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The compiler of The (new) Cadillac Database© admits to being less familiar with Cadillac models from 1970 and later. Many of you have asked for more information and photos regarding these later models.  I am pleased to inform you that there are other sites on the Web devoted also to Cadillac history and particularly to what I call "modern" Cadillacs, i.e. those built after 1970.  So, for additional, pertinent information about Cadillacs from 1970 and later, please visit this excellent, informative site:

John Barach's excellent Cadillac history pages




Barris, George (USA) Casa de Eldorado station wagon built for rat-pack member Dean Martin at a reported cost of $18,000 ...not including the base car!  At least four were built and there were other orders on hand, in 1970, for twelve more units. One of these may have been owned by singer Glen Campbell. For more details about this car, refer to the Brooklands book, Cadillac Eldorado, 1967-1978, ISBN #0-948207-01-9 [check out also the "Unknown" Cadillac station wagon, below, reported to have been built also for Dean Martin]

70elwa1.jpg (9525 bytes)

70elwa2.jpg (10076 bytes)     70elwa3.jpg (6373 bytes)

The car as built by Barris in 1970?

69EldDean2.jpg (6661 bytes)     69EldDean1.jpg (5581 bytes)     69EldDean3.jpg (3194 bytes)
The Dean Martin car (or one much like it) was offered for sale on EBay in November, 2007; the car sold for $25K
[ Photos: EBay web site ]

70DMartin1.jpg (3604 bytes)     70DMartin2.JPG (9633 bytes)
In the early 1990's the Dean Martin Eldorado wagon was restored by Dick and Tony Baker of Custom Coach, Lima, OH:
at that time it was owned by someone on Put-In Bay island, near Sandusky, OH
[ These 2 photos © and courtesy Tony Baker ]



Burke (PA, USA) reported to have custom-finished a 1970 DeVille Convertible that the current owner [7/2000] says almost certainly belonged to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. It was purchased at the Long Island estate auction held after Aristotle Onassis' death by a friend of a close friend of his. Unfortunately, he does not have any documentary proof of the car's former ownership. It was customized by Burke in Pennsylvania and may have been one of the last jobs they did before the company closed in 1970.

Chapron, Henri (Paris, France)  Sorry to say, I deleted by mistake the original accompanying text relating to this entry. I just remembered  I got the pics and information on the "Forum" of the American Car Club de France (ACCF); unfortunately, the original post has gone!  Henri Chapron is the last of the great French coach builders; he already built a similar, 4-door convertible for King Hassan V of Morocco, on the chassis of a "Series 75" Cadillac of 1962 [see "Dream Cars" for that year]. The car below was commissioned, once again, by the late King of Morocco. The "B" pillars are demountable and the car features retractable steps below the rear bumper to accommodate bodyguards during official parades. The car has 6 power windows as well as a power operated division glass. The gentleman seated in the car (lower, RH photo) is Chapron's own driver.

70chaprn2.jpg (79635 bytes)

    70Chprn2y.jpg (13573 bytes)     70Chprn2z.jpg (9623 bytes)     70Chprn2x.jpg (10363 bytes)


Fleetwood (USA) The custom electric sun roof was introduced with the 1970 Fleetwood Eldorado models [photo] and later became a popular option; even though I am sure that  more than ten units were made, I feel that this "custom" model deserve a place in this section.

73elsnrf.jpg (9449 bytes)


E & G Classics (USA) This firm, like many others in the seventies, specialized in "pimping up" top-of-the-line Cadillac models (inter alia) like this Eldorado coupe.

70EGELD2.JPG (11329 bytes)     70EGELD1.JPG (10443 bytes)
Looking like a 7-wheel job, this overloaded conversion has twin sidemounts AND a simulated
continental kit (in addition to the usual door saddles, imitation landau bars, trunk luggage straps and  grille cap)


GM/Cadillac ??? (USA) This was posted on the bulletin board of the CML [Cadillac Mailing List] in May 2001: I own a special edition Eldorado that they only made in 1970, and they [?] only made 100 of them. They [?] designed this car to a performance oriented car. It has certain suspension, handling, and ride modifications which made it MUCH better then the regular Eldorado. The engine was a high performance 500 CID with 470 horsepower and 585 lb. ft. torque. It also had special design models which set it aside in appearance from the regular Eldorado. It has special Cadillac emblems and logos in the interior. It has front seat split bench, AND rear seat SPLIT bench seats, ashtrays for all four passengers, extra woodgrain trim throughout, a special analog clock with a special Cadillac emblem, stuffed pillow style leather with 8 way power adjustable seats, power lumbar adjustments, a/c vents inside the trunk (don't ask me why they installed these, guess to keep your groceries cold on the way!).  Further details/photos welcome

Lehmann-Peterson Inc (USA) custom 4-door convertible based on the De Ville convertible model. Photo McC p.388. About that car, it's current owner wrote (in March,. 2006]: The '70 DeVille convertible coupe was made into a convertible sedan by Lehmann - Peterson in Chicago, at the time it was new. It was first leased to a race track in Arlington Heights IL. for 2 years. It then went to auction and ended up for sale by a Ford dealership here, in the Washington DC area. It was purchased by long time [CLC] member [now deceased] Bob Webster, who had the car until I bought it from his estate about 5 months ago. The quality of the conversion is excellent. The car was featured in the book "80 years of Cadillac LaSalle" by Mc Call. I advertised it for sale and have just sold it to a gentleman [non-member] from Vermont who has the means to provide a complete restoration. I'm sure he will be joining the club as I'm sure we will all want to see it in the future.

70cvD.jpg (25595 bytes)     70cvB.jpg (22972 bytes)

70cvC.jpg (23003 bytes)     70cvA.jpg (25020 bytes)
[ Photos:  © 2006 and courtesy Richard Sisson ]


National Coach Company (Knightstown, IN, USA) custom 9-passenger station wagon on Fleetwood Series 60 special chassis.  National wagons are most easily recognized by the two piece quarter window, shaped like that on regular, full sized GM wagons of that era, but built in 2 pieces with a small triangular pane at the trailing edge.

Universal Coach Corporation (USA) [check the previous "Dream cars" section for more details about these 'trimmed up' models.

70delcav.jpg (9753 bytes)


Universal Coach (George Barris?): (USA) custom Eldorado coupe Del Caballero [which I shall translate loosely from Spanish as "property of a gentleman"]; see Universal Coach Corporation, below. Cadillac enthusiast, Rick Anderson of Boston, MA, had this to say about these customized Cadillacs: The term "El Caballero" is the title we, on the East Coast, used for customized El Dorados and "De ["Del" ?] Caballero" for the De Villes and Fleetwoods. Here are extracts form an eBay ad from CLC member, Ed Cholakian, in Feb. 2015; it concerns a '69 edition he had for sale: This is a rare Cadillac "Del Caballero". It is 1 of 13 made [from 1967 to 1970?] for Cadillac by the great George Barris ..."Not a factory option, the del Caballero was available for all 1967-1970 Eldorados. Consisting of a heavy chrome-plated grille enclosure, special wheel covers, a padded landau vinyl roof with stainless steel crossover band that eliminated the rear vent windows, simulated S-bars on the roof rear quarters, textured stainless steel or vinyl insert door sill trim, "del Caballero" script on the front fenders, and limousine-style rear window. Various stand-up grille ornaments were available, as was a power sunroof, at additional charge ... The del Caballero was created by George Barris' Kustom City in North Hollywood, California ...Barris contracted with Universal Coach of Los Angeles and Detroit to build these specially-ordered cars, which cold be ordered through any Cadillac dealer. Depending on equipment chosen, the del Caballero package added $2,500 to $4,500 to the sticker price!"

70delcav2.jpg (22902 bytes)     70delcav7.jpg (8446 bytes)

70delcav1.jpg (16558 bytes)     70delcav4.jpg (19551 bytes)     70delcav6.jpg (11271 bytes)
These trimmed-up models came with m,any different nameplate variations :  El Caballero, Del Caballero, Del Cavallero,


[Unknown, USA] special stretched limousine for pop group, Blood Sweat and Tears (special issue CCON, p.24);

[Unknown, USA] special 4-door Sedan for 3 Dog Night (special issue CCON, p.24)

str_3dog.JPG (10152 bytes)


[Unknown, USA] this 1970 convertible appears to have had a chopped windshield, although part of the effect here could be the result of a modified digital photo.

70TOPCHP.JPG (11579 bytes)


[Unknown, USA] possibly Custom Craft Division of Automobile Specialty Corp., Detroit, 4-door station wagon conversion on 60 Special chassis. Photo McC p. 388 [possibly this car, or the one below it]

70wagn.jpg (7531 bytes)     70wagn3.jpg (15033 bytes)     70wagn2.jpg (12337 bytes)

70wagn4.jpg (11993 bytes)     70wagn5.jpg (10212 bytes)     70wagnb.jpg (12017 bytes)

70wagn8.jpg (5822 bytes)     70wagn9.jpg (7182 bytes)     dr70wagJ.jpg (6987 bytes)     dr70wagi.jpg (6176 bytes)

dr70wagb.jpg (8212 bytes)     dr70wagc.jpg (6294 bytes)     dr70wage.jpg (6517 bytes)

70wag1.jpg (11312 bytes)     dr70wagk.jpg (6682 bytes)     dr70wagg.jpg (6051 bytes)
Wheel discs are of more recent vintage than the car
[  Photos:  Internet ]


[Unknown, USA] possibly Custom Craft Division of Automobile Specialty Corp., Detroit, 4-door station wagon conversion

70wag2.jpg (12107 bytes)     70wagon.jpg (11605 bytes)


[Unknown, USA] possibly another creation by Custom Craft Division of Automobile Specialty Corp., Detroit.  This 4-door station wagon was photographed by the author in Santa Clara, CA, in June, 1999.  The owner was unable to provide any info about the coach builder.

dr70wagn.jpg (12922 bytes)     dr70wgn.jpg (10602 bytes)
[ Photos:  © 1999, Y. Saunders ]

[Unknown, USA] And one more custom station wagon, this one said to be built on Series 60 Special chassis, by a Philadelphia dealer. It was offered for sale on eBay in July 2004. Vendor alleged that about 12 custom wagons were produced of this particular variety.  It was a  6-seater (no third row seat). 

dr70wagL.jpg (8616 bytes)     70dvwag1.jpg (9707 bytes)     70dvwag2.jpg (9259 bytes)     70dvwag3.jpg (4793 bytes)
[ Photos:  Internet, July 2004 ]


[Unknown, USA] And yet another station wagon, possibly by Coachcraft (note light colored door trim).



[Unknown, USA] It seems as though MANY of these custom wagons have survived.



[Unknown, USA] This one is a conglomeration of Cadillacs from 1957 (the tail-fins?), 1959 (the tail-lights) and 1970 the bulk of the body.

575970A.jpg (9749 bytes)


[Unknown, USA] Here is another custom station wagon on DeVille chassis [this one is in relatively poor condition, as you can see !]

