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I have found time, after three years (!) to put together the 1964 Cadillac photo page. I hope you will enjoy it.

Images and photos are from my own collection. Most of them are factory photos graciously provided to me through the years by the Cadillac Division's Public Relations Department. Others have been scanned from that year's merchandising literature and other similar sources.

Total production was 165,959 cars of the model year, again a marginal increase over the previous year.

Again, the easiest way to distinguish a 1964 Cadillac from a model of any other year is to look at the front clip and rear tail fins.  The 1964 models have a broad, slightly V-eed, egg-crate grille with a broad, body-colored molding cutting through the middle and underlining the dual headlight pods at each extremity. Look also for the four ribs on the parking/turn signal light housings; these extend around the edge of the front fenders into the matching cornering light housings.

The unmistakable tail-light housings are similar in volume and vertical positioning to those of 1963 except that when viewed from the side, they form a rear-pointing "V", as compared to the "flat", vertical housings of 1963. 

This was to be the last year of the "obvious tail-fin", although they were retained on the Series 75 sedan and limousine for 1965 (Cadillac did not re-tool that series until 1966).

As in 1963, Fleetwood models for 1964 are distinguished by the absence of any trim molding running down the center of the car sides. Instead, they feature a small wreath and crest at the extremity of the rear fender, close to the tail-light housings.

Look also for identifying script or lettering on some models (De Ville, FLEETWOOD, ELDORADO, etc.) 

Additional information and photos of the 1964 models and the related sales literature may be found  in The (New) Cadillac Database© sections entitled "Descriptions and Specifications of Cadillac Cars  1956-1965",  "Cadillac and La Salle Sales Literature 1960-1964" as well as in the appropriate "Dream cars" section.  Further recommended reading includes:

(a)   "Cadillacs of the Sixties" by Roy Schneider, © 1995,  published by Automobile Heritage Publishing Co., Post Office Box 7, Temple City, CA 91780 [ISBN #0917104048 / 9780917104046.

(b) "Standard Catalog of Cadillac, 1903-2000" edited by James T. Lentzke, © 2000, published by Krause Publications, Inc., 700 E. State Street, Iola, WI 54990 [ISBN #0-87341-925-1, Library of Congress #91-61301].


1964 Cadillac - Easy ID


64IDside.jpg (116090 bytes)     64IDfrt.jpg (56901 bytes)64IDrr.jpg (49186 bytes)

64ID2.JPG (6637 bytes)     64ID1.JPG (5701 bytes)
The grille (left is slightly V-eed and separated in the middle
by a broad molding in matching body color

The tail-light housings (right) have a rear-pointing "V",
unlike the 1963 models that stood vertically

Tail section of Eldorado model



The Series 62


The Coupe

6462CPE.JPG (8636 bytes)

This lovely survivor hails from Nebraska


Sedan [4-window model]

6462SD4W.JPG (8524 bytes)

A lovely survivor from North Carolina


Sedan [6-window model]

6462SD6W.JPG (7667 bytes)

This fine survivor is from Cincinnati, OH

6462aint.jpg (4553 bytes)     6462bint.jpg (3755 bytes)
Interior views



De Ville Series


Coupe de Ville

64DVCP.JPG (9346 bytes)     64DVCPI.JPG (3663 bytes)

64CDVBLU.JPG (13308 bytes)     64DVSEAT.JPG (4140 bytes)
(Above, left) Coupe de Ville, from a period advertisement
(Above, right) Switch-panel ahead of  LH front door armrest (on a De Ville model, here)

has multiple rocker switches for power-operated windows, vents, seat


This fine looking survivor hails from Canada's Ontario province


Sedan de Ville [4-window model]

64DV4W.JPG (10310 bytes)     64DV4WI.JPG (3951 bytes)

Survivors are always welcome in these pages; the one on the left is from Westlake, OH; the one on the right was found on Internet in 2014


Sedan de Ville [6-window model]

64DV6W.JPG (11218 bytes)     64DV6WI.JPG (4152 bytes)


De Ville convertible

64DCCV.JPG (9743 bytes)     64DCCVI.JPG (4555 bytes)

Illustration  is from the Self Starter, July 2014




Fleetwood Models

Series Sixty Special

64FL60S2.JPG (11620 bytes)     6460SI3.JPG (6579 bytes)    6460SI4.JPG (5892 bytes)

64FL60~1.JPG (4364 bytes)     64FLID3.JPG (4669 bytes)

6460SAD.JPG (12159 bytes)     6460S3.JPG (10290 bytes)
Illustrations from  period advertisement (left) and catalog (right)

This fine survivor lives in New York (2012)

Cropped photo from an artisitic rendering of this gorgeous survivor by Christian Doerk

Splendid survivor from East Setauket, NY

I bought this not-so-fine survivor off Ebay, in 2000, on the strength of two photos ... it was fun to drive but not a car on which I would have spent time and money to restore





64FLEL.JPG (10561 bytes)    64FELELI.JPG (3839 bytes)

64FLID1.JPG (5714 bytes)     64FLID2.JPG (3972 bytes)

64eldcus.jpg (8594 bytes)


Lots of survivors !

I've always liked this particular Eldorado body style






Series 75


The sedan and limousine

6475(1).jpg (11420 bytes)     6475I.JPG (4565 bytes)


Factory promotional photos of the Series 75 limousine
Photo: © 1964 GM/Cadillac


Optional Landau Top




This survivor in Georgia features the optional Landau top (small backlight and non-functional landau bars);
A special merchandising folder specifically for the Cadillac 75 series reads: The superbly tailored Landau top, optional on the Fleetwood
Limousine,  adds a special dignity to this magnificent Cadillac and also provides welcome privacy for all the rear seat occupants
[ Photos:  Internet 1/2015 ]


Survivors are still quite numerous; this is  a fine example



Miscellaneous assorted photos


The Cadillac assembly line in late 1963

64PAINT.JPG (6829 bytes)     64ASSBY2.JPG (8457 bytes)     64ASSBY5.JPG (8937 bytes)     64ASSBLY.JPG (7602 bytes)
1.  The paint tunnel, 2. Installing LH front fender
3./4.  During and after front bumper installation

64ASSBY3.JPG (7336 bytes)     64ASSBY4.JPG (6384 bytes)
he end of the line; is YOUR '64 Cadillac one of these ?




Storage and shipping bays

64SHIPA.JPG (5032 bytes)     64SHIPC.JPG (5020 bytes)

64SHIPB.JPG (10469 bytes)


Loading rail-road cars

64SHIP1.JPG (7642 bytes)     64SHIP2.JPG (8474 bytes)

64SHIP3.JPG (7117 bytes)     64SHIP4.JPG (6068 bytes)



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