minutes ago [Sept. 21, 2004] and is dropping it off in Delaware to have it restored.  The car's first owner was James Tate, mayor of Philadelphia. In the early 70's it was owned by Bessie Toll of Wyncote, PA 19095. In'74 I bought it from Robert Mannino who I knew from the late 60's and still correspond with him [I too corresponded with Bob, about Broughams, in the seventies]. The car still has air suspension and is very complete; nothing is missing. The '53 [Eldorado?] I sold last spring; I do not recall the #'s; the '58 [Eldorado Brougham] I still have. Thanks for the update, Fred.  If you ever find those other numbers, please let me know. Late extra [6/2005]: On a tip from my friend Jerry Jansson, in Sweden, I learned the car had been restored (and customized !) by Terry Cook, CEO of Deco Rides, Long Valley, NJ.  It was to be offered for sale by RM Auctions, in Monterey, CA, in August, 2005 [http://www.decorides.com/carsforsale2.htm]. Originally black with gray broadcloth and leather upholstery, the color is now, well, "different".  In addition (and sadly) the car is now trimmed with vinyl! The vendor believes the car will fetch between $75,000 and $85,000. Were it not customized, and if it still had a leather/cloth interior and regular wheels, IMHO it might conceivably reach $45,000-50,000 at auction.  In any case, only the results will tell. Late late extra [9/2005]:   apparently there was no sale.  The car is currently [9/2005] on display, for sale, in the Exotic Cars store of Caesar's Palace, Ls Vegas, NV. This just in from our Brougham-expert-at-large, Jerry Jansson:  The customized EB60#51 was up for auction at Pebble Beach on August 20. RM Auctions tried to sell it for $60 000 but it found no buyer. Latest [10/2007]: This from enthusiast, Tore Robert Klerud in Norway: Just thought you might like to know that the customized 1960 Eldorado Brougham body #51 is now in Norway [I have it from another source that the new owner's name is Tore Meyer]. A couple of weeks ago a local car club put on a car show in Askim, Norway. I was there the night before opening night to show my 1980 Corvette and had just finished my own display when the Brougham backed in on the floor just in front of me. I was a bit "taken aback", as I instantly recognized the car from your database pictures. According to one of the guys in charge of the event, the owner had just had the car shipped from the US a week or two prior to the event. Where he got it and what he paid I don´t know, but it looked to be in fairly good shape and has probably not seen much use at all since the custom job was performed on it.

60eb51a.jpg (7241 bytes)    60eb51b.jpg (4884 bytes)

60eb51c.jpg (7450 bytes)    60eb51d.jpg (8191 bytes)    60eb51e.jpg (9312 bytes)
[ Photos:  Internet, 6/2005 and 9/2005]

60eb51bb.jpg (8301 bytes)    60eb51aa.jpg (6832 bytes)
On display at a show of hot rods and custom American cars in Norway, 2007
[ Photos: courtesy Tore Robert Klerud ]

60eb51.jpg (7486 bytes)
I believe this is the same car


Car #52 [NEW, Dec., 2007] has survived and is located in N. Carolina. The (third) owner contacted me just 4 hours before 2008 and will be sending  me more details about it in the next few weeks.   For anyone interested, the car is for sale (check out Ebay # 120243721293). The vendor is the 3rd owner; here is what he says about the car: It was delivered new to Powell Cadillac Olds in Gastonia, North Carolina – one of only two [1960] Eldorado Broughams delivered to North Carolina dealers – and driven by Mrs. Powell the first year of its life. When the 1961 models came out, Mrs. Powell got the top of the line ‘61 model and Mr. Powell sold it to a wealthy couple who liked it so much they kept it for seven years before trading it in on a 1968 model from Mr. Powell’s dealership. This was the early years of car collecting but Mr. Powell had already started collecting early Cadillacs. Even though this 1960 Eldorado Brougham was still a late model used car at the time, he understood the importance of this rare car which had accumulated only 68,000 miles on it and put it up with his other rare Cadillacs where it was stored in a building for the next 32 years. From the pictures included with the Ebay ad (below), it appears there is some major damage to the skegs, at the rear, on both sides.  Also the paint appears to be in poor condition for a car that was stored for so long.  Otherwise, it appears to be a fairly nice original car; you won't find too many of these around! Late Extra [4/2008]: car was bid up to $21,000; no sale ensued. Latest [5/2008]: the car is offered once again on Ebay.

60EB52F.jpg (5927 bytes)    60EB52G.jpg (4416 bytes)
Nasty damage to the lower skegs, in the rear; I wonder how THAT happened?

60EB52D.jpg (5702 bytes)    60EB52C.jpg (4571 bytes)    60EB52E.jpg (5628 bytes)
The original white leather interior trim looks in fine condition

60eb52a.jpg (6256 bytes)    60EB52B.jpg (7088 bytes)
Many aficionados believe (in error) that Pinin Farina designed the 1960 Eldorado Brougham; in fact
the design is 100% Fleetwood; Pinin Farina merely "assembled" the cars in Turin, as stated on the plaque, at left


Car #55 is another 1960 Brougham model owned by Ed Pentesco of Ontario, Canada.  He acquired it in 1994 from an estate in California.  It was in reasonably good condition, requiring only cosmetic work and new paint.  The reported mileage, in 1999, was circa 40K.  Ed showed the car at the CLC Grand National in Santa Clara, in June 99, where it received Senior badge #333. The exterior is black and it has a black leather interior. It has working air ride. This car was offered for sale for  $35,000. Late extra [9/2000]:  Ed tells me the car was sold; it has gone to California. Later [2/2001]: the car was sold again, apparently, at the Barrett-Jackson auction venue in Scottsdale, AZ, in January, 2001 [Lot #770].  The selling price was a reported $24,300 ...after commissions. Even later than that [7/2002]: this car was advertised for sale again, this time on e-Bay, with a starting bid of $17,000.  Definitely the most "sold" Eldorado Brougham of the second generation (1959-60).  I wonder what is "wrong" with it that the successive owners should seem all to want to get rid of it so soon after acquiring it? By the way, in this case the bidding went to only $200 over the starting bid.  Of course, the vendor's reserve was not met.  I'm sure we'll see it for sale again soon.  Later still [2/2003]: up for sale once again, this time by Tony of "Troby's Memory Lane" - (201) 457-7900, the current asking price is $45K (thanks to Jean-Claude Franchitti for this update - 58EB#479, 59EB#23, 60EB#58 and 60EB#68).