70dvlwag.jpg (9071 bytes)


[Unknown, USA] Here is an odd "low rider" major conversion of (probably) a DeVille series convertible


[Unknown, USA] Here is another custom station wagon built on the Cadillac chassis.  Its current owner [2002] writes: As  for the story behind it, it was built in late 72 for Dean Martin (I never was able to get an exact build date, but judging by the use of 1973 quarter panels I would imagine it was close to 73). Around 1976 the car was auctioned off in Las Vegas, and purchased by a man here in Evergreen Park, Il. My father and a friend found the car advertised in the Tradin' Times newspaper, in 1988, for something like $1200.00. We went to check it out, and ended up buying it right away. When we got it, there was extensive sun damage in the rear compartment (the windows weren't tinted), and it had been sitting outside, so there was a lot of surface rust on the hood & roof. Dad had it painted, and basically replaced the whole interior except for the seats, and that's how it is today. When we bought the car it had about 55,900 miles on it, now it has about 56,700 miles on it. We don't use it much. [check out also the George Barris custom Cadillac station wagon, above, also reported to have been built for Dean Martin].

72waga.jpg (15074 bytes)

72wagb.jpg (12779 bytes)     72wagc.jpg (5728 bytes)
[ Photos: courtesy, Bill Buckingham ]


[Unknown, USA] custom Del Cavallero; info from Ben Singh, new member of Cadillac Mailing List (CML) on December 29, 1999.

[Unknown, USA] one of these trimmed-up Eldorados was offered for sale on eBay in September, 2005.   Vendor claimed it was "one of 13 built by Cadillac". In reality, these would-be "custom" models were sold through Cadillac dealers across the country at a premium of $2,500 to $4,500 over factory list.  Trim packages usually included lots of additional chrome, wider grilles, repro '41 hood goddess, large bumper guards, upper door "saddle", Tiffany imitation landau bars, script names like Del Cavallero, El Caballero, El CavelleroDel Caballero [Spanish speakers often pronounce the letter "B" as we do the letter "V", which may account for these spelling variations!] fender scripts, custom wheel covers, pinstriping, trunk deco panel, push-button sunroof, etc. These gussied-up Cadillacs were popular with some buyers in the late 60's and early 70's. You'll see a few examples in the Cadillac Database©.

[Unknown, USA] custom station wagon   

70elwag.JPG (10366 bytes)     70elwag2.JPG (6119 bytes)

Dr70elwa.JPG (13731 bytes)     70ELWA3.JPG (6554 bytes)

70ELWA1.JPG (8840 bytes)     70ELWA2.JPG (9621 bytes)
This car was advertised for sale on e-Bay, in September, 2001
The car was on display at the CLC Grand National, Detroit, 2002
[ Photos (second row, right, and bottom row): © 2002.   J. Scott Harris ]

70elwag1.jpg (10975 bytes)


[Unknown, USA?] Database visitor Steve Kelley (kelleysw@corning.com) wrote:  The first Hershey I attended was 1972.  Parked in the flea market area was a 1969 or 1970 Eldorado, all black, no vinyl top, quarter windows filled in and angled forward rear edge of the door window, small round window in the sail panel; Derham Body tag on the cowl panel.  I have no record of this car

[Unknown, USA?] Unknown custom job with retro "suicide doors", Callaway-type headrests molded in steel and Fiberglas, detailed interior, bucket seats, console, hand made fender vents, Fiberglas hardtop, rear spoiler, custom headlights, Camaro hood scoop, etc.

    70eldcu1.jpg (8668 bytes)     70eldcu4.jpg (6809 bytes)

70eldcu2.jpg (8032 bytes)     70eldcu3.jpg (7947 bytes)
[ Photos:  Internet, 2002 ]


[Unknown, USA?] Custom factory landau limousine with locking safe in rear compartment.Reportedly used by musician Jimmy Hendricks during trips to South Florida. Champagne body with matching interior and Black leather in front compartment; factory Tobacco Landau roof package with false landau Bars. Power glass divider with dual A/C.

69henda.jpg (7970 bytes)     69hendb.jpg (5270 bytes)

69hendc.jpg (6499 bytes)     69hendd.jpg (5936 bytes)
This car features, inter alia, a safe deposit box hidden behind the rear seat arm rest
[in my 1956 Sedan de Ville, I had installed in the same spot ...a roll-out mini-bar!]


[Unknown, USA?] This exotic conversion of a Series 75 limousine body style was offered for sale on eBay in December, 2003. I have my doubts about the rigidity of that body after such a radical roof chop !

70TC1.JPG (5920 bytes)     70TC2.JPG (6997 bytes)     70TC4.JPG (5905 bytes)     70TC3.JPG (5258 bytes)    
[ Photos:  Internet ]


[Unknown, USA?]  Two-door hardtop wagon built on the short wheel base, Coupe de Ville rear wheel drive chassis.   The car is owned by "Karl", a Pontiac collector; he is looking for any info or  leads about this car.

[ currently - no photo ]  


[Unknown, USA?] Custom Eldorado with sliding sun roof and  "Ultima" decorative package

70ult1.jpg (6712 bytes)     70ult2.jpg (7080 bytes)     70ult3.jpg (5340 bytes)

70ult5.jpg (6240 bytes)     70ult4.jpg (2605 bytes)     70ult6.jpg (4788 bytes)
If I recall correctly, the car belongs to Les Young of Alberta, Canada who kindly supplied the photos


[Unknown, USA?] Custom snakeskin roof covering and upholstery trim in was used in this seventies Eldorado that was offered for sale on eBay.

70SCUST.JPG (4423 bytes)     70SCUST2.JPG (4399 bytes)


[Unknown, USA?] Super-Fly anyone?

70s_fly.jpg (8494 bytes)


[Unknown, USA?] Not sure about this one;  it appears to be covered (docorated?) with bottle-caps.

70bdgs.jpg (21545 bytes)


[Unknown, USA?] This "pick-up" was advertised for sale on Ebay in Feb., 2008

70pikup2.jpg (11323 bytes)     70Pikup1.jpg (11505 bytes)     70pikup3.jpg (10429 bytes)


Wisco (USA)  custom El Clįsico (this is the correct spelling - acute accent on the "į" and single "s"). It looks like a copy of George Barris' Del Caballero.

70ELCLA.JPG (7507 bytes)
Photo from cover of original product brochure

dr70csco.jpg (13153 bytes)     dr70csc3.jpg (10668 bytes)     dr70csc2.jpg (10917 bytes)
[ Photos: Internet, 5/2000 ]

70elclas1.jpg (8301 bytes)     70ELCL~2.JPG (7638 bytes)     70ELCLA3.JPG (4469 bytes)     70ELCL~4.JPG (2275 bytes)
Here's another one that's a bit worse for wear; this one features an imitation continental kit

I believe the owners are Les & Judy Y oung of Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada; Les
told me [December 2007] that restoration is under way but there is still much to be done

70clasi1.jpg (9992 bytes)     70clasi2.jpg (8680 bytes)     70clasi3.jpg (5957 bytes)     70clasi4.jpg (7330 bytes)
Another survivor, seen on eBay [Internet auction site] in 2004
The ad read: This auction is only for the El Classico / Del Caballero kit and NOT the entire car.
This is an original kit that will fit any 1967 1968 1969 or 1970 Cadillac Eldorado.
This kit includes all the trim pieces, fiberglass top, landau irons, hood extension, trunk accent
and door glass to fix up your El Classico / Del Caballero or convert your stock Eldorado.

70custa.jpg (9131 bytes)     70custb.jpg (8197 bytes)
Mildly customized De Ville convertible ...fitted with Texas long horns


Zagato (Italy) special Cadillac Eldorado  rear-engined, 2-door, 2+2 sport roadster built for the son of N.Y. Ferrari importer Luigi Chinetti, well-known racing driver who headed the North American Racing Team N.A.R.T., hence the car came to be known as the NART, by Zagato. The engine was Cadillac's standard 472 c.i., 375 HP unit mounted "in reverse" to propel the car from the rear [Zagato claimed that the car would deliver 400 HP - and the air cleaner carried a decal to that effect]. The aluminum spider type body, designed by Luigi Chinetti Jr. and built by the Italian coach builder, Zagato, to Luigi's specifications, featured an inward curving rear window and modified 1967/68 Eldorado wheel covers (in fact, I was long convinced that it was a 1967 model until I got from Zagato in the early eighties a photo of the designer's drawing dated 1970; in that photo the car is shown with special, alloy wheels). GM participated to some extent in the project but dropped out in 1969 owing to the numerous production delays and the economic difficulties of 1969. At the 1971 Turin Auto Show the Cadillac NART was on display at the Zagato booth [photos]. At the New York International Automobile Show it was on Chinetti Motor's stand. By the time the prototype was completed, Chinetti's Ferrari business was requiring all of his attention. A second prototype was scheduled but was never created leaving this the only Cadillac NART ever built. and New York, where orders were taken. However, only one car was ever built. It was acquired in 1987 by Melvin A. Olshansky of Glencoe, IL and restored over a period of 2½ years by Mill Creek Motors and Upholstery Unlimited of Clinton, IO [articles in unknown French magazine and, more recently, in CA, 8/92]. Late Extra [6/2006]:  CLC member, Cliff Graubard, told me the car was owned (in 2006) by the same collector who has the Saoutchik-bodied 1948 Cadillac [see this page]; he sent me some updated color pics, below. Thanks Cliff. At the 2006 RM Auction it was estimated to sell between $50,000 - $100,000.  Later [8/2006] The lot was reported sold by RM auctions in Monterey, CA, for $57,750; in fact it was bought back by the owner because the "no reserve" maxumium bid was, in his opinion, inadequate. Also this web page was active in 2007 and gives details about this interesting custom job. Even Later [5/2008] The car has found its way to Belgium; once again it was offered for sale a couple of times on Ebay. The latest results showed a high bid of "only" $16,766.  Obviously, this car is not a "keeper" but a "seller". Latest [8/2006]: in an article published in he CLC Self Starter for April, 2009, member Fred Sommers from Missouri tells how he found a second and possibly a third "NART" by Zagato. To my knowledge, as stated above, a second planned prototype was never created and I truly believed there was but ONE SINGLE "Nart" ever built. I guess the only proof positive that more than one was built, would be to have a photo session of two (or more) "Narts" taken side by side. One thing for sure, however, if you look at the photos below, you will see that the "factory original" photos [first five rows] show a car with light-colored interior trim, whereas the remaining pics show an almost identical car, but with blick trim and red piping. It would appear also that the original (?) car did not have the rear fender side-marker lamps as seen on the red car.   So:  ONE car? TWO? THREE? MORE?

dr67zagg.JPG (11192 bytes)     dr67zagb.jpg (5585 bytes)     dr67zagf.JPG (7043 bytes)

dr67zaga.jpg (11873 bytes)     dr67zagc.jpg (9372 bytes)     dr67zagd.jpg (4965 bytes)     dr67zage.JPG (8904 bytes)

70Zaga.jpg (9009 bytes)     70zagato.jpg (10257 bytes)
Not sure if the color photo (right) shows an earlier or later respray; I'm guessing earlier; note the light-colored interior trim!

