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(1) The Book of Fleetwood, 5x8", 124 pp.  A real gem depicting and describing every conceivable Fleetwood body style built or proposed in those two years.

Li2930BkFlt.jpg (28291 bytes)



(1) Color catalog, 14x10" (40x21cms), 32 pp. plus stiff, dark orange covers [lf], title The Picture Book of Cadillac, showing some artistic Scenes in the life of the Cadillac [color excerpts in SAB book, p.57]; illustrated are (1) the Fleetwood Fleetdowns 2-passenger roadster on country lane (pp.4-5), (2) Fleetwood Fleetway all-weather phaeton approaching mansion (pp.6-7), (3) town sedan (winter city scene) (pp.8-9), (4) 7-passenger imperial (night-time city scene) (pp.10-11), (5) 2-passenger convertible coupe (seascape) (pp.12-13), (6) side elevations and interior layouts of Fleetdowns 2-passenger roadster, (7) 5-passenger coupe and (8) 5-passenger town sedan (p.15), (9) Fleetway all-weather phaeton, (10) 2-passenger coupe, (11) 7-passenger sedan (p.16), (12) convertible coupe, (13) 5-passenger sedan and (14) 7-passenger imperial (p.17), hood louvers (p.18), Syncro-Mesh mechanism (p.19), safety steering wheel and interior metal ware (p.20), instrument panel and vanity cases (p.21), rear valance and trunk rack (p.22) {*}.

li30picbk.jpg (11839 bytes)     lit30pic.jpg (4049 bytes)
RH image is an enlargement  of the catalog's center design


(2) Catalog 10x7" (27x20cms), 52pp. including covers [lf], night scene on cover with RH front view of closed body style (plate = NY20 4216), title New Interpretations of Motoring Luxury, interior pp. are B&W with orange striping; illustration including craftsman (p.3), (1) 5-pass, town sedan, trunk and trunk rack at top (p.4), (2) 2-passenger coupe, radiator grille at top (p.5), engineers and Art & Color Section (p.6), (3) 5-passenger sedan and trunk rack (p.7), (4) Fleetwood 2-pass, roadster and folding windshield (p.8), engine and body views (p.9), (5) 2-passenger convertible coupe and folded top (p.10), (6) 7-passenger sedan and dash (p.11), windshield and laboratory tests (p.12), (7) 5-passenger coupe and steering wheel (p.13), (8) 7-passenger imperial and smoking case (p.14), (9) Fleetwood Fleetway 4-passenger all-weather phaeton and trunk (p.15), service card and LaSalle on test track (p.16), "V-8" rectangular motor badge and emblem in circle (p.17), RH side of engine (p.18), Cadillac proving grounds (p.19), oval track and fan testing (p.20), spectroscope and research laboratory (p.21), X-raying and photographing (p.22), crankshaft and cold testing (p.23), sandblasting and piston pin (p.24), valve adjusting and aluminum supplies (p.25), combustion chamber and pouring aluminum (p.26) carburetor and crankcase preparation (p.27), spindle drill, engine views (p.28), electric starter and bronze casting (p.29), RH bird's-eye view of engine, sandblasting manifold (p.30), pouring cylinders, milling cylinder blocks (p31), finishing cylinder, fan (p.32), LH side view of engine (p.33), rubber engine mount, connecting rods (p.34), clutch, weighing connecting rods (p.35), Syncro-Mesh transmission (p.36), piston gauging, crankshaft testing (p.37), carburetor assembly, floating rear axle (p.38), engine testing, flywheel (p.39), braking system (p.40), steering testing, hydraulic shock absorber (p.41), steering system (p.42), metal stamping, frame (p.43), transmission testing, rear axle (p.44), chassis, polishing (p.45) [for more literature, see sections on V-12 and V-16 Cadillac models].

li30a.jpg (9342 bytes)


(3) Catalog, similar title, "New Interpretations of Motoring Luxury" (seen in ZTV collection)

Li30NewInterpret.jpg (28248 bytes)


(5) Large Cadillac-LaSalle color portfolio entitled Fleetwood Coachwork on pale blue cover with white border, 12x13" (32x34cms). This superb advertising piece is described in the issue of Automobile Topics for August 31, 1929, as true art in printed salesmanship; a portfolio of ultra-smart body styles [that] represents vast expenditures in securing color effects which while thoroughly distinctive, never oversteps the bounds of good taste, and which while thoroughly modern, yet are  executed against a background of old-world tradition wholly in keeping with Fleetwood coachcraft. This was the latest creation of Herbert J.C. Henderson, manager of promotion and sales of the Fisher Body Corp.  In addition to an introductory folder with a reproduction, on the cover, of the portrait in oils of Henry Fleetwood of Penwortham by Sir Godfrey Kneller, and two pages of general text, there are thirteen 4-page folders (ten on Cadillac and three on La Salle) each comprising a cover page with an Art Deco illustration down the LH side and the name of the model at lower right (e.g. Cadillac Fleetwind); on the inside cover (top) is a pastel-colored view of the model in profile and, below it, a descriptive text; the LH column of the third page describes the car's special features and the RH column includes an upholstery swatch and up to three line small drawings (including a side elevation and a plan view of the seating arrangements).  The thirteen folders describe: (1) the Cadillac Fleetwind with fixed so-called "sport top" covered in Burbank cloth; this included  (1a) the more formal Sedanette Cabriolet with enclosed (blank) rear quarters and (1b) the regular Sedanette featuring a window in the rear quarters; (2) the Cadillac Fleetcrest Transformable Cabriolet (town car) for 7 passengers, (3) the Cadillac Fleetdale sedan for 7 passengers, (4) the Cadillac Fleetmont Transformable Cabriolet (town car) for 7 passengers, (5) the Cadillac Fleetway all-weather phaeton for 4 passengers, with partition and division glass and Burbank convertible top, (6) the Cadillac Fleetdene Imperial Sedan (limousine) for 5 passengers plus opera seats for two more occasional passengers, (7) the Cadillac Fleetwick Transformable Cabriolet (town car) for 5 passengers with opera seats for two more occasional passengers,  V-16 7-pass. Sedan, and  (8)  the Cadillac Fleetmere  Imperial Sedan (limousine) for 5 passengers plus opera seats for two more occasional passengers, (9)  the Cadillac Fleetbourne  Transformable Brougham (town car) for 7 passengers, (10) the Cadillac Fleetdowns roadster for 2 passengers, with rumble seat for 2 occasional passengers, (11a and 11b) the La Salle Fleetwind Sedanette and Sedanette Cabriolet  for 4 passengers, very similar to the Cadillac versions of the same models, (12a) the La Salle Fleetshire phaeton for 4 passengers; also described briefly in this folder are (12b) the La Salle Fleetcliff roadster and (12c) the La Salle Fleetlands open touring car for 7 passengers (i.e. with occasional seating for two), (13) the La Salle Fleetway all-weather phaeton for 4 passengers. This is a truly sensational automotive literature item in the Art Deco style {* ZTV collection}. Trivia: This lovely brochure is mentioned in the Cadillac-LaSalle Sales Bulletin #37 for July 21, 1930. The text seems at odds with what the copywriter intended.  It reads: Use the Fleetwood Portfolio as a direct sales help. If you add the force and power of your selling pesonality to this aid, it will help you to uncover a number  of custom body prospects.  Remember that few people resent the implication that they can [did he mean "can't"?] buy cars with custom bodies!

li30fwd.jpg (3582 bytes)     LI30FW2.JPG (2394 bytes)
[ Right: cover detail, Fleetwood name ]

30fcrest.jpg (8747 bytes)     fcrsti.jpg (4185 bytes)
Illustrations from this exceptional, Art-Deco catalog


(5a) I have seen a number of the inner portfolios from the preceding set being claimed as individual Fleetwood pieces; however, I don't think they were available individually - unless a dealer split up an original, full set and gave a prospective buyer the folder on his preferred model, just to secure a sale. One such folder was sold at auction on e-Bay in February, 1999. It was the one on the Cadillac Fleetdowns Roadster; size was 12 x 13" (opening to 24 x 13"), on heavy textured stock; the cover featured beautiful water-color artwork. Inside was a color rendering of the Roadster. Text described the car's luxurious appointments. Folder included a small leather upholstery swatch. Beautiful art-deco watercolors!

(6) Fleetwood V-16 photo album of artist's views 10x8" (25x20cms), leather bound album with embossed Cadillac crest; listed (in that order) are 1st column 4161S, 4130 4130S 4155 4155S 4175 4175S, 2nd column 4235 4276 4212 4220 4225 4291 4264 4264B, 3rd column 4302 4380 4335 4376 4381 4361S 4330 4330S 4355 4355S 4375 4375S 4312 4320 4325 4391; condensed specifications follow for each of these models; order of photos and text:  V-16 engine, specifications for 4302 2-passenger roadster, (1) photo thereof, specifications for 4260 5-passenger phaeton, (2) photo thereof, specifications for 4380 all-weather phaeton, (3) photo thereof [3 views], specifications for 4276 2-passenger coupe with 2 top and 2 side cowl vents ("2 top" deleted in text), (4) photo thereof [shows correct curved sill but wrong sill molding], specifications for 4235 2-passenger convertible coupe, (5) photo thereof [shown with top up and top down, but incorrect belt molding], specifications for 4335 2-passenger convertible coupe, (6) photo thereof, specifications for 4376 2-passenger coupe, (7) photo thereof, specifications for 4381 5-passenger coupe, (8) photo thereof [this album had to be published late in 1930 catalog since the new Fleetwood style #4381 is included], specifications for 4330S 5-passenger sedan, (9) photo thereof, specifications for 4130 5-passenger imperial, (10) photo thereof [with Madame X  windshield - again suggesting a later issue], specifications for 4355S 5-passenger sedan, (11) photo thereof [this model also has 2 concealed package compartments in rear quarters], specifications for 4375S 7-passenger sedan, (12) photo thereof, specifications for 4175 7-passenger sedan, (13) photo thereof [with Madame X  windshield], specifications for 4312 5-passenger town car, (14) photo thereof, specifications for 4212 5-passenger town car, (15) photo thereof, specifications for 4220 7-passenger town car, (16) photo thereof, specifications for 4320 7-passenger town car, (17) photo thereof, specifications for 4225 7-passenger town car, (18) photo thereof, specifications for 4325 7-passenger town car (19) photo thereof, specifications for 4291 7-passenger town brougham, (20) photo thereof, specifications for 4391 7-passenger town brougham, (21) photo thereof, specifications for 4264B 5-passenger town brougham, (22) photo thereof, with canework (specifications say that special hand painted canework is applied on the lower rear doors and quarter panels {*** seen ZTV collection, 9/94}. Hans J. Mueller [who died in 1990] had this item with a claimed 35 standard and custom Fleetwood bodies {***}. Collector Craig Watrous has another.

(6a)  Similar album, but somewhat larger, with a black leatherette cover, that I was able to examine at the Free Library of Philadelphia in 1982, in the Thomas McKean collection. It contained 40 such photos of artist's renderings, Shown were styles #4130S with "V" windshield [suggesting an early printing (before April/May 1930?) when these "V" windshield versions were still being built at the Fleetwood shops in PA] , 4130 with "V" windshield, 4130S with Madame X windshield, 4130 with Madame X windshield, 4155S with "V" windshield, 4155SC with "V" windshield, 4161S with Madame X windshield, 4175S with "V" windshield, 4161S with Madame X windshield, [second view], 4175 with "V" windshield, 4175S with Madame X windshield, 4175 with Madame X windshield, 4207, 4208, 4212C, 4220B, 4225C, 4235 with top down, 4235 with top up, 4264, 4264B, 4280 with top down, 4280 with top up, 4291, 4302, 4312, 4320, 4325, 4330, 4330S, 4335, 4355S, 4355, 4355C, 4361S, 4375S, 4375, 4376, 4380, 4391 {***}.

