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Unless otherwise specified all photos and illustrations are from Yann Saunders'
collection of Cadillac photos, advertisements and product catalogs, reproduced
courtesy of the Cadillac Motor Car Division and the Cadillac-LaSalle Club, Inc.


The styling of Cadillac automobiles, in the recognized sense of the term, began around 1925, the year Fleetwood was absorbed by the company. Before the great Harley Earl joined Cadillac and was given the task of  designing the entire line of the new La Salle models in 1927, J. Frank de Causse (for the Locomobile) and Al Leamy (for the Wills St. Claire automobile) both had earned respect for their successful styling of a whole a line of automobiles, rather than just a few individual custom jobs.  However, it was Earl who effectively fathered the idea of establishing a special department in a motor manufacturing organization where styling and comfort, inside and out, would be given as much importance as an automobile's performance and reliability.

Earl's 1927 La Salle showed how art and technology could be happily married.  By 1928  a conscious effort was being made by the new auto stylists to match interior designs to exterior styling themes and colors. You can tell easily, from the superb illustrations below, that Earl's  "Art and Color Section" was gathering impetus following its recent creation and the introduction of the hugely successful La Salle - the first "stylist's car" - the previous year.

Most of the cars described and richly illustrated on this page were first shown during the custom body salons held in New York [Hotel Commodore, November 27 to December 3, 1927], Chicago [Hotel Drake, January 28 to February 4, 1928], Los Angeles [Hotel Biltmore, February 11 to 18, 1928] and San Francisco [Hotel Palace, February 25 to March 3, 1928].

These pictures are from some of Cadillac's finest brochures from the twenties, of which a detailed list may be found in the "Sales Literature" section for 1928. One of these in B&W was scanned for me kindly by Norwegian Cadillac enthusiast Kjell Kraakmo. Another is entitled Fleetwood Creations for Cadillac and La Salle - 1928 - Coachcraft in the Contemporary Mode. A third one (the finest in my opinion)  is the full-color 1928 product catalog entitled Color Creations from Nature's Studios featuring a proud, preening peacock in a brightly colored garden on the otherwise black cover; the latter was published in 1927 jointly by the Fisher Body Corporation, the Fleetwood Body Corporation and General Motors; according to the copy writers, the color creations shown [you will find more in the La Salle photo section for 1928] were, Nature's own way of "revealing  her masterly manipulation of color through the medium of superb motor car creations."  Color is everywhere, "Here in the gay plumage of a bird, there in a gorgeous undersea fish; now in a rose resplendent in June sunlight, and again in the lavender shadows on January snows;  in the fragile splendor of an afternoon butterfly and in the adamantine heart of a gem buried deep in the core of the earth - everywhere and always, Nature hangs her earth with rich tapestries and veins its rocky bastions with vivid hues."

Pause a while.  Park your monotonous Japanese jelly-bean car and feast your eyes on some beautiful automobile designs of the twenties!



28frtclp.jpg (5112 bytes)    28rrclp.jpg (4797 bytes)
Front and rear clips of the 1928 Cadillac models




The Cadillac-Fisher Custom Body line


The roadster for two passengers

28rds2.jpg (5915 bytes)

28rds.jpg (8024 bytes)
The 2-pass. roadster [ above and below ]

28rdsb.jpg (12675 bytes)

28rdsin.jpg (3373 bytes)
The seating arrangement in the roadster




The coupe for two passengers

28cp2.jpg (5827 bytes)

28cpe2.jpg (9219 bytes)
The coupe for two passengers




The convertible coupe

28cvcp2.jpg (7033 bytes)

P28cvcp.jpg (7100 bytes)
The color of this car was inspired by those of the Grand Canyon, "by far the most sublime of all earthly spectacles."  It is painted in complementary shades of Afterglow Brown and Buttress brown,
all striped with orange; capturing the canyon's background sky, the wheels, brake drums, fender beads and splash plates are done in Bright Angel Blue; rare are Cadillac convertibles
that have cloth upholstery in lieu of leather; this is one of them; it uses a special waterproof whipcord upholstery by Wiese; the hardware is bright nickel with a rich orange inlay

28cvcp.jpg (9121 bytes)

28CVCPA.JPG (13023 bytes)

28cvcpin.jpg (3081 bytes)
[ Seating arrangement in 2-pass. convertible coupe ]

28CPE2B.JPG (7789 bytes)
Factory publicity shot of the racy 2-pass. coupe



28cvcpAA.jpg (16201 bytes)     28cvcpAB.jpg (11379 bytes)
A lovely survivor from the Imperial Palace collection, Las Vegas, NV


This one was undergoing a full restoration in 2008; I believe it belongs to my friend Dick Shappy of Providence, RI