Br60_55.jpg (13660 bytes)
[ Photo:  courtesy Ed Pentesco ]

Eb6055a.jpg (9430 bytes)    Eb6055d.jpg (10251 bytes)

Eb6055b.jpg (7154 bytes)    eb6055c.JPG (6464 bytes)
[ Photos (above two rows):  Internet, 7/2002 ]


Car #58 [previously listed in error as #56] was formerly owned by Raymond G. Navarrete; he used the Guest Book   of the Cadillac Database ©,  10/2000, to inform me that he had this car and that it was for sale. He got it in August 1989 from a collector in Rumson, New Jersey who claimed to have acquired it from the original owner in Long Island, NY [the car's initial destination was Arizona]. The car runs fine but is in need of a complete restoration. There are less than 49,000 miles on the odometer. All the glass is intact with no cracks. The body has some rust. The leather seats are in great condition. The air ride suspension is not working [is that surprising?].  Late Extra [3/2002]:  the car has been acquired by Jean-Claude Franchitti (58EB#479, 59EB#23, 60EB#68).  He wrote: I am just back from a trip to the West coast where I acquired another 60EB. I will get back to you with details about both vehicles (cars #68, and #58). I have a lot of new info on the Broughams which I will share with you probably next week.

eb60_58b.jpg (8811 bytes)    eb60_58c.jpg (6204 bytes)

    eb6058a.jpg (6709 bytes)    eb6058d.jpg (10398 bytes)

 eb6058b.jpg (4595 bytes)    eb6058c.jpg (6265 bytes)

Eb6058e.jpg (5607 bytes)    Eb6058f.jpg (5616 bytes)
With the engine and drive train, the instrument panel on the 1959-60 Eldorado Brougham is one of the few parts that will
interchange with those on regular 1960 Cadillac models; even the switch panel on the driver's door armrest  [lower row]
differs from the stock Cadillac version.  Note also the air lift pull handle under the dash [photo lower right, top right]
[ Interior photos:  courtesy and © 2002, Raymond G. Navarrete ]


Car #62 [current whereabouts unknown] was trimmed throughout in white leather and had white mouton carpeting.

Car #63 was owned in the late seventies by Ed Cavanaugh of CA. Unheard of in 35 years, the car suddenly made an appearance on Ebay, in December 2008. The Internet ad told us that the car had been donated to the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles about ten years earlier and had become surplus to requirements. The vendor said: The car   spent the last decade sitting undisturbed in a lightly traveled corner of our facility. Its condition is as one might expect of a forty-eight year old, 44,000-mile car that has never been restored. The stock airbag system has been replaced with independent air-shocks at each corner. The lacquer paint has degraded over the car’s lifetime, but we believe that most, if not all, of the finish is original. We observed rust on several lower panels, mostly on the passenger side, but the majority of the body structure appears straight and solid. Doors, hood, and trunk fit well and shut tightly. There are numerous small dings on several panels. All of the glass, including the unique and irreplaceable windshield, is in excellent condition, and all of the chrome and stainless trim appears to be complete. Some of the Grey broadcloth upholstery is in need of replacement. The rear seating areas are in good condition, but the front seat has significant wear to the upholstery surfaces and underlying foam. The Mouton sheepskin floor covering appears to have been exposed to moths at some point, with obvious results. All interior accessories and trim pieces are still installed and all power windows work, including the automatically retracting rear quarter windows. This car comes with the original owner’s manuals, including the special Brougham supplement, trimmed in matching leather [today, a $2,000 item in itself], as well as the Owner Protection Policy booklet. Latest [5/2020]: the car appeared again on Ebay. It was bid up to $15,900 but that did not meet the seller's reserve.

60eb63L.jpg (8739 bytes)    60eb63d.jpg (9400 bytes)

60eb63b.jpg (7519 bytes)    60eb63f.jpg (5672 bytes)    60eb63i.jpg (11408 bytes)

60eb63m.jpg (7115 bytes)    60eb63o.jpg (5750 bytes)    60eb63q.jpg (4206 bytes)     60eb63p.jpg (6545 bytes)

60eb63n.jpg (4877 bytes)    60eb63c.jpg (6953 bytes)

60eb63ij.jpg (7618 bytes)    60eb63k.jpg (6888 bytes)
[ Photos:  Petersen Automotive Museum, Los Angeles ]

Car #64 (or #16) Five of the 1960 Broughams were painted maroon (plum) -  #16, 32, 64, 67 and 85.  Of these five, three are accounted for (#32 is in Australia, #67 in Florida and #85 in S. Carolina). A fourth plum-colored car [which has got to be either #16 or #64] apparently was sold by VIP Classics of San Diego, CA, in 1999-2000 for around $20K [see info from Jason Frey for #67, below].  If anyone has seen this car in the last 5 years, and can get me the body number, please let me know.

60EB64a.jpg (9231 bytes)
[ This is reported to be a snapshot of 60EB64 - can someone please confirm? ]


Car #66 [NEW, 3/2009] also survived; it was owned by Chris Zora of Houston, TX. It was brought to my attention by owner-enthusiast, Jean-Claude Franchitti  (58EB#479, 60EB#58 and 60EB#68). The owner had passed away and his cars were being sold at auction  (Bud Ward was the auctioneer). J.-C. wrote: I watched the auction today; the 1958 Eldorado Brougham #609 sold for $35K, and the 1960 Eldorado Brougham (#66) sold for $15K. Both high bids came via the Internet. Both cars are in #4 condition and need full restoration. The '58 is in original condition but the engine has most probably  been replaced with a non-Brougham engine. Also it is not on air suspension. The '60 had been repainted black (wrong color) [an original Texas car, #66 was first painted Kenya Beige and had sandalwood leather upholstery]. Not much is left of the mouton carpet, and the beige interior needs to be replaced. The interior had this mice smell when I looked at it. Both skirts and hubcaps were there. Late Extra [10/2009] : I came across the car while browsing the Web site of  Daniel Schmitt, Classic Cars Ltd.  The car is still unrestored.   Here are excerpts from the vendor's description: Finished in classic all black with beautiful light beige interior. This spectacular motorcar comes with nearly every conceivable option, including factory air conditioning, power steering, as well as its original 3 carburetor V8 engine. This stunning, original example was recently purchased from the famed Chris Zora collection in Texas where it had been stored for many years waiting for restoration. Most of these rare Cadillac Brougham’s have either been destroyed, modified or have already been restored. This is a very rare opportunity to find an original example such as this that would make perfect restoration project. In regards to the mechanics of this car, it drives out beautifully with new brakes, and new tires. This is an opportunity of a lifetime to acquire this rare and sought after model at an investment price. Bid with confidence – you will not be disappointed in this truly wonderful piece of American classic.  The asking price was $100 short of $37,000 !