70NartD.jpg (22879 bytes)     70NartA.jpg (23779 bytes)     70NartC.jpg (21905 bytes)     70NartE.jpg (19134 bytes)
[ Color photos in above two rows: © 2006 and courtesy Cliff Graubard ]

70Zaga1.jpg (8802 bytes)     70zaga3b.jpg (14444 bytes)     70Zaga3.jpg (10151 bytes)     70zaga3a.jpg (6270 bytes)
[ Color photos in the above two rows: Internet ]

zaga2c.jpg (6611 bytes)     70zaga3c.jpg (6324 bytes)     zaga2a.jpg (9716 bytes)     zaga2b.jpg (10872 bytes)    
 In early 2008, the Zagato Cadillac was for sale in Belgium; note front loaded spare wheel

70zagax2.jpg (11549 bytes)     zaga2d.jpg (7867 bytes)     70zagax3.jpg (10659 bytes)

zaga2f.jpg (5381 bytes)     70NartB.jpg (18225 bytes)
[ Photos in these 3 rows:  Internet, Ebay web site ]





Auto Gard, Inc., (USA)  conversions of Buick, Cadillac, Ford and Pontiac models. Special  "Superfly" headlights for 1974 Cadillac DeVille and 1973/74 Cadillac Eldorado, repro Goddess hood ornaments. Remember that wild '71 Eldorado pimpmobile driven by Super Fly? Craig Seman describes this as the Pimpmobile [seventies]; it is UGLY, has huge headlights, white vinyl on the roof and trunk, lake pipes and every bolt-on accessory known to mankind. The owner advertises it as the car from the movie but since Craig has never seen the film he's always just taken his word for it. Interesting to hear that it really is on the level. A database user in the Netherlands, Arjan Massar, believes he knows the current whereabouts of this car [alleged to have been owned at one time by Elvis Presley - another one!].  I saw (and photographed) the car in the Nationaal Automobielmuseum in Raamsdonksveer in the Netherlands. This museum is the property of the Toyota distributor in the Netherlands, who also has some more famous and rare cars. I reckon if Elvis had owned it, we would have seen plenty of pictures of him and his car.

dr71sfly.jpg (8794 bytes)     elv00a.JPG (8263 bytes)
[ Photo (right): courtesy Arjan Massar, Holland ]

76tlsprs.jpg (5855 bytes)     76pslynl.jpg (9423 bytes)
Top photo:  Internet, 4/2000,
Lower photos: © 2001, Yann Saunders


Trivia: In a past issue of Deals on Wheels, a guy in California was selling the ultimate Superfly Cadillac. It was a 1974 Brougham with gold paint, partially gold plated wire wheels, a customized interior, TV, antenna on the trunk, blacked out windows, a humongous grill, and what looked like a propeller with a shroud around it in front of the headlights. And it also mentioned that the car was once owned by Elvis Presley [sounds just like the previous car mentioned on this page].

Automobile Specialty Corp., ASC. (Custom Craft Division) (USA) Fleetwood Brougham Astro Estate Wagon, station wagon conversion based on Fleetwood Sixty Special Brougham, featuring roof luggage rack and opera lights. Photo McC p.393

Baker, Dick and Tony [see "Custom Coach", below]

Barris, George (USA)  Custom Cadillac Eldorado Del Cavallero, a car with a would-be Spanish- Portuguese sounding name that might be interpreted as Del Caballero meaning "of the gentleman", or "the gentleman's car". There was an article about it in Autoweek for Jan. 13, 1997. This is an iteration of the 1967-68 Barris Del Caballero that sold through Cadillac dealers at a premium of $2,500 to $4,500 over factory list price for the base model.  This year Barris began with a fully-loaded factory original and added an anti-theft system and electric door releases hidden under flip-up Cadillac crests.  Additional chrome trim included a larger grill and huge bumper guards, grilles over the side-marker lights,  Del Cavallero fender scripts, polished panel at base of windshield, false landau irons, custom rear wheel skirts oval opera window   inserts, pinstriping, trunk grille and straps, chromed steel wheels, wire hubcaps.   Cadillac enthusiast, Rick Anderson of Boston, MA, had this to say about these customized Cadillacs:: The term "El Caballero" is the title we, on the East Coast, used for customized El Dorados and "De Caballero" for the De Villes and Fleetwoods.

71delcav.JPG (13374 bytes)     71delca2.JPG (12272 bytes)
[ Photos: courtesy and © M. Park Hunter ]


Caldwell, Rebecca (USA)  This "Carthedral" is a 1971 Cadillac hearse modified with 1959 Cadillac tailfins. Welded on top is a VW beetle and metal armatures with fiber glass. It is a rolling, Gothic Cathedral, complete with flying buttresses, stained glass pointed windows and gargoyles.

[ Info and Photo:  Internet, 2006 ]


Custom Coach [Dick & Tony Baker] (Lima, OH, USA) Estate car  conversion on 1971 Cadillac chassis.  The photos kindly supplied for the Database by Mr. Baker unfortunately are small and of low resolution.  However, better a poor image, I say, than no image at all.

71WagBaker2.jpg (6636 bytes)     71WagBaker4.jpg (4913 bytes)     71WagBakerC.jpg (5386 bytes)

71WagBaker3.jpg (3947 bytes)     71WagBaker1.jpg (3760 bytes)     71WagBaker5.jpg (4219 bytes)
[ Photo: © 1971, and courtesy Tony Baker ]


Dunham Coach, Boontown, NJ (USA)  I love a good controversy; here's one that will keep enthusiasts on the edge of their seat.  It relates to the Pimpmobile that was featured in the classic James Bond movie, Live or Let Die, starring Roger Moore [I'm a Sean Connery fan myself!]. Since I don't have access to the "real facts", I have to place my trust in those who claim to have them. In this case we have three enthusiasts each with his own opinion. I will not take sides; I shall give each of them the opportunity to air their views and then leave it up to Database users to decide who they think has is closest to the truth.

70corvo4.jpg (7592 bytes)
Roger Moore in Live or Let Die

1.  Rick Anderson from Boston, MA, was first to supply information about the Bond car. He wrote: I have found your site fascinating, fun and I marvel at the work that's been put into it! I do, however, have some corrections to inject, if I may. In the Movie section Live or Let Die, the white pimpmobile  isn't a chopped or modified El Dorado. It's actually a Corvette with a fiberglass molding of an El Dorado attached. The builder is Les Dunham of Dunham Coach 234 Division St., Boonton, N.J. (973-299-1900). The Corvorado and the other exotic cars in the film were supplied by him (including the Fleetwood currently [2003] owned by a gentleman in Texas). The reason I know these facts is that my uncle still owns a '67 Eldorado customized by Dunham. Les owned also a newer edition Corvorado. The car in the Superfly movie was also a Dunham work and the original owner, "KC", is featured in the film wearing a red hat in a bar scene. He too, is from here in Boston.  The car was later repainted to it's original color (white) after the movie was finished. Dispelling the rumor of it's existing anywhere else in the world, the good word on the street is that it was destroyed in Delaware, years ago. Dunham has supplied cars for several movies including Superman, Fort Apache, The Bronx (with Paul Newman) and others. Finally, in your Dream Cars section, the Black Eldorado pictured in the junkyard  [below] says Dunham Coach, NOT  El Deora, on the outside rear-view mirror]. BTW, the term El Caballero is the title we, on the East Coast, use for customized Eldorados; we use also De ["Del" ?] Caballero for the De Villes and Fleetwoods.   It's obvious a lot of effort has gone into creating this database. And to that, I have supplied you with the correct information and sources to further verify it [Signed: Rick Anderson / On-Air personality, WILD-AM 90, Warren St., Boston, MA 02119]. Mr. Anderson supplied kindly these front and rear images of a genuine customized Eldorado (NOT a Corvorado); this is NOT the Bond movie car:

corvora3.jpg (11525 bytes)     corvora4.jpg (10972 bytes)

corvora5.jpg (11065 bytes)     corvora2.jpg (11601 bytes)

2.  In September 2003, in the CLC forum, a Canadian enthusiast from Ontario (John Giles) contended that Mr. Anderson's claims were inaccurate. Mr. Giles claims to have THE movie Cadillac, on which Sir Roger Moore is said to have signed the dash "Congratulations Dunham Coach, well done, respectfully, Roger Moore". It is a rare, 2-door, 3-window custom coach coupe with a split rear window. He wants to dispel the rumor that the car, featured in the Bond movie, Live or Let Die, is a Corvette with a fiberglass Eldorado body. Mr. Giles indicated that his car had been registered previously to the Oh Cult Voodoo shop and sat in the garage beside the shop with the license tag 347 NDG [the movie still supplied by viewer #3, below,  shows a Corvorado with that license tag]. He said it was a 1969 Eldorado customized by Dunham for the movie at a cost of some $30,000. The VIN is H9289308, which makes it a 1969 Eldorado, NOT a Corvorado. The original owner of Mr. Giles' car was Floyd Arnold Gogo; he was the first registered owner in Canada. Mr. Giles and his father acquired the car from the second owner who had it stored for many years in a barn, in Ontario, Canada. He says the Bond Pimpmobile was NOT destroyed in Delaware, as Mr. Anderson seems to believe, but is currently (2003) located in Canada. More recently, Mr. Giles' offered his car for sale on this Internet auction site, with a long, confusing description [the URL appears no longer valid - 10/2004].

Update: The following message was received from Mr. Giles on March 8, 2004. It is somewhat confusing and I give it to you in extenso although only the last sentence (which I have highlighted) is relevant to the debate. It seems that Mr. Giles' car was just one of a number of GM cars modified by Dunham Coach for the movies. The way I read it is that Mr. Giles is now retracting his statement that his '69 Eldorado car was the "Pimpmobile" used in the Bond movie.  Here is the message [my additions/comments are in square brackets]: 1969 General Motors Institute marks its 50th anniversary THIS HANDCRAFTED LUXURY MOTOR CAR A Unique Rare Conversion Custom Built 2 door 3 window Soft Top EL Dorado Coup.  Modified {FROM NEW} IN NEW YORK [New Jersey?] 4 A Bond Movie. AUTOGRAFED by Actor [Roger Moore] This was 1st time that the Chevrolet Motor Division provided vehicles in a Bond film L.A.L.D. This is The Original One From G.M. @@ made @@ The Custom Builder still HAS his COPY of a fiberglass Replica 1ONLY Corvorado NOW RED and WHITE- customized even more HE PUT IN Barrett-Jackson auction Nov. 2003 in Florida PIC IN LINK . BOTH These CARS had Modifications added 4 SAID movie back then . MILEs Orginal on COMPLETE CAR NEVER WINTER DRIVEN . Eldorado body for 1969 was transferred from the Fleetwood plant in Detroit to the Fisher Body plant in Euclid Ohio.The Proto Type pimpmobile for the Superflys BONUS Adding A VIRGIN Never Been Dicked With A 1998 4 Wheel Drive New Holland Compact Tractor 3 cyl disel with frontend loader-center mower-scaper blade and rear bush hog in deal 2 MY FATHER MAY U REST IN PEACE MURDERD JAN 2004 The Dbate this car was built 2 use in movie the C Builder of this steel car and the fiberglass Replica copy used the number 2 car in the movie shots GO 2 ABOVE WEBSITE 4 MORE changing INFO ON CAR AND SOME B.S. FROM OTHERS claims of unknown demise REASONE THERE CAN ONLY BE 1 RIGHT MR C BUILDER hoped crusher got this number 1. This car was from movie set i retract statement not in movie shots.

