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(1a) Catalog, A Preliminary Showing of Cadillac Custom Built and Standard Bodies on the V-63 Chassis (ZTV coll.)


(1b) Catalog , 18x22cms, 24 pp. [pf], cover shows craftsman in oval medallion within square design, title "Cadillac" with additional statement "being some observations on the less obvious factors which contribute to Cadillac excellence, and which reveal a close analogy to the principles involved in producing other works of high and lasting merit". Mainly pen-and-ink drawings, Damascus market (p.6), Cadillac frame builders (p.8), receiving room (p.10), birth of aluminum crankcase (p.11), modern tempering methods (p.12), working with daylight (p.14), testing tensile strength (p.17), dial gauges (p.19), testing chassis (p.20), glass-covered loading dock (p.21), individual transport (p.23).

li25a.jpg (3959 bytes)


(2a) Portfolio of eleven different body styles for the 1925 Cadillac; each photo plate is 6x8",  The open folder measures circa 18x12"; it has a single fold. The photo plates are double-sided, having a picture of a Cadillac model on one side and a description and view of interior/styling on the other side; the piece covers models on both the 132" and 138" w.b.; illustrations are of (1) standard 7-pass sedan, (2) 5-pass sedan, (3) 2-pass coupe, (4) 4-pass Victoria, (5) 5-pass brougham, plus (6) Custom 7-pass touring, (7) 4-pass phaeton, (8) imperial suburban, (9) 5-pass sedan, (10) 5-pass coupe, (11) 2-pass roadster.  Very nice item!

li25prtf.jpg (3930 bytes)

li25prt2.jpg (5862 bytes)    li25prt3.jpg (3404 bytes)
This particular piece was sold on eBay in December, 2003;
it came with a business card from the Don Lee shops in Hollywood


(2b) French portfolio (ZTV collection)


(2c) Dutch portfolio (ZTV collection)

    Li25V63DutchB.jpg (7142 bytes)



(3a)  Booklet, The Story of Cadillac Construction, 32pp. 5x8", incl. covers, part-colored medallion in ornate frame on cover, logo in circle on rear cover, Cadillac Standard of the World. Covers the Type V-63, giving very detailed information on the construction of the car.

(3b)  Booklet, Details of Construction

li25con1.jpg (3686 bytes)     li25con2.jpg (5813 bytes)


(4) Booklet Genuine Simplicity {***}

(5)  Owner/operator manual

Li25om.jpg (2664 bytes)



(5)  Shop manual

li25shop.jpg (7001 bytes)    li25shop2.jpg (5253 bytes)


(6)  Small booklet of testimonials, entitled The Revelation of a Ride. Among those testimonials is one from famed actress, Miss Ethel Barrymore [born Ethel Mae Blythe], star of the silver screen and sister of actors John and Lionel Barrymore.  She writes: I am very glad to be able to say that the Cadillac car has proved most satisfactory and it has been a real pleasure to own one. The dignity of its design, its easy riding quality and  its roomy, comfortable interior are all qualities which should attract considerable attention." Unfortunately, we do not know what model had Miss Barrymore's preference.  I would surmise that it was a chauffeur-driven car (a limousine or imperial limousine).

(7)  Parts price list for this and two previous years

li2125A.jpg (2872 bytes)





(1) Advance Information Catalog for Model 314,  6 x 9 inches, 38 pp. plus the covers. Shows year's mechanical changes, camshaft, valves, crankshaft, manifolds, electric system, engine lubrication, clutch, transmission, brakes, headlamps, notes on Cadillac bodies, facts about closed bodies.  Models shown include (1) Standard Five-Passenger Brougham, Standard (2) Two-Passenger Coupe, (3) Standard Four-Passenger Victoria, (4) Standard Five-Passenger Sedan, (5) Standard Seven-Passenger Sedan, (6) Standard Seven-Passenger Imperial, (7) Custom Roadster, (8) Custom Seven-Passenger Touring, (9) Custom Phaeton, (10) Custom Five-Passenger Coupe, (11) Custom Five-Passenger Sedan, (12) Custom Seven-Passenger Suburban, (13) Custom Seven-Passenger Imperial. Prices are shown, as is the equipment used on the open and closed models.

(2) Full-line brown-tone catalog/portfolio (???), (reproduction copy), {original in Keyaerts collection ***}, 11.5x9.25" (30x24cms), 13pp. + 11 cards (folders) and two additional; sheets with explanations about "Custom" bodies; ornate brown cover with gold-filled border design and colored emblem in center, above title Cadillac Motor Cars, symbol "90" in ornate frame below title (p.1). RH view of chassis and engine (p.2), miscellaneous views (p.5), miscellaneous technical views (of crankshaft, adjustment-free hand brake, transmission, rear springs, tail-lamp, sectional view of motor, full-floating rear axle) (p.8), RH view of engine (p.10), driver's compartment (p.11), fire-wall with oil filter (p.12), radiator with shutters (p.13), specifications (p.14); lightweight page-sized cardstock has a description of each model and 2 pics as follows: (1) standard 2-passenger coupe (p.15), front compartment of coupe (p.16), (2) 5-passenger sedan (p.16), front and rear compartments (p.17), (3) 7-passenger sedan (p.18), rear compartment (p.19), (4) 4-passenger Victoria (p. 19), interior compartment (p.20), (5) 5-passenger Brougham (p.21), interior and rear view (p.22), (6) custom 5-passenger sedan (p.25), rear interior (p.26), (7) custom 7-passenger touring (p.27), interior front (p.28), (8) custom 5-passenger coupe (p.29), interior (p.30), (9) custom 2-passenger roadster (p.31), rumble seat (p.32), (10) custom 4-passenger phaeton (p.33), rear interior (p.34), (11) custom imperial Suburban (p.35), front and rear interior (p.36). The catalog is undated.

li26cat1.jpg (10780 bytes)    li26cat2.jpg (6554 bytes)    li26cat3.jpg (10418 bytes)     li26cat4.jpg (4355 bytes)
[ Photos:  Internet, May 2006 ]