60eb66aa.jpg (5499 bytes)    60eb66ac.jpg (5406 bytes)    60eb66ad.jpg (8505 bytes)

60eb66af.jpg (5059 bytes)    60eb66ae.jpg (5398 bytes)    60eb66ab.jpg (6233 bytes)
[ Photos: © 2009 and courtesy Jean-Claude Franchitti ]

60eb66.jpg (16621 bytes)    60eb66b.jpg (12896 bytes)    60EB66L.jpg (12603 bytes)

60EB66M.jpg (8946 bytes)    60EB66N.jpg (6957 bytes)    60EB66O.jpg (6162 bytes)
The car obviously has undergone some cosmetic upgrading since Jean-Claude saw it in March, 2009
but a potential buyer will need to spend some serious money to restore the interior to its past glory
[ Photos: © 2009, Daniel Schmitt Classic Cars, Ltd. ]

Car #67 may also have survived [see comments by Jason Frey, 1960 Brougham #38, above]. In a further e-Mail, in March 2001, Jason added: I have reason to believe this car may be #67 with paint #152 and trim #122. One was offered for sale and subsequently sold by VIP Classics of San Diego, CA, roughly 12 months ago. An outdated advertisement I just found online reads: "1960 CADILLAC ELDORADO BROUGHAM BY Pininfarina DEEP METALLIC BURGUNDY-PURPLE WITH GRAY LEATHER INTERIOR. ONLY 100 [in fact, 101] OF THESE CARS WERE BUILT IN ITALY.  IN 1960 THIS WAS THE MOST EXPENSIVE AMERICAN CAR BUILT.  A RARE CADILLAC,  IN FACT ONLY 20 OR SO [in fact more than 50] ARE KNOWN TO BE IN EXISTENCE.  TO OUR MIND, THIS IS THE FINEST ONE AVAILABLE! - ONLY $19,950 ..." No picture accompanied the above ad. I contacted VIP Classics and all the gentleman remembers is that the car was sold 12 months ago. I gathered nothing else. What's odd is that the above picture looks like the car I saw listed for sale in Florida about 2 years ago. Then again, it may be the one VIP Classics sold last year, or perhaps it's both. The condition was about the same, but no trim description was given on the former. Either way, we do know that there is a very nice plum Brougham floating around out there. Quite possibly floating on the original air ride!  Late Extra (11/2005): This just came in from the car's (long-time) owner, Jim Gouwens, who wrote in the (former) Guest Book of the Cadillac Database [salient excerpts only] is alive and well, having been in my family since the 1960's. My grandfather, Frank Zini of Chicago, bought it from his brother, Cy,  for $3000. When grandpa died, my Mom bought it from the estate for $3000 and drove it home to Bradenton, FL, where it has been ever since. It's burgundy with gray leather, 68K miles, a cracked windshield [uh-oh ! - finding a new windshield for a '60 Brougham ain't gonna be easy!] and is in need of total restoration although perfectly usable as is.  I would call it a strong #4 condition as it looks great at 80 mph in the rain ...especially at night!

Br60rsd2.jpg (7993 bytes)
The above car  may be 1960 Brougham  #67;
can you confirm, Jim,  or send us a couple of pics of your car?


Car #68 currently [1998] belongs to Jean-Claude Franchitti (58EB#479, 59EB#23, 60EB#58). He reports that this one is in fine condition.  I finally broke and sold him the original owner's manual for his car, after he made me an offer I could not refuse!

Car #69 was brought to my attention by friend and fellow Cadillac enthusiasts, Christina Reynen of California.   She got this e-Mail from another Cadillac aficionado: A buddy of mine has come into possession of a couple of old Caddies. The one that is in the worst condition [my emphasis] has raised some questions. He told me what year it is, but I have forgotten. What I do have is the info off of the plate under the hood. It is as follows CADILLAC DIV. GM MOTOR CORP DETROIT MICH. STYLE 60-6929 BODY 69 TRIM 1132 PAINT 124 TOP ACC THIS CAR FINISHED WITH MAGIC MIRROR ACRYLIC LACQUER. There is another plate, I think it was also under the hood. BODY NO. 69 (I think there was more, but couldn't read it) ASSEMBLED BY PININFARINA TURIN ITALY. I will try to get the year from my buddy. Any info on what the car is would be greatly appreciated. David Hayner. Well, David, it seems that your buddy has unearthed another rare treasure. I hope he will share with us the history of this find.  Meanwhile, thanks for the photos [below].

60EB69a.jpg (6984 bytes)    60EB69b.jpg (8195 bytes)    60EB69c.jpg (10493 bytes)
[ Photos:  courtesy David Hayner ]

60ebWrk1.JPG (8500 bytes)    60ebWrk2.JPG (6761 bytes)    60ebWrk3.JPG (6828 bytes)

60ebWrk4.JPG (6789 bytes)    60ebWrk5.JPG (8615 bytes)
I have downgraded this one to "Parts Car"; IMHO it is beyond repair; some may disagree


Car #70 is a known survivor but I had no prior  information as to its whereabouts. I've just been told by Cadillac enthusiast, Dirk Van Dorst of Belgium that this one is currently located in Melbourne, Australia. Tim Stevens, a Cadillac enthusiast from Melbourne but who lives in Belgium is familiar with this car (as well as with 1957 Brougham #185, 1958 Brougham #551, 1959 Brougham #41 and 1960 Broughams #32, #73 and #99, all owned by the same person). He kindly sent these photos. Five of the seven Brougham models owned by the Melbourne collector are in this, rather poor condition; they have resided mainly in the open air since they were imported to Australia around 1994. All are potentially restorable but it would require great courage and wads of money! Tim has a more detailed description of this car and I will provide it to anyone interested. Late Extra (June, 2010):   Keith Deen, an Aussie enthusiast whom I had the pleasure of meeting on a trip to Australasia in 1995, has taken on the arduous task of bringing this Brougham "back to life" (info from Terry Griffin, President of the Queensland chapter of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club of Australia). Update (November, 2012) :   Tim Lennon reports that the car currently resides in Brisbane, Queensland. It is currently black with a new red leather interior. Tim is looking at purchasing the car and will move it to Melbourne,Victoria if everything works out.

60EB70c.JPG (9216 bytes)    60EB70b.JPG (5396 bytes)
Left: this is how the car looked around 1994 when it arrived in Australia
Right: It appears to have resided in this open-air lean-to since that time

60EB70a.JPG (6260 bytes)    60EB70d.JPG (4501 bytes)
The seats have been retrimmed in black vinyl
(...on a car that cost $13,075 in 1960!!!)

redbrg4.JPG (12009 bytes)    redbrg4a.JPG (9022 bytes)
These two photos:  courtesy Peter Ratcliff, Melbourne

60EB70_1_MED.JPG (14K bytes)    60EB70_2_MED.JPG (15K bytes)
These two photos:  courtesy Tim Lennon, Melbourne


Car #72 was acquired in 1960 by the Emir [princely ruler] of Qatar [one of the Persian Gulf States].  The Emir owned a palatial château in Versoix, near Geneva, Switzerland, about five miles from our former [and much more modest] apartment home. I was friendly with the Emir's Swiss chauffeur; however, at that time, the car was not for sale (I believe he owned also a 1959 Brougham - I used to see one around town when I lived in Geneva but I was never able to get a picture - as also some other, rare, custom-built Cadillacs). The Emir's 1960 Brougham model was sold, in the early seventies, to a neighboring garage owner who, in turn, sold it to Jacques Baustier, a postman from Grenoble, France; Jacques just wanted "an American car" ...to tow his holiday caravan! In 1972, the car had only 19K miles on the odometer! Nota: in the trunk of this Brougham are the wheel jack and tools from my own, former 1960 Eldorado Seville. Jacques borrowed these from me in the mid-seventies but "forgot" to return them!  Late Extra: The car is still in France, somewhere south west of Paris; the current owner, Mr. Branthomme, saw it for sale (summer 2001) in a small gas station near Valence and bought it on the spot (he has also 1957 Brougham #55). He collects what he describes as high-class automobiles, like the  Mercedes 600 and a few Rolls-Royces.  He says the Brougham is still in excellent condition, despite a broken side-window and rear quarter window; some vandals also hacked the rear seat cushion five or six times with a box cutter! A repair, however, seems quite feasible. Trivia: factory records show the car to have been black (code #110), with gray cloth and leather trim (code #111).  I could understand the need to repaint the car from black to white (for the climate conditions in Qatar - although I doubt the car ever went over there!) But who would spend that kind of money to convert the original interior trim from gray cloth/leather to all black leather? This is possibly a factory build-sheet error or a transcription error by the late Cy Strickler who laid the groundwork for this survivor roster.

