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Pre-WW2 hood and trunk crests, grille badges,
horn buttons & misc. emblems and script

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(le résumé en français se trouve en bas de page)


Crest emblems and decorative script were used on most Cadillac models from the earliest days, although the company did not register the crest of Detroit's famous founder until August, 1906.  Some favorite locations for such insignia were the radiator shroud, the grille, the top or front of the hood, trunk lid, wheel hubs and instruments panel. 

An incredible variety of them may be found also on company merchandising material such as sales catalogs, folders, advertisements, etc.  Click here to view the latter.


Early crests and logos


Probably one of the largest and oldest known Cadillac wreath & crest motif is this one, done in an intricate design
made of southern glazed tiles, located in the foyer of the Old Don Lee Cadillac dealership in Pasadena, CA

The next most impressive Cadillac crest is (still) located over the entrance hall
to the former Don Lee Cadillac dealership at #1000 Van Ness in San Francisco
(I believe the premises are now a shopping mall, beside the AMC Theaters

RARECRST.JPG (8863 bytes)
Large ceramic crest (circa 48" dia.)  on display
at the factory's Historical Collection in Detroit
[ Photo: © 2002, J. Scott Harris ]

03stpplt.jpg (5856 bytes)
This ornate, intertwined CACo monogram
[for: Cadillac Automobile Company]
is from the step plate of an early 1903 Cadillac runabout

Script.jpg (4505 bytes)    OLDEMBL.JPG (4690 bytes)
Top row and below, left: old type brass Cadillac script found on single-cylinder Cadillac models through the teens
Right: artist's rendering of that early script [ Photo: © 2002, J. Scott Harris ]


Few radiator emblems were used from 1910 to 1916

12ID.JPG (6019 bytes)
These marks were seen on a 1912 Cadillac at the
2000 Cadillac Grand National meet in Detroit


An 18-point crown emblem was used on the hubs of the last of the
4-cylinder cars in 1914; these had no radiator script or radiator badge
[ click here for pre-WW2 wheel cover insignia ]



Radiator shroud, grille and trunk lid badges
[ 1916 - 1942 ]


1.oldcrst.jpg (5147 bytes)     2.16_18badge.jpg (9907 bytes)    3.crst20s.JPG (5857 bytes)    4.EM_OLD.JPG (4228 bytes)
(Images 1 and 2) radiator badges from 1916-1918, with 9-pointed crown and swans in lieu of merlettes;
(Images 3 and 4) insignia used from 1920 through 1927; it had a German silver backing and reverted to a 7-point crown

The laurel or tulip wreath disappeared from the radiator badge with the 1925 models;
in 1926 the badge was placed on a shield-shaped rather than circular background

emlas27b.jpg (8751 bytes)    emblas27a.jpg (4089 bytes)
La Salle radiator badge of 1927-28
[ the image at left is "spoiled" by the chromed stoneguard in the   background ]

30embv8.jpg (3870 bytes)    29v8bdg.jpg (6647 bytes)    2829embl.jpg (2894 bytes)
Grille badges of the late twenties
and early thirties 

em2829b.jpg (5601 bytes)    em2930.jpg (6662 bytes)
Left, radiator grille badge from 1928 Cadillac; right, 1932 model with "wings"

V8grbdg.jpg (2412 bytes)    em303112.JPG (3514 bytes)    V6grlbdg.jpg (5337 bytes)     v6crst.jpg (4852 bytes)
These circular badges were mounted on the center of the
radiator casing of  V8, V12 and V16 models of 1930-32

[in fact, all are the same size - circa 2½" in dia.]
Only the sixteen (red) had the rays emanating from the center out

v6_702631H.JPG (10759 bytes)
These knurled knobs with Cadillac crest are found on the metal cover
between opposite banks of 8-cylinders in the V16 engines from 1930-1937

 32v8bdge.jpg (5035 bytes)    v2bdg2.jpg (5314 bytes)    EMB_V16.JPG (5302 bytes)

V6_32s.jpg (7110 bytes)   v6emb_blu3.jpg (13094 bytes)    v6emb_blu4.jpg (11566 bytes)

v6emb_blu.jpg (7916 bytes)    v6emb_blu2.jpg (10909 bytes)   
Exception:  this custom made "V-16" badge on a blue background;
it belongs to a custom "V-12" job fitted with V-16 trim

8_12_16.jpg (7871 bytes)
The multi-cylinder cars of 1930-31 had this type of   radiator badge
mounted on a cross bar, stanchion between the headlights

Series 452-452A, V-16 rear splash apron emblem

v2bdg.jpg (7907 bytes)
The multi-cylinder cars of 1932  got this "winged" crest
on the radiator shroud

v8trkemb.JPG (7749 bytes)    V2TRKEMB.JPG (4090 bytes)    V632trnk.jpg (3960 bytes)
Left: trunk emblems off 1932 Cadillac V-8, V12 and V16 models; these are
"see through" emblems, which may not be obvious from these images

v632emb.jpg (8200 bytes)
This one is a puzzle as it seems to combine a
1932 trunk emblem (outer ring) with a 1930-31 grille emblem (inner ring)
Could it be a wrongly restored item