3.  In February 2004, I got this additional information from an enthusiast who has got close ties to Les Dunham and who has asked to remain anonymous. He wrote:  I have some information regarding Dunham Coach and the Cadillac Corvorado used in the movie Live and Let Die that should cause you to remove the last addendum to your Les Dunham description, which is incorrect [sorry, but I can't do that; I must first give everyone a fair hearing].  First, Mr. Rick Anderson of Boston is absolutely correct in all of his assertions about the building of the car in question, though I cannot yet confirm its demise. The white Dunham Corvorado [Corvette + Eldorado]  utilized in the film Live and Let Die was crafted from a Corvette with 1972 Eldorado body panels;   the entire passenger compartment, doors, side glass, roof, etc., from the cowl back, are Corvette.  The car had 2 doors, 2 seats, a red interior and a T-Top. In the movie the vehicle is driven by Earl Jolly Brown ("Whisper") not Cadillac.  No other white Eldorado or Corvorado was used in the movie. I have studied in detail all the material and assertions from Mr. Giles, and his car is NOT a Corvorado -- it is a custom padded-roof Eldorado.  It was NOT used in the movie. Whether or not Roger Moore actually signed the dash on the Giles car is open to debate [with all due respect, I doubt that Mr. Moore could tell the difference between a Cadillac and a Corvette disguised as a Cadillac].  As a further means of disproving Mr. Giles’ specious claims, I'm attaching a picture of 1973 Corvorado #1Z37J3S422365; that one would have been built within 6 cars of the Live and Let Die Corvorado. Since your site is the absolute authority in Cadillacs generally [we try our best and appreciate any input we can get from such enthusiasts as you], I wanted to set the record straight and ensure that the information remains of unquestioned quality. I respect your wish to allow all users of the Database to freely express their opinion; however, I strongly oppose Mr. Giles' claims [I can only assume that his purpose is to boost artificially the value of his car, contending that it played a role in a James Bond movie]. So far as I can see, yours is the authoritative site on Cadillac; I hope you will continue to try to publish only the "facts" [signed:   "Relan"].

70corvo11.jpg (7466 bytes)     70corvo12.jpg (6555 bytes)

72Corvo1.jpg (8030 bytes)

72Corvo2.jpg (5896 bytes)     72Corvo3.jpg (6824 bytes)

72corvo4.jpg (5214 bytes)     72corvo5.jpg (4952 bytes)

72corvo6.jpg (7617 bytes)     72corv6a.jpg (3918 bytes)     72corvo7.jpg (7660 bytes)
I think the movie stills in the preceding four rows prove the point that "Whisper"'s white pimpmobile in the Bond movie Live or Let
was a Corvette  with some 1972 Eldorado body panels and not a regular 1969 Cadillac as alleged by Mr. Giles of Canada

70corvo6.jpg (13081 bytes)     70corvo8.jpg (6132 bytes)

70corvo10.jpg (7904 bytes)     70Corvo2.jpg (9708 bytes)
I believe the car in gthe preceding two rows is #2 of seven  Corvorado models built/converted by Les Dunham
[i.e. a custom combined Corvette+Eldorado]; it was sold on Ebay to its new Floridian owner, Larry Hogan

70corvo15.jpg (11911 bytes)     70Corvo14.jpg (5614 bytes)     70corvo16.jpg (8429 bytes)
This one is #7 of the seven cars built; it was last seen in Las Vegas,
where it was offered for sale by its then current owner, Ed Roman


Late extra: This statement from Les Dunham himself was passed on to me by Cadillac enthusiast Robert Nussbaum: Yann, I just hung up the phone with Les Dunham.  Here’s the deal.  He retained ownership of the Live and Let Die car for several years after the movie. It was indeed a Dunham Coach Corvorado [Corvette with Eldorado body panels].  It was also in the movie Superfly.   The car was modified several times for different movies.   Subsequently, Les sold the car to a friend in New Jersey who still retains ownership of the vehicle ( I, myself have seen this car).  Les says, the distinguishing factor of this Corvorado compared to others he’d built is that, unlike the others, this particular vehicle had an entire steel front end and steel skirts; only the hood was fiberglass.  As for the Roger Moore signature, Les says the only thing Roger Moore signed was a 20 dollar bill that belonged to a friend of his and subsequently it was stolen from his friend's residence.  Hope this helps. I got it from Les himself.

The photos below are NOT of the Bond car either, but a similar car converted also by Les Dunham; this car has been saved from the crusher by an enthusiast from Cincinnati, OH, who has begun the massive task of bringing the car back to its original splendor. I have asked him to keep us appraised of progress.

    71supfl3.jpg (9192 bytes)     71supfl4.jpg (5761 bytes)     71dunham.jpg (14465 bytes)

71supfly.jpg (8815 bytes)     71supfl2.jpg (8559 bytes)
This sad-looking Superfly survivor was seen on the Internet (e-Bay site) in June 2002;
the outside rear-view mirror (top row, right) reads Dunham Coach; Rick Anderson,
a Cadillac enthusiast from Boston, MA, gave the coach-builder as Les Dunham, Boontown, NJ.

Latest [Feb., 2006]: Restoration of the "Sad Superfly" is now complete and the new proud owner, Tom Tindera, has supplied the following images to show the extent of the work he has done. Tom says: the entire Superfly Package has been restored and transplanted onto a rust free, low mileage California host unit. As you can see, I took some liberties with the color of the exterior vinyl trim, but I believe it really put it "over the top." Feel free to use my home e-mail address, ttindera@aol.com, in your website. I always enjoy hearing from others who share an interest in these types of cars. The pictures are fairly low resolution, so they shouldn't take up too much space or be too hard to work with. I hope you like the finished product. Regards, Tom Tindera Cincinnati, Ohio.  Great work Tom; thanks for the pics.

SupFlyc.jpg (26997 bytes)

SupFlyb.jpg (20033 bytes)     SupFlyd.jpg (23104 bytes)

SupFlya.jpg (26424 bytes)     SupFlye.jpg (29476 bytes)


More from Les Dunham:  This one came op for sale in Internet in October, 2008; the vendor asserts is was used in several of the Blacksploitation era films of the 1970s. The car was very well restored by a classic movie car collector who owned several of the movie cars.

71SupFly1.jpg (6497 bytes)     71SupFly1a.jpg (15625 bytes)

71SupFly1c.jpg (10742 bytes)     71SupFly1d.jpg (6573 bytes)     71SupFly1e.jpg (8363 bytes)

71SupFly1h.jpg (6690 bytes)     71SupFly1g.jpg (8407 bytes)

71sfly1.jpg (8988 bytes)     71sfly2.jpg (7925 bytes)
These two pics probably were taken at a car show in 1997-98




Fleetwood (USA)  Prototypes and clays for 1971-72 Eldorado wagon to be built from 1968 up; photos, ELD pp.99-105. It never went into production.

Dr71elwa.jpg (9340 bytes)     dr71wag.jpg (9316 bytes)


Harper, R.S. (USA) Custom Estate Brougham station wagon conversion on Calais or De Ville hardtop sedan; power rear window, padded vinyl roof, luggage rack, automatic level control. Photo McC p.392

72dvlwag.jpg (7041 bytes)


[Unknown, USA] custom Eldorado station wagon [photos, below], with sunroof, leather upholstery, roof rack, custom grille, hood emblem and rear air suspension. This car was offered for sale on e-Bay in September, 2001. It was advertised as one of two 1971 Eldorado Cadillac wagons built in late 1970. The other one was said to have been acquired by singer, Glen Campbell who subsequently lost it to his wife in a divorce settlement. The car below came from St Louis, then went to Pittsburgh and ended up in Chautauqua, NY. Stuntman, Evel Knievel had one of these 1971 wagons too.

KnievWag2.jpg (11492 bytes)     KnievWag1.jpg (10503 bytes)
The Evel Knievel wagon on De Ville chassis
[ Photo: courtesy Mike Mike Draper, a former member of Mr. Knievel's team ]


70UNKWAG.JPG (5467 bytes)
Is this the same wagon as below?


[Unknown, USA] Special Cadillac Eldorado El Camino

71ELWAG.JPG (11527 bytes)

71ELWA3.JPG (9319 bytes)     71ELWA2.JPG (7730 bytes)
[ Photos:  Internet, 11/2003 ]


[Unknown, USA] Special Cadillac Eldorado station wagon

71ELWAG2.JPG (9867 bytes)


[Unknown, USA] Special Cadillac custom DeVille coupe (possibly Wisco)

71elcus2.jpg (7755 bytes)     71elcust.jpg (6829 bytes)


[Unknown, USA] Two more custom station wagons (likely from the same builder)



[Unknown, USA] Special Cadillac Eldorado Cabriolet

[ no images ]


Wisco  (USA)  I belive this is a regular Wisco El Deora with custom grille cap, padded top, imitation landau bars, door saddles and trunk finish.  It was photographed by enthusiast, Orestes Masdeu at the 2006 Hershey Swap Meet and Corral..


71deor5.JPG (6023 bytes)     71deor2.JPG (5965 bytes)
[ Photos: © 2008, and courtesy Orestes Masdeu ]





American Sunroof Corp. (ASC) (Custom Craft Division) (USA) El Deora, custom trim package on Eldorado chassis. I have no idea how many were produced but they are obviously quite rare. None of these "custom" packages had Cadillac's seal of approval. Under project Manager Mike Alexander, a limited number of these Cadillac El Deora custom Eldorado coupe models were built.[possibly only three of them]. This company may also have designed a number of other custom cars on Cadillac chassis including a special Eldorado station wagon previously (?) owned by Cadillac enthusiast, Bill Buckingham. He believes it was built by the Detroit Sunroof  Corp.(?) which he heard was taken over by American Sunroof Corp.

eldeor1.jpg (10325 bytes)     Eldeor3a.jpg (1392 bytes)     eldeor2.jpg (8647 bytes)     eldeor3.jpg (7268 bytes)
[ Photos :  Internet 2/2002 ]


American Sunroof Corp. (ASC) (Custom Craft Division) (USA) another  El Deora, custom trim package on the Eldorado chassis.

72Eldeora1.jpg (8591 bytes)     72Eldeora2.jpg (6986 bytes)     72Eldeora3.jpg (7942 bytes)

EldoWag.jpg (18811 bytes)
Immediately above:  a "project car" for someone with a passion for custom Cadillacs ...and deep pockets!


Fleetwood (USA) This custom electric sun roof was introduced with the 1970 Fleetwood Eldorado models.

72cuscab.jpg (6731 bytes)


Fleetwood (USA) Special Cadillac Eldorado Blue Boy convertible for Bill Mitchell's own use. According to CML [Cadillac Mailing List] member, Paul Freda [May, 2001], that particular  Custom Eldorado currently is in the hands of a member of the Michigan region, CLC

dr75bboy.JPG (9551 bytes)


Harper, R.W. Custom Coachbuilders. (USA) Station wagon conversion (on Fleetwood model ?)

70HARPER.JPG (2333 bytes)


Moloney (USA) Station wagon conversion on Fleetwood 60 Special Brougham; vinyl covered roof with roof rack. Photo McC p.397

Moloney (USA) (similar to above car) see photo McC p.397

Moloney (USA) Eldorado custom station wagon


[Unknown, USA] Fleetwood Series 75 limousine with Derham-style rear window

73cus75.jpg (8599 bytes)


[Unknown, USA] This wagon is reported to have been the property of Elvis Presley ...one more!  What amazes me is that despite this artist's immense media image [probably surpassed only  by the late Princess Diana of England], there are in fact just a half dozen or so photos of the King driving [or seen with] any of his reported "hundreds" of Cadillacs. I am convinced that amateur and professional paparazzi alike must have spent hours around the Graceland gates, just waiting for a glimpse of him in one of his cars.  So where are all the photos ?!?! Was he that "inaccessible" ?