60qatn.JPG (8527 bytes)
All these B&W photos were taken around 1972 at Bellevue, near Geneva, Switzerland,
in back of the apartment building where Gita and I lived for 8 years

60qata.JPG (5790 bytes)    60qatd.JPG (6628 bytes)

60qatj.JPG (6840 bytes)    60qatb.JPG (3362 bytes)    60qatc.JPG (5581 bytes)

60qatf.JPG (7433 bytes)    60qatg.JPG (6271 bytes)    60qath.JPG (6330 bytes)

60qato.JPG (8288 bytes)

60qatk.JPG (7711 bytes)

60qatl.JPG (8713 bytes)    60qatm.JPG (7414 bytes)
In the above three photos may be seen our former 1960 Eldorado Seville

60EB72C.JPG (11525 bytes)

EB6072A.JPG (7916 bytes)    60EB72B.JPG (6233 bytes)
These three color photos were taken near Paris, 25 years later;
the car still carries the same French tags: 5957TE38 from the Grenoble area


Car #73 was reported in the mid-seventies to be in near perfect condition. Sadly, it appears to have been neglected and allowed to seriously deteriorate. According to Belgian Cadillac enthusiast Dirk Van Dorst, the car is currently located in Melbourne, Australia. Shortly after I got this information from Dirk, I got in contact with Tim Stevens, a Cadillac enthusiast from Melbourne but who lives in Belgium; he is familiar with this car (as well as with 1957 Brougham #185, 1958 Brougham #551, 1959 Brougham #41 and 1960 Broughams #32, #70 and #99, all owned by the same person). He kindly sent these photos. It was originally black (paint code #110) but got a "Mexican" respray in white; this car was ordered with special interior trim (code #0000), consisting of red leather throughout; Tim believes that hides from the regular 1960 Cadillac production Eldorados were used in an effort to reduce the overall cost). There is also a red dash, steering wheel and shift lever knob (the trunk lining is also believed to be red). Carpets were originally black sheepskin; now they are regular, red loop pile. Seat backs are in good condition but the seats themselves are badly deteriorated (possums ?).  This is the only 1960 Brougham to have been delivered to Arkansas. Tim was unable to get an odometer reading, the instruments being obscured by dirt and dust. The engine and transmission are missing; the car is still on factory air suspension. Glass is all intact but for a cracked RH front window. Other than moderate LH front end damage the body is straight. Some trim items and the rear fender skirts are missing but are said to be stored inside the trunk ...which could not be opened for inspection. Bumpers are good and straight. Turn signals have non-original, home-made amber lenses (these are mandatory in some European countries, like Switzerland). Five of the seven Brougham models owned by the Melbourne collector are in this, rather poor condition.

    60eb73f.JPG (7826 bytes)    60EB73C.JPG (7524 bytes)

60EB73A.JPG (4462 bytes)    60EB73D.JPG (5744 bytes)
RH photo shows good seat backs but badly deteriorated seats
(the photo is dark but trim color appears to be red)

redbrg3.JPG (10207 bytes)    redbrg2.JPG (6865 bytes)    redbrg1.JPG (7309 bytes)
This is possibly the interior of car #73 which had special order (red?) trim throughout;
these three photos courtesy Peter Ratcliff, Melbourne


Car #75 was owned in the late seventies by John Miller of Natick, NY. At that time he owned also 1957-58 Broughams #105, 199 and 305, as well as 1960 Broughams #22 and 97. Late extra (Nov. 2006]: the car was advertised for sale in Hemmings Motor News for $55,000. It was described thus: 1960 Cadillac Brougham Pininfarina, black with blue leather interior [it was originally gray], #75 of 101 built. GM's Cadillac Division had Pininfarina of Turin, Italy design [NO - Fleetwood was the designer] and handbuilt [NO - PF merely assembled the cars that were crated to them; this did involve some hand finishing] 101 Brougham sedans in 1960. Extremely rare and sought after vehicle with unique features and styling, $55,000. 914-788-9053, NY; www.CarsForCollectorsClub.com ..

60EB75a.jpg (7402 bytes)    60EB75c.jpg (5271 bytes)

60EB75d.jpg (4314 bytes)    60EB75b.jpg (4209 bytes)    60EB75e.jpg (3762 bytes)
[ Photos:  Internet, 2006 ]


Car #77 surfaced in March, 2002. The following brief message was left in the Guest Book, March 9 by Jesse Hall of Rome, NY (jessaf4218@aol.com): I am the owner of #77 of #101 1960 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham body by Pininfarina. Interested persons can contact me at e-Mail provided. In June 2002, Jesse added: Car #77 was delivered initially to Syracuse, NY. When the first owner died, in 1970, his widow sold the car to Clifford Rivers who kept it also up to his death in February, 1999, at the age of 90. Clifford left me the car in his Will; I had met him at a car show in 1986 and we later became good friends. The car was in storage during the last ten years of Clifford's life because he had been required to surrender his driver's license. It is in very good condition with just over 46 K miles. Late extra [July, 2004]:   this car was featured in the CLC's Self Starter magazine for July 2004, in the section La Galeria [p.8].  Late late extra [April, 2005]: the car was offered for sale on eBay . It was bid up to $10,000 but did not meet the vendor's reserve.  I have it from an enthusiast in Finland who was interested in the car that it once suffered a major engine fire and apparently was not restored to professional standards.

eb6077.jpg (11952 bytes)    60eb77b.jpg (7088 bytes)
[ Photo (left): © 1999, Jesse Hall, courtesy of the owner - right:  Internet ]