(2a) Similar to above but in Spanish, for the markets in Latin America;

LI26URUG.JPG (3184 bytes)    LI26URU2.JPG (2739 bytes)

LI26URU3.JPG (2348 bytes)
Front cover emblem (enlarged)


(3)  Model 314 Sales Catalog, 6 x 9 inches,   32 pp. plus covers, beige-gray cover with title Ever Consistent. Photos of models include (1) Custom Seven-Passenger Touring, (2) Custom Four-Passenger Phaeton, (3) custom Two-Passenger Roadster, (4) Standard Five-Passenger Brougham, (5) Standard Five-Passenger Sedan, (6) Standard Seven-Passenger Sedan, Standard Two-Passenger Coupe, (7) Standard Four-Passenger Victoria, (8) Custom Five-Passenger Sedan, (9) Custom Five-Passenger Coupe, (10) Custom Seven-Passenger Suburban, (11) Custom Seven-Passenger Imperial Suburban. Introductory text reads: A Booklet Showing How In Coachcraft and Mechanism The New Cadillac Preserves Fidelity To Cadillac Traditions. Lists features of each body style; three pages of Condensed Specifications. 

li26c.jpg (4909 bytes)    li26b.jpg (5332 bytes)

li26d.jpg (13229 bytes)


(4) As above but in Dutch, 24 pp. plus stiff covers, 6x10", (15x25.5cms), green tone photos (GM Continental catalog) {***}.

(5) Late-year catalogue (???), (part reproduction copy), 21x30cms, front cover features Cadillac craftsman in oval shield with combined crest, below; title The Cadillac Craftsman (additionally marked "Silver Anniversary Number", [i.e 1927]), [pp.1-7, 10-31 missing - can someone supply photocopies ???], Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac receiving grant from King Louis XIV to found city of Detroit (p.8), explanations on Cadillac crest (p.9) [first published as small information booklet in 1919], Cadillac Model "A", Model "B", Model "D" and Model "F" touring car (p.32), Model "G" touring car, 1909 Model "30" roadster, 1910 Model "30" touring car and 1911 Model "30" touring car (p.33), 1912 Model "30" Berlin limousine, 1915 [erroneously shown as 1914 model], Type "51" 7-passenger touring car, 1916 Type "53" touring car, 1916 Type "55" town car and 1917 Type "57" touring car (p.34), 1920 Type "61" 5-passenger coupe, 1921 Type "61" touring car and 1923 Type "V-63" custom imperial Suburban (p.35), 1926-27 7-passenger sedan, imperial and 5-passenger sedan (p.36), 1926-27 roadster, phaeton and custom leather-backed imperial (p.37).

(6) Cadillac 1926 small color mailer catalog, Greater than ever in Public Demand, 5x8", 6 pages, buff cover

li26.jpg (2368 bytes)    li26a.jpg (5274 bytes)   


(7) Folder, "The Triumph of a Principle"

Li26TrPrncp.jpg (76068 bytes)



(7) Folder, "The Things to Look for in Fine Motoring" (seen ZTV collection)


(8) Four-page folder on Cadillac Armored Cars, addressed to financial, industrial and commercial institutions.  Published by the Cadillac Motor Car Company, it illustrates a Cadillac-built (?), 6500 lbs,  specially armored car for transporting valuables {* ZTV collection}.





(1) [undated] B&W catalog, ornate front cover with colored crest in circle on ornate diamond shape; 26pp, circa 30x22cms [photocopy size] "Cadillac again has justified its position of leadership..."; illustrated are the "Custom" line including (1) the roadster (p.6), (2) touring car (p.7), (3) phaeton (p.8), (4) sport phaeton (p.9), (5) 2-passenger convertible coupe [erroneously shown as the 2-passenger coupe] (p.10), the standard line including (6) the 2-passenger sport coupe (p.11), (7) 5-passenger Brougham (p.12), (8) 5-passenger Victoria (p.13), (9) 5-passenger sedan (p.14), (10) 5-passenger sport sedan (p.15), (11) 7-passenger sedan (p.16), (12) 7-passenger imperial (p.17), (13) 2-passenger coupe [erroneously shown as the 2-passenger convertible coupe] (p.18), additional "Customs" and "Special Customs" including the (14) 5-passenger custom coupe (p.19), (15) 5-passenger custom sedan (p.20), (16) 7-passenger custom suburban (p.21), (17) 7-passenger custom imperial (p.22), (18) 5-passenger custom cabriolet coupe (p.23), (19) 5-passenger custom cabriolet sedan (p.24), (20) 7-passenger custom cabriolet imperial (p.25) {*}.

    Li27d3.jpg.jpg (32528 bytes)


(1a) Catalog Cadillac's Newest Achievement  

li27c.jpg (6260 bytes)     li27a1.JPG (3248 bytes)     li27b.jpg (4568 bytes)


(1b) (ZTV coll.) Brochure Individuality in the Fine Car

27CusCvCp2.jpg (83223 bytes)      27CusRds.jpg (81914 bytes)

27CusCabSdn5.jpg (87922 bytes)      27FltTC5.jpg (39073 bytes)
These beautiful illustrations are included also in the previous catalog, Cadillac's Newest Achievement
as also in the prestige color catalog, below, which includes many others too


(2) Prestige color catalog with beautiful vignettes by Wallace Morgan, colored crest in circle on cover, 46pp, circa 30x22cms [photocopy size], "Cadillac Motor Cars a catalog presenting in pictures...", 6 pages of text, standard line including (1) 2-passenger coupe ($3100), (2) 2-passenger sport coupe ($3500), (3) 5-passenger Brougham ($2995), (4) 5-passenger Victoria ($3195), (6) 5-passenger sedan ($3250), (7) 5-passenger sport sedan ($3650), (8) 7-passenger sedan ($3350), (9) 7-passenger imperial ($3535); the "Custom" interior, the "Custom" line including (10) the roadster ($3350), (11) touring car ($3450), (12) phaeton ($3450), (13) sport phaeton ($3975), (14) convertible coupe ($3450), (15) 5-passenger custom coupe ($3855), (16) 5-passenger custom cabriolet coupe ($3855), (17) 5-passenger custom sedan ($3955), (18) 5-passenger custom cabriolet sedan ($3955), (19) 7-passenger custom suburban ($4125), (20) 7-passenger custom imperial ($4350), (21) 7-passenger custom cabriolet imperial ($4350); Fleetwood custom interior, Fleetwood custom bodies including (22) 2-passenger coupe, (23) 5-passenger imperial cabriolet, (24) 5-passenger cabriolet sedan (town car), (25) 7-passenger imperial cabriolet, (26) 7-passenger imperial, (27) 5-passenger town cabriolet (town car), (28) 5-passenger limousine Brougham (town car), (29) 5-passenger town Brougham (town car); motor and condensed specifications {*}.

