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Duvivier (France) Special stretched town car.

28duviv.jpg (68201 bytes)
[ Photo: "Illustration" - a former French weekly ]

dr28LasDuviv.jpg (63248 bytes)


Fleetwood (???) (USA) Special Cadillac Type 341 town car, built   for GM President Alfred P. Sloan [interior view OC p.68]. This sumptuous interior, is decorated with elaborate, highly carved woodwork including the inlaid companion cases [the smoking case (right) and vanity case (left)]; frosted urns are engraved in the quarter panel vanity mirrors. The corner reading lamps have exposed bulbs.  Of the two light-weight auxiliary seats, or opera seats, the RH one faces to the rear and the LH one to the right.  Lastly, the. floor covering is lambs wool,  à la 1957-58 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham!

dr29intr.JPG (5983 bytes)
  Photo:   courtesy Detroit Public Library, NAHC collection
neg. #13908-G3 in file 1,424-F-2]


Fleetwood (USA) Town car; I'm not sure if fewer than ten units were built, but this is such a beautiful and rare body style that I felt compelled to include it. I photographed the car in the collection of best-selling author, Clive Cussler, during the CLC Grand National meet in Denver, CO, in August 2001

28tccuss.jpg (8819 bytes)     28tccus2.jpg (6677 bytes)

28tcint1.jpg (7554 bytes)     28tcint2.jpg (4666 bytes)
[Photos: © 2001, Yann Saunders]


Fleetwood (USA) This mock-up of   a 1930 Cadillac coupe proposal was made in 1928; it features a glossy leather roof covering and the parking lights are mounted (curiously) behind the doors; the grille badge is carried on a stanchion, between the headlights, as on the European Hispano-Suiza.   The dummy license plate reads #113-252

2830pro2.jpg (9527 bytes)     2830pro1.jpg (8634 bytes)
Photos: Yann Saunders copied in GM Styling Library, 9/1994


Fleetwood (USA) Another styling mock-up from 1928 showing things to come in 1932

2832prot.jpg (6972 bytes)


Fleetwood (USA) Another styling mockup of the 1929-30 LaSalle sedan model

dr30_las.jpg (18996 bytes)


Hibbard & Darrin (USA/Fr.) Special convertible sedan

28hibdar.jpg (8268 bytes)     28hibbMiner.jpg (23917 bytes)
RH image shows a Belgian Minerva with the same H&D body, with the top in place


Hibbard & Darrin (USA/Fr.) Special Cadillac Town car for Fred   J. (V.?) Fisher; photos taken GM Styling library, 9/94 [also McC, p.125]. A similar car was built for  Spencer Penrose of the renowned Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado. Full wheel discs matching the body color were not yet in vogue  in the USA although the Europeans had adopted them on their stylish models.

28fshdrn.jpg (5256 bytes)


Hibbard & Darrin (USA/Fr.) Special all-weather Phaeton for Spencer Penrose who built the renowned Broadmoor Hotel near  Colorado Springs, CO.

Dr28hd.jpg (7113 bytes)     28penrse.jpg (7629 bytes)
[ Photo, left: Cadillac-LaSalle Club; all others © 2001, Yann Saunders ]

brdmoor.jpg (7833 bytes)     28penrs2.jpg (4978 bytes)     28penrs4.jpg (6621 bytes)
Left:  The Broadmoor still stands proud today
Center: the Trumpet Tooter accessory hood ornament on the Penrose car
Right: upholstery is unborn calfskin

28penrs3.jpg (8012 bytes)     28penrs5.jpg (6783 bytes)
Lots of wood paneling in this H&D custom model;
the door pull handle (right of the window winder) was not very practical


Hibbard & Darrin (USA/Fr.) Special LaSalle sedan; photos taken GM Styling library, 9/94.

dr30lshd.JPG (8835 bytes)


Hooper (UK) Special Cadillac town car [was it ever built]; it is mentioned in an Ill ad featuring the car of the "Duc de Vallombrosa" [this color ad appears in SAB book]

  dr28hpr2.JPG (8859 bytes)     Dr28hop2.jpg (2787 bytes)


Kellner (France) Special, stretched Cadillac 3-position town car/ landaulet/convertible sedan; I have a photo as well as an artist's drawing of this car.

