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Nota: Since these pages were prepared, in 1996, the definitive book on LaSalle
automobiles has been published; it is entitled La Salle - Cadillac's Companion Car
[ISBN #1-56311-519-0]. Thoroughly researched and written and by my friends
Ron Van Gelderen and Matt Larson, I strongly recommend that you refer to that
book for more precise facts and figures, plus lots more photos of these beautiful cars



Las39BBoardDes.JPG (10612 bytes)    Las39Clay.JPG (12027 bytes)
Designing new models (Cadillac or LaSalle) is a full time job for scores
of artists at GM's Cadillac Motor Car Division. Year in, year out, the
designers turn out sketches of dream cars they would like to see made.
Their best designs eventually are projected full size onto a blackboard
(above, left) and studied. Experimental clay models are then built (right)

and constantly reworked until final approval is given to construct a full
sized wooden model that will serve to cut dies for the various body panels.

ls39frnt.JPG (9962 bytes)    39LSSCR.JPG (6336 bytes)
Front grille details






1939 La Salle Series 39-50 (L-Head 90° V-8)

Bore : 3 3/8"

Stroke : 4 ½"

Displacement : 322 cu.in.

Compression ratio : ???

Brake HP : 125 BHP @ 3400 rpm

Wheel bases : 120" and 156" (commercial chassis)

Total units built : 22,001 (one source), 23,002 {Van Gelderen), 23,028 (Ackerson)

Price range : $1240-up

Introduced : ???

ls39s2d2.JPG (6525 bytes)

ls39b.JPG (10318 bytes)     ls39det2.JPG (10452 bytes)
Principal styling features, 1939 La Salle

ls39dash.JPG (7852 bytes)
Instrument panel, 1939 La Salle


Body styles
All Fisher bodies on 120" wheel base

[in ascending order of rarity]

Ls39tg4d.jpg (9072 bytes)    Ls39tgtk.jpg (4772 bytes)

ls39sd2i.JPG (5571 bytes)    Ls39tgi2.jpg (3500 bytes)    

ls39sd5.jpg (11468 bytes)    ls39sd5p.jpg (11254 bytes)

39LaStrgS.jpg (6129 bytes)     LS40_TWO.JPG (10749 bytes)
Style #5019, five-passenger, 4-door Sedan,  3,740lbs, $1,320  [15,935 built,  252 of which were exported]
[ Photo at left: © 2002 and courtesy  J. Scott Harris ]


ls39cpe0.JPG (9117 bytes)    ls39cpex.JPG (20435 bytes)

ls39cpe6.JPG (2560 bytes)    ls39cpe4.JPG (5283 bytes)   
ls39cpe5.JPG (2911 bytes)
Style #5027, 2-4 pass., 2-door Coupe, 3,635lbs $1,240  [3,531 built]; above, right: a period ad for that model

Lower row, left:  auxiliary fold-down seat;   center: adjustable front bench seat;  right: spare tire location

A fine survivor

ls39cvcp.JPG (8914 bytes)

ls39cvcp3.JPG (5762 bytes)    ls39cvc4.JPG (8600 bytes)

Rear views ... from 1939 (left) and 2009 (right)

ls39csv2.jpg (6622 bytes)    ls39cpsv.jpg (6788 bytes)
Style #5067, 2-4 pass., 2-door Convertible Coupe, $1,395  [1,044 built of which 24 were exported]
Directly above:  a fine survivor

ls39sd2d.jpg (9852 bytes)

ls39sd22.JPG (5817 bytes)    ls39sd24.JPG (6025 bytes)    ls39sd23.JPG (5754 bytes)
Style #5011, five-passenger, 2-door Sedan,  3,710lbs, $1,280  [977 built]

ls39roof.JPG (8321 bytes)
Style #5019-A, 5-pass., 4-door Sunroof Sedan,  3,740lbs, $1,320 
[ 404 built, of which 24 were exported ]


[image: similar to above, but 2-door model]
Style #5011-A, five-passenger, 2-door  Sunroof Sedan, 

3,710lbs, $1,317.50   [23 built]


ls39cvs0.JPG (9519 bytes)

ls39cvs5.JPG (3014 bytes)    ls39cvs1.JPG (5266 bytes)    ls39cvs3.JPG (4624 bytes)    ls39cvs4.JPG (1906 bytes)

ls39cv.jpg (7937 bytes)    Ls39cvsd.jpg (9052 bytes)
Style #5029, five-passenger, 4-door Convertible Sedan, $1,825  [185 built]
Immediately above: two survivors


Bare chassis  [5 built], costing $985 each

Commercial chassis  [874 built], costing #1,020 each

Unidentified:   24 units

Total production  [23,002 units]


Easy ID and Principal features: New, long, very narrow, rounded grille with "La Salle" script. Thin, horizontal-mesh grille. New, hood side louvers (thin horizontal ribbing). New, front fender apron  [cat-walk] grille. New, streamlined headlights with horizontal ridge moved back to radiator sides. Column-mounted gear-shift lever. One-piece, "alligator-jaw" hood, hinged at rear. "LaS" medallion in center of front bumper. Gold-colored "V8" symbol at upper RH side of grille. Fisher, "Unisteel, Turret Top" roof. Running boards now optional on request. Split-V windshield, and 27% increase in glass area all round. Sun roof optional [later dropped owing to leak problems]. Streamlined, "bullet" tail-lights. Independent "Knee-Action" front suspension. Hydraulic brakes. Optional, fender-mounted spare wheels. Disc wheel covers. Redesigned piston rings. Redesigned rear suspension. No more rumble seat on convertible coupe (two interior opera seats instead).



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