li27cus.jpg (15360 bytes)    li27b.jpg (5196 bytes)
Left:  catalog cover; right: sample illustration [resized]


(2a) This item was mentioned to me first in November, 1996 by a Graeme and Margo Hendy, from Australia, who had one of them. Graeme was restoring at the time a 1927 Cadillac touring car. He said this was a large item (circa 18x24") and so-called Colour Combination Book, all hand painted with parchment paper and pictures of all the models. It has buildings painted lightly in the background. In September, 2004 I acquired in England, on behalf of literature collector Z. Taylor Vinson, an item very similar to this one; it appears to have been produced by the Cadillac Motor Company. It measures more than  22x16" with 32 pages plus inner fly-leaves, front and rear. Fourteen color plates are pasted in [although the item I found was missing two pages (17-18)], each one measuring 16x11"; these are protected from the facing page by a loose cellophane separator. The covers are heavy card stock with a leathery look. The inner covers and facing pages (front and rear) create a "wallpaper" effect of Cadillac crests separated by an ornate scroll between them. The images are pasted on the RH pages (odd-numbered); each one is artistically framed, with a Cadillac crest in the center of the upper frame. All LH pages have a similar ornate frame but there are no images nor any text pasted inside the frame outline (the LH pages  probably were intended to receive some text describing the color and trim of the model illustrated on the facing page. There is no indication that anything was ever removed or unpasted from the LH pages. Pages 1-4 are blank, except for the ornate frame and crest. In this copy, there is not a single piece of text other than the page numbers (printed bottom, center) and the words "Printed in USA" in tiny letters on the reverse of p.31. There is not a great variety of models; there are THREE phaetons and THREE roadsters, each one painted a different color scheme.  Each image has a pale, cream-colored background with fine line drawings of typical European buildings and landmarks. This beautiful piece looks like some kind of high-class catalog that was in the process of being created, but then the project appears to have been abandoned before completion. It may have been a special order for London's Cadillac dealership, Lendrum and Hartmann. None of the illustrations carry a legend or identification. The model names I have added are from the preceding 1927 catalog (#2, above). Late Extra: Mystery solved, thanks to Australian CLC members Graeme and Margo Hendy whom I was fortunate to meet in Melbourne, in March 2005.  Graeme has TWO copies of this rare book.  He kindly allowed me to photograph the pages in his catalog that appear "blank" in Mr. Vinson's copy. On the title page (p.1) is stated:  The color combinations shown in this book are available from August 1, 1926 to July 31, 1927.  Page 2   is reproduced below and aptly summarizes the contents of the book. Page 3 lists the models illustrated.  Even pages 4 through 30 illustrate the basic models for 1927 [[missing page 17 in Mr. Vinson's book shows the Custom Export 7-passenger Touring in color combination #7 and missing page 18 describes color combination #8]].

27cvr1.jpg (3347 bytes)    27catmed.jpg (4770 bytes)    27catcv1.jpg (9755 bytes)

27catcv2.jpg (6627 bytes)
Details of the huge cover with crest emblem and lettering in black, red and gold

27cad01a.jpg (8836 bytes)   27cad03a.jpg (8661 bytes)
Left (pp. 4-5):  the Custom 7-passenger Imperial Suburban [ unidentified background ]
Right (pp. 6-7):  the Standard 7-passenger Imperial Suburban  [ background is Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament ]

   27cad02a.jpg (8801 bytes)   27cad05a.jpg (9021 bytes)
Left (pp. 8-9):  the Standard 5-passenger sedan [ background:  Madrid, the Cybele Fountain ]
Right (pp. 10-11): The Standard 7-passenger sedan [unidentified background]

27cad06a.jpg (8409 bytes)   27cad07a.jpg (7642 bytes)
Left (pp. 12-13):  The Standard 2-passenger coupe [ background:   Brandenburg Gate, Berlin ]
Right (pp. 14-15): The Standard  5-passenger coupe [ background:  Vienna, Museum of Fine Arts ]

27cad08a.jpg (9300 bytes) 
Left (pp. 16-19):  The Custom Export 7-passenger Touring [ first background:  Theater Royal, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK ]
(pp. 18-19 are missing in Mr. Vinson's copy - it features the same model but different color combination]

27cad09a.jpg (8846 bytes)    27cad10a.jpg (9566 bytes)
(pp. 20-23):  The Custom 4-passenger Phaeton : the phaeton [left  background:  St. Peter's in Rome ]
[right  background unidentified):  possibly  Sao Luiz Theater, Lisbon ]

   27cad11a.jpg (8732 bytes)
(pp. 24-25):  again The Custom 4-passenger Phaeton : [background unidentified ]

27cad12a.jpg (8379 bytes)    27cad13a.jpg (8491 bytes)
(pp. 26-29: The Custom 2-passenger Roadster [ Background left: the Blue Mosque, Istanbul ]
[ Background right: unidentified ]

27cad14a.jpg (8194 bytes)
(pp. 30-31): again he Custom 2-passenger Roadster [ background unidentified ]