28Kellnr2.jpg (11282 bytes)     28Kellnr.jpg (10246 bytes)
[ Artist's drawing and photo: "Illustration" - a former French weekly ]


Kellner (France) Special town brougham; I have a designer's drawing but no photo of the corresponding car. The same - or another special - Kellner car is mentioned in an Ill ad showing the car built for the "Duc de Vallombrosa".

Kellner (France) Special town brougham landaulet; these are designer's drawing; the colored one appeared in a 1928 ad in the French press; the B&W one is from a catalog of custom creations of 1928

dr28knr2.JPG (9228 bytes)


Kellner (France) Another custom job; again a sumptuous  town car.

28kell.jpg (9199 bytes)


Kellner, Alexis (Germany), custom landaulet in Cadillac chassis (souzrce:  Illustration mazazine, France)

28lLasKell.jpg (53357 bytes)
[ Photo: "Illustration" - a former French weekly ]


Letourneur & Marchand (France) [possibly it was a 1929 model ???] Special stretched Cadillac 3-position [sedan - town car - open tourer].

28letMar.jpg (9380 bytes)
[ Photo: "Illustration" - a former French weekly ]


Million-Guiet (France) Special Cadillac Town car #1; I have seen no photographic record other than the designer's drawing below which appeared in a French ad of the time [the car is mentioned on Ill ad "Duc de Vallombrosa"]

dr28mgu2.JPG (9343 bytes)


Million-Guiet (France) Special Cadillac Town car #2 [not sure if it was ever built]

28millGuican0005.jpg (8199 bytes)


Murphy (USA) Customl 4-door, 5-passenger convertible sedan with rear-mounted trunk [photo: MH book, courtesy of Strother McMinn]. The slim windshield posts and "B" pillars on this car may have influenced Harley Earl's later design for the Madame X line of enclosed V-16 models of 1930-31. The late Dave Holls gave a glowing desscription of the car in an old issue of the Self Starter mgazine. Among its interesting features were wood-grained tool and battery compartment covers, just above the body sills. There was also matching fabric on the converticle top and travel trunk.  Nice touche!


Papler Karosseriewerk (Germany) Special, stretched, 3-position, 4-door town car - landaulet - convertible sedan.

28PaplerA.jpg (23149 bytes)     28PaplrB.jpg (24681 bytes)


Pozzi & Cie. (Lausanne, Switzerland) This  long limousine on a stretched 1928 Cadillac chassis was built by this little-known Swiss coach builder

28POZZI.JPG (13273 bytes)


Schutter & Van Bakel [Carrosserie] (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Custom convertible coupe.

28S&VanB.JPG (15338 bytes)     28S&VanB2.jpg (10199 bytes)
[ Document:  Z. Taylor Vinson collection ]


Thrupp & Maberly (UK) Special Cadillac Town car proposal; again I have seen no photographic record other than designer's drawing below which appeared in a French ad of the time [mentioned on Ill ad "Duc de Vallombrosa"].

dr28t&m2.JPG (8483 bytes)
[ Photo: "Illustration" - a former French weekly ]


[Unknown, possibly French] Custom Cadillac, stretched town car

28FrUnk.jpg (9572 bytes)
[ Photo: "Illustration" - a former French weekly ]


[Unknown, possibly French] Custom Cadillac, stretched town car, with vertical windshield and built-in travel trunk.

28vilkom.jpg (7393 bytes)
[ Photo: "Illustration" - a former French weekly ]


[Unknown, USA] Custom boat-tailed speedster

2830CusBoatTail.jpg (5201 bytes)
This car (before restoration)?

28b_tail.jpg (7886 bytes)     28BTAILC.JPG (7870 bytes)

28BTAILA.JPG (8117 bytes)     28BTAILB.JPG (8487 bytes)

dr28btail1.JPG (7765 bytes)     dr28btail2.jpg (8618 bytes)
"Before" (top, left) and "after" photos supplied kindly by the owner, Mike de Felice;
Mike says the car is not quite finished but is "looking like a car" again;
in the lower 2 images you can see the wire wheels that Mike has added


[Unknown, USA or Uruguay?] Another superb, custom boat-tailed speedster, with RH drive,  that was offered for sale at auction, on EBay, in May 2007.

