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The dealer Data Book for 1960 says that Cadillac cannot be fully appreciated without experiencing the surpassing comfort of its ride, the remarkable ease and safety of its steering and braking and the exceeding flexibility and sureness of its response the driver's every demand. A half century later, what sold cars were side air-bags and sophisticated sound systems.

March, 2006:  I finally got around to reviewing my own archives on the 1960 Cadillac models.  Until now you were able to view the year's production on this Web page that was compiled by a Cadillac admirer in the Netherlands (Holland). 

This page duplicates in part the Dutch one, although it includes also a few factory photos and illustrations from Cadillac "mailer" catalogs, all  graciously provided to me through the years by the Cadillac Division's Public Relations Department. I have included also  photos of a few surviving cars; most of them come from Cadillac enthusiasts like myself, too numerous to mention individually.

The bulk of the artist's drawings below are from the company's superb product catalog for 1960 which is described in more detail in the section of the Database devoted to Cadillac sales and merchandising literature.

Additional information and photos of the 1959 models and the related sales literature may be found  in The (New) Cadillac Database© sections entitled "Descriptions and Specifications of Cadillac Cars 1956 - 1965",  "Cadillac and La Salle Sales Literature 1960-1964" as well as in the appropriate "Dream cars" section.  Further recommended reading includes:

Standard Catalog of Cadillac, 1903-2000 edited by James T. Lenzke, © 2000, published by Krause Publications, Inc., 700 E. State Street, Iola, WI 54990 [ISBN #0-87341-925-1, Library of Congress #91-61301].  An updated version covering Cadillacs through 2005 was edited by John Gunnell that year.

Total model production for 1960 was 142,184; that is about 100 units short of the previous year total.



60Vembl.jpg (10179 bytes)
The distinguished and distinguishable Cadillac "V and crest got slimmer and wider this year;
a much larger version of this one is embossed in silver on the De Luxe product brochure for 1960




Easy ID
[all models except Eldorado Brougham]


60grle.jpg (22267 bytes)    60FRCLPAA.JPG (14449 bytes)
Paired headlights, no grille division bar, paired park/fog lights in lower bumper

60RRCL2.JPG (3899 bytes)    60RRCL4.JPG (12157 bytes)    60ftopAA.JPG (12836 bytes)
Oval, vertical tail-light housings




Series 62

em60_62.jpg (4228 bytes)
This emblem is found on the leading edge of the front fenders
[near the headlight housings]  on all Series 62 models


The Coupe or 2-door Hardtop

6062CpXX.jpg (17162 bytes)    6062cpi.jpg (15833 bytes)
Series 62 coupe or 2-door Hardtop, style 6237; 19,978 were built and cost $4,892 each; upholstery selections included
Caspian pattern nylon or Cortina cord both with matching or contrasting Elascofab (vinyl) bolsters and trim; the nylon
was available in black (with white vinyl), Persian sand (shown), turquoise and green; the cord came in gray, blue and fawn;
seat pattern consisted of two groups of six 2" pipings and one set of five, between bolsters, with a single row of buttons across the seat back

A publicity photo from the Clarence Dixon Cadillac dealership in Los Angeles

6062CP2.JPG (15561 bytes)    60Cpdrg.jpg (18951 bytes)

60coupe.JPG (26653 bytes)
Illustrations in these two rows are from factory "mailers"

60CdVBW.jpg (16665 bytes)    6062CPRL.JPG (9789 bytes)
Series 62 coupe [factory photos]

6062Sd6Wdrg.jpg (18957 bytes)
This cropped, double-sided, poster-sized image of the 1960 Series 62 coupe
was intended for display by Cadillac dealers in their showrooms that year;

on the reverse side the steering wheel was on the right !


The 4-window sedan
[ with wrap-around rear window ]

60624WXX.jpg (17257 bytes)    60624Wsdi.jpg (19759 bytes)
Series 62 sedan, 4-window [ flat top ], style 6239; 9,984 units were built and cost $5,080 each;
fawn cord is used for the upholstery (at right)


The 6-window sedan

6062SD6A.JPG (10569 bytes)    6062sd6Wi2.jpg (15887 bytes)
Series 62 sedan, 6-window, style 6229; 26,824 units were built and cost $5,080;
blue cord is used for the upholstery (at right)

60626wsd.jpg (12573 bytes)
Series 62 sedan, 6-window [ from period mailer ]

60626WPho3.JPG (17428 bytes)    60626WRR.jpg (13979 bytes)

60626wPho4.jpg (17423 bytes)

6O62sd6W.jpg (16259 bytes)

6062APHO.JPG (8379 bytes)