(2b) Non Color dealer photo album, simulated leather embossed cover, 12x 8”, 45 pp., showing thirty models (8 "standard",   12 "custom" jobs, 10 special Fleetwood creations and  one custom job with a body  by Brunn of New York). Models photographed include the Brunn Town Cabriolet, Custom 2 Passenger Convertible Coupe, Custom 2 Passenger Roadster, Custom 4 Passenger Phaeton, Custom 4 Passenger Sport Phaeton. Custom 5 Passenger Coupe, Custom 5 Passenger Coupe Cabriolet, Custom 5 Passenger Sedan, Custom 5 Passenger Sedan Cabriolet, Custom 7 Passenger Imperial, Custom 7 Passenger Touring Car, Custom Imperial Cabriolet, Custom Suburban, Fleetwood 2 Passenger Coupe with Rumble seat, Fleetwood 5 Passenger Imperial Cabriolet, Fleetwood 5 Passenger Sedan Cabriolet, Fleetwood 7 Passenger Imperial, Fleetwood 7 Passenger Imperial Cabriolet, Fleetwood Collapsible 2 Passenger Coupe, Fleetwood Collapsible Town Cabriolet, Fleetwood Limousine Brougham, Fleetwood Town Cabriolet with Opera Seats, Fleetwood Town Cabriolet with Seats Forward, Standard 2 Passenger Coupe, Standard 2 Passenger Sport Coupe, Standard 5 Passenger Sedan, Standard 5 Passenger Sport Sedan, Standard 5 Passenger Victoria Coupe, Standard 7 Passenger Sedan, Standard Brougham. Standard Imperial. Many of these body style names may seem confusing to the neophyte. In that case, skip to the "Photo" section of the Datbase to see what they actually look like.

     26brntc.jpg (6205 bytes)
I believe this is the custom job by Brunn;
it  cost $4800 at the time


(3) [excerpts from British product catalogue reproduced in SAB book, p.46]

(4) UK (???) product catalog or photo album (???), part (or all ???) reproduced in SAB book, p.45] {***}, including (1) Drop-Head coupe (e.g. roadster), (2) sport Salon (e.g. sedan), (3) tourer (e.g. touring car) and (4) standard limousine.

(5) GM piece, A car for Every Purpose, illustrating the five GM makes, including the Cadillac

li27gm.jpg (3061 bytes)    li27gm2.jpg (6374 bytes)


(6) Booklet,  Joint Heir to High Repute... , 8x5", 12 pp., no cars illustrated

(7) Booklet, Ever the Pioneer, 5x7", 10pp, two tone yellow and black, mentions milestones in Cadillac's (then) 25-year history

( images ZTV )



(8) Booklet, Left Almost Alone in its Own Field,


(9) Booklet, The Finest Money Can Buy...





Dutch literature item seen in ZTV collection, 9/94 on 1926-27 models, 24pp. hard covers, buff colored with wine-colored inscription {***}.


La Salle

(1)  This one is believed to be listed in Tuthill as 27-2. The art work is superb and depicts various scenes from Europe; size is 11 x 9 inches (30x24cm), 28pp. incl. brownish/orange , stiff card covers.

Lils27c.jpg (3070 bytes)

Li27lsb.jpg (4950 bytes)    Li27lsf.jpg (5033 bytes)

Li27lse.jpg (5951 bytes)    Li27lsc.jpg (5000 bytes)    Li27lsd.jpg (6479 bytes)
Above two rows:  some sample pages from the finest of the 1927 La Salle catalogs; the caption of the center illustration
reads Pour Londres [i.e.  (bound) for London]; in another issue of this catalog, the caption reads:  Vers Londres


(1a)  As above but published in German.  Under each illustrated body style is a short description comprising 3-5 lines of text.  Oddly enough, the English-language version, above, includes concise statements in French.

li27Germ0.jpg (31189 bytes)    li27Germ2.jpg (41811 bytes)

li27Germ1.jpg (46790 bytes)    li27Germ5.jpg (50475 bytes)

 li27Germ3.jpg (55764 bytes)     li27Germ6.jpg (49484 bytes)


(2) As above but heavy tan suede-like cover, blue binding, glued-on art rendering of native awaiting explorer La Salle's boat (seen on the horizon). Again, 6 beautiful full page color plates by Edw. A. Wilson, show   4-pass. phaeton, convertible coupe with rumble seat, coupe, roadster, town sedan and Victoria, all in European settings. Nine additional art renderings show scenes from the La Salle's history.

lils27.jpg (4718 bytes)    lils27a.JPG (9017 bytes)
On the right, a close up of the central, rectangular medallion


(3) [no details] Possibly ZTV item, 10x12", 16 pp. 2-tone catalog

lils27b.jpg (3664 bytes)    Lils27b1.jpg (4909 bytes)
The banner beneath the crest reads
Robert Cavelier de la Salle


(6)  1927 La Salle Companion Car, 7x10", 28 pp.

(7)  1927 La Salle owner's manual

li27LaSOM.jpg (4573 bytes)



(8) Booklet, LaSalle - Details of Construction, 6x9", 44 pp.

(9) Booket, LaSalle History, 24 pp.






(1) [I consider this to be one of the finest Cadillac-LaSalle product catalogue ever produced] large, color catalog, 25x32cms, 44 pp. [pf], ornate cover design, title Colour Creations from Nature's Studios, Fisher coach in colored sunburst design (p.3), bird of paradise (p.6), (1) matching red Fleetwood 5-passenger imperial with tan interior (p.7), midnight blue Arabian desert scene (p.8), (2) matching Fleetwood transformable town cabriolet with dark blue interior (p.9), angel fish (p.10), (3) matching beige La Salle town cabriolet by Fleetwood with beige interior (p.11), Morpho Menelaus butterfly [dark blue] (p.12), (4) matching Fisher 7-passenger imperial with light beige interior (p.13), emerald (p.14), (5) matching emerald-green Fisher 4-passenger sport phaeton (p.15), curite (p.16), (6) matching beige and orange La Salle roadster by Fisher (p17), forest green (p.18), (7) matching Fleetwood transformable town cabriolet with light gray interior (p.19), the Grand Canyon (p.20), (8) matching orange and tan Fisher convertible coupe (p.21), rose coral (p.22), (9) matching La Salle transformable town cabriolet by Fleetwood (p.23), Italian waters (p.24), (10) matching turquoise Fleetwood transformable Brougham with light beige interior (p.25), orchid (p.26), (11) matching 2-tone lilac La Salle town sedan by Fisher with light tan interior (p.27), Autumn (p.28), (12) matching tan & dark maroon Fleetwood 7-passenger Imperial cabriolet with tan interior (p.29), rear cover features Fisher coach; printed 1927 by Evans-Winter-Hebb, Detroit.