72wagpsl.jpg (9127 bytes)
[ Photo:  Internet, 12/2001 ]

preslwag1.jpg (24790 bytes)     strPres2.jpg (13604 bytes)     preslwag7.jpg (24124 bytes)

 preslwag2.jpg (19314 bytes)     preslwag6.jpg (21143 bytes)

 preslwag4.jpg (24020 bytes)     preslwag3.jpg (41624 bytes)     preslwag5.jpg (21513 bytes)
The car remained for a long time at Graceland, after the king's death

[ Photos (above row): © and courtesy of the current (2007) owner, Ken Lucci ]


The car resides currently (2013) in Amsterdam where I was able to have a close look
during the biennial Cadillac Grand International meet in September, 2013


[Unknown, USA] One more wagon built on the Cadillac (why Cadillac would ever build an SUV but not a station wagon beats me!) This one was offered for sale on the Internet in February, 2003. In my opinion, the "C" pillar on this particular conversion is "unfortunate".

72wag.jpg (7047 bytes)
Possibly the car shown in color, below

72WAG1D.JPG (10297 bytes)     72WAG1C.JPG (7341 bytes)     72WAG1B.JPG (7384 bytes)     72WAG1A.JPG (6621 bytes)
[ Photos:  Internet, 2/2003 ]

dr72waga.jpg (10062 bytes)     dr72wagb.jpg (6656 bytes)     dr72wagc.jpg (9460 bytes)
[Above two rows] Could this be the same car as the previous one ?


[Unknown, USA] Custom station wagon on Fleetwood chassis; this one was offered for sale in Self Starter in October 2007.

72wag1007SS.jpg (10179 bytes)


[Unknown, USA] One more custom station wagon conversion from a 4-door Cadillac

dr72wagN2.jpg (9918 bytes)


[Unknown, USA] Yet another custom station wagon conversion. This one was oddered for sale in Hemmings Motor News for November, 2011. It was described thus (excerpts):  1972 Cadillac Brougham Station Wagon ... these are so rare that some critics say they were never made. Well they were indeed made and the VIN # on this one is the proof. Of the twelve or so units produced, famed owners include Elvis, Evel Knievel, and Dean Martin. Our offering was stored for 20 years then brought out and updated. It has the original 472 engine and 400 turbo transmission. This Caddy wagon runs and drives like it did when new, with only 37,176 original miles  ...  Here is a chance to own and enjoy a very unique, collectible automobile at a very affordable price [???]. Call 800-650-1055 or visit our website at www.autobarnclassiccars.com for more information ... $17,995


( photos )


[Unknown, USA] Custom Eldorado station wagon [photo, below]

Dr72elwa.JPG (10578 bytes)
[ Photo:  Internet, 1999 ]


[Unknown, USA] Custom Eldorado "Mirage" pick-up; possibly from Traditional Coachworks. The owner bought it off EBay from Wisconsin. It is now in Neptune, NJ. It has 34000 original miles. All the colors are correct. The Steer Horns were not an option. CLC member "David in Hartfiord" has thoroughly resaerched converted Cadillacs like this one.  He commented on the Club's message Forum (3/2010): None of these conversions were sanctioned by Cadillac.   Not even the Mirage's.     Cadilllac has never sanctioned any conversions until the Master Coachbuilder program was developed for the limousine and Funeral industry.   And this was only done because they dropped the commercial chassis from production.     Cadillac has worked with coachbuilders when involved with cars for the White House, such as Hess and Eisenhardt.   Otherwise none of the wagon or pick up truck conversions were "approved" by Cadillac.    Many Cadillac Dealers had such custom conversions forsale on their showroom floors and/or would even order one made for you.  But the companies were responcible for any issues resulting by the conversion.     Many people assume that because the car was sold new by the dealer as converted that it was approved or sanctioned by Cadillac.     Cadillac motor company didn't object to their dealers making a profit on such conversions as long as the dealer knew that any service issues had to be sent back to the respective converter. The only factory sanctioned custom work was done by ASC (American Sunroof Corporation) when they created the Biarritz package for the 1976-78 Eldorados.  Also the 1984 & 85 Eldorado convertibles.    Everything else was aftermaket conversions and thus not warranteed by Cadillac. The Mirage in my opinion was the best designed pick up truck conversion.    Retaining the factory roof line with opera windows gave the car better proportions.    Some of them had a golf bag door on the right rear quarter ahead of the rear wheel.  Another Club member, Rich S., also added this comment: Another interesting bit of trivia about the Mirage conversions was that they were offered for sale in a 1975 Father's Day catalog by the Neiman-Marcus department store. The catalog depicts a Mirage in what looks like the Rosewood color from 1975, and if I recall correctly, it is shown with Cadillac Wire Wheel Covers. My copy is buried somewhere in my collection of literature, but it is quite classy looking, accompanied by what appears to be a rancher wearing his "cowboy" hat!


     72mrage2S.JPG (14085 bytes)     72mrage3S.JPG (21830 bytes)
Photos: © and courtesy of the owner, Danny Siciliano


[Unknown, USA] Custom DeVille "low rider"



[Unknown, USA] Custom "Super-Fly" special


[Unknown, USA] Custom "Super-Fly" special


[Unknown, USA] Custom DeVille convertible (?)

72cvcust.jpg (10603 bytes)


[Unknown, USA] Custom "Jacuzzi car". From a collector in Australia comes this "different" kind of collectible Cadillac. The "car" is described thus by its owner/vendor (I have tried to clean up the text a little): You are looking at the most desireable "WOW" factor car, that comes from the 70s....This marvelous American beauty is the ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD, with the configuration of 8 www wheels and exel tyres, 4 wheel steering (thats right, all 4 wheels steer) up front and personal we have a fully functional 4 burner (downunder) bar.b.q. yes thats right! A fully retracting b.b.q. that  stows away under the hood! with 2 small L.P.G.bottles to one side tucked behind the LH headlight (propane). Removable cleartop sunroof, removeable targa type 1/2 roof, AND, a 2 person hot tub (SPA)with accessories, stainless steel ladder, sunbrella (blue and white) to match the sea-blue spa. Pump is hidden in the trunk, which is also a "WHISKY BAR" set up with bottle holder or ice cooler, shot glasses and tumblers ... polished timber "BAR" illuminations and lush red carpet. The car is in good condition ready to show. I move the car out about 7/8 times a year, so it stands quite a bit and a few drops of oil are noticeable from around the motor/trans area, it rarely needs top up, so I am not too concerned about it. The good runs seem to do it good. I drive the car to most of the venues in our state and enjoy the attention that I get and possibly so do the people who see me, ALWAYS the thumbs up from the "Bikie" fraternity!! you know who … she has many hidden features, like strobe lighting front and rear, multiple air horns, c.c.t.v original "8" track player, all WWW tires in good cond, roof lighting for night ambiance (still to be connected). Reversing sensors, Multiple (working order) 6-PACK exhaust with chrome ends. Good glass all round electrix work, speedo works, vehicle lockout safety switch. Much more to be discovered ... what more can I tell you?  It causes a sensation wherever it goes, if you can handle it!!! Its just like Brad Pitt or Beyonce walking down the street in your neighbourhood!!!! Call me on 016 93022277 Melbourne Australia ... or email abel.airport@bigpond .com..cell. 0412112244.

( photos)


[Unknown, USA] I'm guessing someone had some fun with PhotoShop and a  1972 Cadillac. Impressive ... and scary too!



Webasto Sunroof Corp (Wisco?) (USA)  Customized Eldorado coupe

71WISCO.JPG (4431 bytes)


Wisco (USA) El Clįsico coupe.  It's amazing what a pair of false landau bars and a grille cap can do for an otherwise ordinary Cadillac! The pictures of this yellow 1972 Coupe De Ville El Clįsico belong to Tim Gitzinger of Dayton, OH.  He was kind enough to identify the car as having been built by Wisco Corp. It was sold new in Dayton and still resides there. Tim has three of these cars in different stages of restoration. The following figures are from an original 1972 WISCO 'El Clįsico' conversion price sheet, for the Fleetwood Brougham. Some items were not available on the Eldorado convertible; prices were slightly cheaper for Coupe de Ville and Eldorado Hard-Top models: Chrome Front End- $595,  Sun Roof- $695, Landau Bars- $260, Restyled Wheel Covers- $220,  Outer Door Panel Trim- $170,   Rear Deck Trim- $175,  Pin Striping- $60, Lower Bumper Treatment to Match Car- $60,  Hood Ornament- $120, Right-hand Remote Mirror- $45. Total standard El Clįsico Conversion package (including installation), for the Fleetwood Brougham = $3,630. The following optional items were available installed: Repro Goddess Hood Ornament- $75, T.V. Set- $335, Padded Vinyl-covered Dash- $120, Custom Vertical Grille- $265, WISCO Simulated Deck Wheel with Vinyl Insert- $575, Padded Vinyl Half-top with Chrome Bar- $375. Final price for all items listed: $5,375!!!

DR72ELCL.JPG (10457 bytes)

72clsic2.jpg (11347 bytes)     72CLSRR.JPG (13951 bytes)
[Photos:  courtesy the owner, Tim Gitzinger, Dayton, OH]



71delcav.JPG (13374 bytes)     71delca2.JPG (12272 bytes)

DR72WIS5.JPG (9847 bytes)







American Sunroof Corp. (ASC) (Custom Craft Division) (USA) El Deora, custom trim package on Eldorado and other chassis. I have no idea how many were produced but they are obviously quite rare. None of these "custom" packages had Cadillac's seal of approval. Under project Manager Mike Alexander, a limited number of these Cadillac El Deora  models were offered [see catalog of models below]

dr72wagn.JPG (11238 bytes)
This wagon is similar to the 1972 model owned by Bill Buckingham, above

deoraj.JPG (11194 bytes)

deoraa.JPG (13584 bytes)     deorab.JPG (8257 bytes)   

    DEORAD1.JPG (5873 bytes)     DEORAD2.JPG (3096 bytes)     deorag.JPG (10255 bytes)

deorae.JPG (6555 bytes)     deoraf.JPG (10389 bytes)

DEORAL.JPG (7646 bytes)     deorai.JPG (11824 bytes)

 deorac.JPG (8874 bytes)     deorak.JPG (11225 bytes)

73WAGX1.JPG (8425 bytes)     73WAGX2.JPG (10111 bytes)
A surviving wagon from ASC [preceding row, right]

73ElDeo1.jpg (6030 bytes)     73ElDeo4.jpg (5187 bytes)     73ElDeo5.jpg (3237 bytes)     73ElDeo2.jpg (6620 bytes)
This is a survivor on the 1973 Eldordo chassis

73ELSPFL.JPG (12344 bytes)
Finally, this "Superfly" package on 1973 Eldorado


Baker, Tony [Custom Coach] (Lima, OH, USA) had a yellow Fleetwood Brougham on display at Chesapeake Cadillac, in Baltimore [at the time, this dealership was operated by the brother of my friend Dick Sunderland].   Unfortunately,  I have only a very small, low resolution, B&W photo of it from the magazine Auto Trim News for July, 1977.