28speedA.jpg (9391 bytes)     28speedB.jpg (7715 bytes)     28speedD.jpg (5907 bytes)     28SpeedHs.jpg (3786 bytes)

28speedE.jpg (4928 bytes)     28speedC.jpg (5215 bytes)     28speedF.jpg (7413 bytes)
The hood vents appear to be copied from a 1931 Cadillac design


[Unknown, but possibly Brunn] (USA) A stylish landaulet (?) with rear hinged front door and an unexpected "boot toe" sill located at the cowl. The ctreation looks very much like the catalog offering from Brunn, shown in the previous section

The foregoing designer's drawings may have resulted in this custom offering
[ Photo: courtesy Pete Spalding, Australia ]



[Unknown, USA?] A conversion, possibly from a 2-door coupe, to a breakdown truck

dr28towt.jpg (5931 bytes)


Van Rijswijk (The Netherlands) Town landaulet, below. Despite the Hispano Suiza "flying stork" hood ornament, I believe this is a Cadillac.

28rijsa.jpg (8269 bytes)
Photo: courtesy Frans Vrijaldenhoven



Brunn (USA) custom sport phaeton for 4 passengers (photo, below); Boston Auto show car

dr29phab.JPG (11807 bytes)


De Wolf, Frans (Belgium) Special town car (landaulet?) on stretched Cadillac chassis.  The photos below (cropped to save space) were supplied kindly by a fellow member of the Society of Automotive Historians (SAH), Mr. Philippe Boval, from Belgium. Philippe wrote (March, 2002):  I am an admirer of your Cadillac-Database and wanted to contribute to it by sending a picture of a Cadillac bodied by the Belgian coach builder, Frans De Wolf. The picture shows the car at one of the Automobile Salons of Brussels in the twenties. I found the picture in a commemorative book on the 50th Brussels Automobile Salon, held in 1970. Unfortunately, the book doesn't mention the year in which this Cadillac was exhibited. It may have been 1929 or 1930 (judging by the parking lights on the fenders instead of the cowl). The picture is accompanied by the following text: This "coupé cabriolet" [town landaulet with folding roof over rear seat passengers) was built by Frans De Wolf on a Cadillac chassis; the color of the body is dark blue and the roof is beige (tan).

29dewol2.jpg (1926 bytes)     29DeWolf.jpg (7564 bytes)
[ Photo: courtesy Philippe Boval, automobile historian (Belgium) ]


D'Ieteren Frères (Belgium) Special, stretched town car.

29dietrnA.jpg (35460 bytes)


D'Ieteren Frères (Belgium) Special town landaulet.

29dietrnB.jpg (18831 bytes)


Fisher and ??? (USA) 7-pass sedan (job #8620) converted (?) to a 5-pass convertible Victoria; the car was brought to my attention by its owner in September, 2007. The unit number is 3516 out of 18,004 Cadillacs built in 1929.  I assume it is a very rare conversion and, as such, deserves a place in the "Dream Cars" section of the Cadillac Database.

29vic1.jpg (7080 bytes)     29vic2.jpg (6177 bytes)     29vic3.jpg (5820 bytes)

29vic4.jpg (5462 bytes)     29vic6.jpg (5036 bytes)     29vic5.jpg (7686 bytes)
The body tag on this custom convertible Victoria shows it to have begun life as a 7-pass. sedan;
it certainly won't escape the collector-investor that a convertible style is far more desirable than a sedan


