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(1) B&W catalog of V8 models, embossed emblem on black, silver and white cover, 9x12" (23x30½cms), 20 pp. plus covers, illustrating 2-passenger coupe, 5-passenger town coupe, 5-passenger convertible sedan, 5-passenger sedan, 7-passenger sedan, interior trimming operations, rear compartment view (2), independent front suspension, rear ride stabilizer, Center-Point steering, Ride-Reaction recorder, chart readings, steering wheel, gear shift, clutch and brake pedals, turning circle, bare chassis and engine, brake drum, night driving, condensed specifications {*}

li35bw.jpg (4038 bytes)


(2) Fleetwood V8, V12, V16 B&W catalog, embossed lettering on gold and black covers, 9x12" (23x30½cms), 24 pp. plus covers; illustrating precision manufacturing, convertible top installation, interior appointments, V12 interior, V16 interior, fabrics, riding comfort, chart readings [ride], V12 5-passenger town sedan, V12 5-passenger sedan, V12 5-passenger imperial cabriolet, V12 7-passenger limousine, V12 stationary coupe, V12 convertible coupe, V12 convertible sedan, V16 town car, V16 7-passenger limousine, V16 7-passenger limousine brougham, 8 body designs, and V8, V12 and V16 engines.

(2a) 1935 Book of Fleetwood, extremely rare, dealer book, 8½x11" (22x28cms), 71 pp. plus covers. At the foot of page three is the revision notice:  Revised January 1, 1935. This contains the same text and illustrations as the 1934 edition [see literature section for 1934], except that only 18 models are offered now instead of 20.  Dropped from the regular offerings for 1935 were Fleetwood styles #5885, convertible Victoria (only one unit was built the previous year) and #5899, Aerodynamic coupe  (only three were built in 1934).   On the other hand, a new Special Individual Fleetwood Custom style #5857, 7-pass. touring car, replaced the previous year's #5859 5-pass, sport phaeton. Sadly, none of either was built at the time, although,  in the late eighties, renowned auto restorer Fran(cis) Roxas of Allsip, IL, created a modern "replicas" of both #5859 and #5802 on  regular V-16 chassis {***}  

li35BkFl.jpg (5884 bytes)    v6355857.jpg (14906 bytes)
Left:  Cover of the 1935 [or is it 1934?] Book of Fleetwood
Right: designer's drawing of 
Special Individual Fleetwood Custom style #5857
with 1934 bi-plane bumpers (was not built)


(2b) 1935 Book of Fleetwood, [or so advertised on Internet].  Has anybody seen this one?  Is it really from 1935?

35bkflt.jpg (3125 bytes)


(3) Part color catalog of V8 models, Series 10 and 20 cars, photo of 3 people in front of car on black and green cover, 5½x7½" (14x19cms), 16 pp. including covers; 7 models illustrated (2p. coupe, 2p. convertible coupe, 5p. town sedan, 5p. town coupe, 5p. convertible sedan, 5p. sedan, 7p. sedan) {*** on Tuthill list}.

Cat35v8.jpg (6503 bytes)

(4) Part color catalog of V8 models; as above but black and yellow cover {*** Tuthill list}.

li35sml1.jpg (184417 bytes)




La Salle

(1) Buff colored folder with lilac insert, white La Salle crest and wings, entitled New La Salle Presentations [no details of size, number of pages or contents available at this time]

lils35.JPG (39494 bytes)


(2) Red cover with La Salle and emblem in  yellow [no other details currently available] {***} [or is this a 1934 piece ???]

lils34.JPG (7516 bytes)


(3) Black cover, The New LaSalle,   rectangular image in center depicting front grille of new models

    lils35b.JPG (44326 bytes)


(3) [unidentified pieces -seen on e-Bay in 2003]

 LI35LAS1.JPG (6124 bytes)    LI35LAS2.JPG (12878 bytes)

LI35LAS3.JPG (6330 bytes)    LI35LAS4.JPG (12143 bytes)


(5) Owner's manual

35lsom.jpg (5823 bytes)





(1) Buff folder, 8x11" (20x28cms) [lf], format No. 4b, opens to 16x22", on Series 60 models; grille on cover (p.1); title Presenting the New 1936 Cadillac Series "60" - The Standard of the World; shown are (1) V8 5-passenger touring sedan (p.2, rear cover ), brakes, triple range choke, V8 engine, valve mechanism, steering system interior folds (p.3); frame, knee-action front suspension, peak-load generator, ride stabilizer, transmission (p.4), (2) V8 convertible coupe with miscellaneous body details (p.5), (3) V8 2-passenger coupe with miscellaneous body details (p.6); V8 interior, open trunk area, instrument panel (p.7), bird's eye view of factory buildings, accuracy checking in oval below (p.8).

(2) Booklet, 5x8" (13x20cms), 24pp. [pf], no illustration, title Product Features Presentation... [seen ZTV collection 1982 {***}].

(3) Color catalog 9x12½" (23x32cms), 16 pp. including overlapping covers [lf], on new Series 60 models; title Cadillac - From the Royal Family of Motordom; blue envelope with cutout showing cover illustration; white cover with (1) orange V8 5-passenger sedan; (2) rear view and interior of yellow V8 5-passenger sedan (p.2), (3) LH side view of same car (green), front grille (red), instrument panel, trunk (p.3), (4) red V8 2-passenger coupe and miscellaneous details (p.4), instrument panel and inside view (p.5), (5) miscellaneous views of blue V8 convertible coupe (pp.6-7), RH view of engine, triple-range choke, valve adjuster (p.9), clutch, generator, knee-action front suspension, rear ride stabilizer, brakes (p.10), frame, transmission, steering mechanism (p.11), printed 10/1935 by Evans-Winter-Hebb, Detroit.