(7) 1930-1931 V-16 engine folio, 10x13" [pf], beige colored velum-like cover, with medallion in wreath, text only, line drawing of engine, 2 (double) pages [seen ZTV collection 1982 {***}].

li30v6en.jpg (2774 bytes)


(8) V-16 engine only catalog, 10x13" (25x34cms) {***}.

(9) Booklet, 4x8" (12x20cms), 12pp. [pf], title In Terms of Your Interest...; only one model shown [seen ZTV collection 1982 {***}].

Li31trms.jpg (4840 bytes)     Li31trm2.jpg (4662 bytes)     Li31trm3.jpg (4081 bytes)


(9a) Cadillac V8, V16 and LaSalle booklet, 5 x 7 inch non color sales folder opens 6x. Models shown are Town Sedan, Fleetwood Custom, and Sedan (not on new Tuthill listing?).  Text reads: Today, the Cadillac Motor Car Company presents three motor cars – LaSalle V8, Cadillac V8 and Cadillac V16.  Each represents the highest expression of quality which three decades of adherence to a single standard have made possible. Each is equipped with bodies of subtle beauty, comfort, luxury.  Whether you select one of the smartly graceful creations by Fisher or whether you choose the more highly personalized custom coachwork by Fleetwood, your satisfaction will be complete.


(10) Accessories catalog entitled Fine Car Accessories featuring color photo of numerous accessory items, 8x11" (21x28cms), 28 pp. plus covers {*** Tuthill listing}.

(11) V-16 Price list of Dutch Cadillac dealer, K. Landeweer, 15x12cms, 4 pp.

(12) [seen ZTV collection 9/94] shown are a number of Fleetwood special custom models (1) the Fleetcliff 2-passenger roadster, (2) the Fleetshire 5-passenger phaeton, (3) the Fleetlands 7-passenger touring car, (4) the Fleetway 4-passenger all-weather phaeton, (5) the Fleetwind 4-passenger sedanette cabriolet, (6) the Fleetwind 4-passenger sedanette.

(13) [seen ZTV collection 9/94] shown are a number of glossy photos of artist's drawings of the proposed new bodies for the V-16 chassis. Thirty-one styles were proposed (listed below in concise form)

         li30-31ArtDrgs.JPG (19690 bytes)     li30-31ArtDrgs2.JPG (17103 bytes)

      xli-4260.JPG (48690 bytes)      4260srvb.jpg (12875 bytes)
Artist's proposal for Fleetwood style #4260, special Phaeton (right, a survivor)

xli-4264b.JPG (45151 bytes)      4264b1.jpg (41070 bytes)
Artist's proposal for Fleetwood style #4264-B, razor-edged Brougham (right, a nice replica made up from Fleetwood style #4291)


(14)  The Cadillac V-16, measures approx. 10x14", 24 pp. plus hard, card covers; includes 29 scenic photos of various body styles in B&W. Content details and scans of cover and sample inner page, below, sent kindly by Matthew Sonfield, a collector of fine classic automobile literature. This is a piece I first heard of from ZTV  in Spring, 2000; item has screw binding and 29 one-sided plates on heavy paper, small features catalogue dated July 14, 1930, in inside rear cover. According to ZTV, covers are in black and sea foam green. Additionally there is a page on the V-16 engine. A pocket on the inside rear cover holds a smaller, 36pp catalog measuring  4x6 inches, entitled Body Specifications and Prices, July 14, 1930 {***}.

LI30NEW.JPG (2604 bytes)     30V6IMA.JPG (8056 bytes)
(Left) the foam green cardboard cover; (right) one of the 29 B&W plates;
this one depicts Fleetwood style #4175S, a roomy sedan for 7 passengers;
its flat, 18 raked windshield indicates it was built in Detroit after April, 1930

V64175S.JPG (11351 bytes)     mmex2.jpg (2343 bytes)
Forty-seven spacious sedans like this one were built by Fleetwood during the peak period of 
V-16 production. One hundred-ten limousine styles (like this, but with a chauffeur's division)

also were built; of these, twenty-four were assembled in Fleetwood, PA, before all V-16 manufacturing
operations were moved to Detroit; the latter feature the almost vertical, "V"-type windshield shown
in the designer's drawing, below, left.  Both belong to the so-called Madame X category, characterized
by their slender windshield posts, chrome window reveal moldings and a horizontal lower body sill.
The gal at the right is Pauline Fredericks, an actress who portrayed the mysterious Madame X in the

stage play of that name and who inspired Harley Earl to so name these stylish Fleetwood creations

V64175.JPG (21105 bytes)
These sketches are based on designer's drawings of which some two dozen were included in a special
envelope on the inside rear cover of 1931 V-16 catalog (3), below; they illustrate the two windshield

types of the Madame X models; left, the vertical, Pennsylvania style; right, the raked, Detroit style


(15)  Mailer piece (folder), Spring and your Cadillac Fleetwood, 10x8", opens to 23x10" and includes illustrations of four cars {*** ZTV collection}

(16) [seen ZTV collection 9/94]:  This superb brochure measures 10 " x 14 ", 44 pp., hardcover with original plain brown cardboard covers and white spine, wrapped in pictorial dust jacket, profusely illustrated in full-color, with additional black and white photographs. Several models are featured including (1)  5-pass. sedan, (2) 2-pass. vonvertible Coupe, (3) 5-pass. coupe, (4) 2-pass. coupe, (5) 5-pass. town sedan, (6) Fleetway 4-pass. all-weather phaeton, (7) 7-pass. sedan, (8) 7-passenger imperial sedan, (9)   Fleetlands 7-pass. touring, (10) Fleetcliffe 2-pass. roadster, (11) Fleetshire 5-pass. phaeton. Much information regarding coachwork, mechanicals, specifications, accessories and more.

li31d.jpg (5463 bytes)     Lit30ls.jpg (3516 bytes)


(16a)  Non Color Portfolio with 4 Color Plates. 8x5", shows 7-pass. Sedan, Town Sedan, Two Passenger Coupe, Four Passenger All Weather Phaeton by Fleetwood. .

 [ image ? ]

(16b) Owner's manual , 6x9" , 14 pp. This is a supplement to the 1930 Cadillac and LaSalle Owner's Manual and provides instructions for operating the Convertible Top and Side Curtains on all 1930 Fleetwood Convertibles .

  [ image ? ]


(17) Unidentified V-16 item (book of photos of designer sketches of the new V-16 models?), 10x8".  Seen ZTV collection (?). Includes 31 proposed styles as follows (and in this order): 4161S, 4130, 4130S, 4155, 4155S, 4175, 4175S, 4235, 4276, 4212, 4220, 4225, 4291, 4264, 4264B, 4302, 4380, 4335, 4376, 4381, 4361S, 4330, 4330S, 4355, 4355S, 4375, 4375S, 4312, 4320, 4325, 4391.

liv6tinvt.jpg (3718 bytes)


(18) Specification sheets on the new V-16 models {***}

liv6shee.JPG (4387 bytes)


(19) Questions and Answers, non-illustrated booklet on the new V-16

li3016qa.jpg (2134 bytes)


(20) Cadillac Contract Maintenance, for V-16 buyers only

liv6srvc.jpg (8471 bytes)


(21) Owner's manuals for the V-12 and V-16 models

om30v2.jpg (6220 bytes)     OM31v16.jpg (2845 bytes)


(22) General Motors Continental all-model shop manual for its overseas operations in Antwerp, Belgium (manual covers all GM brands, including the Cadillac)

30gmshop.jpg (4639 bytes)     30GMSHO2.JPG (5189 bytes)


1930 La Salle

(1) [seen ZTV collection 9/94] New LaSalle Presentations LaSalle 340 catalog with purple, black and white cover showing limousine in front of Paris' Opera, 10 " x 14 "; hardcover with original plain brown cardboard covers and white spine, wrapped in pictorial dust jacket, 48pp., full color, including also with some B&W illustrations.  These cars are shown: (1) a blue 5-passenger sedan, (2) a red 2-passenger convertible coupe, (3) a dark green 5-passenger coupe, (4) a brown 2-passenger coupe, (5) a beige 5-passenger town sedan with green roof, (6) a dark gray Fleetway all-weather phaeton with beige top, (7) a dark beige 7-passenger sedan with black roof, (8) a dark gray 7-passenger imperial sedan, (9) a gray-blue Fleetlands 7-passenger open touring car, (10) a brown Fleetcliff  2-passenger roadster, (11) a dark green Fleetshire 5-passenger phaeton; a large foldout on p.35 shows engine and opens up to show engine mechanisms {***}.

    lils30c.JPG (10738 bytes)


(1a) "340", color catalog, 8x11", 52 pp.


(1b) Semi-colored catalog entitled New La Salle Presentations; saluting doorman on beige covers; includes sketches of five models; it measures 7x10 inches and   has 44 pages plus covers; eleven models are shown.

lils30d.JPG (5890 bytes)


(3) [seen ZTV collection 8/2000] Truly Fine Car Satisfaction at little added cost;  this is a small folder featuring a bird's-eye view of a red roadster (ahead of three unidentified makes) on the cover.  Inside is illustrated in blue the La Salle five-passenger sedan.  Other illustrations include the new, easily adjustable brakes, a specimen service card and a specimen lubrication schedule {*}.

lit30ls4.JPG (6556 bytes)


(4a) [seen ZTV collection 8/2000] The La Salle Demonstrator, a 15-page B&W catalog with an olive-green cover and the inner pages framed in light red.  This front page excerpt explains it all: ...this information, secured from these two sources [Cadillac engineers and records], presents to you the unvarnished facts about the new La Salle.  Illustrated are, inter alia,   the 5-pass. sedan, the V-8 engine, the crankshaft, steering modulator, hydraulic shock absorbers, rear springs, "hourglass" steering worm, brakes, roller bearings, Syncro-Mesh transmission, driving seat cutaway, Security plate glass, rear seat, radiator grille screen, intake muffler, the 5-pass. town sedan, the 2-pass, coupe, a specimen service contract.  There is a list of models and prices on p.14.

litlsdem.jpg (3347 bytes)


(4b) [seen ZTV collection 10/2009] Now a New LaSalle for...", 4x6", 12 pp.

(4c) Small brochure, What Building..., 7x6", 12 pp.

(4d) Folder, Distinctive Style..., 6x8", opens to 18x8"



(1) Rare catalog on the V-8 models, made by and for the Swedish Cadillac importer.  Information from Swedish collector and aficionado, Kjell Rehnberg {***}

Li30swed.jpg (4437 bytes)


(2a) Reproduction catalog, including the contents of the two preceding ones, 11x9" (28x22cms), 36 pp. Incl. cover, V-8 models include LH profile views of town sedan, convertible coupe, all-weather phaeton, 5-passenger sedan, roadster, 5-passenger phaeton, 2-passenger coupe, 7-passenger sedan, 5-passenger coupe and 7-passenger imperial; V-12 models include RH side of motor, town sedan, 2-passenger coupe, 7-passenger imperial, 7-passenger sedan, 5-passenger coupe, convertible coupe, all-weather phaeton, 5-passenger sedan, roadster and 5-passenger phaeton. Some body details and full specifications also included.