6062BPHO.JPG (6034 bytes)    6062C.JPG (4939 bytes)
The preceding four rows include some factory photos of the Series 62, 6-window sedan

6062iRR.JPG (9011 bytes)    6062sdi2.jpg (15099 bytes)
The Series 62 coupe and sedan both have an odd seat pattern that blends
regular 2-inch piping on the seating areas, with button piping on seat backs 



The Convertible Coupe

6062cvXX.jpg (14255 bytes)    6062cnvi.jpg (22841 bytes)
Series 62, style 6267, convertible coupe; 14,000 were built and cost $5,455 each:
upholstery selections in supple Florentine grain leather included black with white, all black, all silver metallic, all blue metallic, all
saddle tan, all green metallic, red with white and all red (shown); convertible tops were available in ivory, black, green, buckskin and blue

60CNVDWN.JPG (11771 bytes)
This is a slightly cropped factory color photo

    60CV.JPG (9595 bytes)    60convr.JPG (22066 bytes)

60S_CvCp.jpg (22365 bytes)
Illustrations in these two rows are from factory "mailers";
the lower picture features also a dark blue Series 60 Special sedan

60conv.jpg (11827 bytes)    6062conv.jpg (17045 bytes)
Two original factory photos from that year's Press Kit

60cnvpc.jpg (24547 bytes)    60CNVMD2.JPG (15670 bytes)
Left: a survivor
Right: Mother and daughter in pink-accented gowns by Ines da Roma; this theme was used in an ad for the 1960 models

60brnfnd.jpg (16584 bytes)    6062CV2.JPG (10439 bytes)
We all dream of finding one like the one on the left, and restoring it like this award-winning red beauty on the right

Two lovely survivors


I'm really ashamed to show you this You Tube video
of a 1960 Cadillac convertible ...being severely maltreated!

This one is less dramatic; I believe it was filmed in Italy



Series 63 De Ville
[ De Ville models have a nameplate in script on the rear fenders ]


60CdVXX.jpg (16145 bytes)    6063CdVi.jpg (20044 bytes)
The Coupe de Ville,  style 6337; 21,585 units were made and cost $5,252 each; upholstery selections for the De Ville biscuit and button design
included Cambray or Chadwick pattern nylon with matching or contrasting Florentine grain leather bolsters and trim; Cambray nylon
was available in black (with white leather), blue-black and turquoise-black; the Chadwick nylon came in gray, Persian sand, fawn (shown) and green

60cdvph2.jpg (15488 bytes)    60CdVPhoX.JPG (19038 bytes)
More illustrations from factory "mailers"

60cdv.jpg (13113 bytes)
Factory publicity shot from the Press Kit

60turk.JPG (9862 bytes)
These Cadillacs sure do get around; this survivor was photographed in
Istanbul, Turkey, by a French friend and Cadillac nut, François Roux


The Sedan de Ville, 4-window

60SDV4A.JPG (9291 bytes)    6063SdV4Wi.jpg (16708 bytes) 
Series 63 Sedan De Ville, style 6339, 4-window [ flat top ]; 9,225 units were built and cost $5,498 each;
upholstery (right) is gray Chadwick nylon

60SdVRon.jpg (38111 bytes)    60Sdv4WPho.jpg (28179 bytes)
A survivor in an exceptional setting
[ Photo :  © and courtesy of Ron Van Gelderen, former CLC President, twice ]


The Sedan de Ville, 6-window

60SDV6A.JPG (9831 bytes)    6063SdV6Wi.jpg (19480 bytes)
Series 62 Sedan De Ville, style 6329, 6-window model; 22,579 units were built and cost $5,498 each;
upholstery (right) is turquoise and black Cambray nylon

60sdvpc.jpg (7897 bytes)    60SdVmlr.JPG (34180 bytes)
Illustrations from period mailers

And here's a You Tube video of this model




Series 60 Special Fleetwood


6060SXX.jpg (17464 bytes)    6060sint.jpg (20523 bytes)
11,800 units were built and cost $6,233 each; upholstery selections for the rectangular biscuit and button design of the Sixty Special
included Cardinal or Clarion pattern nylon with matching or contrasting Florentine grain leather bolsters and trim; Cardinal nylon
was available in black (with white leather), Locarno blue, fawn and green; the Clarion nylon came in gray, Persian sand and turquoise;
all-wool  broadcloth could be ordered throughout and came in gray, Locarno blue and "Sagetan" (a greenish tan hue)

60Sdrg.jpg (31761 bytes)

     60int1.JPG (10651 bytes)
Left: there was only this one model in the series; this is it
Right: plush interior features large biscuit and button design

6060sfac.jpg (15809 bytes)