73Baker_0012.jpg (4912 bytes)     73Baker_0019.jpg (5279 bytes)     73Baker_0021.jpg (4747 bytes)     73Baker_0016.jpg (5390 bytes)

73Baker_0020.jpg (5659 bytes)     73BakerAsc1.jpg (7350 bytes)     73Baker_0015.jpg (6595 bytes)

 73BakerAsc2.jpg (5356 bytes)     73Baker_0010.jpg (4826 bytes)     73BakerAsc3.jpg (4682 bytes)
These 10 original photos from the Baker workshops in Lima, OH,
illustrate the variuous stages in the creation/construction of a Cadillac wagon
[ Photo: © 1973, and courtesy Tony Baker ]

73WagBaker.jpg (7176 bytes)
[ Photo: © 1973, and courtesy Tony Baker ]

73WagBakerBW.jpg (6751 bytes)
The Baker wagon conversion on display in Baltimore    

73BakerAsc4.jpg (5969 bytes)
This conversion on the Fleetwood Brougham chassis was commissioned by Heinz Prechter,
CEO of American Sunroof Corp (ASC); after it was delivered, he invited its designer, Dick Baker,
to Detroit to show the ASC team how to make these conversions; Baker spent a month at the ASC

faclities to train the staff there; ASC later sold a few with of these Cadillac wagons, with an added sun roof 


Cadillac (USA) This styling prototype named La Salle, eventually became the "bustle-back" Seville of the eighties

73protols.jpg (11729 bytes)


Cadillac (USA) Like the preceding styling model, this one too influenced the design of the down-sized Seville sedan in the late seventies and early eighties.

73scala.jpg (8629 bytes)


Cadillac (USA) This styling prototype influenced the design of the 1976 Seville sedan

78sdvpro.jpg (7831 bytes)


Caribou Motor Company (USA) Cadillac custom Caribou pick-up on Coupe DeVille chassis, SSA 1992, p.30. CLC member, Tim Pawl, who is also curator of the CLC's Museum and Research Center, owns a 1974 Caribou, several years ago he contacted company that produced them; their records were supposedly lost in a flood. The person he talked to remembered that about 90-94 were produced in 1974, and perhaps as many as 275-300 total over the period from 1972-1976. Tim says also that another version of the Caribou was produced circa 1980-84. I have a couple of factory literature items suggesting that these conversions were made from 1974 through 1986. In these pieces, that manufacturer declared, inter alia: Every Caribou is a show car that stands out for years to come as a one of America's truly practical custom automobiles. The Caribou is the ultimate passenger car pickup. Cadillac standards are used throughout the cosntruction of your Caribou, along with numerous inspections, to maintain the highest quality possible. To order your Caribou, you must use your [own] automobile. Select the finest car you can find. Try to avoid using a wrecked or damaged car. It's best to  start wih the best. Over the past few years, Tim recalls that a dozen or so of the 1972-1976 versions have shown up on eBay and elsewhere. There was an article about the cars in Motor Trend Magazine circa May or September, 1975. These are very rare cars; their cost, when new, was supposedly $ 20,000 over the base $11,000 Coupe DeVille price or approx. $30,000. The literature item I have shows these prices for the conversion: (1974-76) $10,500; (1977-79) $12,500; (1980-85) $14,500.  Typical survivors today [2003-2004] have been going for $12,000 to $20,000.

Dr73crb2.jpg (8014 bytes)     Dr73crib.jpg (13001 bytes)
[ Photos:  CLC Self Starter ]


E & G Classics (USA) custom conversion on base of  De Ville coupe

73egdvl.jpg (8334 bytes)
[ Photo:  Internet ]


Fleetwood (USA) [corrected entry - special thanks to CLC member, Tim Pawl] A study of all the factory build sheets reveals that 566 Eldorado "Pace Car" convertibles were thus trimmed (option #SR-X20). Only  fifty-three of these were in fact delivered and used at the track (others sources indicate the figures of 38 and 64 units; the correct figure, however, is 53); of that number, only 45 had the option SR-X30 Festival rear bumper with the flagpole mounts; one of the remaining 521 non-track pace cars had that option [VIN 6L67S3Q429622]. Twelve of the 53 "track" cars were used for the Celebrity Escort Service and were marked Festival Director above the front wheel openings; it is believed that only those twelve cars had the round "500" Festival logo on the rear quarter panels, behind the front door.Only 2 of the 53 "track" units were modified for high-speed (VIN 6L67S3Q423072 and 6L67S3Q423212); neither of them was 'street legal'. One of the latter was the actual Pace car; it is believed  it was the second car listed (the other was there merely as a back up). The remaining 513 cars all were "replicas"; they were sold through Cadillac dealers.. With the exception of the two modified (speed) cars, the remaining 564 pace cars had a dash plaque with this inscription: This Eldorado Convertible is a limited edition replica of the 1973 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car. Two so-called "development models" were built before actual production of the 566  pace cars got under way [VIN 6L67S3Q423028 and 6L67S3Q424306]; one of these was used for the publicity shot, below. Aside from the "Pace Car" Eldorado convertible models, there were also on site 6 Eldorado coupes, 2 DeVille coupes, 2 DeVille sedans and 1 Fleetwood sedan.

73pace2.jpg (9380 bytes)
Factory publicity shot

This in  one of the 513 "non track" cars


Hess & Eisenhardt (USA) Armored car for an unnamed foreign government. Conversion on Fleetwood Series 75 limousine. Photo McC p.401

Moloney (USA) custom Eldorado coupe (photo McC p.401)

73molo_el.jpg (6202 bytes)


Moloney (USA) custom El Doral.  One more Spanish-sounding option package

73DORAL.JPG (7856 bytes)     73DORAL2.JPG (7587 bytes)


Moloney (USA) custom Eldorado coupe

73molorr.jpg (5837 bytes)


Moloney (USA) custom Eldorado coupe. Photo McC p.401


Moloney (USA) El Doral cabriolet roof conversion on Cadillac Coupe de Ville; vinyl covered roof, landau bars, modified grille, bumper guards. Photo McC p.397

73Molo_Doral.jpg (8910 bytes)


[Unknown, USA] ½ ton pick-up [crossed the block at Auburn, Indiana, September 1997]; no other details currently available.

[Unknown, USA] Fleetwood Brougham with a 472 V-8, body cut in half at the B-pillar,  shaved off rear roof and trunk. Basically converted to a truck [info from Craig Seman].

[Unknown, USA] Custom DeVille coupe "half-top", seen advertised for sale in the Classifieds of Cadillac Connoisseur, magazine of the Cadillac Club International of Palm Beach, CA.

73HalfTop.jpg (13434 bytes)


[Unknown, USA] Custom pick-up commissioned by stunt-man, Evel Knievel


[Unknown, USA] Custom Eldorado coupe presented as a gift by Elvis Presley to his Karate instructor, Kang Rhee


[Unknown, USA] Custom station wagon, possibly by Moloney on Brougham chassis [photo, below]. This one has an electric, sliding sunroof. It was purchased new in Fort Worth, TX. and was offered for sale in the classifieds section of the CLC Self Starter in March 2002.

73flwag.jpg (10837 bytes)

Dr73wagw.jpg (9760 bytes)     dr73WagJB.jpg (6292 bytes)





[Unknown, USA] Another custom station wagon

Dr73waga.jpg (9363 bytes)


[Unknown, USA] Two more custom station wagons on Cadillac chassis

Dr73wagn.jpg (9805 bytes)


[Unknown, USA] One morer custom station wagon on Cadillac chassis






[Unknown, USA] Yet another custom station wagon on Cadillac chassis

73wagon.jpg (7821 bytes)


[Unknown, USA] Custom shearse on Cadillac chassis


[Unknown, USA] Fleetwood Brougham with 472 V-8; body cut in half at the B-pillar, rear roof and trunk  shaved off [notification to the Database by a CML member]

[Unknown, USA] Mildly customized De Ville series coupe, simply with the addition of a set of sparkling wire wheels

73cdvcus.jpg (10123 bytes)
[ Photo:  Internet, 2003 ]


Unknown, USA] Mildly customized Fleetwood series Eldorado convertible, simply with the addition of a psychedelic /hot roddish paint job

73elcust.jpg (11465 bytes)


[Unknown, USA] (possibly the Dunham Coach Corporation of New Jersey). The movie, "Shaft" was responsible for the rise to fame of these pimped up Eldorados with the so-called super-fly headlights

flyeldo3.jpg (12126 bytes)

  flyeldo1.jpg (8436 bytes)     flyeldo2.jpg (9352 bytes)


[Unknown, USA] Custom coupe on 1972 Cadillac base



[Unknown, USA] This 1972 Eldorado pick-up is owned by Ted Mandalikis.  he wrote, in January 2007 : I was just reading your Foreword from the database and really enjoyed it. I thought I'd share photos of my 1972 Eldorado Pick Up. I looked trough the Dream Car and Show Car section but did not see an Eldorado cut similar to this. Please feel free to add the vehicle to the database. Perhaps someone has some insight as to which company customized this vehicle. I need all the help I can get! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and collection.

72pickup.jpg (8039 bytes)


[Unknown, USA] Custom El Camino-style pick-up conversion.[advertized on Internet, 3/2006, on the Web page of the Imperial Palace collection, Las Vegas, NV]

73CaminA.jpg (14355 bytes)     73CaminB.jpg (17085 bytes)
[ Photos:  Internet, March 2006 ]


[Unknown, USA] (possibly Wisco)

73CusEldo.jpg (10640 bytes)


[Unknown, USA] How often have you heard these large,70s Cadillacs being referred to as "boats" ?  Well, here's one that fits this description to a "tee" !

73Boat.jpg (6521 bytes)
Internet, 2008


[Unknown, USA] Modern Cadillac "hot rod" claimed to have been appraised at $5k short of $300,000 !   I guess at that price [assumed value] it deserves a place in the Cadillac Database as a "dream car".



These pics are from the EBay web site


[Unknown, USA] Custom Eldorado "Centurion"





Wisco (USA) There was a '73 wagon on e-Bay in June, 2003; it had been ordered new from Frank Kent Cadillac, in Fort Worth, Texas. The original lady owner kept the car until her death in early '98 (25 years).   There are no coach company labels on the car, but a letter from the dealer lists it as an "El Classico" [read "el Clįsico"].  The vendor asserted: this is not a "back yard" built wagon, but a professionally built, high quality car.  It is a 7-passenger, with the rear facing 3rd seat, leather of coarse [sic].  Late extra [May, 2008]; the car is back on Ebay. I've addee a few more photos.

73ELCLAS.JPG (8507 bytes)     73wag1.jpg (5458 bytes)

73ELCLA2.JPG (8534 bytes)     73wag5.jpg (7017 bytes)     73wag2.jpg (6851 bytes)

73wag3.jpg (6022 bytes)     73ELCLA3.JPG (7093 bytes)     73clsico.jpg (6658 bytes)     73clsic2.jpg (6021 bytes)
These grille caps and faux 1941 Goddess hood ornament are typical traits of
Wisco's El Clįsico styling, though not applied to this particular car

74elclas2.jpg (41874 bytes)
Here's another view of the El Cląsico front ensemble


Wisco (USA) operated out of Roseville, MI, close to the automobile capital of the world.  Their customized features made ordinary Cadillacs "distinctively different" and "elegantly impressive".

