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I have found time, after three years (!) to put together the 1963 Cadillac photo page. I hope you will enjoy it.

Images and photos are from my own collection. Most of them are factory photos graciously provided to me through the years by the Cadillac Division's Public Relations Department. Others have been scanned from that year's merchandising literature.

This was another banner year with almost 2500 more 1963 cars than the 1962 models. Total production was 163,174 cars compared to 160,840 the previous year).

Again, the easiest way to distinguish a 1963 Cadillac from a model of any other year is to look at the front clip and rear tail fins.  The 1963 models have a broad, flat, egg-crate grille with a single chrome bar cutting through the middle and underlining the dual headlights at each extremity. Look also for the small, round, amber turn-signal lenses below each pair of headlights. The unmistakable tail-light housings pursued the previous year's vertical theme but grew longer and slimmer; when viewed from the side, they drop vertically (as compared to "V"eed housings of the 1964 model).  The height of the tail fins was down marginally from last year; their long, low profile looked a little more angular than their 1962 counterpart.

Fleetwood models are distinguished by the absence of any trim molding running down the center of the car sides. Instead, they feature a small wreath and crest at the extremity of the rear fender, close to the tail-light housings. Look also for identifying script or lettering on some models (De Ville, FLEETWOOD, Park Avenue, ELDORADO, etc.) 

Additional information and photos of the 1963 models and the related sales literature may be found  in The (New) Cadillac Database© sections entitled "Descriptions and Specifications of Cadillac Cars  1956-1965",  "Cadillac and La Salle Sales Literature 1960-1964" as well as in the appropriate "Dream cars" section.  Further recommended reading includes:

(a)   "Cadillacs of the Sixties" by Roy Schneider, © 1995,  published by Automobile Heritage Publishing Co., Post Office Box 7, Temple City, CA 91780 [ISBN #0917104048 / 9780917104046.

(b) "Standard Catalog of Cadillac, 1903-2000" edited by James T. Lentzke, © 2000, published by Krause Publications, Inc., 700 E. State Street, Iola, WI 54990 [ISBN #0-87341-925-1, Library of Congress #91-61301].


Easy ID


63IDside.jpg (98024 bytes)63IDfrt2.jpg (49106 bytes)63IDrr.jpg (44080 bytes)

63idfrt.jpg (9368 bytes)     63ARTRR.JPG (6143 bytes)
Front: broad, flat grille with single, chrome separation bar; round, orange parking lights
Rear: Slim, vertical tail-light housings; Fleetwoods have wreath and crest on rear fender



The Series 62 models


The Series 62 Coupe

6362cp.jpg (11221 bytes)    6362cpi.jpg (5973 bytes)


63CPOPN.JPG (9196 bytes)
Factory archival photo of the Series 62 coupe model

The Series 62 sedan (4-window model)

63624w.jpg (11339 bytes)    63624wi.jpg (6013 bytes)


63SDV2.JPG (7489 bytes)
Factory archival photo of the Series 62 4-window sedan model

The Series 62 Sedan (6-window model)

63626w.jpg (10669 bytes)    63626wi.jpg (5933 bytes)



The Series 62 Convertible

6362cv4.jpg (10307 bytes)    6362cvi.jpg (5899 bytes)


63ASSBY2.JPG (8655 bytes)    63ASSBY6.JPG (9610 bytes)

63ASSBY7.JPG (8067 bytes)    63OFFLIN.JPG (5007 bytes)

63_28TH.JPG (8374 bytes)    6328RER.JPG (7388 bytes)
Above three rows: the 28th Cadillac to come of the line was this Series 62 convertible

6362CV.JPG (9555 bytes)    6362CV3.JPG (10879 bytes)
Factory archival photos of the Series 62 convertible



The Series 63 "De Ville" models


The Coupe de Ville

63cdv.jpg (11398 bytes)    63cdvi.jpg (6145 bytes)

63CPE.JPG (7903 bytes)