(4) Heavy cream color textured covers with embossed gold emblem and black letters. Series 70/80 and 75/85), Cadillac Fleetwood of the Royal Family of Motordom: 12 p/cc, with pocket, 13x11. Photo rendering shows three-quarter frontal view of yellow 5-pass. Sedan. Five photographs show interior, engine, suspension system and trunk rack. Includes discussion, Assurance page and options information. Pocket contains 15 color plates illustrating 14 models, and one page of discussion, all printed on heavy paper. Each plate has description on reverse side. {***}.

li36.jpg (4884 bytes)


(5) Fleetwood catalog, 9x11" (20x28cms), 50 pp. [pf], title The New Cadillac Fleetwood Program for 1936, shown are the interior of Series 75 and Series 85 5-passenger touring sedan (p.5), Fleetwood plant (p.6), 4 views of body work (p.7), artists renderings [lf] and line drawings [pf] of following body styles (1) "7057/8057" 2-passenger coupe (pp.8-9), (2) "7067/8067" convertible coupe (pp.10-11), (3) "7019/8019" 5-passenger touring sedan (pp.12-13), (4) "7029/8029" 5-passenger convertible sedan (pp.14-15), (5) "7519/8519" 5-passenger touring sedan (pp.16-17), (6) "7509/8509" 5-passenger sedan (pp.18-19), (7) "7523/8523" 7-passenger touring sedan (pp.20-21), (8) "7503/8503" 7-passenger sedan (pp.22-23), (9) "7533/8533" 7-passenger touring imperial (pp.24-25), (10) "7513/8513" 7-passenger imperial (pp.26-27), (11) "7539/8539" 5-passenger town sedan (pp.28-29), (12) "7529/8529" 5-passenger convertible sedan (pp.30-31), (13) "7509-F/8509-F" 5-passenger formal sedan (pp.32-33), (14) "7543/8543" 7-passenger town cabriolet (pp.34-35), interior 7-passenger imperial (p.36), interior 5-passenger touring sedan (p.37), interior formal sedan, town sedan (p.38), interior convertible sedan, rumble seat (p.39), front compartment imperial, trunk rack (p.40), miscellaneous trunk compartments (p.41), miscellaneous V16 styles [lf] as follows (15) "5880" 5-passenger convertible sedan (p.43), (16) "5833-S" 5-passenger town sedan (p.44), (17) "5825" 7-passenger town cabriolet (p.45), (18) "5899" Aero. 5-passenger coupe (p.46), (19) "5875" 7-passenger limousine (p.47) {*}.

(5) Prestige color portfolio published by the Cadillac Fleetwood Company, 10/1935. Hardbound portfolio with 8 introductory pages, before the portfolio of models; the cards illustrating each model measure 12 1/2 x 10". Illustrated are (1) a black 75-85 town car, (2) a brown 75-85 7-passenger touring imperial, (3) a blue 75-85 imperial, (4) a dark gray 75-85 touring sedan, (5) a red 75-85 7-passenger sedan, (6) a blue 75-85 town sedan, (7) a gray-blue 75-85 formal sedan, (8) a red 75-85 5-passenger touring sedan, (9) a brown 75-85 5-passenger sedan, (10) a yellow 75-85 convertible sedan, (11) a blue 70-80 5-passenger touring sedan, (12) a gray series 70-80 convertible sedan, (13) a blue-green series 70-80 stationary coupe, (14) a yellow series 70-80 convertible coupe [N.B. none of the Series 90, V16 models are shown]. One additional plate describes the V16 features thus: The V16 chassis built on Cadillac's incomparable sixteen cylinder engine has been refined and advanced until it comes as close to perfection as is now humanly possible in a motor car. Neither in the manner of its performance nor its claim upon the public's regard does it leave anything to be desired. The V16 can be had in a variety of body types so extensive that every conceivable preference can be met. The limousine, either with or without chauffeur partition is manufactured for showroom display and is readily available on order from your Cadillac-LaSalle dealer. In addition there are seven other accredited Fleetwood creations which may be had on special order. These designs include the coupe, convertible coupe, convertible sedan, town sedan, 5-passenger sedan, town cabriolet and the limousine brougham. In each of these body types there is of course all the latitude in color, trim and fitments the purchaser could desire. Beyond this the Fleetwood shops would create entirely new individual designs to meet any requirement the V16 buyer may have. In this special work there is no practical limit to the possibilities; even the whole general appearance of the car can be individualized and in such matters as upholstery, fitments, color, and seating arrangements there is almost an endless number of choices and combinations. Any Cadillac-LaSalle dealer will gladly arrange for these special types and will act as the point of contact between the purchaser and Fleetwood's designers. In creating these completely individual cars Fleetwood designers work directly with the prospective owner much as an architect in building a fine home. To those who seek the very ultimate in motor car excellence and distinction the Cadillac Motor Car Company offers the magnificent V16 now, as it has been since the day of its introduction, the highest attainable expression of the motor car builder's art. {*} [seen ZTV collection, 9/94] .