33tkemb.jpg (4322 bytes)
Trunk badge for 1933 V12 models

em35grl.jpg (6770 bytes)    em33crst.JPG (15870 bytes)
Radiator badge of a 1933-1935 Cadillac (starting in 1934, the crest was detachable)

37bdg2.jpg (6045 bytes)   

37bdge1.jpg (3040 bytes)    37bdge2.jpg (4614 bytes)
1936-37 grille and trunk emblems (V-8 cars)

v6emb36.jpg (15998 bytes)    v6aeroemb34.jpg (39137 bytes)
(left) V16 grille badge for "Series 90" cars from 1934-1940
(right) Same badge on 1937 V16 "Aero" coupe, in "gold" finish

emb38grl.jpg (7771 bytes)
1938 (with detachable crest), except Series 60 Special

39emb.jpg (6353 bytes)

39trkemb.jpg (3655 bytes)    emlstrk.jpg (5128 bytes)   
1939 and/or 1940 Cadillac trunk (left) and 1939 La Salle radiator (right);
I thought the 1939 Cadillacs used a trunk badge similar to the La Salle
(but with a Cadillac crest), combined with the 1940 radiator badge shown below;
CLC member Mike Simmons of California has thoroughly researched the topic
and has uncovered some contradictory information [see "
Late Extra", below]

emb40v6.JPG (5646 bytes)
Sidemount emblen,
from 1940 Cadillac V-16

Late Extra [Dec., 2007]: Yann, I was just trying to correct a seller on eBay who is offering a "1939 trunk emblem" for a Cad, when it is obviously the one-year only 1940 sunburst style [above]. I told him about the mistakes on p.361 of Hendry's first edition. I was going to cite your CLC  Cadillac Database, but thought I ought to pinpoint the location of the emblem info. There, I was surprised to find an error similar to Hendry's. You picture the LaSalle version of the sunburst (1940) [above] and state that it is the same as the 1939 Cad, only with a different crest. At this point, I began to question my sanity- so I checked with the CLC authenticity manual for 38-39 and 40 Series 75 cars [unfortunately, Mike, I do not have a copy of that manual]. In section VI, page 8 , it illustrates a V8, V-shaped emblem and states it is for the 1938 grille and trunk, and the 1939 trunk [an image would be useful, Mike]. The 1940 sunburst emblem is illustrated to it's right. In addition to my own 40-75 (with the sunburst, or rays or whatever it is called), I own a 39-61 coupe, and it shares the same 39 V8 emblem with the above-mentioned 39 Series 75. I believe the 37 Cads and LaSalles used the same V8 emblems on their grilles (though not on the trunks), and Hendry says they were even used on 36 grilles and trunks. Cad got a lot of life out of that emblem, it would seem. Happy New Year ! [now I'm hopimg Mike will lend a hand to draft the captions correctly for Cadillacs and La Salles from that period].

Em40frt.jpg (6773 bytes)
[1938 Series 60 Special is similar]

41trkemb.jpg (8397 bytes)
1941 trunk lid "winged"

em4142hd.JPG (5088 bytes)
1941 and 1942
hood crest
[some 1942 badges have red painted, fine horizontal stripes each side of the crest]

42TRKEM2.JPG (7275 bytes)
1942 trunk lids sported this winged emblem

scrp4142.jpg (2290 bytes)
Front hood name letters, 1941-42
[used also as fender ID letters in 1946]



Fender and other lateral emblems

Fshrcust.jpg (6917 bytes)    fshrb&w.jpg (6170 bytes)
(Left) This plate is from a 1929 Cadillac town car in
a private collection at Fort Mill, South Carolina

(Right) is an artist's representation of it

35bdg.jpg (4962 bytes)    em81216.jpg (11646 bytes)    em37v12b.JPG (3626 bytes)
Engine configuration nameplates, 1935-1936; the V16 badge
speaks for itself; it needs neither "CADILLAC" nor "FLEETWOOD"
these were mounted on the hood sides around the cooling vents (see below)
"V-12" plate, far right, may be wrong color

    V2SIDE35.JPG (4770 bytes)
Side grille and emblem on 1935-36 V12 models
Picture was taken at the CLC Grand National, 2002
[ Photo: © 2002,  J. Scott Harris ]

em37grl.JPG (3600 bytes)    37bdg.jpg (4194 bytes)    em36v12.JPG (3133 bytes)
Left: 1937 Cadillac V-8 (interchangeable with center badge)
Far right: radiator grille emblems off the superb 1937 town car

belonging to Mr. & Mrs.  Jack Frank

em39v16.jpg (3775 bytes)
Tire cover emblem off
1939-40 Sixteen



Interior insignia and horn buttons


crs_dash.jpg (8394 bytes)
This winged emblem is found on the instrument panel
of cars from the late thirties through the early fifties

