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The easiest way to distinguish a 1957 Cadillac from a model of any other year is to look at the front clip and rear tail fins.  The 1957 Dagmars (those bullet-shaped bumper impact guards named after a buxom TV personality of the time) now wore a black rubber conical tip; the latter would be used again on the 1958 models.  The tail fins grew in both height and length; the scimitar fin was upon us; viewed from the side, the fins slanted forward on all models except the Eldorado Seville coupe, the Biarritz convertible and the bespoke Eldorado Brougham sedan.  Compared with subsequent years, up to 1964, the forward slant of the fins had the effect of optically diminishing the length of the car.  There was a movie commercial on the 1957 models which has been digitalized and posted on You Tube [unfortunately, I cannot guarantee it will always be there].



57grl.jpg (7356 bytes)

57fclp.JPG (9688 bytes)     57rclp.JPG (7591 bytes)
Front and rear clips of  "regular" 1957 Cadillac models



The Eldorado models (including the Brougham) had different tail-fin treatments.  The Brougham was a preview of things to come in 1958.  The Seville and Biarritz models, on the other hand, were totally different from any finned Cadillac to date ...or to come, for that matter.  Their rear-end treatment earned them the title of the Cadillac with the chipmunk cheeks owing to the bulbous shape of the car's rear quarters, below the inboard fins.


57biafac.jpg (4344 bytes)     57elbx.JPG (8384 bytes)
Rear clip of Eldorado Seville and Biarritz

EB57PRK2.JPG (7670 bytes)
Custom rear clip of the Eldorado Brougham sedan
[ this is car #3 of the 1957 production of only 400 units ]

One of hundreds of Cadillac (and other model) showrooms in 1957



Additional information and photos of the 1957 models and the related sales literature may be found  in The (New) Cadillac Database© sections entitled "Descriptions and Specifications of Cadillac Cars 1956 - 1965",  "Cadillac and La Salle Sales Literature 1955 - 1959" as well as in the appropriate "Dream cars" section.  Further recommended reading includes:

(a)   "Automobile Heritage's Illustrated Guide to 1950 Through 1959 Cadillac" by Roy Schneider, © 1978,  published by Automobile Heritage Publishing Co., Post Office Box 7, Temple City, CA 91780 [ISBN #0-917104-02-1] and

(b) "Standard Catalog of Cadillac, 1903-2000" edited by James T. Lentzke, © 2000, published by Krause Publications, Inc., 700 E. State Street, Iola, WI 54990 [ISBN #0-87341-925-1, Library of Congress #91-61301].

The bulk of illustrations below are from the product catalog and folder for 1957.  The latter catalog is quite a rare piece of Cadillac literature whereas the large folder, which has essentially the same illustrations, is still relatively easy to find.


The Series 62


The Coupe


5762cp.JPG (8625 bytes)
At a listed $4713 the Series 62 hardtop coupe and sedan, style 6237 and
6239, were the cheapest Cadillac offerings for 1957;  that is not to say
they were mechanically inferior in any way; a total of 32,342 units were built


5762cpi.JPG (5467 bytes)
Interiors of the Series 62
cars was a mixture of cloth
and Elascofab (a vinyl material)



The Sedan

5762sd.JPG (7618 bytes)
This is the Series 62 hardtop sedan, style 6239,   of which 32,342 were built for
the home market and 384 for export; it cost $4713, like the coupe, above



The Coupe de Ville

5762cpdv.JPG (7338 bytes)
This is the Series 62 hardtop Coupe de Ville; in 1957 it found 23,813 buyers at $5048 each

57CdVaa.jpg (21910 bytes)
This artist's view is from a period ad
[ Z. Taylor Vinson collection ]

Lombard Street in San Francisco ...

... not the ideal street for negotiating bends in a Cadillac



Factory publicity shot of the Sedan de Ville



5762sdv.JPG (8443 bytes)
This is the Series 62 hardtop Sedan de Ville, style 6239DX, 
of which 23,808 were built; listing for $5188 it cost
slightly more than the Coupe de Ville (above)


5762sdvi.JPG (5230 bytes)
De Ville interiors were
finished in a mixture
of cloth and leather


The Convertible



5762cnv.JPG (8164 bytes)
The splendid Series 62 convertible coupe
topped that series with a $5225 price tag;  9,000 were built


5762cnvi.JPG (6138 bytes)
Sumptuous convertible
interiors were all-leather


Here are two different illustrations from period ads

57cv_srv.jpg (17325 bytes)
Here's a nice survivor.  It sold at auction in Miami, in March 2006 for $19,000
and again in Auburn IN, in May 2006, this time for $26,000; I suspect we shall see
it go again for $50,000+ at a Barrett Jackson auction.  Some cars don't run, they just cross the block!



The Eldorado Seville



57els.JPG (8813 bytes)
Into its second year of production, the Eldorado Seville coupe was the
pinnacle of comfort and luxury in a closed 2-door car; the smell of  leather
was everywhere; 2,100 units found buyers for $7286 each; a sparse

four units were built in 4-door configuration; at least one has survive

57elsi.JPG (5410 bytes)
Seville interiors were available
in leather alone or in a
mixture of rich  cloths
and matching leather


57svlfa2.jpg (9373 bytes)
Factory promotional photo



The Eldorado Biarritz



57elbx.JPG (8384 bytes)
Also into its second year of production, the Eldorado Biarritz convertible turned
a few heads in its day ...and still does today;  like the Seville it features the bulbous
and much talked about chipmunk cheeks at the rear, with inboard scimitar tail fins;
priced the same as the Seville ($7286) 1,800 units nonetheless found buyers



The Series Sixty Special
[ Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that links to You Tube videos will always be functional ]