6060SLH.JPG (13132 bytes)
Factory publicity photos

6060sSV.jpg (16291 bytes)    

Some excellent survivors off Internet




Series 64


60ELSVA.JPG (7973 bytes)    6064svli.jpg (18534 bytes)
Eldorado Seville - 1,075 units were built and cost $7,401 each; upholstery selections for the Seville
included Cardinal cloth and matching Florentine grain leather, or all-leather trim combing Cardiff grain and Florentine grain; colors included
white, Locarno blue, Siena rose, beige (shown), Dundee green and heather; all-leather interiors were either white, beige or red and white together

60sv34.jpg (16767 bytes)
Author's former bucket-seat Seville in "Heather Poly" [metallic lilac], code #99B

60ELBI.JPG (8054 bytes)    6064biai.jpg (20016 bytes)
Eldorado Biarritz - 1,075 units were built and cost $7,401 each; upholstery selections for the convertible version of the Eldorado
included a combination of Florentine and Cardiff grain leathers in white, black, silver, Locarno blue, beige, Dundee green (shown) and red;
tops were available in ivory, black, beige, Lucerne blue or Carrara green (trim code in bucket seat cars were followed by the letter "B")

60BIAFAC.JPG (8213 bytes)    60elbi01.jpg (5263 bytes)    styl60c.jpg (24857 bytes)
Left:  Factory publicity shot of Biarritz model painted "Siena Rose" [code #98]
Center and right: author's former Biarritz, painted in the same delightful hue




Series 67
I have no control over You Tube video clips on the Internet,
so this one may not always be available for viewing here


CLAY60.JPG (8133 bytes)
It all began in the design studio around 1958

6075AA.JPG (9994 bytes)    6075i.jpg (16478 bytes)
The artists still made them look longer, wider, lower in 1960

The Fleetwood 75 was available as a family sedan, seating 8-9 people, of which 718 units were built  and cost $9,533 each
or as a limousine with partition and electric division glass with the same seating capacity; 832 of the latter were built  and cost $9,748 each
upholstery selections for the large, square biscuit and button design of the Fleetwood 75 included nylon Bedford cord and/or all-wool broadcloth
in light gray, fawn or dark gray;  this year light gray Florentine leather was standard for the chauffeur's compartment; fawn and black were optional

6075bX.JPG (14460 bytes)    60_75b.JPG (13109 bytes)
"May I carry your parcels, Ma'm" How much fun it must have been to go shopping with hubby's chauffeur and the Series 75 limousine
[ Photo: © 1960 GM/Cadillac ]

6075.jpg (17566 bytes)

6060s75.JPG (14473 bytes)    6075B.JPG (5768 bytes)
Illustrations from period mailers

6075NGHT.JPG (9635 bytes)
This illustration was used in a magazine advertisement




Series 69


60BrgXX.jpg (16881 bytes)    60ElBrgi.jpg (18032 bytes)
Eldorado Brougham - a scant 101 units were built and cost $13,075 each; upholstery selections for the bespoke Eldorado Brougham
included shadow-stripe broadcloth inserts with matching broadcloth bolsters and trim, or broadcloth throughout; these fabrics
came in gray, blue, beige, green and "Covert" (which I believe is a light fawn or tan); all-leather interiors in Florentine leather
were a second option and came in white, black, gray, blue, sandalwood and green; carpets were loop pile nylon of
lambs wool






60DASH.JPG (8950 bytes)    60grleAB.jpg (10507 bytes)
Left:  Instruments and part of dashboard
Right:  I had one ...but I didn't look like that !




Uncommon photos


The Chicago Auto Show

A young enthusiast (possibly a future Cadillac owner) picks up a
colorful catalog of that year's models during the Chicago Auto Show
(the insert at lower right  shows the cover of that ctalog)


The body drop

60bodrop.jpg (5166 bytes)    60BODRO2.JPG (6346 bytes)    60bodro3.jpg (12114 bytes)
These rare  photos were found in some old, discarded factory albums;
they were saved for our viewing pleasure by an astute Detroit resident

and sent to me by fellow CLC member, Joe Gildea


A sad ending to a beautiful automobile

60WRCKL.JPG (12372 bytes)
Drive safely !!!




[Origin of the 1960 Cadillac tail-light ]


60CadTLmod.jpg (7246 bytes)     60TAILB2.JPG (4031 bytes)    60tailbu.jpg (8081 bytes)
In case you ever wondered where the 1960 Cadillac tail-light housings came from,
here is the answer; they were featured first on this Buick Centurion show car of 1956:
that car had an early video camera mounted in the center of the rear bumper that fed a

B&W TV monitor in the center of the instrument board, in lieu of a rear-view mirror!




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