li36b.jpg (3436 bytes)    36dsgner.jpg (6678 bytes)    36DSGNR2.JPG (3908 bytes)
The rare factory photo in the center (enlarged at right)  shows a Cadillac staff artist/designer
putting the final touches to one of the "master"  plates that would be used in the portfolio (left)


(5a) Fleetwood model catalog with color plates   (see photo section for 1936 Fleetwood models).

li36ftw.jpg (3784 bytes)


(5b) The Book of Fleetwood, 47 pp., B&W illustrations, shows the Series 70 & 75, 80 & 85 as well as a few V-16 models {*}

li36bkfl.jpg (3636 bytes)    V6365825.jpg (6921 bytes)
At right, one of the Sixteens illustrated in the year's Book of Fleetwood


(6) Cadillac Commercial Cars catalog; 8½x11" (22x28cms), yellow emblem in black circle on blue cover, opens four times cover size, 4 models illustrated, Cadillac-Fleetwood Commercial 7p. Touring Limousine and Cadillac-Fleetwood Commercial 7p. Touring Sedan,{*}

li36pro2.jpg (5597 bytes)


(7) Commercial chassis, semi-colored folder, 8½x11" (22x28cms), nose of black car on yellow and blue cover, title Cadillac Commercial Chassis, opens four times cover size, 4 models illustrated plus Series 36-50 and Series 36-60 chassis, the 156" commercial chassis, Cadillac-Fleetwood Commercial 7p. limousine and Cadillac-Fleetwood 7p. Commercial  Sedan, Cadillac-Fleetwood Commercial 7p. limousine and Cadillac-Fleetwood Commercial 7p. Touring Sedan, plus the 156" Cadillac commercial chassis  {*}.

li36prof.jpg (6252 bytes)


(8) Folder showing a picture of a convertible coupe with body by Van den Plas of Belgium on the 1936 V12 chassis {*** ZTV collection for full details}.

(9) Cadillac commercial car catalog, two-tone, B&W with blue accents, 8 pages, circa 8½x11 inches.  Cover has nose of '36 model in B&W (Goddess and grille are seen) on blue background, with the title Cadillac Commercial chassis printed in black on a large, yellow, oval medallion {copy from * ZTV collection}.

(10) Cadillac Eight, Twelve and Sixteen annual Data Book:

li36-_DB_8-12-16.jpg (20338 bytes)    li36db2.jpg (7092 bytes)

(10a) Owners' manuals

om36.jpg (2924 bytes)    om36b.jpg (3640 bytes)     v636om.jpg (3546 bytes)
At right:  rare operator's manual for the V-16 models


(10b) Owners' manual

lit36shop.jpg (15649 bytes)    li36Rep_shop.jpg (3871 bytes)
At right is a reproduction copy from Faxon


(10c)  GM promotional item on Cadillac, La Salle, Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac and GMC trucks, published annually for GM stock holders. This part color catalog measures  7x7" and has 24pp. 

li36gma.jpg (5080 bytes)    li36gmb.jpg (9497 bytes)


(10) Technical booklet: An Engineer Looks at the New Cadillacs and LaSalles

Li36las.jpg (2103 bytes)


(11)  Professional cars from Hess & Eisenhardt,  S&S Limousine Type Funeral Cars

li36ss.jpg (4455 bytes)


La Salle

(  ) 16-page full-color catalog entitled LaSalle: Cadillac-Built Through and Through, 9x13", blue and white cover, with red lettering and artist's view of 2-tone blue convertible coupe. Includes four full-page art renderings of 2-door touring sedan, 5-pass.  touring sedan, convertible coupe and coupe. Fourteen photos and art renderings of exterior and interior features.

lils36.jpg (4268 bytes)


(2) LaSalle two-tone mailer folder

lils36fl.JPG (5903 bytes)


(2) La Salle commercial cars for 1936 [no further details currently available]

li36lscm.jpg (7362 bytes).


(3) La Salle dealer's Data Book

36lasDBa.jpg (11689 bytes)    36LasDBb.jpg (12414 bytes)


(1) B&W folder on Series 60 and Series 65 cars; 9x12½" (20x28cms) [pf], format No. 4a. Title The New Cadillac V-8 Series 60 - Series 65, cover illustration of front grille (p.1); inner folds (pp.2-3) show Series "60" 5-passenger touring sedan , convertible coupe , 2-passenger coupe and convertible sedan; hydraulic brakes, "Turret Top", knee-action suspension, center-point steering, clutch (p.4), new 135HP motor pp.4-5, center), chassis, transmission, "No-Draft" ventilation, generator, passing beam (p.5), Series "65" 5-passenger touring sedan (pp.6-7, center), opera seat, hood mascot, hood ports (p.6, below), tear-drop headlight, tail-light, ash-receiver (p.8, below), interior rear view Series "65" 5-passenger sedan (pp.6-7, below), headlight, tail lamp, ash receiver; instrument panel, trunk, rear interior arm rest, bird's eye view of factory (p.8, rear cover ). Dated Oct. 1936.