Car #79 [This update is long overdue] Ed Pentesco wrote of this car in 1999, unfortunately I mislaid his note. This Brougham was on sale at The Auction in Las Vegas, in October 1999. Ed said the car had the wrong interior, no quarter panel emblems and tail lights in very poor condition.  The hood latch was o/s, so he was unable to examine the engine. The top bid was $10,400.   After the auction the car still carried a For Sale sticker with a price of   $11,500.  Late Extra: on July 26, 2001, I talked to an auto salesman in California who is advertising this car for sale on behalf of its (unnamed) owner.  It is advertised on the Hemmings Motor News Web site and was brought to my attention by that indefatigable Swedish Brougham enthusiast, Jerry Jansson.  The current listed price is $17,500 [up by $6,000!]  I wonder if this could be the car that was owned in 1983-84 by David Fogg of California  (CCI mag.  Vol. 28:4, center page, left - Mr. Fogg also owned a Brougham from 1957). Later [1/2008]: the car was offered at auction on Ebay, by American Classics Inc.,  with a starting bid of $1,960 or a Buy-It-Now price of $50,000 (minus one dollar). According to the description: This car is in excellent original condition -- which means paint is original; interior is original; engine and drive train are original. It is in very good condition, runs and drives very well, but is -- after all -- 47 years old and will undoubtedly need some attention here and there as all older cars do. We cleaned and polished the car and the paint gleams and is very shiny, as the pictures show. The leather interior is excellent for its age and has held up well, as only the finest Italian leathers can do [trouble is, the interior is not original - who replaced it?]. This car will bring pride of ownership to its new owner and will give excellent appreciation potential. If nothing was done to the car since Ed saw it in Vegas, in 1999, then it can't be as "nice" as the vendor asserts; nevertheless, the asking price has more than quadrupled since 1999. Later still [2/2008]: the car did not sell and was offered a second time on Ebay, at the same price.  There were 8 bids, the highest being  $24,205; once again, there was no sale. Latest [3/2008]: the car has been offered on eBay again. In the meantime, the vendor got a hold of the second owner who added this about the car [which will explain the interior changes}: I will give you as brief a history as I can.  I am the second owner of the car.  I purchased it in the very early 80's from the estate of Dr. H P Fine in Beverly Hills, CA.  Dr. Fine received delivery on June 28, 1960 from Clarence Dixon Cadillac on North Vine St in Hollywood, CA.  Dr Fine lived at that time on Los Palos Drive in Hollywood. I spoke with his daughter at the sale and she gave me a history of what she remembered.  Dr Fine was quite eccentric and funny about things.  He wanted a Lincoln Continental in 1957 but was disappointed that it was a two door.  All the 57 & 58 Eldorado Broughams were sold so he went on the waiting list for 59 & 60 Broughams and got the 60.  Originally it was Seafoam Green [actually Carrara green - code #132] inside and out.  He also did not want some of the extras one being cruise control  Since it was standard it cost extra to have it delivered without it.  Sometime about 1965, for some unknown reason, he had the carburation replaced with a new one.  He did not like the tri-power.  He felt it was wasting too much gas. Also, there was no evidence of it ever having air ride.   By 1960 it was well known that it was nothing but trouble. In 1984, I was living in Palm Springs and San Diego, CA so I had California Coach Works in San Diego do a complete restoration on the car including a complete color change inside and out [now maroon outer and off-white interior].  They took everything apart to the bare frame to get rid of the green.  In checking Cadillac's records I found it was the only one made in that color [in 1960 - there were two like it in 1959].  Also dyed the dash and replaced the steering wheel with an original gray one.  The color is a custom [1985?] Cadillac color called Bordeaux [there was indeed a Cadillac color called "Bordeaux Red" in 1985 (code #79); it was used on the lower body of 2-tone Eldorado and Seville jobs that year; however, the color of this Eldorado Brougham appears much lighter than does the "Bordeaux" paint chip; it looks more like "Cranberry Firemist" (code #92), "Coronation Red" (code #72) or "Madeira Plum Pearlmist" (code #98)] and the interior I had done in the finest leather exactly matching the 1985 Fleetwood Brougham interior except had them keep the Pinin Farina trademark of triple welt on the doors.  The carpets are also custom in pure dove gray llama wool. After several years of doing the car show circuit, Los Angeles and San Diego Cadillac LaSalle Club and the International Cadillac Club, receiving several trophies including Best of Show, I put it up for sale with VIP Classics in San Diego with no success.  I donated the car in 1999 to the Stephan Chase Foundation for AIDS Research for a charity event auction.  Last I saw some dealer in Santa Barbara had it until I saw your EBay sale. I had several Cadillac's including a 57 Brougham which was fun to show them as a pair.  The funniest show was in 1989 at the Caliente Race Track in Tijuana for Tijuana's Centennial.  The two Broughams were the star attractions over several Rolls Royce's and exotic cars.  The crowd loved them. I have many photos including a complete diary of the restoration.  I also have some parts for the car,  the cloisonné badges [these badges carry the name "Brougham" diagonally, across a blood-red cloisonné background - they are frequently mistaken for the Pininfarina logo], which are missing on the rear quarter panels, also owners manual and registrations. Hope this helps.  Any more questions let me know. Sincerely, David. Despite this update from the second owner, the vendor has not changed his own, sometimes erroneous description of the car.  He says, for example: They [the 1959-60 Eldorado Broughams] have high luxury and the one-upmanship value of Pinin Farina badges; in fact there is no Pinin Farina badge anywhere on a 1959 or 1960 Eldorado Brougham.  He adds: The leather interior is excellent for its age and has held up well, as only the finest Italian leathers can do;  in fact, the original, green stripe broadcloth and leather interior was replaced with a modern, all-leather interior in 1984-85; I do NOT believe that leather was Italian.  He asserts also: Pinin Farina handled body styling (a mild modification of standard 1959-60 lines marked by less outlandish tailfins) and assembly (using Cadillac components) in Turin.  It has a number of Italian variations including a neat front-opening hood  [actually, the design is 100% Fleetwood; Pinin Farina only dealt with assembling the car]. Lastly, he says:  paint color is original; engine and drive train are original. Again, the 2nd owner tells us the car does not have the Tri-Power, nor Cruise-Control and was repainted "Bordeaux".  So, it's not quite "original".  My buddy "Q", in Australia, tells me the car belongs to a collector/enthusiast in Las Vegas, NV.

60fogg1.jpg (13605 bytes)    60Fogg2.jpg (10329 bytes)
These upper photos possibly show this car; at that time (1983-84) it was owned by a Mr. Fogg in California

Br6079a.jpg (10579 bytes)    Br6079b.jpg (7350 bytes)
These photos:  courtesy Ed Pentesco, Canada; they were taken at "The Auction", in  Las Vegas, 10.31.1999
[Ed reports that the car had the wrong interior as well as a malfunctioning hood latch - it was bid to $10,400 but did not sell]

Brg60_79.jpg (10462 bytes)
This image of the car was found on Hemmings Web site, July 2001

60eb79ab.jpg (4712 bytes)    60eb79ad.jpg (6072 bytes)    60eb79ae.jpg (4251 bytes)     60eb79af.jpg (4731 bytes)    60eb79am.jpg (6130 bytes)
The interior trim (other than the door panels) is incorrect; two patterns were offered by Cadillac on this model:  (a) a paneled effect
(with fabric upholstery) and (b) vertical piping when leather was chosen; the center console also is non original. The explanation
has since been given by the second owner of the car who had extensive remodeling done to the interior and had the car repainted in 1985


Car #81 currently is in primer, waiting to be restored more fully.  Ed Pentesco of Ontario, Canada, acquired it in Las Vegas from one Art Levin ...who still advertises it for sale! It was delivered initially to Chicago; the car is on coil springs; it was offered for sale in the last quarter, 1998, and was described as being in condition #4; with that car comes the rare, leather-bound 1960 Brougham owner's manual.  In the BOA Newsletter, Fall 2000, the car was still for sale by Art Levine. This may be the editor's fault;  I see, for example, that the Arpège perfume bottle and Cross pencil I had for sale two years ago are still listed for sale in that same Newsletter. Late Extra [12/2005]: Ed still has this one in storage. Later [8/2007]: the car was offered for sale on eBay.  It ran before it was parked. There is some surface rust on the floor pans but they are solid. Windshield and back glass are perfect, however some of the side glass is cracked  but is flat and so can easily be replaced. The original engine with tri-power set up is intact along with the rare air cleaner. Latest [10/2007]: The car is now in Norway, in the hands of enthusiast Remi Hansen who intends to restore it fully. As you can see from the photos he kindly supplied [below], he has his work cut out for a few months !