Fleetwood (USA) included in the displays at the NY Show was Fleetwood style 4208 [later used on V16 chassis] designated as a 5p. "inside-drive imperial cabriolet", that is a limousine with division and two small opera seats.   The term "cabriolet" was used by Fleetwood to designate a closed car having a leather roof covering; this one car had a light colored leather top (this was called coupienne and had been introduced by the French coach builder, Kellner, at the Paris salon in 1928).  This car was painted a deep maroon; it featured a curved or coach sill, slim, slanting windshield posts, a Neutralite visor and a pillarless division; both front and rear compartments were trimmed in Wiese tan (taupe) doeskin piped with matching maroon Aero leather.  In his book Fleetwood - The Company and the Coach Craft [ISBN 0-9624958-9-12], pp.131-132, the author, James J. Schild, identifies this car as both Fleetwood job #3208 and 3208-C; the latter job number suggests that the car had a folding roof over the rear seat, although there is no indication to that effect in the descriptive text, despite the use of the word "landaulette" in the title. It is believed that this car was shown at the Paris salon in 1929 together with two other Fleetwood creations, an AWP and a sedan for seven passengers with ¼-windows; the latter two cars both were built on the 140" wheel base whereas the special imperial cabriolet was mounted on a chassis with a wheel base of 152 inches. According to writer-historian, Richard Burns Carson, writing in The Classic Car, summer 2006 (p.7), ...Fleetwood completed an immense one-of berline-landaulet on Series 341-B 152-inch wheelbase commercial chassis [I don't believe Cadillac made a long-wheelbase commercial chassis until 1936 - I'm guessing this must have been a custom-built, stretched chassis]. Trailing behind Cadillac's relatively short V-8 hood and carrying a tall roofline over extra-spacious doors, this huge body could easily have emerged as overpowering and cumbersome, but it didn't turn out that way. And disciplined control of overall proportions deserves only part of the credit: the rest goes to some well-placed curvature highlighted by a bold color scheme. The designers at Fleetwood had drafted a body sill sweep under the front and rear doors as a unit, achieving a more pronounced 'dip' look than on Stutz's Monte Carlo sport sedan ... and then they applied light 'Paris Gray' to the car fenders and connecting splash aprons, this coming below a dark maroon central body color.

The curved, sweeping sill on this unique custom creation by Fleetwood, built  in the summer of 1929 on a V-8 chassis stretched to 152"
and known as the French Brougham, provided the basic  sill design for 1930-31 V-16 models with Fleetwood style numbers starting "42.."


Fleetwood (USA) included in the displays at the NY Show was Fleetwood style 4208 [later used on the new V-16 chassis] designated as a 5p. "inside-drive imperial cabriolet", that is a limousine with division and two small opera seats. Note that Fleetwood used the term "cabriolet" [meaning convertible, in French]   indiscriminately to designate a closed car having a cloth or leather roof covering; this one car had a light colored, fabric-grained leather top called  coupienne that had been introduced by the French coach builder, Kellner, at the Paris salon the previous year. 

30Flt4208.jpg (8849 bytes)
Fleetwood artist's drawing of style #4208  inside-drive imperial cabriolet
mounted on the 140" wheel base Cadillac series 341B chassis for 1929

    4200drg.jpg (14796 bytes)     30Flt4200.jpg (12338 bytes)
Left: touched up Fleetwood designer's drawing of   style #4200
Right: publicity photo of finished car, circa August 1930


Fleetwood (USA) Special town car, OC, p.66. At the 1929 New York show, that opened on 12.2.1929, this was Fleetwood's central display titled L'art moderne This car was beautifully finished in black lacquer and polished metal. It featured the Fleetwood raised, curved hood molding arching across the hood from the radiator to the sill just ahead of the front door. The recessed hood and cowl panels were of polished aluminum, spot-buffed (engine turned) to give a Damascened finish. Moldings around body, windows, top and back, headlights, windshield frame, wheel spokes and trunk rack all were bright chrome. A new rayon fabric for the seats was piped with silver leather, plain rayon being used for the sides and headlining. The division cabinetry was inlaid with 22 different varieties of hardwoods.