(2b) Small booklet on new V-12 car, approximately 5 1/2 x 8 inches, 16 pages (incl. the covers), light buff cover with large V-12 in white/orange on pale green background, title The V-12, a wholly new Cadillac. Illustrated in B&W are the engine (p.4), the convertible coupe (p.5), the 5-pass. sedan interior (p.6), the town sedan (p.7), the driver compartment (p.9), the AWP and interior detail (p.10), the 5p. coupe and inst. panel detail (p.11), the 7p sedan (p.14). There is a large color illustration of the 5p sedan on the center pages (pp.8-9). Other than slight darkening of the rear outer cover, the piece is mint.





(1) Part-color V-8 catalog, The Cadillac Eight on buff cover with emblem in brown, 10x14" (25x36cms), 24 pp. plus covers, 10 models illustrated: (1) Fisher V-8 town sedan (p.3), (2) Fleetwood V-8 convertible coupe (p.4), (3) Fleetwood V-8 all-weather phaeton (p.5), (4) Fisher V-8 sedan for 5 passengers (p.6), (5) Fleetwood V-8 roadster (p.7), (6) Fleetwood phaeton for 5 passengers, with secondary cowl and crank-up windshield (p.8), (7) Fisher 2-passenger coupe (p.9), (8) Fisher 7-passenger sedan (p.10), (9) Fisher 5-passenger coupe (p.11), (10) Fisher limousine (imperial) for 7 passengers (p.12), all with interior views or body details. There are also pages on the engine and other mechanical features, Cadillac service, brakes, transmission, overall specifications, GMAC deferred payment plan. [ $75 ]

li31eght.jpg (6316 bytes)


(1a) The 1931 Cadillac Eight and Twelve, reproduction catalog [unmarked as such] by Heritage House, Temple City, CA; printed in the early seventies, 8x11", 36pp., white, tan and black cover, includes large  B&W artist's views of these V-8 models: Fisher town sedan, Fleetwood 2-pass. convertible coupe, Fleetwood all-weather phaeton, Fisher 5-pass. sedan, Fleetwood 2-pass. roadster, Fleetwood 5-pass. phaeton, Fisher 2-pass. coupe, Fisher 7-pass. sedan, Fisher 5-pass. coupe, Fisher 7-pass. imperial, as well as these smaller V-12 body styles: town sedan, 2-pass. coupe, 7-pass. imperial, 7-pass. sedan, 5-pass. coupe, convertible coupe, all-weather phaeton, 5-pass. sedan, roadster and 5-pass. phaeton.

li31a.jpg (7365 bytes)


(1a)  Options booklet

Li31acc.jpg (5885 bytes)     LI31ACC2.JPG (3771 bytes)     LI31ACC3.JPG (4181 bytes)


(2) Part-color V-12 catalog, Cadillac 12 Cylinders with V-12 in circle on pale green cover, 10x14" (25x36cms), 20 pp. plus covers, 10 models illustrated {*** Tuthill listing}

li31b.jpg (4717 bytes)


(3) Part-color V-16 catalog, Cadillac 16 Cylinders on white cover with red and black band at LH side, 10x14" (25x26cms), 16 pp. plus covers, 11 models illustrated, envelope in rear with varying number [25-35] of designer's drawings on tracing paper {*** ZTV collection}.

liv631.jpg (4328 bytes)
The "real McCoy", original V-16 catalog of designers' drawings
with up to thirty, separate drawings in special pouch - SUPERB piece !

li31c.jpg (4362 bytes)
A fine reproduction of the preceding piece, published by Heritage House, Temple City, CA,
in the mid-seventies [ a packet of miniature designer drawings was part of the package! ]


(3a) B&W V-16 catalog, reproduction copy of the original [both covers shown above]. The repro has a white cover with a black band at the LH side. It measures 11x8" (28x20 cms.) and has 30 pp. incl. the covers. Illustrations include RH profile view of V-16 engine, LH profile views of 11 models (2-passenger coupe style 4276, 5-passenger club sedan style 4361S, 2-passenger roadster style 4302, all-weather phaeton style 4380, 7-passenger imperial sedan [Madame X] style 4175, town cabriolet style 4312, 5-passenger imperial [Madame X] style 4130, 7-passenger imperial sedan style 4375, town cabriolet style 4220, town cabriolet style 4225, and limousine brougham style 4391. Envelope on inside of rear cover page includes designers' drawings of some 24 to 30 basic styles (4130S, 4161S, 4175, 4175S [all Madame X], 4212, 4220, 4225, 4235, 4260, 4264, 4264B, 4276, 4291, 4302, 4312, 4320, 4325, 4330, 4355, 4355S, 4361S, 4375, 4375S, 4380, 4381, 4391 and 4476). 

Trivia 1: One aficionado wrote in November 2003 that he had recently found an older catalog with 24 such drawings; however, the presence among them of style #4381, suggests it is a later edition, the latter model being offered only in the Fall of 1930 and through 1931. Walter Miller offered one on e-Bay, in January 2002, that was said to include thirty such designers' drawings; it seems, therefore, that their number might vary from one catalog to the next, as production got under way and demand grew for more styles.

Trivia 2: In numerical sequence, below, I have listed many Fleetwood designer drawings similar to those included in the 1930-31 product catalog. I got these (copies) on e-Bay, in 2001, from Craig Watrous, a fellow CLC member and V-16 enthusiast. I am guessing they are from an in-house Fleetwood book probably dated early 1932 (none of the early Madame X cars with the vertical, "V" windshield are included). In this listing, the style numbers shown in italics, followed by the letter "D", in brackets, indicate a duplicate designer's drawing that shows inner as well as outer dimensions. Those that are struck through, like this: "4211",   indicate that no single unit of this style was actually built. Those in italics followed by the letter "O", in brackets, indicate again a duplicate drawing of either (a) a roadster, convertible coupe or phaeton with the top lowered, (b) a town car or Brougham with the chauffeur's canopy in place or (c) a landaulet style with the rear roof portion in the "open" position. Those followed by the letter "V", in brackets, are the Pennsylvania  Madame X  models with vertical "V" windshield. Those appearing in bold type are drawings of styles NOT included in the selection I got from Craig but that we know were effectively built. Therefore, if you eliminate the "O" and "D" versions, below, plus four 1932 designs that were included also in the package (viz. styles 5112 [32-16-225], 5175S [32-16-212], 5180, 5181 [32-16-222]), then the total number of styles that were effectively built in 1930 and 1931 [and which I have highlighted in blue] comes to a staggering sixty-nine1.  Here is that selection (BTW, many were available additionally on the V-8 and V-12 chassis, so you might want to multiply the total by three !): 2950X, 3289A, 3289B, 3981, 3991, 4108C, 4130, 4130 (D),  4130 (V), 4130S, 4130S (D), 4130S (V), 4155, 4155 (D), 4155 (V), 4155C, 4155S, 4155S (D), 4155S (V), 4155SC, 4161, 4161S, 4161S (D), 4161SC, 4175, 4175 (D), 4175 (V), 4175S, 4175S (D), 4175S (V) [unsure], 4200, 4200 (D), 4205, 4206, 4206 (D), 4207, 4207 (D), 4208, 4208 (D), 4210, 4211, 4212, 4212 (D), 4212 (O), 4212C, 4213, 42142, 4214 (O), 4218, 4220, 4220 (O), 4220B, 4220C, 4225, 4225 (D), 4225 (O), 4225C, 4235, 4235 (D), 4235 (O), 4248, 4257, 4257A, 4257H, 4257H (D), 4260, 4260 (D), 4260 [dual cowl], 4260 [dual cowl] (D), 4260A, 4260A (D), 4262, 4264, 4264 (D), 4264 (O), 4264B, 4264B (D), 4264B (O), 4264B [with cane work], 4275, 4275 (D), 4275C, 4276, 4276 (D), 4280, 4280 (D), 4280 (O), 4280A, 4285, 4285 (D), 4291, 4291 (D), 4291 (O), 4291C, 4302, 4302 (D), 4312, 4312 (D), 4312 (O), 4312C, 4320, 4320 (D), 4320 (O), 4320C, 4325, 4325 (D), 4325 (O), 4325C, 4330, 4330 (D), 4330C, 4330S, 4330S (D), 4330SC, 4335, 4335 (D), 4335 (O), 4355, 4355 (D), 4355S, 4355S (D), 4355C, 4355SC, 4361, 4361 (D), 4361C, 4361S, 4361S (D), 4361SC, 4375, 4375 (D), 4375C, 4375S, 4375S (D), 4375SC, 4376, 4376 (D), 4380, 4380 (D), 4380 (O-1), 4380 (O-2), 4381, 4381 (D), 4391, 4391 (D), 4391 (O), 4391C, 4412, 4476, 4476 (D).
1  At the dawning of the new millennium, Cadillac car styles were down from sixty-nine (on JUST the V-16 chassis for
     1930-31) to only four: the  De Ville, Seville, Catera and Eldorado. I have deliberately excluded trucks and SUVs from
     this comparison since none were available on the V-16 chassis  - and what a shame that must have been for the moneyed
     outdoorsmen of their day!]  Now (in 2004) we are actually UP to five car styles [despite the acceptable demise of the
     Catera and the unfortunate loss of the Eldorado], thanks to the addition of these acronymic novelties: the Cadillac
     Excelar, the Cadillac Essarex and the Cadillac Seetee-Ess.  To be honest, I much preferred the images conjured up by
     the names Eldorado, Brougham, Biarritz, Coupe de Ville, Seville, Park Avenue...

2   This looks identical to Style 4264B with canework

(4) The New Cadillac V-8, green, black and white catalog, Cadillac emblem on pink-bordered, yellow-hued  cover, 5x8" (14x22cms), 12 pp. including covers. Illustrations include:  "hourglass" worm gear, engine, brake detail, and the 4-door sedan. There is a list of ten models and prices {*}.

liv831c.jpg (4926 bytes)     liv831b.jpg (5383 bytes)

liv831a.jpg (9436 bytes)
Enlarged view of the Fisher-bodied sedan for 7 passengers
(Fisher style #31-8-162)


(5a) The V-12: a Wholly New Cadillac (similar to item 4, above), green, black and white catalog, Cadillac emblem on beige-bordered cover, 5x8" (14x22cms), 12 pages including covers. Illustrations include:  engine, convertible coupe, interior of Fleetwood 5-pass. coupe, town sedan (in full color in center pages), all-weather phaeton, quarter panel hardware, 5-pass. coupe, 7-pass. sedan, hourglass worm gear, engine, brake detail, and the 4-door sedan. There is a list of ten models and prices.

liv231a.jpg (5003 bytes)     liv231b.jpg (4995 bytes)

liv231c.jpg (10601 bytes)
This enlarged copy of the center pages gives an idea
of the quality of color reproduction in the thirties


(5b) Sales presentation booklet for the new twelve-cylinder Cadillac models; possibly a dealer item.