(2) Color catalog, 16 pp., 9x12",   31x23cms [lf], cream cover with gold seal and embossed sedan , title Series 60-65, Cadillac from the Royal Family of Motordom, low view of red front grille (p.1), (1) details of Series 60 5-passenger touring sedan (p.2), (2) red Series 60 5-passenger touring sedan with steamboat (p.3), (3) details of 2-passenger coupe (p.4), (4) gray Series 60 2-passenger coupe in mountain scenery (p.5), (5) yellow Series 60 convertible coupe in shade of trees (p.6), (6) green Series 60 convertible sedan with tan top in country setting (p7), (7) details of  Series 65 5-passenger touring sedan (p.8), (8) blue Series 65 5-passenger touring sedan in autumnal setting (p.9), mechanical details including RH side of engine, tappet adjustment, engine mounts, crankshaft, transmission, clutch, piston, generator, passing beam, center-point steering, Turret Top, chassis, hydraulic brakes, No-Draft ventilation, new hypoid rear axle (pp.10-11), Oct. 1936 {*}  [Mint original available, in envelope,  $115]

li376065.JPG (7095 bytes)    Li37665Med.JPG (8917 bytes)
Center of piece has embossed 1937 Series 60 sedan in bronze-gold [right]

 li37b.jpg (7878 bytes)    li37c.jpg (6341 bytes)


(3) Fleetwood portfolio of V8, V12 and V16 models, 27x16cms, 22 pp. booklet (original covers but copied text) and 13 colored cards (all mint original), [lf]; cream cover with gray-blue embossed crest and oval shield; booklet includes miscellaneous interior, exterior and mechanical details; cards include (1) blue V8 Series 70, style "7019" 5-passenger touring sedan, (2) olive style "7029" 5-passenger convertible sedan, (3) orange, style "7057" 2-passenger coupe, (4) green style "7067" convertible coupe; V8 and V12 Series 75 and Series 85, (5) maroon red style "7519/8519" 5-passenger touring sedan, (6) dark green style "7523/8523" 7-passenger touring sedan, (7) brown style "7533/8533" 7-passenger touring imperial, (8) dark blue style "7539/8539" 7-passenger touring sedan, (9) black style "7543/8543" town cabriolet, (10) orange style "7529/8529" convertible sedan with imperial division, (11) blue-green style "7509-F/8059-F" Formal sedan, (12) maroon red V16 Series 90, style "5875" limousine, (13) brown style "5880" convertible sedan.

li37bkl2.jpg (4476 bytes)    li37bklt.jpg (5453 bytes)
Left: the thirteen color cards illustrating the majority of  body styles available in 1937
Right: the accompanying booklet with descriptive text, styling details and interior views

Cat37f1.jpg (3179 bytes)    li37fwda.jpg (6959 bytes)

li37fwdc.JPG (7208 bytes)    li37fwdd.JPG (7393 bytes)

 li37fwde.JPG (8119 bytes)    li37fwdf.JPG (8106 bytes)
Above: the portfolio cover and five of the thirteen colored cards


(4) Cadillac Fleetwood V12 colored catalog, 6x10" (15x25½cms), red V12 and Cadillac emblem on gray covers, 3 models are illustrated (1) 7p. touring imperial (same as car #7 in item 3, above, (2) town cabriolet (same as #9, above), (3) formal sedan (same as  #11, above); piece has 8 pp. plus covers {*}.

li3712.jpg (4286 bytes)


(5) Small colored catalog, 5½x7½" (14x19cms), 8 pp. plus covers, gold emblem and swords embossed on blue covers, red touring sedan illustrated {***}.

(6) Product catalog of GM Switzerland, S.A. [Bienne], 23x30cms [lf], 70 pp., sections on Opel, Vauxhall, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, La Salle, Cadillac; illustrated, inter alia, is the V16 imperial sedan (p.47), [described in error as a Series 75 V8!]

(7) Catalog of Cadillac and La Salle commercial cars entitled Cadillac Shows The World.  On the cover are featured the front grilles of the new models with their respective hood mascots (on the left, the La Salle, on the right, the Cadillac). This catalog has an assumed 24 pages (there is only a B&W copy in the ZTV collection, so it is not possible to be sure).  Illustrated inside are various fleets of these commercial cars, from 1934 through 1937.  Included also are line drawings of the following Fleetwood styles on the 138" wheel base chassis:  7513L (V8) and 8513L (V12) business imperial sedan, 7503L (V8) and 8503L (V12) business sedan, 7533L (V8) and 8533L (V12) imperial business touring sedan and 7523L (V8) and 8523L (V12) 8-pass. business touring sedan. The 37-50 (La Salle) and 37-60 (Cadillac) 1603/8"commercial chassis are shown, as well as the 37-75 156" wheel base Cadillac commercial chassis. Actual models shown on the 37-75 138" wheel base chassis are Fleetwood's 7503L or 7513L  business sedan and Imperial, the 7523L and 7533L business touring sedan and Imperial touring sedan. The Fisher 7523SL and 7533SL business touring sedan and imperial on the 138" wheel base chassis also are shown as is a 1937 Cadillac-designed flower car, available on the 146" wheel base chassis with Cadillac or La Salle engine {* ZTV collection}.

li37comm.jpg (6942 bytes)



(7a) Folder on V-type models of 1934 through 1937.  The text between the two dates shown on the cover reads:

Li34-37.jpg (4778 bytes)

In 1914, when Cadillac introduced the first 90-degree V-type eight cylinder engine ever used in an automobile in this country, Cadillac engineers knew well what they were about. For twelve years previously, since 1902, they had been designing for the fine-car field – and their experience had led them to the certain conclusion that the V-type principle was the ultimate one for development …Today it is obvious how right that decision was. The present Cadillacs – the V-8, the V-12 and the V-16 – owe their acknowledged superiority, in large measure, to the mighty performance of their great V-type power plants … On the inside pages of this folder will be found brief statements about the various cars that are powered by these magnificent engines.