The phaeton for four passengers

28pha4b.jpg (6441 bytes)

28pha4.jpg (8567 bytes)




The sport phaeton for four passengers

28spph4b.jpg (6880 bytes)

P284spph.jpg (9914 bytes)

"Emerald - The beauties of Chaldea prized its verdant hue"
The car is painted the color of an emerald gem, with Argent Duco being used for the fenders, the rear door insert, and the slatted valance
over the gas tank; green leather is used for the interior trim and a bead of green edges the carpet, the top boot and the trunk

 28spph4.jpg (7827 bytes)

28spph.jpg (14056 bytes)

28spphin.jpg (4222 bytes)

In the opinion of this writer, Cadillac stylists truly mastered the sport

phaeton design with their creations for the 1928 model year.  The car above
is particularly stunning in its racy appearance. Notable
in the sport phaeton style is the folding cowl and equally folding
secondary windshield that protects the rear seat passengers

28phae.jpg (10264 bytes)    
Factory promotional photo




Two lovely survivors
Photo:  courtesy Maurice D. Hendry and Automobile Quarterly ]

This beautifully restored sport phaeton resides in the Gateway collection, in Colorado; it sports the rare, Cadillac trumpet tooter (right)
[ Photos:  Internet, 2013 ]




The touring car for seven passengers

28tg7.jpg (5763 bytes)

28trg7.jpg (8340 bytes)

28trg7b.jpg (12393 bytes)

28trg7in.jpg (4593 bytes)
The seating arrangement in the touring car




The coupe for five passengers

28cp5.jpg (7210 bytes)

28cpe5.jpg (9193 bytes)

28cpe5b.jpg (12440 bytes)

28cpe5in.jpg (3860 bytes)
[ seating arrangement in 5-pass. coupe ]




The town sedan

28tnsd5.jpg (7029 bytes)

28tnsd.jpg (7627 bytes)

28tnsdb.jpg (13070 bytes)

28tnsdin.jpg (4072 bytes)
The seating arrangement in the town sedan

A nice survivor




The sedan for five passengers

28sdn5.jpg (7063 bytes)

28sed5.jpg (8595 bytes)




The sedan for seven passengers

28sdn7.jpg (6656 bytes)

28sed7.jpg (8208 bytes)

28sed7a.jpg (13591 bytes)

28sed7in.jpg (4385 bytes)
The seating arrangement in the 7-pass. sedan

     28limOri.jpg (11145 bytes)    
7-pass. sedans, in service in the thirties




The imperial (limousine) sedan for five passengers

28imp5b.jpg (6426 bytes)

28imp5.jpg (8328 bytes)




The imperial (limousine) for seven passengers

28imp7b.jpg (6867 bytes)

P287pibl.jpg (7203 bytes)      P28intd.jpg (5144 bytes)
The Morpho Menelaus, an exotic South-American butterfly known for its magnificent blue hues is what inspired Cadillac stylists seeking a special color for this otherwise standard
Fisher-bodied limousine.  The Butterfly Wing Blue [sic] harmonizes with the sable of  the fenders, upper body and belt molding; tufted satin is used for the headliner; appointments include
a heavy robe decorated with a needlepoint butterfly; other butterflies are inlaid in the walnut moldings of the partition, the doors and the vanity cases; iidescent blue inlays highlight the bright nickel hardware

28imp7.jpg (8538 bytes)



The Fleetwood Custom Body line


The sedan for seven passengers

28_8000.jpg (10587 bytes)
Style #8000




The sedan cabriolet for seven passengers

28_8005.jpg (10381 bytes)
Style #8005
[ features a leather roof covering ]




The imperial (limousine) for seven passengers

28_8010.jpg (10796 bytes)
Style #8010
[ a limousine with divider ]




The imperial (limousine) cabriolet for seven passengers

28_8015.jpg (10261 bytes)
Style #8015
[ a limousine with divider and leather roof covering ]

P287pibr.jpg (7836 bytes)     P28int1.jpg (6962 bytes)
"Autumn, the mellow season of harvest" inspired the golden brown appearance of this staid family
limousine; the body is painted Arbor Lake while the fenders, roof and belt molding are done in
Woodsmoke Brown; the top is covered with Burbank cloth and all bright metal parts, both inside and
out, are brass-plated [was this Cadillac's first "gold package" option?]; the Ternstedt hardware
is specially finished in bright gold with Wine colored inlays; full width, forward-facing
auxiliary seating make this a most comfortable car for seven occupants




The sedan for five passengers

28_8020.jpg (9613 bytes)
Style #8020




The sedan cabriolet for five passengers

28_8025.jpg (10156 bytes)
Style #8025
[ features a leather roof covering ]