63CDVRR.JPG (6009 bytes)    63RRCLP.JPG (8426 bytes)
Above two rows: factory archival photos of the Coupe de Ville

63CdV_CRANED.jpg (9148 bytes)
You would NOT want this to happen to YOUR '63 Coupe de Ville!
[ factory archival photo ]

The Sedan de Ville (4-window model)
[ Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that links to You Tube videos will always be functional ]

63sdv4w.jpg (10658 bytes)    63sdv4wi.jpg (5225 bytes)

63SDV.JPG (7448 bytes)
Factory archival photo of the 4-window Sedan de Ville


The short-decked Park Avenue Sedan de Ville

63pasdv.jpg (10164 bytes)    63pasdvi.jpg (5680 bytes)


The Sedan de Ville (6-window model)

63sdv6w.jpg (10488 bytes)    63sdv6wi.jpg (6207 bytes)


These interior shots of a restored 6-window Sedan de Ville were found on the Internet in 2013;
perhaps photos of the exterior of the car will also turn up




The Fleetwood models


The Series Sixty Special

6360s.jpg (10262 bytes)

6360si1.jpg (4263 bytes)    63ARTRR.JPG (6143 bytes)    6360si2.jpg (5397 bytes)     63-60S.jpg (18284 bytes)

A nice looking survivor

63_60S.JPG (10673 bytes)
Factory photo taken in Detroit at the presentation of the new, 1963 cars

Sic transit gloria mundi ...

[Worldly things are fleeting !]

63eb.jpg (9173 bytes)     63ebfri.jpg (4255 bytes)    63ebir.jpg (4792 bytes)
Optional bucket seats and center console (left) were optional at extra cost

63ELD2.JPG (6877 bytes)
Factory photo, again  taken in Detroit at the presentation of the new, 1963 cars

Source:  Internet 2014

The Series 75 sedan and limousine
The Series 75 sedan and limousine
[ Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that the links to these You Tube videos will always be functional ]

63_75b.jpg (11828 bytes)    6375rri.jpg (5820 bytes)    6375rri2.jpg (3479 bytes)
As always, interiors of the sedan and the rear compartment of the limousine
were available in hardy broadcloth in either gray (left) or taupe (right);
the chauffeur's compartment in the limousine was trimmed in black or gray leather

6375LIM.JPG (6923 bytes)    6375LIM4.JPG (6587 bytes)

6375DET2.JPG (9109 bytes)    6375DET3.JPG (6413 bytes)
This Series 75 limousine (above two rows) will soon be shipped to the San Francisco Motor Show;
in the background may be seen may be seen one of GM/Cadillac's transport trucks

6375DET4.JPG (8701 bytes)    6375DET1.JPG (7418 bytes)

    6375LIM5.JPG (5212 bytes)    6375SF.JPG (11493 bytes)
These four factory photos of the Series 75 limousine were taken on a snowy day
in San Francisco, in full view of the Golden Gate bridge

63-75BEye.jpg (27920 bytes)
Illustration from period product brochure
for professonal cars on Cadillac chassis

Beautiful survivor, found on the Internet in 2014



Miscellaneous images


63CLARKA.JPG (6893 bytes)    63CLARKB.JPG (8983 bytes)
Presentation of the new, 1963 models outside the Clark Avenue plant in late 1962

63HOODS.JPG (8648 bytes)
Here's a stash of 1963 hoods ...if you happen to be looking for one

TRAILER.JPG (12129 bytes)
Here's a nice truck-load of 1963 Cadillacs aboard a SK Haulaway
trailer by Whitehead & Kales Co. of River Rouge, MI

... and another

Cadillac's 2 millionth post-war car


Trivia: Many photos on this page are from rare factory photo albums claimed to have been found in a dumpster, in Michigan, and later offered for sale on e-Bay in 2002. I believe the CLC Museum and Research Center was able to acquire some of these albums; sadly others have gone into private collections and possibly may be lost for us poor researchers.


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