60EB81a.jpg (6743 bytes)    60EB81B.jpg (8303 bytes)

60EB81D.jpg (5589 bytes)    60EB81C.jpg (5588 bytes)    60EB81E.jpg (5107 bytes)
[ Photos: © 2007 and courtesy of Remi Hansen ]


Car #83 was not previously listed here; it was acquired in July, 2002 by Cadillac enthusiast, Gary R. Weirman  who says: I have recently found and purchased car #83 of the 1960 Eldorado Brougham series. I intend to have it restored by a pro. I would appreciate any do's, do nots or information. Thank you very much. My suggestion, Gary, is that you talk to Ed Pentesco in Canada.

Car #85 currently is a daily driver in Easley, South Carolina, the state where I reside since October 1997.  The car is on coil springs and the owner has had it for 4 years; he believes he is the second title holder.  The car was first delivered to Missouri but records show that it came from a Texan estate.  It was in storage for 12 years before the current owner bought it; it is unrestored but a full restoration is planned. Purists will cringe when they learn that the car [originally painted "Plum" (#152)] currently is painted over with flat black rustoleum overlaid with outlandish designs!!!  The owner knows also of a "local" green '60 Brougham that was reportedly crushed some years ago (#44?).

Brg6085.jpg (6888 bytes)
This daily driver is in S. Carolina


Car #86 is another Brougham model in the impressive collection of Ed Pentesco from Ontario, Canada;  he bought it in Texas where it was delivered new in 1960.  It was last licensed in Texas in 1974.  Latest [12/2005]:  Ed tells me the car is now restored and on the road in Las Vegas.  He plans to show the car at the 2006 CLC Grand National in Los Angeles.

60ebx1.jpg (8450 bytes)    60ebx4.jpg (7654 bytes)

 60ebx2.jpg (6157 bytes)    60ebx3.jpg (7886 bytes)    60ebx7.jpg (4272 bytes)   

 60ebx5.jpg (4044 bytes)    60ebx6.jpg (6727 bytes)

60EB86x2.JPG (8637 bytes)

60eb86x1.JPG (6829 bytes)    60EB86x3.JPG (5250 bytes)
These recent shots (above 2 rows) were taken during the 2009 CLC "Grand National" in Las Vegas
[ Photos:  © 2009, Yann Saunders ]

60eb86aa.jpg (16129 bytes)    60eb86bb.jpg (14262 bytes)
Even more recent are these shots by the Las Vegas chapter of the CLC


Car #87 This Brougham was not previously included in my list of survivors; I found out about it only in January, 1999,  through 'Brigitte', a user of The (new) Cadillac Database©. She said the car was advertised for sale for $55,000.  Additional information was received in 2001 from Brougham aficionado Chris Hawkins; he said: My friend John Muller of Atlanta, GA. recently purchased 1960 Brougham, #87. It is a beautiful original, 28k mile car. It is currently receiving a "freshening" after sitting on display for 17 years. John intends to keep this Brougham as original as possible.  P.S. In the glove compartment was the original, leather-bound owner's manual. In March 2002, the new owner himself contacted me; he added: The original owner, Otto Nieman [of Nieman-Marcus ???], used her only as his special event car and she generally stayed in the garage while two Fleetwoods served as daily drivers. Jim Todd, the Cadillac franchise owner in Central Valley, NY sold her new and repurchased her from Mr. Nieman's estate in the early 1980's.  She has graced the Olsen-Todd Cadillac showroom floor until this February, when Mr. Todd decided to retire and sell the dealership. She is an extraordinary original example with little more than minor paint retouching having ever been done. The original leather is like new, the original mouton carpets are very nice, but have had some shrinkage and some damage at door sills and will need to be replaced. The dash and leather package shelf are also like new. The original owner's manual is perfectly preserved and she still rides beautifully on air suspension, though I have recently replaced rear air bags and a check valve. Much of her paint is original, though there are various areas with cracking or other issues. I have had a friend carefully color-sand many of the areas and he managed to significantly reduce the number of noticeable problems. I will eventually strip and repaint the whole vehicle, but I will see how the paint continues to age. If I can keep her looking as good as she does now, I will not paint her, though I do believe that even minimal sun exposure will age the current paint very quickly. The chrome is exceptional, though the rear bumper center will require replating as it has some surface rust and chrome lifting. She runs and drives beautifully and everything works except the two clocks, which will be removed soon for servicing.

Eb6087a.jpg (9888 bytes)    Eb6087b.jpg (9909 bytes)

Eb6087c.jpg (9592 bytes)    Eb6087d.jpg (10429 bytes)

60eb87.jpg (13066 bytes)
[ This photo:  © and courtesy John Muller, Atlanta, GA, the present owner ]

60eb87x1.jpg (7082 bytes)    60eb87x2.jpg (7193 bytes)    60eb87x3.jpg (5859 bytes)
Mr. Muller's car attended the 2006 CLC Grand National in Savannah

60eb87bb.jpg (6576 bytes)    60eb87cc.jpg (8703 bytes)
[ These tow snapshots:  Internet - ConceptCarz web site ]


Car #88 was offered for sale in the first quarter, 1998, for $6,500; it was described as a non-runner requiring complete restoration. Mike Rizzuto has it listed for sale on a Web site ad for the same amount. Ad reads: Only 101 produced! Air Ride, white exterior, blue interior, straight, complete California black plate car. Needs a complete restoration. Not running, but might if you try!  It is now (2003) reported to be in Sweden; it too is currently undergoing restoration for a mysterious  "Mr B" by Emeren Autocraft in Vikarbyn.

60EB88b.jpg (5286 bytes)    60EB88c.jpg (6067 bytes)    60EB88d.jpg (5490 bytes)
[ Photos: © and courtesy Jerry Jansson ]


Car #89  is the "final" (?) Brougham in the vast collection owned by Canadian enthusiast, Ed Pentesco.  He bought it near Carson City, Nevada, although it bore California license tags and had a dealer ID plate from San Jose, in the Bay area. This is the only 1960 Brougham to be painted  Cypress Green (code #136), a very deep, dark green hue.  This running car is in fairly good condition.  Latest [12/2005]:   Ed tells me now that he parted out the car and scrapped it in September 2003  [three down and 98 to go!]