Li31V2data.jpg (13494 bytes)


(5c) Part-color V-12 folder entitled In Cadillac's accustomed sphere..., in circle in gray and pale green cover, 4x9" (10x23cms), opens 4 times cover size, 3 models shown {***}

(5d)  Multicylinder Performance, 9x12", 20pp.; this is the original of the reproduction catalog described below; the large, full-page illustrations are in full color and include the V-12 5-pass. town sedan, the V-12 5-pass, coupe the V-12 2-pass. coupe, the V-16 town brougham (Fleetwood style #4264B), the V-16 5-pass. coupe (Fleetwood style #4381), the V-16 all-weather phaeton (Fleetwood style #4380) plus 20 smaller, B&W illustrations of other body styles. Content details, scans of cover image and inner sample page, below, from Matthew Sonfield, collector of fine classic automobile literature.

LI31MUL2.JPG (3452 bytes)     30TNCR4.JPG (3232 bytes)
The text on the sample inner page (right) is illegible on this greatly reduced scan; it reads as follows:
Motordom's finest achievement in beauty, luxury, and brilliant performance. This is the most
highly personalized of all motor cars -- a car unmatched in every aspect of fine motoring

30TNCRX.JPG (6615 bytes)
The town Brougham illustrated here, with its notable boot toe or coach sill, its razor edged
rear roof styling and its imitation canework applied painstakingly by hand from special paint

tubes, was the most expensive in the V-16 lineup with a base sticker price of $9750;
a plain version (sans cane work) carried the same Fleetwood style number (4264B)

4381.JPG (8370 bytes)
For your enjoyment, Matt sent also this second V-16 model from the same catalog; it's Fleetwood style #4381
the coupe for 5 passengers, which listed at $5,950; this particular style, introduced into the line in the Fall
of 1930, is an exception to the (unwritten) rule requiring that all Fleetwood body styles with initial digits "43..."
have the raised panel and bead molding that curves across the hood and down behind the side-mounted spare
wheels [a typical, example is shown below, left - style #4335 convertible coupe]; a second exception is style
#4302, the sporty V-16 roadster [below, right], today's most sought after and popular V-16 model

v6p335b.JPG (9858 bytes)     4302SVB.JPG (9127 bytes)
Left: Fleetwood style #4355 convertible coupe with a hood design typical hood of styles with initial digits "43..."
Right:  one of two exceptions: the style #4302 roadster; its straight (horizontal) sill and belt molding

ought to have put it - and Fleetwood style #4381, above -  into the Madame X series with initial digits "41...";
the latter, however, accepted only closed cars and landaulet styles, all with four doors.


(5e) Multicylinder Performance - Cadillac, reproduction catalog [unmarked as such] by Heritage House, Temple City, CA; printed in the early seventies, 8x11", 20pp., pale green cover, includes large and small  B&W artist's views of these V-12 models: town sedan, 5-pass. coupe, 2-pass. coupe, 5-pass sedan, 7-pass. sedan, 5-pass. all-weather phaeton, 2-pass. roadster, 2-pass. convertible coupe, 7-pass. imperial, 5-pass. phaeton, and these Fleetwood V-16  body styles: 4264B town brougham, 4381 5-pass. coupe, 4380 all-weather phaeton, 4225 town car, 4312 town car, 4220 town car, 4130 Madame X 5-pass. imperial, 4476 coupe, 4175 Madame X 7-pass. imperial, 4155S Madame X 5-pass. formal sedan, 4375 7-pass. imperial, 4302 roadster, 4361S town sedan, 4235 convertible coupe, 4260 special phaeton and 4276 coupe [excellent copy available: $30].

li30mult.jpg (2849 bytes)


(5f) Part-color catalog, Motoring Luxury Its Utmost Expression, dated May 9, 1931; it measures 5x8", 6 pp. plus covers, includes three color drawings of some Fleetwood body styles. Cover features lady and dog plus Fleetwood style #4276 coupe for 2 passengers; the 6-page folder stapled on the inside features three V-16 models as follows:  Fleetwood styles #4276 2-pass. coupe, #4375 7-pass imperial, and #4235 2-pass. convertible coupe. Content details and cover image scan, below, from Matthew Sonfield, collector of fine classic automobile literature.

LI31LUX2.JPG (3261 bytes)     30MOTLUX.JPG (4043 bytes)
Cadillac's famed V-16 was described as the world's most highly personalized motor car;
Among the beautiful models displayed in this superb, color catalog was Fleetwood style #4276,
the coupe for 2 passengers; its base price was $6850 f.o.b. Detroit, with only the "regular"
equipment; those side-mounted spare wheels and tires were optional at extra cost !

30MOTLU2.JPG (8682 bytes)
Here is a better view of that car, reduced from the full-sized scan
sent kindly by enthusiast and collector Matthew Sonfield


(5g) Rare, Dutch brochure/portfolio, 12.5x11.3", 4 pp., listing all (71) La Salle, and Cadillac (Fisher and Fleetwood) body styles, with descriptions and technical specifications; has six plates with tipped-on B&W drawings of various body styles, all with artistic backgrounds and captions in English (may have been printed in France). Content details, cover image and model scans, below, from Matthew Sonfield, collector of fine classic automobile literature.

v631cvr.jpg (2689 bytes)   V631cvr2.jpg (4506 bytes)     v16slvr.jpg (4948 bytes)
The cover (left), enlarged title and crest (center), representative model (right)

V16slv2.jpg (11756 bytes)
This is an enlargement of the model shown at top right [minus slender tree]; it is
Fleetwood's Transformable Town Cabriolet (town car),  style #4212 on the V-16 chassis


(6) Part-color V-12 folder entitled You are a mature judge of motor car values, on gray and partly blue cover, 6x9" (15x23cms), opens 3 times covers size, 3 models shown {***}

(7) Rare, bound catalog-portfolio published in England, in 1931, for Lendrum and Hartman, the London Cadillac-LaSalle dealer, printed by Herbert Fitch, 11x15" (28x40cms), brown cover with tan edging strip, bronze-like cover plaque embossed The Four Most Distinguished Motor cars, being the Cadillac V-16, V-12 and V-8 models and the La Salle V-8 models. The inner page is marked Some Coachwork suggestions by famous builders, has 10 pp. including one transparent inner cover sheet; printed on thick card; introductory pages have B&W photos of the Lendrum & Hartmann showroom facilities in Albermarle Street, London, and four views of the extensive modern service works at Willesden where specialized craftsmen maintain Cadillac-La Salle efficiency at a constant high standard. At L&H sales and service headquarters, classic coachwork and superb chassis may be examined in delightful surroundings where the importunities of forced selling and bustle are definitely excluded (...having myself taken a test drive of a '59 Series 75 limousine there, in 1960, I can attest to the truth of that bold statement). There are abridged specifications of the Cadillac V-8, the La Salle V-8, the Cadillac V-16 and the Cadillac V-12, followed by a brief history of Cadillac and a 2-page description of The unique range of 16, 12 and 8 Cylinder Cars featuring a mis-spelling of Cadillac's Synchro [instead of Syncro]-Mesh transmission [obviously the Brits assumed the Yanks had made a spelling mistake, whereas Syncro-Mesh (with no "h") is a Cadillac registered trademark].  In addition to a superb sepia-colored RH side-view of the powerful new V-16 engine, now into its second year of production, there are seven plates in a rear pocket. I cannot resist showing them to you, below, with kind permission of the owner,  ZTV, who admitted to me, in May 1995, that this superb piece was the most expensive one in his vast collection of auto sales literature:

li31leni.jpg (3434 bytes)     li31lenh.jpg (3426 bytes)     li31lenf.jpg (4302 bytes)
Above: the cover (left) and two sample pages;
Below: the beautiful artwork contained in this RARE  catalog from England

li31lena.jpg (8294 bytes)     li31lenb.jpg (9475 bytes)
Left: La Salle 5-pass. Saloon (i.e. sedan); the hood is from a 1930 model;
Right: the regular Fleetwood V-12 limousine for 7 passengers (sans V-12 sill moldings and step light)

li31leng.jpg (9329 bytes)     li31lenk.jpg (9516 bytes)
Left: beautiful art rendering of the V-16 power plant
Right: Fleetwood style #4175 limousine for 7 passengers, Madame X style

li31lend.jpg (8831 bytes)     li31lenj.jpg (8520 bytes) 
Left: Van den Plas limousine de luxe for 7 passengers, on V-8 chassis
[Two were built: one for Ivan C.C. Tchaperoff,. Esq., the other for Mrs F. Jenkins ]
Right: Van den Plas Saloon [sedan] Landaulette de Luxe (made for for the Hon. A.E. Guinness)

li31lene.jpg (8026 bytes)     li31lenc.jpg (8655 bytes)
Left: by H.J. Mulliner & Co., Ltd, London, a special 4-seater, Semi-Sports Saloon (town sedan) on V-12 chassis
Right: by Lancefield Coachworks, London, this Town Cabriolet (town car) de Luxe on V-12 chassis
[ Two of the latter were built: one for Captain F.W. Hartman, the other for Major E. Howard;
I believe that one
of these was mounted on the V-16 chassis - photo in R. Roy Schneider's excellent   Sixteen Cylinder Motor Cars]

Trivia: I am very familiar with the special Cadillac Saloon Landaulette De Luxe with coachwork by Carrosserie Van den Plas, Brussels, Belgium, mounted on the V-16 chassis; this car was on the Cadillac stand at Earl's Court Olympia, London, in October 1930,  together with a dark blue Madame X style #4175 limousine. The special VdP car  was painted powder blue [as in the artist's view, below] with a black roof and matching fenders; styling features included slender vertical windshield posts, a flat windshield, an opening roof section above the rear seat passengers, and "suicide" rear doors reaching down to partly cover the frame rails. The descriptive text states that the car was ...supplied to The Hon. A.E. Guinness (I am guessing he was the head of the Guinness family of beer fame, and not the actor, Alec Guinness - I doubt that the latter had been already knighted by the Queen in 1931). The car found its way back to the USA and was for a while in the collections of Jack Tallman (Decatur, IL), of the late "Cadillac Jim" Pearson (Kansas City, KS) and James C. Leake (Tulsa, OK). I admired the car in Mr. Leake's workshops where it was being restored (and repainted ruby red) in 1978. I last saw it in a Dutch  museum in Holland in 2001. {*}

(8a) Brochure on Cadillac V12 models {ZTV collection}

Li31-V12.jpg (11982 bytes)


(8b) ZTV asserted (in June 95) that there exists a piece similar to #1, above, but covering only the V-16 models; it includes 4 plates, of which 2 appear also in item #1; an unknown UK collector has this one {***}

(8c) General information brochure, Why There is Something Different in a Cadillac (ZTV collection).

Li31WhyThereIs.jpg (12929 bytes)     Li31WhyThereIs2.jpg (11425 bytes)


(8d) Mailer folder, Any Time, Everywhere a Cadillac Enjoys Immediate Acceptance. Two-sided sheet, full color, three models   shown in B&W  (ZTV collection).

Li31AnyTime.jpg (75201 bytes)

Li31AnyTimeA.jpg (34840 bytes)     li31AnyTime2A.jpg (29769 bytes)


(8e) Mailer folder, A New Measure of Cadillac Performance. Two-sided sheet, two-tone, four models   shown in B&W  (ZTV collection).

li31NewMeasure.jpg (20168 bytes)

li31NewMeasureA.jpg (17010 bytes)      li31NewMeasureB.jpg (41396 bytes)


(8f) Mailer folder, Only Cadillac Can Give These Assurances. Two-sided sheet, three-tone, four models  shown in B&W  (ZTV collection).