(7b) Folder on V16 sedan model ?

v637art.jpg (10263 bytes)

(8)  Owner's Manuals

LI37CDOM.JPG (3437 bytes)    37om12_16.jpg (3495 bytes)
Left:  for the V-8 models; right, for the V-12 and V-16 cars


(6) Dealer Data book (shown previously, in error, as a 1935 piece - thanks to collector, Karl Nickoloff for putting me right)

Li35db.jpg (5856 bytes)


(10) Accessories catalog:  Warm Luxurious Cadillac Motor Cars... features plush Cadillac robe on greenish cover.

Li37acc2.jpg (3931 bytes)    Li37acc.jpg (5171 bytes)

Li37acc3.jpg (2996 bytes)    Li37acc4.jpg (3691 bytes)    Li37acc5.jpg (3201 bytes)     Li37acc6.jpg (6955 bytes)


La Salle

(7) LaSalle prestige color catalog, 9x12½" (23x32cms), 16pp. including covers, five models shown. Cover features front of open gray convertible {***}

Lils37b.jpg (5414 bytes)


(7a) Prestige, full-color, 16-page catalog of 1937 models, entitled LaSalle V-8: Engineered and Built By Cadillac, 8x13", blue cover with yellow lettering and dark blue silhouette of cut-out emblem, 27 art renderings show exterior, interior, engine, chassis and mechanical features of 5-pass. sedan, 5-pass. touring coupe, convertible coupe and sedan and 2-pass. coupe

LI38LS1.JPG (4117 bytes)    li38ls2.jpg (3827 bytes)
Left: envelope cover, right the catalog or folder
[ this one was offered for sale on e-Bay in 2002 ]


(8) LaSalle Special stiff folder, yellow, blue and white, opens to 18x24" (46x61cms), describes Ralph D Palma's speed record in the Indianapolis 500, in the new V8 La Salle; includes flyer describing monthly payment possibilities {***}.

(9) Green tone folder, 8 x 11½" (20 x 25cm) [folded] 16 x 23" (40½ x 50½cms) [open] entitled Look at La Salle and featuring the nose of a sedan viewed from the RH side.  The rearmost fold features the engine and a price indication ($995 - without any special equipment). The first inner folds show the instrument panel (top left), the rear interior of sedan (top, right), the open trunk (center), the driver door area (lower left) and a bird's eye view of the Cadillac plant (lower right). In the central folds are featured the 5-pass. sedan (top), mechanical details (lower left), the four remaining models - including the 2-door touring sedan, the convertible coupe, the convertible sedan and the 2-pass. coupe  (lower, center), and the chassis and other details (lower right) [acquired at auction 10/98].


(10) 1937 LaSalle mailer,  about a performance run that resulted in the marque being chosen as the pace car for the '37 Indy 500 {*** ZTV collection}.

(11)  Owner's manual for the La Salle models

LI37LSOM.JPG (3439 bytes)



(12) Annual shop manual [combined with 1938, below]

Li3738Shop.jpg (4108 bytes)


(1) 2-tone yellow & black folder on V8 models, 18x26cms [pf], opens 6 times cover size, format #6; title Cadillac V8 - Standard of the World", front grille and mascot (p.1, front cover ); text (p.2); LH side of V8 motor in circle (p.3); (1) 5-passenger sedan (pp.4-5); clutch, brakes, electric choke, new "Syncro-Flex" flywheel (p.6); lady at wheel, steering wheel and instrument panel, trio seated in rear (p.7); center-point steering mechanism, transmission, Knee-Action front suspension, hypoid rear axle (p.8); (2) 5-passenger imperial and (3) convertible sedan (pp.9-11); condensed specifications (p.12, rear cover ).

LI38CAD.JPG (13090 bytes)


(2) Colored portfolio on V8 models, 8x10½" (20x27cms), Cadillac V8 in orange, plus emblem on brown and white covers, four loose cards, in original cream envelope, 27x20cms [lf], brown cover; title Cadillac V8 - Standard of the World, central flap illustrates front grille, inner rear flap has drawings of Turret Top RH view of engine, Syncro-Flex flywheel, chassis, center-point steering, Syncro-Matic gearshift, hypoid rear axle; four loose cards including (1) blue V8 5-passenger sedan, (2) olive V8 convertible sedan, B&W convertible interior view with lady at wheel, B&W view of rear compartment. Dated Sep. 1937 {*

Li38PflEnv.JPG (8389 bytes)    li38Pfl.JPG (7834 bytes)
The hard-cover portfolio  is at the right, the original envelope at the left


(3) Sixty Special catalog, 8 pp. on stiff paper, 9x11" (23x28cms), comes in original envelope, large pictures of 4-door sedan {***}

li3860Env.JPG (8212 bytes)    li3860Cvr.JPG (9900 bytes)
The catalog is at the right, the envelope at the left


(4) Cadillac Sixty semi-colored catalog, 8 pp. on stiff paper, 9x11" (23x28cms), large emblem on red & black glossy cover, comes in original envelope with similar color scheme, large pictures of 4-door sedan on beige background.