60EB89b.jpg (13707 bytes)    60EB89a.jpg (13671 bytes)
Sad to think this rare automobile was the property of a very wealthy owner !
[ Photos:  © 2003, and courtesy of Ed Pentesco ]


Car #93 is a parts car;  it is in the current inventory of Ed Pentesco [four down and 97 to go!]

Car #94 was purchased new by S.F. Briggs, of the Briggs & Stratton organization [he had purchased a 1957 Eldorado Brougham a few years earlier]. This car was on sale, in Pennsylvania, in October, 1998, for under $7,800;  it was reported to be in poor condition. Recently [Feb. 2000], it was  offered for sale on e-Bay.  The vendor described it thus: ...We purchased the Brougham from the Walgreen "Drug Store" Family who had it in storage for over 20 years. The odometer indicates 50,200 miles and is believed to be correct. When we purchased the car it was still on the air suspension. The air pump was operational, however there were several leaks underneath, so the bags were removed and replaced with springs. All original Air Ride components go with the car. The original tri-power runs good; however, the gas tank needs to be removed and cleaned. The only rust area is under the battery box which is mounted in the trunk. The car has had a repaint which is not very good. Dash pad is perfect. The windshield has a 2 inch crack in the lower right corner and some small bubbles in the lamination [Yann says:  finding a new windshield for a '60 Brougham ain't gonna be easy!1]. The right front door glass has a crack in it as well. The chrome trim is in good condition but not show quality. The rear door windows work sporadically. The CORRECT wheel covers are very nice! Original carpet is bad, however the original white leather is pretty good aside from the front seat is starting to crack. The seams on the backrest are separating.  With very minimal work and low capital expenditure, this car could be a very nice driver. According to Cadillac experts, of the 101 built, less than 35 exist today [wrong: this list shows 51 of them]. We will include free shipment within 200 miles of Milwaukee, WI.  For further information you can contact Rich @ 262-878-9555 between 9 AM and 6 PM. This car was originally delivered to PA;  it was listed on my 1978 roster as being in good condition.  Color and trim codes match. Late Extra [June, 2008]:  The car turned up for sale on Ebay; currently it is located in Utah. The odometer now treads 50,253 miles, suggesting it has traveled no more than 53 miles since it was last offered for sale more than 8 years ago. Vendor says the headliner and carpet have been replaced and the seat sides [front?] have been redone in leather, as also the door panels. The original white leather trim has been dyed over; I guess it may have faded or become soiled.

br6094a.jpg (8501 bytes)    br6094b.jpg (7454 bytes)

60eb94a.jpg (9188 bytes)    60eb94b.jpg (6263 bytes)    60EB94c.jpg (6163 bytes)

60EB94d.jpg (4834 bytes)    60EB94e.jpg (3365 bytes)    60eb94f.jpg (4396 bytes)

1  [the following text is reproduced with kind permission of Lance Hirsch, 1958 Eldorado Brougham #436]:   I sold a '58 EB last year without a windshield. The guy I sold it to is a Caddy restorer but wasn't too worried about the missing windshield. Keep in mind, as Jeff mentioned about the '59s, that these windshields are very rare. I've heard of NOS '57-'58 EB windshields going for $5000-$6000. So the buyer of my EB calls his windshield supplier and asks for one. After a few minutes they say, "OK, but it's about $900." That may sound like a lot of money, but considering I looked for quite a while and found nothing, I would have jumped at that deal. He bought it - and it was broken in shipment! He contacted the supplier and told them about the "mishap". Their response was, "OK, we'll send you another one." At this point I was incredulous. I couldn't believe that 40 years later someone actually had two of these windshields sitting in a warehouse somewhere. I asked him to find out if they had any others, as I was interested in having a spare for my remaining EB. Unfortunately, the well has run dry; there are no more. The moral of this story: don't give up on rare parts! They are out there; you need only be lucky enough to find them!


Car #95 was owned in the late seventies by Charles Daout of Chesapeake.  At that time, Charles owned also 1959 Brougham #3 and 1960 Brougham #1. The car found its way to Sweden [as did MANY other "classic" Cadillac models of the 50s and 60s] where it underwent a full and total restoration.  Thanks to enthusiast, Jean-Claude Franchitti for pics of the car "before".

60eb95c.jpg (10923 bytes)

60eb95a.jpg (6159 bytes)    60eb95b.jpg (5225 bytes)    60eb95L.jpg (6354 bytes)

60eb95c2.jpg (7816 bytes)    60EB95d.jpg (5754 bytes)    60EB95e.jpg (6488 bytes)     60EB95j.jpg (2748 bytes)

60EB95b2.jpg (8379 bytes)    60EB95f.jpg (9287 bytes)    60EB95g.jpg (5638 bytes)

60eb95i.jpg (5361 bytes)    60EB95k.jpg (4972 bytes)    60EB95h.jpg (5805 bytes)
Photos:  courtesy Autocraft web site and Hans Emeren, Sweden


Car #96 resided in Denmark, until 3/2002; it was owned by Carl-Erik Svensson.  This one was delivered initially to California;  it was painted white and had blue leather interior and the mouton fur carpeting; the interior trim now appears to be gray. In the photos, below,  it appears also to have orange-colored side marker lights on the front fenders, as though it had spent some time in Italy, where these markers are mandatory.  Late extra [3/2002]:  this car was bought by Brougham enthusiast and friend, Jerry Jansson of Sweden.  He drove all the way to Denmark to pick it up. He reports that the carpet is now loop pile and not mouton; also, what Jerry thought was the owner's manual, in the glove box, turns out to be the maintenance booklet.  Bad luck!

br6096e.jpg (10974 bytes)    eb60_96c.JPG (7554 bytes)

br6096d.jpg (9430 bytes)    br6096c.jpg (6900 bytes)

60eb96.jpg (11887 bytes)
Jerry's prized possession, already on show in Sweden


Car #97 was advertised as a parts car in Hemmings Motor News, January 1999.  However, I was contacted, in July 1999, by Chris Bernardi who claims to own the car (he had said previously that it was #98); Chris has also car #29 (above).  Although the car does need a lot of work and the interior is rough, Chris says that it is no "parts car".  It is currently black with a blue and green leather interior; production records indicate that it was white with white leather interior. The car is reported to have 68,000 original miles.  Like #29, it has a cracked windshield.  Good luck finding a replacement, Chris;  it may be cheaper to have a new one manufactured.  Chris may offer this car for sale if he finds an interested party. This car was owned in the late seventies by John Miller of Natick, NY. At that time John owned also 1957-58 Broughams #105, 199 and 305, as well as 1960 Broughams #22 and 75. Chris left this message in my Guest Book, March 28:  I own 1960 Eldorado Broughams #29 and #97 and like the page says they are for sale. I am asking $35,000 for the two of them together. They are in Massachusetts. Any one interested just send me and email. Thanks. Late Extra (10/2002): the cars were advertised for sale on e-Bay in October 2002.  Late Late Extra (2/2003): this car was advertised in Hemmings for $6,000; price is going down ! Latest extra (5/2005); the car has found a new home; it will be going to Sweden !  Conflicting information (?):   another source reports that this car was owned by Alphie Ouelette of MA who owned also 1960 EB#29.  The issue was cleared up in Dec., 2008, when Chris wrote to say that Alphie Ouelette was his grandfather and that they had sold the cars together to the Swedish collector.