Li31OnlyCad1.jpg (26773 bytes)      Li31OnlyCad2.jpg (32971 bytes)     Li31OnlyCad3.jpg (33266 bytes)     Li31OnlyCad4.jpg (27184 bytes)


(8g) Most spirited of all Eights: I have only this image of the piece; size and full description not available.


(9) Small V-16 introductory brochure, 12 pp., with illustrations and specifications (one of these was for sale on e-Bay in November, 2003). 

liv6smal.JPG (7582 bytes)
[ Photo: courtesy Karl Nickoloff ]


(10) 1930-31 V-16 lubrication guide

v6lilubr.jpg (5259 bytes)
[ Photo: courtesy Karl Nickoloff ]


(11b) 1930 owner's manual

li30om.jpg (44489 bytes)


(11b) 1930-31 V-16 owner's manual (one of these rare booklets was offered for sale on e-Bay in November, 2003).

li31V6om.jpg (12032 bytes)   


(11a) 1930-31 V-8, V-12, V-16 shop manual in leatherette cover.

lishop30.jpg (17368 bytes)


(12) Original designer's drawing from the coach building firm of Jacques Saoutchik, in Paris, France, The piece illustrates a custom 1931 convertible Victoria on the Cadillac V-12 chassis. The car was actually built and presented at one of Paris Concours d'Elgance by its wealthy owner. This image has been "re-constituted" from one good one and one poor one.

SAOLITV2.JPG (5572 bytes)


1931 La Salle

(1) Cadillac-LaSalle color folder entitled What Better Time Than Now, green cover features the overlapping Cadillac and LaSalle emblems, 6x8" (15x20cms), opens 6 times cover size, 21 models shown of which 6 in color {***}

(2) [Offered on Ebay, 2008] Style Leadership that does not rest on price...

li31las.jpg (4457 bytes)


(2b) This item too is from 1931, La Salle Motor Cars, 14x10", 28 pp., dated April 30, 1931 (two different versions - colors - available ?)

lils31a.JPG (5193 bytes)     li31Las2a.jpg (3187 bytes)
[ same covers, different lighting ? ]

    31las2b.jpg (5066 bytes)     31las2c.jpg (8279 bytes)


(3) [seen ZTV collection, 10/2009] The Cadillac-Built LaSalle, 4x6", 24pp.

(4) [seen ZTV collection, 10/2009] If you Owned..., 5x7", 20pp.

(5) [seen ZTV collection, 10/2009] Drive the Finest..., 6x9", 12pp. folder

(6) [seen ZTV collection, 10/2009] What Better Time Than Now..., folder  8x6" opens to 24x12", double-sided

(7) [seen ZTV collection, 10/2009] Now a LaSalle for $2195...

(8) 19431 LaSalle owner's manual






(1) Large color catalog on V-8, V-12 and V-16 models, heavy gray, felt covers, string binding, 13x15", 36 pp. plus covers,  title Cadillac between branches of large "V", 2nd title Eight, Twelve Sixteen at lower RH side, and The New Cadillac Eight Cylinders, Twelve Cylinders, Sixteen Cylinders; 15 models shown; drawing of Paris' Place Vendme (p.2), (1) 2-passenger coupe [Fisher style #178] on V-8 chassis (p.9), (2) 5-passenger sedan [Fisher style #159] on V-8 chassis (p.10), (3) 5-passenger town sedan [Fisher style #252] on V-12 chassis (p.11), (4) 5-passenger coupe [Fisher style #272] on V-8 chassis (p.12), (5) 5-passenger sport phaeton [Fisher style #279] on V-12 chassis (p.13), (6) 5-passenger phaeton [Fisher style #280] on V-12 chassis (p.14), (7) roadster [Fisher style #155] on V-16 chassis (p.15), (8) convertible coupe [Fisher style #168] on V-16 chassis (p.16), (9) all-weather phaeton [Fisher style #173] on V-8 chassis (p.17), (10) imperial sedan [Fisher style #213] on V-12 chassis (p.18), (11) special 5-passenger sedan [Fleetwood style 5140-B] on V-12 chassis (p.19), (12) 7-passenger sedan [Fisher style #212] on V-8 chassis (p.20), (13) transformable town cabriolet [Fisher style 225] on V-12 chassis (p.21), (14) De Luxe 5-passenger phaeton [Fisher style #256] on V-16 chassis (p.22), (15) town coupe [Fisher style #222] on V-16 chassis (p.23), V-8 interior (p.24), V-12 interior (p.25), V-16 interior (p.26), RH side of V-16 motor, transmission, front ensemble (p.28), [new] spring shackle, generator, LH side of V-8 engine (p.29), trunk ensemble, instrument panel, lighting control (p.30), ride regulator (p.31), printed USA December, 1931{*}

li32.jpg (2407 bytes)     li32b.jpg (4934 bytes)     li32c.JPG (4536 bytes)
From L to R: catalog cover, part of title page, Fisher sport phaeton


(2) Small, color catalog of V-12 and V-16 models entitled The Eloquent Truth on plain white cover, 6x8"(16x22cms), 8 pages plus covers, white cover, with blue lettering, has three art renderings, illustrates the V-16 town car in black and a V-12 sedan in blue {***}

li32452b370b.jpg (3027 bytes)     li32v12v16.jpg (4662 bytes)


(3) Large, color portfolio of Fleetwood V-8, V-12 and V-16 models entitled Fleetwood Custom Coachwork, couple standing by blue sedan on cover, 12x16" (30x40cms), 8 pages plus covers.  This portfolio presents eight exquisite Fleetwood creations each in a 4-page folder; these comprise a cover page with a decorative center medallion executed in a pastel shade of blue and encircled by the Fleetwood wreath; below it is the name of the body style (e.g. Fleetwood 5-passenger Convertible Coupe); on the inside cover is a stunning artist's rendering of the sixteen-cylinder version of that body style (front 3/4 view of the RH side);  the third page comprises a LH side elevation done in pastel shades of blue and white with, below it, a summary description of the model and its special features; on the last page is a beautiful artist's impression of the car's interior, viewed form the left, as well as a plan view of the seating arrangements done also in pastel shades of blue and white, surrounded by a textual description of the car's interior features.  The eight folders describe (1) the V-16 5-pass. convertible coupe, (2) the V-16 7-pass Transformable Limousine Brougham (town car), (3) the V-16 5-pass. Transformable Town Cabriolet (town car), (4) the V-16 7-pass. Transformable Town cabriolet (town car), (5) the V-16 5-pass. Sedan, (6) the V-16 7-pass. Limousine, (7) the V-16 7-pass. Sedan, and  (8)  the V-16 5-pass. Town Coupe. Believe me, this is a truly sensational automotive literature item.

li32v6a.jpg (3688 bytes)     li32v6b.jpg (2450 bytes)     li32v6c.jpg (3129 bytes)

v632tcp.JPG (9276 bytes)     v632c5i.JPG (7026 bytes)

v632s7.JPG (8312 bytes)

v632vica.JPG (6289 bytes)     v632tc7a.JPG (7127 bytes)

li32V6vign1.jpg (2840 bytes)     li32V6vign2.jpg (4064 bytes)
Illustrations from the sumptuous 1932 Fleetwood portfolio


(3a) As above but in an original presentation box. One such RARE boxed set is in the collection of Matthew Sonfield, a collector of fine and rare automobile sales literature.

(4) Fleetwood catalog entitled The Book of Fleetwood with cover showing interwoven Cadillac and LaSalle emblems {***}

(5) Small Cadillac-LaSalle color catalog, A Presentation of Four Completely New Cadillac and LaSalle Motor Cars. As above but with burgundy-colored card cover and flap, Cadillac and La Salle crests in gold with gold swirl, 28 pages plus card covers, same inner cover as above (formally-dressed crowd), 7x9" (18x23cms), illustrated are (1) Fisher V-8 La Salle convertible coupe,  (2) Fisher V-8  La Salle 5-pass. sedan, (3) Fisher V-8 La Salle 7-pass. sedan,  (4) Fisher V-8 Cadillac 7-pass. limousine, (5) Fisher V-8 Cadillac 5-pass. phaeton, (6) Fisher V-8 Cadillac 2-pass. coupe, (7) Fisher V-12 Cadillac 5-pass. town sedan, (8) Fisher V-12 Cadillac all-weather phaeton, (9) Fisher V-12 Cadillac 7-pass. sedan, (10) Fisher V-16 Cadillac 2-pass. roadster,  (11) Fleetwood V-16 Cadillac 5-pass. town coupe and (12) Fisher V-16 Cadillac standard phaeton. Also shown are some of the technical features of the 1932 models.

li33Prsntation.jpg (76804 bytes)     v632tc2.JPG (15929 bytes)
Inner front page of item (5) and artist's view of 7-pass. Town Car


(5a) Color folder (as shown), depicting 4 models and some mechanical features (LaSalle conv. cpe., , Cadillac V8 conv. cpe., , V12 Sedan/Limo and V16 town car (actually a V12 is shown)

33FldPrsntation.jpg (79345 bytes)


(6) Cadillac-LaSalle color catalog entitled A thrilling Experience Awaits You, lavender, silver and black cover, 6x8" (16x20cms), 16 pages plus covers, two models illustrated.

li32ThrillEx.jpg (101875 bytes)

Li32Thril2.jpg (68150 bytes)     li32Thrill3.jpg (56326 bytes)     li32thrill5.jpg (26806 bytes)

      li32Thril6.jpg (35176 bytes)     li32Thrill4.jpg (70539 bytes)      li32thrill7.jpg (33069 bytes)


(6a) Cadillac-LaSalle full-color folder entitled Standard of the World, white cover with full color rectangular vignette in the center;  6 x 9 inches (opens to 25  x 19), shows one V-16, one V-8, two V-12s and one La Salle; includes concept and design information, list of models and prices.