li28a.jpg (6517 bytes)


(1a) Unidentified color catalog seen in ZTV collection [I will to try to get details from him]:

li28e.jpg (6134 bytes)


(2) Large, art-deco color catalog (I have a reproduction copy), 26x39cms [SAB says 25x36cms, Tuthill 10x14"]l; it came in a gray, felt-like portfolio cover with a red ribbon, right, and "Cadillac" in block letters, left, on a blue band; 36 pp. including fly leaves and stiff covers [pf], brownish front cover has full-page art-deco Cadillac crest, title "The New Cadillac", [color reproduction in SAB book pp.48-49], double pages have interior details on LH page and art-deco drawing of 12 bodies shown against a backdrop of art-deco arches, colonnades and buildings in pastel hues of orange, green, brown, blue, etc. on RH page (1) 7-passenger sedan (pp.6-7), (2) 5-passenger coupe (pp.8-9), (3) roadster (pp.10-11), (4) town sedan (pp.12-13), (5) 7-passenger touring car (pp.14-15), (6) sport phaeton (pp.16-17), (7) convertible coupe (pp.18-19), (8) Fleetwood transformable town cabriolet (pp.20-21), (9) 5-passenger coupe, (10) 4-passenger sport phaeton and (11) 5-passenger imperial sedan (p.22), (12) 2-passenger coupe, (13) 7-passenger touring car and (14) 7-passenger imperial sedan (p.23), (15) roadster, (16) town sedan and (17) 5-passenger sedan (p.24), (18) 2-passenger convertible coupe, (19) 4-passenger phaeton and (20) 7-passenger sedan (p.25), printed 1927 by Evans-Winter-Hebb, Detroit [some of these art-deco drawings were used by Cadillac for their 1928 advertising themes].

li28crst.jpg (6457 bytes)    li28crs2.jpg (10378 bytes)


(2a) Small, B&W, all-model catalog, Cadillac plus crest on cover, on full-page, pastel colored crest. Measures circa 10x8", 32 pp.; includes illustrations of (1) 2p. roadster, (2) 7p. touring, (3) 4p. phaeton, (4) 4p. sport phaeton, (5) 2p. coupe, (6) 2p. convertible coupe, (7) 5p. coupe, (8) 5p. sedan, (9) 5p. town sedan, (10) 7p. sedan, (11) 5p. imperial, (12) 7p. imperial and (13) the town car. Fourteen Fisher and twelve Fleetwood styles are listed on page 16. Special thanks to Kjell Kraakmo from Norway for sharing this interesting e-Bay find with users of the Cadillac Database.

li28a.jpg (4461 bytes)    li28smal.jpg (5755 bytes)
Envelope cover (left); catalog cover (right)

    li28sma2.jpg (4286 bytes)    LI29SML2.JPG (8393 bytes)


(3) Semi-colored catalog, 20x28cms (8x11"), 36pp. [pf] including liners and covers, The New Cadillacs, colored crest design in white plaque on cover; 13 models [seen ZTV collection 1982] {***}.

(4) Part color catalogue entitled Cadillac Motor Cars in white and pink rectangle on green part of emblem on cover, 8x11", 36 pp. plus covers, 14 models shown on white pages with green border {*** Tuthill list}.

li28d.jpg (9767 bytes)


(5) Cadillac-LaSalle color portfolio entitled Fleetwood Creations; gold and black cover features mythical animals [unicorns] and tree, 7x13" (19x33cms), 8pp. plus 16 plates [water colors] of 16 models {*** Tuthill list}.

lit28b2.JPG (7497 bytes)    lit28c.JPG (3354 bytes)    lit28b3.JPG (7911 bytes)


(6) Booklet, approximately 6x9" (15x24cms), 52pp. [pf], title The New Cadillac (details of construction) [seen ZTV collection 1982] {***}.

LI28DETL.JPG (4820 bytes)    LI28DET2.JPG (2849 bytes)    LI28DET3.JPG (6911 bytes)    


(7) Color folder entitled Beauty its Essence, with painting in gold frame on cover, 8x11" (22x28cms), opening to twice cover size; has painting of blue sedan {*** Tuthill list}.

(8) Small, 3-tone cream/red/brown folder, 14x16cms folded, 41x16cms unfolded (original envelope) entitled Of the True Peerage of Merit, shown are (1) 7-passenger imperial sedan and (2) 2-passenger convertible coupe.

li28c.jpg (4296 bytes)


(9) Large, color catalog/portfolio, (reproduction copy), 26x39cms, 24 pp. including fly leaves and stiff covers [pf], highly ornate red, blue and gold cover with Cadillac and LaSalle crests in the center, on gold background (no cover title). Title on RH inner cover page (in French) Les Automobiles Cadillac & LaSalle, published by General Motors (France) at 6 rue Lamennais in Paris. Seven pages of text with specifications and some interior details. Thirteen (...maybe more) sepia plates illustrating: (1) 5-passenger LaSalle sedan on 125" wheel base, (2) 5-passenger LaSalle imperial sedan on 134" wheel base, (3) 7-passenger LaSallle imperial sedan on 134" wheel base, (4) 2-passenger LaSalle convertible coupe on 125" wheel base, (5) 2-passenger LaSalle roadster on 125" wheel base, 5-passenger Cadillac town sedan [Victoria in France], (6) 5-passenger Cadillac sedan, (7) 7-passenger Cadillac imperial sedan [the caption says the sedan looks the same], (8) 4-passenger Cadillac sport phaeton [captioned phaeton - but in fact the sport phaeton is shown, complete with fold-down cowl and folding secondary windshield, (9) 7-passenger Cadillac touring car, (10) 2-passenger Cadillac roadster, (11) custom phaeton by Hibbard and Darrin, (12) custom town car by Kellner, (13) custom town car by Million Guiet. This author believes there may be three more plates depicting custom bodies by Fleetwood (SA), Hooper (UK), Thrupp & Maberly (UK) and Van den Plas (Belgium).