Fishrtag.jpg (8338 bytes)    Crst49fl.jpg (8895 bytes)

 Fwood3.jpg (5370 bytes)    emb_flt.jpg (2778 bytes)
(Above two rows) These and similar plates are found on front seat sides or sill plates


Pre-WW2 Cadillac horn buttons

Some of these horn buttons may be incorrectly identified; if you have a pre-WW2 Cadillac or
La Salle with a horn button that is not shown here or that is wrongly identified, please let me know

  1 hb3031.jpg (4771 bytes)   2 HBV63031.JPG (5203 bytes)   
(1)  1930-31 V-8, (2) 1930-32 V-16

3av6HB34_37.jpg (8082 bytes)   3bv6HB34_37b.jpg (7128 bytes)  3c v637hb.jpg (8246 bytes)  3d
(3a, b, c) this one came up for sale on EBay (in this condition) in April, 2009;
the number appears to be "336" [i.e. 1937 V-16 with VIN 5130336]; the name appears to end in "...CAAN";
(3b) this is my PhotoShop "reconstruction" of the damaged piece (I believe I got the shape of the "6" wrong); 
(3c) this one is from a beautiuful survivor; it appears to be in perfect condition, like the car ( #313)
(3d) This one from 1935 does not have the upper engraved label of the two horn buttons in the center; what should be engraved there?


3dhb36.jpg (4203 bytes)
(3d) 1936 (???)

4a39HB.jpg (3261 bytes)     4bhb39.jpg (3607 bytes)     5hbV640.JPG (3111 bytes)
(4a & 4b) 1939 (???),  (5) 1940 V-16

6aHB41.JPG (5011 bytes)   6bhb41b.jpg (2178 bytes)      7Hb42dlx.jpg (3577 bytes)
(6a & 6b) 1941, (7) 1942 [off my Fleetwood]

 7hb38fwd.jpg (4585 bytes)      8HB_UNK.JPG (3190 bytes)
(8) 1938 V16; (8) 1934-35

7HB38V16.JPG (2916 bytes)    8hb3840new.jpg (3055 bytes)    9Hb38V6.jpg (3639 bytes)
(7-9) 1938-1940  V16

10 hbV640.JPG (3111 bytes)    11hb30s40s.jpg (5196 bytes)    12Hb40gld.jpg (2867 bytes)   
(10) 1940 (not all series), (11) 1940 (not all series), (12) 1940 custom 60-S,


13 Em41hb.jpg (3912 bytes)     14HB41.JPG (5011 bytes)    15HB41b.jpg (6939 bytes)
(13) 1941 (not all series), (14) 1941 (not all series), (15) 1942


LaSalle Horn buttons

1hb34ls.JPG (3103 bytes)     2Hb36lssv.jpg (3147 bytes)     3hb37ls.JPG (3664 bytes)     4HBLS38.JPG (4656 bytes)     5hb40ls.JPG (5132 bytes)
(1) 1934, (2) 1936, (3) 1937, (4) 1938, (5) 1940


Others, anybody  [1927/28, 1929, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933?]


Miscellaneous related insignia

27dlrSign.jpg (10917 bytes)    Emb_svce.jpg (6680 bytes)    cadserv.jpg (4688 bytes)
This sign (center) hung outside authorized
Cadillac-La Salle service stations in the 20s and 30s

20sSign2.jpg (10611 bytes)
Tin sign from the twenties?

Twoembs.jpg (5304 bytes)
Artist's 3D view of intertwined Cadillac-LaSalle emblems
[with kind permission of the artist, Dale Major]

N.B. The last image, above, is an All rights reserved image, artist Dale Major (aka CadillacLaSalle.com). Permission is required to use this image. The last image he created was ripped off so many times he created this 3D image to clearly separate his artwork. This is based on the original 2D image he created years earlier with similar design and color. Although they are all based on the Cadillac and LaSalle emblems [two of which are included in this section], these artists' rendering separate them from the corporate badges, making them unique in their own right.

Indiana dealer's service sign from the 40s
[ Photo:  Internet, 2014 ]




FRFLAG.JPG (773 bytes)
(résumé en français)

Les automobiles Cadillac se distinguent par un blason créé de toutes pièces par Antoine Laumet, dit De LaMothe Cadillac, fondateur en 1701 de la ville d'Etroit - devenue plus tard Detroit.  Le modèle en fut déposé par la firme au mois d'août, 1906. 

On retrouve ce bel emblème, riche en couleurs, sur la calandre ou le capot, la malle arrière, les enjoliveurs de roues ou les moyeux des automobiles de la marque.

Il figure également dans la documentation publicitaire de la firme, tels que les catalogues ou dépliants ainsi que les pubs parues dans les journaux et revues aussi bien aux Etats-Unis qu'ailleurs dans le monde. Vous pourrez en admirer un certain nombre en cliquant ici.



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