32fldr2.jpg (5810 bytes)     32fldr.jpg (6436 bytes)


(6b) Part color folder on V-12 models entitled  + 12 Cylinder Performance;  the cover features two, large, red circles on a black background; the top one has a large "+" sign, the lower one an equally large number "12", in white. Illustrated inside are a blue AWP (all-weather phaeton), a yellow 2-pass. coupe and a red 5-pass. sedan (*}

liv232f.jpg (6144 bytes)    liv232a.jpg (5567 bytes)

liv232e.jpg (8442 bytes)

liv232d.jpg (8558 bytes)     liv232c.jpg (9053 bytes)


(7) Cadillac-LaSalle color folder entitled Let's go Adventuring, animals on gold cover, 9x9" (24x24cms), opens 4 times cover size, four Cadillacs and one LaSalle model illustrated {***}

(8) [incorporated in description of item 1, above]

(8a) Cadillac-LaSalle dealer mailer folder entitled A New Interpretation, blue cover with full color views inside of Town Car and Town Sedan

li32newi.jpg (4382 bytes)     li32new2.jpg (4992 bytes)


(8b) Full color folder on sixteen-cylinder models entitled Let's go Advertising, printed on both sides, circa 9x9", opens to four times cover size; illegible text in these computer images from an auction item on eBay, in April 2006:

Li32sxteenA.jpg (16758 bytes)     li32sxteenB.jpg (11618 bytes)     Li32SxteenC.jpg (9201 bytes)


(9) Catalog 17x24cms, 36 pages [pf], red & gold cover, Cadillac & LaSalle crest (center), title Exclusive Cadillac Accessories; illustrations include (1) V-12 roadster, + side wings (p.4), (2) V-12 phaeton + wheel discs (p.5), (3) V-8 convertible coupe + Pilot Ray lights (p.6), (4) V-12 all-weather phaeton + trunk (p.7), (5) V-8 2-passenger coupe + radio (p.8), (6) V-8 5-passenger coupe + draft deflectors (p.9), (7) V-12 town coupe + trunk (p.10), (8) V-8 town sedan + trunk (p.11), (9) V-12 sedan + trunk (p.12), (10) V-16 imperial + robes (p.13), radio (p.14), Pilot Ray + Lorraine lights (p.15), heron + goddess ornaments (p.16), wheel discs (p.17), trunks (pp.18-19), cases (p.20), windshield wings (p.21), tire covers (p.22), mirrors (p.23), hot water heaters (p.24), hot air heaters (p.25), robes (pp.26-27), license plate frames (p.28), tire chains (p.29), seat covers + upkeep kit (p.30), breeze filters + protection bars (p.31), price list (p.32), issue April 1932 {*} [ excellent repro copy available: $30 ]

(10) Folder, 30x19cms (opens to 45x54cms) on Cadillac V-8, V-12, V-16 and LaSalle V-8 models Silver cover with pastel pink, yellow, green floral design, entitled Why Deny Yourself the Pleasure?. Inside first fold: blue LaSalle 7-passenger sedan, 2nd fold has four smaller LaSalle views (rear, front grille, rear interior and V-8 engine); fully open folder shows yellow-green Cadillac V-8 convertible coupe (top), orange Cadillac V-12 all-weather phaeton with tan top (center) and blue Cadillac V-16 town coupe (bottom) {*}

li32g.jpg (4626 bytes)


(11) Part color brochure: Most Spirited of All Cadillac Eights in upper left triangle of cover, bird's eye view of yellow and black sedan on winding mountain road (lower right triangle), measures 5x7", 8 pages. Heavy stock cover, quality gloss paper. Four photos of Cadillac V-8 models, interior trim, engine. Lists also V-12 and V-16 models and price ranges {***}

(11a) Small mailer piece, possibly European, entitled What is your Opinion, blue cover with gray, ornate stripe at left, 12 pages, 8x4" (22x10cms), four models shown {***}

li32mlr.jpg (5641 bytes)     Li32opi2.jpg (5394 bytes)


(11b) Cadillac Eight, Twelve, Sixteen, reproduction catalog [unmarked as such] by Heritage House, Temple City, CA; printed in the early seventies, 8x11", 36pp., gray cover, includes   B&W artist's views of V-8 2-pass. coupe, V-8 standard 5-pass. sedan, V-12 5-pass. town sedan, V-8 5-pass. coupe, V-12 5-pass. sport phaeton, V-12 5-pass. phaeton, V-16 roadster, V-16 convertible coupe, V-8 all-weather phaeton, V-12 imperial sedan, V-12 5-pass. sedan, V-8 7-pass. sedan, V-12 town car, V-16 De Luxe 5-pass. phaeton, V-16 town coupe, as well as three interior layouts and other construction details [ excellent example available: $30 ]

li32copy.jpg (4363 bytes)


(11c) Catalog of special features of the new 1932  models (V-8, V-12, V-16 and LaSalle V-8)

Li32feat.jpg (4348 bytes)     Li32fea2.jpg (7001 bytes)     Li32fea3.jpg (4670 bytes)


(11d) Sales presentation album (Cadillac Dealer Data Book?), circa 230 (240?) pp. Original salesman's data book , 4.5 x 6" . This book was produced by the factory in limited numbers and used by the salesmen and dealers only . It includes detailed features , illustrations , options , interior and exterior vehicle illustrations , dimensions , mechanical components , descriptions , complete specifications , etc . Most everything the salesmen would need to sell the vehicles is included .

(11e)  This is an original USA specifications data book for 1932 Cadillac & LaSalle. Leatherette-bound manual,  9 x 11", 101pp . Contains 73 pages of technical specifications, and 28 pages with full-page car illustrations. Includes coverage for the LaSalle V8, and Cadillac V8, V12 and V16.

(12a) Accessories catalog for 1932:

li32acc.jpg (5880 bytes)
[ sample page ]


(12b) Owner's manuals (the manual for the V-16, right, below, is very rare:

li32om.JPG (2632 bytes)     li32OMv6.JPG (47931 bytes)    


(12c) Shop manual for V-8, V-12 and V-16 models.

li32shop.jpg (43524 bytes)


1932 La Salle

(1) Buff (or pinkish) cover featuring Sieur LaSalle, oxblood color, entitled New LaSalle V-8.  Illustrated are (1) a dark gray 7-passenger sedan by Fisher, (2) a beige 7-passenger imperial sedan with brown roof, (3) a pale green 5-passenger sedan with dark green roof, (4) a turquoise or pale green 5- passenger town sedan with dark blue roof, (5) a green 2-passenger rumble seat coupe with dark green roof, (6) a 2-tone brown close-coupled 5-passenger coupe, (7) a beige 2-passenger convertible coupe with brown fenders; also shown are interior views of a beige La Salle 5-passenger sedan with red carpeting and a yellow 2-passenger convertible coupe with a red interior {***}

Lils31c.jpg (6996 bytes)     lils31b.jpg (7096 bytes)


(1) Owner/operator's manual for the 1932 La Salle

LI32LSOM.JPG (3695 bytes)





(1b) Probably the finest and rarest item of cadillac literature for 1933 is this greenish leather-bound dealer's album from the Fleetwood Custom Body Division.  There are many proposals; some were built, others not). Measuring 15x9", with 46 pages, it shows the range of V8, V12 and V16 models. I have yet to see one "in the flesh". Info and the few pics shown here are from one such item that was offered for sale by Johnson's Auto Literature in Framingham, MA. in July 2012. A less luxurious version was published the same year and included these photos of dawings. These models are included:  (1) 2p. Conv. Cpe with concealed top, (2) 2p. Coupe, (3)  2p. Sport Conv. cpe, (4) 2p. Sport cpe, (5) 5p. Cabriolet, (6)

  • 5 Passenger Close Coupled Imperial

  • 5 Passenger Imperial

  • 5 Passenger Imperial Cabriolet

  • 5 Passenger Imperial Cabriolet w/ Collapsible Rear Quarters

  • 5 Passenger Phaeton

  • 5 Passenger Sedan

  • 5 Passenger Sport Imperial

  • 5 Passenger Town Coupe

  • 5 Passenger Town Imperial

  • 7 Passenger Imperial Cabriolet

  • 7 Passenger Limousine

  • 7 Passenger Limousine Brougham

  • 7 Passenger Touring Car

  • 7 Passenger Town Cabriolet

  • 7 Passenger Town Cabiolet Fully Collapsible

  • 7 Passenger Town Cabriolet with Quarter Windows

  • All Weather Phaeton

  • All Weather Sport Phaeton

  • Convertible 4 Passenger Coupe

  • Convertible 5 Passenger Coupe

  • Convertible Phaeton

  • Roadster with Concealed Top (This page has been trimmed)

  • Sport Phaeton

  • Sport Phaeton with Concealed Top

  • Town Brougham, Cane Panelling, with Opera Seats

  • Town Brougham with Opera Seats

  • Town Cabriolet with Opera Seats


(1b) Large color catalog on V-8 and V-12 models entitled The Distinguished Cadillac Family, colored cover, elegant family with dog, 11x14" (28x36cms), 20 pages plus covers, eleven models illustrated.  I believe this catalog came in the presentation portfolio described at (1a), below; however, it is rare to find it in the original portfolio {*}

li33pf3.JPG (8455 bytes)


(1a) [acquired from antique dealer in Holland, 11/2000, for ZTV collection] large color catalog (as above) but enclosed in an off-white/light-gray portfolio with an ornate cotton and silk ribbon running through both portfolio covers and forming a bow to hold the flaps closed at RH side.  On the inside flap (LH side), held down by the described ribbon, is a large foldout, circa 11x14", opening out to 22x28", printed on three sides with gilt framing, crest and floral decorations (top); title is Foreword and starts Admirable as have been Cadillac achievements in former years, it may be said with complete justification that never before has Cadillac offered such consummate luxury in transportation as it now presents in its new series...; the reverse of the folder carries this inscription:  Copyright 1933, Cadillac Motor Car Company, Detroit, Division of General Motors. On the inside flap (RH side), also held down by the ribbon, is the large, full-color catalog described in part at (1), above. The cover (p.1) carries the title, The Distinguished Cadillac Family, and illustrates in full color an elegantly attired family group consisting of four adults (the parents and grandparents?) two pre-teen children and a German hound; behind them may be seen the front of a blue convertible or all-weather phaeton and part of a dark brown sedan style; p.2 is blank; in an oval-shaped medallion on p.3 stands the French adventurer, Antoine de Lamothe Cadillac (?), sword in hand, behind a large, stylized family crest on which the traditional merlettes, or martins, appear more as swans in flight; the next eleven pages illustrate (in the top half) an equal number of 1933 body styles by both Fisher and Fleetwood; below is a descriptive text and; to the RH side of the RH pages and LH side of the LH pages is an art deco, full color vignette showing the car, or part of the car, in a typical situation for that particular model. (1) On p.4 is (my guess) Fleetwood style #5425 town car on the V-12 chassis (The Transformable Town Cabriolet); the vignette shows the front of the car and a big city back drop; (2) on p.5 is Fisher style #279, the sport phaeton for 5-passengers with dual cowl and folding windshield, mounted on the V-12 chassis (33-12-279); the vignette features the car at a garden party or formal sporting event;  (3) on p.6 is Fisher style #272, the coupe for 5-passengers, mounted on the V-8 chassis (33-8-272), shown below at an art gallery or museum; (4) on p.7 is Fisher style #168, the convertible coupe for 2-passengers, mounted on the V-12 chassis (33-12-168), with a scene from the horse races (no car shown);  (5) on p.8 is Fisher style #155, the smart roadster for 2-passengers, mounted on the V-8 chassis (33-8-155), with a scene from a yacht regatta (no car shown); (6) on p.9 is Fisher style #263, a spacious limousine for 7-passengers, mounted on the V-12 chassis (33-12-263); below is a rear view of the car, outside a hotel with two chauffeurs chatting; (7) on p.10 is Fisher style #273, the all-weather phaeton, mounted on the V-8 chassis (33-8-273); shown below is the front clip, outside a large stadium; (8) on p.11 is Fisher style #252, the smart roadster for 2-passengers, mounted on the V-12 chassis (33-12-252), with a beach scene below (no car); (9) on p.12 is Fisher style #259, the sedan for 5-passengers, mounted on the V-12 chassis (33-12-259), with an elegantly attired couple and castle below; (10) on p.13 is Fisher style #262, the smart roadster for 2-passengers, mounted on the V-8 chassis (33-8-268), with a scene from winter sports below (no car); (11) on p.14 is Fisher style #178, the coupe for two passengers, mounted on the V-8 chassis (33-8-178), with two elegantly dressed ladies seated in an airport (?) lounge; on p.15 is illustrated a typical Fisher interior design for a large, V-12 sedan style; on p.16 is illustrated Fisher's new, individually controlled "no-draft" ventilation system, consisting of crank-controlled vents in the front doors and rear quarter windows (another Cadillac first); pp. 17-20 provide mechanical features and specifications; illustrated in these pages are the V-8 and V-12 engines, Cadillac's own patented Triple-Silent Syncro-Mesh transmission, the dash panel, rear-end ensemble, Super-Safe lighting system and exclusive, new Ride Regulator with seven different adjustments, according to the kind of road surface encountered. On p.21 is described the Cadillac service program, as well as the GMAC deferred payment plan (such credit facilities had been offered by Cadillac since 1929). On the penultimate page (actually the interior of the rear cover) is an announcement:  A new policy limits the Cadillac V-16 to four hundred cars for 1933; in addressing the "relatively few" for whom the super-car was destined, Cadillac promises to build for this unusual clientele the sum of four hundred automobiles.  In fact, Cadillac broke that promise as only 125 out of the promised 400 cars were actually built on the V-16 chassis that year. It was nice to know, nonetheless, that one could  (if one had the means) acquire a Fleetwood custom creation serially numbered from '1' to '400' inclusive, with one's name and the serial number engraved on a special plate and fixed to the car as an integral part of its composition... {*}

