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Unless otherwise specified all photos and illustrations are from Yann Saunders'
collection of Cadillac photos, advertisements and product catalogs,
reproduced courtesy of the Cadillac Motor Car Division and the Cadillac-LaSalle Club


These are the years during which the new, Cadillac V-63 (or Type 63) was made and marketed. Vibrations were further reduced by the use of a new inherently-balanced, two-plane crankshaft.  Introduced in September 1923, they resembled the Type 61 of 1923 but the hood was slightly longer and an inch taller. "Cabriolet" roofs (leather-covered) increased in popularity, as did imitation landau irons to give the effect of  a landau or convertible to a closed car. Windshield posts were narrower, giving an overall lighter look to closed bodies.  Headlights were drum-shaped rather than bell-shaped; they were black-enameled but could be order with nickel-plating, as could the radiator shell and hub caps.  In 1925 nickel-plating became standard; the external sun visor got small, triangular, side pieces.  All models were mounted on a single chassis type of 132-inch wheel base A new 5 passenger limousine was offered and a  roomy sedan for seven passenger joined the line in mid-year 1924; in 1925 the Cadillac "Coach" made its appearance; this was a coupe for five passengers.  This was also the first year for four wheel brakes.  

In October, 1924, Cadillac brought in the "Custom" line. Five body styles were illustrated in the product catalog although there were eight in total.

The distinguishing feature of the 1924-25 Cadillac models were the new, drum-shaped headlights with the "shield" outline around the glass and a small Cadillac crest at the top.  The "Custom" line was identified by a double belt molding, a slightly raked "A" pillar (windshield post) and a "scrolled" radiator shell; the latter feature became standard throughout the entire line in January 1925.


24hlght.jpg (3233 bytes)    25cusrad.jpg (3852 bytes)
Easy ID for 1924-25 Cadillacs are these drum-shaped
headlights with a "shield" design around the glass and a

small Cadillac crest, top center. The new, "Custom" line (right)
got nickel-plated headlights and a scrolled radiator

24frt.jpg (13508 bytes)    24gril.jpg (12864 bytes)
The Cadillac script nameplate on this
"Standard Line" survivor is from a sixties model

25gril.jpg (6153 bytes)    25tail.jpg (5535 bytes)
Front and rear clips of  the "Custom" line, from a period brochure

25FRTCLP.JPG (6727 bytes)    25FRTCL2.JPG (8371 bytes)
Front clip of a fine restored "Custom" model



This is the year that Cadillac bought over Fleetwood Metal Body Co, of Fleetwood, PA

Additional information on the 1924 models and the related sales literature may be found  in The (New) Cadillac Database© sections entitled "Descriptions and Specifications of Cadillac Cars 1922- 1931", "Cadillac and La Salle Sales Literature 1920 - 1924" as well as "Cadillac and La Salle Sales Literature 1925 - 1929", and "Cadillac Dream Cars 1920 - 1924" as well as "Cadillac Dream Cars 1925 - 1927".

Further recommended reading includes:

The "Standard Catalog of Cadillac, 1903-2000" edited by James T. Lenzke, © 2000, published by Krause Publications, Inc., 700 E. State Street, Iola, WI 54990 [ISBN #0-87341-925-1, Library of Congress #91-61301].


The Standard Line
(1924 and 1925)

The "Custom" Line
(1925 only)

[models are listed, below, in ascending order of their initial cost]


24rdst.jpg (7875 bytes)    25rdst.jpg (8905 bytes)
In 1924 the rumble-seat roadster (left) cost the same as the touring car, i.e. $3,085;
in 1925 (right) it went up to $3185 and got style #1151




24phae.jpg (7649 bytes)   
Very similar in appearance to the 7-passenger touring car, the
1924 phaeton was equally priced at $3,085;
in 1925 (below), it went up to $3,185 and got style #1150

25CusPha.jpg (8611 bytes)

24pha.jpg (12331 bytes)    25dcpha.jpg (6714 bytes)    24pha2.jpg (16850 bytes)




24trg7.jpg (6779 bytes)    24trga.jpg (7633 bytes)

24trgin.jpg (7558 bytes)    24dash.jpg (6386 bytes)
In 1924, the large touring car for seven passengers (above) was priced at $3,085;
in 1925, this model was given style #1149 (below) and the price went up by $100

25trg7.jpg (6802 bytes)    25trg7c.jpg (8358 bytes)

24PIKES.JPG (10347 bytes)
This photo was taken at Glen Cove, Pikes Peak, CO, on June 30, 1930
[ Photo: Internet, March, 2003 ]

24gllidden.jpg (6024 bytes)
1924 Cadillac on Glidden Tour in 1953
[owner: J.W. MacFarlane]

24trgsv.jpg (10824 bytes)