(5) 2-tone catalog, 11x9" (28x23cms), 16 pp., [lf], in original envelope, red & black cover with large crest, title The New Cadillac Sixty - Performance, Distinction, Value; front grille detail (p.1), (1) Series 60 sedan (p.3), (2) Series 60 coupe (p.5), (3) Series 60 convertible sedan (p7), (4) Series 60   convertible coupe (p.9), details pp. 10-11 including LH view of engine, Syncro-Flex flywheel, Syncro-Matic column mounted gear shift, generator, hydraulic valve silencers, center-point steering mechanism, hypoid rear axle, Knee-Action front suspension, front and rear ride stabilizers, transmission, clutch, brakes, specifications (p. 12). Dated Oct. 1937. 

(5a)  The Cadillac Sixty Special, 8 p/pcc., 9x11. Tan cover, with red and black lettering, has close-up view photo rendering of front of car. Catalog opens to one and three-fourth page three-quarter frontal view rendering of car. Eight photographs and two additional renderings show exterior and interior. Includes one drawing of a 1902 Cadillac, discussion and specifications. Dated Oct. 1937.

(6) Catalog (reproduction copy) very similar to above item; title The New Cadillac Eights for 1938, sedan before mansion (p.1), artist's drawings of (1) Series 75 coupe and (2) convertible sedan (p.2), line drawings of (3) Series 75 town Car, (4) convertible coupe and (5) 7-passenger Formal sedan (p.3), (6) 5-passenger coupe, (7) 5-passenger sedan and (8) 5-passenger town sedan (p.4) 3 interior views (p.5), mechanical details (pp.6-7), Series 65 front grille (p.8), (9) convertible sedan (10) and 5-passenger sedan (pp.10-11), coupe interior (p.12), lady at wheel (p.13), Series 60-S front grille (p.14), (11) sedan (pp.16-17), body details (pp.18-19), new Cadillac Series 60 [like catalog No. (2), above] (pp.19-30), 1938 V8 production figures (p.31).

(7) Large, superb Fleetwood colored catalog, 12½x15" (32x38cms), 12 pp. plus covers, Cadillac Fleetwood in blue rectangle on gray cover; five cars illustrated in full color, with large interior views   (1) formal sedan for 5 passengers, (2) imperial for 7 passengers, (3) Coupe for 2 passengers, (4) a huge double, center-page on the town car and (5) the convertible sedan. There are also eight B&W sketches (6) town sedan for 5 passengers, (7) imperial for 5 passengers, (8) coupe for 5 passengers, (9) sedan for 5 passengers, (10) sedan for 7 passengers, (4) town car, (11) convertible coupe for 2/4 passengers and (12) formal sedan for 7 passengers. Further interior views include the 5p. coupe, 5p. sedan, 5p. town sedan, 5p. imperial, 7p. formal sedan, convertible coupe, 7p. sedan and   town car. Printed in September, 1937. {*}

li3875a.jpg (3627 bytes)    li3875x.jpg (2346 bytes)
Catalog cover and original envelope (detail of title medallion, right) 

li3875c.jpg (5313 bytes)    li3875e.jpg (5440 bytes)    li3875d.jpg (5841 bytes)
Sample pages [ for larger images from this superb catalog,  visit the photo page for 1938 ]


(8) Fleetwood semi-colored folder, 12½x14½" (32x37cms), opening to twice cover size; interior views of 8 models, B&W sketches of eight models on cover {***}.

(9) Small Fleetwood colored catalog, 7x7" (18x18cms), 8 pp. including covers, title The Only Choice, couple with part of red car on cover, plus town sedan illustrated inside {***}.

(10) Fleetwood colored folder, 7x10" (18x25½cms), opens twice cover size, title Exquisite Beauty, Authentic Style; people on partly blue cover, beige formal sedan illustrated inside {***}.

(11) Fleetwood colored catalog, 9x11" (23x28cms), 8 pp. including covers, title The Satisfaction of Cadillac Ownership, three people seated in rear of car on cover, maroon 7-passenger imperial on center fold-out {***}.

(12) Fleetwood portfolio on V16 models; 11½x13½" (29x34cms), lilac-pink cover with horizontal silver striping; title The New Cadillac Sixteen, illustrated are the dark blue 7-passenger imperial, style 9023, olive green 5-passenger sedan, style 9019, dark blue convertible sedan with tan top up, style 9029, tan 5-passenger town sedan, style 9039, maroon formal sedan with black roof, style 9059, green town car with black roof, style 9053, tan 5-passenger coupe, style 9057B, green 2-passenger coupe, style 9057, yellow 2-passenger convertible coupe, style 9067 and V16 engine [green] {* color}.

Lit3816b.jpg (6835 bytes)    Lit3816a.jpg (4441 bytes)

liv638a.JPG (3394 bytes)    liv638d.JPG (4125 bytes)

liv638b.jpg (3878 bytes)       


(13) colored folder on the new Cadillac V16, 11½x13½", (29x34cms), opens to 4 times cover size, nose of brown car on dark gray and blue cover, blue limousine illustrated inside, with sketches of 7 other models (non-color) {***}.

(14) V-16 full color folder in original envelope, 8½x12" closed, 15x24" unfolded; the two pictures and line drawings of the seven limousine models of that year. The rear cover describes the 12 body styles available and lists the mechanical features {*}

li16fldr.jpg (6957 bytes)    li16fld3.jpg (7799 bytes)    li16fld1.jpg (3439 bytes)

li16fld2.jpg (9574 bytes)


(14b)  Small booklet on 1938 V-16 models entitled As an Engineer I had no Otherwise Choice.  It comprises 14 pp. plus the covers and measures 5½ x 7" {***}.