Li33Prstge1.jpg (22365 bytes)     Li33Prstge2.jpg (42850 bytes)
Left: embossed cover of portfolio, with ornate crest on gold background
Right: the portfolio, opened, with retaining cotton and silk ribbon


(2) Large, part-color catalog on V-16 models entitled Individual Body Styles, dark purple cover with silver title and embossed Fleetwood oval plate, 9x11" (23x29cms), 40pp. plus covers, 46 models on black backgrounds [not all built]. Illustrated are styles 5502 roadster [not built], 5560 sport phaeton [not built], (1) 5559 sport phaeton [1 built], 5558 5-passenger phaeton [not built], 5557 7-passenger touring car [not built], (2) 5579 all-weather phaeton [8 built], 5580 convertible phaeton [not built], 5578 all-weather sport phaeton [not built], 5535 2-passenger convertible coupe [not built], 5536 2-passenger convertible coupe [not built], 5586 4-passenger convertible coupe [not built], (3) 5585 5-passenger convertible coupe [2 built], (4) 5576 2-passenger coupe [2 built], 5577 2-passenger sport coupe [not built], (5) 5581 5-passenger town coupe [4 built], (6) 5561 5-passenger close coupled imperial [1 sedan style 5561S built], 5563 5-passenger sport imperial [not built], (7) 5533 5-passenger town imperial [6 sedan styles 5533S built], 5545 5-passenger imperial cabriolet [not built], (8) 5555 5-passenger imperial cabriolet [2 built], (9) 5555C 5-passenger imperial cabriolet with collapsible rear quarters [1 built], (10) 5530FL 5-passenger imperial cabriolet [1 built], (11) 5540 5-passenger imperial cabriolet [2 sedan styles 5540S built], (12) 5575FL 7-passenger imperial cabriolet [3 built], (13) 5574 7-passenger imperial cabriolet [1 built], (14) 5531 5-passenger imperial [3 built], (15) 5530S 5-passenger sedan [3 built], 5532 5-passenger imperial [not built], 5566 7-passenger limousine [not built], 5565 7-passenger limousine [not built], (16) 5575 7-passenger limousine [32 built, as well as 21 sedan styles 5575S], (17) 5573 7-passenger limousine [2 built], (18) 5512 town car with opera seats [1 built], 5513 town car with opera seats [not built], 5514 town car with opera seats [not built], (19) 5525 7-passenger town car [3 built], (20) 5524 7-passenger town car [1 built], 5526 7-passenger town car [not built], (21) 5591 7-passenger limousine brougham [4 built], 5590 7-passenger limousine brougham [not built], 5592 7-passenger limousine brougham [not built], (22) 5520 7-passenger town car [1 built], 5521 7-passenger town car [not built], 5564 town brougham with opera seats [not built], 5564B town brougham with opera seats [not built], 5550 7-passenger fully-collapsible town car [not built], interior style 320A, interior style 320B, interior style 320, interior style 321 interior style 322, interior style 323, interior style 324, interior style 325, interior style 326, interior style 327, interior style 328, interior style 329 {*}[ repro item available in excellent condition: $35 ]

li33-16aa.jpg (87490 bytes)     li33-16aa2.jpg (89261 bytes)
This is the original, with silver embossed title and "Fleetwood" logo
[ZTV collection]


(3) Part-color catalog on V-16, white cover with V-16 in gold shield with crown, 8x11" (22x29cms), 8 pages plus covers, town coupe illustrated on gold and white center pages {***}

(3a) Ultra-rare portfolio of technical photos of V-16 chassis and engine by Anton Bruehl, 11x13", 16 pp. entitled  The chassis of the V-16.  Only 5000 copies were printed, with high quality industrial design photography by Anton Bruehl [reproduced in Roy Schneider's book, pp. 210-225].

libruehl.jpg (2310 bytes)     librueh2.jpg (3334 bytes)     16brlbey.jpg (16525 bytes)


(3b) Book of  Fleetwood, for 1933. Issued on   January 4, 1933, and published by General Mortors. It covers the V-8 and V12 models. Measuring  8x11", it has 35 pp. describing the early custom designed bodies and features available in the 1933 Fleetwood line. Includes specs, seasting plans, upholstery choices and all body measurements. Extra charges are listed for all the options and installation times are given. It also shows the different body styles for the cars.

(4) Part-color Cadillac and LaSalle booklet entitled Features of Construction; cover shows part of gold car in oval with embossed gold lettering on black cover, 8x11" (22x29cms), 138 (38?) pages plus covers, ten Cadillacs and seven LaSalles shown {***}

(5) Cadillac V-8 and V-12, and LaSalle color catalog; cover shows the respective emblems and car names on a red and black (also blue and black?) cover; size 8x12" (22x32cms), 20 pages plus covers, six Cadillacs and three LaSalles shown, as well as optional accessories {***}

li33v812.jpg (5934 bytes)     li33v81i.jpg (5516 bytes)

li33bv81c.jpg (5174 bytes)     li33v8ih.jpg (5152 bytes)

LI33812A.JPG (4887 bytes)     LI33812B.JPG (5181 bytes)


(5a) Cadillac V-8 and V-12, and LaSalle color catalog; cover shows the respective emblems and car names on a blue and black cover; size 8x12" (22x32cms), 20 pages plus covers, six Cadillacs and three LaSalles shown, as well as optional accessories.

(6) Cadillac V-8, V-12 and LaSalle color catalog; cover shows the respective emblems on blue and black covers, 8x12" (22x32cms), 20 pp. plus covers, 11 pages of text spread through catalog; shown are red LaSalle 5-passenger sedan, purple LaSalle convertible coupe, green LaSalle town coupe, orange and tan Cadillac V-8 all-weather phaeton, maroon Cadillac V-8 7-passenger sedan, dark blue Cadillac V-8 2-passenger coupe, black Cadillac V-12 town car, green and olive Cadillac V-12 5-passenger town sedan, dark blue Cadillac V-12 5-passenger sedan. I have added to my copy the following illustrations of Cadillac models from another 1933 piece:  gray and blue 2-passenger roadster, olive 7-passenger imperial, blue-green convertible coupe, brown 5-passenger coupe, brown and gray 5-passenger phaeton {*}

(6a) Cadillac V-8, V-12 and LaSalle color folder, Let's not deceive Ourselves, 4 illustrations inside (same as previous item), plus the V8 7-pass. sedan in red; inside banner reads: "Enriched in Quality ... Reduced in Price

Li33LetsNot.jpg (91703 bytes)     33deceive3.jpg (73448 bytes)

33Deceive1.jpg (73984 bytes)     33deceive2.jpg (77533 bytes)

33deceive4.jpg (75715 bytes)     33deceive5.jpg (73104 bytes)


(6b) Cadillac and LaSalle

li33Leader1.jpg (123582 bytes)

      Li33Leader2.jpg (70455 bytes)      Li33Leader3.jpg (52598 bytes)      Li33Leader4.jpg (49811 bytes)      li33Leader5.jpg (56396 bytes)     


(7) Cadillac and LaSalle part color portfolio entitled Presenting for your Personal Consideration, black, brown & yellow cover with emblem, 8x11" (20x28cms), 5 plates showing three models {seen in ZTV collection}

li33A.jpg (5829 bytes)     li33B.jpg (6855 bytes)


(7a) Original part-color sales portfolio,  pastel green/yellow cover, entitled Presenting for your Personal Consideration, [lf],: includes 4 non color plates , 10.5 x 7.5", also original cardboard folder , 11 x 8" folded , 22 x 8" unfolded. The plates show a LaSalle V8 Town Sedan, Cadillac V8 Convertible Coupe, V12 Sedan  and Front View of V12 Sedan. The prices of all Cadillac V12, V8 and LaSalle models appear on the reverse of the plates. Describes also the No-Draft ventilation

li33Pres1.jpg (102174 bytes)

      li33Pres2.jpg (87085 bytes)     li33Pres3.jpg (96589 bytes)

li33Pres4.jpg (85667 bytes)     li33Pres5.jpg (91959 bytes)   

li33v8price.jpg (38027 bytes)    li33V12price.jpg (155029 bytes)


(9)  Small booklet, 12 pp., 7x10 inches entitled  Why a Demonstration tells the Story....  It describes the new V-12 town sedan and talks about full range ride regulation, extremely restful interior construction, new Fisher no-draft ventilation, triple-silent Syncro-mesh transmission, new more rigid front end construction, improved cast molybdenum safety brakes, remarkable driving ease and convenience.  This brochure, which addresses the lady driver in particular, tells us that the V-12 is available this year in ten Fisher styles and six custom styles by Fleetwood.  The V-8 is said to be offered also in ten Fisher and six custom Fleetwood styles.  As for the V-16 it is made only to individual order and its production for 1933 is limited to 400 cars.  In fact only 126 were built in total {*}

(9a)  Small catalog mailer about the need to prepare your Cadillac-LaSalle car before going on a vacation [no other details currently available] {***}.

li33mlr.jpg (9657 bytes)


(9b)  Catalog, The Finest Motors ever built for any Motor Car, 8.5x11", 8 pp., plus covers, black, silver & blue printing. Describes and illustrates V-16, V-12 and V-8 motors. No cars are illustrated, only the engines.  The piece is undated but the owner dates it from 1933, based on this text: It has now been eighteen years since Cadillac began producing V-type engines... (indeed, Cadillac made the first V-8 engine in 1915). The LaSalle is included also in the V-type discussion.

Li33x.jpg (3695 bytes)    Li33x2.jpg (7489 bytes)
Description and scan of cover, above, from Matthew Sonfield,
collector of fine classic automobile literature.


(9c)  The quasi annual Book of Fleetwood is much sought after by collectors of Cadillac and La Salle sales literature, as it illustrates the bulk of body styles built or proposed each year to the firm's discerning clientele.


(9d)  A photograpic portrait of the sixteen cylinder engine by Anton Bruel

(10) Service folder, 23x30cm, 4 pp. [pf], green upper and red lower cover featuring bird's eye view of "V-8" 7-passenger sedan , title The Cadillac Service Man Wishes You - Many Happy Miles Throughout the New Year - 1933, two inner pages recommend valve regrinding and brake lining replacement {***}

(11)  Owner's manual for the 1933 V-16 models:

li33V6om.jpg (13807 bytes)     li33V6om2.jpg (8844 bytes)
[ unfortunately, scanning this rare item only gave these poor results ]


(11a)  Here's a PC from the Vanderbilt mansion in NY state; it depicts the family's 1933 V-16 formal sedan for 5 passengers.  Only one of these was built in 1933; it was Fleetwood style #5530FL.