73wisca.jpg (12076 bytes)     73wisck.JPG (4975 bytes)
Wisco Cadillac Coup deVille with custom, padded landau top, opera windows, door saddle trim, non-functional
landau bars, chrome roof arch and chrome belt molding, limousine rear window, custom deck wheel and lower deck trim

73wisca2.JPG (11072 bytes)     73wisce.JPG (7042 bytes)
Above and below:  Wisco El Dorado with custom, vertical design front clip, Mediterranean styled hexagonal
rear window and opera windows, custom,padded landau top with false landau bars, door saddle trim,
chrome roof arch, chrome belt molding, custom deck wheel with matching trim insert and plush velour interior

73wisco.jpg (11734 bytes)
This is the original color photo used in B&W [above] in the Wisco brochure

73wiscn.JPG (8064 bytes)     73wisch.JPG (5430 bytes)

73wiscg1.jpg (2863 bytes)     73wiscj.JPG (7406 bytes)     73wiscl.JPG (2637 bytes)
Left and right: 17½ inch and 22½ inch Deluxe L100 landau bars with Wisco's "W" logo;
Center: complete custom front end for DeVille, Brougham and limousine models

73wiscf.JPG (7440 bytes)
Wisco stretched limousine

Wisco custom station wagon

  73wiscb.JPG (2572 bytes)     73wiscc.JPG (4705 bytes)     73wisci.JPG (3602 bytes)
Limousines included telephone intercom (left) and optional partition cabinet (center)
Today, "retro" hood mascot (right) frequently is offered as a "1941 original" by unscrupulous vendors





ASC [American Sun Roof Corp] (USA) El Deora custom Coupe de Ville. Thickly padded roof, landau bars, two horizontal ¼ windows, imitation continental kit with vinyl covering like roof. Photo McC p.405. One of these was offered for sale by auction in Scottsdale, AZ, at the annual Barrett-Jackson venue in January 2001.  The catalog stated that it was one of only three ever made.  Remember, the El Deora was merely a custom trimmed regular 1974 Eldorado; these cars were not "made", like other custom jobs; they merely got some extra trim. These "trim packages" never got Cadillac's seal of approval.  The car in the top row was purchased in 2001 by a Mr. Robert (?) Dearman at the annual Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, AZ. The present owner, Ross de Laine of Adelaide, Australia  (see 4 other photos, below) bought the car from Mr. Dearman's widow, Pat; at that time it was resitered in the name of her daughter, Tina R., for "financial reasons".  Thank to Ross for sharing these photos and for my friend, Ian Robertson, for bringing them all the way from Australia to the CLC Grand National meet in St. Augustine (June 2012).

Dr74deor.jpg (12262 bytes)



ASC [American Sun Roof Corp] (USA) El Deora custom Eldorado. Usually features thickly padded roof, matching trim on upper door, imitation landau bars, one slightly oval or two horizontal or vertical  ¼ windows. The one shown here may belong to Oreste Msdeu of NJ. He sent me two additional photos, saying he bought a car very much like it in 2006

74ELDE~3.JPG (5866 bytes)     74ELDE~1.JPG (6495 bytes)

74ELDE~2.JPG (5748 bytes)     74ELDE~5.JPG (2742 bytes)     74ELDE~4.JPG (8433 bytes)
[ Photos: Internet, 3/2003 ]

74ElDeoraMasde2.jpg (8182 bytes)     74ElDeoraMasdeu.jpg (5877 bytes)
These 2 photos, © and courtesy Orestes Masdeu, owner

I suspect that this is another 1974 Eldorado model with "El Deora" trim


ASC (USA) Stretched custom Eldorado coupe. Cabriolet roof, landau bars, functional continental kit Photo McC p.405

ASC (USA) Stretched custom Fleetwood Talisman El Deora, with grille cap,  fake continental kit "hump" and Talisman interior.  Story of survivor in France, in V8, #9, pp.18-23

dr74deo8.jpg (13087 bytes)

dr74deo7.JPG (12112 bytes)     dr74deo1.jpg (10213 bytes)     dr74deo2.jpg (6345 bytes)     dr74deo3.jpg (6978 bytes)
[ Photos:  © 1993, Joėl Peyrou and V8 Magazine ]


Baker, Dick and Tony (see Custom Coach, below)

Caribou Motor Company (Grover City, CA, USA) According to one of its own advertising flyers, in 1986, this company built Cadillac pickups since 1954, combining the luxury of a regular automobile in a pickup. The designer and engineer behind most Caribou pickups is Lou Schorsch. A power operated tail gate was a first on the 1986 version. These conversions were available through Cadillac dealers or directly from the Caribou Motor Company, on Coupe de Ville models from 1974 to 1986. The company boasted in 1978:  Every Caribou is a show car that stands out for years to come as one of America's truly practical automobiles. The Caribou is the ultimate passenger car pick-up. Cadillac standards are used throughout the construction of your Caribou, along with numerous inspections, to maintain  the highest quality possible. To order your Caribou, you must use your [own] automobile. Select the finest car you can find. Try to avoid using a wrecked or damaged car. It's best to start with the best. Orders were taken with a 50% deposit, the balance being due on delivery. The advertised costs in 1986 were as follows: conversion from a 1974-76 Cadillac Coupe deVille, $10,500, from a 1977-79 Coupe deVille, $12,500, and from a 1980-86 Coupe de Ville, $14,500. Check also SS 3/92, p.17.

Dr74crib.jpg (11580 bytes)     dr76pkup.JPG (8977 bytes)
Aficionado Glen Yadon says that the 1974 custom pickup truck on the right
was made for stuntman Evel Knievel [photo supplied by Glen]

KnievPik1.jpg (23849 bytes)
At left is one of two custom conversion for Evel Knievel; the round '74 headlights were changed to the '77 rectangular kind,
possibly by Carl Greens Enterprises; the red Caribou is alive and well in Eureka Kansas and owned by John Mock

KnievPik2.jpg (14414 bytes)     KnievPik3.jpg (12397 bytes)
The red Evel Knievel pick-up on De Ville chassis
[ Photos (above 2 rows): courtesy Mike Draper (seen here), a former member of Mr. Knievel's team ]

This one does not have the chrome grill "cap" of the Knievel wagon


Custom Coach, Lima, OH (USA) Father and son team, Dick and Tony Baker are responsible for these Cadillac pick-up conversions

74Pikup1.jpg (7088 bytes)    74PikBaker4.jpg (8858 bytes)

74PikBaker2.jpg (6914 bytes)     74cadimino_3.jpg (4788 bytes)
[ Photo: © 1974, and courtesy Tony Baker ]

74pkupa.jpg (20531 bytes)

74pkupb.jpg (15789 bytes)     74pkupc.jpg (7441 bytes)
This second custom pick-up truck also is based on a 1974 Cadillac
[ Photo: © 1974, and courtesy Tony Baker ]

74PikBaker1.jpg (6748 bytes)
I believe this one also is from 1974 but appears to incorporate
a custom tail gate from a modified Eldorado coupe or convertible


Fleetwood (USA) Although not very rare [ten units or less], Fleetwood offered the Talisman option package in 1974, 1975 and 1976. Production numbers are: 1974: 1898 units, 1975: 1238 units, 1976: 1200 units. There is an interesting article, in French, on the 1974 Cadillac Talisman, in V8 Magazine #33 for Jan., Feb., Mar.1999, pp.38-41. The Talisman for 1975 and 1976, but it would be revised to seat five instead of four. Pricing for 1975 was $1,788 above the base price of $10,414, and $1,813 above the $10,935 base price in 1976. Leather was available as an option in 1974 ...for an extra $2450 [that's a tad less than a new Ford Pinto of the same year!] There is no mention of a leather option for 1975 and 1976. For more details, get a copy of CA [6/2002]. Enthusiast Tim Stephens of Belgium wrote, in May 2003: There have only ever been two Talismans in Australia, to my knowledge - the first, a 1974, was delivered new in Melbourne, converted to RHD by Spanmore Engineering in East Burwood (Melbourne suburb) - Antigua blue metallic with dark blue vinyl roof and Medici interior, it was registered BS-505.  I have B&W photos of it parked in central Melbourne when near-new.  It turned up painted "wedding-white" in ...Queensland and was offered for sale in or around 2000 (still with its Ford LTD RH door mirror - obviously it didn't have a factory Cadillac mirror fitted from new).  Its eventual sale in Queensland is not surprising as the wealthy Melbourne owners (whoever "B.S." was - on the personalized plates) had an apartment complex he owned there.  I believe the car is in somewhat "rough" condition these days. The second car, a 1975 model turned up out of the blue near Bendigo, in central Victoria,and was offered for sale in 1997.  I had hitherto never known of the car, but inquiries revealed it had lived there all its life.  It was some sort of beige-metallic color - but I've never seen it.  1975 model Cadillacs in Australia were RARE when new - you could have counted them on two hands in total.  By contrast, 1974 models totaled more than 120 units.  The Arab oil embargo hit Australia half-a-model-year later than in the northern hemisphere so by the time the 1975 models came out, Australians were avoiding "gas guzzlers" like the plague.

Dr74tlis.jpg (15743 bytes)     Dr74tli2.jpg (10997 bytes)     Dr74tli3.jpg (7623 bytes)     Dr74tlin.jpg (8897 bytes)
Cadillac certainly made more than ten units of this "custom"
sedan; I have included it here because it is unusually plush

[ Photos: © V8 Magazine ]

74TsmanSS1007.jpg (4921 bytes)
Here's un uncommon option available
on the Fleetwood Talisman models

NIXNTAL6.JPG (10469 bytes)     NIXNTAL4.JPG (8928 bytes)     74NIXA.JPG (6813 bytes)     NIXNTAL5.JPG (6537 bytes)

NIXNTALI.JPG (3621 bytes)
This other fine Talisman survivor was reportedly owned by former First Family
Richard M. and Mrs. Nixon; it was offered for sale on eBay in January, 2004

74talis2.jpg (11649 bytes)     74talis3.jpg (11061 bytes)     74talis4.jpg (8117 bytes)

74talis7.jpg (7297 bytes)     74talis1.jpg (5947 bytes)     74talis5.jpg (5739 bytes)     74talis6.jpg (8198 bytes)     emb74talis8.jpg (4086 bytes)
One more lovely survivor offered fpor sale on Internet in Aug. 2008


Hillcrest Motor Co (USA) pickup truck, conversion from standard Coupe de Ville. Photo McC p.405

Marquis Coach Company (USA): The Cadillac Mozelle was built jointly by General Motors (GM) and the California-based company, in a project spearheaded by the former vice president of design for GM, William Mitchell. In a daring attempt to create the world's most luxurious one-of-a-kind creation...... The Cadillac Mozelle one-off prototype exhibit vehicle is, by *overwhelming* demand, NOW AVAILABLE FOR SALE! ...if you are interested in purchasing "The Cadillac Mozelle" for Three Million Nine Hundred Thousand Dollars (US Funds)" [submission by CML member Erik Calvino]. Another CML member, Frank Perch, was dubious about the car's origins and worth. He said: The story that it is a Bill Mitchell creation is a little shady to me. It looks exactly like dozens of other kit cars and customs that took some kind of coupe body (mid 80's Buick Regals and Cougars being common victims) and made it into a pseudo-Duesenberg. There are many aspects of the description that are pure BS or at least highly questionable -- Starting with the list of instrumentation, when the interior photo looks like box-stock 74-76 Cad dash to me, no extra gauges visible. I will say, as these creations go, the proportions are better than some of the similar creations using Regals or Cougars, and from the cowl back it doesn't look too bad, except for those protruding tail lights. I'd like to see a rear view though. But even taken as better than the average pseudo-Duesy, NO WAY is this worth three mil, and for that matter is the story that it previously sold for 2.1 mil verifiable? Even if the whole thing were gold plated and you could prove that it was hand built by Bill Mitchell and Zora Arkus Duntov and John DeLorean together in some old lady's garage in Dubuque, it doesn't matter. Let's say that I wanted custom or limited production Cads. For $3.9 mil I could get one of each year of Eldorado Brougham, a 55-56 Custom Viewmaster wagon, a '70's wagon conversion (like the gorgeous one pictured on my Website), a 70's Mirage pickup, a bustle back Seville convertible SEDAN, a 1978-79 H&E DeVille convertible, AND buy a decent building to store all of 'em in!! Epilogue (2002): The car was offered at auction by RM classics, from the Dick Kughn collection, Detroit, MI. It was bid up to a paltry $40,000 !