Dr29cusl.jpg (10164 bytes)     29TCCUST.JPG (16648 bytes)
[ the Fleetwood style number is not known ]


Fleetwood (USA) The first Cadillacs to be designated Madame X were built on the 140-inch wheel base chassis of the Series 341-B (1929) with engine #336340 (shipped on May 5, 1929) and #337668 (shipped on May 29, 1929).  A copy of the factory record sheets for both cars still exist [the record for #337668 was published in SS, 2/96, p.4].  The latter car was a special order for Alfred P. Sloan Jr. The body colors of both units was Madeira maroon, code #20624, with black chassis, fenders and upper body molding; they had a roof covering of high grade long grain shiny black landau leather; the record does not show that they had a folding roof over the rear seat passengers (landaulette styling), although that appears obvious from the photo; the upholstery was done in Wiese pattern/sample #3021. Among other special features were a chrome-plated trunk rack, window frames and wheel spokes [six-wheel job with fender wells); the earlier of the two cars had the Buffalo wire wheels with 7.00/20" tires, whereas the later one had 7.00/18" tires which were not standard on Cadillac cars until 1931. The interior hardware was the standard Fleetwood issue but tinted to match the Madeira maroon body color and then chrome finished [information provided in part by Jim Schild of St. Louis, MO].

1stmmx.jpg (13396 bytes)


Fleetwood (USA) Unique Fleetwood style #3880, custom 5-passenger special phaeton; the late Dave Holls sent me this photo (plus the one below and many others), in 1984, for a talk I was to give on custom coachwork by Fleetwood.

29Fl3880.jpg (17771 bytes)
[ Photo:  courtesy the late Dave Holls, 1984 ]


Fleetwood (USA) Style 3885 custom 4-passenger Victoria convertible coupe (only 1 assumed built, body N° 11616), photos in SS, 3/86: RH front side, RH rear side, body tag, rear, top down, int. top, headlight emblem, Pennsylvania "V" w/shield, trunk and rear wheel.

     29CusFltw.jpg (43463 bytes)
Factory publicity photo (left),  courtesy of the late Dave Holls, 1984; the color photo (center) is from the in-house magazine, "The Crest" ( ZTV coll.)



29_3885.jpg (15762 bytes)
The car has survived, as shown in this photo (right), courtesy Terry Griffin, Australia


Fleetwood (???) (USA) Special Cadillac Sport Phaeton built for Boston auto show [possible confusion here with the Brunn-bodied sport phaeton, above]. Or could this be a second, similar car? This one hads a turned aluminum (damascened) hood. This car is beeived to be owned by Lawrence S. De Andrade, of Colorado. A painting of it, by Henry Austin Clark hangs (or used to hang) in the Long Island Auto Museum (does the museum still exist?).  Mr. De Andrde has a second paimnting of his car by well-known illustrator Harry Anderson.

Dr29sppl.jpg (7489 bytes)


Fleetwood (???) (USA) Mildly customized 7-pass. sedan for the Maharaja of Benares [cf. "Lives of the Indian Princes", p.313, photo by Mary Ellen Mark]

Gangloff (France) Is reported to have created a custom job on the Cadillac V8 chassis.  I have no other information or photos.  Anyone heard of it ?

Kruse, Henry [London, UK] 2-pass, roadster with so-called "Safari" body featuring cut-down doors and special top. Color is silver with black rear and fenders, red under-body, black soft top with red edging. It was described in a 1996 classified ad as follows:  "Used to hunt big game in India. Low Mileage. Body off restoration 1983. Five 2nd places AACA. Driven on 5 Glidden tours - just completed 1995 tour flawlessly. Typical English style body and top. Done in silver and black with red undercarriage and red leather interior."  The asking price in 1995 was $85K ...or best offer.

  dr29sfri.JPG (12245 bytes)     29sfari.jpg (6469 bytes)
The colored photo (left) is from a "PP" ("Photo Production") birthday card #3096/1 (printed in England);
the B&W one is from a classified ad that appeared in SS, 1/96,  p.16.


Letourneur & Marchand [France] Special town car [I have no photos but the information is from a reliable source in France].  It was first shown on Paris' Champs Elysees during the fall Salon.

Nordberg (Sweden) Special La Salle coupe for the late King Gustaf V of Sweden; this car featured a remarkable leather interior with an impressed snakeskin pattern.


dr30nbr2.JPG (10546 bytes)     dr30lssw.JPG (6756 bytes)


Nordberg (Sweden) Special stretched limousine for the late King Gustaf  V of Sweden.