li2829.jpg (11288 bytes)


(9a) Small, Danish catalog on the new 1928 models, 24 pp., 1 color plate (below), 12 B&W illustrations (like item 2a, above), printed by Egmont H. Petersen, Copenhagen, Denmark (reference is made to General Motors International A/S in Copenhagen).

li28x1.jpg (3446 bytes)    li28x2.jpg (3145 bytes)


(9b) Small, non-color, German brochure, 5x9", 16 pp., nice interlinked emblems on cover, no cars illustrated, with the names "Cadillac" and "LaSalle" embossed at the base of the cover (Not really visible in this small, low-resolution image).

li28germ.jpg (11496 bytes)


(9b) Dutch brochure, from Landveer, buff cover with "CADILLAC" in gold caps inside rectangle (ZTV coll.)

li28LndVeer.jpg (8245 bytes)    li28LndVeerB.jpg (7371 bytes)


(9b) Unidentified brochure (ZTV coll.)


(10) Large, ornate embossed leather portfolio (no details currently available) [information from Karl Nickoloff, a friend and Cadillac literature collector]

li28lthr.jpg (12359 bytes)    Li28lth2.jpg (6035 bytes)
Detail of leather embossing is shown at the right
[ Photos:  courtesy Karl Nickoloff ]


(11) The Book of Fleetwood, greenish cover, non-color illustrations, showing and describing the various Fleetwood body styles available on the 1928 Cadillac chassis, 5x8", 112 pp, incl [see 1930 section for similar, later item]. Thirty-five models are shown: Five Passenger Sedan - Style 3830 S (1), Five Passenger Club Cabriolet - Style 3861-S (2), Seven Passenger Sedan - Style 3875-S (3), Five Passenger All Weather Phaeton - Style 3180 (4), Transformable Town Cabriolet - Styles 3512 (5), 3520 (6), 3525 (7), Transformable Limousine Brougham - Style 3591 (8), (LaSalle) Transformable Cabriolet - Styles 3051 (9), 3751 (10), Five Passenger Club Cabriolet - Style 3861-SC (11 - custom ordered), Fully Collapsible Transformable Cabriolet, Style 3550 (12).  Booklet includes also dimensional drawings of these additional styles: Five Passenger Sedan - Style 3830-S (13), Five Passenger Imperial - Styles 3830 (14), 3830-C (15), Five Passenger Club Cabriolet - Styles 3861-S (16), 3861-SC (17), Five Passenger Sedan Cabriolet - Style 3855-S (18), Five Passenger Imperial Cabriolet - Styles 3855 (19), 3855-C (20), Seven Passenger Sedan - Style 3875-S (21), Seven Passenger Imperial - Styles 3875 (22), 3875-C (23), Five Passenger All Weather Phaeton - Style 3180 (24), Five Passenger All Weather Phaeton, Imperial - Style 3880 (25), Transformable Town Cabriolet - Styles 3512 (26), 3520 (27), 3525 (28), 3512-C (29), 3520-C (30), 3525-C (31), Transformable Limousine Brougham - Style 3591 (32), Transformable Landau Brougham - Style 3591-C (33), LaSalle Transformable Cabriolet - Styles 3051 (34), 3751 (35).

     li28BkFlt.JPG (39350 bytes)
[am looking for scanned copy of this one for my archives - will trade for scans of later editions ]


(11a) The Book of Fleetwood, beige cover.

Li28bkfl.jpg (2566 bytes)
[am looking for scanned copy of this one too - will trade for scans of later editions ]


(11b) Cadillac & LaSalle Salesmen's Data Book (album), spiral bound, 4x6", 288 pp, including prices and and photos. Models shown include (LaSalle - 11 models ) 2 Passenger Coupe (1), 5 Passenger Sedan (2), 7 Passenger Sedan (3), Convertible 2 Passenger Coupe (4), Imperial 5 Passenger Sedan (5), Imperial 7 Passenger Sedan (6), Phaeton (7), Sport Phaeton (8), Roadster (9), Town Sedan (10), Victoria (11), (Cadillac by Fisher - 15 models) 2 Passenger Convertible Coupe (12), 2 Passenger Coupe (13), 5 Passenger Coupe (14), 5 Passenger Sedan (15), 7 Passenger Sedan (16), Imperial 5 Passenger Cabriolet (17), Imperial 5 Passenger Sedan (18), Imperial 7 Passenger Cabriolet (19), Imperial 7 Passenger Sedan (20), Phaeton (21), Roadster (22), Sport Phaeton (23), Touring Car (24), Town Sedan (25), (Cadillac by- Fleetwood - 14 models) 5 Passenger Cabriolet (26), 5 Passenger Imperial (27), 5 Passenger Imperial Cabriolet (28), 5 Passenger Sedan (29), 7 Passenger Cabiolet (30), 7 Passenger Imperial (31), 7 Passenger Imperial Cabiolet (32), 7 Passenger Sedan (33), Stationary Town Cabiolet Style No. 3130 (34), Transformable Limousine Brougham Style No. 3591 (35), Transformable Town Cabriolet Style No. 3512 (36), Transformable Town Cabriolet Style No. 3520 (37), Transformable Town Cabriolet Style No. 3525 (38), Transformable Town Cabriolet Style No. 3551 (39).

(12) Booklet, Details of Construction. {***}

(13) Owner-operator manual

li28CadOM.jpg (20100 bytes)


La Salle

(1)  Color catalog, LaSalle - Creator of Today's Vogue in Motor Car Design, 14x10", 30 pp., 12 single-sided pages plus covers, includes similar illustrations as found in 1927 catalog "(1)", above, but catalog is in portrait format instead of landscape. Each page illustrates a single model, beautifully drawn in color; contains eleven artist's views of La Salle cars in European settings, with French caption/title, e.g. la nouvelle arrive (the new arrival), le moulin (the windmill), le sport St. Moritz (sport in St. Moritz), etc. Content details, scans of cover and inner page sample from Matthew Sonfield, collector of fine classic automobile literature.