The imperial (limousine) for five passengers

28_8030.jpg (8925 bytes)
Style #8030
[ a  limousine with divider ]

P28imp.jpg (7044 bytes)     P28inta.jpg (5532 bytes)
"A flash of flame through equatorial forests" reads the text, that compares the color of this car with that of the exotic bird of paradise; fenders, moldings and running gear are
painted Featheredge Brown, like the breast feathers on the bird; the body panels and wheels are Paradise Red, like the bird's tail; delicate pinstriping is in Waigiu Yellow; the 
Ternstedt hardware is bright-edged, two-tones of gold with satin inlays; two folding auxiliary seats in the rear compartment allow 7 passengers to be accommodated on occasion.





The imperial (limousine) cabriolet for five passengers

28_8035.jpg (10236 bytes)
Style #8035
[ limousine with divider and leather roof covering ]




The sedan cabriolet for five passengers

28_8045.jpg (8460 bytes)
Style #8045
[ featuring enclosed rear quarters and a leather roof covering ]




The imperial (limousine) cabriolet for five passengers

28_8055.jpg (9864 bytes)
Style #8055
[ limousine with divider,  enclosed rear quarters and a leather roof covering ]







The transformable town cabriolet (town car)

28_3512.jpg (8800 bytes)

Style #3512

[ a short-bodied town car with enclosed rear quarters and leather roof covering ]

Style #3512

[ Custom version,  prepared for show, with special hood finish ]

Who is this pretty starlet?




The transformable town cabriolet (town car)

28_3520.jpg (8480 bytes)

Style #3520
[ a long-bodied town car with quarter windows and leather roof covering ]

P28ttcbl.jpg (6845 bytes)     P28intb.jpg (5420 bytes)
Cadillac stylists "turned to the midnight sky" in their quest for a suitable color for this town car.  The body is painted Midnight Blue and that color extends in a sweeping curve over the hood to blend with the Sable of  the hood sides, fender,  belt molding and leather roof.  The special dark blue Wiese upholstery is studded with silver needlepoint "stars".  The Ternstedt hardware is done in silver with deep blue inlays. Two, large comfortable auxiliary seats with unusually high back rests enable this car to accommodate seven occupants in the highest degree of comfort.  When not in use the spare seats fold neatly into the partition




The transformable town cabriolet (town car)

28_3525.jpg (8605 bytes)
Style #3525
[ a long-bodied town car with enclosed rear quarters and leather roof covering ]

p28ttcgn.JPG (6977 bytes)     P28int0.jpg (5887 bytes)

Cadillac favored the terms town cabriolet to designate the more prosaic town car.  This body style is "transformable" by removing the leather cover over the chauffeur's compartment.  Cadillac began to use the word cabriolet in the late twenties  to designate any model with material [cloth or leather] applied over the metal roof.  In fact, the word cabriolet is French; it means "convertible", as in a fully folding roof so it is out of  place  on a car with a fixed roof.  As to the color of this car, Arden Green, the text reads "the deep green of the forest is peaceful, cheerful, refreshing.  It invites to relaxation, to whole-souled enjoyment of the hour."  The lower body,  hood sides and belt molding are done in black with yellow pinstriping.  The hardware has a special green gold Finnish. This car too has light-weight auxiliary folding seats for two

28tca.jpg (15972 bytes)

28tcin.jpg (3201 bytes)
The seating arrangement in the town car

28tncr7.jpg (6590 bytes)     28TC.JPG (6645 bytes)




The transformable limousine brougham (town car)

28_3591.jpg (9949 bytes)

Style #3591
[ a long-bodied town car with large quarter windows and painted metal roof ]


P28tbggn.jpg (7647 bytes)    P28intg.jpg (5006 bytes)
Nowhere else but in the Mediterranean, at the heart of Europe, "is the sea of so cerulean a hue. It is shot through with turquoise and aquamarine; it abounds in deep sea greens; it sparkles with living silver in the sun." This superb Cadillac brougham [a transformable car with large quarter windows] abounds in the multiple sea  tones of  Italian waters.  While Como and Verona are not exactly Mediterranean cities, nonetheless, the matching colors of this elegant town car are Verona Blue and Como green.  Hardware is inlaid with blue green and there are two light-weight auxiliary folding seats for occasional passengers



[ Photo:  Clive Cussler collection, Denver, Colorado ]





28drvrs.jpg (5196 bytes)     28drpnl.jpg (3513 bytes)
Driver's position and highly ornate inner door panel

28valnce.jpg (5870 bytes)     28gasflr.jpg (5715 bytes)
Left: Tail lights and decorative valance panel over fuel tank
Right: fuel filler spout and chassis detail



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