V16vdblt.jpg (12884 bytes)


(12)  Brochure on the GM exhibit building at the 1933 Chicago World's Fair, where Cadillac exhibited the first, prototype aerodynamic coupe ]

li33gm.jpg (5591 bytes).


(12a) Unusual Cadillac piece, large size, 9x12", shiny covers, is a schedule and roster for 1932 Cadillac Merit Men meeting in Chicago  at Chicago World's Fair, Century of Progress in 1933, 12 pp. + covers.  Honors the top Cadillac salesmen nationwide at an annual convention. Only Cadillac's new concept car (the 1933 aerodynamic coupe) is shown, exhibited in the entrance hall.

                li33cen2.JPG (6060 bytes)     li33cen1.JPG (3015 bytes)     li33cen4.JPG (7453 bytes)     li33cen3.JPG (7251 bytes)
Far right, flash has spoiled photo of entrance hall and prototype Cadillac  (3rd image from left)


(12a) Another unusual Cadillac piece (probably made up); it's a simple scrap book in a leatherette binder containing a few photos and cuttings relating to the Wold's Fair aerodynamic coupe


(13) Leather-bound book, "Features" of the Cadillac V-8, V-12 and V-16 models, plus the La Salle models. Gold-embossed Cadillac front clip and title [this info and photo from friend and Cadillac literature collector, Karl Nickoloff, 8/2002]

li33feat.jpg (10482 bytes)


(14) Operator's manual for Cadillac V8 models

33_v8OM.jpg (8889 bytes)


1933 La Salle

(1) Seen ZTV collection 9/94; 15x13". 20pp. plus covers; one auxiliary equipment sheet. Beautiful art work

     li33ls.jpg (5087 bytes)


(2) Non-technical, purely artistic catalog entitled La Salle, (inner title reads La Salle  - Youthful Aristocrat of Motordom - by Cadillac, measures 10x8, 12 pp. plus covers, has color illustrations of five models in modern scenes including the 5-pass. town sedan, 5-pass. sedan, convertible coupe, 7-pass. sedan and 2-pass. coupe; other pages have color art scenes of La Salle the explorer. Content details and scans of cover and inner sample page, below, from Matthew Sonfield, collector of fine classic automobile literature.

LI33LAS.JPG (4041 bytes)     33LASIMA.JPG (7069 bytes)
At the right is a typical illustration that Matthew selected for us from this colorful catalog;
below is an enlarged view of the sporty  La Salle convertible coupe featured above in a seaside setting 

33LASIM2.JPG (9149 bytes)


(3) 1933 La Salle operator's manual

33LaSOM.jpg (7327 bytes)


(--) Acquired from Cadillac Public Relations, in 1994, a B&W photo of a catalog illustration of the La Salle 5-passenger sedan.





(1) Set of seven stiff, color folders on V-8 models each about 5x10" (11x25cms)opening to twice the cover size; they include (1) blue 5-passenger town coupe [have only reproduction copy], (2) red 5-passenger convertible sedan, (3) brown 7-passenger sedan, (4) black 5-passenger sedan [have only reproduction copy], (5) yellow 2-passenger convertible coupe, (6) green 5-passenger town sedan, (7) tan 2-passenger coupe [have only reproduction copy].

(2) Portfolio (probably a dealer piece) A Special Presentation of Fleetwood Custom Coachcraft for the Cadillac V-8, V-12 and V-16, 13x4" (33x10cms), 26 plates {*** info from ZTV, 1990, who saw in Andreas Jucker collection, Basel, Switzerland); Taylor believes it may be a dealer piece}.

(3) 1934 Book of Fleetwood, extremely rare, dealer book, 8x11" (22x28cms), 71 pp. plus covers, has designers' drawings and line drawings of 6133S V-12 5-passenger town sedan [also 6033S and 6233S], 6130S V-12 5-passenger sedan [also 6030S and 6230S], 6130FL V-12 5-passenger imperial cabriolet [also 6030FL and 6230FL], 6075S V-12 7-passenger sedan [also 6075S and 6275S], 6175 V-12 7-passenger limousine [also 6075 and 6275], 6175FL V-12 7-passenger imperial cabriolet [also 6075FL and 6275FL], 5876 V-16 stationary coupe [also 5676 and 5776], 5835 V-16 convertible coupe [also 5635 and 5735], 5880 V-16 convertible sedan [also 5689 and 5780], 5885 V-16 5-passenger convertible coupe [also 5685 and 5785], 5833S V-16 special 5-passenger town sedan [also 5633S and 5733S], 5830S V-16 special 5-passenger sedan [also 5630S and 5730S], 5830FL special 5-passenger imperial cabriolet [also 5630FL and 5730FL], 5875S special V-16 7-passenger sedan [also 5675S and 5775S], 5875 special V-16 7-passenger limousine, [also 5675 and 5775], 5875FL special V-16 7-passenger imperial cabriolet [also 5675FL and 5775FL], 5899 aero-dynamic V-16 5-passenger coupe [also 5699 and 5799], 5812 V-16 5-passenger town car [also 5612 and 5712], 5825 V-16 7-passenger town car [also 5625 and 5725], 5891 V-16 7-passenger limousine brougham [also 5691 and 5791], 5812MB V-16 5-passenger town brougham [also 5612MB and 5712MB], 5820 V-16 7-passenger town car with quarter windows [also 5620 and 5720], 5612C V-16 5-passenger town car with collapsible rear quarters [also 5612C and 5712C]; also shown are Fleetwood upholstery methods 401, 402 and 401A as well as interior styling patterns 403, 404, 405, 406 and 407; removable town car roofs, interiors of convertible coupe, stationary coupe, 5 and 7 passenger sedans, trunk spare wheel storage, special features list, trunk rack, two special Fleetwood customs for the V-16 chassis, style 5802 [also 5602 and 5702] and 5859 [also 5659 and 5759]; neither style was ever built1;   final page shows body measurements.
1 in the late eighties, under the able guidance of former Cadillac designer Strother McMinn, master restorer Fran(cis) Roxas of Allsip, IL, created modern "replicas" of these two Fleetwood proposed styles (#5802 and #5859) on   regular V-16 chassis; actually, I think "fake" is more appropriate than "replica", because you can't "replicate" something that never existed.

li34FltBka.jpg (37100 bytes)     li34FltBk2.jpg (26126 bytes)


(3a) [notified by ZTV in 5/2000 - reported to be in a collection in Switzerland] 1934 Cadillac Fleetwood catalogue, no text on cover, 15 x 9.+ inches, tied with a cord , 54 pages (2 of text, 26 single-sided pages on the V-16 cars and 6 on the V-12 models.  The bodies shown are the same as in the other Fleetwood catalogue that follows the 1933 format). This item was printed in the USA; it appears from the text that it was addressed to the prospective purchaser and not to a dealer {***}.

(4) Color folder on V-8 and V-12 models, people in 17th century attire on cover, 4x8" (11x20cms), opens 8 times cover size, 1 green V-8 sedan and 1 red V-12 sedan illustrated.

(5) Color catalog of V-8 models entitled Today the Difference is Greater than Ever, emblem on maroon and yellow covers, 8x9", 12p. in graduating sizes, including covers, three Series 10 models {*** Tuthill list}.

Li34toda.jpg (3271 bytes)


(5a) Color catalog on the Cadillac Series 60 and 65 models. {***}

(6) Color folder on V-8 models entitled Cadillac offers so Much More for so Little More, emblem on red, white and blue cover, 9x10" (24x25cms), opens 3 times cover size, 7 models illustrated {*** Tuthill list}.

(7) Booklet, 4x8" (12x21cms), 8p. [pf], Wm. Shakespeare on cover, title Just once in the History... [*** ZTV collection}.

(8) Booklet, 4x7" (12x19cms), 12pp. [pf], title Cadillac now Offers an Entirely New Standard... [*** ZTV collection. Describes and illustrates new Knee Action" suspension system [Internet auction - 2/1999].

(9) Price list of 1934 models of Dutch Cadillac representative, K. Landeweer, 15x11 cms., 4 pp. [excellent one available: $19].

(10) Unidentified Fisher Body brochure issued for General Motors' Century of Progress exhibit at the World's Fair, Chicago, 1934.

li34fshr.JPG (10719 bytes)


(10a) GM stockholders catalog, 8x5" includes also information/pics of other GM vehicles. Typical LaSalle and Cadillac models are shown (below)

LI34GMA.JPG (3446 bytes)     li34gmb.jpg (10762 bytes)

li34gmc.jpg (12075 bytes)


(10b) Artists print of a Fleetwood town car body style.  This is an original sketch that was offered for sale on Ebay in 2009. This and other sktches like it were later used in the annual "Book of Fleetwood" that illustarted and described Fleetwood's new creations for the year. Not sure how many years were issued; I have seen them for 1929, 1933, 1934 and 1936.

v6_34TCcardA.jpg (6665 bytes)     v6_34TCcard2.jpg (13765 bytes)


(10b) Here's something different: a huge billboard advertising the 1934 LaSalle models from the Don Lee showrooms in San Francisco.


(11) Leather-bound book, Features of Construction, with gold-embossed  name (Cadillac) and art deco crest [this info and photo from friend and Cadillac literature collector, Karl Nickoloff, 8/2002]

li30sfea.jpg (12412 bytes)


(12) Owners' manual

om348_12.jpg (3607 bytes)
This manual covers V-8 and V-12 operation


(12a) 1934 Cadillac Features booklet, non-color catalog , 4 x6", 12 pages.  No body styles are illustrated, only the year's special features.

Li34ftrs.jpg (3812 bytes)     Li34ftr2.jpg (8831 bytes)


(12b) Suspension engineering booklet,  buff cover with text and superimposed Cadillac and LaSalle logos in color, 6 x 4 ", 12 pp., entitled Cadillac now offers an entirely new standard of riding comfort

34SUSCAT.JPG (5150 bytes)


(12c) Shop manual for 1934 models

li34Shop.jpg (12320 bytes)


1934 La Salle

(1) Folder entitled  The Modern  Motor Car on dark red cover with emblem; it measures  4x9 inches and opens out to 3 times the cover size. Only three models are illustrated

lils34.JPG (7516 bytes)
A modified version of this banner was used also
in a promotionl ad for the year's models


(1a) Full-color folder entitled  The New La Salle with Ren Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle in full 17th century outfit on cover, 4x8" (11x20cms), unfolds to six (?) times cover size. A Dutch version also exists; the title is De Nieuwe La Salle. Twenty-five art renderings of exterior, interior, engine, chassis and mechanical features of the 5-pass. sedan, 5-pass. club Sedan, 2-pass. convertible coupe and 2-pass. coupe.


(3) Booklet describing a tour of the La Salle production facilities [$18]

li34tour.jpg (10360 bytes)


(3a) Color folder on 5-pass sedan model.   One showed a dark blue model, the other a red one

     li34las2.jpg (2240 bytes)


(4) Technical booklet: More than    Million Miles of Road Testing for Your Safety:

Li34test.jpg (2666 bytes)


(4a) Technical booklet on new Knee Action suspension system

(5) Owner's manual

li34LaSOM.jpg (26029 bytes)     LS34OM.JPG (2062 bytes)




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