(15) Unidentified [dealer item?]

Cat38dlr.jpg (7627 bytes).


(15a) Unidentified, huge, 4-page folder   [dealer item?] on world-famous Cadillac "firsts", 22x17", opens to 44x17", part color (blue and cream).  My copy has some water damage in the center fold, near the base (very little effect on text) [$65]

Cadillac 1938 "Heritage of 35 Years of Leadership" 18 x 22 1/2 inch part color sales folder opens 2x. Models are LaSalle, Cadillac Sixty, V8, Fleetwood, and Sixteen.

38LRGE1A.JPG (6738 bytes)    38lrge2.JPG (9240 bytes)    38lrge3.JPG (9211 bytes)


(16) colored postcard advertising the 1938 V16 limousine

3816pc.jpg (6707 bytes)


(16a) Two-toned accessory booklet entitled, Distinctive Accessories

li38Acc.jpg (6261 bytes)    li38Acc2.jpg (10314 bytes)


(17) Annual Data Book:

dbook38.jpg (6197 bytes)


(17a) Annual shop manual [combined with 1937]

Li3738Shop.jpg (4108 bytes)


(17b)  Cadillac LaSalle Commercial Cars, 8½x11", 26pp., buff cover with blue text, nose of '38 Cadillac and '38 LaSalle on cover, includes Series 38-50 LaSalle commercial chassis, Cadillac Series 38-60,  Series 38-65, Series 38-75 commercial chassis and specifications for all, Cadillac business sedan for 8 passengers on 141" wheel base, Cadillac business imperial (limousine) for 8 passengers, both with technical drawings and measurements, the LaSalle flower car (sample model), the invalid chair car, the LaSalle coach with cot, the Cadillac sedan with cot.

li38com.jpg (5772 bytes)


(17c) GM piece for 1938 (all model) original non color folder, 4x7" folded, 20x15" unfolded, printed for GM stockholders, shows most models of Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Buick, LaSalle, Cadillac V8 & V16 {***}

li38gma.jpg (3853 bytes)    li38gmb.jpg (10074 bytes)    LI38GMB2.JPG (5094 bytes)


(18)  Merchandising sheet from French paint manufacturer, Nitrolac.   The car illustrated is a custom town car by Paris' Franay coach builders.

LI38FNAY.JPG (4685 bytes)    LI38FNA3.JPG (5830 bytes)

LI38FNA2.JPG (8587 bytes)


La Salle

(14)  La Salle prestige color catalog, 8x12½" (20x32cms), 16pp., cover shows bird's-eye view of lady driver at wheel of light yellow convertible coupe with red leather upholstery, five models shown {***}

Lils38c.JPG (5802 bytes)


(14a) Rare, ring-bound presentation catalog mounted on folding stand made of tan colored stiff board; similar to (14), above, but  measures 13x10 inches, 26pp. (excluding stand), title You'll Like a La Salle! - America's Smartest Fine Car for 1938, cover shows bird's-eye view of lady driver at wheel of light yellow convertible coupe with red leather upholstery; illustrations:  front clip p.3, styling details pp.4-5, interior details (sedan) p.6, upholstery fabrics and Knee-Action front suspension p.7, lady at wheel p.8, steering and clutch p.9, safety of construction (details) pp.10-11, engine, crankshaft, etc. pp.12-13, carburetor, manifold, etc. pp. 14-15, six small views p.16, RH side view of red sedan side view p.17, RH side view of yellow convertible coupe with tan top p.18, RH ¾ front view of blue 2-passenger coupe p.19, RH ¾ front view of red sedan p.20, RH side view of green convertible sedan with tan top p.21, LH ¾ front view of 5-passenger touring coupe p.22, features p.23, installment plan pp.24-25, blank page marked only WIRE-O Binding, Patents Pending, Michigan Book Binding Co., Detroit - Printed in USA, p.26) {***}

  Lils38cb.jpg (5053 bytes)


(15) La Salle folder, opens to 18½x21" (47x53cms), brown and green cover, 5 models shown {***}.

lils38.jpg (7425 bytes)    lils38b.jpg (7438 bytes)


(16) Unidentified La Salle folder {***}

LI38LSFL.JPG (10103 bytes)


(16) Unidentified [dealer item?]

li38flda.jpg (7993 bytes)    li38fldb.jpg (10016 bytes)    li38fldc.jpg (5973 bytes)


(11)  Owner's manual for the La Salle models

LI38LSOM.JPG (3264 bytes)



(1) small catalog, 6x9" (23x15cms), 12 pages, [lf], colored cover 2-tone interior, title Cadillac Sixty Special and Sixty-One; (1) yellow Series 60-S sedan on cover, (2) LH front view of Series 60-S 5-passenger touring sedan (p.2), interior details (p.3), (3) Series 61 5-passenger touring sedan (p.5), (4) convertible coupe and convertible sedan (p.6), (5) 2-passenger coupe (p.7), mechanical details (pp.8-9), condensed specifications on rear cover.