br60-3.JPG (11657 bytes)
Car #97 is the white one [originally black] in the foreground


Car #99 was reported some years ago to be a parts car; apparently it is now in Melbourne, Australia, according to Brougham buff Dirk Van Dorst of Belgium. Shortly after I got this information from Dirk, I got in contact with Tim Stevens, a Cadillac enthusiast in Australia who is familiar with the car (as well as with 1957 Brougham #185, 1958 Brougham #551, 1959 Brougham #41 and 1960 Broughams #32 and #73, all owned by the same person). Originally painted "Kenya Beige" (code #148) it has been repainted white. The interior trim is the original (but severely deteriorated) beige broadcloth and leather (code #115); the original sheepskin carpets are missing (code #2). The odometer shows 24,609 miles. Body tags were removed from the car (ah-ha!) but are in the owner's possession. He was contacted by the vendor, some time after the sale, and offered the car's original owner's manual for $200; he bought it. Smart move: today, it's probably worth as much as the car!). The latter is on coil springs and, according to its owner, was running  ...10 years ago; it still has the original Tri-Power set up. There is evidence of some water leaks as well as animal damage (rats, possums ?). Tim says the car does not appear to have moved  from its present position in the shed and the front of it has deteriorated since his last visit, 2 years ago. Restorable? Potentially, yes ...but at what cost ???

60EB73B.JPG (6281 bytes)    60EB73E.JPG (4392 bytes)

60EB99A.JPG (5606 bytes)    60EB99B.JPG (6255 bytes)
Windscreen shows up paw marks of (possibly) playful possums!


Car #100 was known to have survived but its whereabouts have not been found. It is believed to reside somewhere in Ohio.


Other 1960 Broughams [some of which may actually be included above]

# ..... This pic  was provided kindly by Peter Ratcliff of Melbourne, Australia.  Can anyone identify the car?

brnbrg.JPG (6553 bytes)


# ..... I'm sure I have documented this one; I just can't remember the details.  help !

60ebBob.jpg (8483 bytes)


# ..... One of these was offered for sale in Cadillac Connoisseur, magazine of the Cadillac Club International of Palm Springs, CA, in 1983-84 (Vol. 23:3); price was $1500 (it needed restoration).  The number to call was (714) 686-4611.

# ..... I saw a 1960 Eldorado Brougham for sale in an old issue of Special Interest Autos (SIA), Vol. 1, #1 on p.3   The vendor was shown as Rippey's Veteran Car Museum, in Denver, CO.  The price [in the early seventies] was $2,250!  This could be one of the cars mentioned in the 1960 listing, above.

# ..... Cadillac Mailing List (CML) subscriber, Sal Darigo, mentioned in May 2003 that his mechanic had junked a '60 Eldo Brougham in the mid-to-late '60s because the windshield was cracked, the car wouldn't pass Pennsylvania inspection, and replacements were not to be had at the time (five down and 96 to go).

# ..... Among the photos in my collection is one that I took of a '60 Brougham wreck in Sandusky, OH, in 1994.  The car appeared to have been gutted by fire; in my opinion, it was beyond restoration - see photo below   [...six down, a possible 95 left!]

Br60srvx.jpg (7640 bytes)
This parts car (?) is located in Ohio


Trivia (1)

Users of the Database wonder why I have such a great interest in the Brougham yet never owned one.  Well, among my many faults, I am a procrastinator. I think too much ...instead of acting! I could weep just thinking of the number of GOOD to EXCELLENT 1959-60 Broughams I turned down in the seventies because I was sure I would find a better one, for less money, the following week/month/year.  Here are a few: $950 (1960 model, stripped and in primer, very restorable - Natick, MA [possibly car #51, because Bob Mannino lived in Natick at the time and he sold it to Fred Kanter]), $2000 (1959 car #43, yes! - with new upholstery, new transmission, new tires, located in Bellevue, WA), $2000 (1960 model - Haddonfield, NJ), $2500 (1959 - Houston, TX),  $2500 (1959 - Balboa, Canal Zone and, later, Franklin, VA).


Trivia (2)

On January 24, 2001, this message was received from enthusiast, Else Morgensen:

I only have a bunch of parts [1960 Brougham]. I don't have the serial number of the Pininfarina body at hand, but will dig it out and forward it later. Nor do I have a list of the parts (because it's a lot of little stuff, I can't quite identify.  When people inquire, I send them a photo of the stuff and we sort out what it may be. I can say, though, I have a center section of rear bumper, a windshield molding, a couple of the electric motor assemblies for the trunk, rear vent windows, side moldings, and more.


Trivia (3)

On January 12, 2010, I got this message from car buff, Tom Russ, who missed buying a 1960 Brougham, back in 1972.  It was green (a rare color for the Brougham) with a matching green interior, so it had to have been #31 (not a known survivor), #44 (crushed), #56 (not a known survivor) or  #89 (burned out hulk, scrapped in 2003):

I was living in Denver Colorado in the late 1960's and early 1970's and remember seeing and DRIVING a 1960 Eldorado Brougham from Art Rippie's Museum [anybody know it?]. It was a medium shade of green with matching leather interior. This was back in Dec 1972. He was having an auction and I also drove a 1938 Cadillac "16" Club Sedan. Both quite magnificent machines. I came close to buying the Eldorado, but in 1972, I could NOT quite afford it. I took the car over to Jack Kent Cadillac on Colorado Blvd. in Denver, and was the HIT of the service dept. Every mechanic in the dept. Stopped working and came to look at the car ...  I still wish I had bought the Brougham [I wish you had, Tom, it might have had a better chance of survival!]



The Brougham survivor figures all are from sources that are assumed to be reliable. They indicate that more than half of all Eldorado Brougham models built during the period from 1957 to 1960 have survived. 

How many other auto manufacturers in the world today may claim that half the number of cars of a given model they built more than 50 years ago are still on the road (or at least roadworthy) today?

I say, and I repeat: "Hurrah for the quality and reliability of Cadillac automobiles!"

eb60pent.jpg (11833 bytes)
This 1960 Brougham survivor  is believed to belong to Ed Pentesco, Canada
Notice the low rear, indicating a possible leak in the air suspension system

EB60THOM.JPG (9077 bytes)
This one reportedly belongs to Eric W. Thomas,
CLC member from Rowland Heights, CA
[ Photo: Internet site, thanks to "detective" Jerry Jansson ]


ºººººººº Survivor Statistics  ºººººººº


Number of Actual Known Survivors1
[ summary table ]











Total 1957-58









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Nota:  Even though 704 Eldorado Brougham engines and chassis were built in 1957 and 1958, there were only 703 bodies. One of them was used on  TWO cars and got TWO separate body tags - #2 in 1957 became #475 in 1958!

1 "Actual" totals [some downgraded to parts cars], revised January, 2009


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[ Background image: artists' views of the 1959 and 1960 Eldorado Brougham models, from the year's brochure ]