25trg7b.jpg (7596 bytes)    25trgsrv.jpg (9717 bytes)
Two fine survivors are shown in the preceding two rows




25sed5.jpg (8630 bytes)
The standard line got this new model, the Cadillac "Coach", in 1925;
the style number was #6010 and it cost $3,185; similar in outward appearance to the Victoria,
this car had larger rear quarter windows and a full-width rear seat accommodating
three passengers; this is Cadillac's first, true coupe for five passengers,
one of the most popular of all Cadillac styles, pre- and post-WW2

24side.jpg (18800 bytes)
A survivor



25vic.jpg (8400 bytes)    24vicpho.jpg (5868 bytes)
In 1924, the Victoria for four passengers, style #5490, cost $3,275;
in 1925, this model got style #5690 and the cost went up to $$3,485

24cpe5.jpg (10226 bytes)    24cpe5c.jpg (8355 bytes)
Two survivors from 1924 (above) and one from 1925 (below); front and rear bumpers were not yet
standard equipment in 1924-25; these were available from various accessory houses

24vicrr.jpg (14678 bytes)    24vicfrt.jpg (12786 bytes)

24sed5sv.jpg (8142 bytes)




24sed7.jpg (7503 bytes)    25sed7.jpg (7073 bytes)
In 1924, the roomy sedan for seven passengers, style #5470, cost $3,585;
it resembled the "Suburban" model in external appearance but the latter had a longer rear quarter window;
in 1925, the style number changed to #5680 and the price increased to $3,885

25Sdn.jpg (7102 bytes)
This period photo shows a couple with
their "Standard" line sedan for 7 passengers




24cpe2.jpg (9905 bytes)    25cpe2.jpg (8398 bytes)
In 1924, the coupe for two passengers, style #5380, cost $3875;
in 1925, this became a part of the "Custom" line,  style number #5710, and cost $3975

24CPE2PA.JPG (8238 bytes)
Artist's view of the "Custom" coupe, from a period ad




25StdBrg.jpg (7884 bytes)
The "Standard line"  Brougham
from a period brochure




24cpe5b.jpg (7856 bytes)
In 1924, the coupe for five passengers, style #5280, cost $3,950;
in 1925 this model joined the "Custom" line; the style number was #5740 and it cost $4,350

25cp5.jpg (9411 bytes)
This 1925 survivor illustrates perfectly the special feature of
the new "Custom" line, being the second belt molding




24land4.jpg (7981 bytes)    25landlt.jpg (8552 bytes)
New for 1924 was the "Landau", a formal coupe for five passengers
with enclosed rear quarters; it carried style #5290 and cost $4,150;
in 1925,  the style number changed to #5700 and the car acquired a stylish,
oval rear quarter window; nonetheless,  the price went down to $3,835




24sed5c.jpg (7392 bytes)    V63Sdn.jpg (6206 bytes)
In 1924, the sedan for five passengers, style #5270, cost $4,150
in 1925 (below), this became style #6150 and the price was reduced to $3,835

a "Custom" model, style #5750, right,  was added to the line; it cost $4,550

25csed5.jpg (7613 bytes)    25_5pSd.jpg (8265 bytes)

25Cus5pSd.jpg (8475 bytes)
The "Custom" line sedan for 5 passengers



24subfa2.jpg (8053 bytes)

24suba.jpg (10109 bytes)    24subb.jpg (8846 bytes)
In 1924, the suburban for seven passengers , style #5260, cost $4,250
[two survivors are shown immediately above];
in 1925, it got style #5730 and the cost increased to $4,950

25subfac.jpg (6420 bytes)    25csub2.jpg (7735 bytes)
In 1925, a new limousine version [with division], style #5730,
below, joined the "Custom" line; it cost $4,950

25csub.jpg (6091 bytes)    25csubsv.jpg (7563 bytes)
Two "Custom" line urvivors are shown, above




24sed5c.jpg (7392 bytes)    v63AImpSdn.jpg (5871 bytes)
With division glass, in 1924 the imperial sedan (imousine) for five passengers, style #5460, cost $4,400;
in 1925, it joined the new, "Custom" line [style number and cost unknown]




24lim7.jpg (8341 bytes)    25cimp7.jpg (10956 bytes)
In 1924, the semi-open-front limousine for seven passengers, style #5300, cost $4,600;
in 1925, it became style #6030 and the cost decreased to $4,010
A second "Custom" edition, style #5760, right, was added in 1925 [cost unknown]




24tnbrg.jpg (7668 bytes)
In 1924, the town brougham for seven passengers, style #5370, cost $4,600;
in 1925, it joined the "Custom" line as style #5770 (cost unknown)




25cigca2.jpg (2613 bytes)    25cigca2a.jpg (3331 bytes)
This interesting artifact, a metal cigar case with engraved Cadillac
crest and slogan, was rec overed from a surviving  1925 limousine



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