Lit39sml.jpg (8475 bytes)    Lit39sm2.jpg (8271 bytes)


(2) De Luxe version of above catalog, 9½x12½" (30x24cms), black cover with night-time view of olive green Series 60-S" with doors open and lighted interior,  16 (+1) pages [lf], (1) blue 5-passenger Series 60-S (double flap, four interior views on outside of flap), (2) green Series 61 5-passenger touring sedan, (3) yellow Series 61 convertible coupe, (4) dark blue Series 61 convertible sedan, (5) red Series 61 2-passenger coupe, mechanical details including new wax-impregnated leaf-spring liners, new Hi-Plane Hotchkiss drive, new equal length manifold, condensed specifications (dated Oct. 1, 1938).


(3) Large, superb, spiral-bound De Luxe catalog, 14x16½" (40x36cms) 32 pp., [lf], gray cover with embossed gold crest on gray covers, title Cadillac Fleetwood, front grille (p.2), portrait of Henry Fleetwood (p.3), (1) brown 2-passenger coupe (p.4), interior views (p.5), (2) gray convertible coupe with brown top (p.6), interior views (p.7), (3) dark blue 5-passenger coupe (p.8), interior views (p.9), (4) dark green convertible sedan with tan top (p.10), interior views (p.11), (5) maroon 5-passenger touring sedan (p.12), interior views (p.13), (6) dark blue 5-passenger town sedan (p.14), interior views (p.15), (7) dark blue 7-passenger touring sedan (p.16), interior views (p.17), (8) dark gray Formal Sedan (p.18), interior views (p.19), (9) dark green town Car (p.20), interior views (p.21), LH view of engine (p.22), precision measuring (p.23), specifications (p.24) [printed 1.10.1938].

(3a) Dealer "mailer", 12 pp. including hard covers.  Rear 3/4 view of red Series 62 sedan on cover, with silver-gray roof. Title I looked ahead three years - and the choice was easy. Eight pages of advertising text, with three B&W illustrations.  Size , 5 x 7" (13x18cms)

(3b) Dealer "mailer"; title You ride in supreme Comfort in a Cadillac... [no other details currently available]

li39dle2.JPG (5842 bytes)

li39dle3.JPG (7542 bytes)


(4) Cadillac and LaSalle accessories catalog, 3½x6" (9x15cms), open to twice cover size and has 20 pages including the covers; emblem and small illustration of sedan on purple and black covers {***}.

(5) Cadillac and LaSalle commercial cars and chassis catalog, red and blue cover, 8½x11", 28pp. Includes LaSalle V8 commercial chassis and Cadillac Series 61 and Series 65 commercial chassis; also shown are the Cadillac Fleetwood 8-pass. sedan and 8-pass. imperial, as well as sample Cadillac- LaSalle flower cars, the Cadillac Fleetwood invalid chair car and the 7-pass. ambulance combination car {***}

li39comm.JPG (8123 bytes)


(5a)  Brochure on special Cadillac conversion to carry invalid chairs:{***}

li39invld.jpg (7822 bytes)


(6) Annual Data Book {***}:

li39db1.jpg (9792 bytes)    li39db2.jpg (15360 bytes)


(7)  Owner's manual {***}

LI39OM.JPG (3279 bytes)


(7a) Owner's manual for the V-16 models {***}

om39v6.jpg (4302 bytes)
Manual for 1939 V-16 models


(8) Accessories booklet:  among the popular accessories for 1939 were Cadillac matched luggage cases (the Wardolette, the Aviator, the Aviatrix), sport bags, aerolite cases {***}

LI39ACC.JPG (5852 bytes)


(9)  Sayers & Scovill S&S catalog on professional cars for the ambulance and funeral trades {***}

li39ssd.jpg (6744 bytes)    li39sse.jpg (7657 bytes)


(10) Fisher Body Manual (sales aid and demonstrator)

Li39FshBody.jpg (11936 bytes)



(11)  Shop manual (presumably a reprint of 3 manuals)

li39_41Shop.jpg (9578 bytes)



La Salle

(5) La Salle prestige color catalog, 34 pp. including the hard covers, 9 x 12" (22½x30½cms), spiral bound. Title:  The New La Salle V8 for Looks - Luxury - and Low Cost; comes in two-tone gray envelope marked La Salle V8 for 1939;  envelope has a 6" circular "window" showing through to the catalog that features a front RH 3/4 view of  a red 5-pass. sedan.   Illustrations include entrance to engineering department (p.4), bird's eye-view of Cadillac plant (p.5), body details (pp. 6-7), sedan interior (p.8), upholstery and other details (p.9), front seat of convertible (p.10), suspension details and ride (p.11), front 3/4 RH view of yellow sedan in city scene (p.12), engine and details (p.13), rear seat of sedan (p.14), body construction, dash and other details (p.15), office scene (p.16), technical details (p.17), the 5-pass. sedan (p.20), features of the sedan (p.21), the convertible sedan (p.22), features (p.23), the 2-pass. coupe (p.24), features (p.25), the 2-door touring sedan (p.26), features (p.27), the convertible coupe (p.28), features (p.29), another office scene (p.30), front view, LH side (p.31), specifications (p.32) [acquired at auction 10/98] {*}Mint copy in envelope available $85

lils39b.jpg (6969 bytes)  

(6) La Salle small  color catalog Mint copy available $35:

Cat39ls.jpg (6798 bytes)


(7) La Salle construction booklet: The New LaSalle - It's Design and Construction {***}

Li39las.jpg (3206 bytes)


(8) Comparative catalog entitled Compare the Value, 28pp.,  26x32cms., two tone orange and black.  This rare item makes a point-by-point comparison of the new La Salle with the Packard 120 and the Lincoln Zephyr {***}



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