Car Body #1

[March, 1957]:This car was shipped to Fisher Body Division on 11 March 1957; it remained with Fisher until 1967; it may have been one of the test cars.

[1978]: The car was reported to be in California in 1978 when it was owned by Richard Oldham of Empire Chevrolet in Novato. At that time Richard owned also Brougham #254. Does anyone know where car #1 is today?

[August, 2002]: This from "Jim", an enthusiastic regular visitor to the Database: on the Brougham topic, the friend with whom I went to Pebble Beach says he saw 57 Brougham #1 about 3-4 years ago in Arizona. Reportedly it was scruffy and unrestored at that time. The owner knows that it is car #1. My friend photographed the body plate and I am after him to find the photo so I can make it available to you.