LILAS1.JPG (5561 bytes)    lilas1b.jpg (10091 bytes)    28LSCREA.JPG (7607 bytes)
Image (centre) is entitled, "En Route"; it is used on the cover page as well as in the catalog proper;
(Right) opened in 1896, the former Palace Hotel (now Badrutt's Palace Hotel) is one of the most famous hotels
in Switzerland , if not the world.  From 1907 to 1922, a single gondola, hung from rails and pulled by a cable,
carried guests from the hotel to a playground located between the hotel and the frozen lake you see at the right

(1a) La Salle, prestige color catalog, 9x12", 34 pp.

(2) Catalog, This is the Book of LaSalle, 12x9", 32 pp. plus card covers and a 4-page insert, includes 18 color illustrations of body styles, plus B&W photos and illustrations of features. Content details, scans of cover image and McClelland painting (L and R, below) from Matthew Sonfield, collector of fine classic automobile literature.

li28lasThe Book1.jpg (28738 bytes)    lils28a.JPG (5528 bytes)    30LSBOOK.JPG (6700 bytes)   li28lasThe Book2.jpg (16530 bytes)
(Left) cover illustration, (ecnter) two inside cover pages,
(Right) detail of superb artwork by Barclay McClelland



(3) Color folder entitled Know Motoring as La Salle Owners Know it. Cover has art deco design featuring leaping greyhound (?) or doe (?) on lavender and dark gray background, with dark gray "waves". Models illustrated include a bright yellow roadster, gray-blue 2-pass. coupe, and red 4-pass. phaeton; price list on last page shows 14 models  ranging from $2295 to $2875 FOB Detroit {***}.

  Lils28b.jpg (5240 bytes)


(4) Unidentified, part-color brochure entitled LaSalle's Background and what it Means.

Li28lasa.jpg (6278 bytes)    Li28lasc.jpg (8197 bytes)


(5a)  1928 La Salle Companion Car, 8x11", 32 pp.

(5b)  1928 La Salle Companion Car, 8x11", 40 pp.

(6)  French folder, 3x7", opens to 15x14"

(7)  Folder, 8x5", opening to 12x11, double-sided

(8) [Seen in ZTV collection, 10/2009] Worth..., 9x7", 10 pp.

(9)  1928 LaSalle operator's manual

li28LaSOM.jpg (32455 bytes)


Data Book, Spiral Bound Album. 4 x 6 inches, 288 pages, 11 topic tabs: 1) commercial, 2) Demonstrating, 3) Fleetwood, 4) Information, 5) Miscellaneous, 6) Prices and Photos, 7) Sales Features, 8) Superiority, 9) Time Payments, 10) Trade-Ins,
11) Why People Buy.  Models include
LaSalle 1) 2-p. Coupe, 2) 5-p. Sedan, 3) 7-p. Sedan, 4) 2-p. Convertible Coupe, 5) 5-p. Imperial Sedan, 6) 7-p. Imperial Sedan, 7) Phaeton, 8) Sport Phaeton, 9) Roadster, 10) Town Sedan, 11) Victoria, Cadillac 12) 2-p. Passenger Convertible Coupe, 13) 2-p. Coupe, 14) 5-p. Coupe, 15) 5-p. Sedan, 16) 7-p. Sedan, 17) 5-p. Imperial  Cabriolet, 18) 5-p. Imperial Sedan, 19) 7-p. Imperial Cabriolet, 20) 7-p. Imperial Sedan, 21) Phaeton, 22) Roadster, 23) Sport Phaeton, 24) Touring Car, 25) Town Sedan, Fleetwood Cadillac 26) 5-p. Cabriolet, 27) 5-p. Imperial, 28) 5-p. Imperial Cabriolet, 29) 5-p. Sedan, 30) 7-p. Cabiolet, 31) 7-p. Imperial, 32) 7-p. Imperial Cabiolet, 33) 7-p. Sedan, 34) Stationary Town Cabiolet Style No. 3130, 35) Transformable Limousine Brougham (town car)  Style No. 3591, 36) Transformable Town Cabriolet (town car)  Style No. 3512, 37) Transformable Town Cabriolet (rown car) Style No. 3520, 38) Transformable Town Cabriolet (town car) Style No. 3525, 39) Transformable Town Cabriolet (town car) Style No. 3551.





(1) Prestige Color catalog of standard Fisher models, 9x13" (35x24cms), 40 pp. [lf], brown covers, title "CADILLAC" above crest with flags behind, RH side view of engine (p.2), (1) yellow/ black 2-passenger roadster (p.7), (2) green/black 7-passenger touring car (p.8), (3) tan/cream/dark brown/black 4-passenger phaeton (p.9). (4) red/black 4-passenger sport phaeton (p.10), (5) dark blue/black 2-passenger coupe (p.11), (6) cream/tan/black 2-passenger convertible coupe (p.12), (7) red/black 5-passenger coupe (p.13), (8) black 5-passenger sedan (p.14), (9) light gray/dark gray/black 5-passenger town sedan (p.15), (10) green/black 7-passenger sedan (p.16), (11) black 7-passenger imperial (p.17), interior view, front & rear, (p.20), engine compartment (p.21), chassis features (p.25), body features (p.27), interior features (p.29), line drawings and interior layouts (pp.30-31).

li29a.jpg (4815 bytes)