Dr29nbrg.jpg (7323 bytes)     Dr29nbg2.jpg (8591 bytes)


[Unknown, Argentina] Very ornate, semi-open funeral coach on stretched 1929 Cadillac chassis [included also in "Professional Cars" section].

29hrs4.JPG (10067 bytes)

29hrs1.JPG (7435 bytes)     29hrs3.JPG (7222 bytes)

29hrs5.JPG (7291 bytes)     29hrs6.JPG (9641 bytes)     29hrs7.JPG (7426 bytes)
Offered for sale by a collector in Argentina in Feb. 2008
[ Photos: © 2008 and courtesy Santiago Lloveras ]


[Unknown, USA] possibly Fleetwood, Hibbard and Darrin or French design, convertible sedan on stretched V8 chassis, flat windshield, dark color with light-colored broad belt molding, landau bars, wheel discs [have poor photo from unidentified Salon showing, ZTV collection]

[Unknown, USA] Tow truck on LaSalle chassis


[Unknown, USA] Another tow truck on the LaSalle chassis


[Unknown, USA] possibly Fleetwood, 7-pass. landaulet (photo, below)

Dr29tcln.jpg (10703 bytes)


Van den Plas (Belgium) Special Cadillac V8 Town car Landaulet by London-based the renowned Belgian coach builder with headquarters at 61 Avenue de l'Armée, Brussels. He built a number of superb bodies on various Cadillac chassis including this beautiful, "enclosed-drive landaulet" [of which he built a second one in 1930, on the V16 chassis - described below]. This one, on the Series 341B V8 chassis with RHD [photo: McC, p. 134, top] was probably similar in all respects to the latter V16 model. I believe this is the car advertised in Motor (UK) on 7.8.1934, p.55, for sale second-hand by George Newman & Co. of 369 Euston Road., London, who described it thus: "1929 8-cyl. Vanden Plas 7-seater enclosed-drive landaulet, hide throughout, £275". It featured a large sun-visor, side-mounted spares and a fixed, roof-mounted luggage rack and a rather bulky folding top over the rear seat passengers. Front doors were hinged at the "A" post and the rear, "suicide" doors at the "C" pillar. Hinges were of the large, protruding type.

dr29vdp1.jpg (9387 bytes)     28vdp2.jpg (9638 bytes)
Van den Plas built at least two bodies like this one, on the V8 and V16 chassis

Three-position, all-weather phaeton

This is a typical  offering from Van den Plas for 1929-30


Van den Plas (Belgium) This was another special Cadillac V8, three-position [town car - landaulet - sedan] on the Series 341B V8 chassis [photo: McC, p. 133, lower]; the single, round rear-view mirror affixed to the right side windshield post shows that this car too had RHD and was built for sale in the UK. It featured a flat, raked windshield with rather large wind-wings, side-mounted spares and a light-colored, fully collapsible top. The front and rear doors were hinged at the "B" pillar [i.e. front, "suicide" doors]. Hinges were of the large, protruding type.

Van den Plas (Belgium) This was a proposal that appeared on a French ad of the times.  I have no indication that it was ever built.

dr28vdp.JPG (9297 bytes)     Dr28vdp2.jpg (4019 bytes)


Van Rijswijk (The Netherlands) The photos of this and the following two cars were supplied kindly by Frans Vrijaldenhoven of The Netherlands, an automotive historian and writer. He has recently published a book about the cars of the Dutch Royal family.

29rijsb.jpg (8532 bytes)
Town car landaulet

29rijsc.jpg (8934 bytes)
Touring town car landaulet, with large travel trunk

29rijsd.jpg (8637 bytes)
Convertible Victoria

vanrijs.jpg (5282 bytes)


Waterhouse (USA) is believed to have crreated the body for this Cadillac convertible coupe.  Who can confirm?

dr29WHouse.jpg (7576 bytes)



Cohn, M.L. "Bud"(USA) Drawings of armored cars on La Salle chassis. An article by Maurice Hendry on proposed military vehicles like this one appeared in Self Starter, May 2007, pp.14-15.

2830LasArm.jpg (5540 bytes)



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