74mozX.jpg (12215 bytes)     74Moz2.jpg (11049 bytes)     74Moz3.jpg (7437 bytes)

74Moz7.jpg (8108 bytes)     74Moz6.jpg (7779 bytes)     74Moz4.jpg (5947 bytes)     74Moz5.jpg (4541 bytes)
Aficionado Glen Yadon added this about the Mozelle: The Cadillac Mozelle
that was supposedly built by GM was, I believe actually built by
Sunrise Motors in Des Moines, Washington. It looks like a model that they made.
They also made a limousine version that I have a picture of somewhere.


Moloney (USA) Various conversions of regular Cadillac models


Sbarro, Franco (Switzerland)  This "rolling laboratory" was built for the "Technicum" (technical school) in Bienne, Switzerland, for measuring tire friction under various load conditions, the coachwork is believed to be also the work of Franco Sbarro who created a similar-looking vehicle on a 1978 Eldorado chassis. Despite its 8 tons and five axles, this exceptional vehicle is capable of speeds in excess of 100mph. Late extra [June, 2009]: the "lab car" was offered for sale at auction on the German Ebay web site. I am guessing the cost to build this "thing" exceeded a half-million dollars. IMHO, if the bids reach $20,000, it will be a miracle.

74Sbarro1.jpg (12041 bytes)     74Sbarro2.jpg (6811 bytes)    74Sbarro5.jpg (6282 bytes)

    74Sbarro3.jpg (8797 bytes)     74Sbarro4.jpg (9384 bytes)     74Sbarro6.jpg (7359 bytes)
[  Images:  German Ebay web site, June 2009 ]   


Thomas, La Rue (USA) La Rue Thomas was, for many years, the principal Cadillac dealer in Los Angeles.  His daughter, Vicki Lee graciously supplied this picture of her "odd-ball" mini-Cadillac built at her dad's shop on the chassis and drive-train of a mid-seventies Honda Civic.  Is this where Cadillac got the idea for its down-sized models of 1986?!?!

Dr74mini.jpg (10249 bytes)

Auto Gard, Inc., (USA)  conversions of Buick, Cadillac, Ford and Pontiac models. Special  "Superfly" headlights for 1974 Cadillac DeVille and 1973/74 Cadillac Eldorado, repro Goddess hood ornaments

74SPRFLY.JPG (5109 bytes)


[Unknown, Switzerland - possibly Franco Sbarro] Custom 5-axle Eldorado, wheel and tire testing laboratory. This state sponsored "rolling lab", built from three new Eldorado coupes and completed in 1975, was in service until 1998. It is now retired and sits in the backyard of the "Dynamic Test Center" near Biel, Switzerland.

ss607_drSwissEld.jpg (14644 bytes)
[ Photo and information: © 2007, Gerard Zenklusen-Ott  and Self Starter ]

[Unknown, USA] Cadillac custom Coupe de Ville; one (illustrated below) was acquired by country singer, Waylon Jennings:

74waylon.jpg (9839 bytes)

 74waylon3.jpg (8948 bytes)     74waylon2.jpg (6204 bytes)

[Unknown, USA]  Possibly Wisco or Traditional Coachworks estate wagon on Eldorado base. This one was advertised for sale in the Fall of 2008 by San Diego Classic and Muscle Cars of Escondido, CA. It was described as a 1974 Cadillac Eldorado Caballero wagon, 1 of 10 built, in rare "Canyon Amber" paint finish. Vendor claimed these were "special order" cars and extremely expensive ($32,000).  As I mentioned earlier on this page,
similar "custom" models were sold through Cadillac dealers across the country at a premium of $2,500 to $4,500 over factory list. This wagon probably was converted from one of the latter Caballero-trimmed cars.  


74EldWag1.jpg (7418 bytes)          74wag4.jpg (8740 bytes)   


[Unknown, USA]  Another possible Wisco or Traditional Coachworks estate wagon on Eldorado base. Late Extra [June, 2004] from enthusiast Tony Wood who lived down the street from Glen Campbell and dated his daughter:  This car just left the Barris shop last month [May, 2004] where it underwent a 6-month restoration.  It was left to the current owner in a will. Latest [Dec., 2008]: This very car [or one identical to it?] came up for sale on Ebay. In this case, the owner-vendor said it was 1 of 7 built.   He added: This vehicle was celebrity owned [Glen Campbell?] and I am the second owner [Glen Cambell's heir?].  I have had it since 1991, and it was reconditioned in 2005.  It's a one-of- a-kind Eldorado station wagon (1 of 7 made) [or 1 of 10, depending on the source of the information]  for celebrities back in the seventies.  It's in beautiful condition and seeing is beleiving.  It's "Persian Green" and was featured on the 1973 or 1974 edition of Motor Track magazine along with Evil Knievils Cadillac pick up truck. The car runs beautifully and is a total eye stopper. I'm starting my asking price at $65,000.00 [good luck!]. It is in storage in Los Angeles CA, presently. Not surprisingly, there were no bids.

Dr73wagy.jpg (9005 bytes)
Aficionado Glen Yadon says, if he can remember correctly,
this car was built for Glen Campbell.  It was a 73 or 74 model;

he kindly supplied the photo [it is also shown in McC p. 405]

74elwa3.jpg (12086 bytes)

74elwa4.jpg (11305 bytes)     74elwa1.jpg (9266 bytes)

74elwa2.jpg (7217 bytes)     74elwa5.jpg (6764 bytes)     74elwa6.jpg (12723 bytes)
[ Cropped photos in above three rows are from the Ebay ad]


[Unknown, USA]  Advertised for sale in Hemmings Motor News for November 2011:  1974 Cadillac Fleetwood custom built station wagon, three rows of seats, sunroof, Rolls Royce Type grille treatment with square headlight update. New set of two inch widewhite radials since pictures were taken, very clean. $9500 firm ...




[Unknown, USA]  Custom station wagons


This pink & white baby is attributed to "The King" himself


[Unknown, USA]  Possible another Wisco or a Les Dunham special.


[Unknown, USA]  "Super-Fly" conversion of 1973 Eldorado coupe



[Unknown, USA]  "Super-Fly" conversion (1975-76?)

Possibly a Wisco conversion


[Unknown, USA]  This just in [October, 1999] from a Database reader:  I saw your Caddy Website and was curious if you had seen any information on this Cadillac rendering. It was made by Richard Arbib, a New York industrial designer. It is a 1972 [1973 Eldorado ?] model and I think the name is Coupe Dorade Custom but I am not completely sure. This was designed for the "manager of General Motors" according to the information I have on it. Unfortunately I do not know who this is. I am guessing it is Bill Mitchell, for they know each other. Mr. Arbib was a world renowned Industrial Designer who was often hired by companies despite their own styling department.    Do you happen to know if a Caddy similar to this was built? If so, is it still around? Do you have any information on this design? I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, Hampton.   Unfortunately I was unable to help Hampton.  has anyone seen this before?

Dr73abib.jpg (5614 bytes)
The image looked like it was taken from
an old color slide; I have tried to improve on it


Wisco (USA)  custom El Clįsico. This survivor is in Sweden.  Nils, the owner, sent the picture.

74elclas.jpg (41810 bytes)
A nice surviovor in Sweden
[ Photo: © 2007, Nils Bengtlars ]



Moloney (Chicago, USA) They offered a number of conversions of standard Cadillac body styles, including the 4-door Executive Limousine and Executive Town Sedan and the 2-door El Doral conversion of the Coupe de Ville and Eldorado coupe [I guess these names are copyrighted to Moloney and I hereby credit them with that fact]. Among their styling features were a customized, rust resistant brass-based, hand-formed hood cap and side stanchions (grille), padded landau top and matching upper door saddles, false landau bars, sunroof with retractable wind deflector, reduced-size rear window, oval (vertical) side opera windows and in some case a Lincoln MKIV styled rear deck. In more recent years the company has specialized in the manufacture of stretched limousines for airport and livery service.

Moloney Coach Company (USA): Custom Eldorado coupe

Dr75mln.jpg (8900 bytes)


Traditional Coach Works Ltd. (USA) Cadillac Coupe deVille Mirage Pickup conversion

74MRAGE.JPG (4059 bytes)
Factory publicity shot

73mrag1.JPG (11690 bytes)     73mrag2.JPG (8285 bytes)
This Mirage (?)  pick-up with removable roof  belongs to our friends Bob and Shirley Tacoma of Tennessee

Caribo1.jpg (3577 bytes)     Caribou.jpg (10516 bytes)     Emb_cari.jpg (7606 bytes)
Left:  badging on front fender of the Tacoma's Caribou
Center and Right: gold wreath and crest on sail panel

[ Photos: © 2004, Gita Saunders ]

dr75mrag.JPG (11520 bytes)     dr75mrg2.JPG (10201 bytes)
Mirage pick-up truck


[Unidentified, USA] A pair of beautiful station wagons


[Unknown, USA] Possibly "Traditional Coach Works", as above


[Unknown, USA] In a past issue of Deals on Wheels, a guy in California was selling the ultimate Superfly Cadillac. It was a 1974 Brougham with gold paint, partially gold plated wire wheels, a customized interior, TV, antenna on the trunk, blacked out windows, a humongous grill, and what looked like a propeller with a shroud around it in front of the headlights. And it also mentioned that the car was once owned by Elvis Presley [sounds just like the 1972 version,  above].

Dr74elt3.jpg (5883 bytes)

Dr74elt4.jpg (4845 bytes)     dr74elt2.jpg (5375 bytes)
The above car-hauler was advertised for sale on e-Bay, 12/2000; it is said to be based on a
1974 Eldorado; I photographed a similar car (1969 Eldorado car-hauler) in Switzerland, in 1984


[Unknown, USA - 1974 ???] The Contorted Cutlery Cadillac owned by "spoon-bender", Uri Geller

urigell.jpg (9692 bytes)




Caribou Motor Co, Grover City, CA [USA] The company boasted:  Every Caribou is a show car that stands out for years to come as one of America's truly practical automobiles. The Caribou is the ultimate passenger car pick-up. Cadillac standards are used throughout the construction of your Caribou, along with numerous inspections, to maintain  the highest quality possible. To order your Caribou, you must use your [own] automobile. Select the finest car you can find. Try to avoid using a wrecked or damaged car. It's best to start with the best. Orders were taken with a 50% deposit, the balance being due on delivery. The advertised costs in 1985 were as follows: Caribou pick-up conversion from a 1974-76 Cadillac Coupe deVille cost $10,500, from a 1977-79 Coupe deVille, $12,500, and from a1980-85 Coupe de Ville, $14,500. The images below are from a specification sheet from 1985 and another (center) that shows how to update your Caribou pick-up with new, rectangular headlights; they fit on De Villes from 1971-1974.

Li85Carib1.jpg (18318 bytes)     7174Cribou.jpg (12898 bytes)     Li85Carib2.jpg (16640 bytes)
[ Image:  Internet, 2/2006 ]




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