(2) Special color catalog [have reproduction copy], 12x9" (30x21cms), 20 pp. plus covers [lf], title Fleetwood Custom Coachcraft for the Cadillac Chassis in yellow and green plaque on flowery cover; colored crest with arrow and wreath (p.4), side views of (1) style "3830-S" 5-passenger sedan, with "one hoss shay" (p.7), (2) style "3861-S" 5-passenger Club cabriolet with 1770 open Parisian carriage (p.8), (3) style "3855" 5-passenger imperial cabriolet with 1790 Washington coach (p.9), (4) style "3875" 7-passenger imperial with 1795 American stagecoach (p.10), (5) style "3180" 5-passenger all-weather phaeton with 1824 Lafayette carriage (p.11), (6) style "3512" transformable town cabriolet with 1828 passenger vehicle (p.12), (7) style "3520" transformable town cabriolet with 1833 gala coupe (p.13), (8) style "3525" transformable town cabriolet with 1865 Lincoln carriage (p.14), (9) style "3591" transformable limousine Brougham with 1867 Napoleonic coach (p.15), (10) styles "3512-C" town landaulet, (11) "3520-C" town landaulet, (12) "3525-C" town landaulet, (13) "3591-C" brougham landaulet, (14) "3180" all-weather phaeton, (15) "3880" all-weather phaeton (p.16), (16) "3830-SC" 5-passenger sedan, (17) "3861-SC" close-coupled sedan, (18) "3855-SC" 5-passenger formal sedan-landaulet, (19) "3875-SC" 7-passenger formal sedan-landaulet (p.17), limousine interior and French walnut convenience items (p.18), Fleetwood interior hardware designs (p.19).

li29b.jpg (11413 bytes)    Cat29.jpg (7516 bytes)
On the right is a close-up of the center rectangle


(3) Small catalog (reproduction copy), 12x19cms, 6 pp. [pf], front cover has front view of engine on top of Cadillac crest, title Cadillac - 90 degree V-Type Eight Cylinder Engine; [new] Security-Plate glass (p.3), [new] transmission and [new] 4-wheel brakes (p.4), adjustable driver's seat and rich styling features (p.5); makes reference to GMAC purchasing terms.

(4) Product sheet illustrating 7-passenger imperial.

Cat29c.jpg (7262 bytes)    li29c.jpg (9987 bytes)


(5) Booklet, approximately 6 x 9 1/2 inches, 56 pages plus covers, buff cover with crest in circle at lower right, title CADILLAC Mechanism and Coachcraft, Fundamental Principles and Vital Refinements.  Lots of technical illustrations, plus the 5p. Town Sedan on p.34.

(6) Accessories catalog, SSA 1980, pp.20-26; also SSA 1982, pp.23-27.

(7)  Rare Dutch edition of the 1929 Cadillac product catalog.  One of these was offered for sale on eBay in April, 2006.  It was described in error  as being for the 1930 models. Measures 7x9", 24 pp., with heavy stock covers. Inner pages have sepia illustrations on light background.


li29neth.jpg (4463 bytes)    LI29NET2.JPG (3581 bytes)
[ Right:   close-up of the center title box ]


(8) Equally rare piece from Cadillac-LaSalle affiliates in Cairo, Egypt, 11x7", 20 pp. {in ZTV collection ***}

(8a) Perhaps not so rare is this cute Canadian folder:

li29cana1.jpg (4163 bytes)    li29can2.jpg (5291 bytes)


(9)  Believed to be a 1929 piece [based on the text], this brochure measures 10x6" and is made of a silky paper. It includes info on what the "new" Cadillac had to offer such as "mohair upholstery", "gasoline gauge", "cigarette lighter", and a "V-type 90 degree 8 cylinder engine which Cadillac introduced 14 years ago".

Li29b.jpg (2784 bytes)    Li29a.jpg (5143 bytes)


(10) Color folder, "Spirited As a Sports Ensemble", 6-fold, 9x5 opening to 9x15", white cover, silver lettering, two photo renderings of Cadillac V-8 roadsters, woman with Cadillac roadster on reverse flap {***}

li29mlr.jpg (5233 bytes)


(11) Color portfolio (no title, embossed crest on lower, RH corner)



(12)  French piece [seen ZTV collection]

Li29French.jpg (96610 bytes)


La Salle

(1) Yellow cover with interior view of limousine (with parcel book and purse). Illustrated are (1) a yellow 2-passenger roadster, (2) red 4-passenger phaeton, (3) yellow 4-passenger sport phaeton with orange wheels, (4) green 2-passenger coupe with dark green roof and fenders, (5) blue 2-passenger convertible with gray-tan top, (6) beige 5-passenger coupe with black roof, (7) dark green 5-passenger family sedan with black fenders, (8) light gray-beige 5-passenger sedan with black roof and fenders, (9) 7-passenger sedan in 2 shades of brown (the darker shade being used for the roof and fenders, (10) black 7-passenger imperial, (11) beige 5-passenger landaulet with brown top and black fenders, with opening roof over rear seat passengers, (12) gray Fleetwood town car with black fenders, style 3051, (13) dark blue Fleetwood style 3751; also shown are the engine, chassis, suspension, shock absorbers, Syncro-Mesh transmission, an interior view and the seating arrangements for the custom-built La Salle models.

lils29.jpg (7691 bytes)


(1a)  Cadillac 1929 Lasalle Non Color Sales Catalog. 8 1/2 x 6 inches, 8 pages. Nile Scene on Cover. "Wherein Delightful Transportation is Newly Developed Further Enhanced." Includes illustrations and information on the LaSalle 7-Passenger Standard Sedan. Cover is cut window-style and opens in the middle.

li29LasNile.jpg (15559 bytes)


(2) Buff cover with pink tones and a pale, white La Salle emblem [around the head of the smart concierge seen in the illustration below]

li29ls.jpg (4543 bytes)    li29ls2.jpg (5196 bytes)


(3)  Dutch piece seen in ZTV collection, 9x7", 28 pp.

(4) LaSalle fold-out single sheet, The New LaSalle and What..., 8x5" opening to 15x10"

(5) La Salle owner/operator manual, 60 pages.

(6) Style Leader, folder, 7x10", opens to 23x10"

(7) Booklet with fold-out covers, 8x6", 8 pp.

(8) The New La Salle - Its Design..., 6x7", 58 pp.

(9) Single sheet folder, 2-sided, 5x9", opens to 16x9" no text

(10) Folder, Presenting the New a Salle..., 11x7", opens to 17x11




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