5760sx.JPG (10505 bytes)
The high-class Series Sixty Special, style 6039 (introduced twenty years earlier)
continued to be a favorite among businessmen and wealthy private owners;
24,000 units were built; they listed for $4755


5760si.JPG (5597 bytes)
Like the De Ville series,
the Sixty Special had cloth

and leather interior trim



5760sad2.jpg (9994 bytes)

5760sad1.jpg (11841 bytes)

5760sc.jpg (10523 bytes)    57-60sAA.jpg (24425 bytes)
These are artist's views from period ads and merchandising literature
[ Z. Taylor Vinson collection ]

5760sad4.jpg (14612 bytes)    5760sad5.jpg (10152 bytes)

5760sad6.jpg (12222 bytes)    5760sb.jpg (11275 bytes)

5760s3.jpg (12616 bytes)

Rare (?) factory publicity shot ... in color

Source:  Facebook, 2014



The Series 75
[ sedan and limousine ]

[ Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that links to You Tube videos will always be functional ]

5775lim.JPG (8974 bytes)
Production of the roomy Series 75 sedan and limousine had continued almost
without interruption since the late twenties; with one notable exception (the
bespoke Eldorado Brougham) these were Cadillac's most costly offerings this
year; 1,010 sedans were built (without glass divider) at a cost of $7348 each
and an additional 890 units were built with the divider, for $7586 each


5775limi.JPG (4811 bytes)
Beige or dark gray Bedford
cord trimmed the front and
rear seats in the sedan, while
black leather was used for the
front seat in the limousine



5775SrvHym.jpg (7969 bytes)
A great-looking survivor offered for sale at auction in 2008 by Hyman, Ltd.

5775a.jpg (6188 bytes)

5775b.jpg (7828 bytes)    5775c.jpg (8354 bytes)

5775g.jpg (5680 bytes)    5775e.jpg (6480 bytes)    5775f.jpg (4722 bytes)
These 3 rows: another survivor in not such good condition as the Hyman car


A couple of "spiffing" survivors !

This pair (1956-57) are not quite as nice


    The new Series 70
[ very limited production - only 400 units ]


EB57GMC.JPG (8768 bytes)
New for 1957, the Eldorado Brougham was far and away the most
expensive model in the range (it cost $13,074, compared to $7,586

for the sumptuous Series 75 limousine
[ in this artists view, the car still has the "custom" wheels it
wore at the introductory shows in Paris and New York ]



BRGINRRX.JPG (6046 bytes)
The Brougham was delivered with a complement of so-called vanity items;
before delivery to buyers, these were
placed in the glove compartment and
in the rear seat armrest (that had a lid)



For more detailed information about Cadillac's
bespoke Eldorado Brougham models, please click here





57xchas.JPG (10905 bytes)
This is Cadillac's completely new, tubular-center "X" frame
which allowed the car and the floor inside it to be lowered

57hoodem.JPG (4456 bytes)    57hdlgh.JPG (5244 bytes)    5775roof.JPG (5521 bytes)
Gone was the "Goddess" hood mascot in 1957, replaced by these two small, vertical "wings" (left)
single headlights (center) were used on all models except the new, luxurious Eldorado Brougham;
The doors of the limousine offered exceptional headroom for comfortable entry and egress (right)    
57wwip.JPG (5842 bytes)    57tllgh.JPG (5942 bytes)    57elwc.JPG (7511 bytes)
Chrome hood vent grille made stylish splash up front of the windshield (left); exhaust gas continued to be
emitted through openings in the rear bumper, much to the detriment (over time) of said bumper extensions
(center); Eldorados had cast aluminum-alloy so-called sabre-spoke wheels with removable center caps (right)

All cars except the Series 60S (above, center) and Eldorado models had these tail-lights



I acquired in the sixties some interesting merchandising material for the 1957 Cadillac.  If you wish, you can tour the Clark Street assembly line by clicking here, or view some early 1957 sales training photos by clicking here.  These photos are converted from 35mm  slides and are reproduced for your pleasure and edification, courtesy of GM/Cadillac.

Space-permitting, some additional photos of surviving cars may be added here, later.  Meanwhile, I have selected from my collection a few factory photos and other miscellaneous  photos (below) for your enjoyment.


Factory and other Photos

57FINS.JPG (4124 bytes)
Model poses proudly with the new car,
fresh off the production line

57sdvfrh.jpg (8242 bytes)    57frtst.jpg (6129 bytes)
1957 Sedan de Ville (left) and the driving seat (right)



P57cdv.jpg (9194 bytes)
Surviving Series 62 coupe found on the Internet



5762cvrh.jpg (7183 bytes)
Factory photo of the 1957, Series 62 convertible coupe



P57cve.jpg (11784 bytes)

p57cva.jpg (8857 bytes)    p57cvd.jpg (9455 bytes)

p57cvb.jpg (8063 bytes)    p57cvc.jpg (6445 bytes)     
  An exceptionally fine survivor found on the Internet



5760s2.jpg (9125 bytes)
Factory photo of 1957 Cadillac Series Sixty Special sedan

5760s1.jpg (10603 bytes)    5760srr.jpg (10721 bytes)
A beautiful survivor found on the Internet

5760S_Snow.jpg (20879 bytes)
This survivor obviously has got Santa's attention;   it resides in snowy Sweden
[ Photo:  ©2005  and courtesy Micael Wennberg, on behalf of Dan, the owner ]



Prof5775.jpg (11020 bytes)    5775int.jpg (8399 bytes)
Factory photo of the 1957, Series 75 limousine



5775fun.JPG (11469 bytes)
Fancied up Series 75 limousine that I photographed
in the D.C. area in the eighties

Another fine survivor; I believe this one resides in Sweden (or perhaps the UK)

Factory publicity shot of the new Series 75 sedan and limousine



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